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5 Of the Best Sex Toys Every Man Must Have

Written on May 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There are several reasons why a man would need a sex toy. One is for solo explorations, and another is to please his partner. Toys for men come in different shapes and sizes, each made for a specific function. Although there is a notion that sex toys were made for women, we have some magical recommendations for the phallic gender. They come in handy for solo escapades and even for couples sex. Sex and intimacy sure is great but it gets even better when you bring the right hardware (and software) to the party. Here are some of the best sex toys that every man must have. Cock Rings If you want a rock-hard erection, we highly recommend you go for a cock ring. Using a cock ring is easy, as all you have to do is attach it to the base of your penis or scrotum. It has a bulgy top that stimulates your partner's clitoris during penetrative sex. It feels immensely good for both of you and can be a path to sizzling orgasms. It can also be worn between the middle and ring finger while fingering her. Try this one today, and you'll thank us later. A Vibrator A vibrator is a perfect toy for a man to please his mistress. Firstly, there are a variety of vibrators, and they come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Some are cordless and even waterproof. They have vibration modes with different speeds and patterns for customized pleasure. They are a must-have because vibrations are medicine for the mind and soul, and of course, they effortlessly complete the orgasm.  Butt Plugs Butt plugs are adorable forms of wearable sex toys. They are incredibly fun and pleasurable to wear. Having one in that butt creates an untellable vibe during the day. Interestingly, butt plugs are a form of foreplay since they can be worn to tease a partner or even as a dare. They are also perfect for dom and sub roleplays. As a man, you have got to try this out. Artificial Vagina There is nothing better than taking matters into your own hands. For the perverts that love masturbating, here is a gem of an idea for you. A fleshlight classic artificial vagina! It’s a perfect toy for a solo masturbation exploration. According to Wellington escorts, the pocket pussy is men's most requested sex toy. It's discreet and pretty easy to use. All you have to do is to slip it over your penis, and there you go - you can root your favourite pornstars vagina and asshole! Fun! The bottom line Talking about sex toys that a man must have touches on solo explorations as well as pleasing a mistress or a partner. Whichever direction you take, the above choices are a perfect fit. Tell us about your thoughts in the blog comment box below.
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How Sex Pillows Can Improve Your Sex Life

Written on May 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Many people get surprised that a pillow has more uses than just resting your head on it. In the last few years, sex pillows have become an integral part of sex among many couples due to the extras it brings into the bedroom. Whether you’re looking to try something new or more comfort in your bedroom, sex pillows are a perfect solution for that. This article brings you a round-up of how sex pillows can improve your sex life. What Are They? Sex pillows are soft and firm cushions, carefully designed to make sex and intimacy more fun and comfortable. They are alternatively called position cushions or position pillows. Unlike the regular bed or throw pillows, sex pillows are made from firm foam that gives them a special shape. In some cases, these pillows have a water-resistant liner, and a washable cover, for the sake of hygiene. Sex pillows come in different types, mostly inclined towards the shape, with each suiting a specific sex position. The main shapes or types include wedge, ramp, Halfmoon, cylinder and inflatable. How Do They Improve Sex Life? The fact that they come in different shapes and sizes implies that they benefit people differently. However, here are some real benefits of using sex cushions. They help with deeper penetration Nothing feels better for women than having an extra couple of inches inside them. Sometimes, this can be hard to achieve due to circumstances such as the partner’s “size.” However, sex pillows allow you to lift your hips or back up, which gives room for a few more inches of man meat. Sex pillows are better than throw pillows in such instances as they are firmer, and thus, they can support body weight better, giving you a guaranteed body lift of up to 10 inches. According to escorts Wellington, the best pillows are those made with Doggystyle in mind, as they allow intense penetration. They get you to unimaginable positions Some positions are challenging to achieve due to pains, body weight or body shape. However, sex pillows allow you to relax in every position, making sex even better. For people who experience back pains or knee pains in positions such as doggy, sex pillows are a saviour. It can be straining for some positions like missionary when you want maximum penetration since you have to lift your waist as high as possible. Sex pillows allow you to do this comfortably and for long enough. They make it easy to use sex toys The sight of sex toys can be scary to some partners. Introducing sex pillows are an excellent entry level introduction to tools in the bedroom which will naturally start to alleviate the pressure in such cases. Besides, some pillows have attachments such as handcuffs, making things even better and more manageable. The bottom line You don’t have to struggle with sex positions while there are hidden gems like sex pillows. For more insights, keep following our blog. Please let us know what you think about sex pillows and how they can benefit couples. Leave a comment in the comments section.
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Want to win a ticket to attend both the 2022 Australian Adult Industry Awards & the Zephyr AAIA After Party?

Written on May 19th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Want to win a ticket to attend both the 2022 Australian Adult Industry Awards & the Zephyr AAIA After Party? We'll select 1 winner at random from anyone who retweets this post before midnight Sat 21 May! We'll PM the winner Sunday 22 May to claim their prize. #naughtyads #AAIA Click here to go to the post to retweet
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Things Men Really Want When It Comes to Sex

Written on May 16th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There’s a legend that says men are the simplest creatures to please when it comes to acts in the bedroom. Quite frankly, there is profound truth in this, since, unlike the female gender, the male orgasm (for most men) is usually just a few touches away. However, that doesn’t mean every man wants his dish served plain. There are some things that men want to be done, and we are sure you wish there were a magic bullet for this one. In collaboration with Auckland escorts, we bring you the following explainer of things men really want when it comes to sex and how to give it to them. Enjoy! 1.     Let Him Know You Find Him Super Sexy. Regarding negative body image, even men are negatively affected - it's just that most of them brush it off. Remember how elated you feel when your man praises you as his angel on earth? Do you remember how that phrase magically washes away your insecurities? Well, can you believe that men like to hear similar compliments? Men want to be told how sexy they are and how good looking they are. Once in a while, introduce some sexy play such as a lustful look, a long deep kiss, a butt grab, or some sweet reassuring wordplay. Such games will likely lead to deep and amazing sex, and if not, they act as a reminder and an assurance to your man that you feel more satisfied with what you share. 2.     They Want More and Better Foreplay. As said earlier, the male orgasm is always a fraction away. Therefore, slow-burning sex works perfectly for most couples and, of course, many men. It gives them the power to control and delay ejaculation, which makes sure you two come as close as possible to a synced climax. It is also factual that women take longer to be aroused, requiring extended foreplay. While in the act, do as much as you can to set yourself in the mood. Grab that vibrator If possible, or touch yourself intimately. He will love it! 3.     Men Want You to Use Your Mouth! We can’t insist enough on this: Give your men more and more blow jobs! Men want to feel special, and one of the best ways of negotiating this is by sucking them off. To make it even better, take it upon yourself and don’t wait for him to ask or beg for it. Christchurch escorts suggest that it gets even better when you do it passionately, with your hands and on full duty and whilst also maintaining lustful eye contact. 4.     Men Want You to Be Vocal. By being vocal, we don’t mean those shouty pornstar vibes. Men love it when feedback is given on whatever work they’re doing. Those “aahs” and “oohs” work magic as he even works harder in response to that validation. Otherwise, you’re bound for bland sex if you keep the vocal chords shut. The bottom line In a nutshell, making him feel special in bed is easier than A, B and C. Taking control, relieving some pressure off him and being 100% present will work like magic. What more do you think we should add to the list? Hit us up or drop a comment below. We love to hear it! 
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How To Naturally Up Your Sex Drive

