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Mind-blowing foreplay techniques

Written on June 12th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Quite frankly, foreplay doesn’t always get the credit, time, and attention it deserves. In most cases, couples have a few go-to moves guaranteed to set them in the mood. While it's awesome to know and understand what works for each other, the same cliché methods don’t always lead to a toe-curling finale. For inspiration, we turned to escorts in Queensland and rounded up the following tips that will help you and your partner get things from 0 to 69😊. Here are mind-blowing foreplay techniques that you will love.  1. Take as much time as possible.  Did you know that you can actually attain sexual satisfaction just from foreplay? Well, now you know. When it comes to building things up, easy and slow does it. The key to perfect foreplay is doing it for long enough. Take time and explore every bit of each other’s body.  2. Talk to each other.  Talking during foreplay is an oldie, but goldie. In as much as moaning is fun and kinky, the dirty and seductive language does even better. Spit out those nasty words and tell him or her how bad you want him. If you’re not used to such, remind him or her of the last hot thing you did together. For example, you could say, “I loved the way you caressed me last time.” It gets even better the more explicit your words are.  3. Make use of sex toys.  Most people think that toys are only made for solo explorations. Queensland Escorts suggest that it looks hotter when they see their clients use their vibrators on them. Don’t shy away from bringing the tiny magical friends into the equation. However, toys are a pretty sensitive subject that needs a deep mutual conversation before indulging in them. If you two agree to use them, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  4. Oral sex does it.  If you haven’t tried out oral sex, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Oral sex is an incredibly pleasurable experience that perfectly complements sexual intercourse, but only if done in the right way. For the partner on the receiving end, oral sex gives a perfect opportunity to experience immense pleasure without much responsibility. To the giving partner, it's an opportunity to learn more about his or her person. If done well, it is a perfect opportunity for couples to explore beyond their sexual horizons.  The bottom line  The art of perfect foreplay revolves around communication. The key to having an amazing time is communicating with your partner and finding out what he or she loves. Read books and blogs together, or watch erotic movies to get more ideas of pleasing each other. 
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Best sex positions for a quickie

Written on June 10th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Slow and profound intimacy is nice and sensual, but sometimes we just don’t have the time for it. With so many things to do and errands to run, the time for sex is just not there. However, with the little time in our hands, there is so much that can happen. Quickies are a god's given gift that most people don’t utilize. In most cases, people view quickies as rushed and unsatisfying, but experts and Port Macquarie escorts argue that they are insistent, hot, super fun, and very convenient when pressed for time. However, sometimes getting the right position for a quickie is a brawl. Here are the top 5 best positions for a super satisfying quickie.  1. Missionary  Missionary is the most underrated style in this vast world of sex and intimacy. It is easy to execute, can be done anywhere, and gets the job done quickly. Missionary is also known to deliver the best clitoral stimulation to your partner, which increases the chances of you two orgasming in the shortest time possible.  2. Stand and deliver Stand and deliver is another effective position that requires no special skill. For this one, the phallic partner(man) stands on his feet, holding the partner against the wall. This position is a common scene in many movies, and quite frankly, it's hot! It's super effective, and it ensures the guy hits the right spots, easily and deeply. Interesting, isn’t it? 3. Ballet dancer.  This is a perfect style to execute for quickies in parties where time is for sure a constraint. The woman wraps one of her feet around the partner's waist and helps push him deeper inside her. At the same time, the guy is constantly stroking during the “dance,” which is a bonus of pleasure. Within no time, you two will be experiencing orgasms.  4. Standing doggy.  Standing doggy is similar to doggy style, only that instead of kneeling, the partner bends at an angle of 90 degrees, holding against the wall or even a kitchen top. The phallic partner then penetrates from behind. Ideally, this position gives you a lot of room to stimulate the receiving partner with either the penis, hands or a sex toy. It is easy to execute, can be done anywhere, and is proven effective when time is limited.  5. Sitting grind.  Sitting grind is a perfect position where space is limited and sitting down is the only option. For example, when the car is the only available space. With this position, the phallic partner sits, and the receiving partner gets on top and makes a grinding motion with their legs wrapped around the partner's waist.  The bottom line.  Staircase doggy, spooning, python, and butterfly are more examples of positions you could go for during a quickie. In some instances, attaining the orgasms within a short time is almost impossible. Escorts in Port Macquarie suggest involving your mind, body, and soul in it to make things a bit easier. 
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Best exercise for a sexy butt

Written on June 6th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
If you weren’t blessed with one of those glorious booties you see around, you don’t have to look down upon yourself, neither do you have to fret. The comeback of sexy skinny jeans has ensured that more women are now focused on lifting and toning their butts. Interestingly, regular exercise is one way of achieving a killer body, and booty, besides helping you achieve overall health, wellness, and fitness. If you know which muscles to work out and when, within no time, you will achieve your dream body. Wondering where to start? Here is a quick round-up of the best exercises for a sexy butt. 1.    Squats If you want that hourglass figure, toned thighs, and a heavenly booty, then this is the exercise to try out. Escorts in Margaret River suggest that this is the exercise that works magic for them, especially when done with barbells. All you have to do is stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and place a barbell of your choice behind your shoulders. Put pressure on your hips and bend your knees down, assuming a sitting position. Remember that the thighs must be parallel to the floor so as to put as much pressure as possible on the glutes. Try to bend your body forward if you have balance issues. Slowly return to the standing position without locking your knees. About 10 reps of this will be absolutely fruitful. 2.    Dumbbell lunges Dumbbells come in handy, especially when you can’t access the gym. With dumbbells, you can quickly set up a home gym in your backyard or one of those empty rooms in your house. Hold a pair of light dumbbells in a straight position with your arms lowered beside your body and palms facing your body. With the right foot in front of the left foot, bend your left knee towards the floor slowly and gently (we don’t want you getting hurt). Repeat this movement about 10 times without moving your legs. Switch the legs, and repeat this 10 times. You’re going to love the results! 3.    Kneeling hydrants With this exercise, you bet it's time to celebrate. All you have to do is get down on your hands and knees (assume a crawling position). Make sure that your wrists are beneath your shoulders and the knees below the hips. Tucking your right toes under for support and keeping your knee flexed and bent forward, slowly raise your left knees (as high as you can. Slowly return to the starting position to complete one rep. Switch legs and repeat about 10 times. The bottom line In as much as we recommend the above exercises, we can’t insist on safety enough. Make sure that the weights you lift are within safe limits. Margaret River escorts suggest that consistency is key. Without the grind, you’ll never get results. 
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Lovehoney EOFY Sale - up to 50 off !!

