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How to make sex last longer

Written on September 20th, 2020 by Naughty Ads. Updated September 20th, 2020. Viewed 285 times.
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Although there are no rules that dictate how long “normal” sex should last, we can all agree that the longer it gets, the merrier it is for the partners. I mean, so many things in life certainly don’t last for long- gum flavor, power naps, etc. but when it comes to sex, it should never be on that list. Even the professional Bendigo escorts would agree to that. This issue much depends on you and your partner. If you both feel satisfied with your love life, then there would be no need to stress about this. However, if you are both unhappy and wonder how to make your sex better and longer, consider trying the following expert tips. They are comfortable and self-explanatory.

1. Jerk off an hour or so before sex

By doing this, you reduce the sensations on the penis that would otherwise trigger an orgasm quickly. That way, you get some more minutes on the ticking timer. Although there is less evidence of this, some people suggest that masturbating releases some hormones that tone down your sexual tension and sex drive, which still works in your favor.

2. Squeeze the penis just before ejaculating.

This method is commonly known as the squeeze method. It works very well for men who are burdened with premature ejaculation. When you get close to have your big O, you or your partner should squeeze your hard meat by its “neck” where the shaft meets the head. By pressing this region, the urge to cum will disappear, and you can resume intercourse. Interesting. Right? With time, you will gain full control over your orgasms, which will add more time to your clock.

3. Use thick condoms

The aim of this is to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Thick condoms will perfectly do the job. Also, specially treated condoms with numbing creams work even better. With such, the orgasm is delayed, and sex lasts longer.

4. Use numbing creams and sprays.

Yes, that’s right! Numbing creams. There are very healthy creams and sprays out there that reduce the penis sensitivity to delay or slow an orgasm. These work perfectly and will add a significant amount of time to your game time. However, it would be best if you found what works for your skin for some can be irritating. Remember to apply it about half an hour before sex to give it ample time to do its job. Also, remember to wash it off after sex.

The bottom-line

You are probably asking yourself why you should worry about your “short” time on the clock. Besides trying the above expert tips, it would be better to check if you are stressed, tired, or have an underlying sickness, for those are the leading causes of sexual frustrations. Otherwise, good luck in making your time in the bedroom an adventure!


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