Written on May 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Low libido or a low sex drive is a phenomenon affecting thousands of men and women worldwide. Libido can be defined as an urge for sexual activity. Therefore, people whose desire is on the low side are said to have low libido or a low sex drive. Many people believe that we should be ready to have sex at any time of the day. While this has some truth, it's not the same for everybody. Several factors might lead to this, many of them being psychological and some diet-related. Low libido isn’t exactly a crisis, but if you’re thinking or ways to boost yours, here is a summary of some natural ways to up your sex drive. Kill Your Anxiety Anxiety is a severe cause of a lot of problems in the bedroom. For starters, anxiety has been directly linked to sexual dysfunction. Feeling the urge for sex is almost impossible when you’re feeling anxious. There are several types of anxiety disorders, and they affect peoples’ sexuality differently. Examples of ways to handle anxiety include therapy, meditation or some exercise. Get Enough, Quality Sleep Scientific studies have shown that a perfect night sleep is a crucial ending to any good day. Sleep disorders are linked to many health issues, primarily mental and sexual disorders. The hectic lifestyle a lot of people experience makes it hard to get a sufficient amount of sleep and makes it hard to make time for sex. Many people are trying to balance work and family, which often leaves them exhausted with barely any time for sexual activity. Taking naps when you can and having enough comfortable sleep is a perfect libido booster. Improve Your Relationships It sucks to say, but many relationships nowadays are toxic and draining. There are endless fights and arguments, which spoil the mood for sex. Also, being with someone for so long can lead to bland sex or even reduced sexual activity. In such cases, find some ways of improving the nature of the relationship, which will translate to a better bond, and eventually, better sex. Auckland escorts suggest the following; Date nights Joint activities Honest and open communication Solve conflicts peacefully Regular Exercise There are thousands of benefits associated with regular exercise, one of them being improved sexual desire. Exercise improves one’s body self-esteem, nervous system activity, mood, endocrine system, and cardiovascular health, all of which will enhance libido. The bottom line The above ways are just a few in a pool of hundreds if not thousands of ways to naturally up your sex drive. More methods include eating healthy foods and quitting toxic lifestyle habits such as binge drinking and smoking. Altogether, you can never get it wrong with the ways mentioned above. Please tell us what you think would work best in our comment section below.
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Workouts That Will Leave Clients Drooling Over You

Written on May 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all work out for different reasons. Aesthetic purposes, keeping anxiety and depression at bay or improving or strength are some reasons for hitting the gym. Being and escort or adult service provider is a physical and mental job so it's important to stay in shape for health but also doesn't hurt to have a toned, curved and sexy body. Of course bodies of all types and shapes are beautiful but if you're interested in developing a toned physique then ready on. We can all agree that there are different workouts for different body objectives. For example, there are workouts for a bigger butt and others for more pronounced hips. Whatever you want to achieve needs a plan and a careful approach. In this short write up, we bring you simple DIY workouts that will leave your clients drooling over you. 1.     Squats 99% of men are obsessed with one part in women. The butt! While a big, toned butt works like magnetic sexual device, a shapeless one can sometimes be a turnoff. The best of them come in big and well-shaped sizes. To get there, squats are a great exercise. If available, grab a kettlebell or a dumbbell and start slow. Do about 10 reps of slow squats in about 3 sets per day. Squats work out the glutes, leading to a toned butt which is exactly what clients want to see. 2.     The bench press A bench press leads to fine toned abs, shoulders and arms. How to go about this? Lie down flat on a bench and make sure that the back is straight. Grip the barbell firmly with arms shoulder-length apart with your feet firmly placed on the ground. At chest level, push the barbell slowly up and back down to your chest. 10 reps and 3 sets should be perfect. 3.     Leg lifts Similar to squats, leg lifts work magic on the butt. To do this move, start on all fours and avoid your back arching. Lift the left leg as high as you can without bending it. Make sure you squeeze your glutes to work them out in the process. Repeat this for about 15 reps, and then the same on the right leg. 3 sets of this per day is a good number. 4.     Pelvic lifts For a toned butt and body, pelvic lifts should be your go-to workouts. Firstly, they are easy to do, for all you need is a soft mat. Lie flat on your back (avoid any slight arching), with your knees bent and your arms by your side. Try to keep the legs as together as possible. Breath in, squeeze in your glutes and abs and slowly lift your waist. Hold for a few seconds and then release, returning your body to the initial position. Final thoughts Hurry up lunges, plank hops and bent over rows are more examples of workouts that will lead you to your dream body. However, escorts Auckland suggest that for the best results, you start slow on intensity and weights and slowly increase your tempo. That way, as your body tones up, you're bound to turn heads and create movements in other parts of your onlooker's body! Which workouts for a sexy butt would you recommend? Let us know in the comment section below.  
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Tips for Giving an Unforgettable Massage

Written on May 5th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to intimacy, sex always gets the front seat, while things like foreplay and massages can often take a backseat. However, the surprising truth is that massages can be super intimate and sensual, sometimes even more than sex. Everybody can give a good massage, but it takes special touches and skills to give an unforgettable sensual massage. So, how do you do it like a pro? Here are a few tips for giving an unforgettable massage. Before we get into it, Why are massages important? A lot of benefits of massages are well known. Firstly, they are a perfect solution to neck, back, and general muscle pains. They are also perfect alleviators of negative moods and arthritis symptoms. Generally, getting a deep and good massage is a mood and immune booster that can increase energy levels. As a bonus, massages are a perfect entry to intense foreplay. Even if it’s a non-sexual massage, that body contact is an ideal mood setter and creates a deeper connection which creates the chance to express deeper emotions. So how do you give a perfect massage? Set the scene and the mood The atmosphere counts for the experience when it comes to massages. Here is how to set up the scene and atmosphere. Equipment Choose a firm quality bed and clean, soft linen, preferably white in colour. This is always the first step in relaxation. Lighting Good lighting is everything. Choose some candles to dimly light the room to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. In addition, remember to eliminate other bright lights such as blinking screens, LED lights, phones, or computers. Fragrances Scent has a strong effect on someone’s mood. Essential oils or scented candles should do the trick. In addition, choose a lovely scented oil for the massage. Music Remember to play some soft sounds in the background. The keyword is soft and relaxing. Groom yourself How you dress or look plays a significant role in whether your client or partner will get satisfied. Ensure you take a proper shower to eliminate any body odours and have short and clean nails and hands. Lastly, make sure you have tidy hair. Ask your partner what they like Please don’t assume that you already know what works for them. Pop questions about what parts they prefer or would not want to be touched. That way, you’ll be in a better position to figure out how to satisfy them. Start slow From the feedback from the partner or client, you’ll know the best techniques to start with. Most importantly, avoid losing that skin contact to keep the mood alive. Always have your hands lubricated with just enough oil, and use light to moderate pressure. Slowly, focus on the erogenous zones such as the neck, face, inner thighs, buttocks, and, if desirable, the genitals. Communicate Communication is another important aspect that is generally ignored. Keep asking your client about how they feel or if there’s anything you can do to make them feel better. Lastly The end to a massage will depend on the agreement with or the requirements of your client or partner. Altogether, the end should leave them happy and satisfied.
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The Art of Teasing and Denial

