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Naughty Ads launches the all new Adult Content Creators category!

Written on January 20th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Naughty Ads recently launched its new Adult Content Creators Category! Start promoting your Only Fans, Fansly and other Adult Content Creator accounts as well as all your socials all from one Naughty Ads account. You can upload images and videos to give your current a future fans a preview of what to expect on your ACC accounts. Your new ad comes with all of the great feature that are standard at Naughty Ads like: ad verification ad boosts going premium post to the Naughty Ads blog; and view all of your ad statistics. All of this from the ease of your Naughty Ads manage ad page. Start promoting yourself now by creating an account here. Your first month with us is 50% off! Stay Naughty, Team Naughty Ads
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Brisbane Gentlemen

Written on January 20th, 2022 by Kandi Minxx
Hello There,  If your Looking for a quick snack or a delightful feast, I can cater to your every need. Discreet, clean and safe Incall available. With FREE visitor parking.  5 minutes from Southbank Train station or Bus station. So slot me into your Weekly Meeting or Appointments. Look forward to feeling you. Kandi
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Sex positions that can help you lose calories

Written on January 19th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
It's obvious that sex is more enjoyable than hitting the gym or doing that tiring morning run. We can agree that sex is a real booster when it comes to mental health, in addition to increasing levels of intimacy, trust and love between partners. But the real question is - whether sex has any health benefits related to fitness and whether it can count as exercise. While we agree that not all sex sessions are equal in duration and vigorousness, researchers conclude that men burn close to four calories in a minute of intense sex while women burn about three calories. So, which is the best kind of sex to use as a substitute for exercise? Do you go slow or intense? Here is an explainer of the best sex positions to help you lose those calories. 1.     Cowgirl The classic cowgirl position is probably among the best, If not the best, sex styles when it comes to exercise. It delivers tons of pleasure to both parties if well executed. A simple approach involves a woman on top, with the phallic partner on a flat surface, preferably a bed. The woman then sits on his hips, facing the lying partner, grinds to feel the girth, or bounces up and down to feel deep penetration. Make sure you work out the muscles and thighs to make it intense. A good romp of about 10 minutes of the cowgirl burns about 96 calories. Not bad ay? 2.     Doggy style A classic sex style that has been in the game since Adam found himself admiring the backside of Eve. Doggy style burns about 56 calories in about 10 minutes of sex. The style has different variations, but the most common and simplest is when one partner assumes a position on all fours on a bed while the penetrating partner kneels behind them, sliding in and out while holding the hips, back or shoulders (or hair if you're really going for it). It's quite straining to stay on all fours, making this style a perfect exercise. To make it a bit easier, you can bend over a desk, although the number of calories burned will drastically reduce. 3.     Standing up Both partners stand facing each other. The woman raises her leg and lets the penetrating partner slide from beneath. Slowly find your footing, keeping them inside and grind against each other slowly to a climax. Differences in height and the difficulty of keeping your partner inside makes this style a perfect exercise. Interestingly, it takes about 15 minutes to climax in this style, and in the end, you’ll have lost a whopping 72 calories or more. 4.     Missionary The most effortless sex style that gets things done pretty quickly. Simply lying down with your legs spread, having your partner settle between them, and getting inside gets things done. The style is a bit easy, but to make it a workout, loop your legs around him or work your waist to meet his strokes. Missionary burns about 48 calories in 10 minutes. Final thoughts The crisscross, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and the butterfly are more styles that burn calories. Let safety and consent be your guide in whatever you try with your partner. Don’t try outrageous sex positions that compromise your or your partner's safety. Happy sexercise!
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Written on January 19th, 2022 by Tiff Lee
Went and seen this guy today and fuck he was sexy
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How many sex workers are in Australia

