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Birthday boy gets me lucky

Written on March 25th, 2021 by Naughty Ads. Updated March 24th, 2021. Viewed 159 times.
Image for Blog Birthday boy gets me lucky

My brother John turned 18. He is three years younger than me. He felt old enough to lose his virginity. I lost mine at a younger age to my beautiful African-American girlfriend. Having sex with Gladstone escorts was his plan. I had agreed to foot his bills for whatever he wanted. I had to make a brother happy, especially on his birthday. John had done his homework well from the internet. We knew where to go. We had our drinks, got tipsy, and headed downtown.

Being a good older brother, I knew all the tricks. I simply took my phone, and within a few clicks, I was on the naughty ads website scrolling across tonnes of pretty faces. I had my little brother choose what suited him. He went for a Latino with some massive boobies. To be honest, his taste is something I laugh about to date. I didn’t think the poor little boy had a thing for the fine things in life. We agreed to meet at a bar. It was 10:00 P.M. We found three other guys who looked to be waiting. They looked older, probably in their 40’s. It was quite awkward. We later realized that the bar was actually a brothel. Some other available damsels then emerged, briefly, and introduced themselves. It was like choosing a meal from a menu in a restaurant. My brother spotted the girl he had chosen. I paid for an hour, and they headed to her room. I sat there all alone, sipping my beer. A pretty girl then joined me. She was looking for a lighter to smoke a cigar. I didn’t have one. She then offered to keep me company. I agreed.

We talked for a while had some banter about books, her life, and movies. She was very friendly and talkative. She was also an escort. She explained to me that she did it to pay her college fees. She asked me why I could not have more fun; I told her I was bringing along a friend to enjoy his birthday. She said she liked me and was willing to give me half the price for an hour. This was quite convincing. In my adventurous nature, I had never had such a tempting offer. I kept thinking, what a deal. I also had nothing to lose.

Luckily John needed more time, so I paid for another hour for him. What an interesting start for my buddy. I was unlucky, though. All the rooms were full, and we had to look for other alternatives. We could not go to my place since I lived with my younger cousins. Finally, we settled for the parking lot. It was spacious and less busy. The beer must have taken full control of me. I could never have done that in a sober mind. It felt completely absurd. We chose a corner a bit dark and away from the entrance. We found an empty booth for ticket collection.

She quickly pulled my pants down and gave me a blow job. My whole body felt electric. I am not that good with positions, so we kept switching from doggy and missionary. She was an expert and left me yearning for more like an addict. I left happy but with bruised knees.

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