Written on April 27th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all agree that the ending of every heated sexual moment should include an orgasm. Although that’s the conventional truth, sometimes the withholding of an orgasm makes things even hotter. Through teasing and denial, it's possible to achieve this exhilarating feeling. Teasing and orgasm denial basically involves stimulating a partner to the edge of their climax and then denying them the thing they desire the most at that moment - the orgasm.  If you’re new to this concept, you could be wondering how this works, how to approach it, and what methods to use. Here are a few tips and insights to help you along with this adventure. How do you tease him? Dress up for him. Dressing up is one of the best ways of getting started with this. Get that tight dress or that see-through handkerchief-size skirt, and show him what he can look at (but not touch). To make it even better, strip in front of him slowly and in a sexy manner. Take things a notch higher by working a little lap dance as you take off of each piece of clothing. When he tries to advance his moves on you, that’s where you draw the line! Don’t let him touch you. He will go nuts. Flash him. A cheeky way of showing him the tip of the iceberg. Show an accidental nip slip after a shower, or come without your panties for dinner. When he sees it, he will crave you, but remember, he gets nothing. Masturbate in front of him! If the first 2 tips hasn't blown his mind already - this surely will! Pleasing yourself in front of him will have his cock throbbing and craving for some of your cake. But don’t let him even touch you. Start a fire With this one, act romantic and start a heated kissing or oral sex session. Halfway through it, and once his pecker is veined, take off and act disinterested. What can you use to tease him? There are plenty of options when it comes to teasing gear. While most of them are bought, simple DIY improvisations work perfectly too. Here are a few items that will get the job done. Blindfolds. With blindfolds, the game becomes interesting because your partner can’t tell where your hands will land next. It increases the anticipation of where you’ll touch and what you’ll touch them with. Blind touches are super arousing and might even drive them to their edge. Vibrators When it comes to teasing, vibrators take the front seat. The best thing about these is that they can go both ways. Vibrators quickly get partners turned on, thanks to the controllable vibrations. Remote-controlled vibrators are even more useful when it comes to roleplaying. Generally, these toys are perfect for driving your partner to the brink of their orgasm. More tools for teasing a partner include chastity devices and bondage gear such as cuffs and restraints. However, these work best when combined with vibrators or whips. The denial Orgasm denial is as simple as it sounds but with amazing results. It's all about arousing your partner but not allowing them to cum. We also have ruined orgasms, where a partner, say a man, is stimulated till the brink of orgasm, and then the stimulation is withdrawn. He may still ejaculate, but it wouldn’t feel the same as if the stimulation went all the way. However our favourite is the tease until they can take no more and then finally allow him to blow his load for a good 10 seconds. You could even try to break an orgasm-length record each time you tease and deny! Teasing is all about caring for each other. The best way of finding out how to tease each other is reading blogs or books together, watching movies, and of course, communicating and being honest. In whatever you do, remember safety is paramount.  What are your favourite ways to practice the art of teasing and denial?
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Self-care tips for escorts

Written on April 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We always hear about skin care tips, hair care tips, healthy diet tips, et cetera. However, how often do we hear about self-care tips for escorts? Selfcare is a buzzing word that strikes a conversation but one which escorts and adult services providers are often left out of. We spend a lot of time and effort discussing becoming an escort, but we always forget about how stressful and tedious it can get, creating a necessity for self-care. So, if you’re an escort in this busy sex industry, here is an escort's guide to self-care. Routine check-ups We’ve preached more than enough times about practicing safe sex and being careful, but still, there is a paramount need for regular check-ups. It would help if you saw a doctor multiple times a month, whether you’re a part-time or a full-time escort. Sometimes, the sex industry can turn bizarre. You could encounter rough and violent clients, which exposes you to physical injuries. This necessitates regular check-ups to ensure that you stay in perfect health and shape. In addition, doctors have tons of information on protecting yourself, which we believe could come in handy for you. Unplug once in a while Escorting demands a lot of energy which can be pretty exhausting. With tough economic times, there is a dire need for an extra income, which might temp you into working too many hours, especially if escorting is your only source of income. In such cases, it's okay to unplug from your daily routine and escape reality for a while. We don’t mean quitting your job forever, but going off from work for a while. During your free time, try doing what you like but barely have time for. Bushwalking is great for getting outdoors, relaxation, aerobic exercise and connecting with nature. Prepare and eat healthy meals Self-care starts with what you take in to your body. In most cases, self-care involves simple steps, and eating healthy is one of them. Remember, you are exposed to various conditions, which means your body has to be in shape. Check out healthy diets online, and make sure you stack before and after bookings. It's beneficial for both your body and wallet. Take yourself on a date We live in a world where everything is rushed, and we barely have time for ourselves. As an escort, the busy schedule of chasing clients and bookings might make you lose touch with yourself. Once in a while, get from work, take a long shower, dress well, smell nice, and pop into a nice restaurant. Order that expensive wine and catch up with yourself as you sip it slowly. Seek mental health support Escorting can be draining, especially when you cross paths with nagging clients. We strongly advise that you find someone you can confide in, such as a friend, a partner, or a relative. If not, seek a therapist. That way, the daily challenges of escorting won’t take a toll on you. The bottom line Physical and mental exhaustion is almost inevitable when it comes to escorting. With the few mentioned tips, you can never go wrong. Remember, you come first, and therefore you should be the priority. We'd love to hear about your mental health tips in the comments below.
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Lingerie Recommendations for Plus Size Escorts