Written on June 6th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Lovehoney AU has added a new promotion!! EOFY Sale - Up to 50% off - Now on Terms and Conditions: See website for full T&C's Start Date: 4/06/2021 End Date: 30/06/2021 Click here to start shopping and saving on all your sex purchases!
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How to get an expert blowjob

Written on June 2nd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
We often talk about how to give an expert blowjob. But do we have the nerve to talk about how to get an expert blowjob? More often than not, it's assumed that during a blowjob, it’s the work of the lady to bring all the pleasure to the table. This is entirely misguided, as the phallic partner has a lot to play in the act if he wants the best out of it. We talked to the best enthusiasts in town and Escorts in Mildura to bring you this round-up of exciting tips on how to get a mind-blowing blowjob. 1.    Love it! The worst mistake you can ever make is having doubts about what you’re about to get yourself into. Trust us if you don’t love it, she will feel it, she will get anxious, and it won’t get satisfying as it should be. Everyone wants to feel wanted, so it adds more pleasure to the experience when you make her feel wanted. 2.    Make it wet Blowjobs work perfectly when it's all wet and slippery. While at it, make sure you help her with some saliva and more saliva. If it's possible, grab some lemon, drinking water, or even a flavoured lube. Whatever you choose, make sure the penis is well lubricated. 3.    Make use of your hands. Don’t just sit there as she sucks it all in and gagging. Show some interest. Hold her hair, cheeks, or even her nipples if your hands are long enough to reach. Also, make sure that her hands can get to your body comfortably. Just because it's oral sex, it doesn’t mean that it's only her mouth that will be involved. 4.    Eye contact does it all. When it comes to blowjobs, the “eyes” have it. Mildura Escorts tote the secret to their blowjob success: eye contact! While all the other tricks and tips are useful, they state that what makes a perfect and memorable blowjob is looking into her eyes as she makes you happy. Make sure you maintain that sexy, erotic, and sultry eye contact as she takes the penis into her mouth. 5.    Be open to surprises Depending on who’s blowing you, some partners can have surprises to spice things up a little. If you’re not open to them, you’ll end up getting intimidated. Sometimes, she might include your testicles into the action, as they rarely get enough attention during oral sex. 6.    Talk about it. The best way of achieving 100% pleasure from sex and intimacy is by talking about it. Please make sure you speak to her about your likes and dislikes, and for sure, you two won't regret it. The bottom line Getting an expert blowjob is not rocket science. As long as your mind, soul and body are there, the experience will be amazing!
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Painful Anal Sex? Not anymore!

Written on May 30th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Although most people will disagree with this, anal sex is very pleasurable to people of all sexes, genders, and sexual orientations. On the same note, it's quite uncomfortable to many people, especially for first-timers. Sadly, a misguided uptown legend says that sex is supposed to be painful or that somehow, it shifts from painful to awesome. If you’ve been having these hell moments of uncomfortable anal sex, we're here to save you from the trauma. With professional collaboration with Moranbah escorts, we bring you the following expert tips for dealing with painful anal sex and making sure that you make the best out of that bedroom encounter. Before we get into it, what are the causes of painful anal sex? According to a study into anal sex, close to 64% of the participants who had penetrated their partners anally were forced to stop after a cry of pain. Here are some of the causes of painful anal sex.       Minimal or little lubrication from the anus       Too tight or unrelaxed sphincter muscles       Health issues such as hemorrhoids With that being said, here are a few tips for alleviating pain during anal sex: 1.     Use a lot of lube Naturally, the anus doesn’t produce much lubrication as compared to the vagina. While at it, pause to apply some lube to the anal opening and wall to make sure that penetration isn’t painful. If you’re using a condom, make sure you use silicone or water-based lubricants, as the other types may damage the condom, which compromises your safety. 2.     Clean the anus before sex This is more of a psychological tip. Most people get into anal sex without cleaning properly, which makes them uncomfortable with the worry of not being clean enough. In the end, the sex turns out to be really painful. Use some gentle soap and water to make sure that you’re comfortable during penetration. 3.     Start slow Whether you’re using a dildo or doing it with a phallic partner, make sure that you start slow. For the dildos, use smaller sizes before advancing to the monsters. Try starting with fingers before trying out larger sex toys or a penis. 4.     Relax This is where most people fail terribly. Although it's tough to do, make sure you push down as if you’re having a bowel movement to make the penetration easier and more comfortable. 5.     Breathe slowly and deeply. This will help you relax and take away all the penetration anxiety that you could be having. The bottom line: Escorts in Moranbah suggest that anal sex is probably the best way of achieving sexual satisfaction. However, they insist that communication is critical. It would be best if you two perfected communication so that you know when it hurts. Also, remember to stop everything the moment the pain gets intense. 
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Sex before work

