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5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Don't Have Sex for a While

February 26th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
In a world that often emphasises the importance of regular exercise and a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle, the role of sexual activity is sometimes overlooked. Surprisingly, abstaining from sex can have various effects on your body, both physically and mentally. Let's delve into five significant changes that occur when you don't engage in sexual activity for an extended period. 1. Hormonal Shifts: The Balancing Act Abstaining from sex can lead to hormonal fluctuations in both men and women. Regular sexual activity is associated with the release of endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin - a hormone that contribute to feelings of happiness and reduce stress. Without these hormonal releases, your body might experience increased stress levels, potentially affecting your mood and overall well-being. 2. Weakened Immune System: The Defense Downturn Surprisingly, a lack of sexual activity may weaken your immune system. Research suggests that regular sexual intercourse can increase the production of immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody that plays a crucial role in immune system function. When you don't engage in sex for an extended period, the reduced production of IgA may make you more susceptible to common illnesses. 3. Sleep Disruptions: The Slumber Struggle Sexual activity is known to promote better sleep. The release of oxytocin and other feel-good hormones during sex can have a calming effect, making it easier to fall asleep and enjoy a more restful night. Without this natural sleep aid, individuals who abstain from sex may experience difficulties in falling asleep and maintaining a consistent sleep pattern. 4. Increased Stress Levels: The Tension Tangle Sexual activity has been linked to stress reduction. Engaging in intimate moments triggers the release of hormones that help lower cortisol levels which is the primary stress hormone. When you abstain from sex, your body might experience an accumulation of stress, potentially leading to various adverse health effects, including cardiovascular issues and compromised mental health. 5. Impact on Relationship Dynamics: The Emotional Equation Beyond the physical changes, abstaining from sex can affect the emotional dynamics within a relationship. Intimacy is a crucial aspect of bonding, and lack of sexual activity may lead to feelings of emotional distance and frustration. Open communication about desires and expectations becomes vital to maintaining a healthy connection, emphasising the importance of addressing these concerns as a couple. Take Away. In conclusion, the impact of abstaining from sex extends beyond the physical realm, influencing both mental and emotional well-being. From hormonal shifts to weakened immune defences, understanding these changes sheds light on the intricate connections between sexual activity and overall health. As with any aspect of well-being, balance and communication are key to navigating the effects of abstinence and maintaining a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.
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Aussie Bliss: 5 Back-Friendly Sex Positions for a Painless Romp

February 23rd, 2024 by Naughty Ads
Struggling with back pain but don't want to miss out on the fun? We've got your back (literally)! Back pain shouldn't mean a farewell to intimacy. Check out these five Aussie-approved sex positions that'll keep the passion alive without aggravating your back. 1. The Cozy Kangaroo: Spooning with a Twist Get cozy with your Escort in Melbourne in the classic spooning position, but add a twist for extra support. Lie on your sides, both facing in the same direction. Place a pillow under your bent knees for added comfort and reduced pressure on your lower back. The close contact maintains intimacy while offering a gentle, back-friendly option for a leisurely romp. 2. The Sydney Sway: Seated Support for Comfort For those days when standing or lying down is a challenge, try the Sydney Sway. Sit on the edge of a sturdy surface, such as a bed or chair, with your partner straddling your lap. This position provides back support and lets you control the penetration depth, ensuring a pain-free experience. The added intimacy of face-to-face contact makes it a win-win. 3. The Barrier Reef Bliss: Pillow Prop for Pleasure Elevate your hips and pelvis with strategically placed pillows to create the Barrier Reef Bliss. Lie on your back with pillows under your hips, allowing your partner to kneel or stand at the edge of the bed. This alignment minimises strain on your lower back, offering a comfortable option for those seeking deeper penetration without compromising spine health. 4. The Outback Oasis: Modified Doggy Style for Support Doggy style can be modified to ease back discomfort. In the Outback Oasis, both partners start on all fours, but instead of traditional penetration, the penetrating partner leans forward, reducing strain on the lower back. This modification allows for an enjoyable experience while prioritising back health, making it a fantastic option for those seeking variety without compromising comfort. 5. The Great Barrier Lift: Leverage for Less Pressure In the Great Barrier Lift, the receiving partner lies on their back at the edge of a sturdy surface while the penetrating partner stands. This position minimises lower back strain by placing the receiving partner's legs on the penetrating partner's shoulders. It provides leverage for the standing partner while offering a unique angle for both comfort and pleasure. Conclusion Back pain doesn't have to be the end of your intimate adventures. These Aussie-inspired sex positions prioritise comfort without sacrificing the sizzle. Whether you're into cozy cuddles or adventurous angles, there's an option for every Aussie looking to keep the flames burning. So, friends, go on, spice up your love life without the backache! Have you tried any of these positions, or do you have your own back-friendly suggestions? Share your experiences below, and let's keep the conversation going!
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5 Ways to Bridge the Age Gap in Your Relationship

February 21st, 2024 by Naughty Ads
You don't choose who to fall in love with; sometimes, that person might be significantly younger or older than you are. The haters will say that it won't work, but according to couples in such arrangements, there are always ways to make the relationship work. Here are some simple ways to bridge the age gap in your relationship. Share Your Expectations. Although this is a rule for all relationships, it is particularly important to such relationships. An awareness of your partner's expectations will help you understand them better and act in a way that respects them. For example, an older man may want his younger wife to have a child, while the younger wife may be focusing on financial stability. Understanding and solving such expectations will be the key to cultivating a healthy relationship. Melbourne Escorts suggests therapy sessions will greatly help if you're having issues discussing expectations. Accept Your Differences. The first step to solving a problem is accepting that it indeed exists. From interests and preferences, chances are you will have many differences with your younger or older partner due to the developmental stage difference. Instead of forcing yourselves into conforming to each other's lifestyles, try being more supportive while you appreciate the differences. Understand That Maturity Is Relative. This is especially important in relationships where the man is way older. In such a case, you must view your partner as an adult rather than someone to mould or teach. The last thing anyone would want is to be scolded for acting in a certain way by someone older in the name of age-earned wisdom and experience. Besides, there are many barometers of maturity, and age isn't among the most significant ones. Identify Mutual Interests Finding common interests is the backbone of any relationship. Spending much time doing things you love will help melt your age difference. Explore each others' world, try new things, and meet new people. The idea here is to ensure you're involved in each other's lives as much as possible. Appreciate Disagreements and Solve Them. Agreeing to disagree is vital in any relationship, regardless of whether there is a considerable age gap. However, it may be particularly important to the relationships in discussion since one partner may be stuck in their ways while another may be exploring their reality. Accepting that you have to disagree with some issues will see your relationship blossom. You don't have to agree to anything your partner suggests, but accepting that you have differences will help avoid frustrations. Take Away. Patience, communication and ignoring the stigma are very important if you want this relationship to succeed. If you're in doubt, implement some of the mentioned tips. What other methods would you suggest for handling this? Tell us in the comment section below!
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Down Under Delight: 8 Approved Positions to Boost Baby-Making Success

February 16th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
Planning to expand your family and wondering about the best moves for making a little Aussie addition? Look no further! We've gathered the best Down Under sex positions that might just give you that extra edge on the road to parenthood. Let's dive into these positions designed to enhance your chances of conceiving a bundle of joy. 1. The Bondi Bliss: Missionary with a Twist Start off with a classic - the Bondi Bliss. Elevate your hips by placing a pillow underneath, creating a slight tilt to aid sperm in their journey. This missionary variation allows for deep penetration, increasing the chances of sperm meeting the egg. Remember, relaxed intimacy and open communication are key to enhancing the experience. 2. The Sydney Straddle: Woman on Top for Control Take charge with the Sydney Escorts favourite, the Sydney Straddle. In this position, the woman is on top, allowing for better control of depth and rhythm. This not only can be a pleasurable experience for both partners but also helps to deposit sperm closer to the cervix, maximising the chances of fertilisation. Enjoy the ride and increase your odds in the baby-making journey. 3. Doggy Style for Deeper Penetration For those seeking a bit of adventure, try the classic doggy style. Doggy style allows for deeper penetration, ensuring that sperm is deposited closer to the cervix. This position also provides a unique angle that can enhance the chances of sperm reaching the egg. Keep it comfortable and enjoy the journey towards parenthood with a touch of Aussie flair. 4. The Reef Roll: Side-by-Side Comfort Opt for a more relaxed approach with the Reef Roll. Lie side by side, facing each other, with the woman's legs draped over her partner's hips. This position allows for close contact and easy access while minimising stress on the back. The gentle rocking motion can add a touch of intimacy while maximising your chances of conception. 5. The Koala Connection: Spooning with a Purpose Embrace the intimacy of the Koala Connection. Spooning not only fosters closeness but also offers a relaxed atmosphere for lovemaking. Elevate your hips slightly with a pillow to create an angle that facilitates sperm movement towards the cervix. Enjoy the cosiness of this position while increasing your odds of creating a little koala of your own. 6. The Barrier Breaker: Legs Up for Success Raise the stakes (and the legs) with the Barrier Breaker. After intimacy, encourage the woman to lie down with her legs raised against a wall for 15-20 minutes. This simple post-coital trick is believed to assist sperm in reaching the cervix, potentially boosting your chances of conception. Relax, take your time, and let gravity work its magic. 7. The Melbourne Miracle: Knees to Chest for Precision Wrap up your baby-making quest with the Melbourne Miracle. After intimacy, have the woman lie on her back and bring her knees to her chest. This position allows for optimal sperm placement, increasing the likelihood of fertilisation. Take a moment to connect and share the excitement of this hopeful journey. Take Away Embarking on the journey to parenthood is an exciting adventure. These Aussie-inspired sex positions not only add a touch of Down Under delight to your intimate moments but may also give you that extra boost in the quest to conceive. Remember, keep it light-hearted, enjoy the process, and may the odds ever be in your favour! Have you tried any of these positions, or do you have your own baby-making tips to share? We'd love to hear about your experiences and create a supportive community. Drop a comment below, and let's share the wisdom on this incredible journey to parenthood.
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5 Tips on How to Drink and Not Get Drunk.

February 12th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
Cheers, friends! Sometimes, you want to enjoy a drink without diving into the deep end of intoxication. Whether it's an escort date or you're pacing yourself, here are five approved tips on how to savour your drink responsibly and avoid getting too merry. 1. Hydrate Like a Roo: Water is Your Mate Start the night with a splash of hydration. Alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water to stay refreshed and maintain a steady pace. Water not only helps dilute the effects of alcohol but also keeps you feeling good throughout the night. Kangaroos know the importance of staying hydrated, and so should you! 2. Size Matters: Opt for Smaller Sips Embrace the art of sipping. Instead of knocking back large gulps, escorts in Sydney insist on taking smaller sips and savouring the flavours. This not only allows you to enjoy your drink more but also slows down the absorption of alcohol into your system. Like a true Aussie enjoying a cuppa, relish the moments and take it easy. 3. Feast Before the Froth: Eat Well Before you hit the pub, fuel up with a hearty meal. A well-balanced meal before drinking helps slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. Include proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs to create a sturdy foundation. If you're on a date with an escort or client, start with the meals before diving into the drinks. It's like a good Australian barbecue - start with a solid base, and the rest will follow smoothly. 4. Keep it Sessionable: Choose Lower ABV Drinks Opt for drinks with a lower alcohol by volume (ABV). Sessionable beers, wines, or lower-alcohol cocktails allow you to enjoy a more extended drinking session without hitting the high notes of intoxication too quickly. Go for drinks that let you maintain a good buzz without going overboard. 5. Pace Yourself This is particularly important to escorts and clients on a date. The key to enjoying a drink without getting too merry is pacing. Set a personal limit and stick to it. Space out your drinks, and take breaks to gauge how you're feeling. Enjoy the social aspects of the evening and savour the moment. It's not a race but a delightful journey, so take your time and revel in the experience. In Closing Drinking responsibly doesn't mean skipping out on the fun. These five tips, inspired by the Sydney Escorts' way of life, let you enjoy a drink without feeling the effects too quickly. Remember, moderation is the name of the game. So, whether at a pub or a backyard Barbie, feel your drink, stay in control, and make every sip count. Have you tried any of these tips, or do you have strategies for enjoying a drink without overindulging? Share your thoughts below!
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Beyond Pleasure: Exploring the Emotional and Social Benefits of Hiring an Escort in Perth

February 9th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
While the topic of hiring escorts often centres around physical pleasure, there's more to the story. In the vibrant city of Perth, hiring an escort can offer a unique form of companionship and emotional and social benefits that contribute to a more fulfilling life. Let's dive into the unexplored facets of escort services and how they can positively impact your well-being. 1. Companionship Beyond the Surface: Emotional Support Escorts are more than just companions for physical encounters; they also provide emotional support. In a bustling city like Perth, where the pace can be relentless, having a companion to share thoughts, experiences, and emotions can be a refreshing and enriching aspect of hiring an escort. The non-judgmental and confidential nature of these interactions can offer a unique outlet for personal expression. 2. A Social Companion: Breaking the Solitude Perth's social scene is vibrant, but not everyone has a ready circle of friends. Hiring a Perth escort can fill the void of social solitude. Escorts are often skilled conversationalists and adaptable to various social settings, making them ideal companions for events, dinners, or a night out. This social interaction contributes to a sense of belonging and alleviates the loneliness that sometimes accompanies city living. 3. Boosting Confidence and Personal Growth through Positive Encounters Engaging with an escort can be a confidence booster. Positive interactions and validation from a companion can have a transformative effect on one's self-esteem. For those navigating social anxiety or seeking personal growth, hiring an escort provides a safe environment to practice social skills and build confidence, fostering a more assured and self-assured version of oneself. 4. Discreet Professionalism In a city where privacy is valued, the discreet nature of escort services offers a platform for confidential conversations. Whether seeking advice, venting frustrations, or sharing dreams, the confidentiality maintained by escorts creates a space where individuals can express themselves openly without fear of judgment. This trust-building experience contributes to emotional well-being and a sense of security. 5. Tailored Experiences and Personalized Connections Each individual is unique, and so are their desires and preferences. Escorts in Perth often offer tailored experiences that go beyond the generic, fostering a deeper connection between the client and the escort. These personalised encounters can range from shared activities to intellectual discussions, ensuring that each interaction meets the individual's specific emotional and social needs. Conclusion Beyond the stereotypes, hiring an escort in Perth can be a multifaceted experience, providing emotional and social benefits that extend far beyond the physical. From companionship and social connection to personal growth and tailored experiences, the world of escort services in Perth offers a realm of possibilities for those seeking more from life. What are your thoughts on the emotional and social benefits of hiring an escort in Perth? Have you had any unique experiences you'd like to share? Leave a comment below, and let's open up the conversation on this often misunderstood aspect of companionship in the vibrant city of Perth!
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Age is Just a Number - Relationships with Older Women Dating Younger Men

February 7th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
In the ever-evolving landscape of relationships, age differences have become less of a barrier. Particularly intriguing is the phenomenon of older women dating younger men. Let's explore how age plays a role in these relationships, challenging stereotypes and shedding light on the dynamics that make these connections thrive in the diverse dating scene. 1. Breaking Stereotypes and Challenging Cultural Norms Older Escorts In Perth dating younger men challenges traditional cultural norms that have long dictated age dynamics in relationships. As societal attitudes evolve, couples are more empowered to form connections based on compatibility rather than conforming to age-related expectations. Breaking free from such stereotypes, these relationships flourish with genuine connection and shared interests. 2. Shared Experiences and Bridging Generational Gaps While age differences can lead to distinct life experiences, they also bring a unique richness to relationships. Older women and younger men often find common ground through shared interests, bridging generational gaps. This shared experience allows couples to grow together, appreciate different perspectives, and build a relationship that draws strength from each partner's diverse backgrounds. 3. Evolving Definitions of Intimacy: Navigating Physical and Emotional Connections Age disparity challenges preconceived notions about intimacy. Older women and younger men often navigate physical and emotional connections that defy stereotypes. These relationships highlight that intimacy is not solely defined by age but by emotional resonance and mutual respect. This evolving definition of intimacy contributes to the depth and longevity of connections in such pairings. 4. Confidence and Independence: Empowering Dynamics Older women, often more established in their careers and life paths, bring a sense of confidence and independence to relationships. This empowerment creates a dynamic where both partners feel secure in their individuality while fostering a supportive and egalitarian bond. The evolving roles challenge traditional gender norms and contribute to the strength and longevity of these unions. 5. Communication is Key: Navigating Challenges Together Effective communication is crucial in any relationship but becomes paramount in relationships with significant age differences. Navigating challenges together requires open dialogue about expectations, societal perceptions, and long-term goals. Strong communication allows older women and younger men to address potential concerns, ensuring a healthy and resilient foundation for their relationship. Take Away In modern dating, age is proving to be just a number. Older women dating younger men challenge stereotypes, fostering connections based on shared experiences and evolving definitions of intimacy, confidence, and effective communication. These relationships defy societal expectations, proving that love knows no age boundaries and that the dynamics within can be both empowering and enduring. What are your thoughts on age dynamics in relationships, especially regarding older women dating younger men? Have you experienced or observed unique challenges or benefits in such connections? Share your insights below!
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Sydney's Hidden Charms: The Best Places to Find Exceptional Escorts

February 5th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
In the bustling city of Sydney, the quest for exceptional companionship is an artform. From the glimmering harbour to the vibrant nightlife, Sydney offers a diverse array of places to find the best escorts. Suppose you want to navigate the city's hidden charms and discover top-notch companions. In that case, this guide unveils the best locations to begin your search, ensuring a journey filled with memorable encounters and enriching experiences. 1. Reputable Escort Agencies: A Trusted Starting Point Kickstart your search by exploring reputable escort agencies in Sydney. These agencies often serve as gatekeepers to the city's finest escorts, offering a curated selection of professionals with positive reviews and a commitment to client satisfaction. Begin your journey with agencies known for their reliability, transparency, and a track record of providing exceptional services. 2. Exclusive Nightclubs and Bars: Where Luxury Meets Intimacy Sydney's upscale nightlife scene is often a hub for elite Sydney escorts. Exclusive nightclubs and bars, particularly in areas like Darlinghurst and Potts Point, attract sophisticated individuals, including high-end escorts. Keep an eye out for invitations to private events and VIP gatherings, where you might encounter exceptional companions who frequent these luxurious social spaces. 3. Online Platforms and Forums. Delve into online platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and forums dedicated to adult services in Sydney. These spaces offer authentic insights from the community, providing reviews, recommendations, and first-hand accounts of experiences with different escorts. Engaging with these online communities can be a valuable resource, guiding you toward reputable escorts and agencies based on the shared experiences of others. Also, escort directories such as are excellent sources for high-end escorts.  4. High-End Hotels: Where Discretion Meets Luxury Sydney's luxury hotels often attract elite Sydney escorts who prioritise discretion and sophistication. Keep an eye on high-end establishments in the city centre and prominent neighbourhoods. Some escorts prefer to meet clients in the comfort and privacy of these upscale accommodations, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and ensuring a discreet and memorable experience. 5. Art and Cultural Events: Where Minds Connect Sydney's vibrant cultural scene, including art exhibitions, gallery openings, and cultural events, can be a surprising yet enriching avenue to discover exceptional escorts. Intellectual connections often deepen the overall experience, and many escorts with diverse interests frequent these gatherings. Attend events, engage in conversations, and explore the possibility of connecting with escorts who share your passion for culture and art. Lastly  Sydney's hidden charms are waiting to be discovered, and searching for exceptional escorts is an exciting journey. From reputable agencies to exclusive nightspots, online platforms, high-end hotels, and cultural events, the city offers a diverse range of places to find top-notch companionship and create unforgettable experiences. Have you explored any of these places in Sydney to find exceptional escorts? What are your thoughts or experiences? Tell us in the comment section below!
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Navigating Generosity- Gift Etiquette For Escort Clients

February 2nd, 2024 by Naughty Ads
In the world of escort-client relationships, the question of gifts can be a nuanced journey. Understanding the art of gift-giving is essential for fostering positive connections. Whether you're a seasoned client or new to the scene, this guide navigates the delicate waters of gift etiquette, offering insights into thoughtful gestures that enhance the overall experience while respecting the boundaries of professionalism. 1. Thoughtful Gestures and The Power of Personalisation When considering gifts for escorts, thoughtfulness reigns supreme. Personalise your gesture by considering the escort's interests or preferences. Whether it's a book by their favourite author, a piece of art, or a thoughtful token, a personalised gift reflects genuine consideration and enhances the connection between client and escort. 2. Expressing Gratitude By Tokens of Appreciation: Expressing gratitude through tokens of appreciation is a common and appreciated practice. This can range from small, thoughtful items to more luxurious gifts, depending on your budget and the nature of your relationship. Thoughtful gestures, whether a bouquet, a piece of jewellery, or a handwritten note, convey your appreciation for the escort's time and companionship. 3. Discreet and Classy While Respecting Boundaries When choosing gifts, discretion and class are essential. Select items that align with the Canberra escort's comfort level and maintain a professional atmosphere. Opt for elegant and thoughtful gifts that reflect your appreciation without crossing any boundaries. This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both parties, emphasising the importance of mutual respect. 4. Gift Cards: Versatile and Considerate Choices Gift cards provide a versatile and considerate option for those uncertain about specific preferences. Choose cards from reputable establishments, such as high-end restaurants, spas, or boutique shops, allowing the escort the flexibility to use the gift in a way that suits their preferences. Gift cards combine thoughtfulness with practicality, offering a considerate and well-received option. 5. Respect Boundaries: The Importance of Clear Communication Before presenting a gift, respecting boundaries and ensuring clear communication is crucial. Some escorts may have specific policies or preferences regarding gifts, and understanding these guidelines is paramount. A simple inquiry or a discreet conversation about gift preferences helps create a comfortable and respectful environment, fostering a positive and open dynamic. The Bottom Line Navigating gift etiquette in the escort-client dynamic is an art that combines thoughtfulness, appreciation, and respect. Whether it's a personalised gesture, token of appreciation, discreet choice, or versatile gift card, the key is to enhance the connection while respecting boundaries, ensuring a positive and mutually enjoyable experience. Have you ever given a gift to your escort date? What are your thoughts on the insights highlighted above? Tell us in the comment section below!
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4 Sex Positions You Didn't Know You'd Love

January 31st, 2024 by Naughty Ads
We rarely get into the details of the technicalities of sex. Positions and techniques are all sex technicalities that, in essence, make it better. After the umpteenth time, the missionary position may no longer do it for you and your partner. The same might be true for the casual doggy style. This doesn't necessarily imply a bland sex life or that you and your partner need to call it quits. It simply means you need a little inspiration. To help you up your sexual repertoire, here are some sex positions you didn't know you'd love. 1. The Chairman. Back support is super impressive when it comes to sex since it adds to the extent of the penetration. If you're looking for a position that is comfortable and pleasurable to untellable measures, the chairman is a solid option. To do it, the penetrating partner sits on a chair or the edge of the bed, and their partner sits on them facing away. The phallic partner then penetrates the second partner slowly from behind. At the same time, the penetrating partner can play with the partner's other body parts, such as boobs. To make It hotter, try it in front of a mirror to give the eyes something to feast on. 2. Scoop Me Up This is basically spooning. However, don't underestimate this style. It is so common, yet so mighty. A lot of people feel intimidated since they think they don't have the phallic length to go for it. To get into it, both partners lie on the bed facing the same direction, with the phallic partner behind the receiving partner. The receiving partner raises their legs slightly up to allow the phallic partner to penetrate from behind. Make it more exciting by watching something erotic together. 3. The Splitter The splitter is a slight variation and an improvement of the missionary position, where the receiving escort in Sydney lies on their back while the other partner kneels in front, straddling the outstretched legs. Then, the other leg is lifted into the air so that it rests on the penetrating partner. Here, the legs assume a scissor-like position, only with a wider position for penetration. To make it hotter, look for some eye contact and adjust the angles till you find the desired maximum penetration. 4.The Three-legged Dog This is a super-hot style that allows for crazy penetration. To do it, stand up and face each other, but have your partner, preferably the receiving partner, raise one of their legs off to the penetrating partner's side. From there, it's fun city as you can go all in as you like. To make it easier, pin the receiving partner against a wall. The angle created by the leg raise allows a tighter grip, which is undoubtedly pleasurable. The Bottom-Line Just because a position sounds or looks weird doesn't mean it won't be fun. The exciting part of this is that you get to try new things, which might seem scary at first but are sure pleasurable. The above positions will be a good start, but please get as creative as possible. Which style is worth being in this list? Please drop your comment in the blog comment section below!
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5 Genius Sex Toy Storage Ideas

January 24th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
We often talk about how to use sex toys, but how often do we talk about storing them? Storing sex toys is as important as buying and using them. On the same note, not everyone agrees with this sex-positive attitude of using sex toys and all. So, it would be pretty embarrassing if one of your most intimate items were found or exposed. Not to mention when family or friends pay an unexpected visit. To save you from such a weird explanation, here are some simple ways of hiding and storing your sex toys. Bedside Boxes Bedside drawers are common, but if you don't have them, you can decorate your bedroom with some bedside table boxes. Buy several depending on the height of your bed. In addition, you can double up the storage boxes as your bedside table, where you can place books or decoration lamps on top, and your intimate buddies inside the boxes where nosy friends can't reach them. A Suitcase We all have one or more pieces of luggage in our living spaces. And what would anyone be doing scavenging through what they imagine is an empty suitcase? So, placing your toys inside one of your empty suitcases and placing a few layers of books or old clothes will be a perfect hideout for your babies. Shoe Boxes If you recently got a new pair of shoes, or you're eyeing one, don't throw away the box yet. Shoe boxes have been a trusted storage place for Sydney Escorts for years now for money and other valuable items. It would be even safer if you have a collection of shoe boxes since they don't seem like an interesting object to run through. Inside Your Socks If you have that one vibrator that you don't want anyone seeing, a sock drawer would be a safe haven for it. Not many visiting people would have an interest in what is in the sock drawer. Place your toy inside of those thick winter socks, fold it into two, and mix it with the rest of the socks. Not only does this keep nosy nancies away, but it also provides a safe cushion for your toys against damage. A Tampon Boxes If you use tampons, you'll agree with us that many people, especially men, avoid such products as best they can. And this is a good thing for you. Place your intimate friends inside there, and push the box into the drawer. Here, it will be impossible for one of your curious friends to peep. In Closing Tissue boxes, organising bags and under-bed storage are more options for where you can safely hide your toys. The ideas mentioned above will be a good start. After all, hiding these little friends isn't that complicated as long as you can get a little creative. What other methods would you recommend? Tell us in the comment section box below.
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Great Things to Do in Canberra with An Escort

January 19th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
A weekend in the Australian capital, especially with your favourite escort, is now, more than ever, an exciting proposition. The Australian capital is the largest inland city, full of sights and activities to explore. The nightlife, parks, and deep culture will be a fun ride. While you experience this, booking a Canberra escort will be the icing on the cake. They give professional erotic services that will be the perfect recipe for a memorable night. For whatever reason you have to visit Canberra, you'll love doing these activities. Shopping At The Finest Markets and Specialty Stores Canberra is a hub for one of the most diverse shopping options. Spend your weekends with your escort shopping at the farmers markets for fresh produce, and enjoy local breakfast or brunch. Enjoy picking some tasty treats, local flowers for your escorts, or locally crafted goods at the Haig Park Village Market. From jewellery to clothing and foodstuff, the capital is overflowing with specialty stores to help you cross that checklist. Explore Lake Burley Griffin At the heart of the city, spans this delight to the soul, surrounded by galleries, museums, parks, and cycling paths. Named after the architect who engineered it back in 1958, the lake has a serene beachfront with relaxing waves, a perfect place for a quiet bonding date with a Canberra escort. You must not miss this place due to the adventures it offers, including the 147 M high fountain, the mighty globe, and the Captain Cook Memorial Jet. Explore Seasons with Unending Events and Festivals If you're in for the nightlife, Canberra's calendar will be a perfect to-do list. The calendar of events and festivals celebrates the four seasons. Enjoy the Floriade in Spring, Summernats in Summer, the Enlighten festival in Autumn, and the Truffe festival in Winter. All these events and festivals offer a thrilling vibe and nightlife culture that you'll enjoy experiencing, more so with Canberra escorts. Enjoy Canberra's Extensive Artwork Exploring art is among the best ways of spending time with a partner, or an escort for that matter. Luckily, Canberra is a city that revolves around music, museums, theatre and dance. Canberra is home to more than 30 gallery and exhibition spaces, showcasing both local and international masterpieces in the art dimension. The National Gallery of Australia is an honourable mention. Visiting these places will offer you a perfect opportunity to bond with your Canberra escort. Explore Breweries And Wineries The perfect climate offers a spectacular range of options for wineries and breweries. Exploring these will be a memorable experience in this city of unending sceneries. In Closing There's a lot more to discover in this massive Australian capital. The best thing is that the city is buzzing all year round, so whichever time you visit, there will be something interesting for you and your Canberra escort to do. The most important thing to do is to plan well prior to travelling.
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Top 4 Car Sex Positions That Will Rev Up Your Engines

January 17th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
Whether you're trying to find a spark in your bedroom or you simply can't wait to get home to have it, sex in the car is an exciting and adventurous option. Other than being incredibly steamy, sex in the car is an inevitable change of scenery, which makes things even more enjoyable. Given the constraints of space in the car, you need a well-thought sex position to make it count. Luckily, most of the sex styles you do in the bedroom can be modified to work in the car as long as you're a bit creative and flexible. Here are some of the best car sex positions. The Riding Short Gun The riding short gun is perfect when you don't have much room to work with, for instance, in a sedan type of car. If you have a larger car with bucket seats, this is going to be pure bliss. To do it, have the penetrating partner sit on the car seat and the receiving partner straddle their lap to facilitate penetration. For the smaller cars, the partners might have to hunch over a bit, but otherwise, you should be good to go. A bonus is to make sure that the penetrating partner's arms are free to explore and, if possible, recline the seat for more space and balance. Escorts in Canberra highly recommend doing this style on the passenger seat or the backseat to avoid honking. The Backseat Doggy As usual, the doggy maintains its reputation even when it comes to car sex. Just as you do it in the bedroom, the receiving partner should get on all fours across the back seat, as the penetrating partner kneels with one knee on the seat and the other foot on the car floor. If the penetrating partner is tall, they could drape their upper body to the receiving partner for more comfort and contact. The Seated Rear Entry Here, the penetrating partner sits on the passenger seat, reclining the seat to about halfway. The receiving partner then climbs and sits on the partner's lap, facing the windscreen. The partner then eases themselves in slowly and at a rhythm they like. While being penetrated, the partner could hold the dashboard for extra support or lean back against the partner. The Seashell Remember, we have to make up for all the space we have in there, and so, the receiving partner lies on their back on the backseat, folding their body in half and raising the legs such that the ankles are as close to the head as possible. The penetrating partner can now enter from a missionary position. The Bottom Line The key to enjoying car sex is communication, especially about comfort. With any of the mentioned styles, you're in for a crazy ride. Remember to always park your car in a discreet area, with the parking brake engaged for safety purposes. Have you ever had car sex? What was your experience?
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Top Places to Visit in Sydney with Your Escort Date

January 15th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
Sydney is among the world's top tourist attractions and certainly a hub for the finest escorts from all over Australia and beyond. From the beautiful sun-kissed sandy beaches to the iconic landscape and fascinating heritage, the city is brimming with stunning attractions. Whether this is your first time or not, this is your chance to discover these unmissable attractions with your Sydney escort. In this list, you'll find some of the top tourist attractions and places to visit with your escort in Sydney. The Sydney Opera House The Sydney Opera House is an architectural masterpiece of the 20th century, perfectly placed on the beautiful Sydney Harbour. It is among the most famous places in the world and the best working opera houses. Here, you can catch stunning performances ranging from ballet dances, theatre, music, contemporary dance, and, of course, super opera productions. In addition, here, you can get food and drinks inside, with anything from casual drinks to formal dining. Visit the Sydney Opera House with your Sydney Escorts for an unforgettable experience. The Sydney Harbour Bridge The Sydney Bridge, or the 'Coathanger' as the locals call it, is among the stunning landmarks in this stunning city. It is among the largest steel arch bridges in the world and also spans across a stunning harbour- a sight to see. You can do a bridge walk with your Sydney escorts or simply admire it from below. PS! You get to see a fantastic view of the city from the bridge. The Bondi Beach Indeed, Sydney, and Australia in general, is known for its golden, sun-kissed sandy beaches. Along that line, Bondi Beach is a worthy mention. Enjoy funky eateries, sparkling clean blue waters, or a chilled beach lifestyle here with your Sydney escorts. The Royal Botanical Gardens Just adjacent to the Sydney Opera House and wrapping around the harbour, the Royal Botanical Garden is home to an outstanding collection of flora from Australia and beyond. The over 30 Hectares of the stunning landscape right at the heart of the city provides an ideal place for a picnic or a walk with your escort date. The Rocks If you're a lover of history, you'll love a visit to the rocks- where the history of modern Sydney started. The Rocks are a beautiful historic part of Sydney and just a 5-minute drive from the heart of the city. Here, you'll get to learn a lot about the colonial history of Sydney. In addition, you'll love going shopping at the local Rocks markets and grabbing some drinks at the old pubs. In Closing Sydney provides a perfect balance between the old and the new, which is a perfect environment to explore with your escort. The places as mentioned above, including many more, will be a perfect start for a memorable trip to Sydney. PS! We recommend taking good photos!  Are you a fan of Sydney? Which activities would you recommend? Please tell us in the comment section below!
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Ways To Make Your Balls Smell and Taste Better.

January 8th, 2024 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to grooming, many men focus on the face and hair. Let's keep it real; every dude has, at some point, been guilty of having smelly balls, which is an outright turn-off, especially for men in a relationship. If you're dating, you owe it to your partner some good hygiene, especially when it comes to taking things downtown. In addition, good balls hygiene is a plus to your general comfort and well-being. So, if you're curious, here are some ways to make your balls smell and taste better. Wash them balls, dude! The basis of any hygiene is just as simple as washing. Make sure you have a shower every day, and during that shower, give them balls a nice soft scrub. At least once per day. If left unchecked, the downtown can become a buffer for oils and dirt, which are both a perfect medium for bacteria and fungus to thrive. Making sure that you thoroughly clean the area ensures that they aren't given a chance. Choose your soap wisely! The skin around the genitals is more delicate than you thought compared to other body parts, which makes it prone to irritation. Escorts in Darwin recommend using a soap that's easy on the skin. Contrary to common belief, nice-smelling soap doesn't always guarantee nice-smelling balls. Instead, soaps with strong fragrances tend to cause irritations to sensitive regions, the balls, for that matter. Be simple, and you'll love the results. Dry your junk thoroughly! This is the most ignored part of freshening up. Once you've cleaned up nicely, grab a dry soft towel and pat the junk nicely till dry. We don't recommend rubbing or tugging since it might lead to some discomfort. It's easy to leave some bit of moisture in there, and when everything is locked up under the clothes, a foul odour is imminent. So, make sure you dry the place real nice. Too tight isn't too good Simple enough to remember - don't suffocate your balls. The thing is, the extra sweat from tight boxers is a perfect breeding ground for the fungus and bacteria responsible for that foul smell you experience. So, after cleaning up and thoroughly drying, go for a comfortable and breathable pair of boxers. Less hair= less odour Sometimes, the jungle isn't too fresh. The more hair you have down there, the more sweat you accumulate and certainly the more the foul smell. So, make sure you have a once-in-a-while trim. The bottom line Keeping your junk in mint condition isn't that complicated. The basic principle is hygiene. The highlighted tips will be of great help. What do you think would help in keeping the family gems clean and fresh? Tell us in the comment section below.
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Pervertables - The Top 5 Items That'll Come Through for You During Sex

January 1st, 2024 by Naughty Ads
The best thing about sex and intimacy is that there's unimaginable room to get wild and creative. In the quest for pleasure, there are tens of things around your house that you could potentially safely use during sex to add a little flair to the game. These items are called Pervertables and could range from household items to clothing. In this short write-up, we'll review some of the most common items around that double up as sexual tools. Shall we? Ice Cubes To those who love temperature play, you'll love this one. Almost every house has ice cubes, and if you do not have them, you can easily make some or simply purchase them. You can use ice cubes during foreplay, in a drawing motion on your partner's skin. Darwin escorts suggest rubbing your partner on pressure points such as nipples and above the pubic region. Rubbing them until they melt will create a chilly, sweet sensation, which heightens the pleasure. To make it even more interesting, use your mouth. Wooden Spatulas and Spoons We all love a little spanking or a love pat. And if you don't do it, please consider it. It's sexy and pleasing. The ideal item for a spank would be a flogging paddle, usually from adult toy shops. However, who needs to buy a paddle when they have wooden spatulas and spoons in their kitchen? The next time you make some dinner, give your partner a soft love spank with a spatula. They'll love it. Neck Ties and Scarfs. When you want to make things hot and spicy in the bedroom, blindfolded action is an exciting choice. With a soft, silky and smooth tie or neck scarf, you have a perfect blindfold for your adventure. Belt A very common, ignored, yet powerful tool regarding adventurous sex. To those who enjoy BDSM, a belt would be useful for tying or even flogging. With a belt, though, make sure you get clear consent from your partner; otherwise, it can be very painful. Socks and Undies These, especially socks, are perfect for tying hands during some rough play. In addition, socks and undies can be stuffed into the partner's mouth when playing some gagging games. Sauces And Honey If you have some sauces, syrups or honey in your kitchen, you have all you need for some fire foreplay. Drizzle any of these on your partner's boobs or wherever you like, and lick them passionately. Watch how they react to that. Finally There are endless possibilities when it comes to pervertables. You can get as creative as you wish. The above picks are a perfect safe start. The bottom line before you try any of these is to make sure your and your partner's safety comes first. What would you add to the above list? Please tell us in the comment section below!
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4 Discreet Sex Toys to Pack for Your Trip with An Escort.

December 28th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
One of the best ways of exploring your sexual horizons is the use of sex toys. Luckily, the market has tons of different varieties, each with a specific use. When making that trip with your escort, bringing along some of these little dimes will be a great addition to the sexual adventure. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and in most cases, the escorts will have some experience with them. However, for your sake, we've prepared this list of the top 5 discreet yet pleasing sex toys that you should pack in your next trip with an escort. The Discreet Vibrators Group. Vibrators are among the most common sex toys we have around. One of the great things about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes. This means that there are small kinds of vibrators that will seamlessly fit into your travel bag. The big-sized ones aren't going to work here, but luckily, there are small ones but pretty mighty. Rabbit and bullet vibrators are perfect examples that will suit your trip with a Sydney escort. We also have lipstick vibrators that perfectly disguise everyday lipstick. The lipstick vibrator will perfectly fit in your bag and will easily pass through security. Butt Plug Category Butt plugs are the epitome of fun for those who want to try out some anal action. They may seem almost impossible to look discreet, but the truth is we have types that are easy to conceal, which is a good thing. A good example is the mini motor vibrating butt plug, a tiny magical toy that resembles a Bluetooth headset. The next time your escort in Sydney packs her bag, remind her to keep the little thing tucked in her bag- also keep it turned off since it vibrates- you will have lots of fun with it. A Kindred Black Duchess A duchess is a perfect name for a luxurious handblown sex toy. It's made from smoothened glass and is a perfect option for temperature play since it heats and cools pretty quickly. Due to its shape and appearance, it easily passes as a tool for muscle tension release and massages. Slip it in your bag for some fire foreplay with your escort. Wearable Vibrators Besides the regular vibrators, innovation has brought to us wearable vibrators. With this category, they have a magnet that allows you to secure them into the underwear for an all-day, comfortable, wearable experience. There's an added attachment that allows for internal stimulation as well. In addition, this category has a remote control feature that makes it a thrilling encounter when travelling with your escort. The Bottom Line The list of discreet sex toys is endless. Any great escort will most likely know what to bring along, but in case of anything, the listed picks will be great options. We highly recommend having a prior discussion with your escort about these sex toys so you make sure you get the exact pleasure tools you require!
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Top 5 Rear Entry Positions for Escorts to Try

December 27th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Anal sex doesn't get the praise it deserves. Luckily, it is becoming less and less taboo, which means women can now enjoy it as much as men do. Anal sex gives sex a different dimension which can be really intimate. If you're open-minded and would love to unlock this new adventure, here are some top-tier anal sex positions to try. The Lap Dance This position is perfect for beginners as it is easy to pull off and work around. With your client sitting on a chair, slowly sit on him and slide it inside slowly. The best thing about this position is that you can control how deep or shallow you like it. If you wish to spice it up, you can reach your hands around the back to hold your client or play with your clitoris for enhanced stimulation. Doggy Style For the beginners and the legends, this is a fantastic style. It is as simple as the classic doggy style, only that the penetration is now in the rear door. To do it, get on all fours and arch your back slightly to expose your B hole. Let your client penetrate you slowly from behind as you catch a rhythm. The Spoon Oh, spooning-every lazy girl's go-to sex for vaginal sex, and now anal. This position is intimate as it allows clients to whisper dirty words into the escort's ears. It also works perfectly when you don't want to make eye contact. Simply lie on one side, lifting your knees slightly, and let your client assume the same position as he enters you from behind. The Leaning Cowgirl If you love being in control, this is your go-to position. This position is especially hot since the escort on top gets to decide everything. In addition, it is super easy to pull off and manage. On top of that, your client can reach around and grab your clitoris for heightened pleasure. Have your partner lie down facing up, with knees slightly raised, and then straddle him and slowly slide yourself inside at a desired pace. Then, lean forward and place your hands on his chest or shoulders. For matters of pleasure, don't just go for up-and-down movement; back-and-forth thrusts will add to the magic. The Backsided Lotus Often forgotten, the regular lotus is among the hottest sex positions for vaginal sex, and if you make that anal, you heighten the pleasure. To pull this off, have your client sit on the bed or couch, climb on their lap facing them, and slide your way inside. Use that eye contact to make out or have a dirty conversation. Closing Thoughts Anal has never been easier and more fun than it is now. The secret to making this fun is to try different locations in the house and, of course, our picks of styles. Remember, always practice safe, consensual sex, and quite importantly, have some lube for extra lubrication. Have you ever tried anal? If you haven't, is it something you've thought about? Please tell us in the comment section below!
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Signs That You're Having Bad Sex

December 18th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
We always talk about sex, but we don't get to speak on how to do it. While there's no standard to good or bad sex, we all get those moments when we feel like whatever is happening in the bedroom isn't bearing any fruit. This is mainly for couples in serious and long-term relationships. If you're one of them, here are some signs that you could be having awkward sex, and you could soon need a therapist. When Sex Feels Like a Chore Whenever something feels like work, it's because, mentally, you've made it into one. When you hit this point, you need to ask yourself whether you feel this way because sex is expected from you or because of what you expect from your partner. People make sex look like an event, and every time, the persons involved are pleasured to their needs. What they don't understand is that there's much more that goes into sex, including communication and intentionality. When these building blocks are lacking, sex certainly feels like a chore. When It Becomes Imbalanced. Sex isn't a one-sided adventure. If it feels like one person is doing more than the other, then something is seriously wrong. When you're always giving or always receiving, it's time to sit down and talk. When One Person Is Always Initiating Sex initiation plays a crucial factor in the end game. For the partner initiating, they need to ask themselves how being the initiator makes them feel about their partner and why. Also, for the person who doesn't initiate, they need to ask themselves why they don't feel the urge to start things. Allowing yourself the space to give honest insights on this will make it easier to understand where the problem is and how to solve it. When It's All About Penetration Sex has a different meaning to everyone. However, Darwin escorts like to define it as a meaningful and deep experience of pleasure with a partner. That said, sex involves much more than just penetration. There's the part of communication, foreplay, penetration, and, of course, orgasm. When you find yourself and your partner struggling with other factors, such as foreplay, then something is indeed amiss. Start by sitting down and discussing what sex is to you, and from there, you can branch out to what you think will be helpful. When It Becomes Monotonous Sex should be adventurous. When you and your partner do the same things over and over again, it's time to rethink. While we discourage monotony, remember it's still sex, and so it's a good starting point to improve. In Closing There are more indicators of bad sex, but our picks are the most common. Identifying issues with your partner isn't rocket science. As long as you two keep in close communication, you'll be able to point out issues from afar!
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Sex 101: Ways Taking a Break from Sex Could Improve Your Relationship

December 11th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
What's the longest you've gone without having sex? For a lot of couples, sex is almost a daily thing. While that is necessary for several reasons, the reserve is also true. While it's great to be into sex 24/7, there's something about a dry spell and how it ratchets up physical sensation. In this short article, we discuss why it could be important to go into sex fasts. It Rekindles Desires It's normal to get used to sex when you do too much of it with one person. This is mainly for married couples and those in serious relationships. In such cases, sex becomes tiring, stressful or simply bland. Taking a break from it can actually help you revive the passion, especially if done with the right attitude in mind. Escorts in Darwin, however, warn against taking a break from intimacy. Instead, take your focus off sex and learn to express love to each other through other nonsexual, intimate things. Sex Fasts Create Healthy Habits. When partners get used to one another, it creates a need for sex habit, which is a bad habit in a relationship. In such a case, a sex break, followed by a deep and open conversation about the connections you have rather than the sexual one, will be helpful. While sexual and physical contact is important, don't let it be the cornerstone of your marriage or relationship. It Allows Healing We all hurt people, knowingly and unknowingly, whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual. The same applies during sex; our partners may have been hurt previously and it leaves pretty deep scars that change their view of sex. In such cases, the trauma makes it really difficult to crave sex, which necessitates a break from it. If you have such a partner, we suggest that you be very patient with them and, in the meantime, communicate your needs in a respectable manner that will ease them back. It Improves Communication Negotiating for a break from sex with your partner needs a real conversation about sex. You must discuss what the sex fast will entail and its purpose. This presents an open opportunity to share your specific interests, desires, and boundaries easily and even learn more about your partners. As a deep understanding of one another is crucial, so to is a deep understanding of what your partner's needs are in terms of connection and satisfaction. In Closing Understanding sex calls for an understanding that it's between two people who must always communicate. Sex breaks are important, but they need proper communication for them to work effectively. While there are many reasons why you might need one, we recommend discussing it with your partner and outlining clearly what you aim to get out of it.
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Working With Escort Agencies: The Pros and The Cons

December 9th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
As an escort, you can either work independently or work under an agency. While working independently has its perks, such as better rates, if you're willing to put in the hours that comes with being your own boss, working independently can often net you more money. Here is a simple comparison of the pros and cons of working with an agency. The Pros Of Escort Agencies. One of the best perks of working with an agency is the factor of safety. Escort agencies work by connecting the clients to escorts, where they facilitate the booking and communication process. They have a tight screening process for clients, which they do on behalf of the escort. Therefore, you won't have to waste your time doing the screening. On the safety aspect, the screening process ensures that any cunning client is flagged off. If you're at risk during your date, the agency must ensure your safety. One of the cons of working as an independent escort is boredom. However, working under an agency allows you to interact with like-minded men, women and trans escorts who will always have your back. If you ever get the blues while at work, you can always meet with them and open up if that works for you. Escorting isn't as easy as it seems; therefore, no one should go through this journey alone. Working for an agency is very convenient. For example, you might need to hire a driver for your travels when working solo. With an agency, however, the facilitation is done for outcalls without you having to pay beforehand. You're also covered for incalls, so there are no extra expenses on your side. Working with an agency will also relieve you of the worries of advertisements. See, for independent escorts, the effort of advertising the services is solely on them, and it certainly reflects on the sales. With agencies, they shoulder the whole process of sourcing clients for their escorts. All you have to do is show up and be good at what you do. The Cons Of Working With An Agency. Moving on to the cons, one of the main ones is that you must pay the agency fees. For example, most agencies have a subscription or joining fee. In addition, the agency charges the facilitation fees by taking a cut from the escort's rate. For example, if an escort charges $500 per hour, about 20% of that fee goes back to the agency to cover services such as facilitation and advertisement. Although most agencies have reasonable commission rates, it indeed affects the escort's net income. Flexibility is minimal when working with an agency. When working independently, you get to set your timetable for bookings. With an agency, however, requests could come at any time, even when your are enjoying private time with friends. In Closing What do you make of these pros and cons? Which side do you think takes the win? The pros or the cons? Please tell us in the comment section below. 
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Tips To Become a Cunnilingus Expert

December 6th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Cunnilingus, commonly known as oral sex or going down on her, has had an undeserved reputation for being tricky, partly because it’s true and partly because of the judgement that the female anatomy is complicated. Recent studies have shown that very few women get an orgasm from penetrative sex, necessitating more creativity in the bedroom, and cunnilingus is undoubtedly one of them. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to sex, our experts have put together a few tips and tricks to give you a refresher course on eating her out. Let’s dive right into it. Put Her into Ease. Sadly, many women aren’t very comfortable with receiving oral sex. For some women, it could be due to insecurities such as vagina taste or smell or simply the belief that the female anatomy isn’t too pleasing to look at. So, if you give her a pep talk to make her feel comfortable with you doing it, it will work the magic. Start Slow. Don't be in any sort of rush. Remember, you have the whole day, so don't start with the obvious. How about some soft kisses, focusing on the other non-genital areas as you work your way down there? Remember, the clitoris is extremely sensitive, so applying sudden pressure don't the best of ways. Take your time! Increase Your Speed If Need Be The key to a good oral sex session is paying attention to body language. Once you've gained some momentum, or they indicate that they need more, slowly ramp up the speed and pressure. If possible, also increase the rhythm. Be Keen on Your Tongue Movements With oral sex, tongue movement is the hack to the puzzle. Firstly, we recommend slow and sensual tongue movements before going all in with the aggressive strokes. Find a consistent tongue pattern and stick to it as she soars to heights of pleasure. For most women, consistency indeed feels good. Constantly switching between patterns will take them off the course of the orgasm. However, using one pattern several times will be boring and stale. So, have several patterns in your pleasure arsenal. Add Some Dirty Talk This is especially true for partners who might be feeling vulnerable. Feel free to assure them that they taste great and that you are enjoying the ride. Tell them how turned on you are, and say it straight to their face, with some eye contact. Use Your Hands, Too. As everything picks up pace, adding more arsenal will greatly help. As she gets wetter, insert a finger or two into the vaginal opening, and slide it in and out as you gain pace, depending on feedback. Curving your finger while stroking will surely heighten things. Don't Just Focus on The Clitoris While the clitoris is the most sensitive part, it would be much sexier if you also showed some love to other parts of the anatomy. Give the vulva some tongue strokes, too, keeping in mind to maintain rhythm. Lastly, enjoy the ride. Don't just go down on your partner so that they can orgasm. That way, it feels like a job and won't always bear results. Instead, focus on the moment and think about how going down on her turns you on. Do you think cunnilingus is the hottest form of foreplay? Do you have any experience with it? Leave your comment in the section below.
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Strategies For Pricing Escort Services

December 1st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
How do you set prices for your escort services? What factors will affect the prices? Demand, supply, and price changes affect the escorting industry like any other market. Consequently, it is a super competitive market, with service prices directly affecting returns to the escorts. This short article delves into the nuances of setting prices while ensuring your hustle stays profitable. What Is the Essence of Setting Prices? Pricing is the thin line between success and failure in this competitive industry. This critical part of pricing determines whether you can sustain the hustle, earn a comfortable living and, most importantly, ensure clients are satisfied. Pricing isn't just about determining a number; it reflects your skills and personality and correctly positions you in the market. Pricing Strategies The industry is very diverse, with many services that escorts can offer. This implies that a one size fits all situation doesn't exist. Most clients are willing to pay various prices for different expertise levels, services and companionship. That said, here are some of the most crucial factors affecting pricing. The nature of the service greatly affects the pricing. Escorts may charge premium charges for certain exclusive and niche-specific services. For example, the pornstar experience is a more specific service which attracts a heftier pricing. However, some escorts may prefer offering more affordable rates for general service and companionship to nurture repeat business. The age and experience of the escort are another big player. Generally, younger newcomers in the industry are yet to learn the ropes, which might lead them to charge lower prices than mature and vastly experienced escorts. However, too old escorts tend to attract lower prices despite the tons of experience they bring along. The time of the booking also dramatically affects the prices. Remember, like any other business, escorting has peak days and hours. For example, escorts charge more during peak hours, such as evenings and weekends, than on regular days. Charges may be more than 20% of the norm in such peak days. Seasons such as the summer also attract higher prices since the demand for companionship is high. How Does Location Affect Escort Services Pricing? The factor of location deserves some special recognition. Rates in major cities such as Las Vegas and Sydney are much higher than in less populated smaller cities or towns. Typically, large cities attract many revellers, increasing demand for companions. In such huge cities, hourly rates vary between $300-$500, although more niche-specific services might require more. Basic services in less populated towns may vary between $200-$400. While determining your price range could be difficult, escort directories such as Naughtyads have made pricing more transparent. Scrolling through their website will give you an idea of a competitive rate in your region. In Closing The hack to navigating the price headache in escorting involves conducting competitor analysis. You can do this by analysing the prices of other escorts in your area of operation. Also, monitoring your competition and being able to adjust your prices based on demand and competition is very important. Lastly, remember that while you set the price, the intrinsic value of escorting is providing satisfactory service to clients, which will reflect in your earnings.
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Send Nudes: Tips for Taking, Sending and Replying to Nude Photos

November 29th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Pictures speak a thousand words, and sexting with a partner is pretty hot and thrilling. Sending nudes adds that thrill into sexting, but only if everyone is on the same page. With the massive tech trends and social media, there’s a huge risk attached to sending nudes since some partners can leak them to the crowds. That said, there's an art and some definitive rules to sending nudes. Ladies and gentlemen, listen up; How To Take Nudes 1. Lighting and Angles If you're going to send a naughty picture, let it be the best you can get. Get as much natural lighting as possible, and take the picture from above or straight on. For nighttime snaps, get enough lighting, maybe from an LED source. 2. Keep The Face Out of It! We can’t insist enough on this. Send selfies as much as you want, and send nudes as many as you like, but for the love of the gods, don’t send nudes and your face together. Some people are unpredictable and might turn into douchebags and leak them. Also, your phone might land in the wrong hands. 3. Stay Anonymous. Remember, your phone might land in the wrong hands, so we recommend anonymity. Turn off location services when you send nudes, and remove anything in the background that might help people trace you. In addition to keeping your face out of it, remember to hide any special scars or birthmarks. 4. Set Boundaries. Nude doesn’t have to be completely naked. We recommend snapping only what you're comfortable with. Besides, leaving some part of it to the imagination is even sexier than revealing the whole thing.   How To Send Nudes 1. Communicate If this has to go down, make sure the other person is in line with whatever you want to do. Establish consent and ensure they’re okay with you sending what you have in mind. While sexting is hot, there are many other activities to do if your partner doesn’t like the whole nude thing. 2. Double-check that “to” Button. You don’t want to accidentally send your nudes to your mum, dad or college WhatsApp group. So please, before hitting the send button, double-confirm the recipient. 3. Don’t Send to People You Don’t Know. We recommend doing this with someone you already know, preferably in a relationship with. The bottom line is not to send such pictures to someone you don’t know very well or don’t know their intentions with them. 4. Get Collateral If you have to give something, let them share something too. Should they hold your head over your nude, you'll at least have something to counter the threat.    Replying To Nudes You Like Sexting and sending nudes is fantastic foreplay, but it takes some nerves to get the hang of it. It is common to go blank once you get a nude photo from a partner. Escorts recommend not overthinking it. Just go ahead and pour the words of how they made you feel. Tell them what you want to do with the body part you just saw. Bottomline is to make the response sexy, enthusiastic and kind. In Closing Nudes are certainly the game changer in today's dating scene. However, the decision to send or not is upon you. Do what you think is right for you! Would you be comfortable sending nudes? Have you ever sent nudes? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 
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Offer: Cyber Monday Sale Extended: Up to 70% Off!!

November 27th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Offer: Cyber Monday Sale Extended: Up to 70% Off Start: Tuesday 28th November 12:00am AEST / NZDT End: Monday 4th December 2:00pm AEST / 5:00pm NZDT Click this Promo Link for great deals now!
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Interested In Some Wax Play? Here Are Some Tips for Beginners

November 21st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When you lose that spark in your bedroom, and the embers of passion have dulled massively, among the best ways to heat things up is incorporating some temperature play, specifically wax play candles. Wax play candles are hot (literally!), sticky, and potentially very fun. However, remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Wax play comes with significant risks, especially those of unsexy burns. It can be very intimidating, but you’re in luck today. Keep scrolling through this simple and exciting beginner's guide to wax play. First, What Is Wax Play? The concept of wax play is based on BDSM, or, simply put, pleasurable pain. It’s a form of consensual BDSM act that involves temperature play, where one pours hot wax on themselves or a partner’s body when getting intimate. The hot wax sends a slight burning and pleasurable sensation to the recipient when it hits the skin. The partner applying the wax enjoys a sense of domination and power over their partner. Is Wax Play Safe? As mentioned earlier, there are safety concerns related to burns from the hot wax. Wax play is considered risk-aware and consensual play since there is a risk of suffering from unsexy burns. However, there is nothing to worry about with a few safety precautions and the right kind of candles. The most important thing to remember is to keep the hot wax off eyes, ears and other sensitive body parts. Does It Hurt? Generally, no, but that depends on the partner in question. Remember, we have different limits to pain and sensation. Some people have very sensitive skin and have a thin tolerance to pain, and thus, they might find it painful. Many people wouldn’t say it hurts but instead call the feeling an intense sensation rather than pain. What Type of Candles Are Best for Wax Play? We recommend using candles specifically made for wax play to avoid unsexy burns. Such candles are labelled as body-safe and are, in most cases, sold by adult toys retailers. Such candles only reach a specific temperature, and thus, the wax shouldn’t be much on the skin. Doctors and experts recommend paraffin candles. If possible, avoid scented and beeswax candles as they get hotter and will undoubtedly leave unsexy burns on your skin. Prepping For Wax Play. Preparing for a wax play session goes a long way in safety compliance and ensuring everyone has a good time. Firstly, we recommend using bed sheets you’re not super attached to since it's impossible not to drip some wax on the bed. Remove flammable substances around the bedroom, and tie loose or tangled body hair. Cleaning Up After a Session. The truth is wax play can be messy. It will leave your body with lumps of solid wax. Depending on the type of candle, you should be able to pull them off easily. Some people will enjoy the impact play from pulling the wax. In most cases, baby oil or a hot shower will be perfect. The Bottom Line Wax play is among the hottest yet less talked about sex plays. It's powerful and will work the magic on your bedroom spark. We hope that the above tips will be helpful. Remember always to communicate, play safe, and, quite significantly, aftercare. Do you have any experience with wax play? Is it something you’d consider? Why or why not? Please tell us in the comment section below.    
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How To Have an Overnight With An Escort

November 17th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When booking an escort, there's a myriad of options in terms of time structuring. While being with her for some hours can be memorable, spending the night with her could be one of the best experiences ever. Remember, these escorts are professionally trained to keep you company and give you the best they can offer. However, it doesn’t always work out, especially if she catches you off-guard. To help you with this, here is what you need to know before booking an overnight stay with an escort. Firstly, there are various types of overnight bookings, all based on time constraints. We have short overnights, say between 10 and 12 hours; middle-way overnights, about 14 hours; and long overnights, between 16-20 hours. Long overnights begin late in the afternoon and proceed to the next day, where you get more than enough time to enjoy some fun activities with the escort. So now, here’s what you need to do to get ready. 1. Find The Escorts Choose a reputable escort directory or agency to find the girl of your dreams. We highly recommend directories and agencies since they have a structure that protects both clients and escorts. That way, you're assured of a safe and comfortable booking. 2. Examine The Costs And Choose A Spot. Escorts come at different price tags; if you want her for the whole night, you'll have to splash a bit more. Be sure to check their services and make sure they align with your budget. Also, pick a spot where you want to spend the night and examine the financial damages. 3. Start Talking And Know Her Rules Message the escort and inform her about your plans. From there, discuss both your boundaries and the rules of engagement. If you fall on the same page, proceed to the date. 4. Keep Time This is the most crucial first impression. Escorts work on tight schedules, and thus, they hate it when their time is wasted. Although you are paying her for the booking, it would be kind if you showed up on the agreed spot-on time. 5. Double Check On Arrangements. Make sure all the arrangements are made way before the actual date. For example, the hotel room you’ve booked or table reservations. It would be disappointing if she comes to any inconveniences you could have easily fixed. 6. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions The idea is to make this interaction as natural as possible. So, we suggest not asking too many questions, especially personal ones. Choose topics that you two are comfortable talking about. 7. Avoid Too Much Drinking. While a drink or two won’t hurt, we highly recommend staying sober. If at all you must drink, make sure that one, the escort shares the interest, and two, you don’t get too drunk and lose self-conscience. Take Away You can plan an overnight stay with your escort, but it could still go wrong, just like any other date. However, with a good plan, everything might work just as you imagined. Don’t leave anything to chance; feel free to review the above checklist whenever possible.    
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How To Give the Best Blow Job Ever?