Written on April 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Lingerie has a way of bringing the best out of plus size women and bbw escorts. It brings out their bodacious boobs and magical curves in a unique way that clients love to see. Consequently, many clients are witnesses to their bookings become better when the escort greets them in some sexy lingerie. It's therefore fair to judge that lingerie is an integral part of an escort's wardrobe. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying those perfect pieces of lingerie, given the thousands of different designs. Here is a list of well-explained recommendations for plus size escorts to help you. Be careful with size Experts suggest that looking good in lingerie isn’t about wearing one that’s too small but wearing the correct size. Fetching lingerie becomes easy when you start with size as your priority, ignoring all the other factors. Small sizes tend to have your body “pouring out” in some places, leaving you very uncomfortable. On the same note, bigger sizes tend to make you look bigger than you are, bland and unpolished. Consider the numbers on the tag, and get a right-sized garment that you’ll feel comfortable in. Style is paramount Style has to complement size. You know your body better, and if we're talking about looking sexy, you’ll want to choose just what is suitable for it. Go for styles that perfectly bring out your favourite body parts. If you have a gorgeous bust, make sure that whatever design you choose focuses on that gift. Generally, lingerie should make you gorgeous and confident, and that happens when you’re sure he’s noticing your favourite features. Colour matters! A lot of escorts forget about colour. Interestingly, colour has a significant effect on the results of a booking. Whatever you choose, try to match its colour to your personality, mood, and body shape. For example, dark colours are mysterious and dominating, while the lighter ones suggest innocence. Generally, there is no rule as to which colour to wear as long it makes you feel comfortable and matches your mood and complexion. If you’re feeling super-hot and experimental, you could go nuts with a deep red or animal print. Dark black sends messages of sophistication, while pink is awesome for slutty submissive plays. In a nutshell, make sure your choice captivates the eye! Consider the fabric The fabric also matters when it comes to lingerie. We highly recommend that you avoid lightweight clingy fabrics. Faux leather and spandex are perfect for plus sized escorts. The bottom line The goal here is to look sexy. Make sure you also choose a perfect pair of stilettos to complement that look. Lastly, check for customers' reviews and comments if you’re buying online. What else do you think counts? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.
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How to Leave your Clients Craving More of You

Written on April 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Getting a booking with a client is one thing, but leaving an unforgettable mark on them is another. As an escort, it’s important to make sure that you turn your bookings into 5-star rated sessions. However, it's challenging to achieve this, given that different people have varied preferences regarding sex and intimacy. Altogether, there are still a few moves you can add to your game that will leave your clients craving more of you. Stay tuned for the best tips from the best escorts. Always be on time Many escorts ignore this part, but the first step of pleasing a client, especially when it’s the first meet-up, is keeping time. For first-time clients, they will often be nervous and being late will only exacerbate their nerves and could spoilt the date. If you have a date in a hotel, make sure you’re there at least a few minutes before time. If you sense that you’ll be late, make sure you call and alert them. It's more professional to report that you’ll be late than to keep them waiting. Make them feel comfortable There are different reasons why people use escort services. Many people book escorts to chase loneliness and look for temporary companionship. In such cases, keeping them close and making them feel appreciated is a perfect way of winning their hearts and, of course, their pockets. Maintain a warm and friendly demeanour during dates, and remember to be kind and courteous. If you’re talking to them on the phone, especially for the first time, do it in a friendly and calm manner that entices them to you. That way, you’re bound to leave a mark on them. Take your time We understand that bookings time and money, but sometimes rushing spoils everything. It's important to acknowledge what makes them feel good and how they want to be touched, but in general, taking things slow and building tension is best. We recommend that you start slowly during dates, preferably with a slow talk and a massage, and take things higher gradually until they are satisfied. By taking things easy and slow, you get to leave them happy, and of course, you bill more time. Consider their orgasm before your own This is especially when it comes to male escorts with female clients. We understand that getting to the female orgasm could prove difficult, but by getting there, you’ll be winning her heart. Take time out of work to research better sex positions, new ways to please her, and quite importantly, respect her and care for her emotionally. The bottom line The key to winning a client’s heart starts with being an amazing person and giving them your best. Sex experts explain that most clients will not say what they want, especially women, and thus it's up to you to be a great body language reader. Generally, being enthusiastic about what you do is enough to become their favourite escort. Which point impressed you most? Tell us in our blog comments section below. 
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How Swinging Could Help Your Sexless Marriage

Written on April 11th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Many things define marriage, including partnership, love, procreation, and, quite significantly, sex! If you and your partner aren’t having as much sex as you used to have before, there is a need to raise the alarm. In some cases, such situations turn into completely sexless marriages, and to be fair, they can be pretty frustrating. Many people in sexless marriages have considered divorce upfront. However, there are ways of reviving a sexless marriage and getting things back to a full wavelength, and swinging is one of them. Swinging can be explained as an extramarital sexual affair that couples indulge in together. It could be group sex or essentially swapping partners, although it’s done among a group of couples to conserve the element of trust. Here is how swinging can help benefit a sexless marriage. 1.     It strengthens the bond between partners Sometimes, the reason for bland sex or no sex at all in marriages is a fading bond. When young people meet, they are pretty excited, and the sex is usually top-notch. However, the bond wilts with time, and consequently, intimacy is negatively affected. With swinging, the couple deciding to explore other partners together is reason enough to improve their connection. In addition, since some couples engage in group sexual activities just by watching, it slowly restores the desire for having each other without necessarily having to engage in sexual activity. This is described as voyeurism, where the couple watches other engages in sex without them having to participate. 2.     Swinging brings new exhilarating ideas into the relationship. If you have a sexless marriage, all is not lost as you’re just probably lacking a bit of newness. Repetitive sex routines can lead to boring sex, eventually becoming zero sex. By engaging in sexual activity with other couples, you get to learn a lot of kinks and ways of engaging in sex. Watching other couples do extra new and daring things gives you the courage to explore your sexual horizons as a couple. That way, your flame is rekindled. 3.     It builds self-confidence and improves self-esteem Some partners are unable to engage in sex due to esteem issues. By swinging, you’re likely to get someone willing to engage in sex with you despite your shortcomings. That way, the confidence in yourself slowly rises, and within no time, you’ll be able to have sweaty romp sessions with your partner. 4.     Complete swaps are hot and explorative and can turn around sexless marriages. Sometimes, watching other couples isn’t enough to jumpstart your crumbling marriage, which calls for full swings. Going full swing means swapping partners and doing all that’s possible. This way, couples get to engage in sex differently, and when it comes to them, things will start taking shape. In conclusion Swinging can be fun and super helpful at the same time. The most important thing to remember is to practice safe and consensual sex. So, have you ever been into swinging? Do you think it can save a melting marriage? Please tell us what you think by leaving your thoughts in our blog comments section below.
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Guide to running a virtual sex chat session