Written on May 27th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
We had a heated argument with my girlfriend that lasted almost the whole night. We didn't talk to each other afterward, and quite frankly, it was a long boring night. This was common, and I always looked forward to it since she was always eristic. Sometimes I would end up sleeping on the couch just to avoid a physical eruption, but she would come to me and plead I go back to bed. Sometimes, I would storm out and seek services from the professional Mount Gambier escorts, which I could say was the best part of these arguments with my girlfriend. Despite not being in the wrong, I often let myself lose the arguments just to make her happy and massage her ego. Today I felt different, and I was not planning to relent. She was adamant too. Nothing was going to make her change her mind. Not even my saccharine words could convince her otherwise. She had never lost a squabble before, and I felt she was not going to take it lightly. With no winner that night, the argument left us adverse to each other. We ended up sleeping apart like two strangers. I woke up early the following morning as usual and left her in bed. I was surprised not to find her in bed. I dressed up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. I found her industriously preparing my breakfast and packing my lunch. I felt happy. The argument had not derailed. With a beaming smile, I greeted her. She responded without turning. I felt confused. She then pointed at my breakfast, asking me to take it. Without another word, I obliged.  I took my breakfast, finished, and took back the utensils. She was too busy to notice me around her. She looked more pretty from behind. I knew we were not on good terms but decided to take my chances. I grabbed her delectable ass and kissed her neck passionately. She struggled to push me away for a while before I gave in. She wiped her hands on her apron and looked at me. She looked angry. She naughtily held my tie and pulled it, dragging me closely behind her to the bedroom. She shut the door and threw herself on the bed. She lifted her nightdress, exposing the honey jar. She wasn't wearing panties. She then spread her legs while smiling. I unbuckled my belt and got rid of my trouser as she helped with my shirt. I pushed my already hard meat in her. She was already wet. I could see how much she loved it kept going. With more gradual thrusts, she became dripping wet and was ultra turned on. She gave me a needy moan. I fucked her harder and came after almost five minutes. We kissed without me pulling out. It felt so good. Our argument was concluded in high spirits, and I went to work a happy man!
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Our office receptionist is an escort!

Written on May 23rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Anne is a pretty girl. She is always happy and is fantastic company to hang out with. She has been our receptionist for three years. We are very good friends. She calls me "Lil bro,” and I have already made peace with this since she is older than me. She treats me well often, and that is how our sibling relationship grew stronger. She has a hardworking boyfriend who loves her so much. On the same note, it's hard not to notice the good chemistry with the company managing director. A middle-aged man who looks like a pervert to me, especially with the way he treats female colleagues and interns. I have always felt like they were having an affair but knowing she has a boyfriend and the managing director is a happily married man disapproves my suspicions. I have never questioned her out of respect. One Friday evening, my colleagues left their offices fast as usual. I was not in a hurry as I needed to finish up my work for the week. After about an hour, I was done. I packed my laptop and locked my office. I was about to take the lift downstairs when I heard moaning noises from one of the offices. Someone was getting romped in the office! I tiptoed to the direction the noise was emanating from. To my surprise, I found the managing director's door open. Peeping in, what I saw made me confused, jealous, and angry. On the couch laid Anne, her legs raised, and the director was giving it to her madly. They were too involved to notice me. I left disgusted. I knew I was right all along, and something was up with them. Anne later called me for a night out. I almost declined but felt terrible about it. I met her at a local pub near her apartment in Mudgee. I found her with her friends in their round. They were already tipsy, and I immediately joined their table. We drank and chatted. Her friends, who were all ladies, were happy as usual, and within no time, the moment escalated to us playing spin the bottle. Then came the truths and the dares. I got my chance which I didn't squander. I was drunk and confident I asked Anne about her affair with our managing director. To my surprise, everyone laughed out loud like they were not surprised, and it was no big deal. It dawned on me that they knew everything, and I was the only fool in the dark. Anne explained to me that the MD was just a client. All her friends had two jobs. They were all in relationships but for formalities and just to make their families happy. They were all Mudgee Escorts on the weekends and evenings after their official duties. I was dumbfounded. How did they manage to keep all this a secret? But I understood how negatively they would be judged if they openly declared they were escorts. Eventually, I had a taste of Anne’s cake, and to be honest, I’m glad she is an escort!
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Lunchtime quickie

Written on May 20th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
We always did our company projects in pairs, and I was lucky to have Lizzie as my partner. She was intelligent, hardworking, and responsible. Our day began in the office and ended at my place since I lived near the work premises, where we had dinner and continued working. We would work together till late at night, and then I would drop her home. I loved everything about her, and in the beginning, it was purely professional. Our project took two months to complete. Its completion came with an immense sense of relief. It was one of the most demanding tasks I had ever done. That evening we went to a bar to celebrate. I had this crazy idea of seeking professional services from the famous New South Wales escorts as I badly needed some release, but something stopped me as we had a lot to drink. We then sang with a live band. Other revellers were excited and kept cheering us on. We had fun for almost five hours drinking, singing, and buying rounds for strangers. Then Lizzie came to ask me to take her home. She reminded me we needed to submit our final report the following morning, I obliged. I was very drunk but managed to drive her home. I dropped her at her doorstep and was about to leave when she pulled me close to her, hugged me tightly then bit my neck slightly. This turned me on like you couldn't imagine. I could feel her erected nipples piercing my chest. She then let me go. We parted ways, and I drove home. We met in the office the following morning and presented our work to our manager. He was impressed with our work, and as a reward, we were given two days off, which was to start at the end of the day. Lizzie asked me out for lunch. I was not surprised as we always went for lunch together anyways. We had our lunch as we chatted lightly. She looked pretty, something I never noticed before.  After exchanging a weird glance, she took my hand and placed it on her lap. Her skirt was short, and my hand landed on her bare lap. My dick went rock-hard instantly, and I crept my hand deeper up her thighs. She was wearing no panties. I reached the promised land and start started playing with her pussy lips. She started moaning slowly. Our moment was interrupted by the waiter bringing the bill. We paid and left, and we couldn't wait to get each other home. We rushed to my car at the hotel parking lot. We kissed crazily and ripped each other's shirts off. The sexual tension beyond boiling point. I lifted her dress and licked her already wet coochie. She leaned back in ecstasy. I pulled my erect cock and slipped it straight into her. She was tighter than a nun but took it all in on my first thrust. I fucked her wet warm pussy hard. I did not last long; within minutes, I was about to burst when she asked me to cum in her mouth. She held my cock tightly and wrapped her beautiful mouth around the tip and sucked like she was trying to train all the cum out of me. We loved it! 
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Why you shouldn't feel guilty about meeting an escort

