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Simultaneous Orgasms- Expert Tips

Written on October 19th, 2022 by Naughty Ads Updated October 19th, 2022. Viewed 523 times.
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Often seen as a miracle, getting simultaneous orgasms with your partner isn’t that complicated. First, simultaneous orgasm is simply when two partners have synced orgasms at the same time or sometimes within moments of one another. There’s a big buzz around simultaneous orgasms; honestly, it is something worth dying for. While it’s unlikely you’ve experienced this, we're here to save you. Here are some expert tips on how you can have synced orgasms.

Are there any benefits or simultaneous orgasms?

Getting a synced orgasm greatly depends on how you feel before and during sex. If you’re lucky to have one, it has unmatched benefits, the most obvious being that it’s a gratifying and pleasurable experience. In addition, orgasms are perfect stress-busters, improve sleep, and even better skin. Having a synced one with your partner means you enjoy all these benefits as a couple and, in addition, a more solid bond.

Pro tips for simultaneous orgasms

Here are some tips to help you and your partner get to your big O’s together.

1.     Don’t think about it too much

We have couples who approach sex with the pressure of cumming simultaneously. Quite often, it ends with frustrations. Escorts in Southland prefer focusing on the moment and enjoying what their partners have to offer. That way, the feeling is more fulfilling and will likely end up in a toe-curling, perfectly synced orgasm.

2.     Read your partner

Getting down this road together is about pleasing your partner as much as they are pleasing you. Given we all have our preferences, we highly recommend taking your time to study your partner, figuring out what makes them reach their edge. On the same note, be an open book, and allow your partner to explore and discover what works for you. When the feeling is mutual, you’ll surely get there together.

3.     Have sex in sync

We suggest taking turns pleasing and stimulating each other, as you satisfy each’s needs. When you feel like you’re getting there before your partner, we recommend slowing down and listening to their breathing, which adds to the arousal. Pleasing each other in sync will undoubtedly lead to a better orgasm.

4.     Use some lube

Things get better when they are all wet and slippery. While the body has its lubrication mechanism, having some lube around will come a great way in making things better and more intense. This is more so when penetrative sex is involved.

The bottom line

In as much as a simultaneous orgasm is a rewarding experience, that doesn’t mean it should be the only end goal of sex. Enjoy the moment, please each other, focusing on a mutually fulfilling sexual experience.

Have you ever had a simultaneous orgasm? Please tell us what you think through the open blog comment section.

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