Written on April 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all get bored from time to time, especially during the whole mess of this pandemic. The social plans we had organized for ourselves vanished before we knew it. It's even worse for long distances couples since unnecessary travel was cancelled or discouraged. On the same note, the need to have diverse income streams has forced some people to join the Australian sex industry. There are several ways of making money here, and at the same time beating the separation boredom, one of them being sexting. Sexting can be defined as having virtual sex, using a phone, a computer, or any other device that can be used as a virtual chat room. The main idea behind sex chat sessions is to have a virtual sexual conversation between couples, or parties, where they describe their sexual urges and desires to each other. Sexting is fun and quite thrilling. However, many people don’t know how to go about it, but we’re here to help. Here is a guide to running a virtual sex chat session. The basics Sexting or virtual sex is an activity that is definitely worth your time, but we're pretty sure you’re wondering how to start. First, there are several forms of virtual sex, which include sexting, phone sex, cybersex, camming, VR sex, and more. The other forms of virtual sex are discussed in our subsequent blogs. A lot of people tend to worry about not being too good at this, but if you incorporate the following tips, you’ll be surprised how good you can be. Use emojis These are the building blocks of sex chats, all thanks to apps such as WhatsApp. Emojis come in handy when you're hornily putting sending out those nasty messages and adding emotion to written texts. For example, the eggplant emoji adds genuine emotion to the word “Dick.” That way, the conversation feels more realistic. Pictures are a must Just like emojis, pictures are perfect supplements to nasty, sexy messages. Whether it's you sending your text buddy a few sexy pictures of you or them sending you their nude pictures, either works perfectly. Try out chat rooms or websites. For a first-timer, getting started with this can be so intimidating. Luckily, so many people are also on the same path as you. We recommend signing up for websites that have these sex chat avenues. Also, dating apps such as tinder are perfect options for finding a sex chat partner. Are there any risks? Besides digital privacy and security concerns, there are legal constraints regarding virtual sex chat and porn, especially in Australia. These legal regulations vary from state to state, and they primarily focus on the exposure of children to virtual sex and sexting. Generally, we advise that you avoid sharing too much personal information with your chatmate. What do Australian sexting laws dictate? Generally, Australian law dictates that it's illegal to use your phone or any other device to take, look at, keep, send or ask someone to send nude pictures or videos of anyone who is under the age of 18 or anyone who looks to be under the age of 18. However, these rules and regulations change with states. For example, in NSW, the age of consent to sex is 16, but when it comes to sexting, 18 years applies. Generally, it's against the law to sex chat when either involved parties are below the age of 18. In such as case, it’s considered child abuse. It’s also illegal to look at naked or indecent photos or videos of a child or a young person, in this case, below 18 years. Sexual harassment is also illegal, which means harassing people of any age. Harassment, in this case, could mean pestering someone to send you naked photos, videos, or nasty texts without them willing to. If found on the wrong side of these regulations, you’re considered a criminal. You risk a severe punishment such as jail terms or having your name on the sex offender register, meaning the authorities will always have your personal information such as your address and phone numbers. Read more about the Australian laws and regulations on sexting here. This piece will also be helpful concerning the sexting law. The bottom line is to always be on the safe side of the law, respect your chatmates and approach this with utmost sobriety. And of course, think before you send. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Please leave a comment on our blog comments section.
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Different Positions for Different Penis Sizes

Written on April 4th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There’s no such a thing as “the right sized penis.” Just like shoes, men come in different shapes and sizes when it comes to their thunder stick. We are pretty sure that the news of the world’s longest penis (18.9 inches) would have destroyed many men's self-esteem and left them feeling quite inadequate. Unless, of course, you're one of those truly blessed individuals with a oversized order in the pecker department. In whichever category you fall, we’re here to bring you some good news! First of all, when it comes to sex, any size can work perfectly as long as you know what is necessary. Second, in the following article, we explore different positions for different penis sizes so no matter the measure of your member you'll know what to do to use it to give maximum pleasure! Generally speaking, whistles come in three sizes; small, large, and medium. Each size has a specific style that suits the couple, and here is the explainer: For a large penis A larger penis can be defined as one that is larger than that of the average guy. If you’re one of the blessed guys, there’s a need to check on penetration depth, angle, and speed. The vaginal tract is about 3-7 inches on average, and thus one wrong move using anything bigger than that will send your partner screaming. Woman on top or reverse cowgirl are the best positions for such a scenario. Generally, when she’s on top, she has control of how deep a guy goes. Also, you on top, but from behind is an alternative. However, for this one, make sure that her body is flat against the bed and your legs overlap hers to ensure you don’t get in too deep. For our friends with a long and thick schlong, there is a need to take even more care, especially during the transition from foreplay to penetrative sex. In such a case, make missionary your friend as it allows her to relax completely, making it easier for you to get inside. Lastly, remember to make lube your best friend. For the average penis Most men fall into this category, and many ladies love it here. However, it doesn’t always feel so perfect with a perfect fit. In this case, go for styles that allow you to hit it with different angles and with the legs spread or kept close. In addition, styles that will enable you to incorporate a sex toy are recommended. Missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and baby bend-over are ideal sex styles for this category of the penis. The small man The small man is the most affected in this penis discussion. A lot of times, he falls short on the performance list. However, you can still show her the best game with your little fellow. We advise you to choose sex positions that enhance tightness rather than depth. Preferably styles that bring her legs together. Doggy and missionary are perfect examples. However, with missionary, it's best if you ride high, with the base of your D head rubbing against her clit. The bottom line Whether long, short, thick, or thin, there is nothing that should stop you from giving her (or him or them) the time of their life. Every sex position is possible with every size of penis, as long you two are willing to communicate and work out what feels good, together.
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Could you become a Male Escort?

Written on April 3rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
A perfect answer to this question doesn’t exist. The truth is, there is an extensive conversation surrounding male escorting. Do I have to be gay? Is there a demand for male escorts? There is an actual demand for both straight and gay male escorts, and interestingly, male escorting is one of the most lucrative jobs in the sex industry. However, male escorting is a profession that requires sheer determination. If you’re keen about getting into this, here is a short explainer that hopefully answers the question. The first step concerning this issue is asking whether you really want to become a male escort. The first step to thriving as a male escort is an evaluation of your intentions of undertaking this job, which most people would consider taboo. There are several reasons that men give for participating in escorting. Some are in it for the money, while some claim that they generally enjoy pleasing women and men, and thus this is a valid path for them. In the end, the decision is up to you. Quite often, there is a misunderstanding of what a male escort does. Many people think that all male escorts do is engage in sex with their clients, which is quite misinformed. In many cases, male escorts offer companionship to their clients, although sexual favours are of course, part of the package. Now that you want to get into it, how do you become a male escort? Get a mentor The industry has a lot of dark sides, which are impossible to manoeuvre alone. Get someone, a friend probably, who has been in the industry for long enough and get some insights on how to provide both sexual and non-sexual services, serve clients, and cope with any future challenges. Work under an agency Although many male escorts prefer working independently, we highly recommend escort agencies for starters and newbies. This is because escort agencies will expose you to several clients, and at the same time, protect you (but not completely of course) from harassment and timewasters. Advertise your services Things have become much easier with technology and more so with social media. Apart from being affiliated with the escort agency, put up your profiles and descriptions across websites like Naughty Ads and social media accounts like twitter and Instagram. That way, your word gets to reach many people, and your clientele grows. Do your best This is where it all counts. Once you’re up and running, how you treat your clients determines how far you’ll go. Remember, they are people, and they deserve respect and dignity. Stay hygienic, be courteous, and keep reading books and blogs for better tips on this business. We're dedicated to giving you the best advice on topics that matter to you, and we love hearing your feedback. Our blog comments box below is open if you have any questions or comments.
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How to monetise during a crisis