Written on May 16th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Quite frankly, escorts have, for a long time, been looked down upon, and this business has always been considered taboo. Many people agree with the notion that you shouldn’t hire an escort when you’re either dating or married. The thought of seeking professional escort services raises numerous thoughts and discussions among many people. To most people who go ahead and indulge in this world of untellable pleasure, the guilt that sometimes comes with it is inevitable. All in all, we’re here to save you from all guilt and to convince you why you should seek these services. Here are 4 reasons why you should never feel guilty about meeting Northam escorts. 1.     You’re technically helping someone. The world we live in today is all about earning a living and surviving. Besides, is there anything for free in the current crazy world? The sad state of unemployment and stiff competition for jobs has seen sex industry's rise, which most people consider as a taboo (misguided people). Many people out there opt for prostitution to put food on their tables and support their families. If you hire an escort, keep in mind that they are doing this out of their own volition and that by paying them and being kind, you are feeding families under this support system. 2.     It's a fantastic experience This is more so to the single young men. Hiring an escort gives you that first-hand experience of how to treat a woman before you get your own. 3.     It's legal! Although this doesn’t apply in all countries, massage parlors and such services have been turned legal, which provides a perfect opportunity for the escort industry to thrive. In such states where it's legal, escorting is a real business with professional escorts and agencies. Therefore, fear not! 4.     It allows you to meet new people and experience new places. Escorts provide the perfect company for you, which allows you to experience the true meaning of beauty. When you visit new places, booking an escort means ideal companionship for your visit. The bottom line: Escorts are fun, creative, and unique people. Those who judge them as immoral are just a bunch of misguided people who have no sense of direction in a fast-moving world. If you have the thought, feel free to experience something new and exciting. Get an escort today, and dispense with the guilt.
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What happens if you lose your erection with an escort?

Written on May 10th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
During intercourse, an erection alternates between hard and soft. However, if the erection remains soft or no erection at all, it should raise a bit of concern. However, it's not a big deal, and it happens to a lot of males. You don’t have to feel upset about it. There are a bunch of reasons why your penis might let you down and fail to keep its end of the bargain. It's usually worth exploring your options of fighting this so that you can even get value for your money and time with an escort. Before we even get into how you can tackle this, here are some reasonable and proven possible causes of loss of an erection. 1.     Nerves Quite frankly, dealing with an escort isn’t for the faint-hearted. We’ve had several people confess how intimidated they were due to their magical vaginas and sexual prowess. All of these people admitted that maintaining a hard-on was difficult at some point during their sessions. The pressure to perform is the number one cause of anxiety, which can be blamed on the many failed erections. This is the main reason why professional escorts in Northern Territory start their sessions with a nice massage to make you feel relaxed and comfortable before the happy ending. 2.     Alcohol Many men have been through this (starting the sessions with a few shots to beat the anxiety). What they don’t realize is that drinking before sex makes you a sexual stallion. The next time you book for an escort service, avoid any kind of intoxication and act like an adult. Besides, when you’re sober, you can have an actual conversation which can improve the sessions. 3.     Too much porn Too much porn is always associated with erectile dysfunction. In as much as porn makes people grow fonder with sex when done in excess, it might turn you into a porn addict, and when presented with the actual situation, the big guy under the pants might let you down. 4.     Diet and smoking If you’ve been losing erections, you might want to change your diet into a better one. Smoking, especially active smoking, is also heavily linked to loss of erections. What to do when you lose an erection. When this happens, you don’t have to feel bad about it. Remember that you’re not alone, and thousands of guys experience this. Keep calm, take deep breaths and drink some water. Engage your escort in enticing and erotic conversations that will steam things up. It is completely okay for you to take a deep breath and relax. Try to give each other a massage and a frenzied foreplay. When you’re in the hands of a professional escort, you’ll never get judged, and you’ll always get value for your money! 
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Can you have too much sex?

Written on April 29th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
The average sexually active human being has sex about 54 times a year. That translates to about once a week, but many extras are thrown into the equation. If your average is higher than this, you could be wondering whether you’ve been having too much sex and whether it's safe. The truth is, there is no concrete definition to the word “enough sex.” “Too much sex” is just a phrase that is used to shame those who are more sexually active human beings since the sex frequency varies from person to person. Here is a quick round-up on whether you can have too much sex. Is there a limit? The short and straightforward answer is no. The available data suggesting that humans have sex at least once a week isn’t sufficient to answer this question. This is because the information highlights the number of times in a week, but not whether the amount of sex is too much or not. The data leaves out a crucial aspect that could help answer this question; how much sex they want to be having, if they are satisfied with the quality/quantity, and if the amount they are having is interfering with their life. Instead of asking yourself about how much sex you’re having, you should focus more on the question of the quality of the sex you’re having. How to know if it's “too much.” Keeping in mind that there is no upper limit, escorts in Nowra suggested the following methods of figuring if you’ve surpassed your limits. 1.     Look for physical side effects Nowra escorts insist that you must take time to take care of your bits, especially for the ladies, as they are more affected by too much sex. Although a lot of sex wouldn’t cause permanent damage, here are some symptoms that might give you a warning sign.    Soreness    Numbness   Swelling and inflammation    Strained back or neck Pain during sex 2.     Check your attitude towards intercourse According to doctors, too much sex has detrimental effects on mental state. If the mention of the word sex feels like a chore or the idea of banging disgusts you, it's time to tone things down a bit. 3.     Determine the cost of sex Although this sounds really obvious, sex is like work itself. If you’re having sex, then you’re not working or doing anything else. Is your sex routine interfering with your work routine and responsibilities such as paying bills? Think about it! The bottom line The biggest and the most important conclusion we can make is that the definition of too much sex depends wholly on you, your needs, and your body. If you feel like the sex is becoming a burden, consider toning it down to a frequency you’re comfortable with.    
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5 Hottest Gay Sex Positions to try

