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Erotic massage

Written on December 9th, 2020 by Naughty Ads. Updated December 9th, 2020. Viewed 253 times.
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A traditional massage is excellent, but have you tried a Sydney erotic massage? Sex enthusiasts say that an erotic massage is one of the best forms of foreplay. It is also said that an erotic massage could even be a better ending than sex itself.

In a traditional massage, the aim is to rub the muscles in light strokes to help the muscles relax. So what does an erotic massage entail? The difference is not that distinct, only that an erotic massage aims at what your guess is- sexual pleasure. It aims at enhancing sexual stimulation, although in most cases, it ends in orgasms. If that happens to you, well and good then. So are you curious about how to give an erotic massage? Many people need to learn how to give this type of massage, and others need to know how to receive it. Here are a few expert tips on how to go about an erotic massage for the best experience.

Select a nice playlist

Music plays a significant role in our senses. It helps us relax and gets us into moods we can't explain. When giving an erotic massage, choose some music with soft, romantic rhythmic tunes. Remember that slow does it all. If you’re a heavy metal fan, you’d better put your love for crazy music aside.


Many people fail at this stage. It can’t be emphasized enough how important communication is between the partners during such a sacred and intimate moment. If you feel like you have some parts of your body that are off-limits, don’t hesitate to mention it. However, do it in a safe and sexy way that won’t sound like a turn-off. Feel free to tell your partner how you want to be touched, and if you feel like you want to make things hotter and take them to the next level, don’t hesitate.

Dim, sexy lights! Oh my!

Remember that our minds respond to what we see and feel. Consider getting some dimly lit colored candles. However, we have some people who prefer getting naughty with the lights on. Although that is kind of weird, don’t let anything stop you.

Oils and props

Along with setting an erotic mood, sex toys, wax, and oil can enhance sexual pleasure. The recommended oil for sexy erotic massages is natural coconut oil. Also, pouring hot candle wax on your partner is super sexy. However, be careful with candle wax- you don’t want to induce pain in your partner. Sex toys are not a requirement, but an extra vibration could lead to more intense pleasure and better orgasms. Just remember to keep them simple.

See, giving an erotic massage is not as hard as it sounds. Whichever technique you choose, remember that the goal is to please your partner. Therefore, concentrate on tracing his/her body. Remember to begin with light touches before getting things intense.

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