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What do men really want during sex?

Written on September 7th, 2020 by Naughty Ads. Updated September 6th, 2020. Viewed 1339 times.
Image for Blog What do men really want during sex?

For men, quality always wins over quantity. When it comes to sex, there is no magic bullet or secret formula that solves the problem of what men want in bed. Most women wish that there was just a straightforward technique that could unravel everything that men want in bed. The truth is, there is no such thing. It takes a few simple combinations to win a good “rating.” We talked to several men and women, including Armidale escorts, on what they think would solve this frequently asked question. Curious? Here is what we think men want in bed.

  1. Men want to be told how sexy they are!

Remember that ego massaging feeling you get when a guy tells you how sexy and angelic your body looks? Remember how such words make you blush? The reverse is true also. Men love to be told how sexy their body looks. When in bed, put on a smile, dig your nails into his chest and tell him how sexy he is. A butt grab and a long kiss, and some words of how you can’t keep your hands off his body, work like magic.

Men experience insecurities too about your sexual organs, and reassuring them how great they look can be very sexually satisfying and always leads to better sex.

2. To have the pressure taken off their heads.

Men are expected to do all the work during sex. Initiate, do all the thrusting, maintain a boner, and much more. Honestly, that is tiring.

What you probably didn’t know is that they want some help with some of those duties.

3. Men want you to initiate

If you want to make him happy, try to make the first move that leads to sex. It does not only make him feel yearned for, but you also get to have sex when you want to.

4. Men want you to participate.

Don’t just lay there and enjoy every sensation of every inch that hits your V. Get on top and do more work. That way, he gets to enjoy the show just as you do. Men also want women who take control. Take sex as your game and run it by your rules. He will love it.

5. Men want communication

This comes in handy in creating a good sexual connection. Ask him what he wants, and tell him what you want. Express your sexual desires to him. Let him know how you’d like to be touched, and if he does it perfectly, let him know!

6. Men want different sex positions.

Don’t just bombard him with that missionary style you learned in college. Make it fun and try some kinky sex styles. To learn more, you can watch some porn, or even talk to the very professional escorts in Armidale for insights on the best sex styles. You’ll be surprised how much of an orgasm you’ll get from that.

By finding out what men want in bed, you also get to have a better sex life. Put the above tips into play and we guarantee more pleasure and more adventure for you and your man in the bedroom.


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