Written on April 21st, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Good sex is having it with enthusiasm and creating sexual satisfaction. Gay sex can be made hot and attractive by maintaining intimacy and having intriguing sex positions. Homosexual men are believed to possess secrets to live a fabulous life and also know the best sex positions. The hottest and the most satisfying sex positions for gay partners are outlined below. 1.See-saw sex position See-saw is a gay sex position where a chair is required. The top partner should be very athletic because the entire process is rigorous. The top male must lie flat and have his calves propped up on a chair and maintain a straight body. The bottom partner mounts on the legs of the top and penetrates the top. In this position, either party can move with the pace and motion of their desire. 2. Doggy style The bottom gets on all fours in front, and the top positions himself right behind him. If the top's cock is aligned to the asshole of the bottom, it will be easy, but in case it is not, it may lead to adjusting the body at some angle, which may result in a painful experience for both partners. It may be challenging to perform this position. 3. Squatters' rights. This sex position is best suited for those people who love oral sex. The pleasure in this position is mutual. The bottom lies flat on his back, while the top squats above his partner's face while facing his penis and nipples. Balancing is key, while the top partner is reaching forward to grab the nipples in both hands and at the same tie lowering himself to the partner's mouth. 4. Back it in position Most of the work here is done by the bottom. The top sits on a chair and brings his knees up to his chest, which leaves the penis outward and forward. The bottom positions himself to allow the penis to penetrate him. Once the penis is in, the bottom creates the thrusts and speed to make it happen. 5. Gay missionary position. According to male escorts in Port Lincoln, gay missionary is one of the easiest sex positions for gay partners to engage in. Foreplay is essential. It is similar to heterosexual missionary. The bottom lies on his back, has his leg slightly raised but open. The top positions himself directly above him and, using his arms and legs, hold the bottom steadily and penetrates his asshole. Conclusion These are few delightful sex positions for homosexual men. The choice of style may vary from one person to another or even partners. Safe sex is also highly advisable to avoid the spread of Sexually transmitted diseases or the spread of anal bacterial infections.
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Sex with a Milf escort

Written on April 17th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Banging my neighbour during the Christmas celebrations had always been my dream. This was especially after watching all those crazy milf videos on porn websites of porn stars romping the fine women on five-star hotels balconies. For some reason, it has always appeared like a cool and thrilling thing to try out. Her name was Clara. A thick short middle-aged woman with a curvy body, a heavenly booty, and some wild titties. Her skin complexion was chocolate, and she had this amazing long hair. She liked doing a ponytail, which was even more fuel to my sexual thirst towards her. Every time I saw her pass my door, I’d dream of giving her backstrokes holding that ponytail. She was always nice to me and always reminded me of my friend's mother back in the countryside. She lived with her daughter, who was about six years younger than me. We weren’t really friends with the daughter, but we weren’t enemies either. Last year, she asked me what I wanted for Christmas as she was always concerned about why I was always alone with no family around. Jokingly, I answered that I wanted her for Christmas. “What do you mean?” she asked, giggling. I felt a rush of adrenaline as I confidently told her that I wanted her for sex. She paused for a moment, which sent me into thoughts of regrets. I felt like I wanted the earth to swallow me for saying such a stupid thing. She smiled sheepishly and walked away without saying a thing. I wouldn’t say I liked the suspense that hit me, but since she smiled and didn’t say a thing, I assumed she took no offense. Christmas came, and as usual, I was chilling alone in my backyard drinking a beer. I heard a soft knock on my door. I was pretty surprised as I didn’t expect any guests. Checking on the door, there she was. She was looking all sexy in a red dress. She had a box in her hands, which she handed to me, smiling. I welcomed her inside and asked her to feel comfortable. In the box was a bottle of wine, chicken wings, some chocolate, candles, and to my surprise, condoms! I turned around to ask her what they were doing in the box and found her gazing at me erotically. “I’m here to deliver what you wanted for Christmas.” She said, biting her lower lips and lifting her short red dress to floss some thighs. Long story short, I got my gift for Christmas, and guess what? We did it on the balcony! Thoughts of how she was undressing me, sucking my cock like a professional, twisting and turning it like a microphone, and riding it like a cowgirl have never left my mind. Before she left, she slid a business card inside my boxers. Checking it out, I realized that she was one of those escorts in Orange that I’ve always craved for. And that is how I got laid by a milf, which marked the beginning of a great professional partnership. 
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My first Asian escort

Written on April 14th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Living in Palmerston was always an extreme sport. As a university student, I wasn’t very lucky with women. For three years on campus, I had gotten laid very few times, which was a perfect welcome for trolls from my friends, especially Martin. Martin was one of those campus friends who was like a brother to me. A brother from another mother, for that matter. He was funny, witty, intelligent, and ever horny. Worth noting was his love for Asian women. On Fridays, he would spend the entire evening trying to win the heart of this Asian janitor. Whenever we went out for raves, he was always looking for the Asian flesh. At the end of the third year, he got lucky and got to taste the long waited and hunted honey pot of the janitor. You should have heard him bragging about it in class. Unlike Martin, the end of the third year didn’t bring luck to me. My girlfriend of 8 months had just broken up with me. I was at my lowest point ever. While my friends went to party to celebrate the end of a year, I was left confined in my hostel at the downtown end of Palmerston. Downtown was full of activities, 24/7. Worth noting were the ever-sexy hookers who always roamed the night looking for horny men to make a dollar. Sad and depressed, I thought about Martin’s taste. Why should I not try an Asian woman? I thought. It appeared like a good idea, but where do I start? I remembered martin talking about Naughty Ads, an online advertising platform that connects you to the best escorts in Palmerston. Within a minute, I was on their website. Within a few clicks, there was an Asian goddess. Looking all sassy and ready. I decided to give it a try. I booked her and invited her over. I was surprised at how easy it was. I made a quick fix for dinner and relaxed on my old couch, waiting for the Asian dime to arrive. Within no time, there was a soft knock. She looked as real as she did in her photos. I was lost in awe. Her smile was bright, with a perfect dental formula. I hugged her softly as I welcomed her to my abode. The hangout was fun, casual, friendly, and relaxing. My temptress offered to clear the dinner table. The temptation was already kicking in as she threw her boobs on my face as she bent to pick the plates. She gave me a touch I couldn’t resist. My hands were all over caressing and undressing her. Her breasts were magical. She sat on me, and I could feel the heat between her legs. She played submissive as I explored her warm pink lips, and within no time, in bed, we were. She was on top of me, completely naked, giving me strokes of pleasure by sucking me off. The last thing I vividly remember her mouth working on me as I climaxed. It was an intense and sensual experience. She finally massaged me. We had a shower and a little banter before she left. From then, I figured out why Martin was always after Asian ass!    
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My escort neighbour