November 10th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Blowjobs, giving head- whatever you want to call it, is intimidating, but it sure is the wild west of sex acts. It's sexy and an asset you must have in your pleasure arsenal. While there's no given formula for a blow job, small tweaks and techniques will help you become a cut above the rest when it comes to gagging on it. We talked to sex experts and escorts, bringing you the best tips to help you give a mind-blowing blow job. Shall we? Take The Lead! Men (most) find it insanely beautiful when a girl initiates oral sex. The element of surprise that comes with it gets them going crazy. So, the next time you're with him wherever, don’t hesitate. Grab the mic and get into action. Trust us, he will keep the memories in mind. Start Slowly Escorts suggest that getting your whole body up to speed is pretty important. Tease him, grind your body on him, kiss him from the lips down, pet and stroke his body, often grazing his D, such that he is already hard in anticipation by the time you get into the BJ. Once you're there, assume you have the whole day. Work on it slowly and make sure he's feeling and enjoying every sensation. Don’t Just Use Your Mouth! A blow job isn’t just a mouth service. Using the mouth only will leave your jaw in pain when he cums. The key is matching the pressure of your mouth to the pressure of your hand, such that it feels like one fluid motion. If you do this correctly, he won't even realise some hands were involved. Use your hand to match the mouth’s rhythm. It can either be a straight-up motion or a corkscrew motion. If possible, get the balls into the experience by licking or stroking them with your hands. PS! He will be curling his toes! They Are Best When Wet! A good blow job is the one that gets really sloppy and messy. So, don’t be afraid to put on a show. Spit on it, drool on that D, and let all the juices from your mouth. Flavoured lubes will work the magic if you still can’t get it wet enough. However, with lubes, we recommend extra scrutiny of the brand and type. Try The Deep Throat Men like deep-throat queens. So, if you can pull this stunt, it's an extra credit on your name. This is called the gag reflex. Some people's gag reflex is more easily activated than others, so you don't need to beat yourself up if you can’t pull it off. Deep throating feels amazing since your throat is way tighter than the mouth, and it’s an extreme turn-on to your partner seeing you take it all in. Side note! Go easy on deep-throating and ensure that while at it, you can breathe well through your nose! Enjoy It Too. Lastly, being enthusiastic about the action counts even more than the action itself. A few ways to show enthusiasm include making eye contact, asking what they want and telling them how turned on you are. Having fun while giving the blow job is the absolute trick. It makes everything grand! Are you a fan of blow jobs? Do you remember how your last one felt? Tell us in the comment section below.        
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Escort Tips on Preparing for An Overnight Date

November 8th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Overnight dates are among the most sought-after escort services. Clients book escorts for a whole night, where they get special packages such as the girlfriend experience, where they take the escorts for a date and spend the night with them. While this is a lucrative path for escorts, it sure comes with some risks, especially when dealing with new clients. Usually, such concerns are handled by escort agencies for escorts working under them. However, handling the risk part could be a problem for independent escorts. To help you out, here are a few short tips on how you, an escort, can prepare for an overnight date. 1. Make Sure Someone Else Has Your Date Details. In the case of agencies, the companies keep full records of clients. However, if you're not working under one, ensure someone else you trust has your date details. These include the client's name, location of the date, or any other information you can find. This person could be a fellow sex worker, a friend or a family member. That way, you will always have someone on the quick dial if things go downward. 2. Know the Date Location Beforehand. Usually, escorts will ask for the location to dress appropriately. In this case, we suggest asking for the specific date location and knowing more about it. If it’s a hotel, consider calling and asking more about it. This way, you get to see if you will be safe. 3. Know Your Client Well. For cases of new clients, we recommend finding as much information about them as possible. Have a prior phone call with them and inquire as much as you can, avoiding too many personal questions. If possible, find their social media pages and, of course, video call them. 4. Always Have Your Phone Charged. You're dealing with a stranger, which necessitates having your phone fully operational at all times. For additional safety, having a power bank is necessary. 5. Clarify Terms of Service Escort services are done in packages. It’s important to discuss the package terms beforehand. This will help to deal with any expectations, and should you feel like they want more than you can offer, feel free to cancel. 6. Groom To The Fullest Remember, the first impression is crucial; thus, you want to make a good one. Check your escort bag for necessary items such as an extra undergarment, lotion, toiletries and any other item you might need. Remember to shower, shave, make your hair, and rock your best outfit. 7. Go Easy on The Drinks. The idea is to stay self-aware. Avoid any drinks or drugs that might lead you to lose your self-awareness. If at all you have to drink, watch your pace on the bottles. 8. Use Protection. Finally, ensure you or your client puts on a condom if you have to get intimate. Have some in your bag just in case they don’t have any at their place. Take Away. An overnight is a lucrative way for an escort to make good money while having fun. The above tips should be helpful when preparing for one. A reminder is to always have emergency contacts in case of anything.    
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November 7th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
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5 Questions You Should NEVER Ask Your Escort

November 6th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Escorts face many questions in their line of duty, especially from discerning clients. While human nature is inquisitive, some of these questions can cause irritation. To help you on your next date, here is a simple guide of 5 questions you should never ask an escort. Don’t Ask If They Have Kids. This is the most common annoying question that clients ask escorts, and yes, it is considered rude and intrusive. Escorts prefer keeping their private lives away from business; thus, asking such a question may make the escort uncomfortable. If you're curious whether she has any kids, it would be best to ask whether she’s comfortable sharing personal information rather than jumping in straight with the questions. Besides, why would you even want to know whether your escort has kids? Do Not Ask Where They Live When you're on a date with an escort, remember they are in for business by offering you a service. That implies they have limits to their actions and words. Their residences are private information, which most prefer to keep away from their line of work. Unless an escort is willing, they don’t share their permanent addresses. Not only is asking them for the address inappropriate, but it will also make the escort very uncomfortable. Don’t Ask Why They Are Escorts While we all ask doctors and accountants why they do what they do, this question carries a different weight regarding escorts. Many people assume that escorts are in the industry due to a tragedy that put them on that path. While that could be true for some, it isn’t always the case, so we recommend keeping your mouth shut about that question. Don’t Ask Whether They Are Dating Although many escorts prefer to avoid serious dating due to the nature of their work, we have a good number with serious romantic partners. This is perfectly normal since escorts are perfect at fitting into situations. Asking whether they have a partner could mean that you want more from the transaction, which is detrimental to her line of work. Instead of having weird moments during dates, stay away from that question. Don’t Ask How Many Clients She’s Seen Today! Asking this is both intrusive and very rude. This question gives an impression that you are prying into her business, which is pretty uncouth. In escorting, the client is treated as a king. So, it doesn’t matter whether you're the 10th person on the day’s business; she will still offer top-class service to you. The Bottom Line We could list thousands of questions that fit into the same category. The secret is to follow the easy rule of keeping both of your private lives as secret as possible. If you want to know about something personal, remember to ask whether they are comfortable sharing such information. Which other questions do you think clients should refrain from asking escorts? Talk to us in the comment section below!    
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Your Comprehensive Guide to BDSM Aftercare.

November 1st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Before we jump into aftercare, let's set some records straight about BDSM. While it stands for bondage and discipline, BDSM isn’t a violent and harmful practice, as society has made it seem. It mainly involves sensory and power play or simply pleasurable pain. Whether you're new to the kink world or an experienced player, aftercare is probably the most important aspect besides the act. In this article, we’ll delve into all aspects of aftercare, including its importance and how it can help you mitigate any impending effects an intense scene can have on your body and mind. Let’s get into it! Aftercare Explained Aftercare can be described as any emotional and physical caretaking that precedes sexual encounters, such as a BDSM session. Remember that most BDSM plays involve roleplays that take you into a trance of fantasies; thus, the aspect of aftercare is important to bring each other back to reality. Also, there might be some physical pain during play, necessitating partners to have some time afterwards. In most cases, it's usually a deep reflective conversation to digest what just happened. Ideally, although the play might be over, it's not finished until aftercare happens. Who Needs Aftercare? More often than not, the submissive partner needs more attention and care than the dominant one. However, we highly recommend that it goes both ways. Having it both ways plays a significant role in openness and, thus, deeper intimacy. Do I Really Need Aftercare? This is a question we get a lot of times. Many partners don’t feel like they need that part of aftercare. While this might be okay, remember that BDSM is a powerful play, and while it may not seem all intense, the body might need some psychological response to adapt to the intensity. If you're the submissive partner, you will likely be sore from heavy punishments and uncomfortable positions. At the same time, you might be suffering from mental and emotional fatigue, confusion, and disconnect from your partner. All these reasons are why we firmly insist on aftercare to ensure that you don’t lose that bond with your partner. So, What Does Aftercare Look Like? Aftercare hits differently for each person. But generally, it involves any kind gesture that will make both partners feel good. A deep conversation discussing the just concluded sex play and how it made you feel is a good start. For the really intense and physical plays, caring for possible wounds and injuries is sure proper care. More examples include; ·   Replenishment with water or your favourite drink. ·   Physical contact such as spooning or cuddling ·   Showering together or beauty routines ·   Relaxing activities such as colouring. ·   Watching a movie ·   A comfortable nap. In Closing After all, aftercare isn’t that complicated. We recommend communicating with your partner to understand better what they like. Side note: it's important to do a follow-up. While many partners might be okay to process everything, aftercare follow-up will help you better understand your partner.  Are you a fan of BDSM? What do you think is proper aftercare? Tell us in the comments.
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Using Ben Wa Balls- 5 Expert Tips for Better and Sexier Foreplay

October 30th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Sex toys are the perfect addition to sex. They come in different shapes and sizes and, best of all, functionalities. Some toys vibrate, while others rotate. Simply put, there are hundreds of ways of bringing these magical toys into your bedroom equation. Ben wa balls are among the simplest, easiest-to-use, yet pleasurable toys in the market. They are tiny balls that, in most cases, come in sets of two and have little weights, such that when inserted into the vagina, they bounce when you move, causing soft vibrations that arouse you. While you may be having some way around the Ben wa balls, here is a simple explainer on tips for better and sexier foreplay. Wear Them A Few Hours Before Sex. A little anticipation is usually the key to better and more pleasurable sex. It heightens the intensity and resulting sensations. Therefore, wear the Ben Wa balls a few hours before you meet your partner for sex. Remember, every time you move, the balls will also move around, reminding you of the fun to come. Such fantasies will be a great inspiration and a perfect foundation for sex. Share The Secret with Your Partner. Remember, Ben Wa balls work both ways. Although they’re pushed into the vagina, contact with the penis also increases pleasure. Therefore, sharing the anticipation with them will lead to better sex. If possible, wear the balls while they watch, or even better yet, have them push them down into your vagina. That way, you'll build a sense of closeness, contributing to better intimacy. Incorporate A Massager. A little vibration will undoubtedly heighten the intensity. We, therefore, recommend tagging along a vibrator or a massager. Remember, the ball movement doesn’t really count as a vibration, necessitating amplification. A curved massager or a clitoral massager will do a perfect job. Stay In Touch With Each Other If you're spending time away from each other, let your partner know exactly how you're feeling wearing the Ben Wa balls. A little chat over text is recommended while you also add some naughty lingo. The bottom line is to make the conversation exciting, like more of a sex chat, to increase the sexual tension.  Take Care Of Each Other. Sex is all about communication. Unless two partners understand what's best for each other, all these tips will be in vain. We suggest sitting down and discussing how you two want to go about this whole process. That way, you're bound to have untellable pleasure. Refer to our previous blog on Ben Wa balls for a how to use them guide. Are you familiar with Ben Wa balls? Do you think they're a worthy addition? Talk to us through the comment section below.   
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Tips On Staying Safe as An Escort

October 25th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Assuming there isn’t a safety element in escorting would be demeaning. The rising demand for escort services, especially in major cities, only means more demand for security for male, female and trans escorts. As an escort, you meet all sorts of clients. Some are amazing and kind, while others bring bad energy. So how do you keep yourself safe during your dates and bookings? This short write-up will guide you on how to stay safe as an escort. Whether you’ve been working as an escort for a long time or considering trying it out, these tips will be helpful. Before The Date. As an escort, staying safe begins at first contact. You need to know how to get information from the client to gauge whether they are worth meeting. You can do this via phone or SMS, although the former is better. Gather as much information about your client as you can. With such information, you should know whether you will proceed to step two or not. If need be, block the client, keeping in mind you come first. Set The Boundaries Once you agree on services and a price with the client, we recommend laying some housekeeping rules on how you want this to play out. Many customers will abuse the chance unless you do this, compromising your security. Some basic rules include the time frame for the service, payment methods and contents of the service package. During The Date These are precautionary measures you can take when you're with the client. Have A Friend Escort You Can Count On. When meeting a client, ensure you have someone you can rely on on a speed dial. We recommend having a fellow escort as they understand better how this works. If that’s impossible, a casual friend or family member will do. Choice Of Place We recommend choosing a hotel for a first date, especially with incalls (when the client visits you), since it’s a middle ground, especially for escorts with zero to average industry experience. Hotels are relatively busy, and thus you won’t have to worry much about safety, and they are also discreet, which keeps your information and activities a secret. Alcohol And Drugs When meeting a client, we highly discourage any form of intoxication. If you must drink or use a drug, please do it in moderation to avoid altering self-consciousness. If a client offers you any drugs or alcohol, please decline. Anonymity Anonymity is the basic code of this industry. Whenever you deal with a client, make sure they don’t get any access to your personal information or life. Your interaction is purely transactional, and thus they don’t need to know personal details such as where you come from or work. Health Safety To be safe, we recommend always having condoms in the escort pack, especially if you provide sexual services. Also, remember to test regularly for STDs and have regular medical checkups. In addition, eat healthy foods, drinks and exercise regularly. In Closing The key to being safe in escorting is being professional and determined. As long as you follow our above tips and approach clients respectfully, your bookings will likely go smoothly and safely. However, in case of anything, call those emergency contacts. We hope you found this article useful. Keep visiting our blog for more updates on safety during the line of duty.       
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Simple Ways to Overcome Vaginal Dryness

October 20th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Vaginal dryness is a common problem affecting millions of women of all ages. While this might be a common problem, many victims don’t seek medical help for one, they are shy, and two, they don’t know it is a problem they can seek help for. Vaginal dryness is mostly linked with women approaching or experiencing menopause. However, there's still a chance you can experience this before the menopause bracket. Vaginal dryness leads to symptoms such as burning or itching which altogether make sex an undesirable experience. This article discusses some simple DIY tips to help you overcome vaginal dryness. Before we get into it; Common Causes of Vaginal Dryness ·   Aging and menopause ·   Hormonal birth control pills ·   Removal of ovaries ·   Some medicines ·   Chemotherapy treatment ·   Using soaps around the vagina ·   Lack of enough arousal during sex Simple Remedies for Vaginal Dryness Sex Lubricants A dry vagina makes sexual encounters a living hell. To counter this, lubes will come through for you. Before any sexual encounter, apply some lube around the vaginal lips and the vagina to help reduce the discomfort. We recommend water-based lubricants for best results, as they are less likely to react with your skin. Natural coconut oil is a perfect option for a readily available lube. Vaginal Moisturizers Vaginal moisturisers will protect and coat the vaginal walls with moisture, which eases everything during sex. Remember to use well-formulated moisturisers, ideal for sensitive regions such as vaginal walls. In most cases, they come as water-based gels or tablets. Stay Hydrated Your vagina needs lots of water to get wet during intercourse, which won’t happen unless you take that water. Staying hydrated is among the simplest ways to ensure your tissues have enough water to keep your vagina adequately lubricated. Try Some Regular Exercise Regular exercise is good for a perfect body, but it can be twice beneficial for those struggling with vaginal dryness. Exercise is a mood booster, which kills depression and anxiety, which are a leading cause of dry vaginas during sexual activity. Besides, exercise improves blood flow which is needed for a perfectly lubricating vagina. Regular exercise and enough hydration combine well to combat vaginal dryness. Change Lifestyle Habits. Some lifestyle choices, such as smoking, directly affect blood flow, which translates to a dry vagina. Therefore, quitting such lifestyle habits could help reverse the effects. Also, switching from processed, unhealthy junk foods to more wholesome and nutrient-dense foods will help reduce vaginal dryness. Healthy foods include olive oil, fruits and vegetables. Don’t Give Up On Vaginal Sex. A dry vagina certainly means painful or uncomfortable sex, which might discourage partners from the act. However, if you're experiencing this dryness, practising safe vaginal sex will help you stimulate natural blood flow, improving moisturisation and lubrication. More importantly, we recommend spending more minutes on the foreplay and focusing on the sensitive erogenous zones. Summary Generally, vaginal dryness should be curbed with a few home remedies, as outlined above. The key is communicating with your partner and understanding your own body. However, if none helps, or you notice more severe symptoms such as unusual discharges, please seek medical help for more advanced solutions such as hormonal therapy.  
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Reasons To Try A 4-Handed Massage

October 16th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Massage therapy offers intentional benefits to both the body and mind. There are many popular and different massage therapies, each with unique benefits. Among the most popular ones is a four-hand massage. Here is a simple write-up that outlines all you need to know about a four-hand massage. What Is a Four-Hand Massage? Simply, the answer is in its name. When it comes to a massage, four hands are better than two. Therefore, a four-hand massage involves two therapists working on your body rather than the usual two. The therapists work in sync, resulting in better relaxation and tension relief. A combination of two skilled therapists puts your body in a trance of relaxation, thanks to the slow and synchronised strokes. This raises the question; is this massage worth it? Here are four compelling reasons why you should try a four-hand massage. A Chance to Try Something New. The price tags of different massage types prevent many clients from getting some services. However, with a four-hand massage, you have a much sought-after chance to combine different techniques in one. Massage therapists will combine different techniques, such as deep tissue, Swedish and aromatherapy, on different parts of your body to ensure you get total relaxation and tension release. Better Relaxation Certainly, four hands are better than two. A four-hand massage provides more relaxation than the standard method by utilising two therapists rather than one. The synchronised touches on different body parts make it hard for your brain to concentrate, allowing you to relax during the massage fully. Better Blood Circulation While every massage has this benefit, it is two-fold for a four-hand massage. When there is better blood flow, the body thrives, which kicks away certain signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dead skin. A massage also benefits the nervous system as it keeps it running more efficiently. Lastly, a four-hand massage is crucial in keeping the body temperature stable and balanced. Stronger Muscles Certain massage techniques, especially those that include friction, wringing and effleurage, contribute to stronger muscles. A deep tissue massage is perfect for this. Remember, a four-hand massage includes different techniques and thus has room for a deep tissue massage. Such techniques address severe tension in the connective tissues and muscles, leading to stronger muscles. The Verdict- Is It Worth It? The most distinct difference between a regular massage and the super four-hand massage is that the latter is more expansive and involves more than one technique, thus doubling the benefits. If a massage is your way of giving your body a chance to relax, you should give a four-hand massage a chance. You won’t regret it!      
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Porn Star Experience: Is It Worth the Price?

October 13th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to the escort services menu, the options are endless. There are hundreds of options when seeking escort services, and the porn star experience is arguably among the top choices. What Is the Porn Star Experience? Porn star experience, commonly known as PSE, is an escort service that involves re-enacting a scene from an adult or pornographic movie. It could be a scene from a client’s favourite video, a long-life imagination, or fantasy. Escorts who offer the PSE can be guided by clients following their needs and fetishes, or they can be asked to produce porn-like scenes that they would like. PSE generally involves acts common in pornographic movies but less common in casual sexual relationships. What Kind of Services Are Offered In PSE? The appeal of porn and adult films is that of outside the normal sex life. Therefore, the porn star experience can be thought of as bringing sex under the magnifying glass, where everything gets louder, bigger and messier than in real life. As pointed out, it is mainly guided by clients interested in kinky sexual acts. For most clients, PSE is a less judgmental way of living out their fantasies. Some common services in the PSE package include deep throat, golden showers, BDSM acts, rough sex, role plays, anal sex, threesomes and gangbangs. How Much Will It Cost? PSE is a very specific service package that isn’t very common. Certainly, that means it will be more expensive. Generally, the cost of the PSE depends on the escort's location and the services offered. Some escorts will charge as much as $800 per hour of services, and others way beyond that, depending on experience and reputation. Ideally, the PSE is way more expensive than your normal escort experience. Is PSE Really Worth It? There are a thousand and one reasons why you should try the PSE. Number one is that it’s the ideal way of living out that fantasy you’ve had since college without necessarily having to live the lifestyle all the time. Many people enjoy normal relationships with their partners, but it doesn’t hurt to jump out of routine occasionally for something kinkier than their partner can offer. In addition, PSE is usually a one-off experience, so it has minimal or no impact on your daily life. It's thus a perfect way to scratch the ice without dragging your partner along. In Closing Although it comes at a price, PSE is undoubtedly worth the bucks. There's no better way to get over those sexual urges and fantasies than being with an escort and without fear of being judged. Please note that not all escorts offer the PSE. It's, therefore, essential to do a background check before approaching an escort with such crazy ideas. Do you think PSE is something you'd consider having on your menu? Please tell us in the comment section below.        
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Blended Orgasm- Tricks and Tips

October 11th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Orgasms! The unicorn of sex- a beautiful and magical feeling. If you’ve not had any, you must have heard of a blended orgasm, commonly known as a simultaneous orgasm. People with vaginas and clitoris are seriously blessed. If having a vaginal orgasm is usually bliss, imagine having two. Vaginal orgasms are the most common, but you can also have clitoral orgasms, and yes, at the same time. This article is an easy-to-understand guide on blended orgasms and how to have them. Excited? Well, so are we! What Are They? A blended orgasm can be defined as a vaginal and clitoral orgasm that happens at the same time. So, typically, two simultaneous orgasms, that tend to give a more intense body response in terms of pleasure. To understand blended orgasms better, let's dig deeper into how clitoral and vaginal orgasms work. Clitoral orgasms occur when sensual and repetitive pressure is applied to a wet clitoris. Remember, the clitoris is filled with thousands of nerves, making it a super sensitive region. The wetness can be achieved naturally or using lubes. Vaginal orgasms result from stimulating the G-spot, a sensitive region deep inside the vagina. How Does a Blended Orgasm Feel? One word- Simply ah-mazing! Although each orgasm may feel different, combining the two may trigger anything from female ejaculation to involuntary movements that seem like convulsions. It's important to note that orgasms feel different to everyone, and bodies react differently. Therefore, we highly discourage having sex with this end goal in mind. However, if you feel comfortable with your partner, you can discuss it, and here are some tips to achieve a blended orgasm. Here’s How To Achieve A Blended Orgasm Understand Your Anatomy. The female anatomy differs across all women. Therefore, what might work for you might not work for someone else. We recommend taking time to understand your female anatomy, such as how your clitoris is, where your G-spot is located or what easily turns you on. Once you have that in mind, you'll be easier to please, which shortens the road to your big O. PS! Fingers are a great way of exploring yourself and knowing what works for you. Master Multitasking If you're trying to achieve a blended orgasm, you must learn how to multi-task. Remember you're trying to please both the vagina and the clitoris, which, if you're not used to, might not feel natural at first. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to achieve this, either by combining fingers, a partner or even a sex toy. Any method you pick here will surely get you there. Communicate If you're doing this with a partner, you must be in sync. Ask each other questions and listen to feedback. If you feel one part needs more attention than the other, don’t be afraid to speak up. Consistency Is Key Stimulating two parts of the body doesn’t mean you must go half as hard on each. Bringing yourself or your partner to a blended orgasm requires focus and determination. For example, the clitoris needs consistent stimulation and the right amount of pressure to reach the pleasure threshold. Add Some Toys and Lube Lube will help you keep everything wet and smooth, which increases arousal. Toys are also a great addition as they provide that extra external and internal stimulation that will be crucial to get you or your partner there. Rabbit vibrators will be a great fit. Finally A blended orgasm will be a game changer to your sexual encounters. The above tips should be helpful. A kind reminder that sexual pleasure is just as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. Therefore, don’t break your back trying to get a blended orgasm. It is just an addition to a great sex life. So, breathe, stay calm and enjoy the ride!    
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An Expert Guide to Ben Wa Balls

October 10th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Now that you're here, there's a high chance that you know, or at least you’ve heard of, Ben Wa balls. These little magical toys made recent appearances in erotic movies and magazines, and they’re for sure a sex staple. While they may seem simple, there's much more you need to know about Ben Wa balls than what you’ve seen or read in the movies and books. This article is a detailed eye-opener on Ben Wa balls that will answer everything you ever wanted to know. What Are They? Ben Wa balls are little balls which you slide into the vagina, whose primary purpose is to exercise and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn aids in improving sexual pleasure. Ben Wa balls date as far back as 500AD, but thanks to recent sex trends, they are slowly gaining popularity. They can be as little as marbles and vary in size up to about an inch in diameter. While there are narrations of women bringing themselves to their big Os while wearing these balls, many more women are finding intense stimulation because of wearing these balls. Ben Wa balls are also known as Orgasm Balls, Geisha Balls, Love Balls, Venus balls and among others. What Do They Feel Like? As you are aware, Ben Wa balls are slid into the vagina. Therefore, just as during sex, sensations are different for everyone, depending on PC muscles strength, medical history, sensitivity levels, whether you have kids or not, and other factors. Therefore, depending on the size, and the above factors, some women will feel a lot of pleasure, and some will feel little to nothing. However, you're sure to feel something in your vagina, and if the ball has a notable weight, you're bound to feel a gentle sensation of it moving inside your vagina. NOTE: Recent trends and advertisements have brought about bullet vibrators on a string, which they have renamed “Vibrating Ben Wa balls.” While this is a perfect addition to the pillow time, it doesn’t bring about the same idea of exercising the pelvic muscles as the Ben Wa balls do. How Far Deep Can I Put Them? During sessions, the lower tip of the toy should be just fine going inside. However, if you have sexual intercourse with them, they can go all the way back as long as you and your partner are comfortable. Also, if they have connector cords, get thin ones since the thicker ones could be a bit uncomfortable. Are There Material Concerns? Just like with other sex toys, Ben Wa balls are made from different materials, with each reacting differently to everyone. Examples of materials include medical-grade stainless steel and silicon, plastic, and glass. The choice of material is a personal choice considering comfort and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Do They Have Any Benefits? These special toys come with a ton of advantages, which are pretty surprising for just a mere sphere. Besides strengthening pelvic floor muscles, Ben Wa balls assist in vaginal elasticity, bladder control and more male and female stimulation. Final Thoughts: Are Ben Wa balls Really Worth It? Ben Wa balls are a must-have addition to sex as long as you and your partner are willing to give it a go. They have many advantages, especially increased sexual pleasure and, indeed, better orgasms. As long as you choose the right size and material, this should be a fun ride for you, and yes, Ben Wa balls are worth it! Have you ever heard of or tried Ben Wa balls? Is it something you'd consider? Please tell us in the comment section box below.  
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Why Incalls Are Better Than Going to Strip Clubs.

October 6th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to having fun with an escort, you have plenty of options. You can either do incalls or outcalls. With outcalls, you can visit a spa, hotels, strip clubs or brothels where escorts are located or any other location you’ve agreed with your companion. With incalls, the escort comes to your place or a location that you, the client, have provided. While going to strip clubs has some advantages, such as a variety of girls and potential for socialisation, having an escort in your place has some advantages. Here are a few reasons why incalls are better than going to strip clubs. Incalls Are Super Convenient. You don't have to stress about going anywhere when you ask her to come to your place. You just make your booking and relax as you wait—no annoying taxis or having to deal with traffic. On the same note, you get to control the environment since you’ll dictate the music, what plays on TV, and even the setting of your romantic encounter with her. In a nutshell, you can get as comfortable as you want without worrying about anything. Incalls Are Cheaper. Having an incall is cheaper than going to strip clubs for several reasons. Firstly, many strip clubs charge a cover fee of about $50 only to be let into the club. Imagine paying a cover fee and walking into a selection of girls you don’t even like. Secondly, going to a strip club means you have to spend on extras such as drinks and reservations, which is an extra cost on top of the escort fee. Sadly, the drinks in such places are usually overpriced, and the real surprise is that, in most cases, you can take two drinks minimum. If you factor in the transport fees, reservations, cover fees, drinks and other additional charges, it's not worth the hassle. With all that money, you could invest in a stripper of your choice and get the king treatment at home! You Get Exactly What You Want. The thing with walking into a strip club is that you’re making a bet that you will find a person you like. While you could get lucky, the chances are low considering competition from other thirsty revellers who might be cashed more than you are. With incalls, you get to choose an escort of your choice, and even if you’re not happy with whoever shows up at your door, you just have to decline politely, and another one will be sent your way. Although that will be an extra cost on the hourly rate, it is still better than competing in the clubs. The Bottom Line. The strip clubs in most major fun hubs and destinations are world-class and have a fantastic collection of strippers and escorts. However, the reality is that having an escort come to your place saves you a lot of time, money and energy than going to the strip club. Find an agency, choose your dream girl, and invite her over. You’re going to love it!  
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The Top 5 Strap-On Positions.

October 5th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
For lesbians, or partners with vulvas, using a strap-on is the best decision you can ever make. This sex toy has the potential to give the best sex you can get. Assuming you’ve gotten a strap-on dildo and youre ready to jump into the adventure, the toughest conversation with your partner would be on what sex styles to use. Where do you even begin? Luckily, we have your back on the best tips and tricks regarding sex positions and strap-ons. We are here to give you the top five strap-on positions that suit people of all experience levels. However, before we get to the positions, here is a polite reminder that you must use enough lubrication to prevent discomfort, and if you want to add a little pleasure to the play, a vibrator will be a perfect addition. Now, let's go to the good stuff. Missionary! The classic missionary is probably the most versatile yet effective sex style. It can be easily used with a strap-on, especially when you and your partner are just starting. The position is intimate and allows more leverage on your partner's body parts, such as boobs and kissing. It simply involves one partner lying on their back and spreading their legs such that the other partner on top can fit between the legs. If things get too blissful, the lying partner can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner’s body. Remember, old is gold, so this is the position if you’re looking for deep pleasure that comes easily. The Classic Doggy Style. The doggy style is another simple, straightforward, yet rewarding strap-on sex style. However, we wouldn’t recommend it for the very first encounter. The dynamics of this style are simple; the partner who intends to be penetrated kneels, and the penetrating partner with the strap-on kneels behind them and slowly guides the dildo in. The style is amazing since the partner with the dildo can thrust their hips up and down at a pace they like, and their partner is comfortable with. The idea of any sex style is to hit all those sensitive pleasant zones, and the doggy does that perfectly. Spooning. While spooning is mainly used for non-sexual but intimate contexts, it can be turned into a blissful sex style. The receiving partner lies on the side, with their back facing the giving partner. The receiving partner then lifts one leg, allowing the penetrating partner to slide in slowly. Once in this position, the partner can thrust in and out at a pace they like as they soar and rise to heights of pleasure. The topping of this style is that the giving partner's hands are free in case the receiving partner wants more pleasure. The Facing Spoon. The easiest way to describe this style would be a facing missionary. It’s just like the spoon above, only the partners face each other. This style is more intimate as it allows reading of the facial expressions and even some kissing. It's both deep and pleasurable! Final Thoughts Working around a strap-on dildo isn’t that complicated. The styles above, especially the missionary, will be a great start. If you feel intimidated, start with a small handheld dildo and climb the ladder slowly. Do you have any experience with strap-ons? Which style are you familiar with? Please comment in the box below.            
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5 Interesting Tips and Tricks for Erotic Spanking.

September 30th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Pleasure and pain during sex collide so beautifully. They complement each other flawlessly if done well and with a load of care. From roleplays to sex toys and domination, several sexual kinks entail pleasurable pain, but the least talked about is erotic spanking.  Simply put, erotic spanking is a type of play where a partner uses their hands, whip, flog or paddle to spank parts of the partner's body gently and consensually. It can be used as foreplay before a sexual encounter or even as a kink during domination sexual plays. Spanks have an exciting power dynamic that gives them the pleasure tag during sex. Here are a few tips and tricks for erotic spanking. Discuss Boundaries Boundaries are among the toughest topics between intimate partners. If at all you care about each other, you must be ready to have difficult conversations to ensure no one gets hurt. Before going all in, have an open and honest conversation if this is something you’d like in your romantic encounters. Choose a Memorable Safe Word. Safe words are essential in domination sex plays since they ensure the partner's safety regarding limits. Remember, different people respond differently to spanking, and while some may find it pleasurable, some will not take it beyond a few spanks. Choosing a memorable, safe word will be vital in passing this stage of open communication such that when one partner needs the play to stop or take a pause, they can use the word. Be Mindful Of Where You Spank. While this sounds interesting, there are some parts you don’t want to spank, especially if you’re just getting started. We recommend sticking to the butt and upper thighs and advancing as you get used to it. The butt has more flesh, which is safe even for a beginner. We recommend going slow and focusing on different regions of the buttocks and thighs. Don’t focus too much on one area of the butt or thighs. Invest In Spanking Tools. While using your hands will do the job, it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile. There are several tools you can use for spanking, and they are readily available in adult shops and websites. Good examples include floggers, whips, canes, gloves, and blindfolds. If you don’t have these, you can always get creative with a belt, as long as you remember to listen to feedback and safe words. There is no limitation to creativity with tools. So, be as wild as you can! Use Spanking In Foreplay And Roleplay! Spanking makes a great addition to foreplay and roleplay. It brings extra heightened senses of fantasy, especially to role plays. A teacher/student scenario works perfectly with spanking.  In Closing The key to enjoying erotic spanking is communication, going slow, paying attention and, quite significantly, aftercare. Incorporating more sensations like temperature play with spanking will improve things. All in all, the above tips should be a great start.      
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Useful Tips for Screening Clients as An Escort.

September 27th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Safety is a top priority, especially for independent escorts. In today’s fast-paced world, there are all kinds of security concerns that an escort should address before meeting clients to ensure all dates end safely. Screening is the primary step to ensuring safety. By screening clients, escorts will ensure they are safe from scammers or dangerous clients. Screening involves finding out as much as possible about a client before meeting them. Here are a few useful criteria and tips for screening clients. Ask For Identification Documents. Identification documents can be an ID, driver’s license or passport. When you ask for the ID, ask them to attach a formal picture of themselves to confirm they own it. To be even extra safe, do this on a video call to ensure that all the information on the ID matches the person on the other side of the screen. On the flip side, clients are often catfished by escorts, so you have to ensure you provide verifiable information about yourself to build more trust between the parties. Ask Some- Not Too Much- Personal Questions While many clients will want to remain anonymous about their personal information, don’t hesitate to ask what you think will help you stay safe. Questions such as where they live and where they work or where they usually get their escorts are very important. If the client isn’t willing to share such shallow personal information, that should be a red flag. Leverage The Power of Social Media Asking for their social media accounts or a simple Google search is another way to confirm their identity and dig deeper into who they are. In most cases, clients will willingly give their social media handles. Check their bio, the type of content they interact with or share on social media and the people they engage with to get a feel of their personality. Check Client Reviews If the client is a regular in the escort industry, there will be some reviews from the sites they have hired escorts from. Most of these sites have sections and forums where the escorts can review the clients and vice versa. Check if their details come up in these sections or forums, and if you see something suspicious, you’ll know what to do next. Consult Other Escorts If they have experience with other escorts, ask for some contact information and reach out and ask the escort to provide a personal account of the client. Such information will help you decide whether he is safe being around. Strike A Conversation Over the Phone In most cases, our intuition doesn’t lie. Striking a phone conversation will help you break the ice and give you a deeper insight into their personality. Listen between the words and respond coherently. Quite significantly, don’t pick up calls from blocked numbers. Conclusion. Whatever you do, always go with your gut. While the above tips will be extra helpful, the decision lies in your hands. If you, for whatever reason, feel uneasy when screening a client, don’t engage them further!        
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Common Misconceptions About Clients Who Hire Escorts.

September 22nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The never-ending stigma in the escort industry has led to some crazy conceptions about escorts and clients. While we often discuss myths and misconceptions about escorts, we rarely discuss those affecting the clients. This article will debunk some common myths and misconceptions about clients who hire escorts. 1.              All Clients Are Super Rich. While it’s true that these clients have an extra income to spare on escorts, it’s misguided to assume they are all rich. People from all economic situations and backgrounds can choose to hire escorts, and it’s also worth noting that there is always an option for everyone in terms of price and services offered. Wealth and riches are relative. Assuming all clients are rich creates a diverse complexity in the industry. Income plays a role in all encounters but can never be used to define clients. 2.              Clients Who Hire Escorts Are All Men. Although the larger percentage of clients are men, it's untrue to conclude that all of them are men. This misconception assumes that women and people of other genders don’t engage in hiring escorts, and if they do, it's in very rare circumstances. The open conversation on gender and sexual freedom has allowed people of all genders to explore sexuality without conforming to such societal standards; This has seen a rise in clients of all genders. So, just like escorts, clients can also entail people from all gender orientations. 3.              Clients Are Sex Addicts This misconception arises from the notion that escorting is all about sex. It further suggests that these clients, especially men, have a bad relationship with sex and can only hire escorts to fulfil their desires. While some clients have issues with sex addiction, it can’t be a defining characteristic of all other clients. The idea that all clients are hungry for sex is very inaccurate. Infact, some clients will engage escorts for other reasons, such as companionship, which doesn’t necessarily involve sex. 4.              All Clients Are Single or In Unhappy Relationships. Many people assume that clients hire escorts to fill a void in their lives that a partner couldn’t fill or to compensate for an ineffective romantic partner. While there is some truth, it doesn’t qualify as a characteristic of all clients. Many clients are in very stable and happy relationships but still hire escorts for other reasons beyond sex. 5.              All Clients Are Shy and Lonely. Socially awkward people find it very difficult to attract partners. However, we can’t use this line to define all clients who seek escort services. Many clients tend to hire escorts as an enhancement for their social lives. The Bottom Line It's high time we challenged these misconceptions surrounding clients. Different people have different reasons to hire escorts, and so it's very wrong to crucify everyone on a basis that makes no sense. Have you ever hired an escort? What’s the craziest misconception you’ve ever heard about clients who hire escorts?    
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How To Find Independent Escorts?

September 21st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Considering the nature of the sex industry in terms of lack of assurance, finding independent escorts can be challenging, especially for newcomers. There are many places where you can find escorts, but not all are safe or will end up in a rewarding experience. Luckily, we’re always here to save you. Here are our picks for the top five safest ways to find independent escorts. Escort Websites. Websites are the fastest, safest and most reliable ways of connecting to your dream escorts. With escort websites, you can easily connect to your dream independent escort. These escort websites give the escorts an advisement slot, where they advertise their services to clients. If you want an escort, all you have to do is to find a reputable escort website and search escort profiles from your area. The biggest pro of using such websites is it saves you time, it’s private and discreet, and quite significantly, they have a wide range of options. Night Clubs and Strip Clubs. Strip clubs and nightclubs are popular spots for independent escorts. They flock to these places in the hope of bagging a worthy client. So, if you’re looking for an independent escort, you should visit these places. However, finding an escort in nightclubs and strip clubs isn’t as easy as it sounds. It needs thorough screening to ensure you don’t get scammed. Compared to other ways of bagging an independent escort, clubs are expensive and risky. But if you’re in for the thrill, it's totally worth it! Dating Apps. Dating apps such as Tinder and OkCupid are famous playing grounds for independent escorts. All you have to do is sign up and post genuine information about yourself, and you’ll be up and running. While swiping, you’ll find profiles of girls strictly looking for hookups. If you’re lucky to get a match, you can proceed to meet them. Like clubs, dating apps also carry risk, although a little less. There are many catfishes and escorts who provide false information. So, if you get a match, we recommend thorough screening. Social Media. Recently, independent escorts have learned how to leverage the power of social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook. Searching for hashtags such as #SexyEscorts or #GirlsforFun will return results of profiles of escorts looking for clients. If you find someone that pleases you, all you have to do is DM them respectfully and arrange for a meet-up. The drawback of this method is that it takes time, is unreliable, and is also prone to scams. Recommendation: With so many options available, booking an escort from a reliable and reputable website is the safest way. These escorts are well-trained; using their services will save you time and money. Have you ever hired an escort? Which method did you use to find them? Tell us in the blog comment section below!      
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How Much Do Male Escorts Get Paid?

September 15th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Escorting is among the oldest professions in the world. For a long time, it has been perceived as a woman’s profession. Luckily, this misconception is slowly fading, and thankfully, we’re seeing more male escorts. The economics of male escorting is hard to understand, given the diversity of the industry in terms of services and charges. It's, therefore, hard to define a concrete figure of how much a male escort is paid. However, exploring the factors that affect how much they get paid could help us understand better. Here is how much male escorts get paid and what affects the amount. Independent Escorts Vs Agency Employees. A male escort can be either independent or working under an agency. Escorts working under agencies will charge a varied rate, depending on the agency and location. Agencies in large cities such as Sydney charge more due to the high demand. An average escort working under an agency could charge up to $250 per hour. However, keep in mind that these agencies take a cut of these earnings, which is reflected in the amount the client will pay. On the other hand, independent escorts don’t have to pay any service fee to anyone. Like the agency, their fees vary greatly depending on location and experience. Independent male escorts can charge as low as $20 per hour and as high as $1000 per hour. Ideally, how much a male escort is paid will depend on the client he meets and of course, the set personal hourly rate. Experienced Male Escorts vs Newbies. Experienced male escorts tend to make more money compared to newbies. Some escorts, especially in big cities, can be paid as much as 1000$ per hour, compared to newbies who even have to struggle to establish a stable clientele. Reputation. In most cases, escorts will have a digital profile where clients can reach them. For agency employees, the escort profile has a reviews section where clients can leave reviews of their experience with the escort. We also have forums where clients and escorts interact and describe their experiences. Escorts with many positive reviews and comments will likely attract a larger and more valuable customer base due to their reputation. In such a case, they earn more than escorts with few reviews or negative feedback. Type of Work. There are different aspects of male escorting. There are strippers, onlyfans content creators, Phone sex experts, erotic masseuses, and porn stars. What the male escort does will greatly influence how much they are paid. Generally, experienced porn actors tend to get paid more compared to other kinds of male escorts. In Closing. As pointed out earlier, it's almost impossible to dissect the industry's economics and determine how much male escorts are paid. However, following the above conditions, you will have a rough understanding of how the dynamics work.        
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Which Pornstars Are Escorts?

September 14th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
If you’re a porn maniac, spending time with your favourite pornstars could be a reality. However, if you have this dream, you will need the money since they don’t come easy. Booking a pornstar as an escort is both exciting and scary. Pornstars who run both ways aren’t common, and those who are available are always looking for top-dollar high rollers. They have high terms of engagement, and to be fair, they are well-trained and very safe. Here are some of the most famous pornstars who are escorts. Chelsea Heart. By all accounts, this pretty brunette queen is worth checking out. If you’re an Aussie looking to have an amazing PornStar experience, she is definitely the one. She is among the most affordable (not cheap) pornstars who do escorting. She charges about $200 per hour but might change depending on the service you want and the location you need her. For the perfect pornstar experience, Chelsea will keep you close to her heart! Natalia Starr Natalia is a familiar face on the screens of most porn lovers. She is a beast in bed. How good would it be to plate her on your table? At just 32 years of age, this American pornstar will awe you with her services. Her body and accommodating heart will be a worthy experience. Her rates are a bit of a mystery, but given that she is famous and knows her thing, be sure she won’t come easy. Charlotte Star Charlotte has an amazing collection of enticing videos on popular porn websites such as Pornhub that have fetched over 2 million views. At just 34, the Australian actress and model has some of the best services across Australia. If you have the money, she will fly with you anywhere you want. Her rates aren’t in the public domain, but you bet she is expensive, given the beauty and prowess she displays in her videos. Lulu Reynolds The beauty queen from Melbourne, Australia, is among the most famous pornstars who still do escorting. She has a special interest in gaming and exploring, making her a perfect choice for your pleasure quests in Australia and beyond. Bottom Line. Most of these pornstars don’t have their rates available online since they don’t openly do escorting. However, be ready with the big bucks. You might even get lucky and get a pornstar who charges the normal industry escort rates. If you want to find pornstars who are escorts, agencies, websites, and social media profiles will help greatly. Happy hunting!    
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How To Pay Escorts

September 9th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Spending time with an escort is nice and easy. The real nerve-wracking experience is making the payment. The notion of exchanging sex with money makes the whole experience uncomfortable. So, how do you do it without making it look weird? Firstly, in most cases, the client and the escort will agree on the payment amount and method even before the date happens. However, the method isn’t usually discussed compared to the amount. So, how do you pay an escort? What are the available options? It’s also important to note that payment methods will vary depending on the type of service. For example, phone sex operator websites will have integrated payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards, and thus the client doesn’t have to worry about how to pay. Now let’s dive into a few more options. Cash Cash is the most common and convenient mode of paying for escort services. Some escorts describe it as satisfying to be handed a bunch of notes after a booking. Clients also prefer cash payments as they don’t want to explain online transactions to their spouses. Conversely, cash payments can be risky, especially when dealing with high-value escorts where you have to splash huge sums of money. Nevertheless, cash is straightforward compared to other means. Bank Transfers Although rare in escorting, bank transfers are another convenient way to pay for escort services. As mentioned above, many clients and escorts won’t prefer bank transfers to avoid the headache of explaining transactions to their partners. Bank transfers are suitable for online encounters such as Phone sex or cam site sessions. Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is a recent trend that is taking over the financial world. For escorts on social media networks such as Tiktok, crypto is a favourite mode of payment for their services since it’s safe, anonymous and irreversible. For clients who prefer independent escorts, setting up a crypto wallet will be enough to get you started. Amazon Wishlist An Amazon Wishlist is a list of items that you desire to buy. They could be anything from personal items to entertainment items. Many online creators, especially on Onlyfans and Tiktok, have placed their Amazon Wishlist on their bio as a means of getting spoiled by clients. As a client, if you like their services, clicking on their Amazon Wishlist allows you to buy that particular item for the escort. Physical Valuable Gifts. The definition of escorting is exchanging companionship with money and other material gifts. If you have valuable items such as jewellery, you can offer them to the escort as an item of transaction. This method is, however, not common and isn’t preferred by many escorts. The Bottom Line. There are hundreds of available payment methods, and the ones listed available are the most common and will work in all corners of the world. We suggest clearly discussing with the escort how they’d like to receive payment to avoid later disagreements. Have you ever paid for escort services? Which methods did you use? Which ones would you recommend and why? Please tell us in the comment section below!        
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Where To Find Real Escorts

September 9th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
A nice session with a well-trained escort would be the perfect ending to a dull or busy day. In whichever location you are in, there is always an escort for hire. The problem is usually getting a real and professional one. There are several ways and places to find real escorts. However, they don’t operate similarly, and the result isn’t usually the same. This article discusses different places to find real escorts. Contacting Agencies There are several agencies in many cities that deal with the escort business. Getting an escort from an agency guarantees you a person of your choice and a professional and well-trained escort. Dealing with an agency requires you to answer some questions to verify your identity to ensure the safety of the client and the escort. With agencies, you’re spoilt for choice, so be assured you will always get the escort that matches your taste. Independent Escorts. Independent escorts are the opposite of agency escorts. They work independently in different places. Examples are escorts who work at strip clubs, brothels and nightclubs. By visiting these places, you’ll get a good taste of the nightlife, and if you wish, top it off with an encounter with an escort of your choice. However, we recommend taking extra care when dealing with escorts from such places, as the chances of being scammed are usually high. Altogether, they’re great places to catch real escorts. Social Media. Social networks have made the world a global village. Thanks to these networks, clients can now connect to escorts looking to make an extra shilling. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are perfect hubs for escorts to run their ads. Visit any of these networks and search relevant hashtags such as #Escorts, and you’ll find real escorts. However, this method isn’t very reliable since it is slow and comes with a risk of being catfished. Dating Apps Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid are perfect hubs for catching an escort. All you’re required to do is set up a profile, upload a picture and swipe till you find a match. Again, we recommend extra care when dealing with escorts from these sites. Thorough screening is needed. Parties and Events Attending that wild party around your neighbourhood might work in your favour. Many escorts attend these parties and events since they know clients could be willing to hire their services. Some thorough screening is also needed in such places. Final Thoughts After all, finding a real escort isn’t that complicated. The above methods should work just fine. We highly recommend agencies since they’ll save you from all the leg work. Where did you find your last escort? Please let us know in the comments.    
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The 69 Position. A Comprehensive Guide.

September 1st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The good old 69 is one of the most pleasurable sex positions we have around. Although the position has some awkward reps, it remains the GOAT of sex positions. It takes some multitasking, but we ought to celebrate its uniqueness instead of viewing that as a hurdle. That given, it might be a nerve-wracking position to pull off. Not anymore, though! Here is a comprehensive guide on the 69 positions, including variations, tips and tricks for making it more pleasurable. First, What Is The 69 Position? Let’s start with the basics. The 69 position involves two partners performing oral sex to each other simultaneously. The most common variation is where one partner lies on the back and the other on top. There are other variations, as seen later in this write-up. The position gets its name from the idea that when two people are in the described position, they tend to curve together like the numbers 6 and 9. Are There Any Benefits? The benefits of this position are both direct and indirect. However, we could notably point out that 69 allows both partners to enjoy the beauty of oral sex at the same time. Escorts in Brisbane suggest that this is a recipe for intense orgasms. How Do You 69 Comfortably? The 69 has some reps of being awkward. Notably, it can be slightly challenging to focus on your orgasm while pleasing someone else. If the distraction of pleasing your partner interferes with your quest, short breaks are allowed. Physical comfort is paramount for any sexual activity. The 69 can get awkward, especially when the partner on top is overweight(Also see sex positions for overweight people). The best way of approaching this is by doing the side-lying variation of the style. That way, you don’t have to worry about any muscle strains. When there’s a distinct height difference between the partners, the taller one should try to assume a C shape to accommodate the shorter partner. What Are The Variations Of 69? Apart from the classic 69, there are different ways of approaching this. Here are a few examples. 1. Sideways 69. The sideways 69 is just like the casual 69, only that this time the partners are lying sideways. The sideways 69 is handy when either partner is overweight or much taller. 2. The Sextoy 69. Here, both partners assume a normal 69 posture, only that they don’t use their mouths for oral sex, but instead, they use sex toys. Remember, you need to have a prior discussion with your partner to decide what toys work best for both of you. 3. The Standing 69. You’ve probably seen this in the movies. Rather than lying on a surface, one of the partners, preferably the stronger one, holds the other partner upside down, and the usual continues. It feels hotter, and the stronger partner feels dominant. How To Make The Style Hotter. The trick to the 69 is enjoying every moment. We recommend not thinking about it too seriously, getting handsy, and focusing on the sensual part of the experience. As with anything to do with sex, keep communication between your two open and honest. Enjoy!    
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Making Him Cum Fast and Powerfully- Killer Tips

August 14th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to sex, men are the easiest to please. At least their anatomy isn’t that complicated, and their orgasm is always a few touches away. However, making him cum is one thing, but making him cum powerfully is another. If at all you want him to remember him, you have to make this really worth it. Here are a few tips for making him cum powerfully. Put in Some Enthusiasm The best way of getting into his head is by massaging his ego. Men are exceptionally turned on by women who see them as alpha males. Being enthusiastic about sleeping with him is a signal to him that you are attracted to him and that you get turned on by being around him. Part of being enthusiastic in bed is taking control of the situation. Find Out What He Likes Many things turn men on, and unless you find them out, you’ll never be the one. They have different fetishes, some of which are extremely crazy but very pleasing to them. Figuring out his fantasies and bringing them right to him will enhance his orgasms. Examples of common turn-ons for men include talking dirty, dressing up, and role-playing. While you research this, we suggest keeping an open mind and avoiding being judgmental. The Build-Up to Sex. Ideally, sex is both psychological and physical, and the former plays a huge role when it comes to men. We agree quickies are great, but when you want him to burst a mighty nut, consider slowly building to it. Try sending a few naughty texts, porn videos, or nude pics of you when you're away. If you're together in a public place, text him some sexual messages telling him how you want him to rip your clothes when you get home. Once you're together, take control and start things slowly, maybe with sensual kissing, escalate it quickly to some head, and finally wind it up with some slow sex. Make sure you read our blog on foreplay tips for more build-up tips. Try Orgasms Denial While the whole point is to make him cum, deciding when he does so is extremely powerful and leads to better orgasms. Female escorts in Sydney suggest edging, where you please him until he gets close enough to his orgasm, and you stop the pleasure. Repeat this severally before you finally allow him to release. Try His P-Spot The P-spot, the male version of the G-spot, will always do the trick. Located inside his anus, this sensitive region is extremely worth trying with hands or a sex toy. However, don't try this if he isn’t open to anal sex. Some Toys Won’t Hurt Adding one or more assistants into the play will come through for you. Sex toys for men include cock rings, butt plugs, and even vibrators. We, however, recommend discussing sex toys before getting some into your play. Finally Tricks work differently for different men. The highlighted ones will always crack the code. Just a reminder, stimulate his prostrate, be enthusiastic, moan, breathe heavily, and have your own orgasm.    
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Life-Changing Sex Tips For The Obese Man

August 2nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
There are sex tips for almost every possible subject, but sadly, the obese man is forgotten. Being overweight or obese can severely affect your performance in bed and general sexual health. With that in mind, here are a few life-changing sex tips for the obese man. What is obese? The definition of the “right” weight doesn’t really exist. What constitutes being obese varies from man to man. However, men with a BMI of more than 30 are considered obese. These men have too much weight, too much to handle, and thus the mentioned sexual hurdles. Some Tips For the Obese Guy 1. Accept and Love Yourself. A leading factor in poor performance in bed by obese men is low self-esteem. Every time they undress, they hate the overlapping layers of fat and get this thought that their partners will hate what they see. Whether the extra kilos are temporary or permanent, it's important to accept it and not be ashamed in bed. Make the mirror your friend. Stare at your naked body and admire the good parts. If that doesn’t work, a therapist might help. However, don’t hire a therapist before reading through this article. 2. Try a penis ring The many layers of fat make the penis appear shrunken a little. In such a case, so little length is left outside to perform meaningful penetrative sex. The truth is that the penis is as long as it was before. Wearing a penis ring will help maintain a hard-enough erection and, two, push back the fat a little off the buried penis shaft. That way, your partner gets to have some more meat. 3. Maintain high levels of hygiene. Hygiene is among the most important factors of sex. Hygiene affects both partners and the outcome of sex. With folding skin, it's easy to accumulate sweat, bacteria, and debris. We recommend regular showers and, if possible, before and after sex. All a man should present in bed is the healthiest and cleanest self. 4. Choose positions that favour you. Body weight is an inhibitor to having a thrilling sexual experience. In such cases escorts Sydney recommend choosing styles that allow more penetration. A good example is the woman on top. Such a position will expose more penis length, adding to the penetration. In addition, the position keeps his weight off her, which is safe. 5. Dim the lights. The thought of a partner seeing you during sex might cause some anxiety. We recommend dimming the lights during sexual sessions. Dim lighting lets you hide your insecurities and simultaneously lets you enjoy your partner's expressions. The takeaway While being overweight is reversible, it can take a toll on a man's sexual life. The listed tips should help as you find ways of getting back to a manageable weight. Remember, to make the best out of sex, focus on what makes you feel better and happier. Be innovative and have a positive mindset.      
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How To Excite Clients Through Sexting

July 31st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The impression you create to your clients is the deal breaker in escorting. Sexting is one of the best and easiest ways of getting things going with your clients. It's an art, and the best thing is that it's easy to learn and customise according to your style. Here is an explainer of texting, including some examples of how to excite your clients. The Rules. Like any other sexual activity, sexting has rules. Here are the rules in a nutshell. Ask For Consent. Sexting isn’t much different from sex. Bombarding your client with sext messages will get you blocked and probably be followed by a bad rating. Before you engage in anything naughty, remember to ask if they’re okay with it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a text or a photo; it is essential to set the ground. A simple text like “I bought this new lingerie today, and I think it would interest you. Should I send the pictures?” Easy as that. Never Share Your Clients’ Messages or Nudes. What happens between you two stays between you two. You should strive at all times to keep your business confidential. If possible, avoid mentioning to anyone that you're sexting unless you’ve confirmed the client is okay. How do you make it exciting? Start With Something Flirty. We suggest getting creative and starting with something that will evoke emotion and turn the client on. A cute message or a semi-nude photo that is suggestive works magic. Try to be innocent yet flirty. A message like “I saw you in my dream last night; we were kissing in the moonlight. I wish you were here.” Such a message introduces sexy energy into the conversation. Get Creative Luckily, technology has saved you the job on this one. Unlike before, there are so many options for showing emotions. You can send an emoji, a voice message or even creative GIFs. All these options are available on many apps, such as WhatsApp. We highly recommend using emojis such as the eggplant, hands, bathtubs, bikinis…you get the idea. Be Real Being your true sexual self during sexting could be a little tricky. Sometimes, overwhelming. Many escorts find this awkward as they try to find new and exciting ideas to please their clients. If you take this approach, everything will feel forced and unnatural. We suggest being real with yourself and letting everything flow naturally. Remember, you might meet the client physically, and you don’t want to set unrealistic expectations. Communicate What you Want. Lastly, being vocal about what you want in bed is pretty attractive. Communicating what you'd want your client to do to you makes it easy for them to satisfy you, not only in the sex chat but also on physical dates. Don’t hold back anything. Remember, clients and escorts in Sydney don’t judge one another, so there’s nothing to worry about. The Bottom Line Sexting is a whole enormous world of sex that we can’t exhaust. The most crucial thing as you approach this is to respect each other and know when to stop. Remember to get creative. There are tons of ideas on the internet. Happy hunting!            
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Must-Have Essentials for An Escort

July 28th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
As an escort, what you carry in your bag defines how your date goes. Preparing for a date is more mental, but it also involves some packing. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced escort, there are a few things you must always have in your escort bag. Some of these items might be true life savers, and you'll start wondering how you ever went for dates without them in your bag. Let's discuss the must-have essentials for an escort.  Extra Clean Underwear Extra underwear is a must-have for an escort. The reason for having some is obvious; there is a chance you'll meet more than one client in a day, and the last thing you want to do is show up for a booking in used undies. This is more so where sex is involved. While some clients wouldn’t bother what’s under there, others prefer involving panties in the sessions, so having clean ones is a plus. Pairs Of Condoms Working as a Brisbane escort means you need to take extra care of your health, and one way of doing that is ensuring you have protected sex at all times. In some instances, clients will try to get crafty and pretend they forgot to buy some condoms. But if you carry some in your bag, you'll save yourself from explaining why you can't have unprotected sex. Remember, always strap it! Lube (Preferably Water Based) Lubes have many uses, including massages, vaginal sex and anal sex. Sometimes, sex gets dry. While there could be many reasons for dry sex, lube is a quick remedy as it eases things up. If you're a fan of anal sex, and your client is up for it, ensure it's well-lubricated to avoid pain and tears. Lastly, lube can be handy in heating things up during foreplay since it’s perfect for massages. Reminder! DO NOT use oil-based lubricants with condoms. Oil-based lubricants react with the condoms, leading to tears, which might expose you to potential STDs. A Charger and A Power Bank An escort should always be available. While out on dates and bookings, you run low on battery, compromising your day schedule. To avoid that, ensure you have a charger or a backup power bank. A Makeup Kit and A Toothbrush Brushing your teeth before meeting a client might sound like such a small thing, but it will do wonders for your confidence. A fresh breath allows you to feel confident, which eases the tension. If you're meeting more than one client in a day, the reasons for carrying your make-up kit are self-explanatory. In Closing The bottom line of having an escort bag is readiness and self-care. Also, remember presentation is critical. The above items are a perfect start for you. There are more items out there that will come through for you during your bookings. Keep following our blog for more.            
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Painless Anal Sex- Tips And Tricks

July 19th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The topic of anal sex is always met with many questions and discussions. While that is fair, many people don’t know that anal sex can be one of the most pleasurable forms of sex. Anal sex can be done by people of all gender orientations with either the real thing or strap-ons. For beginners, it might be a bit harder to manoeuvre around this hurdle, and in most cases, it is an unpleasant and painful experience. Whether experienced or not, you deserve some good and fun anal play. Here is a round-up of tips and tricks to make anal sex painless. 1 . Warm It Up The best sex happens when both parties are fully psychologically prepared. This is why we recommend building up the sexual tension to make both parties aroused. When aroused, they get more open-minded, excited and ready for new experiences, ensuring the anal penetration isn’t painful. 2. Lube It Up!! We can never insist enough on this. Anal sex isn’t the same as vaginal sex. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, so we advocate for lubrication. There are various brands of lubes available in adult shops that you can use. We have oil-based, silicon-based and water-based lubricants as the main categories. We recommend water-based lubricants since they mix well with latex condoms. Escorts Brisbane advise against using oil-based lubricants or household oils such as olive and coconut oil since they aren’t compatible with latex. 3. Take It Easy Everything starts with warming the backdoor. Once you're mentally prepared and lubricated enough, it’s time to make your way in. This door is pretty small, but it can accommodate everyone. We recommend starting with one finger (Well lubricated) as you add up to more fingers. If the partner is comfortable, you can use a sex toy such as a small butt plug for first-timers. Again, remember to lubricate the butt plug. Keep adding up in size until your partner is ready for the big moment. Remember, well-lubricated and slow is the way to go. 4. Positions Do Matter! The mention of the word anal probably evokes doggy style in your mind. The truth is, while it’s a perfect sex style for anal sex, there are more and even better sex styles that you can use. Believe it or not, missionary is a perfect position for anal sex. It is highly ergonomic and also allows tons of skin and eye contact. Final Thoughts Ideally, anal sex isn’t complicated as long as you and your partner are on the same page. A side note worth exploring is checking in often on what your partner is feeling. If the face is all green, please proceed. If they give you a red sign, respect them and stop! Have you ever had anal sex? What’s your experience? Please tell us through the blog comment section.  
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Do Vibrators Feel Good?