Written on January 18th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sex in Australia has attracted immense discussions from as early as 150 years ago. Historically, the demand for sex workers has increased immensely over the years, especially with the changing economic conditions and rampant urbanization. Australia has some of the best conditions in the world for sex work to thrive. This is because its territories and states collectively support decriminalization of the vast industry, which gives the workers ultimate freedom to negotiate the prices. While it's difficult to tell how many of sex workers exist within Australia, here is a simple outline of the history and growth of the Australian sex industry. There is a notorious question of whether sex work is legal in Australia. This question often goes unanswered since every state and territory has its own laws and regulations concerning the sex industry. According to research, it's estimated that Australia has more than 20,500 sex workers, and this number increases every year with the increasing population. Also, the number of sex workers varies between the states and territories, as working conditions are different. However, the big cities such as Sydney tend to carry more weight. Research suggests that Sydney has a very diverse and open sex industry, compared to other Australian territories and states. This diversity matches the immense size of the population. Research also suggests that men are more frequent consumers of sexual services. The number of escorts in Sydney brothels suggests that there haven’t been many changes in the past 20 years. However, this data reflects that this business has gone remote, with most escorts and clients preferring working with agencies or going independent. The sex industry has been booming in Australia, although the covid 19 pandemic made it take a turn. When the pandemic hit, the sex industry, worth millions of dollars, was ripped off millions of the same, especially in major towns like Sydney and Melbourne. Many sex workers couldn’t access payments and had to rely on donations from sex workers organizations such as Scarlett Alliance. On the same note, the social distancing rules and fear of interaction forced the sex workers to switch to online platforms such as Onlyfans to make sure their services remained relevant. Generally, we saw a decline in the number of sex across the board at the start of the pandemic, however, there was a sudden increase in the relevance of online platforms, engagement in virtual services and creating adult content creator profile with providers like only fans. With the reducing effects of the severity of the pandemic, the industry is expected to recover in 2022, seeing an increased number of sex workers and eventually industry revenue.
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How much do sex workers make

Written on January 14th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Although sex work comprises many different aspects and forms, we can term it as selling sex. Sex workers exchange sexual encounters with things that have monetary value or money itself. In most cases, money is used but trades for services and alternative payment methods like crypto coin is also a possibility. Besides sex itself, sex work includes erotic massages, cam modelling, stripping, and sexting. There is no definite answer to how much sex workers make since factors aren’t constant. Who are sex workers? Sex workers are not all built the same. With that, we mean they offer different sexual and consensual services that are exchanged with money. On the same note, some sex workers work independently, while some workers are managed by brothels and escorts agencies. All these factors affect how much a sex worker can make in a given period. Here is a brief list of the different types of sex workers; Erotic masseuses Porn stars Strippers Virtual sex models Phone sex operators Cam models Escorts Adult Content Creators All these categories make different amounts of money, and the working conditions are entirely different. Here is a simple breakdown of how much each group makes. The amount a sex worker can make is determined by their work, the rates they’ve set, and whether they are employed or work independently. In addition, the rates per hour, rate per appointment, geographical location, and tips all determine how much a Escort can make. In terms of location, escorts in the urban centres tend to make more than those in smaller and rural towns. Sex workers working under escort agencies have to give a cut of what they receive to the agency in return for a guaranteed flow of sex work and protection. On the other hand, independent escorts do not have to pay anyone from what they earn, although it comes with administrative burden of self-management. How much do strippers make? Stripping income dramatically varies depending on day and location. In one night, strippers can make as little as $50, while in another, they can make as much as $3000. Location and time of the year significantly affect strippers’ income. However, established strippers can make as much as $250,000 in a year and some even more. Escorts As stated, escorts can work either independently or under an agency. Independent escorts charge clients depending on the negotiated price. In most cases, this varies widely as well. On average, an escort can make anywhere from $500 a month to $50,000 - it varies widely. When it comes to escorts working under an agency, their income depends on the agency's cut. If the company takes 30% for every call, and say the hourly rate is $300, then the sex worker will make around $210 per hour. Pornstars Surprisingly, pornstars make quite a little, especially the newbies. In some cases, it might be as little as $300 per scene. However, the experienced and most followed stars can make as much as $2000 per scene. These days, porn acting is more so a marketing strategy for private or agency Escort work. In conclusion Generally, the varying conditions of the industry make it challenging to quantify the average earnings of a sex worker. However, working in larger, capital cities no doubt earns all types of sex work more money per hour. In the sex work game success is defined by the same factors like in all walks of life - the most important being - hard work.
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Where to find sex workers