Written on April 11th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
When the pandemic hit, I was among the millions who lost their jobs across the whole world. The quarantine period was one of the most brutal months of my life. I was surviving on my own, locked up in the house, with barely anything to eat, no family around, and no salary. Around May, things were even tougher, so much so that I even felt like asking for food from my neighbours. Audrey, my immediate neighbour, was sent from heaven. She was always my saviour with the basic needs and personal effects. Whenever I ran out of something, she was always there to help. Mid-July, things got better as I got a short contract that needed me to work from home. Life in Port Douglas got a bit easier, and I could now afford a bit of fun. Occasionally, I could now afford to buy a drink or two, watch some porn, and beat my meat to sleep. Being a single lonely wolf during the pandemic was quite a task. The sexual starvation was real. One night, after hours of gazing into my computer, I was just about to log out from my workstation. These absurd ads kept popping up, but I kept blocking them. However, there was this one that caught my eye. Given that it was quarantine, movement from house to house was not very entertained. However, there was this ad that talked about an escort bringing the service to your home. Damn! That caught my eye. I made a quick brush-through over the terms and conditions, and within a minute, I had been connected to this hot girl. She looked really familiar, but with the makeup and the erotic sexy dressing, it was impossible to figure her out. We spoke on the phone, agreed on a price, and got my booking. I gave her directions to my place, but she sounded really shocked. She paused for some minutes on the phone call, but it didn’t bother me since she was a stranger after all. She agreed to drop by in 10 minutes. I went on with my errands as I waited for this goddess to arrive. For sure, she eventually did. A soft knock on the door pulled me from my messy bedroom. Opening the door stood a sexy figure, dressed all sultry with all the confidence in the world. Hi! She start to look up, raising her chin and hugging me. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t move for a second. In front of me was my neighbour, Audrey. It took me some time to digest that she was actually a Port Douglas escort. Long story short, I came to terms with the surprise. I was finally joining the dots of why she always has male friends visiting her, and when they visit, they neither bring nor carry anything from her house. I always had questions about why she was always at home. I finally got it. All in all, I got served what I ordered, and for sure, it was an amazing experience.  
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My first experience with a male escort

Written on April 3rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
If you had told me as a young woman that I engage in paid sex, I would have screamed, “no way, not even in a million years!” That was me before life happened. Before I made this decision, I had never had sex with someone I wasn’t dating. Having been raised from a conservative background that follows the way of life in Port Augusta, seeking escort services was absolutely out of the question. Having completed 2 degrees, it was high time I settled. I got married to Ryan, a sweet guy who turned sour. By the time I got to my 30s, I was already in an abusive marriage. Things had changed between us, and the sweet part of him had disappeared. We could spend days without even touching each other. For days, my sexual starvation was growing exponentially. I badly needed someone to cuddle and stroke my hair. I talked to my friend Sofia about this. The idea she gave me was a crazy one. Port Augusta male escorts! For some time, I felt that the idea was too outrageous, but my sexual starvation blinded me. I did a lot of research and read a lot on the engagement of male prostitutes. I had this big list of hundreds of questions, and I approached this in a very analytical way. I finally decided to give it a go through Naughty Ads. I was found a male escort called Richard. He was cute, tall, masculine with blue eyes. When I first reached out to him, he was polite, soft-spoken, and professional, which made me feel secure. I paid for my first booking, which was quite expensive. I hadn’t planned for the sex part, but immediately upon meeting Richard, it just came. What a luxury! I found chatting with him really appealing. Throughout our date, taking my eyes off him was impossible. His constant and seductive eye contact was a pure turn-on. It made me feel appreciated. My long days of sexual frustration were now past. He gave me more attention than Ryan when he was trying to win me. At some point, during our first date, I remember asking him whether there was anything wrong with me. “You are completely okay. It’s just that you’ve never had a man who pays full attention to you,” he replied with a smile on his face. For the first time in many years, I felt appreciated. My first experience with a male escort was pure bliss. I was happy that the relationship was based on money, so there was no chance of getting my heart involved. Since then, I’ve been a regular customer of Richard's, and I can tell you for sure, it’s a luxury! I don’t regret it whatsoever! 
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My first trans escort

Written on March 30th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
For the last 3 years, I have been seeing escorts. This is a habit that I started when I moved in with my sister here in Parkes. My sister is one of those reserved, strict siblings who doesn't take any nonsense, especially from a younger sister like me (who she treats like I was born the other day) . For that reason, my encounters, escorts in Parkes have always been an undercover escape for me. Being a lady, I was always cautious with my secret trades as I knew how detrimental it would be if anyone realized that a young lady like me was seeing male escorts. The newspaper ads in this town were always a thrill to read. In addition to social media, these papers had a section for adult services. I had always made it a habit to read this section in search of new meat. One fine morning, I picked up a paper as usual during one of those idle evening walks. Reading through my favorite section, I noticed a picture of this sleek, good-looking guy with short but sexy nails posing in a manly position that had exposed his chest. My attention had been caught. Reading further, I realized that he was a trans. He looked really like a guy, but the description read that she was actually a woman who identifies herself as a man. I was intrigued. How could someone look that perfect while she is not even a guy? I had never had these thoughts as I always considered myself straight, but I decided to give it a try. To explore my curiosity further, I visited a few sites for trans escorts in Parkes I was really nervous about this, but I was determined to explore this world of trans escorts and learn how these things work. A few minutes after the booking, here the person was. He looked like the sexiest man I had ever met. Six feet tall, with perfectly shaped biceps, slim waist, and pink lips. I welcomed him and offered him a glass of wine. Within a few first words of interaction, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He was such a gentleman, throwing those witty and manly jokes. Before I even knew it, we were there making out. He stripped me and did what trans escorts do best. I am forever thankful for this experience, for it was my first time to experience a sex toy. I have no idea where he had kept it, but I feel those vibrations of that dildo in my lady bits to date. I have never regretted it!      
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Games to play with your escort