July 14th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Do Vibrators Feel Good? Whether you and your vibrator are joined at the clit or you’ve still got your vibrator v-card, it’s no secret that vibrations are many people go too for toe-curling orgasms at the touch of a button. It does seem that most people agree on this though. A survey of female sex toy owners in the USA found that vibrators were the top pick with 18% more of the respondents owning a vibrator than a dildo. There does seem to be a general consensus about the pleasurable power of vibrations, but it really does depend on the person, the type of vibration, and the context, among other things. So while I would like to answer the question, ‘Do vibrators feel good’ with a resounding and enthusiastic, ‘Hell yes they do,’ we’re going to take a more objective look at what things determine whether or not vibrators feel good. So grab your goggles and white coat because I’m about to drop some sexy science. What Effects Do Vibrations Have on Your Body? Before we get to the nitty-gritty of the human nervous system, let’s take a look at some of the positive ways vibrations affect our bodies. Vibrations can have an analgesic effect, meaning they can reduce pain They can help relax muscles They increase blood flow to the area being vibrated It didn’t take long for the Hitachi Magic Wand for people to realize the muscle-relieving qualities of the Hitachi Magic Wand had other ‘relieving’ applications! Now of course this refers to vibrations of a certain strength and in localized areas, full power, full-body vibrations would most likely leave you feeling anything but turned on! Do Vibrators Feel Good for Penis Owners and Vulva Owners? The short answer is yes, vibrations can be incredibly pleasurable no matter what genitals you have! Vibrators have been mostly marketed towards vulva owners for a long time but luckily that has changed. Now there are plenty of vibrators designed to please vulvas, vaginas, penises, testicles, perineum, anuses, and prostates — there really is no stone left unturned! If you’re intrigued by the joys of anal vibrators but quite sure if they’ll feel good, we’ve got you covered with a whole post on the topic. The Best Vibrators For Different Body Parts With vibrators specially designed for each and every stimulation sweet spot, to get the best experience, it pays to know what you want to stimulate. Here are my top picks to please every different part. Clitoral Vibrator: We-Vibe Tango Small but mighty and mightily rumbly. There’s a reason the original Tango remained a favorite for 10 years, and now we have been blessed with the new and improved Tango X by We-Vibe. Use the lipstick vibrator end for pinpoint stimulation or lie it horizontally to let your labia get in on the fun. Our resident bullet vibe connoisseur, Rachel, was blown away by its power and prowess! G-Spot Vibrator: Dame Arc This vibrator’s got arcs in all the right places! The curved tip makes accessing your G-spot a breeze and saves your wrists from cramping up. Not to mention the silicone is as soft as silk and you’ll want to rub it all over you! One of the best g-spot vibrators. Dual Stimulation: Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator Whether you love or loathe the franchise itself, they sure know how to make a rabbit vibrator. Soft, strong, and ready to please the Greedy Girl delivers powerful pleasure inside and out. Our expert, Edwina, was more than happy with hers! Penis Vibrator: Fun Factory Manta The versatility of the Manta vibrating stroker really makes it stand out from the crowd! You can use it to stroke the shaft up and down, let the vibrations send your frenulum into overdrive, or even use it during penetrative sex! The little ridges also help to distribute your lube for slippery sensations all the way! One of the best penis vibrators. Prostate: Mantric Remote Control Prostate Vibrator This prostate vibrator from Mantric is a real twofer that targets the prostate internally and externally through the perineum. The powerful vibrations from the prostate vibrator and added remote make for plain sailing to prostate pleasure. Why Do Vibrators Feel SO Good? So the answer to this isn’t entirely clear but there are some interacting factors that explain why genitals and vibrators are the dreamiest of teams. What happens when a vibrator comes into contact with your genitals? Our genitals are dense with sensitive nerve endings. The clitoris alone, which has no other purpose apart from pleasure, has 8000 nerve endings. Penis owners fear not — you’ve still got plenty of sensitive nerve endings that are just waiting for some good vibrations! Different types of nerve endings pick up on vibration. Pacinian corpuscles, which respond to vibration and pressure, are found in the genitals together with free nerve endings that respond to many different inputs. The information is transferred up the pudendal nerve, which is like the sensory highway for the genitals. The sensory information is transferred up the spinal cord to different areas in the brain. If the context is right (i.e., it’s a sexy situation), your brain will interpret the stimulation as sexually pleasurable and it will set off a chain reaction of arousal. Arousal (from vibrations or anything else that tickles your pickle) increases blood flow to the genitals, particularly the penis or clitoris, causing the areas to swell. This swelling makes it easier to stimulate the deep nerve endings, making you even more sensitive to the magic of the vibrations. The vibrations also increase blood flow to the pelvic floor muscles which play a significant role in sexual pleasure and orgasm. But what if Your Vibrator Doesn’t Feel Good? So after all the hype and reviews claiming out-of-body, intergalactic orgasms you buy yourself a vibrator only to be left feeling confused, disappointed, and wondering what you were doing wrong. Don’t despair! There are plenty of reasons a vibrator might not work for you and plenty of things you can try. Vibration Strength Vibrators come in a broad range of intensities ranging from a gentle buzz to a full-on jackhammer. If you find that the sensation from your vibrator leaves you overwhelmed or numbed, you might need a less powerful vibrator. The soft silicone of the Mimi Soft on a low setting is great for gentle yet satisfying stimulation. On the other hand, if your vibrator doesn’t quite get you going and leaves you feeling frustrated and craving more, you might need a more powerful vibrator — the Magic Wand vibrator is one of the most powerful you can find. Type of Vibration You may have heard the terms buzzy/rumbly to talk about vibrators but did you know they feel very different from each other and some people have a strong preference for one or the other? Buzzy vibrations stimulate neves nearer the surface of the skin whereas rumbly vibrations stimulate deeper into the tissue. Stimulation Surface Area The shape of your vibrator determines whether it provides more precise and concentrated pinpoint stimulation or broad stimulation. The tip of a bullet vibrator will give you pinpoint stimulation, whereas the head of a magic wand delivers stimulation across a broader area. Motion and Pressure You can try applying more or less pressure to vary the intensity or making different movements such as circling, rubbing, or intermittent stimulation. Location Everyone’s genitals have different preferences. Some vulva owners crave direct clitoral stimulation whereas others find it overwhelming or even painful. The same goes for people with penises. Try to use your vibrator on more or less sensitive areas to see how your body responds. Try a Totally Different Type of Stimulation If you’ve tried all the tips above and vibration just isn’t for you, that’s totally ok — the important thing is that whatever you are doing, it should feel good. Luckily, we live in a wonderful age full of choice when it comes to stimulation! Clitoral suction vibrators provide deeper stimulation without even touching the clitoris and blowjob machines are a great way to stimulate oral sex for penis owners. Dead Vagina Syndrome: Can You Use Your Vibrator Too Much? Dead vagina syndrome is the quite frankly terrible name given to the idea that using your trusty vibrator too long can leave your clit numb and unresponsive to other types of touch. Thankfully, there is a lack of any real evidence to back this up. You might find that your clitoris feels less sensitive or even numb after an intense session but this should only be temporary. If you do experience prolonged numbness, you should get it checked out. That’s not to say that going full blast with a magic wand seven hours a day is a good idea! If you only use strong vibrators, for example, you might become dependent on that specific stimulation and find it difficult to orgasm by other means. To avoid this, it’s good to switch things up now and again — try a different type of stimulation (e.g., clitoral suction or a stroker), use a gentle vibrator, and savor the slow build-up, or go old school and let your fingers work their magic!
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Tips For Becoming Sexually Adventurous

July 14th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Once in a while, the fire in relationships will always go dull, and the spark will tend to disappear. The good thing about this is that it's not your fault; there’s always a chance to rekindle the flame. If you and your partner want to break the norm, try adventurous sex. Whether you're shy or not, we're here to help you. Here are some simple and exciting ways to have adventurous sex that will light the fire in your relationship. 1. A Positive Mindset According to sex experts, it's all in mind. While the physical aspect of sex greatly counts, it all starts in the mind. It will be a nightmare for you guys if you're not fully on board and on the same page with your partner. Before you can even think of getting adventurous, you need to have a fresh and open mind and the willingness to try new things. Starting on this means you have to be comfortable discussing new and probably weird things that will end up being interesting. Even if you're reserved and quiet, setting your mind to the pace guarantees you will make the most of this. 2. A Little Heat Does the Magic Temperature has a direct effect on anyone’s behaviour. If it's too cold, you might hesitate to try new things. We suggest getting things heated in your bedroom to ensure you get into the right state of mind to explore and try new things. In other words, a little heat helps you build up to that moment. 3. Don’t Shy Away from Research As you desire to be more adventurous in the bedroom, the most important thing is the willingness to research. Remember, the sex industry is vast and full of ideas, some that you’ve never heard of, and unless you do some research, you’ll never know what lies behind the unknown. You never know what you're good at or what your partner enjoys the most. There are tons of tips online and in books about sex styles, toys, and even new things about oral sex. Simply put, you must be willing to dig in for the info. 4. A Little Darkness, please. Light directly affects confidence, and confidence, in turn, affects the willingness to explore. If you desire to try new things, but your shyness holds you back, we suggest doing this with lights out or, if possible, with dim lights. A little candle will do the magic if you want to be more romantic. Ideally, the lesser the lights, the more the courage and the more the magic. 5. Talk And Be in The Moment Communication works wonders in relationships. If you and your Escort Brisbane are always willing to communicate about sex and always agree on do’s and don’ts, then nothing can stop you. Being on the same page and present whenever you have a session is the key to sexual satisfaction in any relationship. The Bottom Line Regarding relationships, no universal code dictates how things should run. To get your partner to be more venturesome, start by appreciating what they are doing. In addition, incorporate new things such as sex toys or new sex positions and see how they respond to it. Lastly, remember communication forms the backbone of everything.  
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Tips To Overcome Performance Anxiety

July 11th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Ideally, sex should be a way of stress relief rather than a source of it. To most men, and some women, performance anxiety is a big problem, and the thought of having sex causes them nothing but worry. The most significant cause of this anxiety is viewing sex as a performance; as something that’s being scrutinised by an audience. Here are a few expert tips to overcome performance anxiety. Mindful Focus A big issue with many people, especially men, is thinking of sex as a quest to please their partner. Instead, we advise spending more time enjoying the moment and feeling every sensation. Throw yourselves utterly into the act, and save evaluation for later. Focus on touch, smell, sight, sound and taste when having sex. Although this might take a lot of practice, we promise it will be helpful. Open Up Partners are supposed to be our safe places. First, if your partner isn’t someone you can open up to, you bet it's time to consider female Escorts in Brisbane(they are perfect listeners). We recommend talking to them about your anxiety. Tell them how you feel about sex and what you think might be an issue. From there, try finding a resolution together. This journey is better when walked by two. Meditate Meditating heightens your self-awareness and focused attention. Meditating allows you to reconnect with your inner self, making it easier to feel all the sensations that come your way. That way, you get to enjoy sex rather than worry about it. Read more on meditation here. Masturbate Although this raises some contention, masturbating can help you overcome performance anxiety. One reason for anxiety is worrying whether a partner will satisfy you. You can handle this by letting them know what pleases you. Masturbating helps you spend more time with yourself, and thus you get to understand your own needs. However, we recommend extra caution with masturbation as overdoing it can lead to an addiction. Accept That Sex Isn’t Perfect Try to clear your head from concerns that something didn’t work out. When you sit and accept that you don’t always have to perform 100%, things will improve. Stop seeking perfection and drop those unrealistic expectations you have about sex. Try A Therapist Seeking therapy should be the last option (we don’t want you to waste your money). Book an appointment with a sex therapist with experience treating such sexual problems. A therapist will help you identify the cause of your performance anxiety and give suggestions to deal with it. The Bottom Line Stop beating yourself up about your bed capabilities. Overcoming male anxiety is possible. With the few tips above, the problem will be long gone. If you still have issues, consider seeing a doctor for medical attention.    
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Here's Why You Have a Low Sex Drive

July 10th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
A low sex drive is also called low libido or loss of libido. Loss of libido is a common problem affecting almost 2 in 10 men and even more women at some point in their lives. While sexual desires fluctuate naturally over peoples’ lives, unexpected loss of this desire could cause alarm and, in most cases, causes tension in relationships. Remember, sexual satisfaction is among the building blocks of any relationship, and the bond is compromised if that is not there. In most cases, loss of libido is linked to mental and physical issues. Here is a simple explainer of some common causes of a low sex drive. First, what is a low sex drive? Before jumping into the causes, it's essential to understand what low sex drive is. Ideally, low libido or a low sex drive describes disinterest in sexual activity. It is common to lose interest; as pointed out earlier, interest levels vary from time to time. It's also okay not to match your partner's interests at times. However, prolonged loss of interest can indicate a more severe issue than the norm. Here is a breakdown of some common causes. Stress We're living in tough times, and stress is almost inevitable. Stress is one of the most common causes of a low sex drive. Everyday stressors and detriments of a person’s well-being include;         Toxic work environment         Financial troubles         Unaddressed relationship problems         Family issues While it's almost impossible to avoid stress, there are things you can do to alleviate the levels. Examples include therapy, exercise, nature walks, listening to music and addressing the issues. Illnesses Physical factors such as illnesses also affect sex drive. Some common physical and mental illnesses include; Physical injuries that affect reproductive organs, nerves or blood vessels can lead to a reduced sex drive. Chronic or terminal illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, anaemia and neurological disorders hinder a normal and healthy sex life. Hormonal imbalances also tend to alter the sex drive, and in most cases, negatively. The best way to tackle such problems is to seek a doctor’s support, who will recommend the best practices. Either way, more rest, diet improvement and physical activity could be helpful. You can also try seeing Auckland escorts. Seeing an escort is beneficial and will help you boost your confidence. Escorts are non-judgemental and will help you wholeheartedly. Drug abuse There is a wide range of drugs, including alcohol and smoking. Excessive use of the mentioned over a long time can reduce sex desire levels. In addition, alcohol reduces the chances of pregnancy in women. Cutting on the two and finding healthy addictions can positively alter your sex life. Psychological issues Mental issues and underlying psychological issues impact sex life. Low confidence and self-esteem are a number one cause of a low sex drive. Low self-esteem leads to insecurities, especially in women, and eventually, a lost sex drive. Past experience of sexual trauma and abuse could also lead to a love sex drive. Childhood trauma influences sex drive in negative ways. The bottom line There are hundreds of causes of low sex drive, and each works differently for different people. The answer to getting back your sex drive is as complex as the problem itself. However, we highly recommend seeking a doctor's help when common DIY remedies have failed.      
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3 Reasons Why You Should Always Pee After Sex

July 7th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
A common discussion among many women and men is that peeing after sex can lower the risks of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection and certainly Sexually Transmitted Infections. So, is this true? Peeing after sex has some huge benefits, even beyond preventing infections. However, with so much information on the internet, the truth is often mixed with some misconceptions. The following comprehensive guide explains why you should always pee after sex. 1. Peeing Will Help Prevent a UTI A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an infection that affects any area of the urinary system, from the urethra to the bladder. Studies have shown that women are more likely to catch such an infection since they have shorter urethras. Also, the female urethra is closer to the anus; thus, bacteria can easily enter during sexual intercourse. In women, peeing after sexual activity can help wipe out the bacteria introduced to the urethra, reducing the chances of it travelling to the bladder. However, this isn’t a fool proof way of preventing UTIs, but it doesn’t hurt, making it a habit. 2. Bladder Spasms. Bladder spasms are contractions of the bladder. They are common in people with chronic health issues such as interstitial cystitis. However, even for healthy persons, one-off bladder spasms are common after sex, which gives you that urge to pee after an orgasm. Since this feeling is uncomfortable, emptying your bladder before and after sex will save you from such. Does Peeing Prevent STIs? This is a common misconception, especially among young people. Peeing after sexual intercourse does not in any way prevent STIs. People contract STIs by absorbing mucous membranes, and peeing won’t stop the absorption process. Instead, practice safe sex by using condoms and regular screening. Will it Help Prevent Pregnancy? Peeing won’t help you from getting pregnant- even if you release a gush after semen is deposited in the vagina. The female anatomy separates the urethra and the vaginal opening, where the semen is released. Given these are two different zones, peeing won't help at all. What Happens If You Want To But Can’t Pee? If you really want to pee after sex but cannot, Sydney Escorts suggest drinking more water will help. Remember, the more you drink, your bladder stretches and consequently, you get an urge to pee. A glass of water before and after sex will keep you in shape. In addition, sitting in the toilet after sex will help your bladder relax and release the contents. The Bottom Line We highly encourage peeing after sex to help you reduce the risks of UTIs. However, it's not the end of the world if you can’t or don’t want to pee. Remember, practice safe sex, and if you see any signs of burning during peeing, visit a doctor.  
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4 Annoying Stereotypes About Escorts

June 22nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The vastness of the escorting industry makes it hard for anyone to fathom it completely. While escorting is a noble profession, many people do not understand the dynamics. Consequently, escorts face a lot of stereotypes which often leads to them being confused with prostitutes. Such information can be very annoying. Here is a simple write-up to debunk four of the most annoying stereotypes about escorts. By the end of the write-up, youll be able to understand the difference between escorts and prostitutes and how the escort world works. So, let's get into it. All Escorts Are Prostitutes. There is a very thin line between these two; Blame it on the massive confusion that currently exists. While many people use the terms interchangeably, there are very notable differences between the two. First, a prostitute is a man or woman who exchanges sexual favours for money or other material gifts or items. Sex workers outrightly sell sex in brothels, hotels or even on streets, and are illegal in many countries and states. On the other hand, escorts are independent men or women who exchange their time for money and other valuable items. While some intimacy might be involved in escorting, it isn’t the primary term of engagement, unlike in prostitution. High-value clients such as businessmen hire escorts for company to meetings and vacations. Escorts Are Uneducated Being an escort calls for top-notch engagement skills since, in most cases, escorts deal with high-value people such as businessmen. Most escorts are very learned people, and you’d be surprised to find most of them have “normal” jobs and only do escorting as a side hustle. Escorting needs beauty and attraction topped with wit and intelligence. Therefore, it would be very wrong to compare escorts with prostitutes, whose only work is to give sex. Escorts Are Unhygienic. The confusion between escorts and prostitutes could cause this vague misconception. This is because the thought of a prostitute evokes vague and sometimes unpleasant imagery. However, escorting is a very demanding side of the sex industry that demands top levels of hygiene to attract meaningful clients. Escorts must stay presentable and attractive; These are among the many things escort agencies and clients consider before hiring them. Escorts Only Do It for The Money While the money really matters, there's a lot more in escorting compared to what there is in prostitution. Escorts Sydney are passionate about what they do, clearly visible in how they handle their clients. We have many escorts who came from well-paying careers but were attracted to the nature of escorting. Remember, escorts spend time with brilliant, intelligent, passionate men and women, which is pretty enjoyable. In Closing. Generally, escorts are considered classier than prostitutes, which explains the differences in prices and services offered. We hope you've enjoyed our outline for some of the reasons why we should drop misleading stereotypes about escorts.      
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4 Questions to Ask Before Meeting an Escort

June 14th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Hiring an escort could be a perfect plan if you’re looking for a blissful, no-strings romantic encounter. Like first dates, meeting an escort can be intimidating. It would be a shame if an escort dresses up for you but catches you flat-foot, totally unprepared. This emphasises the importance of making a perfect first impression, which will only happen if you have sufficient information on how things are run. Here are 4 simple and must-ask questions before meeting an escort. These questions will help you find your dream girl and navigate the encounter. 1. (Don't) Ask For Her Recent Photo.  This first one is a question not to ask. While this may seem out of place as it will help you identify your dream girl. Any verified escort will have their pictures on their profiles, but asking for a photo may mean you end up being ignored and you'll be out of the race before it's even started. 2. What Kind of Services Do You Offer? The point of hiring an escort is to fulfil your desires. While some people will shy from expressing their fetishes and desires, asking what the escort offers will help. Melbourne Escorts will have a list of packages and services they offer on their profiles, but if you want something unique, there is no shame in asking. However, note that asking for services not included in their catalogues will attract more charges. 3. What Are Your Charges? Charges are a leading source of disagreement between escorts and clients. Escorts usually charge hourly rates, which are clearly displayed on their profiles. Also, many directories and advertising agencies have search filters that allow clients to sort escorts into the categories they can afford. While negotiating with an escort paints a negative picture of the client, clarifying the charges in line with the offered services is critical. This way, you will avoid any issues that may arise later regarding compensation and appreciation. However, make sure not to ask for charges for services that are clearly listed on the providers profile. 4. In Call or Outcall? Escort services can either offer incalls or outcalls. Depending on what you prefer, you can choose any of these and agree with the escort. Not everybody is comfortable with having new people in their private spaces, so this discussion is critical to avoid mix-ups. Note that depending on the agreement, charges might vary. In Closing By hiring an escort, you can enjoy romance without any strings attached and without disclosing your identity. The above questions will come up for you. Remember to ask them politely, as escorts hate being questioned, especially about things already displayed on their profiles.              
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A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dancing

June 7th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Besides being a great exercise, pole dancing is perfect for an escort to entertain dates and clients, especially incalls. Pole dancing is heavily linked to strippers in strip clubs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the skillset to your space. Pole dancing requires critical amounts of physical control and effort, especially when you’re just starting. Nevertheless, it is an incredibly thrilling and fun experience for both the escort and the clients. Here is a comprehensive guide to pole dancing that is helpful for starters. Why Should You Start Pole Dancing at Home? Learning pole dancing at home differs slightly from doing it in a studio or club. It has unique challenges, but it's very beneficial in the end. Here are some advantages of pole dancing at home. Convenience. Learning this independently means you can easily navigate your busy schedules. Commuting to and from studios can be exhausting and time-consuming; valuable time that would otherwise be used for dates. Learning at home allows you to practice at your own pace and on your own terms. It’s Way Cheaper Not all escorts have the dollars to splash in pole dancing classes. If you’re one of those, starting with basic moves at home is perfect. Don’t pay for studio memberships when you can learn the same thing at home. Privacy Is Guaranteed Learning with others can be intimidating, especially when you're a blunt first-timer. Practising at home alone allows you to make mistakes without worrying about who’s looking. How To Start 1. Set Up the Home Pole The first step of pole dancing is setting up a pole at home. Owning a dance pole is easy; all you need is space. There are different brands of poles to choose from. All you must consider are your needs, pricing, and ease of installation and maintenance. 2. Grab The Necessary Gear One thing about pole dancing at home is that you don’t need to be fashion-conscious. You can wear whatever you want whenever you please. Clients love seeing some skin, so we suggest getting used to dancing in comfortable clothing that exposes as much skin as possible. Besides, bare skin allows for maximum grip. We suggest practising with footwear for beginners to get the hang of how it feels. Besides that, avoid anything that will make your skin slippery such as lotions and creams. We also recommend other safety accessories like grip aids and crash mats. These will go a long way in protecting you during crashes (They might happen). Safety Tips When Pole Dancing Since you’ll be practising on your own, you should be extra careful during the sessions. To help you, keep the following in mind. 1. Always Start with A Warm Up and End with A Cool Down. Remember, pole dancing is really intense, so start with some stretches before the session or a little run up and down the stairs. This will warm your knees, hips, and other joints, preparing you for the workout. On completion, some stretches from head to toe are a perfect cool-down. Warm-ups and cool-downs will help you avoid soreness and injury. 2. Create Enough Space While pole dancing can be done in confined spaces, we suggest creating enough space by removing all obstacles. Remove tables, chairs, or anything you can trip or knock over. Enough space will give you room to manoveure and freely do your dance moves. 3. Double Check the Pole Poles can loosen over time. Therefore, perform routine checks to check the straightness and stability of the pole. Aligning it with a door frame or using a spirit level works perfectly. Also, watch the joint connections since they can loosen over time. Document Your Progress Moving from beginner to pro is a process that gets better when you celebrate every win. We suggest taking regular videos and photos to help you see how far you’ve come. Sharing your progress with other Escorts in Melbourne or like-minded social media communities can be very helpful. Lastly, remember to enjoy. Take this as an exercise; we promise you amazing long-term benefits.          
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Burning Sensation During Sex: Causes and Remedies

June 2nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Sex is meant to feel good. Ideally, that is the reason why many people do it. Sadly, for many women, sex isn’t always a rewarding feel-good experience. If you’re having such issues, you’re not alone. Approximately every 3 in 4 women have experienced a burning sensation or pain during sex at some point in their lives. If you relate to this experience, know that it's not “normal”, and while you may relate this to a lack of lubrication, there might be other serious concerns. The good thing is that there is always a solution. Here is a guide on the burning sensation during sex, its causes, and possible remedies. Possible Causes. People of all genders and ages are likely to experience this pain. However, it's more common in females, especially those in menopause. Here are some possible causes of burning sensations during sex. Vaginal dryness. This is the most common cause of a burning sensation during sex and is common in women in or approaching menopause. Also, different stages of the menstrual cycle might lead to vaginal dryness. Hormonal contraceptives alter the testosterone hormone, which interferes with lubrication during sex. Lack of sexual arousal. Fulfilling penetrative sex requires a certain level of sexual arousal. If that is not reached, chances are it will be a painful experience. Irritation. Common causes of irritation of the vaginal areas include latex from condoms and lubricants that alter the pH. In such cases, a burning sensation during sex is imminent. Infections. Yeast, bacterial, and viral infections lead to burning sensations. They include UTIs and other STIs. Fissures. Sometimes after intense sexual activity, there could be tiny tears or cracks, especially on the vaginal walls. These are also sources of burning sensations. Vestibulodynia. This is a medical condition where the nerve endings of the vagina are hypersensitive, causing a burning sensation in the opening of the vagina during sexual intercourse. Vaginismus. Vaginismus refers to a condition where the pelvic floor muscles contract, leading to dryness and, thus, pain during penetrative sex. Possible Remedies. It's possible to eliminate such burning sensations during sex. Some simple DIY remedies include; 1. Using More and Safe Lubrication. Where lack of lubrication is the source of the burning sensations, applying more lube will be helpful. However, remember that some lubricants could be the cause of the burning sensations, so you should double-check what works for you. ProTip! Avoid lubricants with perfumes and flavours. While such lubes make things more exciting, they are known to be leading irritants. 2. Switch Positions. Some positions cause strains that lead to burning sensations. If none of that is helping, we suggest switching to oral sex rather than penetrative sex. 3. Latex Free Condoms. As pointed out above, latex might be the irritant leading to those uncomfortable sensations. If that is the case, Brisbane Escorts recommend latex-free condoms. 4. Practice Safe Sex. Regarding STIs and infections, you can prevent them by practising safe sex. That way, you’ll save yourself from infection-induced burning sensations. 5. Communicate. No one should understand you better than your partner. If you feel pain during sex, you shouldn’t shy away from freely expressing it to them. That way, finding a solution that works for both partners becomes easier. The Take Away. No one should ever convince you that sex should be painful. If you’re in this group, don’t panic. The highlighted remedies should work for you. However, if you feel like what you’re dealing with is more than “just an itch,” please visit a doctor to discuss this or any of the other advice provided in this article.    
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Conversation Starters for Your Escort Date

May 24th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
There are many reasons to hire an escort. You could be lonely, want to talk to someone new, craving intimacy, or need company for an upcoming corporate or business event. Whatever the reason, you must be ready to converse with your escort. Generally, escorts are experts at conversations; in most cases, you just have to follow the lead. However, the first few minutes of the date might feel awkward as you barely know each other. Here are some ideas for conversation starters for your escort date.   Some Tips to Break the Ice Here are some essential tips to remember on your first meeting with an escort. Be Honest Escorts Brisbane are open-minded professionals, so there's no reason to lie. Be bold and tell them if you have funny feelings about yourself or them during the date. Even if you’re unsure how these things go, explaining that to them will help you immensely. Be kind Kindness comes a long way in making a great first impression. Escorts are here to have a good time with you, so the last thing you want to be is rude to them. Keep an open mind through the date and treat them respectfully. Exciting Topics to Discuss If you’re missing a skill or two, here are some exciting topic ideas that will work just fine! 1. Favourites One of the best conversation starters is talking about favourites. Chances are high that you and your escort have different preferences, which presents an opportunity for you to know each other better. They can vary from books, movies, drinks, food and travel destinations. 2. Basics About Yourselves Clients and escorts are known for wanting to stay anonymous and keeping their personal information safe. While that is necessary and highly recommended, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get to know each other at a personal level. You can have a shallow discussion of your private lives, such as hobbies and activities or likes and dislikes. 3. Expectations Booking an escort means you carry your expectations to the date. Discussing them outrightly is a perfect ice breaker since it clears the air on what you want to discuss during the date and what happens after the date. 4. Fantasies Ideally, these are the best discussions with an escort as they give them an idea of what you want from the interaction. Tell your escort what you desire, especially in the romantic dimension. Also, listen to what they have to say. That way, you’re likely to get a more tailored sensual experience. 5. Boundaries Fantasies dictate boundaries. Make sure you discuss your interaction limits and let them know what you’re willing to do and what you aren’t. This is another recipe for a more fulfilling experience. Final thoughts While a first encounter can be an intimidating experience, the tips above shall be beneficial. We suggest treating every encounter just as you would treat a first romantic date. Feel free to rush back and refer to this simple guide whenever you're in doubt. Happy times!            
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Escort Terms and Abbreviations- Words to Know Before Meeting an Escort

May 22nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The escort and sex industry, in general, is secretive and is known for having a language of its own- a language that only clients and escorts understand. This language is used to communicate the terms of services offered.  For a client, it's essential to understand the terms for you to get a memorable experience. You're in trouble if you don’t figure out this lingo. Here is a short guide for some common terms, phrases and abbreviations that will be helpful. 1. GFE. This is a common abbreviation, especially with Adelaide Escorts. It means Girlfriend Experience. GFE is a very intimate service where the escort acts like a girlfriend rather than a hired companion.  It’s a perfect service when you’re lonely and craving deeper intimacy. It often comes as a package, including services such as sex and kissing. You may also get other non-penetrative favours such as hand jobs. 2. PSE. Porn star experience is another common term in the escort dialect. It’s an erotic sexual encounter similar to what you see in porn videos. PSE includes exclusive nasty talks, role-plays and any other extreme fantasy you might have. 3. Happy Ending. This is a commonly used name, especially in brothels and massage parlours. A happy ending simply means a sensual massage followed by a hand job. Massages with happy endings are common in Australia. 4. MILF. You’ve probably heard of this one. Mother I’d like to fuck. Simply put, a MILF is an attractive woman who is ideally older than the person using the term. Many escorts are MILFs, and if you have a fetish for some, all you have to do is make your order. 5. MFF. Male female female. This is a term that is commonly used where threesomes are involved. It means a threesome between two females and one male. We have escorts who offer such an experience, and if that’s what you’d like, we suggest using the term on your first date. 6. MMF. Male male female. Just as in the previous phrase, this is used in a threesome involving two men and one woman. 7. Mutual Masturbation. This is a sex trend in 2023 and isn’t very familiar to many clients. A mutual masturbation session involves the client and the escort masturbating simultaneously without touching each other. It's common to clients who like voyeurism. 8. DT. Also known as a deep throat, DT is a sexual act where the escort takes the entire length of a male client’s penis into her mouth. It’s a common service but requires exclusive discussions during the date. Wrapping Up. The listed phrases are the most common in escort-client dialogues. There is a ton more that we haven’t discussed. Don’t panic if you’re still not familiar with such a language. Escorts are professional and will not judge you. However, remember respect is two-way, so approach them with etiquette.      
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Incall Vs Outcall- Which Is the Best?

May 20th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Incalls and outcalls are among the most common terms in the escorting industry. The two terms are very similar and will often leave clients needing clarification. Given that the two terms are critical in defining terms of engagement, it's only fair we come through for you. Here is an explainer of incalls and outcalls, including everything you need to know. What Is an Incall Service? An incall service is where the client meets the escort at their location or place. The location could be a hotel room or any other address the escort provides. There are several reasons why escorts would prefer an incall. Most Escorts Adelaide will operate outside their private spaces. They will prefer to work in a hotel room and have clients meeting them there. Operating in such a location is safe for an escort since it helps them separate their private lives and conceal their true identities. On the other hand, most clients also prefer incalls since it comes with more discretion, in the sense that they feel safer and their actual location isn’t exposed. Also, escorts will not provide their location until the last minutes before the date to ensure their own safety. Depending on their schedule, incalls need a strict adherence to calendar and schedules since the escort has to manage entrances and exits carefully to avoid clients meeting each other. What Is an Outcall Service? Outcalls are the exact opposite of incalls, where escorts go out to meet clients at their locations. Outcalls are also popular among men since they don’t have to go anywhere or worry about meeting someone in an unfamiliar environment. In the same case, the client’s location could be his private residence or a temporary one, such as a hotel room. Clients prefer the latter since it doesn’t reveal their actual identity. What Are the Differences? The difference in location is paramount, as highlighted in the discussions. Whichever place you want the service, it ends up in the agreement between the client and the escort. However, hotel rooms work best since they are discreet. Time is also another difference. While the two require good time management, incalls are more sensitive, especially when the escort has many consecutive clients. On the same note, incalls mean more time wastage in travelling for the client, while outcalls mean escorts will waste their time travelling. What Are the Similarities? The most apparent similarity between incalls and outcalls is that they all need a discreet or private location. This could be the client or escort's private home, hotel room, or other agreed location. Which One Provides Better Services? Generally, they both provide the same service, and there is no outright formula to separate them. The client’s preferences greatly influence the choice between the two. Lastly, what will give better value for the money is something else to consider.     
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Mind-Blowing Tips to Orgasm with A Pillow.

May 17th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
If you’ve been yearning for more intense solo orgasms, we have a dirty little secret for you. Pillow Humping! While everyone masturbates differently, using a pillow is one of the least talked about yet fulfilling ways of getting orgasmic bliss. Whether you’re familiar with this or a first-timer, you’ll find simple tricks and tips to improve the experience in this in-depth guide. First, What Is Pillow Humping? Pillow humping involves a person, especially a woman, mounting a pillow and grinding her lady bits to an orgasm. Pillow humping is similar to the more common dry humping, only that in this case, a pillow is involved instead of a partner. Side Note: Men do masturbate with pillows too. With men, however, the pillow is folded in half, and their penis is thrusted in between until they orgasm. Interesting, right? Tips for an Incredible Solo Orgasm Bliss. Now that you understand what pillow humping is, the following tweaks and ticks will leave you in awe. 1. Choose The Right Type of Pillow. The type of pillow you choose largely dictates the outcome of the experience. Escorts in Adelaide prefer long and stiff pillows since they resemble a human body. Also, the pillow's material has to be soft to ensure you don’t get any scratches on your clitoris, especially when you decide to go naked. Ideally, the trick is to try different types and find out what works best for you. PS! If you don’t have pillows, you can improvise using a teddy bear or a doll. Straddle and mount that teddy on the bed. It works perfectly. 2. Get In the Right Mood. Remember, sex starts in mind. If you’re not in the best state, you won't even enjoy the experience. Do whatever turns you on before getting on the pillows. It could be thinking about someone, reading an erotic novel or watching an adult film. Also, make sure you’re in a secluded private space to avoid in between interruptions. 3. Dress Up! If you’re not doing this for yourself, you shouldn’t even be doing it in the first place. Nothing is sexier than humping a pillow dressed in a way that makes you feel confident. Sexy lacy underwear will do the trick since it adds to the friction. Another alternative would be humping naked. Doing this allows you to rub your whole body on the pillows for a more realistic experience. 4. Edging Will Make It More Worthwhile! Although this is difficult, the edging technique will drive you nuts. Hump the pillow till you’re about to orgasm, but then stop for a pause. Doing this severally gives you control over your orgasm, and when you finally release it, it will be mind-blowing, trust us! 5. Change Your Speed and Touch Yourself More. We suggest you start humping slowly, at the same time touching your boobs and entire body. That will get you more aroused, and you can increase the speed from there. Don’t forget to moan, and once you come close to the orgasm, slow down and enjoy the peak before going hard again. Final Thoughts. The art of orgasm heavily relies on the state of mind. If you approach this in the proper state, it will be worthwhile. If it's possible, adding a few toys into the mix will make things even better. A vibrator will be perfect. Once you have your orgasm, come back and tell us about the experience through our comment section below!      
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Sex-Positive Masturbation Trends to Watch In 2023

May 12th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Sexual wellness was and will continue to be the buzz of 2023. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a sexually mindful person. Sexperts suggest 2023 will see a continued positive shift towards more flexible and open-minded sex lives. That said and done, can we talk about mindful positive masturbation? Although culture and education have long portrayed masturbation as a taboo vice, recent years, thanks to social media, have seen a positive shift towards a sex-positive environment, especially with masturbation. So, let's explore all that concerns masturbation and sex positivity. What Does It Mean to Be Sex Positive? Ideally, a sex-positive person has an attitude that accepts all safe and consented sexual behaviours as fundamentally healthy and enjoyable. Being sex-positive also means being comfortable with other people’s sexual choices and identities. Accepting masturbation as a normal sexual activity is also important in this sex positivity debate. Despite facing many such challenges, people are slowly accepting masturbation positively. We’re slowly getting into an era of tearing down taboos and misconceptions around masturbation. Here are the top 3 masturbation trends in 2023. 1. Mutual Masturbation Couples are taking masturbation to the next level. While traditional forms of sex between partners are considered enjoyable, mutual masturbation has a special place. Ideally, mutual masturbation involves pleasing yourself simultaneously with your partner without touching each other. Here, two partners face each other, standing or kneeling, each with a sex toy of their choice. They then proceed to please themselves, listening to each other moaning, panting, crying, or even roaring as they soar to their orgasms. To heighten things up, you can swap toys during the session. This entire experience is an opportunity to deepen the connection between partners. 2. Mindful Masturbation We talk of sexual mindfulness but often forget about mindful masturbation. While we all know and understand the benefits of mindfulness to our mental and sexual health, Escorts in Sydney and therapists believe the technique can also boost our sex lives by intentionally focusing on bodily sensations during solo explorations. Masturbating mindfully isn’t just about the orgasm but instead exploring your body, slowly and sensually, paying attention to the erogenous zone. Ideally, you shouldn’t be focusing on getting an orgasm. With this technique, you get to understand your body better, and it will also help you easily communicate your desires to your partner. Masturbation is a perfect form of selfcare, and adding a pinch of mindfulness is a big boost. 3. Live Adult Cams Live adult cams are slowly outpacing porn videos for masturbation. There is more authentic satisfaction and diversity in interacting with a live partner rather than watching recorded content. Interestingly, clients can activate their webcams to show themselves to their online partners in a more interactive masturbation session. These are known as cam-to-cam sessions, but they are optional on many sites. An adult cam session is a perfect way for people to explore sexual fantasies with an online partner without fearing being judged. The Bottom Line The highlighted trends are just a few of many. The growth in technology has seen new and even better ways of masturbating positively. However, the few above, especially mindful masturbation, are a great start. Be kind to yourself – masturbate more!      
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Have a Quickie with Love Honey!

May 9th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney is offering Free Express Shipping for a limited time, please see details below. Offer: Free Express Shipping on over 1600 products with code: QUICKIE Code: QUICKIE Start: Tuesday 9th May 00:01am End: Wednesday 10th May 23:59pm AEST Coupon link: 
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Warming Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Winter

May 5th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When the bed gets cold, you might want to get something that will keep up with your hotness. Generally, arousal is made easier with heat. The body temperature tends to rise as you get more aroused. Besides aiding with blood circulation, it makes orgasms more intense. Whether solo or cozied up with a partner, a great way of achieving this is by spicing things up with a warming sex toy or a temperature-sensitive sex toy. Here are some warming toys that will warm up your sheets this winter. 1. The Satisfyer Heat Wave Package. The Satisfyer package contains a dual stimulating vibrator that warms up at both ends up to temperatures of 390C, promising a sensual feel of pleasure and a realistic body-like experience. This makes the kit ideal for both solo and couple plays. The toy has a strong motor and heating function, which function independently, so if you’re not into the heating element, the vibratory feel will do the magic for you. Lastly, the dime has a connect app that allows you to customise the toy just how you like it. 2. Lovehoney Heat Wave Warming G-spot Vibrator. G-spot vibrators are the real deal. They are small and discreet, yet so powerful and magical. They are ideal for solo adventures or even couple plays. This particular vibrator from Lovehoney is equipped with a strong motor, three vibration modes, and a realistic heated shaft. The heat and vibration combinations are a sure bet when you want orgasms during the cold weather. 3. Warming Lubes Lubricants are a great addition to solo or even couple's sex. Whether using a toy or with a partner, lube helps you eliminate unwanted friction, making things smooth and slippery. Adding warming lubes will make the experience even better. These lubes are made from body-safe materials such as extracts of ginger. Warming lubricants are used following the same practices as regular lubes. Escorts in Melbourne recommend testing a small area before going all out with toys and a partner’s body. 4. Massage Candles. Massage candles are a classic yet so effective accessory during sex. The element of fire in foreplay is just out of this world. As the candle melts, releasing sensual fragrances, pouring the oil on areas craving a little rub will send tingles all over you or your partner. 5. Whisper Micro Heated Bullet. Last on a list of many is this dime. Don’t be fooled by the small size; bullets are small but mighty and will bridge the gap between you and fire orgasms. They have a heated feature that combines vibration speeds to stimulate the clitoris. In Closing There are a couple of options when it comes to temperature bedroom play. Ideally, warming sex toys will work perfectly. Sex toys like dildos made from temperature-sensitive materials such as glass and silicon are also perfect since you can heat them using warm water to your desired temperature.  We highly recommend shopping with Love Honey AU. They are a trusted partner with Naughty Ads and can get you all the warm sexy vibes you could ever need!    
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Where Do Escorts Like to Be Touched the Most?

May 3rd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
In today’s fast-paced world of sex, real intimacy is losing its art. However, biology hasn’t changed, and touch remains an essential part of intimacy. The success of any romantic encounter greatly depends on how the man touches the woman and vice versa. While female escorts are paid for sexual favours, it doesn’t exclude them from being women who crave real, genuine intimacy. Many clients tend to rush to the thrilling ending forgetting to take care of the in-between. Apart from the normal areas of attention (the vagina and boobs), here are some exciting parts where escorts like to be touched. The Hair! Escorts in Brisbane take special care of their hair. Maintaining that gorgeous look for the sake of clients is no mean feat; therefore, appreciating the effort goes a long way. Running your fingers gently through her hair is sure to send chills down her spine. Doing massage circles with your fingers down to the nape of her neck works even more magic. However, there's one catch, some escorts hate it when their hair is messed with, so we recommend checking up. All in all, playing with her hair is a simple way of showing tenderness and affection. The Nape Of The Neck. Gently touching and even kissing the nape of her neck is pure bliss. In ancient times, the nape of the neck was considered the sexiest part of a woman since it was mostly the only exposed part of a woman. Although that has been forgotten, and modern people have shifted attention to other parts, the nape remains an intimacy powerhouse. Never underestimate those simple touches and kisses from her hairline down to the shoulders. Arms! The arms might not seem like an interesting part of an escort's body at a glance. Blame this on modern praise of other parts of the female body. However, research has shown that focusing on sensual touches of arms has some interesting results. Interesting studies have shown that women are likely to dance with men who touch their hands while asking. So, while it may not be a big deal, touching her hands will surely add some icing on the way to the final experience. Side Note! Escorts hate creeps. So, don’t just go touching their hands unnecessarily. Read the mood, and slowly drive her to the point where she’s comfortable with you touching her hands. Legs! Lotioning, exfoliating, shaving and toning are some of the things that women spend time doing on their legs. After all, an escort wants to wear a flirty skirt without worrying about how her legs look like. You can show affection by recognising her efforts by touching and kissing her legs. When you touch them, show admiration and comment on the tone and curves. Let her know how much you like her soft, flawless skin. Believe us; it won’t go unrewarded. Final Thoughts Her inner thighs, stomach, butt, behind her ears, and waist are more examples of places you can touch her. All said and done, the key to bliss is knowing where to touch your escort. Communicate with her and find out what she likes. While you can surprise her by touching on the mentioned areas, we suggest listening to feedback and taking it seriously. At all times, show her that you want to please her!      
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An Expert Guide To Erotic Hypnosis.

April 26th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Sex starts in the brain. Experts say that the brain is the first erogenous zone of the human body. When properly tickled, the orgasms are immense. Erotic hypnosis is built around the concept of the erotic nature of the brain. It involves an element of trust and surrendering control to your partner. More of masturbation of the mind. While we all know of hypnosis, erotic hypnosis might be new to many. Here is an expert guide to erotic hypnosis. What is erotic hypnosis? Simply put, erotic hypnosis is eliciting a particular sexual goal in some form. There are different forms of such sexual goals, including hands-free orgasms or intense and pleasurable relaxation of the mind. It involves one partner using their voice to drive their partner into a state by suggesting or chanting things they like. Does erotic hypnosis work? Erotic hypnosis sounds like something from an old Chinese movie. The truth is it exists, and it works, but the catch is you have to believe and open yourself up for the experience. What does erotic hypnosis feel like? While the experience differs for different people, many folks who have had the chance to experience this describe it as a dual experience trance-like journey. They describe the feeling as a total surrender that makes it hard to fight the wave of submission. This doesn’t mean that they lose their sense of self. Sydney escorts who have experienced it say it feels like having a million rays of sunshine over their body; like having an orgasm that keeps going and going. How it works Erotic hypnosis starts with the hypnotist and the hypnotee setting the foundations and boundaries. Discuss your goals for that particular session and your views and insights into sex and life. The more the discussion, the better for the pair. From there, the hypnotist leads the hypnotee into a deep trance. During the process, the hypnotee's attention leaves their environment and clings to inner experiences such as imagery and cognition. The journey into the trance depends on what the hypnotist suggests and your state of mind. Some people experience a state of mind that resembles fuzziness, floating or sleepiness. Some even get turned on, which even preps them for physical sex. How about hypnosis orgasms? Having an orgasm during a trance is called a hypnosis orgasm. Although it's hard during your first time, it's certainly possible. However, remember that erotic hypnosis is beyond just having a hands-free orgasm. It's more about pleasure, relaxation and connection. What to keep in mind The most important thing to remember during the whole journey is boundaries. Just because your partner is open to hypnosis doesn’t mean they're open to anything that might happen. Discuss preferences, limits and rules. Preferably, let the boundaries align with your goals for the session. Summary Erotic hypnosis has numerous benefits, such as increasing awareness and sensation, enhancing role-playing, hands-free orgasms, improving libido, and much more. It’s a powerful exercise that will drive you beyond imaginable sexual horizons. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have more than enough reasons to.
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How to make him miss you. Tips and tricks

April 24th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Love is strange. It's so sweet, yet so complicated. While we advocate for that clingy kind of love, when you overdo something, you end up spoiling it. In any case, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Therefore, ensuring that the spark between you and him is kept alive is essential. Whether it’s a new guy, your serious boyfriend, or you want to make an ex jealous, the key is making him miss you. So how do you do that? Here are some simple and practical tips for making him miss you. 1.   Don’t be too available This is always tricky and hard to balance. We are not trying to say that you cut all ties, but we recommend limiting your availability. When you miss someone, that feeling comes, and all you want is for them to call or text you. In such a case, once you limit your calls or texts to him, he starts wondering what’s wrong, and in return, he misses the company you give and starts blowing your phone. Remember, men quickly lose interest in women who are too available for them, so denying them some attention works the magic. 2.   Don’t throw tantrums Ideally, women are supposed to be stubborn. A little tantrum can be sweet, and he might find it cute. That jealousy always makes relationships interesting. However, escorts Christchurch suggest that when the tantrums become too much, they become nagging, which increases the chances of things going south. We, therefore, advise being sweet whilst nagging without overdoing it. The best way to do this is to play cool when he expects you to throw a tantrum. 3.   Make him feel like a man The psychology of the man revolves around him being the hero. In this sense, we mean he provides and protects. If you can find a way to trigger this feeling in him, you’ve won his heart and soul. Making him feel this way can be done through submissive texts, sweet and ego-massaging phrases, and simple little requests. 4.   Make use of body language Men are strongly attracted to what they see, feel and touch. Believe it or not, body language is an easy way of saying what you want without even saying a word. While this sounds seductive, it's not always about sex but that connection. For example, you can laugh out loud when he cracks a joke and place a hand on him. Leaning into him or lingering eye contact also works magic. Once you learn how to embrace and flaunt yourself using body language, he’ll miss you big time. In closing Getting him to miss you isn’t rocket science. While the mentioned tips are helpful, we'd love to remind you that people are different, and thus there is no universal code for cracking this. The best way is to figure out who your partner is and what he likes and use that to your advantage.   
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How to get wet for sex fast- Easy lubrication explained

April 21st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The result of arousal is always self-lubrication, a way of the body getting ready for sex. In some cases, however, some women find this hard to achieve, and if they do, they find it even harder to remain wet during sex. Figuring out how to get yourself wet is a superpower, and knowing how to get slimy again when things run dry is another superpower. Given that the best sex happens when everything is wet and slippery, it's only wise for us to help and guide you through this. Therefore, here is a short explainer of how to get and stay wet for sex. Kick away the stress. According to escorts in Christchurch and health experts, the body’s physiological reactions to sexual needs and arousal don’t always match our lived experience. Therefore, the more stressed you are during sex, the less likely you will feel that natural and wet arousal. So instead, we suggest you get into the mood, stop worrying about self-lubrication and enjoy the moment. That way, the body naturally adjusts without needing any intervention; before you know it, it's all slippery. Use some lube. While lube isn’t a necessity, in most cases, it will come through for you in those exceptional cases, especially when you run dry in the middle of sex. Lube makes sex feel better and even safer since it prevents bruising due to friction, which would otherwise expose you to potential disease risks. Reminder! There are hundreds of different brands of lube in the market made from different materials. We thus suggest doing your research to figure out what is compatible with your body. Explore erotic content Erotic content helps set the mood right for sex. Such content includes adult movies, erotic stories and even sultry music. Exploring such content with your escorts in Christchurch increases arousal, which helps with natural lubrication. We highly recommend exploring such content with your partner to improve things. Introduce some sex toys. When you want to send the right message to your body, a sex toy is your go-to option. In this case, we recommend toys that have some vibration, such as vibrators. Using a sex toy helps build sexual tension and anticipation, which increases natural lubrication. Combining a sex toy with a lubricant makes things even better. Drink lots of water Lubrication is directly related to water drinking habits. Ideally, dehydration is the number one cause of vaginal dryness since our bodies are primarily made of water. Drinking lots of water regularly improves natural lubrication and general well-being. Final thoughts There are plenty of methods to help you improve natural lubrication. The write-up highlights only a number of them in a pool of many. Using a lubricant, hydrating and exploring sex toys are the best methods. What methods do you use to improve lubrication? We would love to read your comments in the blog comment section below.   
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Who are escorts?

April 20th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The mention of the word escort raises a deep conversation; more often than not, the term is confused with prostitution. While the two are heavily related, there is a thin line between the two, and the difference is based on who runs the show. In this write-up, we explore the depths of this vast industry to make you understand who escorts are, what they do and why they do it. So, what are escorts? An escort can be simply defined as a man or woman or trans person who offers companionship to a client in exchange for money or other material gifts. According to the law, escorting is purely service-based, and no sex is involved. Generally, escorts are contractors who offer their time for money, with no sexual relations. So, if you're an escort offering an innocent date, then you're not engaging in any sexual relations. In some cases, however, sex might be involved, although an escort has the right to set boundaries. Are escorts legal? In most states, such as Christchurch, the thin line between prostitution and escorting is defined by the law. Thankfully in New Zealand prostitution and escorting is legal. What do they do? It's important to note that the sex industry is vast, which justifies the different income-generating activities that escorts and other people engage in. These activities are the basis of defining the different types of escorts. Here is a simple outline of the different types of escorts and what they do. Full-service escorts. These escorts provide sexual services to clients and other nonsexual services such as massages and oral sex. They can either be agency employees or independent escorts. Private escorts These are independent, self-employed escorts who live secretly and stay away from the limelight. They advertise discreetly on social media and charge slightly lower than the agency employees but get to keep all the profits. In most cases, they can be found in hotels and private buildings. Social escorts These can be either independent or agency employed. They mainly accompany their clients to social events, business trips, public events, and dinners. They, in most cases, act as clients’ partners and are not involved in sexual exchanges. They are classy, well educated and socially adept. Incall and outcall escorts The former refers to Christchurch escorts who accept clients to visit in their private residences for services, while the latter refers to escorts that go out to meet clients, either in the clients’ hotel rooms or private residences.  In closing Escorting is a broad topic that has areas yet to be uncovered. While there is always that confusion with prostitution, it's worth noting that escorts are essential members of the sex industry. The services they provide are beneficial, and if you’re considering hiring one, don’t hesitate. You won't regret it! Do you have any experience with a Christchurch escort? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.       
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How To Find Escorts in Brisbane

April 17th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Brisbane, the state of Queensland's capital, is best known for its youthful buzz and everlasting charming vibes throughout the year. Besides being among the most populated cities in Australia, the business hub is among the best tourist destinations in the country. Its best known for its perfect blend of Australian culture and the outside world. The business hub is an ideal hub that has attracted thousands of super-hot Brisbane escorts from within Australia and far and wide. The youthful buzz has formed a perfect spot for Brisbane escorts, thanks to the state-of-the-art strip clubs and brothels. If you're hanging around Brisbane, catching one of these fine babes could be challenging, but we’ve got you. Here is a short explainer of how to find escorts in Brisbane. 1.   Use escort agencies Brisbane is home to some of the best and most reputable escort directories in Australia and beyond. These escort directories, such as Naughty Ads, will instantly connect you to a Brisbane escort. Finding an escort agency such as Naughty Ads is as easy and fast as a blink of an eye. All you have to do is a simple google search, and you're good to go. Escort directory websites have escort profiles clearly displayed, including filters to give you a more personalised choice. Once in contact with an escort, your needs will be sorted. Note, however, that you will most likely pay more than you would have paid if you walked to the street to get an escort. 2.   Explore erotic massage parlours There are hundreds of erotic massage parlours in Brisbane, and surprisingly, they are pretty affordable. They offer different and personalised services such as nude massages, hand jobs, body rubs and even massages with happy endings. We, however, advise you to go to reputable massage parlours to avoid getting into the hands of rogue escorts. 3.   Brothels and nightclubs Although risky, brothels and nightclubs are hubs of beautiful Brisbane escorts. Here, you will find a collection of the land's most beautiful girls. They have excellent services that will welcome you and make you feel comfortable. The good side is that you can negotiate the rate with a girl of your choice. 4.   Social media The rise of social media has turned the world into a small village and has made it easy for people to connect. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok are great options when you want to have some fun in Brisbane. The bottom line When in Brisbane, you can always have options regarding escorts. The highlighted methods are perfect for newcomers and even local clients. However, we recommend using escort directory websites since they are safer and more efficient. Contact escorts on Naughty Ads today for an unforgettable personalised experience in Brisbane. What is your experience with Brisbane? Have you ever met an escort there? If so, please tell us in the comments.    
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How To Meet Escorts

April 5th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
As clients, especially first-timers, the toughest task isn’t usually booking an escort but meeting them. First-time dates can be very intimidating and are often met with unmatched anxiety. Even if you're used to bookings, there’s always that feeling of not being completely and at ease to meet someone new.  When such feelings occur, you realise that your foray into the escort dating world isn’t as easy as you initially thought. However, with a bit of guidance, booking and meeting escorts will be a simple, easy and fun. Here is a short guide to demystify the process of meeting an escort. Step 1. Find female escorts in Auckland you're attracted to. Finding someone you're attracted to makes it much easier when you meet them for the first time. If you're using an escort directory like Naughty Ads, check through the profiles to figure out what makes you happy. Scrutinise their profiles, pictures and bio's thoroughly before settling on one to contact. If you're concerned about selection, which is unlikely, there is always plenty of profiles online to help quench your sexy thirst. Step 2. Call them Making a call during the booking process is very important. Besides getting more information on what they offer, it eases the tension between you two, which is better than having a first conversation face to face. Please note that a lot of escorts specify, however, that initial contact should be made via text or email - so make sure to read their profile carefully before making initial contact. Once you've moved past this initial phase and when on the call, we highly discourage asking stupid and nagging questions where answers are already in the escort’s bio or ad description section. Such questions include rates. Rather than asking such questions, focus on creating a friendly and courteous rapport that will make things easier. Step 3. Prepare just like any other date. Meeting the best female escorts in Auckland isn’t any different from those casual dates. You wouldn’t show up for a first date untidy and smelly, so don’t do it with your escort either. Take a good shower, brush your teeth, get a good haircut, put on some deodorant or perfume, and top it off with a nice outfit. Remember, the first impression counts a lot on how the date will go. Even though you're paying for these services, how you present yourself goes beyond being a client. Step 4. Get to the meeting point on time.  Once you clean up, get to the meeting point on time. Escorts hate it when their time is wasted, so you don’t want to be late for a date. Always make sure you get there before they do to acclimatise with the conditions. Once you're there, everything is bound to flow. Step 5. Confirm their identity and be courteous. Confirming identity sounds shifty, but believe it's very important. Politely ask for some ID if you can't recognise the person from the ad. If something is off, don’t be afraid to ask or contact the agency (if you've booked through one). Otherwise, proceed to the date and have fun if you're comfortable. In closing After all is said and done, it's not as hard as it sounds. We advocate for honesty and courtesy throughout the process, from booking to the meeting. If you follow the above tips, things should go plain and smoothly. What was your experience meeting an escort for the first time? Tell us in the comments.   
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How Much Do Escorts Cost in Vegas

April 3rd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
They don’t call it sin city for no reason. Las Vegas is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and is well known for its spectacular entertainment, fine dining, gambling, and thrilling nightlife. Consequently, this attracts the most stylish, attractive, sophisticated women who come to take advantage of wealthy revellers. These escorts know how to give men exactly what they need through their professional escorting services. However, that comes at a price and a heavy one, for that matter. Before getting an escort in Las Vegas, we highly recommend researching prices. Here is a short explainer article of how much escorts cost in Vegas. What determines the price? As expected, prices vary from escort to escort and place to place. Several factors affect the pricing; the most common is where you get the escort. Here are the different places you can get escorts in Vegas and how much they cost. Escort agencies If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you must have been handed a card as you walked down the strip. Most of those cards are for strip clubs or nightclubs, and some are for escort agencies. Las Vegas has some of the best escort agencies you can find, and they boast the best collection of escorts from all over the world. This is the safest way of getting an escort in Las Vegas, but it comes at a price. Escort agencies do the leg work for you and connect you to the woman of your dreams. Prices vary depending on the terms and conditions of the agency, but in general cases, it will cost you as high as $20000 a night since the agency keeps some of the fees. However, such high prices are for VIP and famous escorts. For most agencies, you’ll be to find escorts $500 an hour. Escorts from nightclubs  The nightlife in Vegas is a perfect hub for escorts. The hundreds of stunning nightclubs are excellent places to catch an escort. Although risky, you can get an escort in nightclubs at a cheaper price than in the agencies. These escorts set their own rates, and the good thing is that you can negotiate the prices. The prices vary from escort to the other. It's possible to get a companion for $200 up to any amount you'd like to spend. It all depends on who you meet and how you negotiate. Escort Websites Despite prostitution being illegal in Las Vegas there are always beautiful escorts to choose from reputable sites like Eros. Now, you won't see any services or prices listed on site but rest assured that you'll be able to get some nookie for cash if you play it cool and follow the protocols. Similarly to Escorts in Auckland, Las Vegas has an amazing collection of escorts who offer stunning services. The price here is determined by what service you're looking for and your negotiation skills but this will all need to be done in person as ostensibly, you are simply paying for time. In summary There are many ways of getting an escort in Las Vegas. The different conditions make it a little difficult to put a general price for escorts. However, the above methods show how things run in sin city. Whenever you're there, we recommend using an agency or a reputable escort website, and remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Cheers!  Have you ever been to Vegas? What was your experience? Our comment section is open!       
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How To Text Escorts

March 30th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
How you communicate is one of the best and easiest ways of creating a great impression on anyone - especially escorts. Many clients don’t realise that it counts a great deal towards how your date or booking goes. Many clients address escorts rudely or recklessly because they are paying for the services. Texting an escort calmly and respectably creates a perfect image that is important for the date and future bookings. When Auckland Female escorts realise you’re a respectable client, who only wants to treat them well, they go the extra mile for you, and you’ll get the icing on the cake. Here is a simple summary of how to text an escort. Introduce yourself like a worthy client Getting started is easier than you think. Simply introduce yourself! A simple “Hi, My name is…..” will work. Remember to mention where you got the number and why you're texting. The point is to be as courteous and direct as possible Often websites (like Naughty Ads) have a preloaded txt template that you can use to fill out and get bookings. Getting the right information upfront helps speed up the bookings process which is helpful to both parties. Avoid asking for addresses out of the blue You would feel completely out of place if a stranger wanted to know where you live via a text message, especially on the first day of talking. Asking for addresses as if you deserve it will only get you blocked. In most cases, you won't even have to ask for an address, as your independent escort provider will take care of that and send it to you once the booking has been confirmed. Sometimes escorts prefer to withhold the exact address until a short time before the booking. However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to ask for an address, create rapport and a booking first. Follow instructions In most cases, agencies or even Auckland Female escorts have a set of instructions on their websites and profiles, respectively. The instructions clearly explain how the escorts would prefer to be contacted and any time limits. If an escort doesn’t want to be texted via SMS, please don’t do it. If the instructions strictly say email, which many escorts prefer, please don’t cross boundaries. Never leave them hanging Once you start something, be sure to finish it. Remember, every minute counts for an escort, so fast replies are preferred. If the escort has to wait 10 minutes for a reply, they’ll brand you a time waster. If you change your mind about the booking, do it directly and politely. Don’t send nudes For heaven's sake, especially with male clients, no one wants to see your wieners. Sending an Auckland female escort a nude won't make them drool over you. You’ll get blocked! Now it's a different story if you've paid for a sexting service that includes the exchange of nudes. Look out for providers who offer this under the heading "Virtual Services" on Naughty Ads. Conclusion Remember that the purpose of texting an escort is to make the booking work and is meant to be a short messaging exchange. We encourage open and straightforward communication, including all the necessary information. Remember, short and sweet and to the point works best. What do you think is the best way of communicating with an escort? Tell us in the comments.     
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Giving Wild Head- Oddly Satisfying Techniques

March 27th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
There’s no better feeling than a long sensual foreplay session to get you in the mood pre-romp. One of the wildest and yet the most thrilling sex acts is a blow job. If a session doesn’t have a blow job or oral sex, it's as though it's incomplete. When it comes to going down on him, there are are a few rule but mainly instincts. If you’re experienced in this, you can bear us witness that once you have that guy in your mouth, you can lick, kiss, suck, stroke or even grind it. For the starters who aren’t experienced, giving a blow job is an art. Interestingly, it can be satisfying for both partners if done correctly. Knowing the best blow job techniques to bring him to orgasmic bliss is the key to getting him hooked on you. Here is a list of wild and intensely satisfying techniques. Wet does it If you ask Auckland Female escorts, the best blowjobs are the wet, sloppy ones. A super wet blow job feels like heaven. Ideally, this calls for you to produce lots of saliva before and during the action. In most cases, this happens naturally when your anticipate that you’re about to suck something. However, chewing gum or candy right before going down on him will also help. Alternatively, and arguably the best method, is using edible lube. Always make sure you have some by your bedside. Besides blow jobs, edible lube will come in handy throughout if you need some to get things a little more slippery during penetrative sex. Give the tip special attention. The tip is by far the most sensitive part of the male anatomy. Paying particular attention to this part could be the best gift to the man. It pushes him to his edge easily and in a very pleasurable way. There are several techniques you can use to make use of this part, and they are described as follows: Kissing If you like hearing him moan and groan in pleasure, this is the way to go. Kissing his tip and balls is easy; you just have to think of how you kiss him. You can start by giving it pecks and gently running your wet lips over the tip. Gently suck on it as you proceed to suck the whole meat. The figure of 8 This is also called the twister. Hold his penis steady, using both hands, and make small circular rotations on the tip to draw the number 8. You can alternate the direction of rotation and increase the speed of the licking. As long as your tongue is wet enough, this will do magic. The deep throat Deep-throating him is exceptionally pleasurable, thanks to the soft area at the back of your throat. As you swallow him deep into your mouth, the tonsils come into contact with the head, and due to the gag reflex, it ends up as a highly thrilling feeling. The urethral opening Some men have extremely sensitive urethral openings. Gently licking this region could be highly pleasing. Edge him This is the secret weapon to take over his heart. Bringing him close to the edge of his orgasm and stopping the pleasure is hugely thrilling. In addition, it prolongs the pleasure and gives a more intense orgasm when you finally allow him to ejaculate. Finish off with the hands. This is the way to go if you have second thoughts about swallowing his cum. When he reaches his orgasm, simply pull his penis from your mouth and stroke it till he cums. A simple fast up and down motion will do the job. However, if you want to get extra, read our guide to giving a mind-blowing hand job. If you're a fan of eating cum or want to really turn him on - then give that load a swallow! How would you rate your head giving technique? Tell us in the comments.  
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What Do Escorts Do?

