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Escorting- pro health tips (staying healthy)

Written on August 23rd, 2020 by Naughty Ads. Updated August 23rd, 2020. Viewed 532 times.
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When it comes to escorting, staying healthy is not just about the shape and well-being of the body, but it’s also about keeping the lady bits clean and in good condition. The vagina, the breasts, and the other lady bits are the most important “tools” for escorts. I mean, if you don’t have those, then you are not an escort. So how do you stay in shape? What should you do to keep your assets clean and in good condition? Here are a few tips for staying healthy. 

1.      Take a healthy balanced diet. 

Take a healthy combination of good carbohydrates, healthy proteins, clean vegetables, and fruits. These will help you stay healthy. Also, take some unprocessed foods as a follow, or any other type of an anti-inflammatory diet. For the sake of vaginal health, take some healthy yogurt, or cranberry juice, as it helps reduce the chances of contracting a UTI. Yogurt helps fight yeast infections. Also, some soy products would do you good as they increase the natural vaginal lubrication. They are good for escorts who experience dryness.

2.      Use quality condoms 

Word is everywhere that every escort must make use of these. Always make sure you have some around. Never engage in unprotected sexual intercourse with a client. Condoms help fight STDs, STIs, and bacterial infections. If you need to switch between vaginal, oral, and anal sex, make sure you switch condoms to curb the spread of bacteria and other harmful stuff. 

3.      Make frequent visits to a gynecologist. 

In the line of duty, you may have contracted some infections. As an escort, make sure you book regular appointments with a professional gynecologist for checkups to make sure everything is fine. Give your vagina the attention it deserves. 

4.      Wipe from front to back. 

Wiping properly after taking a crap is a technique that most people have mastered. As a professional escort, use this method to ensure that no fecal bacteria get to your vagina. Otherwise, if you wipe the other way round, you might contract a bladder infection, which will render you jobless. 

5.      Wear comfortable and breathable clothing. 

As an escort, you should avoid sweating down there. Wear some loose-fitting dresses and cotton panties. If it’s possible, avoid wearing thongs, especially when off-duty. When you feel any sweating, change as soon as you can. Please make use of cotton liners and change them frequently. 

6.      Clean your vagina with soap and water. 

Some escorts will prefer to use nice smelling shower gels to clean down there. Don’t do that as it may introduce an imbalance in the pH levels of your vagina. Wash with clean, warm water and gentle soap. 

While the above tips are great for all women, it’s very important for Hobart escorts to try them out because they are at a higher risk of infections. Good luck and visit again. 



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