Written on March 30th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When a crisis hits, we’re often left confused with seemingly nowhere to go. When it comes to sex work, a crisis like the one being experienced currently hits sex workers the hardest. However, you’d be surprised by the many ways you can bounce back from the setback and smile on your way to the bank. Although you can’t make money from everything that surrounds you, there are smart ways you can monetise. Here, we bring you the best ways of making money during a crisis. Monetise your social media accounts Social media is probably the strongest tool vested in the hands of many sex workers. There is so much money-making potential from these fun sites. Surprisingly, you’ve been doing so much for free. Imagine all that dope content you’ve been posting without even getting paid a single cent. We are here to change the narrative for you. If you have Instagram and Twitter handles, you can make them private such that those horny buggers who want to chat with you in your DMs can pay for it. However, escorts in Wellington NZ warn that going down this path risks the closure of your account, especially if any wankers (the man types) report you. Altogether, it's worth the risk. In addition, posting enticing content consistently tends to land you endorsements that can come through for you financially. Snapchat is also a perfect site to make some money from. As long as you post naughty content, horny perverts will flock to your DMs in their hundreds. Make your account private and charge people for access. Post covid bookings Someday, the crisis shall come to an end, and things shall resume to normal - at least that’s what we hope. Take advantage of this, and give discounts to your clients for post-covid escorting sessions. This way, you’ll entice a lot of them into booking your services. However, we advise that you be considerate with your changes, as the crisis has caught everyone by the neck. Sexting or phone sex packages We all agree that we have different tastes and preferences. A lot of people prefer their naughty side catered too in the form of phone sex or sexts. If you can play around with enticing words, this will work perfectly for you. One idea is to offer a naughty texting package and charge reasonably. Zoom and skype dates The crisis has made many people lonely in the confines of their homes. In most cases, such lonely souls turn to social media searching for companionship. Take advantage of this and offer them virtual emotional support, and of course, charge for it. Final thoughts You’d be surprised to find out that there are things you’ve been doing for free that would fetch you thousands a month (maybe even a week). With any of the highlighted tips, you’re about to step out of the crisis better and happier. 
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How to earn money online during a pandemic

Written on March 28th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The covid-19 pandemic has taught us that life is certainly uncertain. With everybody getting scared of infections, mobility was compromised, especially in dense towns and cities. That said, the pandemics' harsh leash didn’t leave behind sex workers and escorts. Night clubs, restaurants, hotels, and brothels were also closed, clients disappeared, and business hit rock bottom. Perhaps you’re one of the affected people. How do you bounce back from this? The following are some simple ideas on how you can earn money online during a pandemic. Sell your photos If you're up for showing off your body then you're sleeping on a gold mine. There is an endless demand for photos on websites and repositories of photos. If you believe you can produce high-quality images, you can upload them to databases where websites, companies, and magazines can buy them. That way, you’ll be making money effortlessly without having to beat the hustle and bustle of busy streets or to meet clients. Some of the most famous websites to check out include Shutterstock and Pixels. However, note that the quality demand for these sites is sky-high, which means you’ve got to bring in top-notch content. Sell things online Due to the risks of getting infected during the pandemic, many people opted for online shopping. That said, you can take advantage of this and sell stuff that you’re familiar with. Christchurch escorts suggest that sex workers and sex toys are a perfect blend. Create a simple eCommerce store, or market some sex toys through social media sites. You’ll be surprised how much you can make. Become a webcam model Many people are taking a shift from porn videos to real life shows. This is, however, not to discredit porn videos, as they are still significant in the industry. Hundreds of websites host webcam models, who broadcast live shows to their subscribers in exchange for tips, gifts, and tokens. By joining any of these sites, you’ll for sure make some decent money at the end of the day. One of the best sites to check out is Naughty Cams. Write about sex Surprisingly, there is still a massive demand for written content, and websites are calling for more creative writing talents. If you’re a friend of the keyboard, you can take a break from the bedroom and write about this naughty game. You can write website reviews, sex toy reviews, website copies, or fictional stories based on personal experiences with clients. Given that you have prior experience in the industry, you can certainly handle this well and with many tales in memory banks, writers-block won't be an issue :) There are a plethora of online opportunities for sex workers. Keep reading our blogs for more ideas and comment your own ideas to discuss below.
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Who are the best adult content creators in Australia?

Written on March 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Besides the sexy sandy beaches and the peaceful atmosphere, Australia is also known for its fast-growing adult entertainment industry. The economic environment has favored a boom in this exciting industry, with escorting being one of the prime activities. With the fast-growing internet and unlimited social media sites, many creative talents have taken it a notch higher by becoming creators on these platforms. The most used platforms for adult content promotion in Australia are OnlyFans, Tiktok, and Instagram, where creators entertain their fans with naughty content in exchange for money or gifts. Australia is home to some of the world’s most famous and most prosperous content creators. Here are a few notable names that you will love to read about. 1.     Reene Gracie The former supercars enthusiast and racer is among the fastest-growing Australian OnlyFans account. Her story of rising to fame is pure delight. She claims that it was out of curiosity that she got to try this industry, and to her surprise, it turned out to be the best thing she ever started. To Gracie, the Onlyfans experience has been life-changing, allowing her to bag as much as $25000 in a single week. She sells a premium combination of Nude photos, solo nude content, porn videos with her partner, and naughty live streams. 2.     Angela white Although she relocated to Los Angeles, Angela white is an Aussie at heart. She is the most popular lesbian adult content creator, although she still does regular content. She got started with OnlyFans when she was barely 18. When she attained legal age, she produced her first piece of lesbian content, after which she has never looked back. She rewards her fans with enticing photos, videos, and live shows. You better check her out. Now! 3.     Cat Sefiro Sefiro is a fetish sensation. Like the wild Wellington Escorts, she is best known for her X-rated content that's well-tailored for people who love their life wild. She purrs her subscribers with amazing content that varies from strip sets and implied nudes. She is also known for her mastery in cosplay and modelling trendy and the latest fashion. She even goes the extra mile of selling her smelly used undies and socks for the horny perverts who prefer tangible stuff. 4.     Gia James She is best known for her sensational bisexual content. With the pandemic hitting all parts of Australia, Gia didn’t relent on giving her fans the best entertainment. She enjoys doing live shows, where her thousands of fans and subscribers line up to see her heavenly figure. In closing Maddy and Tyi Star are also among the top Australian adult entertainers. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of who the real deals are, it’s your time to explore and feed your urges. 
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So, I'm dating a stripper!