March 24th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When you're on a high, low or even somewhere in-between an escort or adult services date might be just what the doctor ordered. While many people think companionship is all about sex, escorts can be hired just to provide company. To save you from the confusion, here is an explainer of what escorts are and the services they offer. What is an escort? An escort is a person, a man, trans person or a woman, who, for profit, is available to the public for purposes of companionship or accompaniment. In a more general sense, an escort is paid to spend time with a client on a date or a social event. Note that modes of payment can include money or material gifts. What is an escort service? An escort service can be defined as a business that arranges meetings between escorts and clients. Escort services have become mainstream since a lot of clients find them convenient. These services are provided by escort agencies or you can find independent providers on classified advertising sites such as Naughty Ads. Are escorts legal? There is a thin line between Auckland escorts and prostitutes, which in most cases, defines the legality of the services offered. Typically, escorting doesn’t involve sex, while on the other hand, prostitution is defined as an outright sexual service. For that reason, in most states, prostitution tends to be illegal, while escorting is legal. However, New Zealand is the only nation in the world where prostitution is legalised. The kiwi's want you to have all the options - what a great nation they are! What do escorts do? Escorts provide their services in different forms and different places. The best way to describe what escorts do is by aligning them to their places of work. Here are some services offered by escorts and the best places to find them. Faithful companionship The primary reason for hiring an escort should be companionship. An Escort Auckland-style will be a perfect option if you want some company that will make you feel appreciated. Whether at home, at your hotel, or even going on a business trip, escorts will awe you with their social skills. Remember, escorts are trained professionals who will strike up insightful conversations that will ensure you have a great and quality time. Intimacy While sex isn’t part of escorting, on some special occasions, it can be included. However, this needs prior discussion with the escort and a full agreement and consent. Escort agencies will offer such escorts but at a higher cost. Remember, escort agencies go far and wide to fetch for the best escorts in the land, so whatever your taste is, there will be someone to quench your thirst. Body rubs There are thousands of massage parlours and spas across the country. In these relaxing caves, you’ll find exclusive Auckland escorts who offer sensual massages to clients at a cost. These escorts are trained to provide the best services in the land, and if you’d like a happy ending, it's always available on request. In conclusion. To understand escorts better, you must get sex out of your mind since escorting goes beyond sex. These men, trans persons and women are trained to fit right into all situations. So, the next time you see an escort, don’t just think about sex. See them as heavenly beings who’ve been sent to offer fantastic company. What other services are offered by escorts? Feel free to tell us in the comment section.     
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How to make semen taste better

March 22nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The taste of semen is a sensitive topic that very few people talk about. Whether you're a man or a woman, the taste of semen concerns you in one way or another. As a man, something is exciting in watching her go down on you and push all that cum down her throat. As a woman, it can be pretty thrilling to swallow after going down on him, and of course, it's easier to swallow than to worry about cleaning it up (at least that's what men will tell you :) ). In most cases, semen is always described as tasting like salty water or chemical bleach. However, while there’s some truth, the taste greatly varies from man to man. You’re probably asking yourself if there’s a way you can make it taste better. Here are a few tips on how to make semen taste better. Say yes to water According to studies, semen is about 98 per cent water. This is what makes it squirt easily. If you’re not hydrating enough, chances are you'll have thick, globby, and smelly semen, which is pretty unpleasant to whomever is tasting it - like your girlfriend, your sugar baby or perhaps even one of the Auckland Escorts. However, hydrating enough makes the semen more voluminous and lessens the unpleasant smell, which is even better for sex. Say no to smoking and alcohol. The downside of smoking is that everything around you soon starts smelling like smoke. Including semen! Can you believe it? This is because smoke is directly absorbed into the skin and even clothes. Please quit the cigars if you don’t want your semen tasting like an old rag full of smoke. On the other note, alcohol also ruins the magic of this substance since its directly absorbed into the body. Also, alcohol dehydrates you, directly affecting the amount of water in semen and altering the smell and texture. Reduce on caffeine We agree caffeine is perfect as an energy booster, but when it comes to semen, we recommend cutting down on it. Semen already has a salty, bitter taste, and adding more caffeine into the mix is only going to make it worse. Avoid strong-smelling foods. These include garlic, asparagus, onions, and the like. While these foods are termed healthy, they are known to have smelly effects on pee and semen. Avoid processed foods. There’s a global menace brought about by fast foods such as burgers, pizza, and fries. Such foods make you fat and give your semen a bitter, unpleasant taste. Add on fruits and natural sweeteners. The secret to having tasty semen lies in fruits such as melon, pineapple, berries, cinnamon, and plums. These fruits are rich in natural sugars, which lead to healthy and better-tasting semen when absorbed into the body. In closing. It's unbelievable that you can alter the taste of semen with a few lifestyle changes and ultimately have a better sex life. The highlighted tips should be helpful. Do you have any ideas about what semen tastes like and what you can do to improve it? What other methods would you recommend for making it taste better? Please tell us through the blog comment section below.  
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How To Find Escorts on Craigslist

March 19th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Although we live in a time when technology has massively evolved to the point where finding anything online is effortless, finding a hookup can still be challenging for many. You can find anything on websites, and Craigslist is one of the most iconic websites known for personal ads. It has the simplest design and browser extensions that help you find what you want fast and efficiently. Unfortunately, personal classifieds have been removed from the site due to complaints and even legal actions. You can still find hookup ads from time to time, but the admins quickly block them since this isn’t a category that’s allowed. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t hook up on Craigslist. Like any other dating site, Craigslist has a special section for escorts and hookups. When you peruse the Craigslist homepage, there is a section called “services”, where escorts and online dating women post ads of what they are looking for. However, as pointed out earlier, these ads will keep getting blocked, so you must be pretty keen to notice them. The services section will give you good leads, and it's also a perfect place to post an ad when you want to meet someone as well. Before you post your ad, we suggest you include your age and location, saving you time and many unnecessary conversations. Also, have a nice picture of yourself to increase your chances of getting a catch. An important reminder when posting an ad here is that you should be careful with giving out sensitive and personal information. Remember, you’ll be dealing with strangers, and not all of them have pure intentions. Before the shutdown, Craigslist used to be a hub of hookups. Since the personal classifieds section was shut down, people have refrained from using Craigslist and are exploring alternatives. This is why we recommend checking popular dating and escort sites before coming to Craigslist. Better alternatives include directory advertising sites like Escorts and Babes or Naughty Ads. Nevertheless, if you want to get laid on Craigslist, post a simple ad with a phrase that describes your preferences. The idea is to ensure the other person gets as much necessary information about you as possible. The bottom line is that the recent changes on the website have scared many clients away and changed the types of escorts the site attracts. Nevertheless, it’s still very possible to get laid on Craigslist. Which is your preferred site for hookups? Have you ever used Craigslist? Please tell us about your experience in the comments section.
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What Is Escorts?

March 17th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
One topic that is guaranteed to spark discussion is the that of escorts. Many puritans regard escorting and prostitution as a negative or immoral way of living. This is misguided. Prostitution and escorting is one of the oldest professions and will exist for ever in one form or another. There are other "normal" jobs that are filled with mental health issues and strain on the physical body. Escorting and prostitution in its purest form is about connection between people that often (but not always) ends in sexual release. How could this ever be a bad thing! The definition. What is escorting? What are Escorts. An escort is someone who accompanies another, either for security or courtesy. In the sex industry context, an escort accompanies a client for intimate companionship. So, escorting means giving money or something else of value in exchange for a date or someone's time. On the other hand, prostitutes are men and women who exchange money or items of value for sex directly. The main difference between the two is that prostitutes only do sex for money while escorting is usually about having fun and spending time with someone. It can of course (and often does) involve sex but it is not a necessary part of the deal. When comparing the two, escorts are seen as being more classy or upmarket. They are normally paid more than prostitutes. Escorts are often trained and, if the case, very professional. We recommend researching the best online directories and agencies and places to find them. Escorts and prostitutes that work for agencies or are self-employed and regarded as being safter than picking up a prostitutes on the streets. It is therefore a much better option. Different types of escorts Here is a brief breakdown of different types of escorts and where you can find them. Independent escorts This group shouldn’t be confused with prostitutes. They mostly work from a private residence or from hotels and charge more reasonable rates for their bookings. Most have personal websites and large social media influence, which they use to bag wealthy clients. They get to keep all their profits since they are self-employed. Agency employees Escorts who work with agencies enjoy the benefit of having the agency do the legwork of advertising and administration for them for a cost or split of profits. They work in private locations and depend on the agencies for connections with clients. They tend to charge higher prices as well due to the agency fees. Brothel employees Brothel employees are employed a gentleman's clubs and other establishments including spas sometimes massage parlours (with happy endings). Their class an professionalism differs and is often linked to the notoriety and professionalism of the establishment in which they're employed. The bottom line There are different ways of defining escorts, but the bottom line is they are well-trained, well-behaved (unless you don't want them to be :) ) and very professional. They have glamorous looks and are available in almost every location, especially in big cities. The next time you're looking to find an escorts nearby why not visit a site like Naughty Ads!
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How To Hire Escorts

March 15th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Meeting someone new, especially for intimate reasons, can be pretty intimidating. We understand that there are lots of questions. What’s my type? What kind of experience am I looking for? What do I want from a booking? What could go wrong? Whether you're new to this or not, the experience can weigh you down a little. The good thing is that the process has been simplified thanks to the internet and social media. Here are a few important steps that will guide you from the beginning to the end of your quest for sexual adventure. Start with research If you're a first-timer, we insist on this step. Perhaps you’ve been perusing through the hundreds of ad sites, but you haven’t had the guts to send that first message. The best thing about technology is that information is at our fingertips. Most of these escorts are on social media. So, follow them and take some time to scrutinize their personalities. It's completely okay if it takes a while to figure out what you like, but we recommend sorting that out before reaching out to providers. Answer as many questions as possible without asking. The idea of escorts having profiles is to cut down on time wasted on questions such as rates. 90% of the time, the questions you have in your head are already answered on her profile. Cut off the ignorance and read their profile before jumping in with nagging questions. Asking questions that are already answered on an advertiser's profile is considered time wasting and will likely prevent you from starting the booking. Do your research, ask any essential questions and then make that booking. Do not negotiate This concerns rates and boundaries. Whoever the person is, don’t try to convince them to change things in your favour. If whatever they offer doesn’t work for you, please move on to the next person. The booking There are different ways of approaching this. If you're dealing with an agency, all you have to do is choose the woman of your dreams and make a booking. If we're looking at independent escorts, they, in most cases, have their contacts on their profiles, and all you have to do is enquire about availability. It's as simple as that. Showing up So, the booking process has been smooth, and you're about to meet your escort for a date. What do you do? How do you get ready? The whole process aims to create a great first impression, which is largely about appearance. Please make sure you do the following; ·       Take a shower ·       Groom any facial hair ·       Choose clean clothing ·       Don’t turn up drunk ·       Trim your nails ·       Smell nice. Once do these few simple things, you're good to go. Important! Once you're together, it might be intimidating, but we promise it only gets easier. Focus on knowing the escort as a person and strike fun conversations. Take your humanity with you, remember to observe boundaries, and don’t overstay your welcome. With these easy steps, your sexual adventure awaits!
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How To Become a Male Escort

March 13th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Generally, there is a higher demand for female escorts than for male escorts. This has been the norm for decades as the sex industry inclines more toward women than men. Becoming a male escort is a top-tier source of income. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter whether you're straight, gay or bisexual since there is a slot for everyone. If you enjoy sex, have lots of friends, and people tell you youre a good listener, this might be your calling. Besides, why not get laid and at the same time you make bank? Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. It calls for patience and mastering some tricks. Here are a few simple tips on how to become a male escort. Soul search Before you even get into this, the first question goes to you. Do you think this line of work will suit you? Are you into the idea of being a male sex worker? See, sex work and escorting are surrounded by many controversies, and unless you have that strong will to push, you might end up crushing your self-esteem. Rather than asking how to become an escort, you could ask yourself, should you become an escort? Once you find an answer to that question, you’ll be ready for the next step. Self-grooming is key. In escorting, a poor first impression is always the deal breaker. You can never impress any woman or a client with a shabby appearance. Depending on what kind of escort you want to become, we recommend upgrading your wardrobe and maintaining a toned body that will attract high-value clients. Sharpen your business skills If you’re here for the money, you know that this job requires serious business skills. It involves a lot of advertising, screening, scheduling, marketing, and answering inquiries. Although people from the outside assume this isn’t a business, trust us, it takes a lot of admin work to be successful. You need advanced social skills. Confidence, emotional awareness, emotional intelligence, courtesy, and attentiveness are some attributes you’ll need as an escort. Remember you’ll be dealing with strangers, and thus you should be able to make them feel comfortable within the first few minutes of a conversation. What next? There are several opportunities for male escorts. For instance, you can work with an agency or get started as an independent escort and market your services through a site like Escort and Babes or Naughty Ads. On these sites, you'll get connected to your clients, and in return, you're charged a daily, weekly or monthly advertising fee. Alternatively, you can choose to work independently and source for clients from bars, hotels, nightclubs, or even social media. Disclaimer We can't insist enough that escorting work isn’t as easy as it may seem. It would help if you learned how to deal with downs like rejection. Also, the demand for male escorts isn't as high as it is for woman so clients may be fewer which means profits might be lesser. We therefore recommend that you do everything you can to separate yourself from the pack and stand out. Following the tips outlined in this post will surely help you along on your journey. Best of luck and drop a comment below to discuss this topic futher.
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How Much Do Escorts Charge for Sex

March 1st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
First, can we all agree that escorting isn’t all about sex? Escorts differ completely from prostitutes, who exchange sex for money and gifts. When it comes to escorts, it's more of an exchange of intimate company for money and gifts. However, that doesn’t mean sex isn’t included. In most cases, sex can will be part of the package, and accordingly, the price will be higher in those cases. How much an escort charges for sex is a complex discussion without a clear answer. The key to understanding the question, however, is distinguishing between escorts and other providers. The rates that escorts charge for sex are affected by various factors such as services, cities and their physical attractiveness or social status. When it comes to beauty, it falls back on your taste and personal interests. Depending on what you like, there will always be an escort for you. On the same note, the budget or the amount of money you’re willing to spend also matters. These three go hand in hand in a selection process that will determine how much you're willing to pay for the session. Internationally, the rates of escorts also vary depending on location. In big cities such as Sydney, escorts tend to charge more since their demand is higher. Also, their charges will depend on whether they are independent or work with an agency. In most cases, agencies will have a minimum hire rate of about $500 per hour, which depends on the location. Regarding independent escorts, the rates could be higher, with some charging as much as $20000 per engagement day. While it's hard to come up with a figure, we could conclude that an average female escort will charge about $500 per hour and about $3000 for the whole night, keeping in mind they don’t work for the entire day. When it comes to male escorts, their hourly rates tend to be slightly higher. Generally, the rate fluctuates since it’s a typical business model affected by the forces of demand and supply. Whether the gig is an outcall or an incall greatly affects how much they will charge. When the escort does an outcall at your place or your hotel room, that will definitely be more expensive compared to when you have to travel to their place. One might wonder why the high rates. Well, remember, escorts have operating costs too - and a lot of them. Advertisements, photoshoots, aftercare, grooming, health check-ups and phone bills all cost money, which has to be reflected in how much they charge for sex and their services. The bottom line is that every escort sets their prices independently. But generally, there is always something for every price. Keep in mind, however that escorts are much classier than casual street girls and, thus, are definitely more expensive. In life you pay for what you get!
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How Much Do High-End Escorts Cost

February 27th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The old question of how much an escort makes has always sparked debate. The thing is, many people make a fuss out of escorting. Ideally, other professions, such as engineers, sell their brains, while escorts sell their time - which is often (but not necessarily) intimate. It's that simple, really. The exchange of pleasure for the coin has happened for thousands of years, and in the recent decade, we have seen the rise of VIP escorts, otherwise known as high-end escorts. These are escorts, except that they charge way more compared to what you can find with regular escorts. While there is no true answer to the question, here is a simple breakdown of how high-end escorts set their prices and how much they can make. This isn’t a very simple question to answer. How much high-end escorts earn is related to how much they are willing to do. Naturally, they can work themselves to death, but because their status isn’t regular, they tend to care for themselves much more. Also, the higher they are ranked, the more clients they have and the more selective they become, only going for the lucrative, well-paying clients. However, remember that they don’t always keep all the money they earn since most high-end escorts work under agencies. In such a case, the agency puts a lot of hard work into promoting them and giving them “high-end” status. In such cases, these escorts can cost up to $3000 for an hour-long engagement. This money is split between them and the agency based on an agreed-upon percentage. What if they are independent? There is crazy money in being a high-end independent escort. These escorts can charge as much as they want, but the trick is that there is work to be done to get to the top since they have to do expensive, tricky, and extensive self-promotion. Some of these escorts can charge up to $20,000 for two-day engagements and make more than half a million dollars in annual income. Do they have side hustles? Agency escorts also have gigs on the side, which add their monthly earn. For example, escorts can be hired by clubs or hotels to promote events or even as fake clients to attract people and create a sexy and sophisticated business atmosphere. Most also have endorsement contracts since they have a large social media following. The type of services they offer also affects how much they earn. In most cases, the hourly rate comes as a package; the bigger the package, the higher the charges. The bottom line It's hard to figure out how much this group makes, but the difference come when you look at whether the escort provider is an independent or agency employed. But generally, it's hard to find a high-end escort charging below $1000 per hour of engagement.
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Escorts who squirt

February 26th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Nothing compliments a raunchy and steamy session as much as a gushy, slippery, squirting grand finale. For many gents, making a escort squirt is a heavenly experience. Having her curl her fingers as she cums feels like the perfect ending to a perfect booking. While this is a dream to many, it gets a bit hard to achieve because the female anatomy is a puzzle many men take years to master. Here are a few valuable tips to help you lead your escort to an orgasm. First, many escorts can squirt, and most websites have that exclusive category of escorts who squirt. In those ad sites, you’ll find many luxurious yet welcoming escorts ready to take you down an adventure with a girlfriend experience or even push your arousal limits with an intense and steamy pornstar experience session. When you secure your booking and you want to mark your name on her heart, remember the following tips to make her cum. Foreplay matters Foreplay is the most ignored part when it comes to escorts who squirt. You're not going to get her to the big O if you rush things. We suggest taking your time and enjoying each other’s company. Massage her body and kiss all her erogenous zones. We highly recommend extra attention to the breasts, nipples, navel, inner thighs, lips, and of course, her vagina. Oral sex While you kiss her body, make a slow and sexy descent towards her vagina. Explore her vagina and the clitoris using your tongue and spoil her quietly. You’ll notice those soft moans, indicating she’s enjoying it and you're on the right path. Locating her G-spot. The G spot is an extra sensitive region deep in her anatomy. That doesn’t mean you can’t find it, though. All you need to do is slowly and gently insert a finger into her vagina and slowly move your finger up and down, looking for a bubbly and spongy bud. Once you find it, rubbing it slowly will give her an unforgettable experience. We recommend observing extra care by having short nails, clean hands, and lubricated hands. Pro tip! When massaging the G spot, “come here” finger movements work wonders. The climax Once you’ve located the G spot, you're already almost there. Make sure you finger her slowly, applying a little bit more but enough pressure to the top of her vagina and then slowly increasing the pace. Slowly, the orgasm will build up, and when it's time, your escort date will ejaculate powerfully. An important reminder is that escorts who provide these services at their own discretion, and just because you’ve read this doesn’t mean all escorts want to squirt. Remember to ask questions about what the adult service provider offers. Otherwise, the above tips will be perfect for escorts who squirt.
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Escorts Who Offer Natural Sex

February 22nd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
If there are workers that society needs to embrace more, it is that of escort and adult service providers. While sex and escorts may get a bad rap in certain corners of the world, thousands of men women and trans people are in dire need connection and the sexual services that this group of vital providers offers. While most clients seek escort services for unmet sexual needs, it goes far beyond the sexual thrill. Today, we’ll discuss escorts who offer natural sex and the reasons why people hire them. When we speak of natural sex, it’s precisely what comes to mind. Although majority of escorts don’t offer natural sex, there are some escorts that offer this service. We recommend that you practice safe sex at all times. However, we're not going to deny that this service is offered out there in the community. You can find escorts who offer natural sex on social media or even on adult advertising sites. Here are a few reasons why they are loved, and many people hire them. They will help you try new things Natural sex involves much more than just ejaculation. When your sex life gets bland, escorts will help you rekindle it. They are the perfect people to try new kinks and sex positions with. They are judgment-free and have vast experiences to call on. The most important thing before indulging yourself is conversing to provider what you want to try and set boundaries. So, the next time you want to try natural sex without worrying about someone getting jealous, escorts will be there for you. They help boost confidence Escorts who offer natural sex are experienced in both the dating and sex worlds and thus they are the perfect go-to options when you want to practice in these areas. If you're new to dating or coming back after a long hiatus, they can help you build your confidence by giving you someone to practice with while getting honest feedback. The same applies to sex when you’ve lost touch with your body or want to learn how to please someone else. They are perfect when you're seeking options Some people find it challenging to stay with one person, no matter how hard they try. This might be the old serial daters trying to settle, but they can’t and know they have a high propensity for cheating. In some cases, they’re just trying to learn something new. Either way, instead of jumping from partner to partner, escorts can provide an easy and safe option for them, which benefits their partners. Have you ever had natural sex with an escort? What was it like? Please let us know in the comments!
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Where to Find Escorts

February 20th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
An escort could be precisely what you're hunting for if you want some company. Thousands of people continue procure the services of escorts despite being perceived and evaluated as rogue members of society. Most of those who oppose escorts nonetheless use their services behind closed doors. A person who provides company in exchange for cash and gifts is known as an escort. An escort is ideal company whether you're going on a vacation, want to catch a movie, or want to hang out at the bar. Even though it might seem easy, finding a good escort for a good time can be a little daunting as there are so many options. This article gives several suggestions for different ways of finding escorts. Know what you need first We all have different preferences when it comes to having fun and dating. The same holds true for locating escorts. Consider whether you prefer them BBW, light, dark, or small. There is someone for everyone in the sex industry, and once you figure out your type, it becomes easier to know where to find ideal date. Try escort directories Countless websites showcase escorts that market their services. A simple Google search, such as "escorts near me," displays websites with escort profiles from which you can make an informed choice. Finding an escort shouldn't be difficult because as most websites have escorts available in Australia and New Zealand in almost every location. Even if you live remotely and aren't able to find an escort or adult service provider near you, you can always find someone who provides virtual services. The majority of these websites feature filters that let you focus on the information you need. You could, for instance, use the word "blonde." The great thing is you only need to get in touch once you've honed in on your ideal escort. Look for agency advertisements for escort services By linking you with the woman of your dreams, escort agencies do all the legwork for you. They typically place their ads on pornographic websites or in naughty publications. Working with an agency ensures you'll receive experienced escort services, although it could be a little pricey. Social media Escorts   Escorts use social media to advertise their services. Thanks to social media, users now have access to all dimensions of sexual services and precisely escorting. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat are the simplest and most popular channels for discovering escorts. When you use hashtags like #Escorts, thousands of profiles that might interest you will appear. We caution you that there is a lot of catfishing on social media, so watch your steps.  Hotels, bars, nightclubs, and pubs. This is another place to find escorts, especially those who work independently. Bars and nightclubs are perfect chill spots for escorts as they wait on horny revellers. Visiting one of these places could get you a catch. In most cases, this escort category requires a negotiation to agree on a price. Again, meeting an escort this way is more risky and could be more pricey than finding a verified escort on a reputable website like Escorts and Babes or Naughtyads. There are many different ways to hook up with an escort. The methods highlighted in this article should help do the trick. We do, however, recommend using websites since they are safer. Where did you find your escort dates? Please let us know in the comment section below.  
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Why Are some Escorts arrogant?

February 17th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
If you’re a regular client, you may have encountered one or two arrogant escorts. Remember that the sex industry is vast and just like any industry you will have the majority of people provider excellent, professional service but some who don't. It is really unusual to encounter a rude escort since the far majority are very professional and business savvy. If you have encountered a case of an escort being arrogant, here are some of the reasons that this may have been the case. They are simply not professional Majority of escorts are professional and, in most cases, are trained to approach clients with utmost courtesy and respect. Sometimes there are rogue cases, which can happen with any type of escort - be they an agency or brothel worker or an independent. If you meet an arrogant case, it may be the case that the escort is having a bad day and not acting in a professional manner. You’re a time waster Sex workers get thousands of messages, calls, and requests, many of whom are just a mere “Hi” or from people who call without the intention of making a booking. In such a case, their anger can be triggered. Wouldn't yours? You’re asking too many questions The reason why many escorts have profiles is to avoid wasting time. In the profiles, you’ll find all the necessary information, such as age, location, availability, rates, and services offered. When you call and ask unnecessary questions about something clearly on their profiles, you’re upsetting them, and they might turn arrogant. You’re cheap, and you’re negotiating The number one rule of engaging escorts is no bargaining or asking for a discount or an extra service. Many sex workers have to deal with tons of cheap clients who try to negotiate for a cheaper rate. If you can’t bargain in a supermarket, don’t do it with an escort. Simply go for someone cheaper; otherwise, you’ll be served a ton of arrogance. You’re rude and entitled Many clients tend to be rude and entitled just because they are paying for the services. Escorts have to deal with many people who are prejudiced against sex work and will say all sorts of things to insult and degrade escorts. If you approach them with such an attitude, you will most likely get what you give. Generally, escorts aren’t rude in the slightest, and many people confuse strictness with arrogance. If they are brief and cut you off on the phone, it's because you forgot this isn’t a casual phone call but a business one. What’s your experience with escorts? Have you ever met a rude or arrogant escort? Please let us know in the comments section.
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BEST SELLERS - Level up your toy and lingerie game with Lovehoney

February 15th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Level up your toy and lingerie game with Lovehoney  Sales period: Start: Wednesday 15th February 1am AEST / 2am AEDT  End: Monday 13th March 2pm AEST / 3pm AEDT  Up to 50% Off selected Sex Toys:   Up to 50% Off selected Lingerie:  3 for 2 Fun & Foreplay:    Be Proud:  Lovehoney's BEST SELLERS campaign. Please see all details about this campaign above.
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Where Can I Find Escorts

February 13th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
When searching for an escort in Darwin, you can find one through a variety of different channels, such as internet directories, nightclubs, as well as through the recommendations from friends. In this post, we will investigate the different ways you can find an escort or adult service provider in great detail and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each one to establish which of these approaches is the most effective way to get an escort in Darwin. The purpose of this article is to present a summary of the approaches that are the most effective and user-friendly in terms of locating an escort in Darwin. Online Directories When looking for an escort in Darwin, an excellent location to begin your search is online directories, Naughtyads is a prime example (okay, so we're biased!). A wide variety of internet directories and classifieds websites include escorts in their listings. On websites such as Free Escorts, Escort Directory, and Escorts Australia, you can look for escorts in the city of Darwin. Escorts Australia is another option. Because they include comprehensive details about each escort in Darwin, including the services they offer, the rates they charge, and their contact information, these websites are an excellent method to find an escort in Darwin. You can also read reviews written by previous customers to understand better the service level provided by each escort. Bars and Clubs Going out to the local bars and clubs in Darwin is another wonderful approach to locating escorts in the city of Darwin. In nightclubs you can often find escorts who might be out at the bar or you might talk to others in the neighbourhood to find out if anyone has information on local escort services. Checking the websites of the major pubs and clubs in Darwin to see if they feature any listings of escorts in the local region is another smart thing to do if you're looking for an escort in the area. Recommendations from Friends   If you are looking for an escort in Darwin, the best method to discover one is to ask your friends and other people you know. They could provide you with a solid recommendation or even put you in touch with one of their friends or acquaintances who work as an escort. This is an excellent method for locating an honest and dependable adult service provider. Conclusion   In conclusion, you can find an escort in Darwin with ease, nevertheless, it is necessary to conduct sufficient research when doing so. Investigate the escort's background, ensure they are trustworthy and ask people in your social circle or through only forums for recommendations. You should take your time finding an escort who can meet your requirements. If you have the necessary prior experience, you should be able to locate a reliable escort in the Darwin area and organize a great time!  
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How to Find Escorts in your Area

February 10th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The Internet is the ideal location to begin your search for local escorts in Melbourne or in any city for that matter. Searching online for escort services in your location is the best approach to locating escorts in your area. You may learn more about the escorts and the services they offer, see photos, and read reviews on their websites and profiles. Typically, the escorts' availability, services, and pricing are listed on these sites, in addition to complete profiles of the escorts themselves. The subject of this post is how to locate reliable escorts in Melbourne and maximize your time with them. Making the call Despite common belief, finding an escort in your neighbourhood is a breeze. The first thing you should do is contact a local escort service or personal escort. Finding local escort services and their contact details is as easy as conducting an online search. After making your selection, call or text depending on the provider's preference (normally stated within their ad description) and let them know what you want. Make sure to be respectful and concise during the communications. It's also crucial to find out about things like the escort's fees and transportation costs in advance. Once everything has been worked out, schedule a date.                                                                Get Ready For your date The first thing you should do if you need to call an escort in your region is to get ready. Be prepared: know what you can afford, what services you need, and how to get them. Find the finest service that fits your budget by learning about the independent escorts in your region. If there are any legal constraints on using an escort in your location, you should be aware of them. After you have gathered the necessary information, you can start contacting the escorts and adult service providers. Be kind and state your needs and financial limitations. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and pay attention to the responses you receive. Finally, before making any final decisions, check to be sure the offered price and services meet your needs. Conclusion Finally, locating escorts in your region should be easy if you know where to go. Start by browsing on a site like Naughtyads for independent escorts in your area. After collecting the required data, give them a call to review your requirements, fees, and travel expenses. Prepare for your date and adhere to any escort wishes like that you shave or don't overuse perfume. Lastly, select an escort with whom you feel comfortable and who is a good fit for your needs. With enough diligence and planning, you can locate escorts in your area who will ensure your comfort and giving you a mind-blowing experience.  
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How Escorts Work

February 8th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Escorts are women, men or trans people who accept payment in exchange for providing companionship, social events, dates, and sexual services to their clients. The purpose of this article is to present a high-level overview of the escorting profession, with input from Brisbane escorts, focusing on the services provided, safety protocols adhered to, and limits placed on clients. Escorts should always put their client's safety first, create clear boundaries with them, and professionally conduct themselves. These norms and limitations should be observed for the sake of the escorts and the client's safety and happiness. Offer companionship at a fee An escort will typically meet a client in a public location, such as a bar or restaurant, to discuss the arrangement for companionship services. Typically, this meeting will take place, and the client is responsible for making payment of the charge either before or after the provision of the services. Companions, social gatherings, dates, sexual favours, and various other activities are some things that escorts could offer as services. Adhere to Relevant Safety Standards and Legislation The client and the escort are responsible for protecting themselves by taking the required steps, such as confirming the other party's identification and arranging a secure meeting location. It is imperative that escorts take the necessary precautions to safeguard their personal information and that they should be very careful about revealing information such as their address or personal phone number. Establish Definite Boundaries for Their Clients Escorts must define their professional responsibilities and establish firm boundaries with the people they serve. This means that escorts should be upfront about their expectations regarding money and the services they provide and be clear about the actions that are not permitted. In addition, escorts should establish realistic boundaries on the amount of contact they will have with their customers, and they should be mindful of their well-being at all times. Act Professionally and Uphold a Positive Reputation Finally, escorts need to act professionally and uphold a positive reputation at all times. Regarding the services they offer and the rates they charge, escorts should always be open and honest with their clients. They should also respect the privacy of their customers and should never disclose private information to a third party without first receiving authorization to do so. In addition to working hard to maintain a positive image, escorts are responsible for serving their customers with services of the highest possible calibre. Conclusion Companions, social events, dates, and sexual services are just some options offered by Brisbane escorts. They must set clear limits with their clients and follow all applicable safety regulations and legislation. Escorts should always be mindful of their reputation and work to get payment before or after providing service. Brisbane escorts are generally entrusted with their client's safety and security and are held to a high standard of professionalism in their service.
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Get 10% off your next $120 Spend with code AFF-NA10OFF

February 6th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Love Honey has added a special coupon code for Naughtyads users : get 10% off your next purchase when you spend $120 or more The great thing is you'll get 10% off your next purchase - even on sale items! Coupon Code: Use AFF-NA10OFF at checkout. Terms and Conditions: See website for full T&Cs End Date: Hurry as the sale ends 14/02/2023
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Where to Find Male Escorts

February 6th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Anyone can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a suitable male escort, but with the correct information and tools, the process can be easy and pleasant. Find the best male escort in Sydney with the help of online directories, review sites, and local escort agencies. This article will give you a summary of the many methods, such as newspaper classifieds and local escort companies, which can be used to locate male escorts in Sydney. Having this information makes it simple to locate a trustworthy, competent, and experienced male escort who can serve as the ideal companion for any event. The Newspaper It used to be that one of the best places to look for a male escort was in the personals section of a newspaper. Most newspapers provide a variety of classified ads for various services, including those that provide escorts. In most cases, the contact information for the escort can be found in the classified ad. Finding the right companion might also be facilitated by newspapers with sections devoted to escort services. In addition, the escort's background and services can be better understood through the newspaper's client evaluations and ratings. The ideal male escort can be located in the classifieds of a local newspaper with some time and effort spent looking. The downside with using the newspaper is that you get very little information and don't get photos or videos or any other perks that technology offers. You also have no insight into the legitimacy of the advertiser. Through Web Directories and Review Sites It is possible to choose the ideal male escort for your specific needs with the help of web directories and review sites. Most of these services provide extensive databases of male escorts from all around the world, making it simple to choose a compatible companion. To top it all off, you can usually find evaluations written by the escort's former clients online. You can rest assured that you are working with a legitimate service when you use one of the many sites that offer extra features like verification or even background checks. At the end of the day, online directories and review sites are your best bets for finding the ideal male escort. Through Contact Local Escort Agencies It's easy to find a male escort through local escort agencies. Identifying a trustworthy organization is the first step. Once you've located a reliable service, you may get in touch with them to find out more about their male escorts. In most cases, agencies will provide extensive information about their escorts, including photos, biographies, and contact details. To further guarantee your safety, you may also request a background check or ask for recommendations. Once you've decided on an escort, the agency can set up a meeting between the two of you. Any local escort service can assist you discover a suitable male escort for your event. Conclusion Finding a reliable male escort can seem like an insurmountable challenge, but not if you have access to the appropriate information. You can find the perfect male escort through any number of methods, including newspaper personals, online directories, and local escort agencies. Finding someone for a casual fling or even an ongoing relationship has never been easier than with the help of these services. Sydney escort firms offer a number of useful services, such as reference checks and background checks, to make the search for an escort simpler. Finding a professional, trustworthy male escort in Sydney who can meet your specific demands just takes some time and research. Now of course we're biased but we suggest searching for Male Escorts Sydney or any other city right here with us at Naughtyads.
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How Much Escorts Make

February 3rd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The amount of money an escort can make is greatly determined by many factors, including the services they offer, the region they work in, the level of expertise they possess, and the type of customers they attract. This post will cover the numerous factors that play a role in determining how much escorts make, and by the end, you will have a better grasp of the components that contribute to an escort's earnings. Region of work  Escorts can charge various fees in different areas depending on where they work. For instance, an escort who works in a big city like Sydney may command a higher hourly cost than an escort who works in a more rural region. This is because Sydney Escorts and other people who live in more affluent cities typically have a more significant discretionary income than those in more rural locations. In addition, an escort working in a city or region where the cost of living is higher may demand higher rates than an escort working in a city or region where the cost of living is lower. Services They Offer Companionship, intimate encounters, and sensual massages are just some of the sexual services that escort generally provide. Some escorts offer supplementary services like BDSM and fetishes in addition to conventional services like stripping, dancing, and role-playing. There are a variety of factors that go into determining the hourly rate that an escort would charge for their services. The more specific services an escort provides, the greater the rate they will charge for those services. The Level of Experience   The level of experience that an escort possesses can also have a significant influence on the amount of money they can make. Likely, an escort who has been working in the profession for a longer period will be able to charge higher rates than an escort just starting in the field. In addition, an escort who has had good encounters with clients may be able to charge higher rates for their services than an escort who has had unpleasant experiences with clients. How They Attract the Client   Lastly, the type of customers that an escort can bring in can also impact the amount of money they bring in. An escort who brings in customers ready to pay a higher price for their services may command a higher price for those services than an escort who brings in customers on a tighter financial plan. In addition, an escort who has built a positive reputation with their clientele may be able to charge higher rates than an escort who does not have such a reputation. Conclusion In conclusion, an escort's earnings potential is influenced by many aspects, such as the kind of services provided, the geographic area serviced, the escort's level of expertise, and the clientele she attracts. All these impact how much an escort can charge for their services and how much money they can generate in a specific time frame.
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How to Find Male Escorts in Brisbane

February 1st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
In Brisbane, one may encounter male escorts in many different settings. You can locate male escorts by searching internet directories like Naughtyads or Locanto and utilizing websites like Rentboy. You can also find male escorts by searching for local escort agencies or asking about them in your local neighbourhood to see if anyone knows of any. Last but not least, one of the best places to look for male escorts in Brisbane is on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram or through online classified advertisements. Search in Online Directories Search online directories - you may find many internet directories with listing for male escorts in the Brisbane area. These directories typically contain in-depth information on each escort and their services, making it simple to locate the best suited to meet your requirements. Ask for Recommendations Ask the people you know in the area for recommendations of male escorts in Brisbane if you know any locals. Ask your male friends who reside in the region for referrals to male escorts in Brisbane if you have friends who live there. Your friends will likely be able to provide you with suggestions for trustworthy and reliable escorts who are also a suitable fit for your requirements. Local Newspapers and Magazines You can also check out the classified sections of any local newspaper. Typically, classified advertisements for male escorts can be seen in newspapers and magazines circulating in the Brisbane region. From there you can initiate direct communication with the escort to enquire about the services they offer and the fees they charge. Participate in Online Discussion Groups There are many online discussion groups where individuals talk about their experiences with male escorts in Brisbane. You can utilize these forums to get feedback and evaluations regarding various escorts, which will assist you in making a more informed selection. One good example is Get in Touch with an Escort   You can get in touch with an escort service if you want an encounter that leans more toward the serious side of things and is more on the professional side. Typically, escort agencies have a pool of male escorts from whom they may give recommendations to you, and they are also able to aid you in choosing an individual who is a suitable fit for the needs you have specified. Conclusion In conclusion, there are a variety of various routes that one can take to locate a male escort in Brisbane. You may search online directories, ask people you know who live in the region for advice, look through classified adverts in newspapers and magazines, participate in online discussion forums, or get in touch with an escort service. In the end, before making a choice, you should always ensure that you do your research and have verified that they are dependable and trustworthy.
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Escorts Who Do Anal

January 30th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Both partners can enjoy an anal sex session once they get the safety procedures and discussions about the event sorted. Frist, enquire about the escort's dependability and experience in this practice before using their anal sex services. Safety measures, such as using condoms and lubricants, should also be discussed beforehand. As an additional precaution, check that the escort uses only clean, disinfected equipment and toys in the session. Taking precautions allows both partners to relax and enjoy an anal sex session. Many Escorts in Melbourne cater to clients interested in trying anal sex for the first time with a partner. Discuss Risks Involved in Anal Sex Before any services are performed, it is essential to have a conversation about the dangers that are associated with anal sex. This involves explaining the possibility of ripping or infection, as well as bringing up any pre-existing medical issues that might have an effect on the experience. In addition, it is essential to have a conversation about any sensitivities or allergies that may be present, as some lubricants or toys may not be appropriate for the individual. Ensure Trust and Relevant Experience When looking for an escort who provides anal sex services, it is essential to make certain that the individual is dependable and has prior experience in the field. Inquire about their prior work experience and the methods they find most compelling. Additionally, it is essential to inquire about the lubricants and toys utilized since this can significantly impact the overall quality of the experience and contribute to its enjoyment. Enjoy a Satisfying Anal Experience When it comes to anal sex, the essential thing that can be done is to ensure that both lovers are safe and that the encounter is pleasurable. It is crucial to talk about the goals of the experience and the boundaries involved. Doing so can increase the likelihood that the meeting will be pleasant and enjoyable for both parties.
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How to Improve the Quality of your Photos from Escort Photography

January 27th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Quality escort and adult service photography require a blend of artistic and technical abilities. Having the proper tools and mentality to take high-quality images that will entice punters is crucial. High-quality escort and adult service photographs can be achieved through methods including the creation of identity, the identification of good forums, the use of video recording, and the utilization of client-centred search. Using any special abilities or talents, adding accessories and personal components to your photography can be a beautiful way to boost the quality of your images in escort photography. Build Your Identity  A fantastic photo conveys the type of service offered and your one-of-a-kind personality. You can create intriguing and lively photographs by using particular skills or talents, such as dancing or singing. You may also give your pictures a one-of-a-kind and personalized appearance by using various props, such as hats, scarves, and other items. Locate Appropriate Forums Participating in online communities dedicated to escort photography can connect you with knowledgeable photographers and models that can answer your questions and help you improve your skills. Learning more about the finest tools, lighting, and strategies for taking photographs is possible by talking to other forum users. Finally, forums can link you with a network of like-minded individuals who can offer constructive criticism of your work and inspire you if you want to learn as much as possible about photography and generate the most excellent photographs. Currently, Videos are the Most Popular Medium  More delicate information can be captured, and the experience can be more accurately depicted for potential punter/clients through video. Choose interesting settings if you want the best results from your video recordings. Video editing software allows you to further edit the clip for a more professional result. Many low-cost and free alternatives exist to using a professional video editing tool. Use a high-quality camera and a tripod to ensure sharp, in-focus images. Finally, when snapping pictures, be mindful of lighting and composition. Improving your photography's quality attracts more attention to your escort services with the help of some eye-catching graphics. Client-Centered Search Getting a better understanding of what clients expect from escort images before you start taking them will lead to much better shots. Think about the poses, lighting, and backgrounds your clients like and what will make your pictures stand out. Invest in excellent lighting and a high-quality digital single-lens reflex camera to achieve outstanding results. If you want to give your customers a better idea of what to expect from your services, take several photos from various vantage points. Lastly, edit your pictures, so the colours pop and the details are crystal apparent. Conclusion To take better images for escort, you need imagination, the correct tools, and knowledge of what clients want. Improve your photography skills and set yourself apart by investing in professional-grade lighting and camera equipment and actively participating in online communities. You may generate more appealing and engaging images to draw more attention to your services by taking photos from various perspectives and editing them to make the colours shine.  Lastly, if you would like help with your photographs from a professional in escort photography just click the link and speak to one of the many professional listed her on Naughtyads.
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How to Find Real Escorts

January 25th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The dependability of the escort service is the most crucial aspect to consider when selecting an escort or adult service provider for a date. Before agreeing to any transaction with the escort, it is vital to complete your research to make sure your happy you've contented yourself that they're ad, photos and service will live up to expectations. In this article, we'll review some best practices for finding legitimate escorts, such as checking their verification status, establishing rapport, and arranging the booking. Anyone may discover a real escort they can trust and have fun with if they follow these instructions from Sydney Escorts. Photo verification, checking reviews and other procedures we will talk about in this article are crucial to a positive escort experience. Verify the Authenticity and Reliability  It's crucial to verify the authenticity and reliability of any prospective escorts before engaging in any transaction with them. Step one is confirming their verification status. Each escort and adult services site has their own verification process so be sure to check out what the process is and make sure your comfortable with the how this action has been performed. In addition, before moving forward, make sure that you've done a quick check of the reviews on site. From there, it's about making contact and clearly communicating your desires. If you build trust through honest and respectful communication with your escort, you'll know they're the real deal and can deliver the goods. The easiest way to guarantee a good time is to confirm your escort's authenticity and go over payment details. Always be careful  You should always be prepared for things to not go exactly according to plan when meeting someone for the first time; they might not be who they say they are. Since an escort may be a complete stranger, extra caution should be exercised in meeting a new person. The escort's legitimacy can be verified by online research and testimonials and meeting at a hotel or in your own home can be a better option for the first visit. You should also tell someone you trust your destination and the people you went to meet there. If something goes wrong, this can help to keep you safe. Finally, believe in yourself and your instincts. Treat Your Escort Like Any Other Date  When the time comes for you to meet in person, your escort should be treated like any other date. Act with decency and politeness. Get there on time and in proper attire. Make a sincere attempt to pay the agreed-upon amount before the date even begins, and keep a positive demeanour. When meeting an escort for the first time, remember that you are both strangers and should maintain a professional demeanour. If you treat your escort with the same deference you would show someone you really liked, the evening should go over without a hitch.  Conclusion Verifying the authenticity of an escort date, looking into their history, and gaining trust are all crucial steps in finding a genuine escort. Before your time together, ensure you and your escort are on the same page regarding the rate and agreements about services and how the date will proceed. When meeting with anyone new for the first time it is a good idea to maintain a healthy amount of caution and keep your wits about you. Once you've built up enough research to feel trusting then go ahead and book and enjoy your date. When seeing someone face to face, it is important to have a pleasant demeanour at all times, be on time, and pay any agreed-upon fees before the date even begins. The chances of having a positive and memorable time with a real escort can be greatly increased if you make these required preparations. We'd love to hear about your memorable escort or adult service provider dates in the comments section below :)  
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Why Do Men Choose Escorts

January 23rd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Escorts are professional companions that provide their clients with a wide range of services. Using escorts, like those offered by Brisbane escorts, maybe a wonderful opportunity for men to experiment with their sexuality and discover new joys in life. The secrecy and discretion provided by escorts allow men to explore their sexuality without worrying about being judged or punished. Furthermore, escorts enable men to get close to a woman without committing to a serious commitment. In this article, we will discuss services offered by escorts Brisbane which might be an excellent opportunity for guys to discover and indulge their sexuality. Men Visit Escorts to Explore New Experiences The thrill of trying something new sexually is one reason guys may visit an escort. Trying something new in the bedroom is exhilarating and gratifying for many men. Using escorts, men can try out new and exciting forms of sexual expression, from traditional intercourse to bondage and role-playing. As a result, men may find this an excellent method to experiment with their sexuality without experiencing any negative feelings.  Men Seek the Discretion and Safety of Escorts Since escorts give their customers a degree of anonymity, males may find that they are more comfortable using them. Men who use escorts can relax, knowing that no one will find out who they are; this frees them to explore their sexuality without fear of repercussions. This is of utmost importance for the heterosexual male in a committed relationship or married who does not wish his partner to discover his illicit activities. Men might feel safe indulging their sexual desires with the help of escorts. Males Might Feel Secure and Comfortable Trying New Sexual Partners In contrast to the risky nature of the traditional dating scene, where men may have to go out and meet possible partners in person, escorts offer a risk-free environment in which men can explore their sexual inclinations. With the help of escort providers, men can meet a wide variety of potential partners without worrying about making a wrong choice. They need not be concerned with, say, the possibility of being harassed or assaulted by individuals they don't know. When men meet escorts, they get a chance to explore their sexual desires with various beautiful ladies. Escorts Give Men an Opportunity to Experience Intimacy without Commitment If a man wants to get close to another person but doesn't want to commit, he can do it through escorts. As a result, many men are not yet emotionally or mentally prepared for a long-term partnership. For those who want company but not the commitment of a long-term relationship, an escort or adult service provider can fill that void. The freedom to experiment sexually without the pressure of a committed relationship is a significant benefit.   In conclusion, escorts allow men to experiment with their sexuality, partake in pleasurable activities, and experience closeness in a risk-free setting. Therefore, many men find seeing escorts a terrific opportunity to explore their sexuality without worrying about the potential for negative consequences. Many men find that using escorts is a liberating and pleasurable way to experiment with their sexuality without attracting unwanted attention.
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4 Sex Positions That Make Anal Easier and Less Intimidating

January 18th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Even for experienced people who have tried every sex move in the book, mentioning anal could be a little intimidating. For several reasons, anal penetration anal sex is often the last thing in mind for most people, and there can be a lot of tension that comes along with it. However, anal sex is exciting, and if you get everything right, it can be what you’ve been missing in your life. It might just be the last piece of the puzzle. One of the critical things to consider when indulging in anal sex is the position. The choice of position can either make or break it. And since we want you to make it, here are four positions that will make anal easier and less intimidating. The lap dance This is a perfect position for beginners in anal since it's effortless to pull out in case things go south, but either way, it's fun and easy to pull off. For this style, the phallic, or the penetrating partner, sits on a chair while the other partner sits on them as they slide it in. The advantage of this position is that the partner on top controls how far things go since they can go as deep or as shallow as they like. To spice it up, the partner on top can reach for the sitting partner's hands for more contact. The sitting partner can also play with the other partner's boobs, clitoris, or balls for more pleasure. The cowgirl or cowboy This is a top-tier position for all types of sex and, more so, anal penetration. Here, the style is just the traditional cowgirl you likely know of, where the penetrating partner lies down and the other mounts on top. The style allows for intense penetration and eye contact, making the moment even more intimate. Doggy style According to Escorts Auckland, this is the most known and used style regarding anal sex. It is associated with numerous advantages, such as deep penetration and easy access to the anus. In addition, it is super easy to lubricate the backdoor while in this position. When a lot of lube is used in this position, it becomes an exciting experience. The face to face When you're looking for intimacy during sex, this is the position to choose. Here, one partner, preferably the penetrating partner, sits on a chair while the other partner sits on their lap, facing them. Here, the partner on top can control the intensity and depth of penetration. Face-to-face positioning has extra advantages when the partner on top is a woman since her breasts and clitoris can be easily stimulated for more pleasure. The bottom line While no position will do the work for you, the highlighted ones will make it a bit easier. The most important thing to remember is anal sex and lubrication go hand in hand. The better the lubrication, the better the experience. Lastly, remember to communicate with your partner to figure out what works for you both.
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How Much Do Escorts Get Paid

January 16th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Have you ever pondered on how much the average escort makes? Since there is very little documentation on escort salaries, it might be hard to give a concise answer to the question, “How much do escorts get paid?” In most towns, the escorting industry, or the sex industry in general, is still a line of work that is is seen as being outside of the norm. It's, therefore, quite understandable why many people in the industry don’t openly discuss their earnings. Nevertheless, we have some escorts who opened up about their true earnings, and we took some time with them to answer the question. The following is a short explainer of how an average escort is paid and the factors that affect their salaries. Why are escorts generally expensive? Sex work is work, and considering the taxing nature of any work, it would be, therefore, safe to say sex work is among the most tiring jobs in the world, considering the escorts use their bodies. From the outside, escorting is seen as either a glamorous and lucrative hustle or a way to earn a living on your own terms. Remember, it's extremely difficult to have intimate relationships with total strangers, thus making this job extremely physically and emotionally draining. Generally, the mentioned risks and reasons are why escorts are considered a luxury, and their services can be crazy expensive. What affects how much they are paid? Several factors influence an escort's income. Age, gender, whether they are independent or with an agency, frequency of work, and type of clientele are some good and crucial examples. Regarding agencies, we have some escorts who work under agencies. Here, agencies act as links between the escorts and the clients, and in return, the agency keeps a small fee of what the client pays as for the service. Say the agency charges $300 per hour for an escort; the agency might take about 20%, which translates to $60 as a service fee. That means the escort gets around $240 per hour of work. The days earnings will now depend on how long the bookings are. It's important to note that the service fee varies from agency to agency. Escorts who work independently earn more, although they might have difficulties securing regular work. Gender also greatly affects earnings. Statistics show that the demand for female escorts is much higher than females however there are not as many male escorts; thus, their hourly rate can range between $300 to $1500. So how much do escorts get paid? There is no definitive amount of how much an escort is paid. However, this article by money after graduation suggests that if all factors are held constant, an average escort with a consistent flow of work might earn as much as $50,000 in a year. Some high-class VIP escorts can make twice as much. In closing An escort will normally ask for more from a client when asked to cross some boundaries. In addition, maintenance costs such as massage and healthcare appoints and check-ups as well as grooming affect charges and must be considered in calculating total earnings.
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Naughtyads supports decriminalisation of sex work in Queensland

January 12th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Naughtyads fully supports the work done by #DecrimQld and RespectInc in their mission to decriminalise sex work in Queensland. We also stand behind Scarlet Alliance in their mission towards full decriminalisation of sex work in Australia. Decriminalisation entails the repeal of harmful, outdated, ill-informed and discriminatory sex work laws. Currently, the Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) is conducting a review on the decriminalization of sex work in the Queensland. On August 27, 2021, Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman requested the QLRC to review and draft legislation to decriminalize the sex work industry in Queensland. Click on any of links below to learn more about: the mission to decriminalise sex work in Queensland the QLRC's into decriminalisation of sex work in Qld Scarlet Alliance's briefing paper on the full decriminalisation of sex work in Australia Click any of the links below to help support the work of RespectInc and #DecrimQld by Donation Buying Merchandise
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Escorts Who Do Porn

January 11th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
We all watch porn once in a while. It's pretty obvious you’ve been wondering if it's possible to get a taste of those sexy pornstars. The revolution in the sex industry has seen the emergence of some trends, such as the porn star experience. The pornstar experience, commonly called PSE, is where an escort performs all the dream moves and styles from your favourite porn videos. While the porn star experience is a game changer, did you know that you can actually hire your favourite pornstar for as little as $500? If you’ve been dreaming about romping that sexy goddess on the screen, here is your chance. Around 10 years ago, it would be impossible to imagine that you could actually meet a pornstar in real life. Lucky enough, we're in 2022, and it’s not surprising that pornstars also double up as escorts and it’s surprising how affordable some can be. As a client, living your sexual fantasies is a dream come true. Thanks to this trend, no more fantasies. You can now book a pornstar as an escort and allow her to take you to your dream world. Here we look at what escorts who do porn entails. The rules of booking an escort? The rules of booking an escort have specific guidelines that clients must follow. Many people, especially men, miss out on this and blame it on the impression they’ve seen in porn videos. To make yourself a worthy client, read the guidelines and understand them. Some of the points to consider include:  Privacy  Paying a deposit Where do you find pornstar escorts? Thanks to technology, finding escorts who do porn has been made seamless. There are tons of websites that specialize in porn star escorts. is a perfect example. The website has filters and well-outlined profiles to ensure you get precisely what you desire. Once you spot one on the website, we highly recommend reading through their reviews to get an idea of what their services are like. Nearly every pornstar on the website has reviews; your job is to find them, go through them, and decide. Most pornstar escorts can be found abroad but a growing number are popping up in Australia thanks to Only Fans. When we write again on this topic in the future we'll be sure to be able provide you with a long list of Australian Pornstar Escorts. Making the booking? Booking a pornstar escort isn’t that hard. As long as you call are respectful when making the booking and adhere to their booking requirements it should all be plain sailing. Any examples? There are hundreds of porn stars who also do escorting. Examples include Brenna Sparks and Natalia Starr. Finally Our biggest wish is for you is to have the time of your life. If you have deep desires to devour a porn star, we hope the above information is helpful. Have you ever booked a Male, Female or Trans Pornstar Escort? Comment below - we'd love to hear about your experience.
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How much do escorts earn?