Written on January 13th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
We all love thrills, and when it comes to getting laid, we are spoilt for choice. Nowadays, getting laid is probably easier than breathing in and out. This is because casual sex has become the order of the day in the environment we live in. Feeling horny? All you need to do is part ways with a few bucks and grab yourself some hot cock or coochie. Interestingly, this goes for all gender combinations. Men, women, transgender, gay or straight. People are all hungry for sex and not surprisingly, there is plenty to go round for everyone. So, if you’re wondering where your next escapade will come from, here is where to find sex workers. 1.     Dating apps Without a doubt, there is no easier place to catch a sex worker than dating apps. Tinder, Badoo, and OkCupid have become places for men and women to find short-term casual sex encounters. It's quite easier to catch a vibe with someone you’ve just met since they are on their best behaviour, which makes these apps a favourite for many horny revellers. Sex workers create profiles here purely meant for sexual transactions, making things easier for those interested in sex. So, the next time you’re horny, download one of these apps, create a profile, and choose your poison. 2.     Escort websites and adult directories With the internet becoming mainstream and a lot of activity going remote, sex work has also followed suit. Nowadays, sex workers create profiles in escort directories like Escorts and Babes or betters still, on Naughty Ads :) These directories have become famous, and most of them have categories (hair and eye colour, weight, height, bust etc.) for the exact type of escort you're searching for. Majority also let you narrow down your search by location. Some, just at a city level but others (like Naughty Ads) let you drill down (so to speak) on the exact suburb you're keen to get sexy in. So, if you’re looking for some sex in Sydney, all you need to do is a simple google search for sex workers in Sydney, and you’ll be surprised how many options you’ll get. 3.     Social media When social media was introduced, its sole purpose was to keep friends and family connected. However, with time, people started connecting with people whom they barely knew. With it, men and women who craved some flesh started making this a hub for fulfilling their sexual taste buds. Things got even better with Instagram and now TikTok. Sex workers take advantage of the free policy to create enticing nude content that lures horny clients into their sex for sale business. So, if you’re looking for some sugar, look out for the juicy ones on social media. 4.     Spas and brothels This is the oldest form of prostitution, where sex workers flock to entertainment joints and the clients come to them. If you really want to get laid, visiting that local spa or brothel will do you good (and help sweat out those toxins from the party the night before). 5.     Within your circle Surprisingly, there is that one person who secretly wishes to have it off with you within your circle of friends. Although we can’t categorically state them as sex workers, you will end up getting laid and you'll probably have to buy them at least a lunch - so in that sense - it's never free! 6.     On the street Despite the internet becoming mainstream, we still have hookers who flock the streets looking for clients. Every town has that notorious street that’s graced by these horny creatures. So, the next time you think about getting a sex worker, a walk down such streets might just land you what you desire. Final thoughts Finding a sex worker to spend time with has never been easier. However, we insist that you be very careful with who you deal with. It's best to find sex workers who are on escort websites and adult directories who are verified. The good thing is that these sites collate all the information you need about your potential naughty date for you in one place. This makes research a cinch. Simply browse the search pages on your computer, tablet or phone at your leisure. Make contact with your escort or adult service provider, set up a time and then get into the action. Remember to always practice safe sex and use protection but more importantly - enjoy yourself!
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Good people

Written on January 12th, 2022 by Catalina
'We don't reward virtue anymore.' This was uttered by former CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo in an interview with Stephen Colbert a few years ago. Is that why 80 per cent of Australians - particularly in cities like Sydney - prefer to be nasty, unkind, rude and deceptive? I love Sydney, but I dislike Sydneysiders. The thing about Sydney is, good people, kind people are so rare, that when someone is genuinely nice (and sincere about it), you make a mental bookmark of them. They stand out to you. Before Christmas, I went to Sydney. Due to a casual work opportunity, I broke the norm and stayed in a motel on the West side, somewhere near Liverpool. I did not enjoy my stay because I was not comfortable with the social make-up of Sydney's West, among othet reasons. But I brazened through it. I wasn't due to take private bookings until a sojourn in my next accommodation. But I made an exception for a man. I accepted a private booking. And the client surprised me. In addition to being pleasant and easy during the session, upon hearing that my watch strap had come undone (the buckle had come off), he offered to fix it. So if you are ever in Sydney, remember - yes, it's a city, not a country town, and people behave accordingly. But there are good people. Goodness - saying a kind word, offering a helping hand - matters. It cheers people up, creates trust and gives people hope. We, Australians, need hope. Since politicians are focused on being nasty and conquering us via division, let's use goodness to counteract that. Be kind.
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Melbourne Gentlemen

Written on January 11th, 2022 by Kandi Minxx
Why Hello There Melbourne, You will be glad to know I am in You Tomorrow till Friday. Can't wait to explore YOU and your City Book Now ❤ Kandi 💋
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5 pornstars that are escorts

