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My most intense orgasm

Written on December 29th, 2020 by Naughty Ads. Updated December 29th, 2020. Viewed 215 times.
Image for Blog My most intense orgasm

I hired my first Griffith escort in my late twenties. I was a poor intellectual who was not lucky with women and on top of that, I also had a difficult childhood full of strain and depression. I knew escort websites well since I had been playing around for a while. I had visited Naughty Ads more than twice and fantasized about what it would be like to hook up with one of the hot Griffith escorts. The fantasy had now come to pass.

I chose a pretty girl with a shapely figure, a curvy waist, and crescent-shaped eyebrows. She looked great from her profile. I made a call and asked her to come to my place. She arrived at 7:00 P.M. as agreed. She looked as beautiful as her profile picture. She wore a low cut purple evening dress. I paid for one hour. I was nervous and spent almost half of the time talking about life and movies. I did not want to continue racing against the clock. I led her to my bedroom. Before I could shut the door behind me, she stripped off her dress, unveiling her sexy floral inner-wear. This shocked me. It happened in a split of a second and was not the norm in my reality. But whatever it was, I had paid for it and was ready for it.

She then wondered how we could spend the whole hour. I told her she was in charge, and I would be at her service. She jumps up the bed and starts massaging my back as we talk. We talk about erotic stuff, I guess, just to set the mood. She then told me I had a good smell and was hot. She spanks my butt while talking. She then said that I had a cute butt, and she liked it.

She then rolled me over and pulled down my pants. She then sucked my already anxiously throbbing cock with a lot of enthusiasm. She played with my balls, as the other hand touched my chest. She did it slowly and lightly without changing the hands. I lost myself and almost crashed on the bed. I felt the pleasure oozing in waves, and my breathing was fast. I was about to explode then she stopped!

She had a maroon color to her hair. I noticed this in the light. I asked her if her hair was dyed, and she chuckled and said" yes." She felt impressed that I had taken notice of her hair. She turned on the table lamp to show me how it changes tint in the light. She then bent into a doggy position, ready for me to do the honors. My cock was still as hard as a nail. I slapped her ass and penetrated her from behind. Delaying my gratification intensified my orgasm like never before. I shuddered as I ejaculated multiple times whilst inside her. I fell to the bed again, removed the condom that was overflowing with cum and we embraced there, naked, in each other's arms.

Years on, I feel like I need a repeat of that. 

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