January 9th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The simplest explanation of sex work is precisely what it sounds like—sex for a fee. Escorts are paid money in exchange for their time and often for providing consenting adults with sexual services. Sex work is perceived mainly as sexual activity in most cultures. However, the sector has significantly progressed, and various forms of sex labour have been observed due to the internet and social media's role in building a global community. Examples include erotic massages, phone sex, and vacationing with a partner. It is difficult to pinpoint exact amounts for escort pay because there are a lot cash transactions directly between the 2 parties. To better understand how much escorts are paid, we have compiled some information that does she light on the amount that can be earned. Why do escorts exist?  Knowing what escorts do will help you estimate their earnings. First, it's crucial to understand that not all escorts perform sexual acts. The most popular types of sex work include webcam modeling, phone sex work, escort services, pornographic acting, and much more. Each category's pay varies, and many factors affect how much escorts (such as escorts near Melbourne) might earn in a given time frame. How much money do escorts earn? The amount paid to escorts who take appointments and in-calls or out-calls depends on their working conditions and negotiating abilities. Escorts can make from $200 for a single booking in developed nations up to almost any amount - depending on the escorts popularity and fame. When escorts work with agencies, the agency receives a specified percentage of the money paid, say 30% of every booking, in exchange for making the arrangements. Many escorts choose to work with agencies because they handle client screening and security. Demand, supply, and bargaining abilities all influence how much independent escorts are paid. The only way an escort can determine how much they are paid, let's say, is through the negotiations they have with possible clients.  According to The Financial Diet, who surveyed 4 international sex workers, escorts typically earn between $70,000 and $120,000 Aud. This amount is the revenue which does not account for advertising and other costs incurred in generating the income. Having said that, these numbers may be understated for privacy reasons. Finally, it's crucial to clarify that having sex is real work/labour. We may reasonably assume that the majority of escorts are paid well, over the minimum wage, even though it is difficult to determine how much the workers in this secretive profession make. Are you an escort that makes a reasonable living? Do you think live comfortably? Tell us through the comment section below. 
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Our Twitter Account has been banned - be careful out there

January 5th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Please be warned that twitter appears to be targeting sex workers and companies that support them. As such our twitter account has now been banned. Multiple appeals have fallen on deaf ears with no explanation for the ban. Please be careful out there. Team Naughtyads
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What Are Female Escorts

January 3rd, 2023 by Naughty Ads
In most cases, women are the face of escorting and prostitution. Female escorts refer to women, who offer companionship, and sometimes sex in exchange for money and other material gifts. The significant difference between them and female prostitutes is that they are not exclusively tied to exchanging sex to earn a living. Escorting comes in many shapes and sizes. Here is a simple breakdown of what female escorts are and what they do: 1.     Female escorts offer massage services Female escorts may perform sensual massages, which might have a happy ending in some cases. Their training can vary from weekend courses to years of tantric learning. 2.     They offer sexual services to clients It’s important to note that the primary definition of an escort doesn’t entail sexual intercourse or such exchanges. Escorts perform their duties without necessarily engaging in sexual intercourse. However, a happy ending may be negotiated between the client and the provider. This must be clearly discussed and well-consented. These escorts make huge sums of money for making special arrangements with their clients. 3.     Company on the road This is a common form of escorting. In this case, the call girls accompany their clients as they travel to any corner of the world. Escorts are available to offer some amazing company, whether for a vacation or a business trip. They are savvy entertainers and are clever enough to know how to make a vacation or any trip a blast. 4.     Offering a genuine girlfriend experience. Relationships can sometimes be draining. When that time comes, a break is inevitable. In such a cases, escorts in Melbourne can be a perfect short time replacement. They can be a perfect girlfriend for several days, where you can go out on dates, meet friends and family, and even arrange for sexual favours. The bottom line There are many forms that the job of a female escort may take. The most crucial point to note is that just because a person is an escort, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re sleeping around with every client they meet. Who are some of your favourite female escorts? Please let Naughty Blog readers know by commenting below.
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How to Find Escorts

December 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
If you’re looking for some companionship, an escort could be precisely what you need. Although escorts are still viewed and judged as rogue members of society, many people still need their services. Most of the people who condemn escorts go ahead to hire their services behind closed doors. An escort can be defined as a person who exchanges companionship for money and gifts. Whether you’re going on a vacation, want to watch a movie, or just hang out at the bar, an escort is a perfect complement. While that might sound easy, the most challenging part of the game is finding one and creating an enjoyable rapport. This article perfectly explains how to find escorts, as well as how to select and meet them without things getting weird. Think about what you need We all have our own tastes when it comes to fun and partners. The same applies to finding escorts. Think whether you like them light, dark, petite, or BBW. The best thing about the sex industry is that there is someone for everyone. Look up escort directories Thousands of sites provide platforms for escorts to advertise their services. A simple google search like “escorts in Sydney” will use your location to display sites with escort profiles. Some sites, such as Naughtyads and eros, have escorts in most places, so finding one shouldn’t be much of an issue. Most of these sites have filters that allow you to narrow down to precisely what you need. For example, you can use terms such as “blonde.” Once you find your dream escort, you just have to make contact. Look for escort agencies ads Escort agencies do the leg work for you by connecting you to your dream woman. They usually post their ads on explicit websites or naughty magazines. Although it might be a bit costly, working with an agency guarantees you professional escort services. Social media Escorts take advantage of social media to promote their services. Social media presents users with an easy and casual way of accessing escorts and connecting with the current trends in the adult entertainment industry. The easiest and most common platforms for finding escorts are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. Use hashtags such as #Escorts, and thousands of profiles will pop up that might interest you. We, however, warn that there is a lot of catfishing on social media, so you must be extra careful. Meet up. By this time, you’re ready for the task ahead. Communicate clearly with them about the date, venue, time, and duration. Lastly, remember to discuss pricing before the date and do not insist on getting what wasn’t in the package. Finding an escort and hooking up with them isn’t rocket science. Everything should work out perfectly if you ask for what matches your taste. Where did you find your first-ever escort? Please tell us through our comment section below. 
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What Do Escorts Do

December 19th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex is one of the natural pleasures of life, and is nearly as ancestral as the big bang (if you pardon the pun). It, therefore, isn’t surprising to see a great deal of booming businesses around it. One of the most common but controversial businesses surrounding this ancestral act is escorting, which is mainly confused with prostitution. We’ve had endless blogs that have explained the difference between the two, and we won’t stop until everyone gets it right. Escorting is among the oldest business practices. Although it's legal in most countries and states, it still raises a taboo question, especially in societies that have stood with their ancient cultures. While most people understand this as prostitution, the term escort is finally being accepted, and they enjoy a better reputation. So, what do escorts do? Here is a simple explainer. 1.     Faithfull company Sometimes all we need is some company that makes us feel comfortable and appreciated. Suppose you can’t find that in your partner, then escorts are a perfect solution. We have escorts near Sydney who have specialized in offering trustworthy company to clients. Whether at home, in a hotel, or on vacation, the trained escorts accompany you and keep you engaged with exciting discussions and mind-blowing companionship. Ideally, escorts don’t offer sex services unless so specified in discussions. They are well trained; thus, they have a better reputation than prostitutes. Escorts are your go-to persons if you want magnificent company that will impart your mysteries. 2.     Loyal intimacy. Although sex isn’t really a part of escorting, it can be included as long as there is a prior discussion with a meaningful agreement. If you’re feeling horny and eager for some minutes, then escorts will definitely sort you out. 3.     Body massages Yes, we know this is surprising, but escorts offer massages too. Remember, the sex industry is vast and can never be explored to the end. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you hear of body massages. In most cases, these escorts will be found in spas and luxurious hotels. Here, clients will get sensual massages, especially after work, to help them unwind and relax. In some exceptional cases, these massages have happy endings. Wrapping up The general belief is that all escorts are sex workers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Escorts do so much more than just exchange sex, contrary to what most of you think. Many men who have interacted with these extraordinary beings appreciate them for being compassionate and good listeners. In most cases, sex comes as a bonus, and sometimes it's not even penetrative. So, the next time you see an escort, don’t just think of sex; think of compassion, reassurance, and fantastic companionship. Do you think all escorts are sex workers? Please tell us your thoughts in our blog comment section.
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What are Escorts

December 16th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There is a thin line between escorting and prostitution, which strikes a fierce debate within society. In simple terms, an escort can be defined as an individual whose social company, time, or companionship are available for hire in a commercial setting. Typically, the escort package doesn’t necessarily include sex. However, in some cases, it's considered but, of course, for a higher fee. What are prostitutes? On the contrary, a prostitute is an individual who exchanges sexual favors for money and gifts. The distinct difference between the two is that prostitution exclusively involves sex. What does the law dictate? The difference between the two terms is clearly defined under the law. Although the definition varies from state to state, the difference is distinct in most cases. In most states, an escort is an individual who agrees to accompany a client to a social event or provides entertainment for a fee. If the escort agrees to extend sexual favours they do so at the discretion of both parties but it is not a necessary inclusion of the arrangement. Different types of escorts The sex industry has undergone a massive revolution, especially in the last decade. We’ve seen a rise in the number of escorts and even a drastic change in how things run. Here are the common types of escorts and where you can find them. Independent escorts These are female male and trans escorts that work for themselves at either their own residence, or do outcalls to a client's place or a combination of both. Most of them work in private houses and hotels, where they advertise their services on social media and websites. They charge high prices for companionship, although the prices depend on location. Ideally, they earn pretty well since they’re self-employed. However, their way of work meets many challenges such as the need to be a jack of all trades - admin assistant, book keeper, travel agent etc. Escort agency escorts These adult sex workers are employees of escort agencies. They work in hotels or private locations and charge relatively high prices. They are well-trained by their employers, and thus they are considered exclusive professionals. They are booked online from agencies' websites, where they have their profiles displayed. They can either do in-calls or out-calls, and the pricing depends on the agency and location. Their line of work is considered safer since the agencies shield them from possible exploitation, although that comes at a cost that the agency takes as commission. Ideally, escort agencies and independent escorts Sydney form a significant part of escorting. We also have streetwalkers, who look for clients in the streets, but this, in most cases, is considered prostitution. The bottom line People need to understand and embrace the difference between prostitution and escorting. Escorts are well-trained and offer professional companionship for a fee. Have you ever had an experience with an escort? What was it like? Tell us through our blog comment section.
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How Much Do Escorts Make

December 14th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The sex industry is among the most mysterious industries we have around. While there is a taboo around the conversation about sex work’s legitimacy, society is slowly accepting this as a norm and that sex work is real work. There are thousands of questions you might have about the industry. What is the life of an escort like? Do they love their job? Is it a well-paying job? While there can never be a compelling enough answer to all your questions, this write-up will help you understand how escorts earn and how much they make on average. First, it’s important to note that an escort has no fixed salary since several factors affect their earnings. These factors are discussed as follows; Escort profile The profile plays a significant role in how much an escort makes. We have regular girls and some who brand themselves as VIPs. How you set up your profile determines the clientele you attract, affecting earnings. Regular girls tend to attract cheaper clients who definitely pay less but come in large numbers. Conversely, VIP girls attract wealthy clients who pay pretty well, although in fewer numbers. VIP girls can get as much as $2000 per hour of work. Generally, there seems to be that push and pull between price and client numbers. Therefore, how much an escort earns depends on how well she can balance her rates to ensure she attracts the right number of clients. Location Location directly affects earnings. Sydney escorts who operate in Australia's most famous city tend to earn more than those in less reputable towns. For example, the average escort in New York City makes between $600-$1200 per hour. Ideally, big cities attract thousands of revellers, always searching for good company. Some escorts boast of making as much as $30,000 in one weekend. The kind of services offered Escorting is a whole industry with different dimensions of service. Just because it’s branded as the sex industry doesn’t necessarily dictate having sex for work. There are men, women and trans escorts who offer professional companionship to clients during meetings or vacations. In such cases, those who provide such services with sex included in the package tend to earn more. Independent or an agency? An escort can either operate independently, through an agency or through a brothel. Independent escorts find clients on their own, either using social media or personal websites or advertising sites such as Naughtads, while on the other hand, those who work under agencies are connected to clients for a fee. Independent escorts tend to charge more, although it’s a bit harder for them to find clients. On the other hand, agencies can acquire a lot of brand trust quickly if they have lots of professional service providers working for them. This isn't to say that independent escorts can't also develop brand trust (in fact this is very important in 2022) but when you're working for yourself you have to be a jack of all trades and can only see so many clients in a day or a week - so you have to hustle harder but with the benefit of potentially a bigger payday in the future. The agencies, however, take a considerable amount from their escorts’ earnings as a service fee. In conclusion Generally, how much an escort makes is directly tied to effort and strategy. Escorts with more clients, better rates, and work in prime locations tend to make a fortune. Have you ever had a personal experience with an escort? How much did they charge you? Tell us in our comment section below.
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How to overcome your fear of talking to woman

December 10th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
If you're a guy and you struggle to talk to women, you're not alone. Talking to women is one of the hardest things as a man. There are many guys out there who fear engaging with a woman and they stay away even after they get through their fears. The good news is that talking to women is something that can be learned, practiced and mastered. Escort dating can be a very useful resource for men who have problems communicating with women. In order to communicate with women, you need to overcome your fear as it would make it difficult for you to even talk with a man. You must have good communication skills because when you go on dates with escorts it will help you to understand people better, especially women without any fear or embarrassment. Various Ways You Can Overcome Fear Of Talking To A Woman Identify the reasons why you're afraid to approach women The fear of talking to women is so strong that the majority of men have problems even approaching them at all. But, understanding why you're afraid and where your fear comes from can help you overcome it so you can be more confident as well as approach women in a natural way. Come up with a plan to approach women in a friendly way and attempt to start conversations You might wonder which way is the best way to approach women with confidence and ease. How do you overcome your fear of talking to women? Are there any ways that booking and meeting escorts can help overcome your fear of talking to women? Change your mindset from "I have to" to "I want to." There are situations in which you have to approach the woman or meet a particular escort that can help you change your mindset about talking to a woman. These situations bring fear in the minds of most men and women. Relax and be yourself It's okay if you're a little nervous because women like a man who has a little excitement in him. Don't get too emotional or excited; just be calm, cool and collected: People who panic when around women should not be fearful anymore, they just need to take things slowly and only once they are ready should they plan to meet with an escort. It is very important not to rush when meeting with a girl as this makes you lose your cool and all the practice that you have been doing, leaves you feeling frustrated and embarrassed. Then it is going to put you off for a very long time if not for life, so patience is key! In Conclusion Many guys want to date and meet women but they also may suffer from anxiety in approaching women. They find it hard to take the first step to talking to women that they find attractive, which results in never getting to meet and date the woman they desire. This anxiety is known as approach anxiety and many guys have this issue especially when it comes to dating and meeting women. Meeting Sydney Escorts can be extremely helpful when overcoming this fear.
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Techniques on How to Have Multiple Organisms

December 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Techniques on How to Have Multiple Organisms Multiple organisms are one of the best ways to learn about your sexuality and have a lot of fun. It's a skill that can be learned, but mastery takes time, practice, and familiarity with the appropriate methods and equipment. Expert advice on lubricants, sex toys, positions, and foreplay from your Sydney escort or adult service provider can help you and your partner have multiple satisfying orgasms. In this article, we will discuss the methods and equipment these experts recommend for having simultaneous climaxes. Techniques Provided by Sydney Escorts and Adult Providers for Having Multiple Orgasms Use Lots of Lube Makes Sex Feel Better Sydney escorts and adult service providers are experts at helping clients achieve several orgasms. Using plenty of lubes is a crucial piece of advice. This facilitates enhanced sensation and climax orgasm. In addition, lubricant might make it simpler to sustain clitoral stimulation for longer, which is essential for inducing a series of orgasms. Maintaining a lubricated region and facilitating smooth transitions between postures are additional lubrication benefits. Professional escorts and adult service providers in Sydney can get you to numerous orgasms quickly with the correct lubrication. Use of Sex Toys To have several orgasms, sex toys are often recommended by Sydney escorts and other suppliers of adult services. Items like vibrating toys and dildoes fall into this category. When you use sex toys, you might improve your arousal and have more frequent orgasms since you're stimulating different parts of your body. Sex toys are also useful since they can stimulate a person in ways their partner might not be able to. Experiment with Positions Trying out new sexual positions is a sure-fire method to boost your odds of experiencing multiple orgasms. Certain positions that target the clitoris and the G-spot are especially effective. You can accomplish this on your own or hire an escort or other adult service, provider. Use of Foreplay for Arousal If you want to get more than one orgasm out of your partner, foreplay is a must. You can improve your odds of having many orgasms by spending more time in foreplay. More intimate settings and opportunities for discovery are made possible with the help of escorts and other suppliers of adult services. Exploration of Multiple Organisms Having more than one orgasm at a time requires, as indicated, a bit of adventuring. Oral sex, manual stimulation, and sex toys are all forms of stimulation that could be experimented with. You can get advice on experimenting with various forms of stimulation from escorts and other adult services providers in Sydney and find out which ones you enjoy the most. Take your time to Arouse Again Taking a break during sexual activity can help you get aroused again, giving you more orgasms. Breaks can be taken at any time during the session if requested by the client, which is something that escorts and other adult service providers in Sydney are happy to do. This is a fantastic approach to keep things interesting and engaging. In conclusion, having several orgasms is a thrilling sensation that you should try at least once. In facilitating many orgasms for their clients, escorts and other adult service providers in Sydney are unrivalled. You can have an exciting experience with numerous orgasms by utilizing lubricants, and sex toys, changing positions, engaging in foreplay to arouse, exploring multiple organisms, and pausing to promote excitement again by visiting Sydney escorts.
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Top 6 Fun Sex Games for Couples

December 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
If you’ve been experiencing a sex rut in your relationship, you’ve probably tried all the methods of bringing that spark back. You must have tried watching porn, a threesome, new sex positions, and probably much more. That is normal as couples go through cycles with periods of intense sex drive followed by other times when the sex is just bland. If you’ve been wondering how to navigate the dark times, thank the decade, for now, we have sex games. Sex games are a perfect option for finding back your erotic language and taking things a notch higher in the bedroom. Here are 6 fun games that will spice up any relationship. How do they bring back the spark? Games are a perfect option for rejuvenating your sex life and deepening the intimate bond you have. Sex games expose you to new things, such as positions, techniques, and even sex toys. In addition, they add a little nervousness or sexual tension, which is absolutely healthy for a sexually starved relationship. The little anxiety and heightened attention are perfect for fun and sexual adventure. Here are our top picks for the best sex games 1.     Strip twister This game is pretty much foreplay. All you have to do is add a sexy element to the casual game to add that extra fun. Every time you or your partner loses, they must take off a piece of their clothing. Whoever ends up nude has to please the winner in whichever way they choose. 2.     Naughty Jenga We all know of Jenga, the game that uses blocks to build a tower. You can easily get the Jenga blocks from Amazon or that store near your house. To add the sex element, you can scribble sexy and naughty dares on each of the blocks, and when a partner pulls that block and the tower collapses, they will have to perform that dare. A perfect example would be a blow job or a strip dance. 3.     The kissing game Escorts prefer the kissing game. We all know of the drinking game. The concept here is pretty much the same. When cuddling with your partner while watching TV, pick any word, and kiss whenever that word is mentioned in the show. Chances are high that you won't even finish the TV show, but who needs that anyway when they get hot kisses? 4.     Kama Sutra Cards If you love card games, you’ll love this one. Grab a naughty card deck available on love honey. Each card has a position indicated. Play the game and try out the position on the card you draw, use, or land. The bottom line There are many more games to play that will light up your sex life. To figure out more, we recommend you Book Male Escorts in Auckland, watch erotic TV shows, read more erotic blogs, and constantly communicate with your partner. Which one among the mentioned games is your favourite? Tell us through the comment section box.
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Tips for an unforgettable hand job

December 5th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Hand jobs are extremely pleasurable and yet a bit stressful to navigate. Among your sex toolbox and skill set, giving a hand job is likely your least concern. Given that there are different shapes and sizes of penises, it is necessary to have the basics of giving a hand job. Learning how to give a good one is a valuable weapon you must have and before you let that attitude shun you from the mad fun, remember a lot of men love hands jobs. That said and done, here are some tips to keep in mind for the next time you want to give him a hand. 1.     Start with some foreplay A hand job isn’t any different from sex. Besides, the hand grip feels just like a vagina. It's, therefore, important to set things in motion. Rather than just grabbing his meat and getting on it, start kissing him slowly and taking the journey towards the penis. Tease him by brushing past his groin and rubbing softly on the inside of his thighs. A few minutes of this should be enough, followed by a gentle grab of the penis. 2.     Get into a good position It might not sound very crucial, but the position has a say in the outcome. Female Escorts Near Auckland recommend face-to-face positions that allow intense eye contact and offer ample mobility and range of motion. You can have him stand Infront of you, or you can both get comfortable in bed. 3.     Grab some lube- a lot of it. Generally, hand jobs need extra lubrication to avoid that skin-to-skin bruising, which would otherwise make things uncomfortable. Although men produce some pre cum when they get a hard-on, it's barely enough and needs some extra boost. We recommend water-based lubricants, and if you use a sex toy, avoid silicon-based lubricants. 4.     Involve the testicles The magical balls are extremely sensitive, which is good because you can exploit them. Midway through the hand job, give them a soft caress or rub between your fingers. You can cup them and give them some slight pressure depending on the size. A slight nail scratch also does wonders. We, however, recommend listening to his feedback as excess pressure might get uncomfortable. 5.     Focus on the head of the penis. The head is the most sensitive part of the male genitalia, which is why we insist on giving this area a lot of priority. Make an O shape using your thumb, or slowly move it up and down the head about a centimeter. 6.     Slow down as he cums When he reaches his climax, in most cases, he will prefer you slow down as he releases the pressure. At this point, the penis gets extremely sensitive and appears painful. When you take it slow, the feeling is incredible, and makes sure you milk him dry! Final thoughts If done properly, a hand job can give unmatched pleasure. Remember to listen to feedback and ensure your handles are well lubricated. What’s your opinion on hand jobs? Please drop us your comment in the blog comment section below.
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The ultimate guide to having a threesome

December 2nd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex is hugely thrilling but gets even better when you add another partner. Threesomes are normally top of the list for people’s sexual fantasies and take a special place in the collective sexual imagination of many people. Despite them being a common fantasy, they are challenging to navigate. Getting a third person into the mix is the easy part. The hard part is making sure that everyone enjoys the experience, has an orgasm and things aren't awkward. No sex dictionary dictates how things must go however, here is a quick roundup of the best tips for having a threesome. What threesomes aren’t Before we even get the tips, it's essential to clear the air regarding the meaning of threesomes. A lot of couples think the purpose of a threesome is to mend the already existing problems. If we can put it plainly, adding another person into an already cracking relationship will most likely amplify the cracks. For a threesome to be smooth, it needs a solid relationship with clear boundaries and honest communication principles. 1.     Figure out your intention This should be the very first step, even before you indulge. Take some time, reflect, and search for why you think you need this. Are you looking for something special to fulfill one of your wild fantasies? Do you just need some fun? Getting clarity on your intention clears the path for this journey. 2.     Have a candid discussion with your partner To be successful, you must be on the same page with your partner. Keep in mind that a lot of jealousy is involved in threesomes; thus, you must be clear and concise on why you want to indulge in this. Stay calm and be open with everything. 3.     Find the right person, together There are several ways of finding the right person for a threesome. You can talk to a friend or even join a dating app. The bottom line is to find someone attractive to both of you. 4.     Housekeeping Once you get someone, all you need to do is housekeeping. Set some sexual and emotional ground rules to guide you through it. Agree on which acts are okay and what you think should be kept between you and your partner. For example, decide on whether or not you want to use condoms or whether or not you need some BDSM play. 5.     Get comfortable, communicate, and enjoy The best way of kicking this off is to set a sexy mood. For example, a bottle of wine or a drink of your choice and some music should be perfect. On that note, consider adding some sex toys into the mix. Essential of all, listen to each other’s needs and watch out for safe words. Pro Tip! For gentlemen, Male Escorts in Auckland suggest giving more attention to your partner. Remember, jealousy is still in the picture; thus, by giving her more attention, your relationship is getting a significant boost. In closing After all, a threesome isn’t as complicated as it seems. The building blocks are trust, open communication, and aftercare. Once you have all that figured out, you’re ready for all the fun. Quite significantly, remember to practice safe sex.    
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Sexual Frustrations- What It Is and How to Deal with It

November 30th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Amazing sex is among life’s greatest pleasures and one of the best things you can enjoy with your partner. While we all deserve good sex, sometimes it's not what we get. Satiating your sex drive is important, but sometimes it becomes impossible, especially for people in serious relationships, leading to sexual frustration. In simple terms, sexual frustration describes a feeling of sexual needs not being met regarding the amount of sex you have. Sexual frustration is a natural response to any imbalance in your sexual compatibility. It is common in relationships and manifests differently in everybody. Causes of sexual frustration Just like the signs of sexual frustration are different in everybody, various factors can contribute to this horrible feeling. Some factors that might lead to sexual frustration include; Lack of a sexual partner For single people or those in long-distance relationships, this is the leading cause of sexual frustrations. Sometimes, one partner may be turned on while the other isn’t in the mood for sex. In such a scenario, the partner in need suffers a horrible feeling of frustration. In such cases, hooking up with Auckland Male Escorts would be amazing, as they will give you an unforgettable experience. Expectations In our previous sex blogs, we’ve preached the word of approaching sex with limited expectations. In some cases, some partners impose impossible standards on their partners, and when they are not met, they end up frustrated. Poor communication Sometimes, frustrations come from misunderstandings in communicating sexual needs and desires. Open and honest communication might help partners negotiate and discuss manageable ways of meeting each other’s needs. Health conditions Sometimes, it's your body that is leading to those sexual frustrations. Health-related challenges such as pregnancies, illnesses, or surgeries might prevent a person from engaging in sexual activities, leading to frustration. More conditions include; Anxiety Stress and depression High blood pressure Obesity Diabetes Sexual dysfunction disorders such as ED These conditions limit one’s sexual performance which leads to frustrations. Symptoms of sexual frustration It might not be easy to determine whether you’re sexually frustrated, but assessing your moods is a good start. Nevertheless, these symptoms and behaviours might connect to sexual frustrations Feeling edgy or restless Feeling less confident and less interested in sex Experiencing rejection from recent sexual advances Feeling too tired to have sex Engaging in risky behaviours to fulfil sex desires Frequent arguments with partners over sex Daydreaming about sex frequently Watching porn or adult films How to prevent, treat or manage sexual frustrations Here are a few tips you can consider Focusing on your health. In such a case, focus on taking healthy diets and avoiding foods that might lead to high blood sugar levels and obesity. Masturbation. There is no better way of learning more about what makes you happy than masturbation. Come on. Connecting with more friends, exercising, initiating sex, approaching more men or women, and having virtual sex. Lastly, practice open communication and listen to meaningful music. The bottom line Sexual frustration is a horrible feeling whether you’re dating or single. The highlighted tips should get you out of the mess. If you need more help, consult a sexual health expert. Have you ever experienced sexual frustration? Please share your experiences with us via our blog comment section.
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Cyber Monday Sales at Lovehoney - up to 70% off everything!

November 27th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney has added an amazing new promotion Name: Cyber Monday - Up to 70% off everything Start Date: 28/11/2022 End Date: 30/11/2022 Click here to start shopping now!
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Sexting 101. How To Sext Like a Pro

November 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Without a doubt, sexting is an art of the 21st century that gained massive popularity during the long months of lockdown. Did you know that there are people who are paid to sext? Not only is it a great way of having fun with your partner, but it's also a booster of trust, which eventually improves a relationship. We can all agree that we have a lot of time on our devices, and nothing would feel better than having a good time with the one you love. While that sounds easy, it might be hard to establish reasonable grounds for a sex chat, and quite often, many couples get it wrong. This write-up is expert advice from a sexologist that contains tips to help you sext like a pro. 1.     Get consent from your partner. Getting consent is the stage where most people fail. Just because you have the idea in mind doesn’t mean your partner is open to it. You must check in with your partner before taking things from zero to 100. Negotiate for consent, and once you get the green light, you can drop in the messages. An example of a text you could send is, “Hey babe. I have some crazy nasty thoughts id love to share. Are you in the mood?” 2.     Set ground rules and boundaries Even in sexting, housekeeping is essential. Male Escorts Auckland advice that you treat this like sex, so set some rules and clearly outline the boundaries. Is there something you dislike hearing? Say it! We suggest setting some safe words to use when the conversation gets uncomfortable. We all have preferences regarding the sex world; thus, it's okay not to be okay with some phrases. 3.     Read something erotic Reading steamy content gives you mad ideas that you can put into text. Visual porn videos could be intense, especially for beginners, so we recommend written content. Reading erotic books or blogs will expand your sex dialogue, and that conversation will be like a movie. 4.     Take it slow Remember, this is sex, but just through the phone. We suggest you don’t take things from zero to 100 within the first five texts. Hold your best likes for the very last steps. Remember to include some intense foreplay to ensure that the grand finale is a moment to relish. For example, you could text them, “Let’s take this as far as we can. Then let ourselves dive into orgasm.” 5.     Don’t forget to tease Teasing works magic, even during physical sex. Don’t give your all in the first few messages. If possible, send a nice picture and tell them that you’ve been thinking about them and would love to have them rip you apart. Such messages will give your partner sexy imagination, and the replies will be sexier. 6.     Be creative Thinking outside the box is allowed. For example, you can pull out your best line and use it as a caption for a sexy photo. Or else, you can incorporate voice notes into the play. Creating a sexy scenario works wonders too. In closing There are tons of things you can do to make this sexting intensely arousing. The bottom line is to have as much fun as possible while respecting each other. Follow our blogs for examples of sexy messages to tease them with. Are you a fan of sexting? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 
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Sex Positions to Try Before the Year Ends

November 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The year is almost over. It’s been a tough one, yeah? The question we ask is whether you’ve had enough sex. There’s no point in sitting down and waiting for the sex to come to you. Instead, get out there and have as much fun as possible, which means more activity in the bedroom. To help you in this regard, we wanted to change how you’ve been having sex. We’ve prepared a list of hot sex positions that we think will turn things around for you. You need to add these sex positions to your 2022 bucket list. 1.     Seated This one is for oral sex lovers. Why oral sex? Because oral sex is among the most neglected forms of sex, and yet it is the most pleasing, and two, giving head is an act of service! All you have to do is sit on the edge of the bed or couch, or whatever works for you, while your partner kneels in front of you with their head between your legs. They then use their hands, fingers, mouth, or a sex toy to please you. Let them wrap their hands around your hips to give them more control. As Female Escorts in Auckland put it, when done with the right intensity, the style leads to crazy orgasms. 2.     The chair When we talk of penetrative sex, the best of it comes with this style. First, it allows for deep penetration, extra stimulation of the clitoris, a touch of kissing, and some intense eye contact. All you need is a chair with a backrest, and have the phallic partner sit down while you sit on them, facing them with your hands on their shoulders. From this position, grind back and forth at your desired speed to allow that intense penetration. It might not be easy to achieve a balance, but his hands are free to roam. A combination of these pleasures will do you good. 3.     Leg over shoulders This style is pretty self-explanatory. The lady lies down with legs over the phallic partner who kneels, with the knees on either side of the lying partner. Having the legs over the partner exposes the vagina, which allows for insane penetration, and stimulation. To spice it up, add a sex toy, such as a vibrator, into the mix. A mix of some penetration, a vibrator, and hands on the boobs will be pleasurable. 4.     The side by side This style is similar to spooning, only that the partners face each other. Here, both partners lie on the side, facing each other, and the female partner lifts her free leg and wraps it around the partner's hip, giving access to the vagina. This sex position is pleasurable to both partners as they are both involved. In Addition, the man gives up some control, allowing him to focus on the sensations rather than how much he can push the strokes. The bottom line There are thousands of styles, some of which have never been written about. The ones we’ve mentioned are a perfect start. What we advocate for is creativity and constant communication with your partner. Which style would you add to our list? We'd love you to drop a comment in our comments section.
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Rules For Open Relationships and Tips for Navigating Them

November 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
This year's top trend in dating is unconventional but very saucy. It is - open relationships. Whether you’re dating or you’ve had previous relationships, opening up a conversation about an open relationship could be pretty daunting. More couples are subscribing to the idea of open relationships and challenging traditional societal norms of monogamous relationships. However, navigating such a relationship calls for ultimate care. Transitioning from a monogamous relationship can feel liberating, messy, and empowering - a blend of extreme feelings. That, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t work. It's, therefore, helpful to have an expansive and dependable knowledge base about such relationships. Here, we’ve come through with this short explainer of common rules of open relationships and how to navigate them. 1.     Set sex boundaries As plain as it sounds, sex is the order of the day in open relationships. Jealousy is always in the picture; thus, it's essential to set rules on what kind of sex is fine to have with other people and what you consider out of bounds. Don’t be afraid to have this difficult conversation and ask difficult questions. If you’re not okay with your partner having penetrative sex with other people, don’t be shy to speak it out. Also, remember to discuss safe sex practices such as condoms for penetrative sex. That way, you’ll save yourself from possible infections and, of course, a lot of jealousy. 2.     Emotional boundaries Emotions are paramount in any relationship, including open relationships. The emotional connection you have will determine how far this will get. It's thus important to set boundaries for emotional behaviours, clearly outlining what you wouldn’t want. For example, you could be against your partner hooking up with casual tinder dates. If that’s the case, you better table it before everything starts. 3.     Make honesty a priority Honesty is among the pillars of open relationships. Remember, for your partner to be comfortable with you; you must be ready to pour out your heart to them. Be open and honest about your sexual and emotional needs and desires, and be prepared to have an honest conversation about boundaries. It might be scary at first, but prioritizing honesty and embracing your vulnerability will come in handy for that relationship. 4.     Do this for the right reasons People get into open relationships for different reasons. Some are looking for something different, while some crave something more from their monogamous relationships. Whatever reason you have, Escorts in Auckland suggest that you should never get into an open relationship to solve the challenges you’re experiencing in your monogamous relationships. Chances are it's going to be a recipe for disaster. Approach this with a sober mind and have a candid conversation with your partner to ensure you are on the same page. The bottom line Open relationships have many benefits, including strengthening the bond of primary partners. To reap such benefits, the tips we’ve highlighted will help. In whatever you do, make sure you have fun and practice safe sex. Do you support the idea of open relationships? Please share your thoughts in the comment section box.
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Long-distance relationships tips and ideas

November 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
For two people in love, distance means nothing. If you’ve found someone you connect with deeply, you shouldn’t break up simply because you don’t live in the same place. Thousands of couples are surviving in these relationships. While it's important to meet up physically and spend some time together, there are more than enough testimonies of long-distance relationships that have worked perfectly. With the right amount of effort, creativity, and passion, it’s possible to keep the fire burning even with miles between you. Here are a few expert tips on managing that long-distance relationship. 1.     Avoid too much communication While there is no clear definition of “too much,” Female escorts Auckland highly discourage being possessive and clingy. You don’t really have to talk for 24 hours in a day to make it work. A lot of couples think that they can compensate for the distance with consistent talking, and in the end, it does more harm as they get tired of “loving.” Keep in mind that less is more; this is all about teasing and speaking at the right times and moments. 2.     Set clear boundaries For any relationship to succeed, the boundaries should be as clear as day. Discuss deeply your expectations and ground rules that will run the relationship. For example, discuss whether you two are exclusive and if any partners are allowed to go on dates with other people. Such rules will be extremely helpful in telling you whether it's worth the effort. 3.     Communicate regularly and creatively. As pointed out in the first point, communication is very sensitive. Firstly, you must text each other good morning and goodnight every day. It doesn’t take much effort to do that, yet it means a lot to partners. On that note, update each other on meaningful things happening around your lives, and if possible, do it in the form of videos and photos. 4.     Respecting dates Considering there is limited time for physical meet-ups, you’d want to date someone who respects the little available time. Prioritize your partner and respect the little time they set apart for the meet-ups. Try not to be late and show up with all your enthusiasm. 5.     Create a bucket list and travel together Even with the distance, couples can share what they want to achieve together in their lives. Creating an activity blueprint helps you cook ideas for your future dates. If possible, find activities that you’re both genuinely interested in, and if time allows, travel the world, and see places together. 6.     Talk dirty While keeping in touch is important, you shouldn’t neglect intimacy. Keeping this spark is one of the biggest challenges in such relationships. Keep things interesting by swapping sexy or nude photos, talking dirty, having phone sex, virtual sex, and sexting. The bottom line The success rate of long-distance relationships depends on the effort from both sides. It sure is a challenge, but with a little creativity, effort, and understanding, the distance doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup. Follow the above tips and more in our following blogs. Have you ever been separated by distance? What was your experience? Talk to us through our comment section.
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How To Turn That Situationship Into A Relationship

November 16th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
 A situationship can be defined as an undefined relationship. In this case, both partners are in a romantic relationship but not exclusive with each other. Most of these relationships involve physical intimacy, but generally, they are more of a prolonged sexual encounter. While sex is the order of the day, it doesn’t mean they don’t get emotional. In the end, the casual talking, hanging out and uncommitted sex gets tiring, and it necessitates turning it into a relationship- something more meaningful, consistent and with an important label. This stage is tricky, to be honest, but with the right attitude and guidance, you’ll be ready to try it. Here are some tips on how to turn the situationship into a relationship. 1.     Reduce sexting and see each other often While sexting counts greatly in any relationship, the best bonds are created physically. Texting tends to build a false sense of intimacy, especially if it’s done excessively. If consistency was in the situationship, then in your to-be relationship, it must be a building block. Spending more time together and consistently shows the willingness to start something serious and makes it easy for the relationship to grow. 2.     Introduce each other to your best friends According to escorts Auckland and dating experts, social interactions between two enthusiastic people with feelings for each other helps make the bond stronger. Involving each other in your social lives is a recipe for a committed romantic relationship. Try mingling beyond what you do privately. Go out there and see people together and you’ll the benefits. 3.     Manifest serious couple dates Rather than the casual “knowing each other dates,” try turning them into more serious and meaningful meet-ups, where you even get to dress up. Dating experts suggest that the best way to bring something into your life is by acting like you already have it. Manifesting these real dates will be a great start. 4.     Talk it out This is a difficult conversation to have but an essential one. If you haven’t defined your relationship, this is the best time to do it. We recommend being open, transparent, open-minded and speaking your heart out. Don't hold back if you’re not ready to take that relationship to the next level. 5.     Keep checking in You can’t have this relationship-defining talk once and expect things to change. Make your relationship a conversation topic and slowly usher yourself into deep and difficult conversations. Keep letting the other person know how you feel about them. However, we suggest reading the feedback and avoiding insisting. 6.     Be patient and open-minded If you’re really for it, the other person may not be interested or need some more time to think it out. Therefore, you should learn to practice patience, and you should also be open to rejection. If they say no, it's not the end of the world. The bottom line That said, it's crucial to recognize when you’re stuck with someone who is not ready to take things to the next level. We recommend constant and open communication to figure out what you two want from each other. Otherwise, the above tips should be a perfect start. What’s your opinion on situationships? Do you think they’re healthy? Please tell us through our comment section box.
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How To Eat Her Out: 6 Tips to Becoming a Cunnilingus Expert

November 14th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
What do you mean you don’t know how to give good head? Even the sun goes down! Cunnilingus, or eating pussy is one of the best ways of pleasing her and giving her something to remember. There are a million ways we could talk about cunnilingus, but it works differently for everyone. While there is no universal formula for eating her out, focusing on some areas and using some motions might work some magic. If you’ve been wondering how to approach this, we asked sex experts and Auckland escorts for some tips, which we compiled as follows. 1.     Understand her female anatomy Before you even jump into the tongue times, it's essential to understand the assignment ahead. The clitoral glands are clearly visible from outside the body, while the rest of the clitoris is inside the vulva. The goal of eating her out is to use your tongue and lips to please the clitoris, which is made of erectile tissue giving it that much-needed sensitivity. 2.     Kiss your way to the P There is no hurry here. All that P is yours to eat. We suggest spicing it up and upping the tension by starting slow with small kisses on the lips, down to the neck, on her titties, then to the pelvic region, and finally on her vulva. Such a lovely trip, huh? If possible, maintain some eye contact depending on the style you’re using. We also recommend some sensual kissing on the thighs before taking the plunge. A little teasing also increases the anticipation, which makes the experience worthwhile. 3.     Find the clit Keep her anatomy in mind, and find this magic organ. If you’re still not sure what it feels like, feel for a bean-shaped organ that can be found on top of the vaginal lips. Once you find the tiny bundle of nerves, start with some slow rubs using the fingers before going all in with the tongue. 4.     Lick around the clit Once you’ve done enough rubs with the fingers, she will be super turned on and most likely wet. Tease them some more, make it clear that you’re into it, and bring your tongue into the action. Lick it up and down, all around, and even draw the number 8. We recommend remaining focused and maintaining pressure on the clitoris using your tongue. Start slowly and gradually increase the pace of the licking strokes. You can try different tongue shapes, such as a broad, flat, or pointy tongue. It's all a matter of preference and the feedback you’re getting. 5.     Try an accessory If they are okay with it, introduce a sex toy to drive them even crazier. A vibrator or a bullet works magic. We highly recommend combining the tongue, fingers, and sex toys. 6.     Communicate There is no sex without communication. Tell her how great her P tastes, and tell her to hold your hair if she likes that tongue. Remember, women love being gassed, and thus it will play a massive role in what she feels. The bottom line It's not as hard as it sounds. The most important thing to remember is to ensure she feels safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Remember to have some sensual music in the background. Are you a fan of cunnilingus? Please share your thoughts with us.
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Wet Dreams- An Expert Explainer

November 11th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Wet dreams! If you’ve not had one, you must have heard about them. Many men, especially those in the puberty bracket, experience this and, in some cases, carry it into adulthood. Most men who experience wet dreams are too embarrassed to talk about it, and hence they don’t get to realize that it’s a normal process. There are surprising facts that you probably never heard of, and thus some might surprise you. Keep up to find out more. What are wet dreams? A wet dream can be put as ejaculating or releasing vagina fluids during your sleep. Sometimes, wet dreams are referred to as nocturnal emissions or sleep orgasms. It's important to note that the release happens involuntarily. In most cases, they happen when you have a sex dream, although some happen without a clear cause. They happen during sleep when the heart rate significantly increases, boosting blood flow to the genitals. In such a moment, the genitals because pretty sensitive to any kind of stimulation. When it happens, you might wake up during the wet dream or realize it later in the morning. It's crucial to note that it’s a natural process and a way for the body to release sexual arousal. How frequently do wet dreams occur? The frequency of wet dreams varies differently among men and women. They are directly affected by a person’s age, sexual activity, and hormone levels. It’s common among young men, who can maintain long erections, and its chances decrease with age as the ability to maintain an erection decreases. Wet dreams are common during puberty or adolescence since young men and women have frequent hormonal changes, and the situation tends to reduce with old age as the hormones stabilize. Do they occur in men only? There has been a notion that nocturnal releases only occur in men or people with penises. However, the case isn’t any different with women or people with vulvas. Women tend to experience them for the same reasons as men, although the cases aren’t as common as in men. Can you prevent a wet dream? Chances of having a wet dream decrease with increased sexual activity. However, that doesn’t mean you can put a stop to it happening. Wet dreams occur when you’re in a deep sleep, a state where you lose all control of your body. What are the myths? There are several myths about wet dreams, which might confuse you if you experience them. Here are some that we collected from Taranaki escorts and went ahead to debunk. 1.     Wet dreams will not reduce a man's sperm count 2.     Wet dreams happen in both men and women 3.     Wet dreams won’t affect your immunity 4.     Wet dreams don’t only happen during puberty 5.     They are not a sign of illness 6.     They won’t make your wiener shrink. The bottom line Suppose you’ve been experiencing these releases. It's time to stop shaming about it. It’s a normal process that you should be proud of. If you wish to reduce its recurrence, we suggest increased sexual activity and practising relaxation techniques before sleeping. Have you ever had a wet dream? Were you embarrassed? Please share with us through the blog comment section.
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Top 4 Foods That Will Boost Your Performance in Bed

November 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sometimes when love lacks the zing and becomes lacklustre, we blame prevailing health conditions and sicknesses. However, sometimes the solution lies in what we take in as food. A healthy and robust sex drive is directly linked with physical and emotional health; thus, it's no surprise that what we eat greatly affects how we perform in the bedroom. Here are some suggestions of nutrients-packed foods that will help you light the spark again in your bedroom. 1.     Watermelon Many of us just look forward to watermelon because of its cooling effect. However, did you know that watermelon is more than just a fruit to cool down? Firstly, watermelon contains sufficient amounts of vitamin B5, essential in eliminating stress and anxiety. When you are in the best state of mind, your performance in bed shoots tenth fold. In addition, and quite important is that watermelon contains Citrulline, an amino acid that the body converts to L-arginine, which is essential in maintaining a strong erection for long enough. L-arginine works by stimulating the production of nitric oxide, which encourages blood flow to the wiener. In a nutshell, watermelon, especially the seeds, is a perfect natural bluebill. 2.     Apples Besides keeping the doctor away, apples are a perfect booster of sexual activity and health. They are extremely rich in Quercetin, a flavonoid that improves endurance during sex. In addition to endurance, Quercetin helps promote circulation, treat erectile dysfunction, and alleviate prostatitis’ symptoms. Generally, flavonoid-rich foods can perfectly help with improving sexual activity. More examples of substitutes for apples include citrus fruits, cherries, and blueberries. 3.     Nuts and seeds Nuts and seeds are sources of zinc and other important minerals. Bay of Plenty escorts suggest replacing your usual candy snack with a handful of healthy nuts and seeds. For example, almonds are extremely beneficial. They contain important fatty acids, which are necessary to produce sex hormones. In addition, studies suggest that the smell of almonds tends to arouse women sexually. Lighting some almond-scented candles during sex would thus be helpful. Lastly, cashew nuts and almonds contain a load of zinc and L-arginine, which are essential in maintaining optimal blood flow levels. Examples of healthy seeds include walnuts, peanuts, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. 4.     Fatty fish The body needs lots of proteins to function optimally, especially regarding sex. Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and sardines are exemplary sources of these fats. They are loaded with omega-3, responsible for dopamine and optimum heart health and blood flow. They also have immense amounts of vitamin B6, which promotes a leaner body physique and thus a healthier sex lifestyle Take away The foods mentioned above are just a few examples of foods you can add to your lifestyle and promote better sex routines. We, however, would love to point out that eating these foods won’t deliver results on the first day. It needs discipline and commitment. What do you consider healthy sex-boosting food? Please tell us in our comment section.
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Top 4 Sex Positions for Overweight Couples

November 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex should be fun. While there’s the talk about sex styles, how often do we talk about the disadvantaged? Like the overweight couples trying to have some fun? Not every sex position works for everybody. In some cases, some sex positions might not favour the overweight. These super easy and extremely pleasurable positions will please you and your partner. They are perfect for overweight couples. 1.     Missionary twisted with a pillow Missionary is arguably the oldest and among the best sex positions. It offers great penetration and intense body-to-body and face-to-face contact, making things quite hot. However, with overweight couples, it only needs a few twists to make it even more pleasurable. While she raises her legs, place a pillow below her butt to lift the lower body and expose more of her vagina. You can use sex pillows, which have different shapes and sizes and are made specifically for sex, or you can modify them using bedroom throw pillows or couch cushions. The number of pillows depends on how overweight the woman is. 2.     The classic woman on top Sometimes, vaginal penetration isn’t enough to deliver compelling pleasure. A little clitoral stimulation comes a great way to give her orgasms. With this style, the phallic partner lies flat on the bed with his legs straight, and the woman comes on top, spreading her legs on his sides. In this position, the partner can penetrate her deeply, allowing for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. In addition, this position allows for some breast stimulation and gives the lady the power to select the intensity. 3.     Doggy style When we talk about penetration, the doggy style allows for the best of it. The doggy is a perfect style when you feel like too much tummy fat is getting in your way. Here, the woman gets on her hands and knees while the phallic partner penetrates her from behind. The hips or shoulders can be used as support or leverage to get more intense thrusts. However, this position is quite tiring for overweight people, so adult service providers in Northland recommend supporting your knees with soft pillows. 4.     The butterfly This position needs a bed or a couch and needs the man to be of a reasonable height to penetrate her while standing. It's a suitable style for people of all heights and sizes as it allows for intense penetration without worrying about the tummy causing interference. The woman lies on the edge of the bed with her legs on her partner's shoulder as he stands between her legs. It also allows for some kissing and eye contact. The bottom line Reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, spooning, and the seated position are more examples of ways overweight people can enjoy sex effortlessly. When choosing a position, it would be best to consult your partner on what they think will be a perfect fit. Which styles would you add to our list? Please let us know through our open comment section box.
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Top 3 Lubricants for Anal Play

November 4th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Is there a better way of experimenting with your sexual horizons than some sensual butt play? Certainly not! Butt play, or anal sex, is one of the most underrated and unspoken ways of enjoying some sexual activity. If well done, it might be the staircase to magical orgasms. However, there need some precautions, and one of them is lubrication. If not well lubricated during anal sex, it might be one of your worst nightmares. While the body naturally produces lubricants during any sexual activity, it might need some boost in anal sex. Here is where lubricant, commonly known as lube, comes in. A good and effective lubricant determines how much fun you’ll have during anal sex. Since there are different types of lubes in the market, here are some of the best types of lubes that you can use for anal sex. Before we get into that, escorts in Waikato suggest that there are factors that affect one’s choice of lubricant. Here are some of them explained. The condoms the couple is using. Concerning condoms, the biggest precaution is not mixing latex condoms with petroleum-based lubricants. Petroleum damages latex, which might expose you to potential risks of diseases. In such cases, either switch the condoms to latex-free ones or switch to other types of lubes. Lastly, the type of sex in question also affects the type of lube used. In most cases, anal sex enthusiasts prefer water or silicone-based lubes as they effectively reduce friction and thus tear. When it comes to vaginal sex, in most cases, lube isn’t necessary, although its use makes things slippery and better. Now onto the types of lubes to consider. 1.     Water-based lubricants Water-based lubes are the most commonly used and affordable sex lubricants. They are perfect for any kind of sex play and are your go-to, all-rounded sex lubricant. Water-based lubes are compatible with all types of condoms; therefore, they are the best options for anal or butt play. That said and done, though, they dry quite fast, which isn’t very advantageous. 2.     Oil-based lubricants These are the go-to options for most couples who like taking things the extra mile. One thing about these lubricants is that they are long-lasting, readily available, and non-sticky, making them perfect for a quickie underwater. They, however, are detrimental to any latex condoms, which is why we recommend lambskin condoms if you’re going for oil-based lubes. It's also worthwhile to note that these lubricants might cause skin reactions. 3.     Silicon-based lubricants These are also perfect options when it comes to anal sex. They are not as famous as their oil and water counterparts, but they are either way effective. They are perfectly compatible with latex, although they are an enemy to silicon toys. 4.     Natural lubricants When any of the above isn’t available, we have some natural lubricants. Examples include aloe vera, olive oil, plain yoghurt or virgin coconut oil. However, we recommend extra care when using any of these natural lubricants. What do you think is best for anal sex? Please drop us a comment with your answer or a better suggestion for lube.
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Sex For The First Time- An Expert Guide for Women

November 1st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Before we even get into the explainer, we would love to drop a disclaimer; when it comes to sex, what works for you might not work for someone else. We have different comfortlevels, experiences and circumstances. Therefore, as long as you feel like what you’re doing is okay for you, trust us, that is all that matters. Anyways, it's completely okay to feel nervous if it's your first time trying to romp. If you want to lose your virginity, we’ve prepared the following expert guide packed with information to help you relax and find your way out of this. 1.     Location matters The first and most crucial step is picking a suitable location for sex. Ideally, the location should be peaceful and allows you and your partner to get intimate with zero distractions. If you have roommates or live with family, finding a time when they are not home should do. Discuss this with your partner and agree on an intimate location. 2.     Clear your mind of what you hear about “the first time.” Movies and social media are several sources of what could be misleading information about the first time having sex. We highly encourage you to keep all you’ve heard away from your mind since people’s expectations are different, and besides, most of the things you hear are unrealistic. Manawatu-Wanganui adult service providers suggest approaching first-time sex with a clear, open mind and without expectations besides fun. 3.     Find out what kind of sex you want to have Essentially, there are different kinds of sex, from oral, penis-vagina and anal. Sit down and discuss with your partner what you want to explore. Remember that you don’t have to say yes to everything suggested. There are many ways to have sex, and there is no goal to achieve here. The key is having safe and fun sex. 4.     Give sober consent Regarding consent, there is a solid need to be entirely enthusiastic about sex. We discourage the thought of saying yes just because you feel the need to satisfy your partner. Make sure you two agree entirely with one mind to indulge in this. That way, sex becomes hotter and more intimate, knowing that you two badly want it. 5.     Lubrication is key In cases where you choose penetrative sex, your body might find it difficult to adjust and achieve the desired penetration. We, therefore, suggest having a lube around to ease things up. 6.     Focus on the foreplay We suggest taking your time kissing and exploring each other to allow you to get turned on and naturally lubricated. Focusing on foreplay, including some dry humping, makes sex feel way better. The bottom line The result of all this should be a happy and satisfied soul. Remember that being your first time, you may not be able to get an orgasm, and that doesn’t mean you give up. Give yourself some time to adjust, and most importantly, embrace protection. Have you had sex yet? What do you think should be done during the first time? Please share your thoughts with us in our comment section. 
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Reasons Why You Should Try Anal Sex

October 29th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve had the thought of trying some butt play. Word on the street goes that it's excruciating, which is entirely misguided. While it’s a mainstream sex play nowadays, there is still a taboo conversation around it, which has probably got you sitting on the fence on whether to try it or not. If your biggest concern is pain, we have hacks such as lube to help you get around it. Altogether, here are some reasons why you should try anal sex. 1.     There are zero chances of pregnancy. Sometimes, the biggest barrier to enjoying sex, especially for women, is the chance of getting pregnant. With anal sex, chances of pregnancy are non-existent since the vagina isn’t involved. There have been concerns that some sperms might swim down to the vagina, but health experts and escorts in Otago completely discredit that. However, just because you can’t get pregnant doesn’t mean you skip protection. There are still chances for STDs and other infections. 2.     Anal orgasms hit different As we all know, the anal cavity is packed with thousands of nerves, making it a super sensitive erogenous zone. The butt is, therefore, a favourite spot to play with if you want some shuttering orgasm. For the ladies yet to experience an orgasm, this is the time to consider some anal. 3.     It gives a chance to introduce new toys As health and sex experts, we don’t recommend rushing from zero to 100 regarding anal sex. If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend you try anal with some beginner toys before jumping into the 9-incher. Things get interesting when you start everything with a toy. We recommend anal toys like beads or butt plugs. This way, you get a chance to try something new with toys, which is quite thrilling. 4.     It Is thrilling The thrill of trying something new, especially in sex, is unparalleled. Trying some anal is an excellent way to keep things exciting and hot. Otago escort services providers recommend combining anal with other things you find alluring during sex. For example, anal and clitoral stimulation. 5.     It’s a good option during periods If you can’t keep calm during your periods, there is always an option for period sex. Period sex can be magnificent (this is discussed later on our blog). However, if you can’t stand it, there is always option B, which is anal sex, which will equally feel great. A footnote We are glad that people are slowly accepting anal sex as part of their bedroom routines. Our advice is you ensure it's well protected and, quite importantly, well lubricated. Check out our blogs for more tips on lubrication. Why would you consider anal sex? Please give us your reasons by commenting on our comment section.
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A Complete Guide to Female Condoms

October 26th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Generally, there are two types of condoms; internal condoms, commonly known as female condoms, and external condoms, widely known as male condoms. Most people are familiar with male condoms, and quite often, the female ones don’t get the discussion they deserve. The purpose of using protection is to protect yourself against possible pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The era where using protection was the man's responsibility is long gone. Here is an information pack with all the guides to using female condoms. What are they? Female condoms are a birth control device that forms an entry barrier to sperm and protects against possible sexually transmitted diseases. It comes as a soft pouch that loosely fits in the vaginal cavity. The condom has two rings, one going inside and the other remaining outside the vagina, for its removal after sex. Female condoms are made from plastic, or synthetic latex, although the former has been phased out. The condoms also come with silicon-based lubrication. How do they work? As pointed out earlier, they are a barrier placed inside the vagina. That implies that they prevent pregnancies by preventing contact between sperm and the egg. Like the male condoms, female condoms collect the male ejaculate which is discarded upon removal. Preventing penis-vagina contact also helps prevent the exchange of fluids, which could otherwise lead to infections and diseases. Who can use female condoms? Essentially, female condoms are for women or people with vulva or vagina. A lot of women consider female condoms an effective way of birth control. However, they are not for everyone. As suggested by Hawke’s Bay escorts, here are some reasons that might bar you from using female condoms. 1. If you’re allergic to synthetic latex. Remember, most of these condoms are made from latex, which might be allergic to some people. 2. If you’re not comfortable. Having a bag inside your vagina might make sex a bit uncomfortable. In such a case, we suggest you go for other methods of birth control or protection. 3. If you have any vaginal abnormalities. Vaginal abnormalities might affect the insertion, placement, and positioning of the condoms. In such a case, we highly recommend other methods of protection. How effective are they? Although they are considered effective, they have slightly lower efficacy than male condoms. The effectiveness of female condoms strongly depends on perfect use, which means using them correctly following all the instructions on the packaging. Either way, using female condoms will protect you from pregnancies and STIs. Where to buy them? Finding these in regular outlets might be challenging, but we are glad they are gaining popularity. If the spread of awareness continues, female condoms will be available in every outlet that male one's are. Either way, try out supermarkets, health clinics, chemists, and community health-based organizations. Footnote Generally, female condoms are said to increase sexual pleasure and can be used with oil or water-based lubricants. If used correctly, they can be a great way to protect you and your partner. The best advice we can give is that you follow the packaging guidelines. What do you think about female condoms? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section box. 
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6 reasons why some men absolutely love BBW women

October 24th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
For a long time, petite has been the face of beauty in women. In books, movies, or magazines, men have been obsessed with slim figures. However, not all men fall into the petite-holics group. We have many more men out there obsessed with thick women with curvy figures. Surprised? Don’t be. With the rise of dating sites, the wave is shifting towards the thick BBWs. If you’ve wondered why men love such babes, here are six convincing reasons. 1.     Huge is beautiful There is something beautiful about curvy women. The curves and more curves, paired with unmatched confidence, make them extremely attractive. The shapely figure makes them stand out from their slim counterparts. 2.     Booty and more booty Something must kill a man, and booty does that perfectly. 90% of men are obsessed with butts. Yes, slim women have nicely shaped butts, but there is something more intriguing about some junk in the booty, like in the BBWs. If you don’t turn heads when some big booty passes you, you’re either gay or simply crazy. Thick is the way, and plus-size women are the way. 3.     They are your food buddy Chubby women love food, and grabbing a thick babe automatically gives you an enthusiastic food buddy if you're a foodie. These girls love exploring new food joints and trying new recipes and food combinations. If you love food, getting a chubby girl is a ticket to guilt-free meals. 4.     Chubby women are soft Compared to their slim counterparts, chubby ladies are soft, tender, and generally soft-spoken. Men are masculine and thus prefer being the hard and strong ones in the relationship. To men, holding something round, soft, and voluptuous rather than a slim figure feels better. 5.     They are affectionate Thick girls are like babies. They like feeling affection, which is why they are suckers for long tight hugs, constant cuddles, and any romantic contact. If you’re one of those who love affection, consider getting yourself a fat babe. 6.     The warmth is unmatched Cuddles with a fat girl hit different and cannot be paralleled to cuddles with slim girls. In addition to them being super sexy and attractive, there is immense warmth holding them close. It would be best if you tried putting your hands between their thighs. You’re going to love the heat. Wink! The bottom If you’re wondering where to grab a thick babe, try adult services in Port Augusta. Here you’ll find a collection of the best from all over Australia. If you’re one of the thick babes, be sure there are thousands of men out there who relish what you have. Show off your curves with confidence. Why do you think men love thick women? Please drop a comment on our blog section.
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Simultaneous Orgasms- Expert Tips

October 19th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Often seen as a miracle, getting simultaneous orgasms with your partner isn’t that complicated. First, simultaneous orgasm is simply when two partners have synced orgasms at the same time or sometimes within moments of one another. There’s a big buzz around simultaneous orgasms; honestly, it is something worth dying for. While it’s unlikely you’ve experienced this, we're here to save you. Here are some expert tips on how you can have synced orgasms. Are there any benefits or simultaneous orgasms? Getting a synced orgasm greatly depends on how you feel before and during sex. If you’re lucky to have one, it has unmatched benefits, the most obvious being that it’s a gratifying and pleasurable experience. In addition, orgasms are perfect stress-busters, improve sleep, and even better skin. Having a synced one with your partner means you enjoy all these benefits as a couple and, in addition, a more solid bond. Pro tips for simultaneous orgasms Here are some tips to help you and your partner get to your big O’s together. 1.     Don’t think about it too much We have couples who approach sex with the pressure of cumming simultaneously. Quite often, it ends with frustrations. Escorts in Southland prefer focusing on the moment and enjoying what their partners have to offer. That way, the feeling is more fulfilling and will likely end up in a toe-curling, perfectly synced orgasm. 2.     Read your partner Getting down this road together is about pleasing your partner as much as they are pleasing you. Given we all have our preferences, we highly recommend taking your time to study your partner, figuring out what makes them reach their edge. On the same note, be an open book, and allow your partner to explore and discover what works for you. When the feeling is mutual, you’ll surely get there together. 3.     Have sex in sync We suggest taking turns pleasing and stimulating each other, as you satisfy each’s needs. When you feel like you’re getting there before your partner, we recommend slowing down and listening to their breathing, which adds to the arousal. Pleasing each other in sync will undoubtedly lead to a better orgasm. 4.     Use some lube Things get better when they are all wet and slippery. While the body has its lubrication mechanism, having some lube around will come a great way in making things better and more intense. This is more so when penetrative sex is involved. The bottom line In as much as a simultaneous orgasm is a rewarding experience, that doesn’t mean it should be the only end goal of sex. Enjoy the moment, please each other, focusing on a mutually fulfilling sexual experience. Have you ever had a simultaneous orgasm? Please tell us what you think through the open blog comment section.
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3 reasons why penis size doesn’t matter

October 17th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Penis size is a discussion that has interested the sex industry and men for decades, if not centuries. We'd wouldn't be surprised if Adam grappled with the question! We’ve read thousands of blogs and posts on how a woman’s body image is an essential aspect of sex and relationships. But how about men? Do they matter? Does “penis shame” really exist? Do we have men who feel inadequate? One of the most hurtful things to a man is reading on the internet about penis stereotypes and thinking that they're not up to “standard.” Here is some reassurance to the man who has been feeling belittled because of having a “small” member. The following write-up highlights three reasons why size doesn’t matter regarding sex. 1.     What you see in the media is magnified The leading contributor to this size menace is porn videos. These videos have been designed to create an impression that sex should be rough and outrageous, and you need a big D. if you’ve fallen for that, you’re doomed. Porn videos give the wrong impression that the bigger the member, the more she enjoys the sex and that vaginas are never-ending holes. Don’t be fooled by what you see or hear from your screens that taking some pills will grow what you have to a 12 incher. A lot of women don’t like them huge anyways. 2.     There’s more to sex than just penetration Again, porn has made it stick to people’s minds that sex is just penetration. If 100 men are asked what they enjoy about sex, be pretty sure that 90 of them will say, sticking their meat between the buns. While penetration is enjoyable, there is more to sex than it. For many women, a good sex session involves intense kissing, caressing and licking to build up to the moment. To many, penetration is the last thing in their mind. Kiss her, touch her, feel her breasts, talk dirty to her, tug her hair and spank her. Trust us, this counts more than what you’re carrying between your legs. 3.     It’s about how you use it, not how big It measures. There is a common saying that says- it’s not about the ship's size but rather the ocean's motion. Many women confess to meeting men with big wieners but not knowing how to use them. So, if you think women judge good or bad sex based on how big or small the penis is, you’re living in the dark ages. Different sex styles maximize penetration despite how small your penis is. Footnote For all the men who feel inferior because of their size, we guarantee you there’s always more than what you think. The next time you get laid, consider changing your techniques rather than worrying whether your size is enough for her because it doesn’t matter! Do you think size matters? Please tell us through our blog comment section. 
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Tips for giving a hot lap dance

October 16th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
A lap dance is simply an erotic dance performed in the form of sexual moves to arouse the partner. We’ve talked of many ways of improving bland sex life, but we don’t give lap dances the credit they deserve. To flawlessly execute one, you don’t necessarily need to be a professional dancer. No rules dictate how it should be done or what moves to make, but we’ve prepared the following tips to help you make your way around it. Here are tips for giving a hot lap dance. 1.     Find some inspiration If you don’t know where to start, we have loads of content on the internet that will give you an idea. Check out Instagram, YouTube and tiktok for videos of expert dancers doing what they do best. However, remember these are professional dances, so you don’t have to copy exactly what they do. The point is to get an idea of a starting point. 2.     Choose your music. When it comes to lap dancing, music is everything. We suggest you choose a deeply romantic or erotic song that probably your partner likes and will put the two of you into an erotic headspace. A song like Usher’s “Climax” is a perfect example. 3.     Dressing is everything While the idea of a lap dance is erotic, and the first thing that comes to your mind is to wear something erotic and seductive, that is not always the case. We recommend you find something that your partner finds sexy and one that you feel comfortable in. We also recommend two-piece outfits, such as a t-shirt and a short skirt, as they give you more options for striping if that is part of the dance. 4.     Choose a seat with armrests The armrests will act as a handle for you to hold on to as you grind on him, making things easier and more comfortable. 5.     Set an erotic mood Creating an erotic mood before the dance comes a long way to completing the moment. If possible, get some lit candles, but make sure that the room isn’t too dark for your partner not to see. The idea is to show a silhouette. 6.     Could you not make it too long? Ideally, a lap dance shouldn’t take too long. Two songs should be enough, as it is just a stepping stone to more erotic moments. Make it short, but again, not too short. The bottom line You don’t need to attend dance classes to drive them crazy. Allow yourself to be creative. Read blogs and watch videos for more inspiration. Lastly is to remind you not to do what your body can’t handle. Let us know what you think we should add to our list. Our blog comment section is open.
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Four ways to make doggy style even better

