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Earning Ideas for Escorts during COVID-19

Written on April 16th, 2020 by Naughty Ads. Updated April 27th, 2020. Viewed 280 times.
Image for Blog Earning Ideas for Escorts during COVID-19

With COVID-19 starting to have a larger impact on the adult services industry (especially in the southern states) we would like to offer some ideas for alternative ways to earn cash while maintaining your social distancing.

Become a Cam Model

Many escorts are having great success turning their services digital and providing a virtual experience through trusted cam sites. Naughty Ads has created Naughty Cams in partnership with Chaturbate, the most trusted name in cam modelling. This allows our users to tap into the millions of viewers and thousands of models worldwide.

Getting started in the cam industry is not easy, so check out our Complete Beginner's Guide To Cam Modelling.

Sell Some Raunchy Pics

Contact your existing clients directly and see if they would be interested in purchasing some naughty images from you. You can do subscription packages for 1 new picture per day, or sell in larger batches for 5-10 at a time for a one off fee.

Offer Sexting Service

A little dirty chat over text message can go a long way. Charge per message or sell batches of messages. You can even charge a premium subscription for unlimited messages to your VIP clients.

Try Phone Sex

If sexting your clients isn't enough and they want to hear your voice, try getting on the blower for some naughty phone sex. Charge by the minute or offer weekly packages to your premiums.

Private Video Meet Ups (Skype or Facetime)

Ask your contacts if they would be interested in private video sessions with you. You can try directly with your phone camera, or get setup with a laptop and webcam.

How To Promote Your Virtual Services

If you are offering any of these services make sure to update your listing on Naughty Ads. Even during COVID-19, we are still getting thousands of loyal punters visiting your ads every single day. Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn quick cash now, but also to build long standing relationships with clients for when the lockdown period ends.

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