Written on March 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
My parents’ wedding anniversary was fast approaching and I had already screwed things up. I have never been a fan of the nightlife, but this time, thanks to my three-month girlfriend Myra, I attended a night party and spent all I was planning to spend on my old folk’s anniversary gift. I met Myra during my routine bus trip from work. Her smiley face, at first sight, is still fresh in my mind. “Look around; you’re the most beautiful girl,” I said to her, in what was my best pick-up line I'd ever managed to produce. Surprisingly, it worked wonders. She giggled back, giving me that “thank you” sheepish smile. Long story short, we exchanged contact details. It became a norm for me to meet Myra on my way home. Eventually, I’d call her and ask her to keep me company back to my crib. When we first talked, Myra told me she was a student at one of the colleges in Hobart, taking dance and music subjects. I was intrigued, although I wasn’t a fan of music and dance. Every time we’d get to our stop, we’d take a stroll and then bid each other goodbye as everyone headed to their homes. This became a routine, and fast forward to now; we are watering a young relationship seemingly headed to greater heights. On one fateful night, a few weeks ago, we were having an innocent cuddle when Myra convinced me to a night out. I was against it, but she has these sad puppy eyes that have an immense convincing power. We dressed up and headed out. One thing led to another, and the music and drinks took were having a big effect on me. I was having mad fun, something I had never experienced. I noticed Myra talking to some hot slutty women in the club, who were apparently Hobart escorts, from what I hear from my best friend Steve's night-out tales. Given that I was drunk, it didn’t bother me as I thought it was the casual club chitchat. Fast forward to that morning. Waking up was a brawl. I had no idea how I got to Myra’s place. My head was super heavy, and I felt madly dehydrated - blame it on the blast I had the previous night. Looking back at my transactions, I realized I had spent way above what I could afford, and I was about to ruin dad’s best day of the year. Myra kept telling me we’d get enough money before the D day. I kept wondering how a student who doesn’t make extra money besides what her parents provide would convince me it shall be okay. I stood up and walked towards her mirror. Unusually, there was a lot of lipstick and make up, something I never saw Myra in. Looking around her dressing table was bizarre stuff. Well, at least weird to me. I saw all sorts of crazy outfits; g strings, furry boots, tall heels, whips, blindfolds, cowboy costumes, and many Australian five and ten dollar notes. I crossed my fingers, hoping this was not what I thought. I looked at Myra, standing right beside me, looking star-struck. I asked her what those things meant. “I’m a stripper, Joe,” she said in a shaky voice. I stood there, confused like never before. Moments later, it dawned to me that I was dating a stripper—no wonder the financial assurance the pretty girl was giving me. Initially I was shocked but then when I calmed down I became aroused. The first thing I said to Myra was "how about a lap dance then?" What's it like dating a stripper? I highly recommend it :p
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Which is the best platform to share naughty content?

Written on March 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Social media platforms have opened up new possibilities in the adult entertainment industry. There has been a constant demand for content, which has seen a consequent increase in entertainers. There is no shame in craving erotic content, and it creates a perfect opportunity for content creators to showcase their talents. The past few years have seen a rise in platforms that allow adult content sharing. In this write-up, in collaboration with Townsville escorts (the best in the game), we bring you the best platforms to share naughty content. 1.     OnlyFans Onlyfans was created in 2016 and is arguably the biggest and the best adult content platform. The site works on a subscription basis, where creators can share photos, videos, messages, and live streams to their fans in return for tips and fees. Onlyfans gained a massive reputation during the pandemic when adult content creation became mainstream. An average Onlyfans account with about 10000 subscribers can fetch the creator as much as $2500 in a month. Although the platform takes a twenty percent as a facilitation fee, a hardworking creator can make a huge amount of money. Like, we're talking, retirement money! 2.     Tiktok. Tiktok is a recent sensation that gained fame in the pandemic as well. It hosts millions of users around the world. It allows users to share short videos and reels and many adult entertainers have taken their content to this site, where they entertain their followers and, in return, get tips and gifts. 3.     Instagram This platform has been in the game for quite some time. With millions of users, it’s a perfect platform for entertainers to share their naughty content. The platform hosts celebrities, pornstars, Townsville escorts, and other entertainers. Those with a large following get lucky and make money through endorsements or by sending their fans and traffic to other monetized sites. Some entertainers, such as escorts, take advantage of the platform to bag clients. 4.     Reddit Surprisingly, Reddit is one of the best platforms ever to grace the internet. Like many blogging sites, Reddit offers a perfect spot for celebrity gossip, adult entertainment, and any other trending items. The platform works in the form of communities, where visitors find all the information that might interest them. However, the recent rise in cases of abuse on Reddit has led to restrictions, where NSFW content is heavily censored. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t share your badass naughty content. Final thoughts Generally, comparing the four options, Onlyfans takes the win. It is simple and easy to use, has millions of users, and has zero restrictions on the intensity of content. If you think you got this, any of these platforms could be the bridge to your millions. We'd love to hear about your favourite platform to share Naughty content. Comment below!
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Top adult content influencers in Australia

Written on March 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Social media is a haven of fun for millions of people worldwide. While its use has become mainstream, many people have taken to these sites to create content that earns them a living. From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, OnlyFans, and many more platforms, hundreds of talented young men and women showcase what they do best. That said and done, the adult content industry hasn’t been left behind in this grand revolution, more so in Australia. Recently, we have seen a rise in some top influential models on sites such as Onlyfans and Instagram, with Australia being the home to some of the most famous. This write-up is a short explainer on the top adult content influencers in Australia. 1.     Chloee suicide Chloee suicide is one hell of a beauty, making her among Australia's top adult influencers. To start, is her impressive Instagram profile that fetches her unmatched audience numbers. With over 118K followers on her Instagram, her posts reach an average of 5k authentic engagements. The queen from Melbourne, Australia, also has an impressive record on OnlyFans Twitter, Tiktok, and Tellonym, where she shares A-class content such as photos, videos, and live streams. Her most notable features are her super sexy tattoos covering most of her body. Do I have to talk about her scary, sexy eyes and heavenly body? Chloee has all it takes to earn that title of the best adult content influencer in Australia. Check out her Instagram for more. 2.     Vanta sgh This beauty from Canberra, Australia, is a force to be reckoned with in the adult entertainment industry. With more than 28k followers on Instagram and an authentic engagement of 741 per post, Vanta is among Australia's top adult content influencers. She has impressive photos and reels on her Instagram timeline. She is a renowned member of SuicideGirls, an adult entertainment site that hosts hundreds of sexy Aussies where they showcase their naughty talents. 3.     Roshie model Roshie is a fire performer and model with an impressive following on Instagram. She has an attractive Instagram timeline, with enticing photos in sexy outfits. She boasts of being among the best fire performers in Australia. She recently launched her Patreon account, where she shares some of her unseen content with her followers, of course at a fee. For sure, Roshie is one hell of a beauty. 4.     Hayley Hennessy Her Instagram tag is @thechaosofher. Quite frankly, Hayley is one beautiful chaos. Her Instagram timeline has attracted over 40k followers, in addition to an impressive OnlyFans and TikTok profile. According to Port Augusta escorts, Hayley is a massive name in the adult entertainment industry. If you think you deserve the finest things in life, go check her out.
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My sex bucket list