October 10th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Doggy style involves two partners, where one of them, gets to a position on all fours, and then the phallic partner penetrates the kneeling partner from behind. It is a famous style that can get really intense. If you don’t like this style, we seriously advise you to reconsider. The style gives immense and intense penetration, whether with a penis, a finger, or a strap-on dildo. While there is all the hype about doggy, some people get it right, while many others don’t get to enjoy the full thrill that the style has to offer. If you’ve been a doggy fan, here are some tips on how you can make the style even better. 1.     Prop yourself enough Sadly, the traditional doggy style alone doesn’t guarantee an orgasm, especially if the partner being penetrated has a vagina. We recommend throwing in some extra props into the play to make things more intense. For example, pillows or cushions between your knees or joints might make things easier and more comfortable, giving room to feel the pleasure. 2.     Get handsy Again, penetration only might not be enough to get you to your desired level. To make things much easier, the penetrating partner should massage the other partner's genitals from behind. A little handsy attention goes a long way to getting them to the big O. 3.     Add some toys Doggy style is one of the best styles to incorporate a toy. It is easily compatible with both male and female toys. While at it, throw in a strap-on or a vibrator. It might be a bit hard to reach your partner's nipples in this position, which is why we recommend some nipple clamps. Altogether, try to maintain attention on all of your partner's erogenous zones. 4.     Try some oral We all agree that doggy is best for penetration, but have you tried oral with doggy? You will go insane. It is a great position that allows a combination of cunnilingus and penetration, especially if the partner has a vagina. If you’re into rimming, doggy gives you that perfect chance as long as you lube it. 5.     Lube it up. Things feel better when they are all wet and slippery. If you’ve chosen this road, get some water or silicone-based lube. Otherwise, penetration will be painful. 6.     Take it outside your bedroom. Surprisingly, the best of doggy happens outside the bedroom. For example, try doing it in the shower or even on your staircase. The bottom line The only way to enjoy doggy to the fullest is by allowing yourselves to get creative and explore. With a few of our tips, you’re bound for untellable pleasure. What else do you think we should add? Leave us a comment on our blog section below.
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My first roleplay experience

September 30th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sexual roleplay had always been a fantasy, but I never had enough guts to try it out. The ideas I got from the role play scenes I saw in movies and porn videos (yes, I watch porn) were vague and pretty scripted. It never occurred to me that you can actually dive into the moment and have actual sexual pleasure and excitement from a simple roleplay. One weekend, in the summer of last year, I visited my then boyfriend. My visits were usually filled with lots of sex, which I always considered quite exciting. He was a doctor working in one of the hospitals in Tauranga. For some reason, the sex we always had was drying up. It was getting sort of bland and repetitive. I was really craving something new that would make things more exciting. “What would you love to try?” he asked. “One of Johnny Sins' sex scenes.” For those who are unaware, Johnny sins is one of the most famous porn actors. You probably need whacking if you’ve never watched any of his porn videos. I mean, every pervert knows Johnny sins and his perfectly executed sex roleplays. My boyfriend laughed and didn’t give any attention to what I said. As I was getting ready for bed, I pulled into his drawers to get a t-shirt I could sleep in. I found this blue lab coat, and that is when the idea of nurse and patient crossed my mind. I grabbed the lab coat and put it on- of course, with nothing under it. Wink! I rushed to the living room and dashed back with a stethoscope and notebook in my hands. By the time I returned to the bedroom, I was a complete nurse, ready to take my patient through triage. Initially, it was intimidating, and I thought he wouldn’t buy the idea. The first few minutes of the play flipped between sexy and weird. Besides the struggles, we achieved some balance. My patient was quite cooperative. The part I liked most was when he was checking out my cleavage when I was examining him. I played perfect nurse, using some medical lingo and pretending to examine his parts. That gave a chance to escalate the moment into something more intense. Within a few minutes, the examination session had turned into a crazy romp, with the patient giving the nurse some serious strokes in the triage room. It was fun for me. I did love every bit of it. If I get another chance for roleplay, I would want to take it to the public. Strangers in a park, maybe? Who knows?
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The Client Handbook for Christchurch Escorts

September 27th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Looking to Find Christchurch Escorts or The Complete Guide for Christchurch Escorts or Christchurch Escort Advertising? For clients seeking the services of escorts in Christchurch, New Zealand, this comprehensive handbook is designed to provide valuable guidance on how to engage with escorts professionally, respectfully, and responsibly. Whether you're new to the world of escorting or an experienced client, understanding the dynamics of this industry and how to navigate it can enhance your experiences and foster positive interactions. Chapter 1: Understanding the Legal Landscape Before engaging with escorts in Christchurch, it's essential to be aware of the legal framework governing the industry in New Zealand. This chapter explores the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 and the rights and responsibilities of clients within this legal framework. Chapter 2: Booking an Escort This chapter covers the process of booking an escort and includes advice on: Respectful Communication: The importance of respectful and clear communication when making initial contact. Setting Expectations: How to discuss and clarify your expectations for the encounter. Booking Details: What information to provide and what to expect in return. Chapter 3: Meeting Etiquette Navigating your actual encounter with an escort requires a respectful approach. Learn about: Consent and Boundaries: The importance of respecting boundaries and obtaining clear consent. Respecting Privacy: How to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of both you and the escort. Payment: Guidelines for handling payments discreetly and professionally. Chapter 4: Building Positive Relationships Building rapport and trust with escorts can lead to more fulfilling experiences. Discover tips on: Communication: Effective ways to communicate your desires and preferences during the encounter. Feedback: The value of providing respectful and constructive feedback to improve future experiences. Respect: Treating escorts with dignity and respect throughout your interactions. Chapter 5: Safety Considerations Ensuring your safety and the safety of the escort is paramount. This chapter includes information on: Verification: How escorts may verify your identity for safety reasons. Safe Locations: Choosing safe and discreet meeting locations. Protection: The importance of using protection during sexual encounters and respecting escort's health and safety. Chapter 6: Online Reviews and Reputation Online reviews can be helpful but should be used responsibly. Learn about: Review Etiquette: How to write respectful and constructive reviews. Privacy Concerns: The importance of safeguarding the escort's privacy in reviews. Using Reviews Responsibly: How to use reviews as a helpful tool without relying solely on them. Chapter 7: After the Encounter Your responsibilities don't end when the encounter concludes. Explore: Discretion: Maintaining discretion and confidentiality after the encounter. Feedback: Providing feedback, if desired, in a respectful and considerate manner. Rebooking: How to respectfully discuss rebooking or future encounters. Conclusion Engaging with escorts in Christchurch can be a positive and mutually enjoyable experience when approached with respect, professionalism, and responsibility. By understanding the legal context, practicing respectful communication, and prioritizing safety and privacy, clients can foster positive relationships and create fulfilling experiences for both themselves and escorts. Remember that each escort may have unique preferences and requirements, so it's essential to be adaptable and attentive to individual expectations. Always treat escorts with respect, prioritize safety, and ensure that all interactions are consensual and within the boundaries of the law. This handbook is intended to guide you toward responsible and respectful client behaviour within the context of escorting in Christchurch, New Zealand. This article is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice, and I am not a qualified legal professional. The legal landscape, especially regarding escort services, can be complex and subject to change.
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The Complete Guide for Christchurch Escorts

September 27th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Looking to Find Christchurch Escorts or Christchurch Escort Advertising or The Client Handbook for Christchurch Escorts? For those considering a career in escorting in Christchurch, New Zealand, or for experienced escorts looking to enhance their knowledge and skills, this comprehensive guide offers valuable insights and advice. From legal considerations to safety precautions, marketing strategies to self-care, we've compiled a wealth of information to help you navigate the world of escorting successfully and responsibly. Chapter 1: Understanding the Legal Landscape Before embarking on your escorting journey, it's crucial to comprehend the legal framework in Christchurch. New Zealand has specific laws regulating sex work, which differ from those in many other countries. Learn about the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 and how it affects your rights and responsibilities as an escort. Chapter 2: Safety First Safety should always be your top priority. This chapter covers essential safety measures, including: Client Screening: Detailed guidance on how to screen potential clients to ensure your safety. Meeting Locations: Recommendations for choosing safe and discreet locations for encounters. Communication Protocols: Tips for maintaining secure and private communication. Chapter 3: Establishing Your Online Presence In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for attracting clients. Explore the following topics: Professional Website: Creating an effective website that showcases your services and personality. Social Media: Leveraging social media platforms to engage with clients and promote your brand. Online Advertising: Strategies for effectively advertising your services while maintaining discretion. Chapter 4: Navigating the Client Relationship Building and maintaining client relationships is key to success. Learn about: Client Etiquette: How to interact professionally and respectfully with clients. Setting Boundaries: The importance of establishing clear boundaries and sticking to them. Handling Difficult Situations: Tips for dealing with challenging or uncomfortable encounters. Chapter 5: Health and Wellness Escort work can be emotionally and physically demanding. Prioritize your well-being with advice on: Regular Health Check-ups: The importance of routine health screenings, including STI tests. Emotional Support: Strategies for managing the emotional aspects of the job and seeking support when needed. Self-Care: Practical self-care techniques to maintain balance and mental well-being. Chapter 6: Managing Your Finances Effective financial management is crucial. Topics covered include: Pricing Your Services: How to determine competitive yet fair rates. Payment Methods: Options for accepting payments securely and discreetly. Savings and Taxes: Setting aside funds for taxes and building financial security. Chapter 7: Privacy and Discretion Protecting your identity and ensuring client confidentiality is paramount. Explore: Using an Alias: The benefits of using a pseudonym to safeguard your real identity. Secure Communication: Tools and methods for secure, encrypted communication. Data Security: How to protect your personal information from potential breaches. Chapter 8: Building a Support System Connect with others in the industry for advice and support: Online Communities: Joining reputable online forums or communities for escorts to share experiences and gain insights. Supportive Friends: Building friendships with other escorts who can provide emotional support. Chapter 9: Legal Support Familiarize yourself with legal support services or organizations that can assist you if you encounter legal issues. Seek legal counsel when necessary. Conclusion Becoming a successful and responsible escort in Christchurch requires a combination of knowledge, professionalism, and self-care. By understanding the legal landscape, prioritizing safety, and nurturing client relationships, you can embark on a fulfilling career in this industry. Remember to always prioritize your well-being and seek support when needed. This guide is your comprehensive resource for navigating the world of escorting in Christchurch, New Zealand. This article is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice, and I am not a qualified legal professional. The legal landscape, especially regarding escort services, can be complex and subject to change.
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My first lesbian experience

September 26th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Before joining college for my degree program, I always considered myself a straight girl. The only place I saw lesbians was in movies and social media. The thought of me seeing or getting intimate with another girl had never crossed my mind. Although I had flirted with women since I was a teenager, it was entirely out of innocence and the thrill of getting to teenage. By this time, I was in a monogamous relationship, which had lasted for quite some time until my first few months of college. Long story short, I was staying with Lillie. Although we were roommates, we didn’t share beds. One Friday, Lillie’s homie, Myra, came to visit. As usual, Fridays were partying days as we ushered in the weekend. Although I knew Myra, we weren’t as close as she was to Lillie. On this particular night, they had to share the bed. In the middle of the night, I heard mumbled conversations followed by soft moans. I didn’t want to switch on the lights or cause a scene since I wasn’t really sure what was happening. The moans were louder and more intense. I realized Myra and Lillie were making out. I was star-struck. I always thought that lesbian relationships were for movies and fiction novels. I was even more surprised that two of my best friends were doing it right in our room. “Are you jealous or what? You want to join us?” Lillie asked. She must have noticed my blank stares in the dark. The straight girl I was said no, but Lillie came and dragged me from my bed to hers. My body froze. I stood there as she touched my boobies, trying to pull me to her bed. All this while, I was thinking of my boyfriend, who was miles away from me. I would have needed him so much at that moment. Anyways, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to follow her. I had no idea what they were doing and how I’d start. Before I could even ask, Myra had my undies down. She gave me a weird smile as she got on her knees, spreading my legs apart. My heart was pounding, hoping she wouldn’t do what I was thinking. I asked her what she wanted to do. She didn’t even answer. Instead, she moved her mouth to my pussy and made huge licks from my pussy all the way up to my navel. I’ve always asked for head from my boyfriend, but he was never into that, which had me lose interest. When Myra did it, I won't lie; it was electrifying. By the time she was going for her fourth tongue stroke, I was dripping wet and shaking like a leaf. She told me to relax as she ate me out, sliding her finger into my vagina simultaneously. She spread my legs further and went even deeper with her tongue giving me slow sensual licks. Oh god, that was amazing. I was shuddering, shaking, and gasping for breath with my nails deep into her hair. Minutes later, I gave in and gushed a squirt right on her face. I didn’t know what to do, but from that moment, I figured that was the light and the way for me. That was my first lesbian experience; since then, I have never looked back.
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How To Have a Successful Sexting Session

September 22nd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
While being together with your partner leads to the best sexual and erotic moments, it is possible to have the same even when many miles apart. Sexting has been in the picture for many years, but the quarantine period saw it rise to fame, and in many places, it turned out to be a commercial service. Sexting allows you to connect with your partner intimately through naughty and intimate messages and pictures. The best part yet is that sexting enables you to be creative. Sexting can be intimidating, especially when dealing with a stranger. We've gathered a few tips to help you get over the anxiety. Here is how to have a successful sexting session. 1.     Ask your partner for consent. Just because you have it in your mind to start a sexual conversation doesn't mean the person on the end of the line is okay with it. Before going from zero to a hundred, check and negotiate with them whether they'd be interested in your naughty advances. You could ask them, "Hey, I have a few naughty ideas in mind that I'd love to text you. Are you okay with that?" 2.     Pick the right time To succeed, it's best to know what your partner is up to when you want to start a naughty chat session. We all have busy days, and not every time of the day or night might be suitable for a sex chat. For example, your partner might be engaged in a meeting or having lunch, which might not be the best time to start a sex chat. If you're unsure, send a text asking if they are busy. 3.     Slow and step by step does it. Think of sexting like sex itself. Sex starts with foreplay, which also applies to sexting. Start with a light conversation that shows intent without revealing too much. Pick a good starting point, such as a nice photo of you, and gradually build from there. 4.     Make use of memories If you're sexting someone you've had a sexual encounter with, pull out a memory of a wild moment you had before. Such is a great starting point as it keeps them railed to the conversation. 5.     Know the lingo and be creative Sexting revolves around the choice of words. What you tell your partner will dictate how much of a steamy moment you'll have. Find a creative way of telling them how much you'd want to be together. Remember to not give it all with one text. Split your ideas into many texts to keep the conversation longer and creative Finally, there is always room to experiment with sexting. Those crazy ideas you've always had in your mind could work here. If you have pictures or videos, it works even better since visuals play a significant role. Keep peeping into our blogs for more and better sexting ideas.
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Cock And Ball Bondage - What's It All About?

September 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to BDSM and sexual pleasure, possibilities are endless. If you're kinky, you must have at some point fantasized about binding or cracking some balls, but you're not sure about your ability to pull it off. Cock and ball bondage is one of the best ways of exploring your sexual horizons and, at the same time, having fun. Did we mention that it's addictive too? What's more? You can combine cock and ball torture with other exciting forms of sexual play. In this article, we've gathered some concrete points about cock and ball bondage that will be helpful for you as you go down this road. What is cock and ball bondage? From the phrase, cock and ball bondage can be defined as a sexual practice that involves inflicting bearable or pleasurable pain on the penis and balls. In most cases, the practice involves a dominant female who has control over a submissive male. It covers all kinky, and restraint plays that can be done either on the balls or the penis. Why should you try cock and ball bondage? The decision to indulge in this intense form of sex play is personal. Different people try it for various reasons. Altogether, it's an exciting piece of art. Firstly, the penis and the scrotum are packed with millions of nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive to touch. Thus, many people find the practice erotic and quite pleasurable. Restricted blood flow to the cock builds your strength and sensitivity. Within no time, it gets to a point where you feel every touch, suck, lick or pinch. The regular stretch of the penis and scrotum skin allows easy access to nerve endings. Gradually, you'll be amazed at how much pleasure and satisfaction ball and cock bondage offers. What are the types of cock and ball bondage? There are several ways of engaging in this sexual play. As usual, we firmly insist on deep discussions with your partner to figure out what can and will work for you. Altogether, here are some examples of some ways of practicing cock and ball bondage. Ball crushing Ball crushing ranks the top among the activities in cock and ball bondage. It simply involves squeezing the testicles using bare hands or a sex toy. If you're a beginner, bare hands with a moderate squeeze should suffice. In advanced cases, ball crushers or nut crushers work perfectly. These toys fit around the scrotum, where the dominant partner adjusts to squeeze or release depending on desired intensity. Ball stretching Besides crushing, stretching is also an insane stunt in cock and ball bondage. It involves pulling the testicles like you're detaching them from the pelvic. Ball stretchers, bare hands, or clamps work perfectly. Penis flogging It basically involves torturing the penis by flogging, using hands, or a leather strap. While the possibilities are endless, more examples include urethra play, penis trampling, wax play, and electrostimulation. Footnote After all, cock and ball bondage isn't a recipe for disaster, as you've probably been thinking. Certainly, all practices have risks attached. We advocate for precaution, safety, and open communication with your partners. Follow our subsequent blogs for more about this magical sex play.
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Premature Ejaculation - What's the Cause of it?

September 12th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
One of the most common bedroom issues affecting men is premature ejaculation. Although no set time dictates how long a man should last in bed, there are situations where the man ejaculates and loses an erection too soon and, as a result, cannot continue with sexual intercourse. Such cases are embarrassing and frustrating and are a leading cause of separation and failed relationships. So, what is PE? Premature ejaculation, commonly known as PE, can be defined as situations where a male ejaculates or orgasms faster than his or his partner's desired time. This condition is also known as rapid ejaculation, premature climax, or early ejaculation. Although PE is considered a type of sexual dysfunction, it is slightly different from erectile dysfunction. The latter refers to the inability to achieve and maintain a strong enough erection to allow sexual activity. PE is quite common in men. Studies have shown that 30-40% of men have experienced premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. In addition, the American Urological Association classified premature ejaculation as the most common sexual dysfunction in men, with about 1 in every 5 men between 18 and 60 years registering premature ejaculation. What causes premature ejaculation? A while ago, PE was said to be caused by psychological factors. However, research has found that chemical imbalances in men also cause PE. Generally, PE is caused by physical, chemical, and psychological factors, as discussed below. Deficiency of serotonin Although there is no exact known cause of PE, serotonin is believed to play a role. Its a hormone produced in the body precisely in the nervous system. High amounts of serotonin increase the ejaculation time; hence, its deficiency shortens the ejaculation time, leading to PE. In addition, abnormal levels of other hormones such as testosterone might contribute to PE. Lastly, inflammation of the urethra might be detrimental, including PE and ED. Psychological factors are the biggest players in PE. They include depression, stress, guilt, sexual repression, lack of self-esteem or confidence, and unrealistic expectations about sex. Although most of the causes are psychological, some may be temporary. For example, someone might experience PE during his first sexual encounters, but with time, he learns some strategies that help delay ejaculation. Some physical causes also lead to PE. For example, suppose someone has difficulty maintaining an erection due to erectile dysfunction. In that case, he tends to rush things during intercourse to climax before losing the erection. PE is also linked with age. Although aging is not a direct cause of PE, older men tend to have short-timed erections and are not as firm as in their younger days. The bottom line Therapy, medicine, and sexual strategies might help you overcome PE. If you’re in a relationship, we recommend finding ways that you two will be comfortable with. Most important is to understand each other and support each other through the course.
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Being An Escort (Why You Should Feel Proud and never Ashamed)

September 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
More often than not, escorts don’t get the praise they deserve. I mean, these men and women are saviours. The mention of escorting and sex work strikes a never-ending discussion that revolves around whether it’s a shameful thing to do or not. Today, in this article, we dive deep into the industry to bring you reasons why you, as an escort, should never feel short or ashamed because of what you do but in fact feel empowered and proud. 1.     A lot of people pay for sex To be fair, it’s a balanced world. Many men and women are looking for paid sex, and there is no reason to be ashamed of it. So long as it is done consensually, you have nothing to think about. Furthermore, most people who judge others for buying or selling sex are the same people who seek escort services secretly. 2.     You’re saving marriages and relationships The biggest threat to such unions has always revolved around the bedroom, sex to be precise. Lack of good sex or sex has been the root cause of failed marriages or relationships. Instead of separations, partners in such troubled unions prefer seeking the services of sex workers and escorts, which rekindles the fire in their relationships. If, as an escort, you’re saving marriages and relationships, is there any reason to be ashamed of your work? 3.     It is fun It's high time you let go of the idea that offering sex for money is terrible. This is because if you’re feeling guilty for it, it means you’re not honest with yourself. As an escort, you get to meet new people, see new places, travel to different magical destinations, and of course, get laid often. The fun in all these activities is unparalleled. I mean, who doesn’t want to get laid every day? 4.     It is legal The times when sex work and escorting were done behind closed doors are finally over. Many cities and regions in the world recognize sex work as real work and, as a result, are decriminalizing it. Examples include major cities in Australia and New Zealand. 5.     It is lucrative The biggest reason for one being an escort is to make some money and earn a living. As a whole, though challenging, escorting is really lucrative. However, how much you make is directly proportional to your efforts and sometimes luck. Some of the most experienced escorts in the Australian industry brag about making thousands of dollars every month just from hanging out with horny punters. If it is such a lucrative hustle, then there is no need to feel ashamed. 6.     Sex work is real work Honestly, this is a hustle like any other service-based business, just that sex or intimate company is involved this time. Connection, company, sex, and pleasure are legitimate human needs, and as long as they are exchanged legitimately and with respect, there is no shame in doing it. Final thoughts People need to respect the sex industry and, more so, escorts. They need to recognize that this is a hustle full of men and women who want to have fun and feed their families. If you’re an escort, fix your crown, look ahead and have the best of fun serving those horny men and women out there!
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Personal hygiene products every escort needs

September 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Whether new or experienced, escorting is pretty demanding. Long working hours, busy engagements, and much traveling mean little time for personal care. If not very careful, you might find your levels of hygiene dropping with only a few hours available for self-care. Maintaining optimum hygiene levels is the best gift you can give yourself or your clients. Following the hygiene standards makes your work environment much safer and more comfortable, which translates to better returns. In this article, we highlight some must-have personal hygiene products to ensure you’re at your best level. 1.     Shampoo or hair conditioner As a female escort, it's easy to have build-ups of grease, grime, and oils in your hair. If this is not checked, it leads to funny-smelling hair, which might be a turn-off to your clients. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep away the unpleasant smells. Besides, styling your hair regularly maintains that classy escort look, which is a plus. Therefore, make sure you always have shampoo around. 2.     Mouth wash, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Optimum oral hygiene levels in escorting are a must. It would be a nightmare if you turned up for your dates with a smelly mouth. Make sure you have a toothbrush and some doctor-recommended toothpaste around. If possible, brush your teeth or gaggle mouthwash between bookings to ensure your breath is fresh. 3.     Deodorants and perfumes Escorting involves close and intimate company, which suggests you have to smell nice. Always ensure you have reliable body deodorant, perfume, or body splash to keep you smelling fresh. 4.     Moisturizers or nourishing creams You have to have a godly look to catch the best and well-paying clients. Your skin is your best weapon. A fine and toned skin is a magnet for clients. Make sure you have nourishing creams or moisturizers to apply to your body and hands to keep them soft and smooth. 5.     Clean undies or lingerie Your escort kit must have some extra pairs of undies or lingerie. Changing into new undies or lingerie for every date makes sure your bits remain fresh and clean. More examples of personal hygiene products include shaving creams, shaving blades or Gillette, makeup kits, and wet wipes. The bottom line The whole idea of escorting revolves around physical appearance and high levels of hygiene. The few examples highlighted above will be a great start. Keep an eye on our blog for more about hand, body, and sex toys hygiene.
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My Lunchtime Quickie

August 29th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Life in Queenstown was a living hell. For the few months I had been working there, my life took a complete turn. Firstly, the shy boy I was during my internship in Auckland was ready to be left behind. I had turned into a party animal, a freak, a regular alcoholic. Despite my love for the bottle, I had vowed to never drink during my working hours. However, this one Friday morning, I had a really disturbing call from home, details of which I won't spill. The call came in just before I got out for work. The last thing I always did before leaving for work was sniffing my faraway girlfriend’s thong, which she had left me on our last date. If you’re wondering, yes, I have a fetish for dirty undies. Anyways, on that particular day, instead of smelling the undies, I took a few shots of Gin. I can't remember exactly how many I had, but it was enough to get feeling pretty buzzed pretty quickly. By the time I got to work, I was mad tipsy. I tried my best to keep it together, and lucky for me, it was on a Friday. Friday's aren’t that busy for us. I just had a few excel files to countercheck against old records, a job which took me roughly two hours. At work, there was this lady, Rachael. She was quite older than me, probably in her mid-40s. When I set foot in that office, I happened to recognise her as one of those classy Queenstown escorts that she did part-time. It didn’t bother me much, as she was never attractive to my eyes. However, on this day, the gin did some magic. She was looking super-hot. I kept checking her out. She wore nerdy glasses and a short skirt. She must have noticed those consistent stares as I remember her asking me if everything is alright. Time went by, and it was 12. Jokingly, I asked Rachael what her plans for lunch were. Normally, Rachael would dash out of the office at exactly 1 pm and return an hour later with a new set of clothes. I always asked her where she went until she opened up to me that she goes for short bookings. How on earth would she manage that? On that particular day, my confidence was on another level, thanks to the Gin. Rachael told me that she didn’t have plans. Jokingly, I said, “how about a quickie for lunch?” For some reason, I expected a cold reception, but I got a naughty wink back. There and then, I knew it was about to go down. When everyone else had made their way to the lunch canteen, there I was with Rachael. My heart was beating so fast. Some part of me contemplated cancelling that shit, but the Gin in me went all green. There was no time for foreplay. We had to get this done and dash for lunch like the rest. She grabbed me by the shirt, pushed me to my desk, and kissed me. Although I wasn’t sure about this, my dick was certainly down for it. Even before she could do anything, I had a horse-like erection. The beast was buzzing to be let out. She leaned against me, with her butt feeling my throbbing cock. She hurriedly unbuttoned her skirt to expose her animal print thong. Man, her thighs were magical. I was awed by her lady bits. “Are you okay?” she asked after noticing my hard stares at the gem I was about to explore. I hurriedly unbuttoned my trousers and let out my curved 9-incher. The guy was throbbing and shedding tears of precum. I pushed her thong aside and spread her legs with her sitting on the desk. Her pussy was all wet and waiting. Without wasting time, I plunged the hard cock deep into her wetness. She moaned in pleasure, and so did I. I banged my balls on her ass as quickly as I could. She was for sure enjoying the thrill, which was clear from the counter thrusts I was getting. She draped her hands on my shoulders as I explored her cunt mercilessly. She bit her lips, trying so hard not to scream, with her nails dug deep into my shoulders. I felt the urge to cum. I went even faster. My hands we on her thighs. Spreading them further and dissecting her harder than before. Within no time, I felt an explosion running down my dick. I burst a crazy jism deep inside her thick pussy. Like a pro, she pushed me back, pulled her thong on her soaking pussy, and buttoned her skirt. She straightened her top and hair and walked out, saying, “I better have a cheque for that!” That was my first ever quickie. I fucking loved it. 
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I jizzed in my pants

August 24th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Ryan! It all started with one word. The local Whanganui escorts had organized a mad swinger pool party, and me being one of their regular clients, I was definitely on the list of attendees. My favourite escort Judy was also in attendance. She wore a white bikini that perfectly exposed her heavenly figure. She had big study titties, with nipples clearly showing through the fabric. She shouted my name as she dived into the warm pool. Being a regular to her, we related pretty well, and the first thought that crossed my mind was to follow her. I dropped my cup of beer and dived right in. The blasting music created a mad party atmosphere. By then, I was already tipsy, and so was Judy. We swam together, splashing water on each other’s faces and racing. Once in a while, I grabbed her butt, which of course, she didn’t have a problem with. “Would you like to try something crazy?” Judy asked. The huge crowd made me hesitate, but before I could answer, she was pulling me through the water to the furthest corner of the pool. “I want you to fuck me!” she said. “What? Are you crazy? With all these people here?” I interjected. Judy shrugged her shoulders in disappointment and seemed to swim away, but I grabbed her by the waist and gave her a long kiss. “Was that so hard?” she asked. She turned, and I hugged her from behind. She didn’t take long to notice how hard I was for her. She faced me, kissed me slowly and reached for my throbbing cock. She pulled it out and started stroking it slowly under the water using her soft hands. Man, it felt amazing. After about a minute, she stopped stroking it and smiled at me sheepishly. I didn’t want her to stop. I hugged her from behind again and rubbed my hard cock against her huge ass. I held her titties, rubbing her already hard nipples. She gave a soft moan as I rubbed them against the light fabric. I kissed her neck. By this time, I wasn't aware of the people around us, and I just wanted to dick her right in the pool. My hands made their way under her bikini and pushed it to the side to expose her already wet fat pussy. It was the first time something like this was happening, and the thought of getting caught by my friends made it even better. She held the side rail and bent over slightly to allow me to slide in my cock. A few strokes in, the pressure was building. The warm water and her wet pussy were too much to handle. I increased my pace with the strokes, trying my best not to moan. Within three minutes, I was ready to release an explosion of cum in her cunt. I was rock hard by this time, holding on to her shoulders relentlessly. Without warning, I let go. As I was about to finish, I heard someone call my name from behind. Turning my head, my boss was right there. I was scared to death. Did he see me do all that shit? My heart was pounding. As I was about to talk to him, I woke up in my bed, panting and sweating profusely. I realized It was just but a fucking dream. I tried to sit up to reach out for a towel when I felt my pants were wet. While it was just a dream, the explosion of cum was real. I had jazzed in my pants!
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Tips For Early Morning Sex

August 22nd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There is no better way to kick off a day than a romp at the crack of dawn. Although it's usually slow to fully boot-up after waking up, believe us that you’re more than likely to feel amazing for the rest of the day if you can slip a romp session in at this hour. There are unmatched benefits to adopting this sex routine. In this article, sexologists and experts explain the importance of morning sex and a few tips on making it count. Ready? lets dive in. What Are the Benefits? Generally, sex is beneficial as a whole. However, morning sex has a whole bag of benefits which are; Improved connection with your partner A burst of feel-good hormones to start your day It's a short-burst and intense workout Reduced stress levels It gives you a magical glow It’s an immune booster Quick Tips to Make Morning Sex Interesting Start by pleasing yourself We understand that mornings can be slow for you, and thus you wouldn’t want the sex to be too athletic. Therefore, start by caressing yourself first into arousal, followed by slow progress to your partner. This makes things much easier for everyone. Set the intention and schedule it The thought of scheduling sex makes some people cringe. However, escorts in Invercargill are of the opinion that if we schedule the “important things” thing in the mornings then planning for sex should be no different. It's essential to communicate to your partner about your intention to have sex in the morning and make time for it. Don’t forget a sensual massage The first point talked about pleasuring yourself first. Sometimes, your partner may not be in the mood for the morning shenanigans. However, a sensual massage is a perfect way to gauge interest and set them in the mood. Experts suggest having a toy by your side to help you awaken interest. Make it quick Sometimes, long is boring and remember you have things to do during the day. If you want a sustainable morning sex routine, experts suggest avoiding the pressure for something long and athletic. A few minutes’ romp followed by a quick shower should suffice. Have some mints around Quite frankly, morning breath sucks. However, that shouldn’t stop you from getting naughty. If possible, have some mints or candies by the bedside drawer, and pop some if you’re sure of some action. If mints or candies aren’t an option, avoid face-to-face positions (spooning and doggie are amazing). If you want some kissing, consider other body parts such as shoulders, necks and the stomach. The Bottom Line Morning sex is amazing, and nothing should deny you this heavenly feeling. If you have the time, stick around and cuddle after sex for some quality time, and of course, jump into the shower together to save water! We love reading your feedback. Please tell us what you think about morning sex in our comment section below.
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Role Play Ideas for The Bedroom

August 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
If you lose the enthusiasm to explore your partner in the bedroom, it's high time you got creative. Sex role plays are one of many ways of being creative in the bedroom and, at the same time, exploring sexual kinks and fantasies. Since we live in a world where sex talk is increasingly becoming open, it's no surprise to see role-playing hitting the headlines. Here is an outline of the best must-try role play ideas for the bedroom for you and your partner. How does role play work? In layman's terms, role-playing is taking the persona of a character or someone else during sex. Role-playing can be done anywhere and can be made as simple or as complex as the partners like. However, easy does it. In addition, it can be done using costumes, a story, or music. The whole point is to have fun while exploring each other. Best role-playing ideas Strangers Strangers is a classic role-playing idea that one can learn from anywhere, including movies and tv shows. Creating a stranger scene during sex with your partner is thrilling, making things interesting. You can dress up for it and take it to an ambient atmosphere such as a bar or hotel to make it better. The hot massage It's apparent that one of the best ways of initiating sexual pleasure is a sensual massage. From that, you can create a super erotic scene with your partner, with one of you playing masseuse and the other one client. A massage with a happy ending will work the role play magic. Gym instructor Besides being creative in the bedroom, this roleplay idea would be perfect for keeping fit as a couple. This scenario needs one person to act as the student while the partner acts as the gym instructor. It doesn’t matter how flexible or not you are, but getting into tempting positions that will initiate naughty games is important. Boss and secretary A classic scene that has been used over the years in adult films, movies, and tv shows. It is a perfect combination if you two have a thing for Dom/sub play. While one partner acts as the secretary, the other, preferably the male, acts as the thirsty boss. The secretary dresses seductively, probably in short sexy skirts, and sits on the desk suggestively. On seeing this, the boss can’t hold his wiener back. That way, you end up having happy endings in the “office.” The bottom line Hastings escorts suggest talking this out as a couple to find out what works best for you. Otherwise, the few tips are a perfect gateway to creativity, fun, and more orgasms in your bedroom. Please drop a comment in the comment section below and tell us what you think!
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Male Erogenous Zones You May Not Know About

August 12th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Although the male orgasm is said to be seconds away, it takes special prowess to make that man roll his eyes and curl his toes. There is more to sex than just touching a man's genitals followed by penetrative sex. Just like women have the G-spot, men have secret erogenous zones that are often left unnoticed and unexplored. This article seeks to unravel the magical erogenous zones that most of you don’t know ABOUT. What are erogenous zones, and why are they important? An erogenous zone can be defined as a body part that can bring sexual excitement when touched or caressed. Essentially, any part of the body can be an erogenous zone, especially in men, although they have a few exceptions, as discussed later in this write-up. The theory behind erogenous zones is a higher concentration of nerve endings and receptors, making them sensitive. Must try male erogenous zones The scalp The scalp, especially the tiny space behind the ears and just above the neck, is packed with thousands of nerves, making it super sensitive and a foreplay favourite. Try running fingernails and, at the same time, gently tugging the hair. The ears Many women tend to be sensitive in the ears, and it surprises many that it’s the same when it comes to men. The ears have thousands of sensory receptors, especially on the inside, which makes them pretty sensitive. During foreplay, try talking into or whispering into his ears. Alternatively, light kissing, licking, or love biting the earlobes can be super stimulating. The sacrum Also known as the small of the back, this region is among the most sensitive parts of a male body. The slightest touches in this region, with nails or a feather, evoke deep sexual arousal. If possible, try it with a vibrator, an ice cube, or a pin if you’re feeling kinky. The back of the knees This one caught you by surprise for sure. The back of the knees is a sensitive region that many of you ignore. Nelson escorts suggest exploring this region using a sensual massage while you work your way up and observing his reactions. Interestingly, this region is ticklish in some men. The nipples! You have surely always ignored this one. Male nipples are always ignored in favour of the apparently more appealing female nipples. However, these gems are there for a reason. The slightest of touches, whether a rub, a suck, or a bite, can come a long way to arousing that guy Final thoughts The butts, armpits, wrists, and the scrotum are more examples of zones you should explore. Remember, people are created differently. The best way to figure out your man’s erogenous zones is by giving a thorough massage and observing his body language. Which one do you think we left out? Tell us in the comments!
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Best Ways for Men to Boost Their Testosterone

August 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Testosterone plays a huge role in the male reproductive system. A lot of people refer to it as the male sex hormone. It’s a steroid hormone mainly produced in the male testicles and female ovaries in small amounts. The adrenal glands also produce this hormone in small amounts. Men's testosterone levels are at their peak during puberty, and the levels tend to decrease through adulthood. Although the decrease is natural, it's important to have optimal hormone levels through adulthood and altogether through old age. Here are natural and best ways for men to boost their testosterone levels. 1.     Change or improve diet Adopting a healthy diet helps with testosterone in two main ways; promoting weight loss and eliminating chances of blood sugar level spikes. A balanced diet is a key player in having optimum testosterone levels. Firstly is to avoid dieting and overeating as it disrupts the hormone levels. Consider a diet that contains whole foods with a perfect balance of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. A healthy diet also includes healthy vegetables and fruits. For healthy fats, consider lean proteins such as fish and chicken. Lastly, avoid refined carbs such as those in junk food. 2.     Get enough quality sleep Besides testosterone levels, maintaining a healthy sleep routine is crucial for overall health and wellbeing. Most of the testosterone is released when you’re asleep, making it necessary to grab enough hours of sleep. Doctors and health experts recommend 7-8 hours of sound sleep per day. 3.     Try to reduce your stress levels Like sleep, stress levels also affect your general wellbeing. When you’re stressed, the body responds by producing cortisol hormone, which helps the body respond to the stress and essentially restores your body's normal state. However, prolonged stress leads to prolonged exposure to this cortisol hormone, which hinders the production of testosterone. While life will always be stressful, you can take a few steps to avoid such situations, including meditating, finding a hobby, and always putting yourself first. If this issue persists, seeking a doctor’s help might be necessary. 4.     Hit the gym Staying active or exercising is one of the best ways of restoring sex hormone levels. Firstly, staying active helps lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, which you’re aware helps maintain healthy testosterone levels. The best workouts are resistance workouts such as weightlifting, which have proven effective. Cardio is also a perfect way of balancing hormones. Besides, working out gives you an overall toned body which gives you an upper hand when seeking adult services from escorts in Whangarei. Wink! Footnote For men, testosterone levels begin to decline between 25-and 30. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risks of losing your sex life. The above steps will be a perfect start. What more can you recommend? Please let us know in the comment section below.  
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3 Sex Positions That Give Her the Power

August 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Whoever said that the one doing the penetration during sex runs the show was wrong. This is one of the sex myths that we're clearing up. While in most cases, it’s the man who has control, the is a whole hotter and sexier side when the female is in charge. Being in charge takes just a little twist of sex styles. Plenty of them will put you in the driver’s seat, making you dominant over the whole play. While being dominant can mean whatever you want, here are must-try sex positions that will give her the power. The classic cowgirl The classic cowgirl has been used over the decades. It's an old style, but a goldie woman-on-top position that can be a perfect starting point if you want to become dominant in the bedroom. To do this, have your male partner lie flat on the bed or floor and come on top with your feet on either side of his body. Lower your body at your desirable pace, and once you’re ready to ride him, move your body up and down or back and forth. You can also try doing it in swift circles to add to the pleasure. This style gives you a sense of domination since you’re in charge of the penetration, speed, intensity, depth, and even the orgasm, while your partner is just there for the ride. Reverse missionary We often talk about how effective the classic missionary is, but do we take some time to talk about the reversed version? With this style, your partner lies flat on the bed, and you assume a classic cowgirl position, only this time you lean forward to touch chest to chest. Extend your legs further back, such that they are outside your partners, with your hands on either side of the body. As Rotorua escorts demonstrate, the style is basically the classic missionary, only that this time the female is the one in command. Once in that position, proceed to grind your pelvis up and down to please him. The chair sit The chair sit is another woman-on-top style that remarkably allows intense penetration. Have your partner sit flat on a chair or a couch. A chair without an armrest is the best for this stunt. Face them, and if possible, blindfold them, strap their thighs on the chair, and tie their hands together at the back. Lower yourself slowly to their penis, and bounce with your desired pace and penetration, with your hands on their shoulders for support. For more pleasure, you can swirl your hips, assuming a figure 8 movement. Final thoughts The three styles are just our selection from a pool of many. Facesitting can also be mad fun as long as safety and consent are involved. Let us know what you think about the highlighted styles, and of course, drop your recommendations. 
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Life-Changing Masturbation Tips

July 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Pleasure is a luxury, not a necessity. Sometimes, a good run of solo pleasure is all you need to start or end a long day. Although a lot of people masturbate, it's still a taboo topic. Besides the happy endings, masturbation has several health benefits that impact your life in many ways. To reap these benefits, you need to put more meaning into masturbation than just touching yourself to orgasm. This write-up brings you life-changing tips on masturbation that will help you make the best out of those solo minutes. 1.     Pamper yourself first Long gone are the days when foreplay was for partnered sex. It's necessary to be in the best state of mind before masturbating, which means creating some time for yourself. Consider a long sensual shower or dip in the bathtub or something pleasurable that you enjoy doing. Just like you pamper your partner, it should be the same when it comes to you. If possible, go out for some drinks, come home, take a long shower while playing some calm music, stare at yourself in the mirror, and get ready. This way, the act will become more fulfilling than if you just jumped right into it. 2.     Turn off your phone The basic requirement of being turned on is being present. Therefore, you must keep off any possible distractions such as social media or phone calls. Turn off your mobile phone, get into the best state of mind, and the body will follow suit. 3.     Start with sensual before sexual Escorts New Plymouth suggests that the first step should be feeling yourself sensually before diving into sexual stimulation. Your head or hair should be a good starting point, working your way downwards and massaging your neck, breasts, belly, and inner thighs. That should be followed by slow and sensual touches of your genitals through clothing to set the mood for the next events. Experts also suggest making some moaning voices. Moaning plays a huge role in signaling the brain that you’re turned on, increasing pleasure. 4.     Sync your breath with your touches Once you’re totally aroused and begin touching your vagina or stroking your penis, go slowly and pay attention to your breathing pattern. You need a lot of oxygen to reach your climax, so you shouldn’t stop breathing. Stopping to breathe limits sexual stimulation. 5.     Have a sex toy around There are hundreds of sex toys built exclusively for both men's and women's solo pleasure. Even if you do not intend to use one, keep it within hand reach just in case the moods kick it. Lastly, keep some lube around to make sure things go smooth and, of course, to increase pleasure. The bottom line The key to getting off well is taking things slow. If you rush things, you end up having a quick unsatisfying orgasm. Health experts suggest switching positions to kneeling, standing, or lying on your belly. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below on what you think might work.
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The Naughty Ads Punter Newsletter - July 2022

July 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The following is a re-post of our recent punter newsletter and has great information for punters and advertisers alike about features and some great deals with naughty ads. The NaughtyAds Punter Newsletter - July 2022 Hello Punters of NaughtyAds! Welcome to the July 2022 edition of the NaughtyAds Punter newsletter.   We have some exciting updates to share with you this month including a great visual upgrade to the site, new payment options for VIP punters and amazing up-to 70% sale with our adult store partner - Love Honey.   Before we get to that, let's kick things off like we normally do and extend a big congratulations to our latest (June) Punter Review winner - Dav P!   We've already emailed Dave so he can claim his prize of either $50 or 6 months of free VIP Punter membership! A big thanks again to those who entered.   A new punter competition for July/August has already started so make sure to look out for this competition and many more to come by checking out the competitions page under your Account menu (images below).   If you're a punter newsletter subscriber only - this is a great incentive to sign up for a NaughtyAds Punter account today. It's also a great incentive to sign up for a VIP Punter account as your prize payout doubles!!    To sign up now click here and make sure to select Punter as your account option on the registration page. Dark & Auto mode now available at NaughtyAds To give you more control over how you view you Naughty Ads punter account we have now added the ability to switch to Dark Mode as well as Auto Mode which will follow your device settings. The Verified Only and advanced search filter on NaughtyAds Punters have been able to filter to only see escorts that have been verified by NaughtyAds since late 2021.   To make this option stand out even more we've made the "Show Verified Only" button flashing and have it prominently placed at the top of every search page.   You now only need to make one click to view escorts that have gone through the Naughty Ads verification process and are more trusted providers.    Don't forget that you can also click on the Search button to filter for the exact provider of your choice as well as manage your favourites, alerts, date history and do keyword searches. NaughtyAds VIPPunter Account Features YOU ALREADY GET THESE GREAT FEATURES WITH YOUR BASIC NAUGHTYADS PUNTER ACCOUNT: ·    READ REVIEWS FROM OTHER PUNTERS  ·    CREATE REVIEWS TO HELP OTHER PUNTERS ·    SAVE YOUR FAVOURITE LISTINGS ·    SUPPORT RESPONSE IN UNDER 24 HRS ·    KEEP A DIARY OF YOUR DATES AND EXPERIENCES ·    WRITE ARTICLES AND COMMENTS AND POST TO THE NAUGHTY ADS BLOG   ... AND HERE ARE THE AMAZING FEATURES OF THE NAUGHTYADS VIPPUNTER ACCOUNT:   ·    ESCORT ALERTS - GET AN ALERT EMAIL WHEN A NEW ESCORT MATCHES YOUR SEARCH CRITERIA. SIMPLY CLICK THE "GET ALERTS" BUTTON AS PER BELOW ·    VIEW PRIVATE ESCORT PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ·    SHOW AS VERIFIED ON YOUR AUTHOR PROFILE ·    SHOW AS A VIP ON YOUR AUTHOR PROFILE ·    ESCORTS RESPOND FASTER TO VIPPUNTERS ·    REGULAR PRIZES AND COMPETITIONS ·    DISCRETE BILLING AND ONLY $9.95/MONTH - YOU CAN NOW PAY VIA BEEM_IT! ·    ALL THIS WITH MANY NEW FEATURES TO COME  LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND UPGRADE TO A VIP PUNTER ACCOUNT TODAY!   Want 3 months of Free NaughtyAds VIP punter membership? Suggest a new feature! Simply suggest a new feature you think would be great at Naughty Ads and if we implement it we will give you 3 months FREE of VIP punter membership.    Make suggestions about punter account features that you'd love to see or about anything else relating to Naughty Ads and if it's a great idea we'll implement it and reward you!   Please send your ideas to Lovehoney AU - check out amazing offers - up to 70% off!   NaughtyAds is proudly in partnership with world's leading adult store - Lovehoney.   For great deals check out the NaughtyAds blog, twitter account and newsletters where we regularly update you on the latest deals on lingerie, sex toys and a host of other items for all your adult fun.   Click the image beside for amazing deals on Top Rated toys.   NaughtyAds Support Is Always Here 24 hour turnaround support continues, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.   Remember to always use respectful language with escorts and adult service providers and refrain from vulgar language.   Happy punting from the team at NaughtyAds.   Don't get left behind. Login and upgrade now!
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Masturbation Myths You Should Unlearn

July 22nd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The mention of the word masturbation strikes an endless conversation. The fact that it's still considered taboo makes it a center of attention. In truth, masturbation is a normal process practiced by millions worldwide. If you don’t masturbate, be sure someone else does. There is still a serious stigma around masturbation that has read to deep misinformation and myths. We collaborated with Hibiscus coast escorts and adult service providers to bring you this write-up on masturbation myths that you need to unlearn in 2022! 1.     Couples don’t masturbate Did you know masturbating in front of your partner is one of the hottest things you can ever try? Many couples take advantage of masturbation to tease their partners and deny them orgasms in fun sex plays. At the same time, some partners run to masturbation when they feel like their sex life is getting bland. Although some get jealous and feel like that is cheating, the fact remains that people in healthy relationships masturbate at equal measures as those not in relationships. 2.     Masturbation is a direct ticket to ruined sex This myth is based jealous notion that if one jerks off too much, they get used to their hands and eventually lose touch for sex with a partner. While this is true in extreme cases of addiction, most of the time, masturbation doesn’t affect sex routines. In fact, masturbation is one way of improving your sex life, in the sense that during the process of touching yourself, you get to figure out what works for you in bed. That way, it becomes easier for you to find pleasure and satisfaction during sex. 3.     Women or people with vaginas don’t masturbate The truth is masturbation isn’t limited to any sexual orientation. A lot of women confess to being into masturbation. Whether you’re male, female, or transgender, nothing should stop you from a moment of solo exploration. 4.     Masturbation leads to ED In reality, erectile dysfunction doesn’t result from masturbation but several factors such as underlying health issues. What happens in most cases is that due to too much masturbation, you may become used to a certain touch, which might make it difficult to get aroused by your partner or, rather, someone else. However, that doesn’t justify the myth of masturbation leading to ED. 5.     Masturbation has no health benefits. In its totality, masturbation has unmatched health benefits and makes you a better self. These benefits include better quality sleep, relief from stress and tension, better self-esteem, and a youthful glow. Take away It’s clear that masturbation has benefits, but only if it is done within limits. Too much of it might turn out detrimental to sex life. People should stop preaching its myths and rather focus on educating people on its importance and how they can use it to improve their sex lives. Please drop your contribution of any myths we may have left out in our comment section below.
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How To Make Sex Painless

July 20th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, and any pain whatsoever is unacceptable. Painful sex isn’t familiar to many females, and for the few who experience it, it’s mostly for the short term. To those who experience it, it's usually a top secret as they tend to shy away from seeking help from a doctor. Painful sex may manifest itself in irritations, muscle aches, or burning on the skin. Whichever pain you’re dealing with, a few hacks might help you. Here is a quick run-up through some tips on how to make sex painless. What are the reasons for having painful sex? There are several causes of painful sex, and they vary between the victims. Firstly is a condition known as vaginismus. In this case, the woman's muscles contract involuntarily upon the slightest penetration. This ends up making sex almost impossible. If the pain disappears when penetration ceases, this could be a sign of vaginismus. Menopause This comes with age when women slowly lose natural lubrication due to hormonal fluctuations. This results in vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful sex. Infections These are mostly related to irritations or burning sensations during sex. There might also be a foul smell, although that’s not always the case. How can you counter painful sex? Lubrication Vaginal dryness can occur even if you’re fully ready for penetration. In such cases, ensure you have silicone or water-based lube near you. There are plenty of lubricants to choose from, and escorts in Porirua insist on selecting those with less harsh chemicals and fragrances. Patience This is the number one cause of painful sex among many couples. Some people jump right into penetrative sex even before the partners are ready. It would be best if you took time and enough time on foreplay. Explore each other, kiss and caress, and allow natural wetness. Health experts recommend 15-20 minutes of intense foreplay to prime the body for penetration. For quickies, we understand that things are rushed. Even if you jump right into the action, make sure to take things as slowly as possible to allow the body to catch up. Change positions While there is all praise for sex positions, some might be why you’re having painful sex. We understand that sex positions are a one size fits all, and therefore what works on the internet might not work for you. To help with painful sex, avoid male dominant positions such as doggie, and instead go for the classic woman on top positions. Get a check-up for possible health conditions This is mostly applied when you’re experiencing burning or itchiness down there during penetrative sex. In such a case, there could be an underlying health issue such as an infection, so we recommend seeing a sexual health expert. The bottom line If all the above tricks don’t help, consider taking a break from sex and figuring out what works for you. Altogether, lubrication and changing sex styles are a great starting point. Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comment section box below. 
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How to finger her the right way

July 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
A lot of times, fingering doesn’t get the praise it deserves. During foreplay, we often tend to concentrate on kissing, caressing, and oral sex and forget how much of a gem fingering can be. If done correctly and passionately, fingering can turn a sexual moment into an array of incredible orgasms. There are different ways to finger her to ensure she gets to the promised land. In this article, we give you the best hacks on how to get into this. 1.     Get ready for the job. On this point, we insist on some housekeeping. Start by trimming your nails and thoroughly cleaning them. Remember, the vagina is a sensitive part of the body, and fiddling with it using untidy and uncut nails leads to tiny injuries, which increase the risk of contracting infections. 2.     Start by teasing her Fingering is pretty much penetrative sex, only that the fingers are involved this time. Spend some time warming up for the action. Kiss that girl passionately, touch her breasts, play with her hair, and caress her butts and hips. This allows some time for the vagina to get wet, and quite importantly, slow is sexy! 3.     Vagina anatomy 101 You have to understand what you’re touching. The vaginal anatomy in totality is made of several regions, which can be extremely erogenous. We have the outer labia, inner labia, the vaginal opening, and the clitoris. Altogether, these regions are pretty sensitive to touch. The trick is exploring them one by one slowly and listening to what your partner says. 4.     Make sure you use lube (a lot of it) The idea of using sex lubricant is to make sure that you don’t fiddle with a dry vagina, which would otherwise lead to cuts and injuries, which increase the risks of infections. In addition, failing to lubricate might lead to painful experiences. Again, sexual health experts and Napier escorts recommend choosing water-based or silicone-based lubricants as long as they are compatible with your partner. 5.     Start slow and work your way in The trick is to build slowly towards the orgasm. The best vaginal stimulation is slow and sensual. Start slowly from the outside, slowly exploring all parts as explained in the anatomy as you make your way to the more sensitive zones. Once you have enough intensity, you’re ready to explore the hidden lands. 6.     Focus on consistent and rhythmic penetration Consistency and rhythm form the thin line between giving her the orgasm or not. First, we suggest observing her bodily feedback and focusing on the areas she responds best to. Once your partner is ready to be penetrated, we suggest you try the following;      Slow and circular swirling movements inside the vagina to stimulate the shallow depths of the vagina        “Come hither” motion inside the vagina walls to stimulate the G-spot        Switch things up between the G spot and the outer parts of the vagina, or rather the clitoris. Slide your fingers in and out in rhythmic motion to make things intense. In summary The trick to fingering is quite apparent- consistency and respect. While we insist on being consistent with your hand motion, you need to keep checking on whether she is okay with whatever you’re doing. Do you think there is something we left out? Feel free to contribute through our comment section below.
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Sex Positions That Will Make Sex Less Painful

July 12th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Essentially, anything that involves sex should be fun. If you experience painful sex, it could be due to many reasons, including dryness, vulvodynia infections, intact hymen, and quite unexpected, wrong sex styles. With all the hype about sex styles and how they play a significant role in sexual satisfaction, it’s a bitter pill to swallow that they could be the cause of your misery in the bedroom. While seeking medical attention should be the first option in cases of painful sex, here are some sex styles that will help alleviate the pain. 1.     Spooning In most cases, spooning is done after sex. This time, we recommend you start with it. Lie on your side, behind your partner, and bend both of your knees. From this position, penetrate her slowly and listen to her feedback. Spooning allows for shallow penetration, unlike some styles such as doggie, and at the same time, the butt provides some cushioning. 2.     Classic woman on top (reverse missionary) Sometimes, male dominant positions can be the cause of sexual pain. Some styles, such as the classic doggy and missionary, allow for deep penetration, giving the man all the power, resulting in more pain than pleasure. With the woman on top, it's more of a reverse missionary. Have your partner lie on his back and place yourself on them. Try to keep your legs bent and lean forward towards his face. This position limits the penetration to shallow and ensures that the clitoris is stimulated. Alternatively, placing hard cushions or pillows beneath your knees will reduce the rate of bounce, which reduces penetration intensity. 3.     Reverse cowgirl Like the reversed missionary, the reverse cowgirl shifts the power dynamics in your favour. Here, you have control over the speed, penetration, and intensity behind the strokes. All you have to do is have him lie down and sit on his lap with your legs draped over his thighs but facing his feet. Place your feet on his shoulders and support your weight on his feet. From this position, grind on his dick at a pace that pleases you. Palmerston North escorts suggest having enough lube to ensure it runs all smooth. 4.     The face sit This is another style that a lot of men tend to enjoy. Have him sit on a chair, preferably one without an armrest. Strap his thighs on the chair and tie his hands behind the backrest. If you please, you can proceed to blindfold him. Sit on his laps, facing him, with your hands resting on his shoulders. Proceed to grind and twist your waist in whichever way you desire. This way, you control all the penetration, including speed and depth. The bottom line The most important thing to remember is that sex positions don’t work the same for everyone. If the ones above don’t work for you, that’s okay too. In such a case, try improvising the more comfortable classic missionary with some pillows to ensure you are comfortable. Lastly and most importantly, talk before the sex, and remember to consult an expert. We love reading what you think. Please give us more suggestions of styles you think can work perfectly. Our comment box is open! 
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Masturbation Techniques to Try

July 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Everybody has at some point masturbated. According to a study conducted among men in the US, close to 95% of them have masturbated at least once. The study went further to conclude that most men in their 20s masturbate about or more than 4 times a week. Besides the health benefits, there is an absolutely satisfying feeling from a session of some solo run. While there is no magic button to getting satisfaction from masturbation, and we masturbate the same way, there are twists and techniques that will help you get to your orgasm faster and better. Here are some must-try masturbation techniques. 1.     The classic old school technique This is what we pretty much jerk off to. It has been used since human beings discovered how much power they have in their hands. It simply involves grabbing your cock, and wrapping your fingers around it with just enough grip. Assuming you have an average-sized cock, your thumb and fingers should meet. Simply go ahead and stroke it up and down, rhythmically with a speed or intensity that you like. A few minutes of this will take you to a big O. If possible, have some lube around to improve the experience. 2.     The Ok! This method involves holding your erect cock using your index finger and the thumb as if to make the “Ok” gesture. Make sure you don’t okay too tight-just enough. As usual, move your hand up and down at a pace you like, concentrating on the head. The Ok method creates a different and better feeling since it concentrates on the sensitive head, and more friction comes from the skin being dragged up and down. Lube is optional, but it's better if you have some around. 3.     The thumb play First of all, Dunedin escorts and adult service providers recommend a lot of lube for this one. It is a creative way to stimulate the frenulum. The frenulum is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis. It is the tiny region where the skin meets the head, at the underside of the head. In layman’s terms, it can be called the lower side of the “neck.” it is V-shaped and is one of the male erogenous zones. Once you have some lube on your hands, hold your cock using the old school classic hand rule, only this time you’ll twist your hand such that the thumb lies on the frenulum. From here, stroke that bastard up and down as usual. Stroking this sensitive part of the cock will lead you to an orgasm even before you know it. The bottom line There are more methods you can try to give you a better feel than what you’re used to. However, from this list, escorts recommend the thumb play. Stay tuned to our subsequent blogs for more mind-blowing techniques. Our avid readers, feel free to comment on this blog in the blog comment section below.
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Your Sex Toy Starter Kit

July 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Whether you have a partner or not, a sex toy might be the best thing to ever happen to your sex life. Sex toys have slowly become part of many people’s lives, thanks to the magic they bring to the sex world. Different sex toys are made for specific purposes and specific people. However, introducing them might be intimidating, as you’re probably unsure what to include in your starter kit. Lucky for you, we're experts in this. Here, we bring you the easiest and most effective toys to include in your starter pack. 1.     Sex pillow There is nothing as disturbing as uncomfortable sex. If you have a partner, you want to ensure that your romps are as comfortable as possible. While the typical bed and throw pillows come in handy, we highly recommend the special sex pillows. They are affordable and come in great and different shapes to allow you and your partner to get creative comfortably. 2.     A finger vibrator A finger vibrator comes in handy during foreplay or solo sessions. Having one of these dimes brings satisfaction right to your fingertips. They are discreet, simple to use, affordable, and most importantly, they work perfectly for solo or couple sex. 3.     A bullet vibrator This little dime will help you and your partner take things to the next level. Don’t be fooled by its small size- it has magic in its tiny self. Its small size makes it less intimidating, so we recommend it as a first choice for a beginner to sex toys. It’s an Upper Hutt Escorts’ favourite, and It works perfectly during foreplay, penetrative sex, and even for solo encounters. Lastly, it's pretty affordable and quickly gets the job done. 4.     A teaser Teasing is one of the best ways of getting around your foreplay. Teasing sets the right mood for sex and is thus a significant part of foreplay. We recommend getting one for couples who love teasing, preferably a feather teaser. It is simple, non-intimidating, and gets the job done. 5.     Lube, and lots of it. Having lube in your starter pack saves you from possibly painful sex and makes things more slippery and better. Having sex toys such as bullet vibrators makes lube a necessity. Although petroleum and silicon-based lubes are quite popular, we recommend water-based lubes since they are less irritating and are condom safe. 6.     Candles Lastly, we recommend massage candles. They are easily available, require less effort to buy, and do a perfect job of setting the mood for romance and intimacy. They can also be melted and used to massage the skin, and of course, they bring a pleasant scent into the bedroom. Final thoughts Choosing what to include in your package isn’t that hard at all. The mentioned choices are carefully selected from what we think will be easy to buy and will get things off on a high note. We have more choices that are discussed in our subsequent blog postings. What would you add from the list? Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section.
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5 Ways Sex Improves Your Health