Written on March 28th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Even if you’re a regular client to a sexy escort, the day-to-day hassles and routines might make the sex less of a priority, and when it happens, it ends up being bland sex. Whatever the reasons behind it, sexual monotony and difficulties are common and can cause a lot of friction, even in the best relationships and even in client-escort relationships. When it comes to spicing things up in this intimate game, nothing beats the magic of roleplaying. Roleplaying makes it possible for you and your escort partner to do something you wouldn’t do under normal conditions. Through these games, routine and boring intercourse can be easily avoided. If you’re experiencing such an issue, here is a deep fix for you. We have rounded up a few fun and frisky sex games that will take your game to the next level. Let the sexy games begin! 1.     Truth or dare Truth or dare is a cliché, common teenage game, but top escorts in Newcastle still consider it a state-of-the-art sex game. It's simple and easy to execute, as all you need is courage and your imagination. Start with each of you writing down at least 5-10 outrageous dares. Toss the small pieces of paper in a hat, and begin by asking each other “truth or dare.” If the partner responds with truth, ask a burning and crazy question that you need to hear the answer to. If she responds with a dare, ask her to do an outrageous thing. The secret here is to make it thrilling, fun, and provocative. If possible, you two should play this with a glass of wine or two. You will love it. 2.     Strangers in the night The best way of getting a sexy experience with an escort is pretending you don’t know her and you’re meeting for the first time. This roleplay can involve a simple pick-up in a club, bar, or even a simple blind date. Pretend that you’re surprised to see her and create a sexual identity. Exchange some seducing texts, or if possible, nudes! Make sure you use your seduction skills, and for sure, you are going to love it. 3.     Picnic in bed This game involves the use of senses such as smell and taste. Blindfold each other and feed each other foods or fruits. For example, peel a big banana and use it on her lips, slowly and suggestively. You know what it is. 4.     Strip poker An old-school sex game, which is actually gold and very underrated. Start with an equal number of clothes on, and strip them one by one each time you lose a hand. Once you two are completely naked, it's time to get into it. The bottom line The list of sexy games to play with your escort is endless. The most important thing to remember is to respect boundaries. Communicate before deciding which game to play.  
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Birthday boy gets me lucky

Written on March 25th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
My brother John turned 18. He is three years younger than me. He felt old enough to lose his virginity. I lost mine at a younger age to my beautiful African-American girlfriend. Having sex with Gladstone escorts was his plan. I had agreed to foot his bills for whatever he wanted. I had to make a brother happy, especially on his birthday. John had done his homework well from the internet. We knew where to go. We had our drinks, got tipsy, and headed downtown. Being a good older brother, I knew all the tricks. I simply took my phone, and within a few clicks, I was on the naughty ads website scrolling across tonnes of pretty faces. I had my little brother choose what suited him. He went for a Latino with some massive boobies. To be honest, his taste is something I laugh about to date. I didn’t think the poor little boy had a thing for the fine things in life. We agreed to meet at a bar. It was 10:00 P.M. We found three other guys who looked to be waiting. They looked older, probably in their 40’s. It was quite awkward. We later realized that the bar was actually a brothel. Some other available damsels then emerged, briefly, and introduced themselves. It was like choosing a meal from a menu in a restaurant. My brother spotted the girl he had chosen. I paid for an hour, and they headed to her room. I sat there all alone, sipping my beer. A pretty girl then joined me. She was looking for a lighter to smoke a cigar. I didn’t have one. She then offered to keep me company. I agreed. We talked for a while had some banter about books, her life, and movies. She was very friendly and talkative. She was also an escort. She explained to me that she did it to pay her college fees. She asked me why I could not have more fun; I told her I was bringing along a friend to enjoy his birthday. She said she liked me and was willing to give me half the price for an hour. This was quite convincing. In my adventurous nature, I had never had such a tempting offer. I kept thinking, what a deal. I also had nothing to lose. Luckily John needed more time, so I paid for another hour for him. What an interesting start for my buddy. I was unlucky, though. All the rooms were full, and we had to look for other alternatives. We could not go to my place since I lived with my younger cousins. Finally, we settled for the parking lot. It was spacious and less busy. The beer must have taken full control of me. I could never have done that in a sober mind. It felt completely absurd. We chose a corner a bit dark and away from the entrance. We found an empty booth for ticket collection. She quickly pulled my pants down and gave me a blow job. My whole body felt electric. I am not that good with positions, so we kept switching from doggy and missionary. She was an expert and left me yearning for more like an addict. I left happy but with bruised knees.
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Encounter with a rich escort

Written on March 20th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
I had lived in Gosford town for almost five years and felt it was time to try something new and fascinating. I knew a bar that was a few blocks from where I lived. I decided to do my research first and later got confident and decided to give it a shot.  I sneaked out of my house without informing my friends and walked to the bar. It was a 7 minute walk. The place was full of merrymakers, and I had a hard time looking for a place to sit. The place was also full of Gosford escorts, and you would be forgiven for thinking any woman in there was a prostitute. I saw a gorgeous lady sited alone. She looked relaxed and enjoying her time.  She was well dressed and looked decent. From her appearance, she looked 25 or younger. So I walked over and asked her where she was from, and after a few other pleasantries, we got acquainted. We had some more drinks as we smoked cigarettes. We talked till late at night. Other revellers were beginning to leave. The place looked less interesting now, but the lady was getting more interesting. I didn’t want to go back home. I felt like I deserved a great time with this lady. Her vibe was pure bliss. She turned the conversation from sort of professional to nasty and slutty. We looked for a place that could offer affordable rooms to continue with our night together. We found one across the street. We agreed on $200 for an hourly rate. She asked me to massage her back first. She enjoyed every bit of it. She then gave me a massage, followed by some mad sex that lasted for almost an hour. Daytime was fast approaching. She asked me if I lived around, I said no. She asked if I could go to her place. Feeling young (I was 22 years old) energetic, and horny, I obliged. We took a taxi to her place, which turned out to be a 10 minutes ride. She lived in a luxurious apartment that was well furnished with leather seat couches and a fancy interior design. The living room had a gypsum ceiling. This must cost a dime, I thought to myself. I kept doing calculations on how many clients she must have slept with to have such an elegant place. That must have been a lot of men - so I knew she was good at her job. She cooked some delicious chicken, some Chinese food then I had a cold beer. We continued with our intimate moment from where we had left earlier. We first cuddled and then had more sex until 10:00 A.M. We stepped into a hot shower together, admiring our nakedness.  I then left her place. My friends were already worried about my whereabouts. They had rung me several times, but I kept ignoring them. I did not want to ruin this moment. To date, I still have memories of our bodies grinding up in the club. To be honest, I want to live and die in Gosford!
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The Love Honey After Pay Sale is Here!

