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Four Covid-friendly sex ideas to try out during quarantine

Written on October 15th, 2020 by Naughty Ads. Updated October 15th, 2020. Viewed 300 times.
Image for Blog Four Covid-friendly sex ideas to try out during quarantine

When the pandemic came, we all locked got up in our small spaces. That meant the only sociable thing to do was staying at home with your partner (or alone). With all the craziness, that means a lot of quarantine sex. If you ask us, there is no better thing than being in quarantine with your partner, and it’s even better getting all kinky with them. Within this pandemic, the chances are high that you’re getting bored with your sex routine. We have gathered a few expert Covid friendly tips to spice up things in your bedroom during quarantine. Try these out.

1. Roleplaying

This is simply acting a scene, but in private, with your partner. Research on any idea that you think will turn out interesting. Movies, porn videos, and erotic magazines are loaded with great role-playing ideas. Here are a few examples that we and Albany escorts highly recommend.

Doctor and patient, strangers, teacher and student, stepdad and daughter, and lastly, boss and secretary. These roles will give you a chance to explore deeper in your sexual fetishes, as well as have fun with your partner.

2.  Read erotic content together

If you two are not movie people, reading will be even better. Grab anything erotic, such as a novel or a magazine. While you dig into the pages, you will come across something that will make you two super stimulated and all steamy. If that happens, you have no idea how much of great sex will follow. You will love it. Besides, reading together will go further to strengthen your bond.

3. Film your action

Let the inner pornstar demon in you awaken. There is no better thing than watching yourself digging into the dirty deeds. Having a camera watching you will make you feel like a badass pornstar, and before you know it, you will unleash some kinks and styles you didn’t think of. However, play safe and delete the video afterward or you might find yourself making headlines!

4. Create sex challenges with your partner

This is a fun way of throwing some kink into your relationship. Here are a few ideas that we recommend.

5. If you don’t have a partner, invite an escort!

There is no fun in spending a whole month in quarantine, probably jerking off every day when you can just invite a private escort in Albany. There are many agencies or indepdent escort ads listed on Naughty Ads for you to choose from.

Remember that sex is all about fun. If you don’t feel comfortable with something, better not to do it. From us, make sure you stay safe from the virus but don't forget to enjoy yourself.


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