July 4th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all have different opinions on the essence of sex, but we can all agree that first, it's fun, and second, it has unmatched and unlimited health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that people who regularly have casual and satisfying sex tend to be happier and healthier than those who don’t. Here is a breakdown of some of the best benefits of sex to your health and wellbeing. 1.     Sex is an immunity booster According to studies comparing sexually active people and those who are less or not sexually active, the former group tends to fight off bacteria, viruses, and other germs that cause common illnesses more quickly. This is because sex boosts the ability of the body to produce antibodies that fight off potential sicknesses. 2.     It boosts your libido Sex is one of the best ways of fighting a diminishing desire for sex. Having a lot of it actually boosts your appetite. In cases where pain and vaginal dryness hinder sex, having lots of it might help you get into the rhythm. Having a lot of sex with the right person increases natural lubrication, improves blood flow into the vaginal cavity, and ensures its elasticity. All these make way for better sex and an improved appetite. 3.     Has immense cardiovascular benefits Physical activity is usually termed as best for the heart, as it keeps you in check. Ideally, a healthy routine is five times a week of intense activity. Lucky for you, having sex these five terms a week is perfectly acceptable as physical activity. Like intense workouts, sex burns a considerable number of calories and increases the heart rate, more so during orgasms. This, as a whole, improves your cardiovascular conditions. 4.     It is an effective pain reliever Studies by neurologists have shown that sexual activity can relieve pains such as headaches. Sexual activity triggers the release of endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. Studies further show that pain sensitivity is reduced, especially in women, when they are experiencing sexual pleasure. 5.     Improves sleep Sexual activity leading to an orgasm leads to the release of a combination of hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, which all act as a sedative. This combination leads to heavy sleep, which many people don’t usually get. Long peaceful sleep helps improve the immune system, leads to energetic days, and, interestingly, improves lifespan. In closing Regular sex has more benefits than what is highlighted in the list. However, escorts in Lower Hutt suggest that you stick to one partner to reap the full benefits and play safe from infections and diseases. We would love to hear how you think sex benefits you. Talk to us through the comment section below. 
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3 Sex Positions to Try for Mind-Blowing Sex

July 1st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
I don’t think we put as much emphasis on a synced orgasm as we should. Don’t be fooled by porn videos and movies. While getting a male orgasm is as easy as blinking, the female orgasm is coded. While we all love an orgasm, getting a synced orgasm is every couple’s ultimate goal. While an orgasm isn’t the ultimate goal of sex, nothing should stop you from having the best and mind-blowing sex, which would finally lead to a sizzling orgasm. We can achieve this by being just a little bit creative and adding some twists to how we approach sex. The following sex positions are perfect on your road to having mind-blowing sex. 1.     Modified missionary, or the butterfly We understand that “mind-blowing” means different to everyone, but you’ve got to love the modified missionary. The missionary is one of the most used and easiest styles to get the job done. However, this time we suggest that the woman lies on her back on the bed, with her hips right on the edge. She then puts her legs on her standing partner's shoulders, with her hips bent slightly upwards. This position gives a wonderful view of the vagina and a nice angle for fingering, cervical stimulation and deep penetration. With the right intensity, this style is glorious, and the result is a synced, mind-blowing orgasm. However, the style can be quite tiring for the woman, and we suggest taking short breaks between strokes. 2.     Seated scissors When the woman has control, the result is always mind-blowing. For this style, the lady controls the depth and angle of penetration and dictates how much clitoral stimulation she gets. To do this, let the man lie on the bed with one knee bent. The lady then joins in, with one leg between the man, straddling him on the side of his hip using the other leg. This gives sort of a scissor shape. The woman can now grind on him to find the right spot at a pace and intensity she likes. 3.     The face-off Adult service providers and escorts in Tauranga highly rate this one. A unique thing about this style, besides the woman being in control, is the chance for kissing and eye contact. Ideally, kissing and eye contact make things more intense. It would be best to have a chair with a backrest, and no armrests for this style. Let the guy sit on the chair, straight up, with hands behind the backrest. The lady then sits on him, facing him, and goes ahead to grind on him up and down to find the desired penetration and the right spot. Again, the woman has control of how much penetration and at what pace. If this is synced well, it is enough to be labelled as mind-blowing sex. Take home There are hundreds of styles that allow you to get creative and, at the same time, enjoy it to the fullest. While “mind-blowing” means something different for everyone, the three above are a great start. We would love more suggestions on some top sex styles. Mind dropping us a comment below?
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The Female Orgasm, All You Need to Know

June 28th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The female orgasm is one of those holy grail sex myths to many women. So, if you’ve figured out how to arrive at your big O, pat yourself on your shoulders. The average woman is built to experience multiple orgasms, but unfortunately, only a few get to this point. Lucky for most women, many blogs, including ours, have been preaching the word on how to get an orgasm. While there is no magic button to it, here is an explainer of the female orgasm, detailed with what you need to know. Climaxing, or cumming, is considered the ending of any sexual encounter. The female orgasm is considered any orgasm that relates to the female anatomy. It can either be cervical, vaginal, clitoral or sometimes a combination of the three. Viginal orgasm Many women fall into the category that experience vaginal orgasm since vaginal stimulation is much easier to work around. Although vaginal stimulation alone isn’t enough in most cases for a satisfactory climax, it's sure worth a try. The A-spot or the anterior fornix is located on the frontal vaginal wall. Stimulating this erogenous zone leads to intense lubrication and, eventually, an orgasm. The trick to a vaginal orgasm is touching and stimulating the right deep ridges. Either sex toys or fingers can achieve this. Start by inserting a finger or two into the vagina. Then slowly stimulate the frontal wall, exerting some pressure to feel the girth. Slide your fingers in and out slow or at a desirable pace, and allow the pressure to mount slowly. You can increase the intensity depending on the response and feedback you get. Remember, the key to getting there is consistency. Clitoral orgasm This pressure bud is one of the most sensitive parts of the female genitalia. It's easy to find, and if well stimulated, it's more than enough to give a sizzling orgasm. For this one, a simple sex toy such as a vibrator or fingers should work just fine. First, start by making sure the region is well lubricated. Hamilton Escorts suggest having a preheated kissing moment to achieve natural lubrication. However, lube works perfectly. With your finger or a vibrator, rub the clitoris, assuming an up-down or side-to-side motion. A combination of the two or even circles works wonders. As the pressure begins to mount, apply a bit of pressure with more rubbing intensity, and watch her climb to her edges. Cervical orgasm This is the rarest that requires special skills of deep penetration. A cervical orgasm can last for a while in some women. The cervix is located deep inside the vaginal tract, on the lower side of the uterus, which means deep penetration. Styles such as doggy style are the way and the truth to achieving a cervical orgasm. In addition, you need to be totally relaxed and insanely aroused. Finally There can be an orgasm that comes as a combo of the three in some cases. Such orgasms are intense and powerful and are felt inside and outside. To achieve such, you need a combination of intense and simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation and adding some more erogenous zones in the mix. Are you surprised by the types of orgasms? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.
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Our 3 Favourite Costume Fetishes

June 22nd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
While most of us enjoy taking clothes off for sex, it’s the complete opposite for millions of people worldwide. They enjoy seeing their partners putting on some clothes! For these people, certain outfits or pieces of clothing become sexually arousing for them. This arousal manifests in several ways. While others enjoy just seeing it, others enjoy touching, smelling or stroking it. In whichever case, the end goal is sexual arousal and satisfaction, which shouldn’t sound weird at all. This article highlights 3 of our best picks of costume fetishes. Shall we? 1.     Underwear fetish The underwear or panty fetish is a common fetish across all genders. In this case, the men and women get immensely turned on by seeing, touching, smelling or stroking underwear or simply seeing someone else in them. In some cases, it involves the design of the underwear, but generally, people with this fetish get turned on by anything underwear. Interestingly, people in this category go as far as purchasing used underwear from online stores. In addition, their best way of being gifted is by underwear. Interesting, right? 2.     Leather fetish Generally, leather is associated with BDSM and the bad boy or girl image. Many people associated with leather have a thing for BDSM, so it's not surprising to see it on the list of top costume fetishes. People in this category get turned on seeing their partners in full leather costumes or tall leather boots, leather cuffs, strokes, or leather chest harnesses. 3.     Uniform fetish The uniform fetish involves different types of uniforms, including but not limited to military, cowboy, student and doctor. However, the fact that there can be various types of uniforms means different people have a thing for specific uniforms. The uniform fetish comes in handy during role-plays, especially where both partners can pull off a well-acted scenario. For example, people with this fetish love playing patient and doctor. The lab coat, spectacles and stethoscope set the mood just right. 4.     See-through fetish The see-through fetish is a common one among many people. Escorts in Christchurch say close to 70% of their clients have a thing for see-through clothing. The see-through fetish involves men (mostly) getting excited when their partners wear for them sheer fabrics that take the shape of cloth mesh or fishnets. Generally, sheer fabric is sexy since it exposes flesh, especially for plus-size women. A lot of men prefer taking this off by tearing it apart. Final thoughts Dirty jeans and sportswear fetish are among more examples besides the highlighted ones. In whichever category you fall, remember it’s okay to be to be into whatever turns you on. Do you know of more costume fetishes? Tell us through our comments section below!
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Top 3 Positions for A Threesome

June 20th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The whole point of a threesome is to get wild and have all the fun that sex offers. According to surveys and studies, threesomes are among the top fantasies among many young people. Whilst there is this whole conversation about the concept of threesomes, enough attention isn’t given to positions. The fact that more than two people are involved may make you a bit timid to figure out the basic moves of getting into the act. So, whether you’re familiar with threesomes or looking at your first attempt, here is a guide for you on the top 3 best positions for a threesome. Before we get into the styles, it's essential to note that threesomes are for all gender and sexuality combinations, but here, the most popular 2 kinds of threesomes. One is the male-male-female, and the other one is a female-female-male threesome. The meanings are self-explanatory. Onto the styles now! 1.     The double cowgirl This style is perfect for female-female-male threesomes, in other words, where there are two ladies and one man. For this one, the phallic partner lies on the bed, and one female assumes the cowgirl position while the second girl sits on the guy's face. One female enjoys the penetration while the other enjoys some oral stimulation. If agreed, the two females can switch positions to their liking. The double cowgirl is perfect for threesomes since it ideally allows room for boundaries. For example, if the guy and one female are partners, they can strictly have penetrative sex while the third partner enjoys substantial oral stimulation. 2.     The face fuck The face fuck works perfectly for male-male-female threesomes. If you’re all into oral sex and blow jobs, you will love this one. A lot of escorts in Wellington who enjoy swinger parties love this one. The woman lies on her back, with her thighs slightly raised and slightly apart. One guy gets down on her, eating her lady bits out, while the other straddles her with knees on either side of her chest, just below the armpits. In this position, the guy puts his penis in her mouth, where she goes ahead to blow him out. 3.     The peeping tom If you’re into voyeurism, this has to be your go-to style. It works perfectly for those who derive pleasure from watching others have sex. It’s a common scenario in movies, tv shows and adult videos. The couple simply starts having sex while the third party sits back watching or pleasing him or herself. This style is newbie-friendly, although it lacks mutual stimulation like other mentioned styles. The bottom line There are plenty of ways of pleasing yourselves as a group. The highlighted styles, especially the double cowgirl, are a great starting point. Most importantly, remember to practice safe and consensual sex. Tell us more about what you think about these sex styles. Our comments section is open for business.
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Do Dick Pumps Work?

June 17th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Whatever the case, men are constantly under pressure to perform when it comes to sex. While many of them almost meet expectations, millions of others fail, all for one main reason—erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be described as the inability to maintain or have a strong erection at all. ED is common, especially among men of advanced age. According to scientific studies, around 5% of men above 40 years are victims of ED. Several methods can be used to fight ED, although most can’t reverse the condition. Dick or penis pumps are among the most commonly used nonmedicinal treatment methods for ED. In this article, we will explain what they are, the science behind and whether they really work. So, what are dick pumps? A penis pump is a vacuum device used to help the penis maintain a hard erection sufficient for penetrative sex. They are most used by people with ED, although some horny freaks use them for pleasure. They tend to believe that they make the dick much bigger. They are made of a plastic tube, which essentially slides on the penis, a battery-powered pump attached to the tube, and a ring that should fit at the base of an erect dick to keep it up to the task. How do they work? The science behind the dick pump is that of a vacuum. The tube that fits around the penis creates a vacuum around it with the help of the battery, which means more blood flows into the wiener. Once the dick is erect, the ring is placed at the base of the cock to make sure blood doesn’t flow out. Do they really work? Oh yes, they do! There has been a lot of doubt surrounding the effectiveness of these devices. Urologists and sexual health experts have collected enough evidence on the efficacy of these devices. The devices are also gaining popularity in Australia. This is according to Auckland Escorts, who went further to elaborate that a lot of their clients who suffer from ED prefer using dick pumps rather than medicinal solutions. Are they safe? Health professionals treat dick pumps as effective and safe ways of treating or dealing with ED. They are safe for any man as long as they can tolerate it. People prefer them since they are also less costly and non-invasive. Are there any risks? Although they are considered safe, there are some drawbacks to these devices. Firstly is the possibility of pain and bruising, skin numbness, painful ejaculations and burst blood vessels. In closing Firstly is to answer the question that dick pumps actually work and are absolutely safe. Although they have some drawbacks, the positives outweigh the negatives. Let us know what you think about this precious invention here to save the man. Drop your comment below!
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My First Cougar Escort

June 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
My life in Wellington was a pretty busy one. Working as a software developer for one of the best companies in NZ had me by my neck. As a young man, in my mid 20’s, with dreams larger than life and impressive career aspirations, I had buzzing energy. My life revolved around the office, morning runs and binge-tv-watching. It’d be safe to say I was a perfect introvert. Kyle, my workmate, who happened to be my next-door neighbour, was always banging on my door asking me for night outs, which I gladly turned down. On one particular Thursday, we had some business partners on our premises for a business deal. One of them was this fine woman, who, from my judgment, was in her mid-forties. If I can put it blatantly, she was hot as fuck. You should have seen that booty. Oh, God! I was instantly drawn to her. She had blue eyes, perfectly complemented by her hot toned body. She must have noticed me staring at her as I saw her give me a blush during the meeting. Altogether, I didn’t make a big deal out of it. After a successful deal, an evening party was inevitable. Me being an introvert, I was already at the parking lot so that I could make my way to my happy place. “What’s the hurry for?” asked a soft voice from behind. Turning around, there was the woman from the meeting. She was standing close to me, looking hotter than before. She had two glasses in her hands. She walked over to me, handed me a glass, and shook my hand in a suggestive manner. “I’m Jane, by the way,” she said softly. Her voice was something else. To date, I don’t understand how she blew me away that easily. I wasn’t a drinks person, but somehow, her aura made me drink that cocktail she handed me. Jane was talkative. We spoke briefly about work and the recently signed deal but quickly veered to another topics, talking lightly about our weekend plans. At that moment, she asked me to join her at her place over the weekend for drinks. When I was contemplating how to say no politely, she popped another question. “What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?” I was star-struck. I don't really have a bucket list? I stammered. I bet she thought I was just some dumb introvert. She gave me a puzzled look but smiled at me. By this time, the cocktail was doing magic on me. In what seemed like a split second, Jane grabbed me by my neck and kissed me. It swept me off my feet and the alcohol convinced me to play along. Being a young lad in my 20s, I definitely had lots of testosterone. In a flash, my wiener was rock hard! My pants bulged. She pulled me to my car’s backseat, gently rubbing her hands along my bulging length. “How about I make this your best day at work?” She asked naughtily. Before I could even reply, she had unzipped my pants, and my already hard cock was in her hands. Her lips lowered down to engulf the head. She was a monster. She had already taken half of my D inside her mouth. She gave me magical long sucks. She played with my balls like a master of the art. I moaned deeply with pleasure. She took her top and left her titties out for me to admire. Sooner than later, as she was deep throating me, I felt familiar shivers running down my spine. A gush of cum was yearning to be released from me. As I was just about to explode, she stopped everything. I was lying there, panting like a horse and disappointed with the suspense. “If you want the whole package, you'd better call this number” she said confidently as she handed me a business card while buttoning up her top. Looking at the card, I realized that she was one of the famous Wellington escorts. No wonder she had mad skills and unmatched confidence! She left me there high and dry - a mix of excitement and agitation. Long story short, that was my first ever encounter with a cougar escort and an experience I'll never forget. As I write this, I have that business card in my arms, contemplating whether to make that call or not. What do you think? Should I call and get the icing on the cake? Let me know in the comment section!
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Explore Shibari; The Japanese Rope Bondage

June 13th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
If you have a thing for rope bondage, you must have noticed how beautiful and elaborate it is. Better yet is Shibari, an ancient Japanese form of rope bondage. Whether you’re familiar with Shibari or not, we're here to hold your hand through the basics of Japanese rope bondage, knots and other insights. Let's get into it! So, what is Shibari? Shibari is the erotic art of ancient Japanese rope bondage. The name Shibari translates to “to tie.” Basically, it involves restraining or tying people with a rope. Shibari dates back to Hojojutsu; a martial art used to tie and transport prisoners using cords or ropes. Although Hojojutsu disappeared from the scene years later, the rope techniques somehow found themselves in the rope bondage scenes. These sensual and painful techniques are what is referred to as Shibari. In its element, Shibari is strikingly beautiful, emotionally engaging and creatively challenging. Whether you’re after relaxation, sex, BDSM, or a genuine connection, this form of bondage offers you many opportunities. Why should I consider this? If you’ve ever tried pinning or handcuffing your partner, you already know you have a thing for power dynamics. Shibari as a whole offers you a perfect chance to build a genuine connection and immense trust sensually and painfully. Whether you enjoy the beauty of the ropes on your body or the connection and trust in your partner, Shibari is a perfect way of exploring the options. Besides, the ropes or cords give you a new opportunity to learn or introduce new sex styles and sensations. Myths and misconceptions of Shibari 1.     Shibari is all about sex. While the more extensive and essential part of Shibari is based on sex, this isn’t always the case. Shibari is all about the experience. It’s an exercise that gets extremely spiritually and psychologically intense. People practice it with different motives. While most aim for sex, intimacy, connection, and sensual elements are also crucial. 2.     Shibari is violent Like any other form of BDSM, Shibari calls for understanding partners' limits. Christchurch escorts warn that there will be some pain, but it should be tolerable and pleasurable. 3.     Shibari is unsafe. There will be risks in any type of bondage, more so rope bondage. However, Shibari isn’t about force and pain, eliminating the safety fear factor. Again, understanding the breaking points of your partners will help you reap from Shibari. Are there any benefits? Shibari has a couple of benefits that include promoting mindfulness, awareness, communication, and the connection between partners. The benefits are explained in detail in our subsequent blogs. The bottom line In conclusion, getting into Shibari doesn’t require top-secret tips. The most important thing to do is communicate with your partner and read more to mine crucial and helpful information. What do you think about this Japanese rope art? Please let us know in our comment section box.
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Returning To Work as An Escort After Lockdowns

June 10th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When the pandemic hit, sex workers, especially independent escorts, were caught off-guard. The economic effects of the pandemic were hugely felt in the sex industry, with most of the people involved ending up jobless. The world is slowly overcoming the pandemic, and the economy is gradually returning to its former shape. However, many escorts find it extremely difficult to pull things back to where they were. With the lockdown restrictions lifted, here are a few tips for returning to work as an escort. Keep tabs on the government coronavirus guidelines The infection dynamics of the disease keep changing, and therefore the guidelines for different professions are constantly evolving. As an escort, it's your responsibility to ensure that you’re always aware of what the government expects from you. Note that the guidelines are different in every region, which necessitates keenness. How do you operate right now? Although most precautions have been lifted, it's still not 100% safe for physical services. Escorts Auckland suggest that the best way to operate in this mess is by taking your services online. Thousands of clients are stuck in their homes and hungry for erotic entertainment. Thanks to technology, it's easier than before to serve these clients right from the comfort of your home. Some virtual services you can try include webcam modelling, sexting, phone sex, or even video calls. Beware of the symptoms The best way to stay safe is to understand what the world is fighting. Stay woke and fully aware of the symptoms of the virus. This way, you’ll be able to identify an unwell client, which will allow you to act accordingly. Common symptoms include a stubborn dry cough, fever, shortness of breath and loss of both smell and taste. Please note, however, that the symptoms tend to vary in every patient. Having one or two of the mentioned symptoms doesn’t necessarily indicate the virus. Take the correct protective measures when travelling for outcalls This primarily applies to situations where you’ll need to use public transport. Avoid unnecessary contact with people, handrails, elevators and escalators. Always have an alcohol-based sanitiser and, of course, mask up! Clean up thoroughly after sessions By now, the importance of hygiene is crystal clear. Make it a habit to clean up after meeting your clients. Start by taking a long, thorough shower and cleaning your surroundings. Clean up your sheets, and wipe any surfaces you two might have touched. This makes sure that the conditions are also safe for your following clients. The bottom line For many escorts, resuming normalcy might seem like a steep Hillclimb. With the few highlighted insights, it shouldn’t be that hard. Remember, if you develop any symptoms, take a break and self-quarantine. What more do you think would help escorts get things up and running? Please tell us in the comment section below.
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How To Choose The Location For Your Next Escort Booking (Incalls Vs Outcalls)

June 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
“Where would you like us to meet?” This is probably the most common question you’ve had as an escort or a client, which can never go unanswered. Although it seems like a common question, many clients and escorts find it difficult to answer and even harder choosing between an incall and outcall. This write up is a comprehensive insight into choosing the best location for your next booking and whether it should be an outcall or an incall. What’s the difference? Understanding the difference between these two is crucial since different escorts offer different packages, and of course, you have your own preferences as a client. On the same note, some locations have imposed bans on incalls, making accommodation arrangements necessary. An incall is a booking where a client visits the escort at a place where they’re staying. This could be their apartment or their base hotel room. On the other hand, outcalls involve the escort travelling to meet you in whichever place suits you, as long as there’s an agreement. This could be a hotel room, your apartment or a holiday hotel. Outcalls - pros and why you should opt for them Having an escort come into your space means you control where to meet. Here are some pros associated with outcalls. You choose where you are comfortable. The client sets the vibe for the date when it comes to outcalls. Whether at home or in a five-star hotel, you have the freedom. You get more time to prepare. Outcalls work perfectly for people who get anxiety attacks with meeting new people. An outcall means you get enough time to prepare for the encounter and even more time to indulge in the memories and physically recover from the meeting. Easy access to complimentary amenities. Choosing a place of your choice or a place you’re used to means you get a chance to do more beyond the normal. For example, when an escort comes to your hotel, you get easy access to services such as the spa and the bar. Incalls - reasons to choose incalls When it comes to incalls, clients get to visit the escorts at their places of comfort. This is the most preferred mode of work by escorts Christchurch since it gives them more freedom and a feeling of safety. An incall implies; Fewer expenses and pressure. Going into an escorts space means they are responsible for any arrangements such as drinks or amenities. This saves you extra costs and the hassle of planning. It gives room for short sessions . Sometimes the constraints of workplaces make it impossible to have daylong sessions. In such cases, dropping by your escort's space for a quick session saves you the possibility of booking a hotel and using the service for half an hour only. The bottom line In most cases, you won’t get both options to choose from. However, knowing the basics, as highlighted above, will be very helpful if you get the chance to choose. Hopefully, from now on, answering “where do we meet” won’t be a hassle. Please tell us what you think in our comments section below. We love to read everyone's opinion's on the topic.
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All you need to know about squirting

May 30th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
A lot of questions go unanswered when it comes to sex education. One of life’s biggest questions that are often ignored revolves around squirting. If you’ve only seen squirting in the adult videos and movies, then the chances are high that you still think of it as a fantasy or fake. Lucky for you, we’re here to unravel this mysterious world for you and save you from all the leg work. The following is a comprehensive dive into all you need to know about squirting. Enjoy! What is squirting? The female orgasm, making it rain, gushing and jazzing are just some names related to squirting. It can be defined as the release of fluid from the vagina following intense sexual arousal. The fluid is released from the Skene Glands, located around the vestibule of the vulva, the same region where pee comes from. This could be the main reason why many people mistake squirting for a pee. So, is it real? According to Auckland escorts, many people don’t believe in squirting. In fact, most of them hold to the belief that squirting is peeing. However, we're glad to inform you that squirting is real. We’ve also had queries where some ladies are puzzled whether squirting should be normal. According to scientists and sex therapists, all female bodies are capable of squirting, although that depends on the intensity of sexual arousal. What are the basics of squirting? We all reckon that squirting is a puzzle. However, you’d be surprised to find out it's not that complicated. Firstly, it narrows down to gradual, intense sexual stimulation involving the G-spot, and sometimes, and even better, a combination of G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. Since this is hard to achieve during penetrative sex, sex therapists and escorts recommend slow and sensual oral sex. Also, it's important to note that the amount of fluid released varies from person to person. Some might release a little while some release an astonishing Sploosh. How can I make it rain? Many women admit to never having squirted, which is also supported by several sex therapists and experts. While there’s no dictionary where one can learn how to squirt, here are a few tips that might be helpful. 1.     Observe hydration Squirting means wetness, and there’s no wetness without water. If possible, make sure you drink enough water every day. 2.     Relax during sex. The number one cause of frustrations during sex is mental issues such as anxiety. Whenever you get intimate with your partner, try to relax, feel safe with your partner and enjoy the moment. 3.     Masturbate Masturbating means spending time with yourself and figuring out what works for you and what does not. That way, you’re in a better position to achieve a Sploosh. The bottom line The debate around squirting continues to rage. While it's not easy to get to this point, the few tips we’ve highlighted will get you an inch closer. For more, keep following our blogs. Please let us know what you think about squirting in our comment section below.
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5 Of the Best Sex Toys Every Man Must Have

May 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There are several reasons why a man would need a sex toy. One is for solo explorations, and another is to please his partner. Toys for men come in different shapes and sizes, each made for a specific function. Although there is a notion that sex toys were made for women, we have some magical recommendations for the phallic gender. They come in handy for solo escapades and even for couples sex. Sex and intimacy sure is great but it gets even better when you bring the right hardware (and software) to the party. Here are some of the best sex toys that every man must have. Cock Rings If you want a rock-hard erection, we highly recommend you go for a cock ring. Using a cock ring is easy, as all you have to do is attach it to the base of your penis or scrotum. It has a bulgy top that stimulates your partner's clitoris during penetrative sex. It feels immensely good for both of you and can be a path to sizzling orgasms. It can also be worn between the middle and ring finger while fingering her. Try this one today, and you'll thank us later. A Vibrator A vibrator is a perfect toy for a man to please his mistress. Firstly, there are a variety of vibrators, and they come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Some are cordless and even waterproof. They have vibration modes with different speeds and patterns for customized pleasure. They are a must-have because vibrations are medicine for the mind and soul, and of course, they effortlessly complete the orgasm.  Butt Plugs Butt plugs are adorable forms of wearable sex toys. They are incredibly fun and pleasurable to wear. Having one in that butt creates an untellable vibe during the day. Interestingly, butt plugs are a form of foreplay since they can be worn to tease a partner or even as a dare. They are also perfect for dom and sub roleplays. As a man, you have got to try this out. Artificial Vagina There is nothing better than taking matters into your own hands. For the perverts that love masturbating, here is a gem of an idea for you. A fleshlight classic artificial vagina! It’s a perfect toy for a solo masturbation exploration. According to Wellington escorts, the pocket pussy is men's most requested sex toy. It's discreet and pretty easy to use. All you have to do is to slip it over your penis, and there you go - you can root your favourite pornstars vagina and asshole! Fun! The bottom line Talking about sex toys that a man must have touches on solo explorations as well as pleasing a mistress or a partner. Whichever direction you take, the above choices are a perfect fit. Tell us about your thoughts in the blog comment box below.
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How Sex Pillows Can Improve Your Sex Life

May 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Many people get surprised that a pillow has more uses than just resting your head on it. In the last few years, sex pillows have become an integral part of sex among many couples due to the extras it brings into the bedroom. Whether you’re looking to try something new or more comfort in your bedroom, sex pillows are a perfect solution for that. This article brings you a round-up of how sex pillows can improve your sex life. What Are They? Sex pillows are soft and firm cushions, carefully designed to make sex and intimacy more fun and comfortable. They are alternatively called position cushions or position pillows. Unlike the regular bed or throw pillows, sex pillows are made from firm foam that gives them a special shape. In some cases, these pillows have a water-resistant liner, and a washable cover, for the sake of hygiene. Sex pillows come in different types, mostly inclined towards the shape, with each suiting a specific sex position. The main shapes or types include wedge, ramp, Halfmoon, cylinder and inflatable. How Do They Improve Sex Life? The fact that they come in different shapes and sizes implies that they benefit people differently. However, here are some real benefits of using sex cushions. They help with deeper penetration Nothing feels better for women than having an extra couple of inches inside them. Sometimes, this can be hard to achieve due to circumstances such as the partner’s “size.” However, sex pillows allow you to lift your hips or back up, which gives room for a few more inches of man meat. Sex pillows are better than throw pillows in such instances as they are firmer, and thus, they can support body weight better, giving you a guaranteed body lift of up to 10 inches. According to escorts Wellington, the best pillows are those made with Doggystyle in mind, as they allow intense penetration. They get you to unimaginable positions Some positions are challenging to achieve due to pains, body weight or body shape. However, sex pillows allow you to relax in every position, making sex even better. For people who experience back pains or knee pains in positions such as doggy, sex pillows are a saviour. It can be straining for some positions like missionary when you want maximum penetration since you have to lift your waist as high as possible. Sex pillows allow you to do this comfortably and for long enough. They make it easy to use sex toys The sight of sex toys can be scary to some partners. Introducing sex pillows are an excellent entry level introduction to tools in the bedroom which will naturally start to alleviate the pressure in such cases. Besides, some pillows have attachments such as handcuffs, making things even better and more manageable. The bottom line You don’t have to struggle with sex positions while there are hidden gems like sex pillows. For more insights, keep following our blog. Please let us know what you think about sex pillows and how they can benefit couples. Leave a comment in the comments section.
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Want to win a ticket to attend both the 2022 Australian Adult Industry Awards & the Zephyr AAIA After Party?

May 19th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Want to win a ticket to attend both the 2022 Australian Adult Industry Awards & the Zephyr AAIA After Party? We'll select 1 winner at random from anyone who retweets this post before midnight Sat 21 May! We'll PM the winner Sunday 22 May to claim their prize. #naughtyads #AAIA Click here to go to the post to retweet
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Things Men Really Want When It Comes to Sex

May 16th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There’s a legend that says men are the simplest creatures to please when it comes to acts in the bedroom. Quite frankly, there is profound truth in this, since, unlike the female gender, the male orgasm (for most men) is usually just a few touches away. However, that doesn’t mean every man wants his dish served plain. There are some things that men want to be done, and we are sure you wish there were a magic bullet for this one. In collaboration with Auckland escorts, we bring you the following explainer of things men really want when it comes to sex and how to give it to them. Enjoy! 1.     Let Him Know You Find Him Super Sexy. Regarding negative body image, even men are negatively affected - it's just that most of them brush it off. Remember how elated you feel when your man praises you as his angel on earth? Do you remember how that phrase magically washes away your insecurities? Well, can you believe that men like to hear similar compliments? Men want to be told how sexy they are and how good looking they are. Once in a while, introduce some sexy play such as a lustful look, a long deep kiss, a butt grab, or some sweet reassuring wordplay. Such games will likely lead to deep and amazing sex, and if not, they act as a reminder and an assurance to your man that you feel more satisfied with what you share. 2.     They Want More and Better Foreplay. As said earlier, the male orgasm is always a fraction away. Therefore, slow-burning sex works perfectly for most couples and, of course, many men. It gives them the power to control and delay ejaculation, which makes sure you two come as close as possible to a synced climax. It is also factual that women take longer to be aroused, requiring extended foreplay. While in the act, do as much as you can to set yourself in the mood. Grab that vibrator If possible, or touch yourself intimately. He will love it! 3.     Men Want You to Use Your Mouth! We can’t insist enough on this: Give your men more and more blow jobs! Men want to feel special, and one of the best ways of negotiating this is by sucking them off. To make it even better, take it upon yourself and don’t wait for him to ask or beg for it. Christchurch escorts suggest that it gets even better when you do it passionately, with your hands and on full duty and whilst also maintaining lustful eye contact. 4.     Men Want You to Be Vocal. By being vocal, we don’t mean those shouty pornstar vibes. Men love it when feedback is given on whatever work they’re doing. Those “aahs” and “oohs” work magic as he even works harder in response to that validation. Otherwise, you’re bound for bland sex if you keep the vocal chords shut. The bottom line In a nutshell, making him feel special in bed is easier than A, B and C. Taking control, relieving some pressure off him and being 100% present will work like magic. What more do you think we should add to the list? Hit us up or drop a comment below. We love to hear it! 
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How To Naturally Up Your Sex Drive

May 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Low libido or a low sex drive is a phenomenon affecting thousands of men and women worldwide. Libido can be defined as an urge for sexual activity. Therefore, people whose desire is on the low side are said to have low libido or a low sex drive. Many people believe that we should be ready to have sex at any time of the day. While this has some truth, it's not the same for everybody. Several factors might lead to this, many of them being psychological and some diet-related. Low libido isn’t exactly a crisis, but if you’re thinking or ways to boost yours, here is a summary of some natural ways to up your sex drive. Kill Your Anxiety Anxiety is a severe cause of a lot of problems in the bedroom. For starters, anxiety has been directly linked to sexual dysfunction. Feeling the urge for sex is almost impossible when you’re feeling anxious. There are several types of anxiety disorders, and they affect peoples’ sexuality differently. Examples of ways to handle anxiety include therapy, meditation or some exercise. Get Enough, Quality Sleep Scientific studies have shown that a perfect night sleep is a crucial ending to any good day. Sleep disorders are linked to many health issues, primarily mental and sexual disorders. The hectic lifestyle a lot of people experience makes it hard to get a sufficient amount of sleep and makes it hard to make time for sex. Many people are trying to balance work and family, which often leaves them exhausted with barely any time for sexual activity. Taking naps when you can and having enough comfortable sleep is a perfect libido booster. Improve Your Relationships It sucks to say, but many relationships nowadays are toxic and draining. There are endless fights and arguments, which spoil the mood for sex. Also, being with someone for so long can lead to bland sex or even reduced sexual activity. In such cases, find some ways of improving the nature of the relationship, which will translate to a better bond, and eventually, better sex. Auckland escorts suggest the following; Date nights Joint activities Honest and open communication Solve conflicts peacefully Regular Exercise There are thousands of benefits associated with regular exercise, one of them being improved sexual desire. Exercise improves one’s body self-esteem, nervous system activity, mood, endocrine system, and cardiovascular health, all of which will enhance libido. The bottom line The above ways are just a few in a pool of hundreds if not thousands of ways to naturally up your sex drive. More methods include eating healthy foods and quitting toxic lifestyle habits such as binge drinking and smoking. Altogether, you can never get it wrong with the ways mentioned above. Please tell us what you think would work best in our comment section below.
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Workouts That Will Leave Clients Drooling Over You

May 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all work out for different reasons. Aesthetic purposes, keeping anxiety and depression at bay or improving or strength are some reasons for hitting the gym. Being and escort or adult service provider is a physical and mental job so it's important to stay in shape for health but also doesn't hurt to have a toned, curved and sexy body. Of course bodies of all types and shapes are beautiful but if you're interested in developing a toned physique then ready on. We can all agree that there are different workouts for different body objectives. For example, there are workouts for a bigger butt and others for more pronounced hips. Whatever you want to achieve needs a plan and a careful approach. In this short write up, we bring you simple DIY workouts that will leave your clients drooling over you. 1.     Squats 99% of men are obsessed with one part in women. The butt! While a big, toned butt works like magnetic sexual device, a shapeless one can sometimes be a turnoff. The best of them come in big and well-shaped sizes. To get there, squats are a great exercise. If available, grab a kettlebell or a dumbbell and start slow. Do about 10 reps of slow squats in about 3 sets per day. Squats work out the glutes, leading to a toned butt which is exactly what clients want to see. 2.     The bench press A bench press leads to fine toned abs, shoulders and arms. How to go about this? Lie down flat on a bench and make sure that the back is straight. Grip the barbell firmly with arms shoulder-length apart with your feet firmly placed on the ground. At chest level, push the barbell slowly up and back down to your chest. 10 reps and 3 sets should be perfect. 3.     Leg lifts Similar to squats, leg lifts work magic on the butt. To do this move, start on all fours and avoid your back arching. Lift the left leg as high as you can without bending it. Make sure you squeeze your glutes to work them out in the process. Repeat this for about 15 reps, and then the same on the right leg. 3 sets of this per day is a good number. 4.     Pelvic lifts For a toned butt and body, pelvic lifts should be your go-to workouts. Firstly, they are easy to do, for all you need is a soft mat. Lie flat on your back (avoid any slight arching), with your knees bent and your arms by your side. Try to keep the legs as together as possible. Breath in, squeeze in your glutes and abs and slowly lift your waist. Hold for a few seconds and then release, returning your body to the initial position. Final thoughts Hurry up lunges, plank hops and bent over rows are more examples of workouts that will lead you to your dream body. However, escorts Auckland suggest that for the best results, you start slow on intensity and weights and slowly increase your tempo. That way, as your body tones up, you're bound to turn heads and create movements in other parts of your onlooker's body! Which workouts for a sexy butt would you recommend? Let us know in the comment section below.  
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Tips for Giving an Unforgettable Massage

May 5th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to intimacy, sex always gets the front seat, while things like foreplay and massages can often take a backseat. However, the surprising truth is that massages can be super intimate and sensual, sometimes even more than sex. Everybody can give a good massage, but it takes special touches and skills to give an unforgettable sensual massage. So, how do you do it like a pro? Here are a few tips for giving an unforgettable massage. Before we get into it, Why are massages important? A lot of benefits of massages are well known. Firstly, they are a perfect solution to neck, back, and general muscle pains. They are also perfect alleviators of negative moods and arthritis symptoms. Generally, getting a deep and good massage is a mood and immune booster that can increase energy levels. As a bonus, massages are a perfect entry to intense foreplay. Even if it’s a non-sexual massage, that body contact is an ideal mood setter and creates a deeper connection which creates the chance to express deeper emotions. So how do you give a perfect massage? Set the scene and the mood The atmosphere counts for the experience when it comes to massages. Here is how to set up the scene and atmosphere. Equipment Choose a firm quality bed and clean, soft linen, preferably white in colour. This is always the first step in relaxation. Lighting Good lighting is everything. Choose some candles to dimly light the room to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. In addition, remember to eliminate other bright lights such as blinking screens, LED lights, phones, or computers. Fragrances Scent has a strong effect on someone’s mood. Essential oils or scented candles should do the trick. In addition, choose a lovely scented oil for the massage. Music Remember to play some soft sounds in the background. The keyword is soft and relaxing. Groom yourself How you dress or look plays a significant role in whether your client or partner will get satisfied. Ensure you take a proper shower to eliminate any body odours and have short and clean nails and hands. Lastly, make sure you have tidy hair. Ask your partner what they like Please don’t assume that you already know what works for them. Pop questions about what parts they prefer or would not want to be touched. That way, you’ll be in a better position to figure out how to satisfy them. Start slow From the feedback from the partner or client, you’ll know the best techniques to start with. Most importantly, avoid losing that skin contact to keep the mood alive. Always have your hands lubricated with just enough oil, and use light to moderate pressure. Slowly, focus on the erogenous zones such as the neck, face, inner thighs, buttocks, and, if desirable, the genitals. Communicate Communication is another important aspect that is generally ignored. Keep asking your client about how they feel or if there’s anything you can do to make them feel better. Lastly The end to a massage will depend on the agreement with or the requirements of your client or partner. Altogether, the end should leave them happy and satisfied.
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The Art of Teasing and Denial

April 27th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all agree that the ending of every heated sexual moment should include an orgasm. Although that’s the conventional truth, sometimes the withholding of an orgasm makes things even hotter. Through teasing and denial, it's possible to achieve this exhilarating feeling. Teasing and orgasm denial basically involves stimulating a partner to the edge of their climax and then denying them the thing they desire the most at that moment - the orgasm.  If you’re new to this concept, you could be wondering how this works, how to approach it, and what methods to use. Here are a few tips and insights to help you along with this adventure. How do you tease him? Dress up for him. Dressing up is one of the best ways of getting started with this. Get that tight dress or that see-through handkerchief-size skirt, and show him what he can look at (but not touch). To make it even better, strip in front of him slowly and in a sexy manner. Take things a notch higher by working a little lap dance as you take off of each piece of clothing. When he tries to advance his moves on you, that’s where you draw the line! Don’t let him touch you. He will go nuts. Flash him. A cheeky way of showing him the tip of the iceberg. Show an accidental nip slip after a shower, or come without your panties for dinner. When he sees it, he will crave you, but remember, he gets nothing. Masturbate in front of him! If the first 2 tips hasn't blown his mind already - this surely will! Pleasing yourself in front of him will have his cock throbbing and craving for some of your cake. But don’t let him even touch you. Start a fire With this one, act romantic and start a heated kissing or oral sex session. Halfway through it, and once his pecker is veined, take off and act disinterested. What can you use to tease him? There are plenty of options when it comes to teasing gear. While most of them are bought, simple DIY improvisations work perfectly too. Here are a few items that will get the job done. Blindfolds. With blindfolds, the game becomes interesting because your partner can’t tell where your hands will land next. It increases the anticipation of where you’ll touch and what you’ll touch them with. Blind touches are super arousing and might even drive them to their edge. Vibrators When it comes to teasing, vibrators take the front seat. The best thing about these is that they can go both ways. Vibrators quickly get partners turned on, thanks to the controllable vibrations. Remote-controlled vibrators are even more useful when it comes to roleplaying. Generally, these toys are perfect for driving your partner to the brink of their orgasm. More tools for teasing a partner include chastity devices and bondage gear such as cuffs and restraints. However, these work best when combined with vibrators or whips. The denial Orgasm denial is as simple as it sounds but with amazing results. It's all about arousing your partner but not allowing them to cum. We also have ruined orgasms, where a partner, say a man, is stimulated till the brink of orgasm, and then the stimulation is withdrawn. He may still ejaculate, but it wouldn’t feel the same as if the stimulation went all the way. However our favourite is the tease until they can take no more and then finally allow him to blow his load for a good 10 seconds. You could even try to break an orgasm-length record each time you tease and deny! Teasing is all about caring for each other. The best way of finding out how to tease each other is reading blogs or books together, watching movies, and of course, communicating and being honest. In whatever you do, remember safety is paramount.  What are your favourite ways to practice the art of teasing and denial?
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Self-care tips for escorts

April 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We always hear about skin care tips, hair care tips, healthy diet tips, et cetera. However, how often do we hear about self-care tips for escorts? Selfcare is a buzzing word that strikes a conversation but one which escorts and adult services providers are often left out of. We spend a lot of time and effort discussing becoming an escort, but we always forget about how stressful and tedious it can get, creating a necessity for self-care. So, if you’re an escort in this busy sex industry, here is an escort's guide to self-care. Routine check-ups We’ve preached more than enough times about practicing safe sex and being careful, but still, there is a paramount need for regular check-ups. It would help if you saw a doctor multiple times a month, whether you’re a part-time or a full-time escort. Sometimes, the sex industry can turn bizarre. You could encounter rough and violent clients, which exposes you to physical injuries. This necessitates regular check-ups to ensure that you stay in perfect health and shape. In addition, doctors have tons of information on protecting yourself, which we believe could come in handy for you. Unplug once in a while Escorting demands a lot of energy which can be pretty exhausting. With tough economic times, there is a dire need for an extra income, which might temp you into working too many hours, especially if escorting is your only source of income. In such cases, it's okay to unplug from your daily routine and escape reality for a while. We don’t mean quitting your job forever, but going off from work for a while. During your free time, try doing what you like but barely have time for. Bushwalking is great for getting outdoors, relaxation, aerobic exercise and connecting with nature. Prepare and eat healthy meals Self-care starts with what you take in to your body. In most cases, self-care involves simple steps, and eating healthy is one of them. Remember, you are exposed to various conditions, which means your body has to be in shape. Check out healthy diets online, and make sure you stack before and after bookings. It's beneficial for both your body and wallet. Take yourself on a date We live in a world where everything is rushed, and we barely have time for ourselves. As an escort, the busy schedule of chasing clients and bookings might make you lose touch with yourself. Once in a while, get from work, take a long shower, dress well, smell nice, and pop into a nice restaurant. Order that expensive wine and catch up with yourself as you sip it slowly. Seek mental health support Escorting can be draining, especially when you cross paths with nagging clients. We strongly advise that you find someone you can confide in, such as a friend, a partner, or a relative. If not, seek a therapist. That way, the daily challenges of escorting won’t take a toll on you. The bottom line Physical and mental exhaustion is almost inevitable when it comes to escorting. With the few mentioned tips, you can never go wrong. Remember, you come first, and therefore you should be the priority. We'd love to hear about your mental health tips in the comments below.
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Lingerie Recommendations for Plus Size Escorts

April 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Lingerie has a way of bringing the best out of plus size women and bbw escorts. It brings out their bodacious boobs and magical curves in a unique way that clients love to see. Consequently, many clients are witnesses to their bookings become better when the escort greets them in some sexy lingerie. It's therefore fair to judge that lingerie is an integral part of an escort's wardrobe. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying those perfect pieces of lingerie, given the thousands of different designs. Here is a list of well-explained recommendations for plus size escorts to help you. Be careful with size Experts suggest that looking good in lingerie isn’t about wearing one that’s too small but wearing the correct size. Fetching lingerie becomes easy when you start with size as your priority, ignoring all the other factors. Small sizes tend to have your body “pouring out” in some places, leaving you very uncomfortable. On the same note, bigger sizes tend to make you look bigger than you are, bland and unpolished. Consider the numbers on the tag, and get a right-sized garment that you’ll feel comfortable in. Style is paramount Style has to complement size. You know your body better, and if we're talking about looking sexy, you’ll want to choose just what is suitable for it. Go for styles that perfectly bring out your favourite body parts. If you have a gorgeous bust, make sure that whatever design you choose focuses on that gift. Generally, lingerie should make you gorgeous and confident, and that happens when you’re sure he’s noticing your favourite features. Colour matters! A lot of escorts forget about colour. Interestingly, colour has a significant effect on the results of a booking. Whatever you choose, try to match its colour to your personality, mood, and body shape. For example, dark colours are mysterious and dominating, while the lighter ones suggest innocence. Generally, there is no rule as to which colour to wear as long it makes you feel comfortable and matches your mood and complexion. If you’re feeling super-hot and experimental, you could go nuts with a deep red or animal print. Dark black sends messages of sophistication, while pink is awesome for slutty submissive plays. In a nutshell, make sure your choice captivates the eye! Consider the fabric The fabric also matters when it comes to lingerie. We highly recommend that you avoid lightweight clingy fabrics. Faux leather and spandex are perfect for plus sized escorts. The bottom line The goal here is to look sexy. Make sure you also choose a perfect pair of stilettos to complement that look. Lastly, check for customers' reviews and comments if you’re buying online. What else do you think counts? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.
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How to Leave your Clients Craving More of You

April 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Getting a booking with a client is one thing, but leaving an unforgettable mark on them is another. As an escort, it’s important to make sure that you turn your bookings into 5-star rated sessions. However, it's challenging to achieve this, given that different people have varied preferences regarding sex and intimacy. Altogether, there are still a few moves you can add to your game that will leave your clients craving more of you. Stay tuned for the best tips from the best escorts. Always be on time Many escorts ignore this part, but the first step of pleasing a client, especially when it’s the first meet-up, is keeping time. For first-time clients, they will often be nervous and being late will only exacerbate their nerves and could spoilt the date. If you have a date in a hotel, make sure you’re there at least a few minutes before time. If you sense that you’ll be late, make sure you call and alert them. It's more professional to report that you’ll be late than to keep them waiting. Make them feel comfortable There are different reasons why people use escort services. Many people book escorts to chase loneliness and look for temporary companionship. In such cases, keeping them close and making them feel appreciated is a perfect way of winning their hearts and, of course, their pockets. Maintain a warm and friendly demeanour during dates, and remember to be kind and courteous. If you’re talking to them on the phone, especially for the first time, do it in a friendly and calm manner that entices them to you. That way, you’re bound to leave a mark on them. Take your time We understand that bookings time and money, but sometimes rushing spoils everything. It's important to acknowledge what makes them feel good and how they want to be touched, but in general, taking things slow and building tension is best. We recommend that you start slowly during dates, preferably with a slow talk and a massage, and take things higher gradually until they are satisfied. By taking things easy and slow, you get to leave them happy, and of course, you bill more time. Consider their orgasm before your own This is especially when it comes to male escorts with female clients. We understand that getting to the female orgasm could prove difficult, but by getting there, you’ll be winning her heart. Take time out of work to research better sex positions, new ways to please her, and quite importantly, respect her and care for her emotionally. The bottom line The key to winning a client’s heart starts with being an amazing person and giving them your best. Sex experts explain that most clients will not say what they want, especially women, and thus it's up to you to be a great body language reader. Generally, being enthusiastic about what you do is enough to become their favourite escort. Which point impressed you most? Tell us in our blog comments section below. 
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How Swinging Could Help Your Sexless Marriage

April 11th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Many things define marriage, including partnership, love, procreation, and, quite significantly, sex! If you and your partner aren’t having as much sex as you used to have before, there is a need to raise the alarm. In some cases, such situations turn into completely sexless marriages, and to be fair, they can be pretty frustrating. Many people in sexless marriages have considered divorce upfront. However, there are ways of reviving a sexless marriage and getting things back to a full wavelength, and swinging is one of them. Swinging can be explained as an extramarital sexual affair that couples indulge in together. It could be group sex or essentially swapping partners, although it’s done among a group of couples to conserve the element of trust. Here is how swinging can help benefit a sexless marriage. 1.     It strengthens the bond between partners Sometimes, the reason for bland sex or no sex at all in marriages is a fading bond. When young people meet, they are pretty excited, and the sex is usually top-notch. However, the bond wilts with time, and consequently, intimacy is negatively affected. With swinging, the couple deciding to explore other partners together is reason enough to improve their connection. In addition, since some couples engage in group sexual activities just by watching, it slowly restores the desire for having each other without necessarily having to engage in sexual activity. This is described as voyeurism, where the couple watches other engages in sex without them having to participate. 2.     Swinging brings new exhilarating ideas into the relationship. If you have a sexless marriage, all is not lost as you’re just probably lacking a bit of newness. Repetitive sex routines can lead to boring sex, eventually becoming zero sex. By engaging in sexual activity with other couples, you get to learn a lot of kinks and ways of engaging in sex. Watching other couples do extra new and daring things gives you the courage to explore your sexual horizons as a couple. That way, your flame is rekindled. 3.     It builds self-confidence and improves self-esteem Some partners are unable to engage in sex due to esteem issues. By swinging, you’re likely to get someone willing to engage in sex with you despite your shortcomings. That way, the confidence in yourself slowly rises, and within no time, you’ll be able to have sweaty romp sessions with your partner. 4.     Complete swaps are hot and explorative and can turn around sexless marriages. Sometimes, watching other couples isn’t enough to jumpstart your crumbling marriage, which calls for full swings. Going full swing means swapping partners and doing all that’s possible. This way, couples get to engage in sex differently, and when it comes to them, things will start taking shape. In conclusion Swinging can be fun and super helpful at the same time. The most important thing to remember is to practice safe and consensual sex. So, have you ever been into swinging? Do you think it can save a melting marriage? Please tell us what you think by leaving your thoughts in our blog comments section below.
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Guide to running a virtual sex chat session

April 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all get bored from time to time, especially during the whole mess of this pandemic. The social plans we had organized for ourselves vanished before we knew it. It's even worse for long distances couples since unnecessary travel was cancelled or discouraged. On the same note, the need to have diverse income streams has forced some people to join the Australian sex industry. There are several ways of making money here, and at the same time beating the separation boredom, one of them being sexting. Sexting can be defined as having virtual sex, using a phone, a computer, or any other device that can be used as a virtual chat room. The main idea behind sex chat sessions is to have a virtual sexual conversation between couples, or parties, where they describe their sexual urges and desires to each other. Sexting is fun and quite thrilling. However, many people don’t know how to go about it, but we’re here to help. Here is a guide to running a virtual sex chat session. The basics Sexting or virtual sex is an activity that is definitely worth your time, but we're pretty sure you’re wondering how to start. First, there are several forms of virtual sex, which include sexting, phone sex, cybersex, camming, VR sex, and more. The other forms of virtual sex are discussed in our subsequent blogs. A lot of people tend to worry about not being too good at this, but if you incorporate the following tips, you’ll be surprised how good you can be. Use emojis These are the building blocks of sex chats, all thanks to apps such as WhatsApp. Emojis come in handy when you're hornily putting sending out those nasty messages and adding emotion to written texts. For example, the eggplant emoji adds genuine emotion to the word “Dick.” That way, the conversation feels more realistic. Pictures are a must Just like emojis, pictures are perfect supplements to nasty, sexy messages. Whether it's you sending your text buddy a few sexy pictures of you or them sending you their nude pictures, either works perfectly. Try out chat rooms or websites. For a first-timer, getting started with this can be so intimidating. Luckily, so many people are also on the same path as you. We recommend signing up for websites that have these sex chat avenues. Also, dating apps such as tinder are perfect options for finding a sex chat partner. Are there any risks? Besides digital privacy and security concerns, there are legal constraints regarding virtual sex chat and porn, especially in Australia. These legal regulations vary from state to state, and they primarily focus on the exposure of children to virtual sex and sexting. Generally, we advise that you avoid sharing too much personal information with your chatmate. What do Australian sexting laws dictate? Generally, Australian law dictates that it's illegal to use your phone or any other device to take, look at, keep, send or ask someone to send nude pictures or videos of anyone who is under the age of 18 or anyone who looks to be under the age of 18. However, these rules and regulations change with states. For example, in NSW, the age of consent to sex is 16, but when it comes to sexting, 18 years applies. Generally, it's against the law to sex chat when either involved parties are below the age of 18. In such as case, it’s considered child abuse. It’s also illegal to look at naked or indecent photos or videos of a child or a young person, in this case, below 18 years. Sexual harassment is also illegal, which means harassing people of any age. Harassment, in this case, could mean pestering someone to send you naked photos, videos, or nasty texts without them willing to. If found on the wrong side of these regulations, you’re considered a criminal. You risk a severe punishment such as jail terms or having your name on the sex offender register, meaning the authorities will always have your personal information such as your address and phone numbers. Read more about the Australian laws and regulations on sexting here. This piece will also be helpful concerning the sexting law. The bottom line is to always be on the safe side of the law, respect your chatmates and approach this with utmost sobriety. And of course, think before you send. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Please leave a comment on our blog comments section.
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Different Positions for Different Penis Sizes

April 4th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There’s no such a thing as “the right sized penis.” Just like shoes, men come in different shapes and sizes when it comes to their thunder stick. We are pretty sure that the news of the world’s longest penis (18.9 inches) would have destroyed many men's self-esteem and left them feeling quite inadequate. Unless, of course, you're one of those truly blessed individuals with a oversized order in the pecker department. In whichever category you fall, we’re here to bring you some good news! First of all, when it comes to sex, any size can work perfectly as long as you know what is necessary. Second, in the following article, we explore different positions for different penis sizes so no matter the measure of your member you'll know what to do to use it to give maximum pleasure! Generally speaking, whistles come in three sizes; small, large, and medium. Each size has a specific style that suits the couple, and here is the explainer: For a large penis A larger penis can be defined as one that is larger than that of the average guy. If you’re one of the blessed guys, there’s a need to check on penetration depth, angle, and speed. The vaginal tract is about 3-7 inches on average, and thus one wrong move using anything bigger than that will send your partner screaming. Woman on top or reverse cowgirl are the best positions for such a scenario. Generally, when she’s on top, she has control of how deep a guy goes. Also, you on top, but from behind is an alternative. However, for this one, make sure that her body is flat against the bed and your legs overlap hers to ensure you don’t get in too deep. For our friends with a long and thick schlong, there is a need to take even more care, especially during the transition from foreplay to penetrative sex. In such a case, make missionary your friend as it allows her to relax completely, making it easier for you to get inside. Lastly, remember to make lube your best friend. For the average penis Most men fall into this category, and many ladies love it here. However, it doesn’t always feel so perfect with a perfect fit. In this case, go for styles that allow you to hit it with different angles and with the legs spread or kept close. In addition, styles that will enable you to incorporate a sex toy are recommended. Missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and baby bend-over are ideal sex styles for this category of the penis. The small man The small man is the most affected in this penis discussion. A lot of times, he falls short on the performance list. However, you can still show her the best game with your little fellow. We advise you to choose sex positions that enhance tightness rather than depth. Preferably styles that bring her legs together. Doggy and missionary are perfect examples. However, with missionary, it's best if you ride high, with the base of your D head rubbing against her clit. The bottom line Whether long, short, thick, or thin, there is nothing that should stop you from giving her (or him or them) the time of their life. Every sex position is possible with every size of penis, as long you two are willing to communicate and work out what feels good, together.
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Could you become a Male Escort?

April 3rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
A perfect answer to this question doesn’t exist. The truth is, there is an extensive conversation surrounding male escorting. Do I have to be gay? Is there a demand for male escorts? There is an actual demand for both straight and gay male escorts, and interestingly, male escorting is one of the most lucrative jobs in the sex industry. However, male escorting is a profession that requires sheer determination. If you’re keen about getting into this, here is a short explainer that hopefully answers the question. The first step concerning this issue is asking whether you really want to become a male escort. The first step to thriving as a male escort is an evaluation of your intentions of undertaking this job, which most people would consider taboo. There are several reasons that men give for participating in escorting. Some are in it for the money, while some claim that they generally enjoy pleasing women and men, and thus this is a valid path for them. In the end, the decision is up to you. Quite often, there is a misunderstanding of what a male escort does. Many people think that all male escorts do is engage in sex with their clients, which is quite misinformed. In many cases, male escorts offer companionship to their clients, although sexual favours are of course, part of the package. Now that you want to get into it, how do you become a male escort? Get a mentor The industry has a lot of dark sides, which are impossible to manoeuvre alone. Get someone, a friend probably, who has been in the industry for long enough and get some insights on how to provide both sexual and non-sexual services, serve clients, and cope with any future challenges. Work under an agency Although many male escorts prefer working independently, we highly recommend escort agencies for starters and newbies. This is because escort agencies will expose you to several clients, and at the same time, protect you (but not completely of course) from harassment and timewasters. Advertise your services Things have become much easier with technology and more so with social media. Apart from being affiliated with the escort agency, put up your profiles and descriptions across websites like Naughty Ads and social media accounts like twitter and Instagram. That way, your word gets to reach many people, and your clientele grows. Do your best This is where it all counts. Once you’re up and running, how you treat your clients determines how far you’ll go. Remember, they are people, and they deserve respect and dignity. Stay hygienic, be courteous, and keep reading books and blogs for better tips on this business. We're dedicated to giving you the best advice on topics that matter to you, and we love hearing your feedback. Our blog comments box below is open if you have any questions or comments.
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How to monetise during a crisis

March 30th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When a crisis hits, we’re often left confused with seemingly nowhere to go. When it comes to sex work, a crisis like the one being experienced currently hits sex workers the hardest. However, you’d be surprised by the many ways you can bounce back from the setback and smile on your way to the bank. Although you can’t make money from everything that surrounds you, there are smart ways you can monetise. Here, we bring you the best ways of making money during a crisis. Monetise your social media accounts Social media is probably the strongest tool vested in the hands of many sex workers. There is so much money-making potential from these fun sites. Surprisingly, you’ve been doing so much for free. Imagine all that dope content you’ve been posting without even getting paid a single cent. We are here to change the narrative for you. If you have Instagram and Twitter handles, you can make them private such that those horny buggers who want to chat with you in your DMs can pay for it. However, escorts in Wellington NZ warn that going down this path risks the closure of your account, especially if any wankers (the man types) report you. Altogether, it's worth the risk. In addition, posting enticing content consistently tends to land you endorsements that can come through for you financially. Snapchat is also a perfect site to make some money from. As long as you post naughty content, horny perverts will flock to your DMs in their hundreds. Make your account private and charge people for access. Post covid bookings Someday, the crisis shall come to an end, and things shall resume to normal - at least that’s what we hope. Take advantage of this, and give discounts to your clients for post-covid escorting sessions. This way, you’ll entice a lot of them into booking your services. However, we advise that you be considerate with your changes, as the crisis has caught everyone by the neck. Sexting or phone sex packages We all agree that we have different tastes and preferences. A lot of people prefer their naughty side catered too in the form of phone sex or sexts. If you can play around with enticing words, this will work perfectly for you. One idea is to offer a naughty texting package and charge reasonably. Zoom and skype dates The crisis has made many people lonely in the confines of their homes. In most cases, such lonely souls turn to social media searching for companionship. Take advantage of this and offer them virtual emotional support, and of course, charge for it. Final thoughts You’d be surprised to find out that there are things you’ve been doing for free that would fetch you thousands a month (maybe even a week). With any of the highlighted tips, you’re about to step out of the crisis better and happier. 
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How to earn money online during a pandemic

March 28th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The covid-19 pandemic has taught us that life is certainly uncertain. With everybody getting scared of infections, mobility was compromised, especially in dense towns and cities. That said, the pandemics' harsh leash didn’t leave behind sex workers and escorts. Night clubs, restaurants, hotels, and brothels were also closed, clients disappeared, and business hit rock bottom. Perhaps you’re one of the affected people. How do you bounce back from this? The following are some simple ideas on how you can earn money online during a pandemic. Sell your photos If you're up for showing off your body then you're sleeping on a gold mine. There is an endless demand for photos on websites and repositories of photos. If you believe you can produce high-quality images, you can upload them to databases where websites, companies, and magazines can buy them. That way, you’ll be making money effortlessly without having to beat the hustle and bustle of busy streets or to meet clients. Some of the most famous websites to check out include Shutterstock and Pixels. However, note that the quality demand for these sites is sky-high, which means you’ve got to bring in top-notch content. Sell things online Due to the risks of getting infected during the pandemic, many people opted for online shopping. That said, you can take advantage of this and sell stuff that you’re familiar with. Christchurch escorts suggest that sex workers and sex toys are a perfect blend. Create a simple eCommerce store, or market some sex toys through social media sites. You’ll be surprised how much you can make. Become a webcam model Many people are taking a shift from porn videos to real life shows. This is, however, not to discredit porn videos, as they are still significant in the industry. Hundreds of websites host webcam models, who broadcast live shows to their subscribers in exchange for tips, gifts, and tokens. By joining any of these sites, you’ll for sure make some decent money at the end of the day. One of the best sites to check out is Naughty Cams. Write about sex Surprisingly, there is still a massive demand for written content, and websites are calling for more creative writing talents. If you’re a friend of the keyboard, you can take a break from the bedroom and write about this naughty game. You can write website reviews, sex toy reviews, website copies, or fictional stories based on personal experiences with clients. Given that you have prior experience in the industry, you can certainly handle this well and with many tales in memory banks, writers-block won't be an issue :) There are a plethora of online opportunities for sex workers. Keep reading our blogs for more ideas and comment your own ideas to discuss below.
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Who are the best adult content creators in Australia?