Written on March 19th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
The Afterpay Day Sale is here! Discover savings of up to 70% off on sex toys, lingerie, bondage and better sex essentials! To start getting sexy while you're getting you're sale on just click here
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My Geelong Escort Encounter

Written on March 17th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
I was tired of watching porn and jerking myself off like a lunatic. I wanted something good. As far as I could remember, my last relationship had ended badly. I was too busy to start another one or reconcile with my past. I was not sure how to go by and get laid but I had overheard my colleague jokingly mention how easy and affordable hooking up with Geelong escorts was. I pretended not to be interested whilst he mentioned a site called Naughty Ads. I was taking mental notes as he spoke about the vast array of choices on offer and I quickly felt a strong urge to visit the site to find an escort and relinquish my thirst. On Friday evening after work, I rushed home, took a good shower had dinner, and got ready for my naughty adventure. I snubbed all my friends. I told them I wouldn’t make it for the normal Friday outings. I took a taxi just to avoid the possibility of meeting anyone I knew on my way downtown. It was a 20 minute drive. I paid the driver and went straight to a quiet bar, ordered a martini and pulled out my phone and jumped on Naughty Ads. I was in a cheerful mood. I was going to blow out some steam. It was 8:00 p.m. It looked unusually early to be out for the night as we usually went out from 10:00. Today was different. I was on a solo discrete mission. I found a girl I like and texted her and she came straight back to me and I agreed to meet at a local hotel. I went to the hotel ahead of her and booked the room. I was anxious and excited at the same time. The reception staff were all smiles and polite.  I had a chat with one of the receptionists and I think she could feel what I was up to which only added to the excitement. 30 minutes later I got call on my phone. I told the sweet voice on the other end of the phone to come up to my room and 2 minutes later I opened my door to a petite girl called Sophie - I’ve never forgotten that name. She walked towards me giggling like a schoolgirl.  She looked amazing. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed and paid for the booking and then she went to freshen up in the bathroom and I made my way to the bedroom. I felt like a king on my discrete mission. Sophie entered the room in black lacey underwear. She ushered me up off the bed and gave me a peck on the lips. She dimmed the lighting. The air was filled with the sweetness of perfume. The mood was already set. Our lips met again in a passionate french kiss - it was on! I felt up her pert breasts and slapped her firm ass. She recoiled in mild pain but was clearly turned on by action. She knelt before me and lustfully grabbed my already throbbing cock. She then gave me a heavenly blow job. She started licking slowly from top to bottom with unmatched zeal and passion. Then with her tongue, she teased on the head. Then followed deep throating while leaking the base of my shaft. Just before I could orgasm, she stopped. She was saving this for the right moment. She handed me a condom. I slipped it up fast. We then had some steamy sex switching from missionary to doggy style. The experience was thrilling. She didn’t let me cum. We went on for almost one hour. Finally, I felt an amazing sensation and had to nut. It was one of the best sex experiences of my life.
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Natural ways of overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Written on March 15th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
What is erectile dysfunction? ED is a condition where a man cannot have or maintain a firm erection throughout the sex process. Other symptoms may include low libido and loss of sexual desire. The condition becomes a concern if it lasts past a few weeks, and the doctor may clearly diagnose a patient with erectile dysfunction. Human erectile dysfunction is treatable. Methods of treatment include vacuum pumps, medication prescribed by a doctor, surgery, and implants, although most men prefer natural treatment methods. According to research, natural methods can be used in the treatment of some ED symptoms. Escorts in Horsham indicate that only a few of their male clients have this problem and they are seeking a mix of natural and medical treatment. The natural treatment methods include: 1. Acupuncture Acupuncture is one of the oldest methods of treatment in the world. It originated from china around 100 BC. Studies have shown that acupuncture can treat ED by improving the quality of erections and having sexual energy restored. In the study, patients who underwent acupuncture to correct psychogenic ED demonstrated tremendous improvement in 66% of cases. Risks of acupuncture are minimized if done by a professional and licensed acupuncturist. 2. Rhodiola rosea This is also another classic treatment method in the field of medicine. Rhodiola rosea originated from Russia. Other countries that use the plant include Scandinavia and other areas that are cold and mountainous. Apart from treating ailments such as headaches, anxiety, anaemia, and fatigue, Research has indicated that this plant can treat ED. When a dosage of about 150 - 200 mg was administered to patients, their libido's improved considerably. More research is still in progress to test the efficacy of this treatment. 3. L-arginine L-arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the human body that helps produce nitric oxide. This vasodilator prevents the tightening of muscles of blood vessels and the narrowing of blood vessel walls. Therefore, this facilitates the relaxation of blood vessels, hence improved erection. Thus, sexual functioning becomes healthy. In a study of 40 men aged 25 - 40 it was shown that when a tree bark plant product called pycnogenol, when added to L-arginine caused a significant improvement in sexual function in mend with ED without any side effects. Conclusion These natural methods offer options to those suffering with ED. These are just a few of the natural treatments available and there is continuous research in this area in the field of medicine and urology. If you have any issues with ED, please see a doctor and get an expert opinion before trying any therapies yourself.
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