Written on March 14th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
I’ve been contemplating this whole idea of a bucket list for many years, and I find it weird relating sex with to-do lists for some reason. It's quite okay to have a to-do list, at least that’s what I believe, but I’ve never had the guts to include any sex stuff, besides the casual points like doctors’ appointments and the like. Well, it's safe to say I feel much more comfortable now writing about the sexual things I’d love to try, all thanks to my best friend, Jim. A few months ago, I went to visit Jim at his workplace. From the many years of friendship with Jim, I don’t think there’s any escapade of his that I don’t know about. So, this Friday evening, I passed by his office and found him busy striking out notes on a piece of paper. Long story short, I was shocked to find a super kinky bucket list. Damn, that takes some guts. Anyways, here I am, about to shock you as Jim shock me. The biggest challenge was what to write down on this list. Given that I'm an introvert, it was hard to figure out things to try out. However, let me give you the tip of the iceberg of some things I dream about. And hey, please, no judging. Okay? Sex on the rooftop I was super afraid of heights when I was young, but I got over it with time, and now I can comfortably take the stairs to my rooftop. For some reason, I feel like sex on this magical high point would be elating. Dangerous? Yes. Very! Worth it? Absolutely - worth trying. Sex in a tent I’ve been a fan of the wrong turn collection of movies. There is always something intriguing about the sexual energy in those crazy teens. The way they slut each other out in the wild is crazy. However, with me, it’s a bit different. First of all, I’m an introvert, and open places aren’t my thing. So, I’m thinking of trying this out in a tent. Of course, I don’t want to imagine if one of those scary pricks came after me. Make a sex film I know this is one of the most cliché items on people’s bucket lists, but I’m yet to try it out. Although it's risky, I’ve always wanted to do this one, but the courage has failed me previously - but not now! Use a sex toy I enjoy my own company, and with that said, I find myself with loads of free time. Lately, I’ve developed some interest in reading about sex toys. A few months before, I had really negative energy towards sex toys. However, I slowly realize they are friends, thanks to positive reviews from escorts in Jervis Bay. Hopefully, before the end of the year, ill have some of these products on hand for me to start trying. In a nutshell In as much as I’m talking about my bucket list, there are a few exceptions that I wouldn’t want to try, considering the kinkiness and risks involved. All in all, I’m hopeful that by trying the above and more, ill be on my way to untellable pleasure. What is on your sex bucket list? We'd love to hear in the comments below.
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Sexual things to try before you die

Written on March 11th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex is mad fun, and if you're not getting any - you're missing out big time. While relationships come with some sexual benefits, the sex can get bland. For that reason, it's pretty essential to have a sex bucket list, especially when you’re young and wild. One of the most important things about a bucket list is that it helps you explore your wild fantasies, and at the same time, spicing things up for those in relationships. To make this better for you, we’ve created a comprehensive list of some fun things to do before you die. You better bookmark this exciting read! 1.     Wild drunk sex There is no better feeling than fucking in oblivion like it is in the movies. For lovers, it's heavenly going out for drinks and coming home to slut each other to sleep. If you’ve got a partner, get some mad shots of tequila, preferably in a safe place like your house, and then romp each other till you pass out. Drunk sex allows you to discover new and better ways of making love with your partner. However, to avoid regrets, Goulburn escorts recommend going down this path with someone you trust since there are so many risks involved, such as STDs and unplanned pregnancies. 2.     Sex on the beach. It takes some real guts to get intimate in public. To some people, even holding hands in the open is a brawl. If you want to take things a notch higher, we suggest you try having some on the beach. And hey! We are not talking about the cocktail but getting real nasty on the white sands. Pro tip! Doing it in the wee hours of the crack of dawn or late in the evening is magical. Immensely romantic! 3.     Sex with a stranger Some of the best and most memorable moments are the unplanned ones. Do you see one of those boring evenings after work? Head out to that local bar for some drinks. Surprisingly, hundreds of single men and women crave this stunt. If you get lucky (which you will), you’ll find a match to take home and romp. However, remember to practice safe sex, and to avoid the morning walk of shame, make sure you end it before daylight. 4.     A threesome We always hear of threesomes in movies and porn videos, but how many people have the guts to go for it? Threesomes are super fun and a fantasy for many men and women. I mean, who wouldn’t want some coochie or dick served in pairs? If you have a partner, feel free to invite a third party of your choice. However, we suggest proper communication and, as usual, safe sex. The bottom line There are thousands of ways of having fun while having sex. With the few above, you can never get it wrong. You can find more ideas on movies, porn videos, and erotic blogs.
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What's it like being an Onlyfans model?

Written on March 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Over the years, people have started to gain momentum in embracing adult entertainment. The rising living costs have forced people to look for alternative sources of income, and some of these ways fall in the adult entertainment industry. One of the most lucrative sources of income in this notably vast industry is becoming a webcam model on content creator sites, precisely Onlyfans. Onlyfans is an adult entertainment platform that works on a subscription basis, where thirsty clients are hooked up with enticing naughty content for a fee. Over the last year, Onlyfans has gained massive popularity due to its money-making potential. So, it might be confusing for aspiring models on how this works and how to go about it. We talked to some of the best models in the game, and we bring you a comprehensive insight into what it's like being an Onlyfans model. What's the schedule of a model? The beauty of this adult entertainment hustle is that it's basically self-employment. Working on Onlyfans offers absolute independence compared to other jobs, and it's way easier to work around your schedule. Interestingly, if you’re disabled or you have a sickness that prevents you from taking the full-time program, Onlyfans can perfectly fit around your preferred schedule. This way, the platform flawlessly empowers people who would otherwise be confined and strangled by traditional working environments. In addition, models don’t have to create content daily. Marilyn, a content creator on Onlyfans, says she shoots content on Monday and Thursday only. When she does the shooting, she produces and directs her sessions to develop unique content that she shares throughout the week at her own convenience and depending on demand. The model also determines the length of her content, mostly videos. She, however, says that in some cases, where clients request something special, she doesn’t mind adjusting her schedule as long as the returns are worth it. What type of content do models post? Onlyfans is primarily for explicit adult content, which basically involves nude photos, videos, and live streams, which are exchanged for tips and tokens. However, being an Onlyfans model can involve much more. For example, we have geniuses who share recipes with their subscribers, and some share motivational videos. However, a significant part of the models on the platform account for pornographic content creators, and of course, here is where the real bag is. So, as a model, it's totally up to you to choose what you wish to share and create. As a model that's just starting out, things might seem slow with only a few subscribers to entertain. However, with time, the level of fame multiplies, and business gets better. The level of income of an Onlyfans model is entirely dependent on effort. Generally, being an Onlyfans model comes with unparalleled benefits. Fame and money are inevitable. However, as said before, like running any business, it's all about effort. Get stuck in!
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