March 25th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Besides the sexy sandy beaches and the peaceful atmosphere, Australia is also known for its fast-growing adult entertainment industry. The economic environment has favored a boom in this exciting industry, with escorting being one of the prime activities. With the fast-growing internet and unlimited social media sites, many creative talents have taken it a notch higher by becoming creators on these platforms. The most used platforms for adult content promotion in Australia are OnlyFans, Tiktok, and Instagram, where creators entertain their fans with naughty content in exchange for money or gifts. Australia is home to some of the world’s most famous and most prosperous content creators. Here are a few notable names that you will love to read about. 1.     Reene Gracie The former supercars enthusiast and racer is among the fastest-growing Australian OnlyFans account. Her story of rising to fame is pure delight. She claims that it was out of curiosity that she got to try this industry, and to her surprise, it turned out to be the best thing she ever started. To Gracie, the Onlyfans experience has been life-changing, allowing her to bag as much as $25000 in a single week. She sells a premium combination of Nude photos, solo nude content, porn videos with her partner, and naughty live streams. 2.     Angela white Although she relocated to Los Angeles, Angela white is an Aussie at heart. She is the most popular lesbian adult content creator, although she still does regular content. She got started with OnlyFans when she was barely 18. When she attained legal age, she produced her first piece of lesbian content, after which she has never looked back. She rewards her fans with enticing photos, videos, and live shows. You better check her out. Now! 3.     Cat Sefiro Sefiro is a fetish sensation. Like the wild Wellington Escorts, she is best known for her X-rated content that's well-tailored for people who love their life wild. She purrs her subscribers with amazing content that varies from strip sets and implied nudes. She is also known for her mastery in cosplay and modelling trendy and the latest fashion. She even goes the extra mile of selling her smelly used undies and socks for the horny perverts who prefer tangible stuff. 4.     Gia James She is best known for her sensational bisexual content. With the pandemic hitting all parts of Australia, Gia didn’t relent on giving her fans the best entertainment. She enjoys doing live shows, where her thousands of fans and subscribers line up to see her heavenly figure. In closing Maddy and Tyi Star are also among the top Australian adult entertainers. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of who the real deals are, it’s your time to explore and feed your urges. 
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So, I'm dating a stripper!

March 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
My parents’ wedding anniversary was fast approaching and I had already screwed things up. I have never been a fan of the nightlife, but this time, thanks to my three-month girlfriend Myra, I attended a night party and spent all I was planning to spend on my old folk’s anniversary gift. I met Myra during my routine bus trip from work. Her smiley face, at first sight, is still fresh in my mind. “Look around; you’re the most beautiful girl,” I said to her, in what was my best pick-up line I'd ever managed to produce. Surprisingly, it worked wonders. She giggled back, giving me that “thank you” sheepish smile. Long story short, we exchanged contact details. It became a norm for me to meet Myra on my way home. Eventually, I’d call her and ask her to keep me company back to my crib. When we first talked, Myra told me she was a student at one of the colleges in Hobart, taking dance and music subjects. I was intrigued, although I wasn’t a fan of music and dance. Every time we’d get to our stop, we’d take a stroll and then bid each other goodbye as everyone headed to their homes. This became a routine, and fast forward to now; we are watering a young relationship seemingly headed to greater heights. On one fateful night, a few weeks ago, we were having an innocent cuddle when Myra convinced me to a night out. I was against it, but she has these sad puppy eyes that have an immense convincing power. We dressed up and headed out. One thing led to another, and the music and drinks took were having a big effect on me. I was having mad fun, something I had never experienced. I noticed Myra talking to some hot slutty women in the club, who were apparently Hobart escorts, from what I hear from my best friend Steve's night-out tales. Given that I was drunk, it didn’t bother me as I thought it was the casual club chitchat. Fast forward to that morning. Waking up was a brawl. I had no idea how I got to Myra’s place. My head was super heavy, and I felt madly dehydrated - blame it on the blast I had the previous night. Looking back at my transactions, I realized I had spent way above what I could afford, and I was about to ruin dad’s best day of the year. Myra kept telling me we’d get enough money before the D day. I kept wondering how a student who doesn’t make extra money besides what her parents provide would convince me it shall be okay. I stood up and walked towards her mirror. Unusually, there was a lot of lipstick and make up, something I never saw Myra in. Looking around her dressing table was bizarre stuff. Well, at least weird to me. I saw all sorts of crazy outfits; g strings, furry boots, tall heels, whips, blindfolds, cowboy costumes, and many Australian five and ten dollar notes. I crossed my fingers, hoping this was not what I thought. I looked at Myra, standing right beside me, looking star-struck. I asked her what those things meant. “I’m a stripper, Joe,” she said in a shaky voice. I stood there, confused like never before. Moments later, it dawned to me that I was dating a stripper—no wonder the financial assurance the pretty girl was giving me. Initially I was shocked but then when I calmed down I became aroused. The first thing I said to Myra was "how about a lap dance then?" What's it like dating a stripper? I highly recommend it :p
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Which is the best platform to share naughty content?

March 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Social media platforms have opened up new possibilities in the adult entertainment industry. There has been a constant demand for content, which has seen a consequent increase in entertainers. There is no shame in craving erotic content, and it creates a perfect opportunity for content creators to showcase their talents. The past few years have seen a rise in platforms that allow adult content sharing. In this write-up, in collaboration with Townsville escorts (the best in the game), we bring you the best platforms to share naughty content. 1.     OnlyFans Onlyfans was created in 2016 and is arguably the biggest and the best adult content platform. The site works on a subscription basis, where creators can share photos, videos, messages, and live streams to their fans in return for tips and fees. Onlyfans gained a massive reputation during the pandemic when adult content creation became mainstream. An average Onlyfans account with about 10000 subscribers can fetch the creator as much as $2500 in a month. Although the platform takes a twenty percent as a facilitation fee, a hardworking creator can make a huge amount of money. Like, we're talking, retirement money! 2.     Tiktok. Tiktok is a recent sensation that gained fame in the pandemic as well. It hosts millions of users around the world. It allows users to share short videos and reels and many adult entertainers have taken their content to this site, where they entertain their followers and, in return, get tips and gifts. 3.     Instagram This platform has been in the game for quite some time. With millions of users, it’s a perfect platform for entertainers to share their naughty content. The platform hosts celebrities, pornstars, Townsville escorts, and other entertainers. Those with a large following get lucky and make money through endorsements or by sending their fans and traffic to other monetized sites. Some entertainers, such as escorts, take advantage of the platform to bag clients. 4.     Reddit Surprisingly, Reddit is one of the best platforms ever to grace the internet. Like many blogging sites, Reddit offers a perfect spot for celebrity gossip, adult entertainment, and any other trending items. The platform works in the form of communities, where visitors find all the information that might interest them. However, the recent rise in cases of abuse on Reddit has led to restrictions, where NSFW content is heavily censored. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t share your badass naughty content. Final thoughts Generally, comparing the four options, Onlyfans takes the win. It is simple and easy to use, has millions of users, and has zero restrictions on the intensity of content. If you think you got this, any of these platforms could be the bridge to your millions. We'd love to hear about your favourite platform to share Naughty content. Comment below!
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Top adult content influencers in Australia

March 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Social media is a haven of fun for millions of people worldwide. While its use has become mainstream, many people have taken to these sites to create content that earns them a living. From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, OnlyFans, and many more platforms, hundreds of talented young men and women showcase what they do best. That said and done, the adult content industry hasn’t been left behind in this grand revolution, more so in Australia. Recently, we have seen a rise in some top influential models on sites such as Onlyfans and Instagram, with Australia being the home to some of the most famous. This write-up is a short explainer on the top adult content influencers in Australia. 1.     Chloee suicide Chloee suicide is one hell of a beauty, making her among Australia's top adult influencers. To start, is her impressive Instagram profile that fetches her unmatched audience numbers. With over 118K followers on her Instagram, her posts reach an average of 5k authentic engagements. The queen from Melbourne, Australia, also has an impressive record on OnlyFans Twitter, Tiktok, and Tellonym, where she shares A-class content such as photos, videos, and live streams. Her most notable features are her super sexy tattoos covering most of her body. Do I have to talk about her scary, sexy eyes and heavenly body? Chloee has all it takes to earn that title of the best adult content influencer in Australia. Check out her Instagram for more. 2.     Vanta sgh This beauty from Canberra, Australia, is a force to be reckoned with in the adult entertainment industry. With more than 28k followers on Instagram and an authentic engagement of 741 per post, Vanta is among Australia's top adult content influencers. She has impressive photos and reels on her Instagram timeline. She is a renowned member of SuicideGirls, an adult entertainment site that hosts hundreds of sexy Aussies where they showcase their naughty talents. 3.     Roshie model Roshie is a fire performer and model with an impressive following on Instagram. She has an attractive Instagram timeline, with enticing photos in sexy outfits. She boasts of being among the best fire performers in Australia. She recently launched her Patreon account, where she shares some of her unseen content with her followers, of course at a fee. For sure, Roshie is one hell of a beauty. 4.     Hayley Hennessy Her Instagram tag is @thechaosofher. Quite frankly, Hayley is one beautiful chaos. Her Instagram timeline has attracted over 40k followers, in addition to an impressive OnlyFans and TikTok profile. According to Port Augusta escorts, Hayley is a massive name in the adult entertainment industry. If you think you deserve the finest things in life, go check her out.
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My sex bucket list

March 14th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
I’ve been contemplating this whole idea of a bucket list for many years, and I find it weird relating sex with to-do lists for some reason. It's quite okay to have a to-do list, at least that’s what I believe, but I’ve never had the guts to include any sex stuff, besides the casual points like doctors’ appointments and the like. Well, it's safe to say I feel much more comfortable now writing about the sexual things I’d love to try, all thanks to my best friend, Jim. A few months ago, I went to visit Jim at his workplace. From the many years of friendship with Jim, I don’t think there’s any escapade of his that I don’t know about. So, this Friday evening, I passed by his office and found him busy striking out notes on a piece of paper. Long story short, I was shocked to find a super kinky bucket list. Damn, that takes some guts. Anyways, here I am, about to shock you as Jim shock me. The biggest challenge was what to write down on this list. Given that I'm an introvert, it was hard to figure out things to try out. However, let me give you the tip of the iceberg of some things I dream about. And hey, please, no judging. Okay? Sex on the rooftop I was super afraid of heights when I was young, but I got over it with time, and now I can comfortably take the stairs to my rooftop. For some reason, I feel like sex on this magical high point would be elating. Dangerous? Yes. Very! Worth it? Absolutely - worth trying. Sex in a tent I’ve been a fan of the wrong turn collection of movies. There is always something intriguing about the sexual energy in those crazy teens. The way they slut each other out in the wild is crazy. However, with me, it’s a bit different. First of all, I’m an introvert, and open places aren’t my thing. So, I’m thinking of trying this out in a tent. Of course, I don’t want to imagine if one of those scary pricks came after me. Make a sex film I know this is one of the most cliché items on people’s bucket lists, but I’m yet to try it out. Although it's risky, I’ve always wanted to do this one, but the courage has failed me previously - but not now! Use a sex toy I enjoy my own company, and with that said, I find myself with loads of free time. Lately, I’ve developed some interest in reading about sex toys. A few months before, I had really negative energy towards sex toys. However, I slowly realize they are friends, thanks to positive reviews from escorts in Jervis Bay. Hopefully, before the end of the year, ill have some of these products on hand for me to start trying. In a nutshell In as much as I’m talking about my bucket list, there are a few exceptions that I wouldn’t want to try, considering the kinkiness and risks involved. All in all, I’m hopeful that by trying the above and more, ill be on my way to untellable pleasure. What is on your sex bucket list? We'd love to hear in the comments below.
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Sexual things to try before you die

March 11th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex is mad fun, and if you're not getting any - you're missing out big time. While relationships come with some sexual benefits, the sex can get bland. For that reason, it's pretty essential to have a sex bucket list, especially when you’re young and wild. One of the most important things about a bucket list is that it helps you explore your wild fantasies, and at the same time, spicing things up for those in relationships. To make this better for you, we’ve created a comprehensive list of some fun things to do before you die. You better bookmark this exciting read! 1.     Wild drunk sex There is no better feeling than fucking in oblivion like it is in the movies. For lovers, it's heavenly going out for drinks and coming home to slut each other to sleep. If you’ve got a partner, get some mad shots of tequila, preferably in a safe place like your house, and then romp each other till you pass out. Drunk sex allows you to discover new and better ways of making love with your partner. However, to avoid regrets, Goulburn escorts recommend going down this path with someone you trust since there are so many risks involved, such as STDs and unplanned pregnancies. 2.     Sex on the beach. It takes some real guts to get intimate in public. To some people, even holding hands in the open is a brawl. If you want to take things a notch higher, we suggest you try having some on the beach. And hey! We are not talking about the cocktail but getting real nasty on the white sands. Pro tip! Doing it in the wee hours of the crack of dawn or late in the evening is magical. Immensely romantic! 3.     Sex with a stranger Some of the best and most memorable moments are the unplanned ones. Do you see one of those boring evenings after work? Head out to that local bar for some drinks. Surprisingly, hundreds of single men and women crave this stunt. If you get lucky (which you will), you’ll find a match to take home and romp. However, remember to practice safe sex, and to avoid the morning walk of shame, make sure you end it before daylight. 4.     A threesome We always hear of threesomes in movies and porn videos, but how many people have the guts to go for it? Threesomes are super fun and a fantasy for many men and women. I mean, who wouldn’t want some coochie or dick served in pairs? If you have a partner, feel free to invite a third party of your choice. However, we suggest proper communication and, as usual, safe sex. The bottom line There are thousands of ways of having fun while having sex. With the few above, you can never get it wrong. You can find more ideas on movies, porn videos, and erotic blogs.
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What's it like being an Onlyfans model?

March 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Over the years, people have started to gain momentum in embracing adult entertainment. The rising living costs have forced people to look for alternative sources of income, and some of these ways fall in the adult entertainment industry. One of the most lucrative sources of income in this notably vast industry is becoming a webcam model on content creator sites, precisely Onlyfans. Onlyfans is an adult entertainment platform that works on a subscription basis, where thirsty clients are hooked up with enticing naughty content for a fee. Over the last year, Onlyfans has gained massive popularity due to its money-making potential. So, it might be confusing for aspiring models on how this works and how to go about it. We talked to some of the best models in the game, and we bring you a comprehensive insight into what it's like being an Onlyfans model. What's the schedule of a model? The beauty of this adult entertainment hustle is that it's basically self-employment. Working on Onlyfans offers absolute independence compared to other jobs, and it's way easier to work around your schedule. Interestingly, if you’re disabled or you have a sickness that prevents you from taking the full-time program, Onlyfans can perfectly fit around your preferred schedule. This way, the platform flawlessly empowers people who would otherwise be confined and strangled by traditional working environments. In addition, models don’t have to create content daily. Marilyn, a content creator on Onlyfans, says she shoots content on Monday and Thursday only. When she does the shooting, she produces and directs her sessions to develop unique content that she shares throughout the week at her own convenience and depending on demand. The model also determines the length of her content, mostly videos. She, however, says that in some cases, where clients request something special, she doesn’t mind adjusting her schedule as long as the returns are worth it. What type of content do models post? Onlyfans is primarily for explicit adult content, which basically involves nude photos, videos, and live streams, which are exchanged for tips and tokens. However, being an Onlyfans model can involve much more. For example, we have geniuses who share recipes with their subscribers, and some share motivational videos. However, a significant part of the models on the platform account for pornographic content creators, and of course, here is where the real bag is. So, as a model, it's totally up to you to choose what you wish to share and create. As a model that's just starting out, things might seem slow with only a few subscribers to entertain. However, with time, the level of fame multiplies, and business gets better. The level of income of an Onlyfans model is entirely dependent on effort. Generally, being an Onlyfans model comes with unparalleled benefits. Fame and money are inevitable. However, as said before, like running any business, it's all about effort. Get stuck in!
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How do I become an adult content creator?

March 5th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The adult entertainment industry is estimated to be worth about $6 billion a year. This a value that seems to be rising with each new day. To many people, especially after the global pandemic, adult content creation has become a lucrative hustle to supplement their income. To some, adult content creation is a full-time job. You might be wondering what makes this industry so huge and valuable. The seamless creation of fresh content by adult content creators keeps people coming back for more. If you’ve been yearning to become one of these naughty workers, we're here to help. We have outlined the best insights into how you can become a pro content creator. Decide on the kind of content you want to create. As said earlier, the adult entertainment industry is one vast industry that evolves spontaneously. One day something could be mainstream, and a few months later, people have moved onto something new and possibly better. There are plenty of directions you can take to create content. One was is to create and sell videos. Most content creators find videos as a valuable source of income. Nowadays, you can literally film anything and make money from it. With these videos, you can either choose to sell them independently or liaise with other creators. Webcam modelling is another way of creating content. Here, you just have to register with a platform such as Onlyfans, where you’ll get to entertain your viewers and subscribers for gifts or even tips. More adult content creator ideas include; Creating adult logos Writing erotic adult content Writing adult scripts Phone sex work/operator Here are a few tips that will help you when creating adult content. Make use of social media. Nowadays, every horny pervert has at least one social media account. Many of these people spend most of their days scrolling through news feeds, sharing posts, and liking pictures and videos. As an adult content creator, you must ensure that this particular person sees what you offer. Market your services through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Release news about your packages, offers and fresh content you intend to bring to them. Remember, social media is your biggest chance of developing an audience, and thus, you should make it count. Be unique The industry is hugely competitive, with everybody doing almost the same thing. As a creator, you must find that one twist in your content to boost your sales. If you’re creating videos, avoid the cliché done by other entertainers, or otherwise, your audience might just tire from repetitive content. Understand your audience As a creator, your subscribers and viewers are your bosses. Engage them, learn what they want, and try creating content along that line. Stay up to date with new trends in the spontaneous industry. Bottom line Content creation might seem easy, but it's not. However, success is bound to happen with the few tricks highlighted above. Choose one niche, work to fit in, and you’ll never regret it.
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The 3 most famous escorts of all time

March 1st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to history, it's not always about politics. Believe it or not, escorting and prostitution have a deep history. The turn of events in this vast and exciting naughty industry is fascinating. While most of you are only familiar with famous names such as Martin Luther King Jnr, very little is known about some of the most famous sex workers in the history of the world. In the early days, the business of prostitution was pretty secretive. However, time and the introduction of the internet have led to more dimensions of viewing this profession. Some people still view it as taboo, while some people hugely embrace it. With the internet, it's so easy to know a lot about escorting and prostitution. In this article, we review the history books to bring you the most famous escorts of all time. Marilyn Monroe If you haven’t heard of Monroe yet, you’re living in a dark world. She may be one of the most famous escorts of all time, heavily linked to big names and men of class. Marilyn Monroe is known for many things, including being among the best actresses of her time. She is known for her massive transformation of the entertainment industry. In her many years of working in the entertainment industry, she became known as a sex symbol and is also rumoured to have participated in the sex industry. She rose to fame in the 50s, where the Hollywood environment provided a perfect chance for her to bloom. Generally, Hollywood was even dirtier in the 50s than it is now, with Monroe being right at its centre. By the time she was 18, she had slept with some of the most famous men of her time. She had undeniable beauty, charisma, and on top of it, an acting genius. Many years after her death, many people are still obsessed with her. Kim Kardashian This will hurt some Kanye West fans, but it is what it is. Kim is not only a well-known celebrity but is among the world's most famous pornstars and escorts. She is also known for famously marrying some of the world’s biggest stars, such as Kanye West and NBA player Kris Humphries. In one famous instance, Kim is said to have earned about half a million dollars to escort Richard Lugner to the Vienna open ball. Some of Kim’s enticing photos and videos are available on the internet. Heidi Fleiss She is among the most famous madames of all time and is well known for running an upscale prostitution circle in Los Angeles, California. She is well recognized for catching classy and famous clientele, among them Jonny Depp and Charlie Sheen. She is well remembered for selling her famous black book of her customers, which is speculated to contain the names of a large number of prominent citizens.
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How much do phone sex workers make in Australia

February 23rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The sex industry in Australia is like no other. Australia has everything from classy escorts, first-class brothels, high-end hotels, and luxurious spas. Worth mentioning is the booming number of sex workers in the country, especially in the big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Diversification of the industry and the sexual freedom of people has seen a rise in the number of phone sex workers, a mainstream type of sex work that involves selling sex over the phone. Phone sex workers engage with their clients through phone calls and text messages. Although most people think that sex work is all about intercourse, phone sex is a non contact alternative for talented and creative people who can strike erotic conversations with strangers. Do phone sex workers in Australia engage in intercourse? This is a common question regarding phone sex in Australia, as many people lack another way of viewing phone sex. The exciting thing is that phone sex is one of the safest professions in the sex industry. Worth mentioning is the level of privacy phone sex workers gets to enjoy. Phone sex involves receiving calls from clients and engaging with them in erotic conversations for an agreed time. In addition, phone sex can also be in the form of erotic messages. Phone sex calls are billed per minute or hour depending on who they work for. We can’t insist enough that this only involves calls and messages, not videos and pictures. How does phone sex work? It's simple. People who are funny, creative, and find it easy to connect with people make the best phone sex workers. There are hundreds of phone sex agencies in Australia on the lookout for such people. The phone sex worker is ready to rock and roll upon verification by submitting an application or registering on these websites. In most cases, the process is virtual, although some companies prefer face to face interviews. How much do phone sex workers make in Australia? Stating exactly how much a phone sex worker makes is difficult. This is because this industry is highly secretive, and also because several factors influence how much a phone sex worker can make. These factors include, the website they work for. In most cases, websites takes a cut of what the sex worker makes as an administration fee. Jane (not her real name for privacy) was a phone sex worker in Sydney that we spoke to. She says that she makes anywhere between $600-$1000 in a week after the company takes their cut. The effort is also a determinant of how much a phone sex worker can make. Sometimes luck also counts in the phone sex industry. Sometimes phone sex workers get lavish “cash cows” who are willing to spend thousands as long as the sex worker satisfies their desires. In such cases, the sex worker tends to make more. In conclusion, the variations in working conditions prove it difficult to substantiate the earnings of phone sex workers in Australia. However, most of them make a good amount, with amateurs collecting figures above minimum wage. Have you ever engaged in or thought about becoming a phone sex operator? We'd love to hear your stories in the comments section below.
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What are sex workers

February 21st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex work is among the world’s oldest professions. Sex work has been practised over thousands of years across different cultures worldwide. The category of sex work is quite broad and has many sectors which can be described differently. Numerous discussions surround this industry, the biggest of them being whether its morally right and should be legalized. Past and current studies show that there are more female sex workers than male workers. However, tables seem to be turning over the years as more people of different sexual orientations speak out. This leads us to a question of what sex workers are. Is sex work legal? The legality of sex work should be the first question to address. Notably, this work is practised worldwide, with the legality varying across different regions. In some countries such as Australia, sex work is legal, provided the person is above the legal age of 18 and (in some cases) registers with the proper authority. The government has also gone further ahead to make it a requirement for brothel owners to register their businesses and sex workers. In addition, condom use has been made compulsory. Such conditions have provided the industry with a perfect environment to bloom. In other countries, sex work is illegal whilst in other's it’s legal, but with some conditions in others. Sex work vs sex trafficking There is an apparent confusion between sex work and sex trafficking. Firstly, it should be known that sex work is consensual. It involves a consensual exchange of sex with money, gifts or any other mutually agreed benefit. On the other hand, sex trafficking involves forced sexual labour. Therefore, when a sex worker gets involved in a sexual exchange without their consent, that is trafficking. Thus, people should learn to differentiate the two to understand what sex workers are. What kind of people engage in sex work? Just like going into an office, sex work is real work, and the kind of people who do it are the people you regard as “normal. "Some men and women do sex work as their full-time job. They do this to pay their bills and survive. These are pornstars, webcam models, and escorts or call girls in most cases. Some casual employees are also sex workers. Such sex workers enjoy the thrill of connecting with new people, and thus they do it part-time. In other cases, married people can be engaged in sex work. However, this is a rare occurrence, and requires a lot of commitment, trust and communication between the sex worker and their partner. Generally, sex workers are the people we interact with daily - teachers, mothers, sisters, fathers, daughters, brothers, gay, lesbian, trans. The job transcends colour, creed, socio-economic status, religion and gender. You could find anyone of any conceivable background in the sex industry. When it comes to sex work, the industry is vast, and there is no limit of possibilities.
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How much do phone sex workers make

February 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
There is so much potential hidden in the tiny gadgets we call phones. Besides regular calling and texting lies a goldmine - phone sex. Growing acceptance of the sex industry in most countries and the evolution of technology have made it easier for people to express their sexual needs. Consequently, this has opened up opportunities for talented ones to make some money from it, one of them being phone sex or rather phone sex workers. Phone sex simply involves using a phone to send naughty and erotic messages or calls. Some people do this as a hobby, while others see it as a lucrative source of income. As a result, many companies have come out to offer phone sex services, where they listen to the needs of their clients and connect them with respective phone sex workers who will satisfy their cravings. So how much do phone sex workers make? First, giving an absolute number about how much they make is difficult as it depends on so many factors. To start with, the amount of time an operator spends working has a direct impact on their earnings. The full-time operators tend to get more hours on calls, which translates to higher earnings. Depending on the effort, a full-time phone sex worker can make as much as $1000 in a day. Phone sex workers who do it for fun and part-time earn approximately 60$ per hour, although it could be more depending on experience and the number of calls made. The company also matters. Some companies have harsh working conditions, which means the workers get less from what clients pay. The better the deal, the more the phone sex workers make. Some companies prefer paying a fixed monthly salary, although most phone sex workers don’t prefer this. A fixed monthly salary compromises the ability of a sex worker from benefiting from hourly payments. The experience level of a phone sex worker matters. For most starters, about $1 per minute is the standard rate. On the same note, they don’t get so many calls, which brings total earnings in a day to about $100. With time, the phone sex workers gain experience and the earnings increase to figures averaging about $500 in a day. But, again, these are just approximations since the variables are quite varied. Some days are bad, and the earnings could be as low as $100 even for experienced phone sex workers. Net expenditure and advertising efforts also impact how much a phone sex worker makes. In addition, some invest heavily in equipment and props, which means their net pay is directly affected. Generally, it’s safe to conclude that phone sex work is fulfilling, and most importantly, pays well and even better if operators start their own business.
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How much do you get paid for phone sex

February 16th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The adult entertainment industry provides endless opportunities for making money in the comfort of your own home. Phone sex! Probably the newest way in town of making money while having some fun. The beauty of the internet is that anybody can be paid to sex chat with strangers - men and women, no exceptions. Phone sex, or sexting, is a lucrative kind of sex work that doesn't require any physical meetings or investments. Read more about the opportunities that exist in the phone sex industry and how much you can get paid from it in this write-up. Do people really make money with sex chatting? To most people, this sounds too good to be true. However, the fantastic thing about the adult entertainment industry is that there is a market for everything. Even those guilty pleasures and weird fetishes you have, the industry has a way of fulfilling them. For example, did you know that there are thousands of people who will pay thousands of dollars for your smelly used underwear? We thought you should know. The answer to this common question is yes, and it's beauty is that you do not have to get naked, meet someone, or get uncomfortable. Thousands of people across the globe are lonely and would be more than happy to have an online companion that keeps them company with some nasty words. Music to your ears, right? Who will pay you to send them those nasty sex messages? As pointed out earlier, we all have our desires and fantasies. In addition, loneliness is almost inevitable, especially with the pandemic. Thousands of people are craving connections, and sadly they can’t find them. Such people are even willing to pay for this, which is where you come in. Some of these people include; Busy professionals who barely have time to connect with people Shy introverts who can’t make physical connections Lonely people who crave new connections Married or dating people in boring relationships in pursuit of happiness Bored and horny perverts who find sexting thrilling How much do you get paid for sexting? The amount you get paid for this is entirely dependent on your efforts. It’s a bit difficult to tell how much you can make, but there is no doubt the amounts are mouth-watering. In some cases, being an online friend to a client can fetch you as much as 50$ an hour, so you can imagine how much sexting can bring you. Sexting is usually billed per hour or per SMS, which means the more you participate, the more you earn. Also, whether you’re working independently or with a company affects your income, with the former fetching you more. Keep following our weekly updates to learn more about phone sex, how it works, and how you can become a top phone sex earner.
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How to earn money during covid 19

February 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
As soon as the first Covid case was announced, it was almost certain that the world's economy and most industries would be badly hit. As expected, the sex industry wasn’t an exception. Given that sex work had become a necessity in most communities, the livelihoods of tens of thousands were negatively affected. This led to struggles at all levels, both in men and women in the sex industry. However, that doesn’t dictate the end of things. As the pandemic bites harder with each day that passes, there is still a chance for sex workers to earn a living. Here are a few ideas on how to earn money during covid 19. 1.     Become a phone sex operator. The beginning of the pandemic opened up endless possibilities. Did you know that you can earn money from sexting? Interestingly, it doesn’t take much to become a phone sex operator. All you need is a naughty talent, good devices (Phone, computer, and internet), and essentially a pleasant, charming voice. Phone sex operators are paid to make naughty calls or engage horny clients with naughty text messages. If you’re an excellent texter or believe you can talk nasty, you should probably try being a PSO. There are legitimate companies that are currently recruiting operators for their booming clientele. 2.     Try adult content creation With a limitation of movement, it’s difficult for sex workers to serve clients physically. That is where social media and adult entertainment platforms come in. According to Auckland NZ escorts, adult content creation is one of the most lucrative hustles that you can do remotely. It involves creating digital content and sharing it through several platforms. These platforms include; OnlyFans If you’ve not heard of OnlyFans yet, you’re living under a rock. OnlyFans became a sensation when Covid 19 peaked, when movement was precarious due to the fear of infections. With more than 5 million users, OnlyFans has more than 450000 content creators. If you have talent, all you need is a content plan, a verified account, and you’re good to go. Among the world's top adult content earners, such as Blac Chyna, share their content on OnlyFans. Instagram and Tiktok These two sites are also home to some of the world's most talented creators. Although Instagram has been around for a while, Tiktok seems to be claiming a larger share of the adult content market. All in all, these two sites are perfect hubs where you can share content and, in return, get some tips, endorsements, or even bag your next million-dollar clients. There are hundreds of ways a sex worker can earn online during this pandemic, and the ones we’ve highlighted above are just the most common and lucrative. However, it's not a walk in the park, as it needs utmost dedication. If you have the zeal, this pandemic has nothing on you!
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Why do people film themselves having sex?

February 11th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Nowadays, finding a sex tape can be much easier than finding a decent high protein breakfast recipe. People often tend to record themselves while engaging in sexual activity, which can put down to a vast number of reasons. First, it's important to note that people also film themselves when engaging in solo sexual activities such as masturbation. Here are a few reasons why people tend to film themselves during sex. 1.     It’s easy Many people wouldn’t do it if it were difficult. Nowadays, with sophisticated modern technology, high-end equipment is more available, making recording easy. It's easy to position a smartphone in your room and get things done. In addition, cameras have become more affordable, which has triggered this sort of fetish. 2.     For money Surprisingly, the sex industry is among the most valuable sectors globally, and it’s estimated that it's worth more than $6 billion. One of the best and lucrative ways to make money in this industry is selling adult videos. Cases of students in colleges and universities filming themselves are pretty common. There is a never-ending demand from porn websites for porn videos, which is a big reason for many people to record themselves. Some people are members of adult platforms such as Onlyfans, where they entertain their subscribers. Such content creators entertain their viewers by sending them naughty homemade films. 3.     To make their relationships better Some people believe the best way of making things spicier in their relationships is by sending nude pictures and videos to each other. Consequently, they end up recording solo escapades. On the same note, some couples get seriously turned on when they see themselves afterward on a film, and then they have sex again because they are so turned. Besides, if you’re all dressed up in sexy outfits, you’ll want footage of the intense action. 4.     For self-satisfaction Many people who film themselves doing solo escapades do it for self-satisfaction. Like masturbating in front of a mirror in the old days, filming it is the new version. According to sex experts, there is something intimate about self-eroticism, which translates to intense sexiness about watching yourself get naughty. 5.     For the fun and thrill A lot of people enjoy the fun and thrill that comes with making a sex tape. If we can film and record the best moments in our lives, why not sex? A lot of couples enjoy the thrill of watching themselves romp each other passionately. Caution! Making a sex tape is sensitive and pretty risky. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself as the trending hashtag. If you decide to go down this road, make sure the decision involves absolute consent and sobriety.
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How much do OnlyFans models make?

February 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Without a doubt, most of the world’s top-earning models make their bag from Onlyfans. The perfect environment of an uncertain global pandemic, fading love life, and the consequent hard economic times presented an ideal chance for many talents to join OnlyFans as adult content creators. Being a subscription-based platform, OnlyFans is a haven for making money from horny and thirsty subscribers who pay a fee to watch naughty content from the creators. Although a greater part of the content on OnlyFans counts for explicit photos and videos, we also have clean content such as recipes and motivational videos. There is a big question of how much OnlyFans models make, which is difficult to answer directly. However, here is a breakdown of the economics of OnlyFans to help you understand better. Who are the top earners on OnlyFans? OnlyFans is notably a billion-dollar business, and some of the biggest names in the erotic industry have accounts on this platform. The platform grew massively during the lockdown, where it initially began as a platform for X-rated content, and thus, the biggest earners are X-rated content creators. Nowadays, we also have other genres such as musicians, fitness, and cooks. Although not as much as adult content creators, they also make a significant amount. Some of the big names on OnlyFans include Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, and other celebrities. These accounts are notably the biggest earners on the platform, with followers hitting over 20 million. These accounts fetch these queens more than $10 million in a month. Understanding monetization on OnlyFans There are different ways of making money on Onlyfans. Once you open an account and its verified, you can earn from any of the following; Subscriptions. This is the best way of making money on this platform, where the monthly subscription fee is usually set between $5 and $50. The charges are totally the model’s choice. Low subscription fees attract many but cheap clients. Top earners such as Blac Chyna have set moderately low subscriptions fees, which explains why they have millions of followers besides their top unique content. Tips Tips earn the models a substantial amount of money. Some models say they make as much as $100 from a single selfie post. The more subscribers you have, the more likely you will be to get more tips. Locked messages. The platform allows for a feature to send messages to your fans, but they can’t open it before paying a certain amount. The model also sets the price for a locked message. How much can you make, and how much does OnlyFans take? The amount you make is determined by the number of followers you’ve managed to fetch. The average account makes about $180 in a month. OnlyFans takes about 20% of the creator’s total income, the facilitation fee. Simply put, the creator’s income fluctuates heavily and is totally dependent on personal efforts. Generally, famous creators don’t need to put in much work, while the newcomers need to sweat a little to match up. 
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What are the best adult content creator websites?

February 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
In pursuit of money-making opportunities, many people have turned to adult content creation. This hustle has become mainstream in recent years, thanks to the rapid sophistication of technology and the internet. Consequently, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in the number of adult content websites, all of which have different features. Whether you’re just looking to get entertained or an aspiring adult entertainer, we got your back. Here, we take you through some of the best adult content creator websites, their features, pros, and cons. Only fans Onlyfans is the best and the most famous adult entertainment site. It gained massive attention during the pandemic, where we saw thousands of creative young men and women turn into creators to beat the boredom and challenges that came with the lockdown. Since then, Onlyfans has boomed into a massive venture where sex workers, escorts, artists, and other creative people meet to monetize their abilities. Onlyfans is subscription-based, where clients pay a subscription fee to access content from the enchanting creators. It brags of the biggest fanbase in the world among adult entertainment websites. In addition, Onlyfans is known for influential celebrities such as Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, and Blac Chyna. A creator on Onlyfans can earn significant amounts of money, given that the subscription fee is set between $5-$49.99 per month. With a larger audience, Onlyfans is a real cash cow. iFans iFans is another unique creator site that is a perfect alternative for Onlyfans and allows users to earn more. An exciting feature is the mentions program. Whenever a creator mentions another, they get half of all payments made by the mentioned creator’s new fans, including subscription fees and tips. That way, it creates sort of an affiliate program where the creators can support each other. Fancentro Just like Onlyfans, this is a subscription-based creator site. However, it's free to use and allows the direct purchase of content from the creators. It is versatile and allows various talents to showcase and monetize their abilities in different ways. Features such as direct messages, live streaming, and pay-to-view feed allow a seamless connection with existing fans. Notably, the platform offers an educational program on boosting sales and increasing profits, although that attracts a 75% contribution of all earnings. Pros A swift affiliate program for advertising Training is available There are adult sections Several content creation ideas Customer assistance is readily available Cons Payments take two weeks to be cleared No assurance on refunds and cancellations The bottom line There are tons of creator websites out there, meaning you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re a creator, the highlighted options are the best. We wish you all the success on your Adult Content Creator journey.
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I'm thinking about becoming an escort

February 4th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We get this question thousands of times, especially from desperate college students looking for a source of income. Without a doubt, escorting is one of the most lucrative ways of making money, and the beauty of it is that it can be done part-time or full-time. However, many people approach the industry with unrealistic expectations, such as making a million dollars in their first week. Quite frankly, it’s a challenging industry that needs a humble and guided approach. If you’re one of those looking forward to joining the game, here is a simple but comprehensive guide for you to help you find a way in. Understanding the meaning of being an escort The first step of getting through this is understanding what it means to be an escort. Many people assume escorts are just that pretty rich face they see. In simple terms, an escort can be defined as a man or woman paid to provide company to events and sometimes advance sexual favours. Do you automatically become a prostitute? There is an apparent confusion between escorting and prostitution. A prostitute is defined as a person who exchanges consensual sexual activities for money. There might be sexual activity in the package when it comes to escorting, but not always—in most cases, escorting involves spending time with clients without necessarily engaging in sexual activity, while prostitution is 100% about sex. Where can I work? In most cases, escorts are found in agencies or work independently. Being associated with an agency can be a good start since there are benefits such as insurance, safety, and minimized risks. However, we have escorts who prefer working independently and choosing their own clientele. As a beginner, we advise you to start with an agency, and once you find a footing, you can create something on your own. Is it illegal? There is no definite answer to whether escorting is illegal or not if we're talking on an international basis. In Australia, it narrows down to the region or state. Escorting is a legal practice across Australia and New Zealand. However, different rules apply in terms of who can take part in a service, where it can take place and what can be provided. In Australia, advertising rules also differ from state to state so make sure you do your research and find out what the law dictates in your country or region. For assistance with this - check out our related links page as a starting point. Will there be any stigma? From ages ago, sex work has always been seen as immoral, and in some communities, it's considered taboo. The truth is society will always discriminate against sex workers. As much as escorting doesn’t necessarily mean sex, you need to be ready to deal with such moments, and the best way is to be comfortable with having sex with your clients. On the same note, you have to be comfortable with the line of work, which brings us to the final closing question; Are you really comfortable with this? This is probably the most crucial part of the assignment. Sit down, soul search, and figure out if this is really what you want. Many people approach this idea with an easy money mentality, and the truth is it will take a while even to get a stable clientele. To get to the highs, you must be good at what you do, which requires you to fall in love with the profession. So, do you think you got this? It's your call.
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What is OnlyFans?

February 3rd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
With the world moving so fast in terms of technological advancement, it can be hard to keep track of the new social networks as they come in their tens. Starting with the mainstream sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, there is a continuous rise in sophisticated social networks. Recently, we’ve seen a surge in the number of users of one underdog site called OnlyFans. Without a doubt, you must have seen the word OnlyFans, but you’re probably in the dark about what the platform is all about. Here is a detailed explainer of all you need to know about Onlyfans. So, what is it really? Onlyfans is a social media platform that hosts users called entertainers and other users called subscribers. It allows the entertainers to post various types of content and receive payment from their fans or subscribers. OnlyFans first surfaced in 2016, thanks to the CEO and founder Timothy Stokely. Currently, OnlyFans has more than 30 million users, with about 400000 of them being content creators. To date, the platform has seen some pure talents of creators, with some big names such as Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian having top accounts. How does it work? OnlyFans works on a subscription basis. It's important to note that you don’t really have to be a creator to join the platform. If you’re a creator or an entertainer, you just have to create an account, get verified, post your content and start earning. If you’re hungry for some nasty content, you just need to create an account, and from the homepage, you’ll see hundreds of entertainers ready to give you what you need. Scroll through the list, check out the subscription rates, the kind of content they post, and from that, you can decide who to follow. What kind of content is posted on OnlyFans? First of all, Onlyfans isn’t your mama’s social media platform. Generally, the platform is loaded with tons of explicit content, or adult content, as most people call it. However, we’ve seen a different group of entertainers post non-explicit content such as workout instructions and recipes. In most cases, the adult content comes in photos, videos, and messages, with the former being dominant. Is the platform safe, and which people can subscribe? For a start, only people above 18 years of age can create accounts either as subscribers or entertainers. In addition, it’s important to note that there are no gender restrictions when it comes to using the platform. How much can one earn from Onlyfans? The earnings reflect the kind of content a creator posts and the number of subscribers. The more the subscription fee a creator sets, the more the earnings, although high rates tend to chase away subscribers. Content creators with average rates and many subscribers can take home as much as $500 to an almost uncapped amount in a month. With the platform taking a cut of about 20% from the total earnings, it's fair to say content creation on OnlyFans is lucrative. However, that said and done, escorts in South Australia suggest that making it on Onlyfans is a process that needs utmost patience.
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How many sex workers in Australia have HIV

January 31st, 2022 by Naughty Ads
The fact that the adult entertainment industry mainly involves selling sex means that sex workers are vulnerable to HIV and other STIs. The booming Australian economy and the decriminalization of sex work across Australian states have made the country a hub for commercial sex. As a result, the past decade has seen a tremendous rise in sex workers, especially in big cities such as Sydney. On the same note, Australia has one of the best laws and services for people living with HIV. This write-up explores some facts and figures concerning the prevalence of HIV among the Australian population and sex workers. According to research, approximately 30000 people were estimated to be living with HIV in Australia by the end of 2019. Out of these infections, about 21000 of them resulted from male-to-male or rather gay sex exposure. With the first case of HIV being reported in 1981, the country has had a massive campaign for speaking out and use of ARV’s which has rendered the disease controllable. The books of history have it that in 2008, a HIV positive sex worker was Jailed in the Australian capital territory for apparently offering sex services while knowingly infected with the disease. The case led to a decline in the numbers of sex workers who regularly attended the screening for STIs. Although many sex workers experience stigma in Australia, the health outcome of most of them have tremendously improved through years of advocacy, decriminalization of sex services in most states, and availability of functional public health facilities. Research also shows that many sex workers have been sensitized and prefer using condoms in their line of duty. In Australia, women who sell sex are the most significant users of condoms, which reduces infection rates. In addition, the fact that these sex workers understand their work involves a large and diverse number of partners has helped in curbing the menace. The government and non-governmental organizations have focused on HIV positive sex workers, providing them with accurate and non-judgmental information. The group needs to be supported without revealing their line of work and HIV status to respect privacy and confidentiality. There is also a need to educate people who interact with HIV positive sex workers to reduce stigmatization and help them understand that selling sex doesn’t necessarily increase HIV transmission rates. A combination of preventive efforts by the government and sensitization of preventive measures such as uptake of PrEP's has seen new infections in Australia decline since 2015. If such efforts continue, the number of sex workers with HIV should continue to decline. 
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Who are sex workers

January 29th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
For most people who grew up in moralistic societies, the term sex worker depicts tragic women dragged into selling their bodies against their will. Although that kind of sex work exists, there is a better image of those who work in this naughty profession than what we’re often exposed to through social media and social conversations. The stories behind beautiful women and handsome men in the adult entertainment industry are much deeper than what we see in stories and headlines about sex and crime. In complete contrast to these often archaic views about sex work, a lot of sex workers report enjoying the work they do. Some insist they can never trade their special gift of connecting with strangers with anything else in the world. So, who are sex workers? In this article, we’ll try to explain. Is sex work real work? There are hundreds of reasons to support the assertion that sex work is real work. The typical definition of work is any activity that generates income. Did you know that established sex workers are among the highest earners in the entertainment industry? We have top pornstar and webcam models who make staggering amounts of money from what they do. That alone is enough to legitimize sex work as real work. Besides, sex workers engage in these activities with full consent, further evidence of calling this real work. Lastly, the sex industry is quite diversified and presents many opportunities for people to do what they love, and others get what they crave. That idea of buying intimacy is quite affirming for those who need connections or friendship. All these variables combined are more than enough to confirm that sex work is real work. Who are the different kinds of sex workers? Looking into the different kinds of sex work is the best way to answer the question of who sex workers are. It's important to note that sex work doesn’t necessarily mean sexual intercourse. Although it's undeniable that a lot of sex work involves penetration, we still have different types of sex workers who engage in different types of activities to this. Independent escorts are probably the most common sex workers cohort. Male and Female independent escorts are self-employed and often advertise themselves through adult service directories like Naughty Ads as well as advertise in newspapers or through social media. Some workers in this group remain very private, take on a different persona and character and keep stay away from the public as much as possible. Others who are open about their work and their lives tend to share themselves openly and honestly and give themselves the opportunity to be followed, like and profit more this interest using adult content creator accounts like onlyfans and social media accounts such as twitter and instagram. Brothel employees or sex workers work in specific brothels, massage parlours, and saunas, where the establishments or businesses handle the marketing. This means the employee can just focus on their work and are happy to pay the establishment a cut to handle the administrative work and help market to and provide clients. On this list are also escorts who work with escort agencies. This group of sex workers work in private hotels under certain agencies. The agencies facilitate the transactions between the sex worker and the clients. Some of the other types of sex work include body rub sex workers, strippers cam girls, pornstars and phone sex operators. The list does go on. One thing is for sure is that sex work will will always be in demand and its forms will continue to evolve.                                    
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How much do phone sex operators get paid

January 26th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Phone sex operators! A naughty profession that has attracted a lot of debate. The fact that it pays is even more debatable. Recently, we’ve seen a steady surge in the number of phone sex operators, which might be an indicator that phone sex actually pays. Although the porn market is flooded with choices, phone sex has still maintained its relevance. Painting a concise picture of how much a phone sex operator is quite complicated, but considering a few factors that affect their salaries could help. Before we get into that, it's important to note that the effort of a PSO is directly proportional to the returns, as most of their salaries are based on minutes billed. On most chat lines, the operator is paid based on minutes of talk time. That simply implies that the longer the PSO can stay on the call, the more they make. This also varies with operators, as some find it easy to maintain a conversation while some find it quite tricky. On the same note, we have operators who prefer short but frequent calls. Here are some factors that affect how much phone sex operators make The average hold time As pointed out earlier, the effort is directly proportional to returns. Operators who have longer hold times, i.e., keep callers longer on the phone, take home the fatter cheques. If you put more effort into your calls, you’re likely to make more than an operator who doesn’t do the same. Working hours The more the working hours, the higher the chances of making a phone call. For instance, an operator who logs on for 30 hours a week will make more than one who logs on for 10 hours per week. This is simply because more log on hours implies higher chances of making phone calls. Website or line traffic levels No matter how hard you try, if you choose a company with poor traffic, your income will remain at the grassroots. This is because the number of calls you make determines how much you take home. Therefore, working with a company with lots of traffic guarantees an operator a better income. So how much does an operator make? The most proficient phone sex operators can make as much as $150000 a year, working from the comfort of their home. However, we’d love to point out that getting to such levels isn’t a walk in the park. It takes utter resilience. According to ZipRecruiter, the average phone sex operator makes about $29 in an hour, translating to about $5000 in a month. More factors that affect income include commission conditions of the company, remuneration strategies, and the subscription fees, if any. In conclusion, it's safe to say that phone sex operators is a profession that pays above the minimum wage.
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How to talk dirty during sex

January 24th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Dirty talk is a seriously underestimated component of any sexual encounter. Talking dirty is one of the best ways to get things started and heated up in the bedroom. It's also the perfect chance to improve the connection between intimate partners. Talking dirty might be intimidating and might take some time to get the hang of however iff you’re planning to introduce some nasty, sexy, dialogue into your bedroom, here is a naughty guide on how to go about it effortlessly. Why should we talk dirty during sex? First of all, it's important to understand that sex involves foreplay. Talking dirty to your partner as part of the foreplay increases the sexual tension, which leads to better and deeper sexual encounter. Scientists recommend teasing hours before physical contact to heighten the anticipation. For long-distance couples, talking dirty is a perfect way of exciting each other and making sure that you both get in the mood and climax a lot quicker when you meet. Dirty Talking Tips Keep it as simple as possible This is more so for beginners. If it's your first time exploring this, stop trying to create Shakespeare-like fantasies since it will not make things any better. Instead, focus on basic things and actions that you and your partner are used to, like how you feel. Don’t overthink A dirty talk session doesn’t dictate vast amounts of creativity, but it should make you and your partner feel good. A simple dirty talking session will make the sex be more free and explorative. Whatever you say should feel completely natural and should flow with the moment. Make it fun We understand that it could be overwhelming, but we insist that you let this elevate the sexual moment but not hinder it. Let go of all the pressure you have on yourself, and it will be easier to explore your sexual experiences. Guide your partner in navigating your body, and you’ll have absolute fun. On top of this, you have to be vocal. Make sexy and appealing sounds such as “mmh” or “Oh baby.” Such sounds play a huge role in encouraging your partner to continue with what they are doing or saying. The Don'ts of talking dirty Don’t emphasize body size or shape Some partners have low self-esteem, and they, therefore, wouldn’t want a lot of attention directed to their bodies. Some may like to hear how big or small their body parts are, but some may not. To avoid moments of disrespect, focus on positive comments only. Best dirty talk phrases If you’re up for it, here are some hot phrases to get you started: If I was there, what would you do with me? I want to rip your clothes off You make me so wet Baby, give it to me harder Tell me how good it feels I want it all inside me I’ve been waiting for this all-day Please take me now Choke me I want to feel the heat between your legs You suck my dick so good Final thoughts Ideally, talking dirty isn’t the hardest of tasks. The most challenging part is identifying what to say and what not to say. We suggest talking to your partner and finding out the things that turn them on. From there, you’ll get an idea of how to go about it. Don't stress, take it slow and slowly increase the dirtiness as you go. You'll be glad you did - we guarantee it!
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Naughty Ads launches the all new Adult Content Creators category!

January 20th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Naughty Ads recently launched its new Adult Content Creators Category! Start promoting your Only Fans, Fansly and other Adult Content Creator accounts as well as all your socials all from one Naughty Ads account. You can upload images and videos to give your current a future fans a preview of what to expect on your ACC accounts. Your new ad comes with all of the great feature that are standard at Naughty Ads like: ad verification ad boosts going premium post to the Naughty Ads blog; and view all of your ad statistics. All of this from the ease of your Naughty Ads manage ad page. Start promoting yourself now by creating an account here. Your first month with us is 50% off! Stay Naughty, Team Naughty Ads
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Sex positions that can help you lose calories

January 19th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
It's obvious that sex is more enjoyable than hitting the gym or doing that tiring morning run. We can agree that sex is a real booster when it comes to mental health, in addition to increasing levels of intimacy, trust and love between partners. But the real question is - whether sex has any health benefits related to fitness and whether it can count as exercise. While we agree that not all sex sessions are equal in duration and vigorousness, researchers conclude that men burn close to four calories in a minute of intense sex while women burn about three calories. So, which is the best kind of sex to use as a substitute for exercise? Do you go slow or intense? Here is an explainer of the best sex positions to help you lose those calories. 1.     Cowgirl The classic cowgirl position is probably among the best, If not the best, sex styles when it comes to exercise. It delivers tons of pleasure to both parties if well executed. A simple approach involves a woman on top, with the phallic partner on a flat surface, preferably a bed. The woman then sits on his hips, facing the lying partner, grinds to feel the girth, or bounces up and down to feel deep penetration. Make sure you work out the muscles and thighs to make it intense. A good romp of about 10 minutes of the cowgirl burns about 96 calories. Not bad ay? 2.     Doggy style A classic sex style that has been in the game since Adam found himself admiring the backside of Eve. Doggy style burns about 56 calories in about 10 minutes of sex. The style has different variations, but the most common and simplest is when one partner assumes a position on all fours on a bed while the penetrating partner kneels behind them, sliding in and out while holding the hips, back or shoulders (or hair if you're really going for it). It's quite straining to stay on all fours, making this style a perfect exercise. To make it a bit easier, you can bend over a desk, although the number of calories burned will drastically reduce. 3.     Standing up Both partners stand facing each other. The woman raises her leg and lets the penetrating partner slide from beneath. Slowly find your footing, keeping them inside and grind against each other slowly to a climax. Differences in height and the difficulty of keeping your partner inside makes this style a perfect exercise. Interestingly, it takes about 15 minutes to climax in this style, and in the end, you’ll have lost a whopping 72 calories or more. 4.     Missionary The most effortless sex style that gets things done pretty quickly. Simply lying down with your legs spread, having your partner settle between them, and getting inside gets things done. The style is a bit easy, but to make it a workout, loop your legs around him or work your waist to meet his strokes. Missionary burns about 48 calories in 10 minutes. Final thoughts The crisscross, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and the butterfly are more styles that burn calories. Let safety and consent be your guide in whatever you try with your partner. Don’t try outrageous sex positions that compromise your or your partner's safety. Happy sexercise!
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How many sex workers are in Australia

January 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex in Australia has attracted immense discussions from as early as 150 years ago. Historically, the demand for sex workers has increased immensely over the years, especially with the changing economic conditions and rampant urbanization. Australia has some of the best conditions in the world for sex work to thrive. This is because its territories and states collectively support decriminalization of the vast industry, which gives the workers ultimate freedom to negotiate the prices. While it's difficult to tell how many of sex workers exist within Australia, here is a simple outline of the history and growth of the Australian sex industry. There is a notorious question of whether sex work is legal in Australia. This question often goes unanswered since every state and territory has its own laws and regulations concerning the sex industry. According to research, it's estimated that Australia has more than 20,500 sex workers, and this number increases every year with the increasing population. Also, the number of sex workers varies between the states and territories, as working conditions are different. However, the big cities such as Sydney tend to carry more weight. Research suggests that Sydney has a very diverse and open sex industry, compared to other Australian territories and states. This diversity matches the immense size of the population. Research also suggests that men are more frequent consumers of sexual services. The number of escorts in Sydney brothels suggests that there haven’t been many changes in the past 20 years. However, this data reflects that this business has gone remote, with most escorts and clients preferring working with agencies or going independent. The sex industry has been booming in Australia, although the covid 19 pandemic made it take a turn. When the pandemic hit, the sex industry, worth millions of dollars, was ripped off millions of the same, especially in major towns like Sydney and Melbourne. Many sex workers couldn’t access payments and had to rely on donations from sex workers organizations such as Scarlett Alliance. On the same note, the social distancing rules and fear of interaction forced the sex workers to switch to online platforms such as Onlyfans to make sure their services remained relevant. Generally, we saw a decline in the number of sex across the board at the start of the pandemic, however, there was a sudden increase in the relevance of online platforms, engagement in virtual services and creating adult content creator profile with providers like only fans. With the reducing effects of the severity of the pandemic, the industry is expected to recover in 2022, seeing an increased number of sex workers and eventually industry revenue.
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How much do sex workers make

January 14th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Although sex work comprises many different aspects and forms, we can term it as selling sex. Sex workers exchange sexual encounters with things that have monetary value or money itself. In most cases, money is used but trades for services and alternative payment methods like crypto coin is also a possibility. Besides sex itself, sex work includes erotic massages, cam modelling, stripping, and sexting. There is no definite answer to how much sex workers make since factors aren’t constant. Who are sex workers? Sex workers are not all built the same. With that, we mean they offer different sexual and consensual services that are exchanged with money. On the same note, some sex workers work independently, while some workers are managed by brothels and escorts agencies. All these factors affect how much a sex worker can make in a given period. Here is a brief list of the different types of sex workers; Erotic masseuses Porn stars Strippers Virtual sex models Phone sex operators Cam models Escorts Adult Content Creators All these categories make different amounts of money, and the working conditions are entirely different. Here is a simple breakdown of how much each group makes. The amount a sex worker can make is determined by their work, the rates they’ve set, and whether they are employed or work independently. In addition, the rates per hour, rate per appointment, geographical location, and tips all determine how much a Escort can make. In terms of location, escorts in the urban centres tend to make more than those in smaller and rural towns. Sex workers working under escort agencies have to give a cut of what they receive to the agency in return for a guaranteed flow of sex work and protection. On the other hand, independent escorts do not have to pay anyone from what they earn, although it comes with administrative burden of self-management. How much do strippers make? Stripping income dramatically varies depending on day and location. In one night, strippers can make as little as $50, while in another, they can make as much as $3000. Location and time of the year significantly affect strippers’ income. However, established strippers can make as much as $250,000 in a year and some even more. Escorts As stated, escorts can work either independently or under an agency. Independent escorts charge clients depending on the negotiated price. In most cases, this varies widely as well. On average, an escort can make anywhere from $500 a month to $50,000 - it varies widely. When it comes to escorts working under an agency, their income depends on the agency's cut. If the company takes 30% for every call, and say the hourly rate is $300, then the sex worker will make around $210 per hour. Pornstars Surprisingly, pornstars make quite a little, especially the newbies. In some cases, it might be as little as $300 per scene. However, the experienced and most followed stars can make as much as $2000 per scene. These days, porn acting is more so a marketing strategy for private or agency Escort work. In conclusion Generally, the varying conditions of the industry make it challenging to quantify the average earnings of a sex worker. However, working in larger, capital cities no doubt earns all types of sex work more money per hour. In the sex work game success is defined by the same factors like in all walks of life - the most important being - hard work.
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Where to find sex workers

January 13th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all love thrills, and when it comes to getting laid, we are spoilt for choice. Nowadays, getting laid is probably easier than breathing in and out. This is because casual sex has become the order of the day in the environment we live in. Feeling horny? All you need to do is part ways with a few bucks and grab yourself some hot cock or coochie. Interestingly, this goes for all gender combinations. Men, women, transgender, gay or straight. People are all hungry for sex and not surprisingly, there is plenty to go round for everyone. So, if you’re wondering where your next escapade will come from, here is where to find sex workers. 1.     Dating apps Without a doubt, there is no easier place to catch a sex worker than dating apps. Tinder, Badoo, and OkCupid have become places for men and women to find short-term casual sex encounters. It's quite easier to catch a vibe with someone you’ve just met since they are on their best behaviour, which makes these apps a favourite for many horny revellers. Sex workers create profiles here purely meant for sexual transactions, making things easier for those interested in sex. So, the next time you’re horny, download one of these apps, create a profile, and choose your poison. 2.     Escort websites and adult directories With the internet becoming mainstream and a lot of activity going remote, sex work has also followed suit. Nowadays, sex workers create profiles in escort directories like Escorts and Babes or betters still, on Naughty Ads :) These directories have become famous, and most of them have categories (hair and eye colour, weight, height, bust etc.) for the exact type of escort you're searching for. Majority also let you narrow down your search by location. Some, just at a city level but others (like Naughty Ads) let you drill down (so to speak) on the exact suburb you're keen to get sexy in. So, if you’re looking for some sex in Sydney, all you need to do is a simple google search for sex workers in Sydney, and you’ll be surprised how many options you’ll get. 3.     Social media When social media was introduced, its sole purpose was to keep friends and family connected. However, with time, people started connecting with people whom they barely knew. With it, men and women who craved some flesh started making this a hub for fulfilling their sexual taste buds. Things got even better with Instagram and now TikTok. Sex workers take advantage of the free policy to create enticing nude content that lures horny clients into their sex for sale business. So, if you’re looking for some sugar, look out for the juicy ones on social media. 4.     Spas and brothels This is the oldest form of prostitution, where sex workers flock to entertainment joints and the clients come to them. If you really want to get laid, visiting that local spa or brothel will do you good (and help sweat out those toxins from the party the night before). 5.     Within your circle Surprisingly, there is that one person who secretly wishes to have it off with you within your circle of friends. Although we can’t categorically state them as sex workers, you will end up getting laid and you'll probably have to buy them at least a lunch - so in that sense - it's never free! 6.     On the street Despite the internet becoming mainstream, we still have hookers who flock the streets looking for clients. Every town has that notorious street that’s graced by these horny creatures. So, the next time you think about getting a sex worker, a walk down such streets might just land you what you desire. Final thoughts Finding a sex worker to spend time with has