Written on January 10th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Most horny perverts and porn lovers only have one dream - meeting and fucking a real pornstar. However, these ladies won't give you a share of their cookie without you parting with a good amount of coin. Meeting pornstars in person is probably the most challenging thing a horny guy can achieve. However, the good news is that the porn and escorting industries are slowly merging, and some mainstream pornstars are escorting. So you want to know the top 5 pornstars that are escorts? Sit back, relax, and read through our well-researched list below. 1.     Ashley Bulgari Her enchanting profile is one of a kind. Explore her collection of posh profiles across her social media platforms. Her pictures portray an intelligent porn escort who attracts men of class. Interestingly, the Czech national can speak up to four languages, and part of her package includes services anywhere in the world. So, if you want to explore her tight butthole In the Bahamas, all you have to do is get the tickets. Ashely has had significant achievements in the porn industry, and despite all that, she keeps an affordable rate of about $220 per hour. She is an absolute dime, located in Athens, Greece. Her beauty and splendour are unmatched. Thirsty? Think Ashley. 2.     Kayla green For Kayla, her experience speaks volumes. She has worked with companies like babes, digital playground, DDF, and many more. The Hungarian national, who hangs around Paris, France, is well known for her damn strict rules. She is super strict on bookings and meetings and doesn’t do unprotected romps. So, if you think you’re going to smash it raw, not Kayla. However, her blowjobs are a bomb incredible, even with a rubber Johnny on. If you’ve been dreaming of her, we’ve got some bad news. For the famous “fatality” or rather bootyhole action, the 40-year-old blonde charges a crazy $1800. Her rate is about $800 per hour. All in all, she’s one of the top porn escorts you’ll see around. 3.     Anastasia doll For the lads crazy about jugs, Anastasia has got the world's best. These jugs are so massive, that if you ever happen to meet her, they’ll be the first thing you notice. Anastasia spends most of her time luring clients on Onlyfans, Twitter, and Instagram. When it comes to her services, she’s super picky with her client choices, so don’t think she sleeps around with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Lastly, her rates are notably higher than normal escorts at around $1250 per hour. 4.     Sophie dee The British beauty from Wales mostly spends her time in the United States. She has featured in more than 500 porn scenes, on top of being among the best webcam models in the world. If she’s on your Wishlist, you got to be ready to part ways with about $2000 an hour just to get a taste of what she feels like. Her blue eyes and enchanting figure are definitely worth the dollars though. 5.     Chelsea heart She’s among the most affordable pornstar escorts that we have around. Her rates could be as low as $200 per hour, although your needs will highly influence the rate. She is nasty and always ready to do the crazy things you’d love her to do. She works in Australia, explaining why her prices are somewhat lower. By all accounts, Sophie is an absolute beast in bed, and therefore worthy all your pennies.
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How to get paid for sex

Written on January 5th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Let’s get real here. Everyone has sex, and if you do not have it, be sure that someone else does! A few decades ago, it was hard to imagine that someone could make money from sex. However, thanks to the internet that this is now a reality. While it is difficult to quantify and assure you about how much you can make from sex, some sex workers make as much as $5000 in a month and some even more. Interestingly, the sex selling world is open to everyone. Whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, black, white or Caucasian, there is a place for you and an insatiable demand for what you can offer. This article will make you understand better how to get paid for sex =. Understanding sex work Sex work can be referred to plainly as selling sex. In short, you are having sex and getting paid for it. People who sell sex are called sex workers. The sex industry is vast and involves a lot of activities that you can do and get paid for. Here are some of the best ways. Becoming an escort Escorts or sex workers are people who have sex with their clients and get paid for it. In cities such as Sydney and Auckland, there is a huge demand for sex workers, especially with their booming populations. In such cities, sex work or prostitution has been made legal. In most cases, all you need to do is to side with escort agencies, high-end hotels, brothels and even existing communities of sex workers. You can also become an independent escort and advertise yourself on a adult classifieds site like Naughty Ads. That way, you’ll be surprised how much you can make from getting laid. Pornstar If you believe nothing in this world can stop you, becoming a porn actor is something you should consider. Mainstream pornstars make as much as $10000 in a month. What do you think such an amount could do in your life? With increasing organic traffic on porn websites, the demand for actors is rising every day, and porn sites are actively recruiting. All you need to do is sign up, prove to them that you can do it, and sell your content. Webcam modelling Becoming a webcam model involves pleasing your viewers and subscribers in front of a live broadcast. With this adult entertainment niche, all you need to do is sign up with an adult cam site and get started. Keep in mind that getting into webcam modelling will require high-end equipment that will help you generate high-quality content that sells. A warning We can’t insist enough that the internet never forgets. So, if you’re not sure whether to get yourself into this net or not, you better stay away. We suggest doing a deep soul search and figuring out whether this is a path you want to go down. Final words The highlighted ways of making money are just the mainstream ideas. Sexting, erotic massages, and selling nude photos and videos are more ways to make money from your sexuality. 
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Missing You All

Written on January 2nd, 2022 by Kandi Minxx
Missing All My Darling #lovers #clients #friends ... Can't wait to enjoy your #company again. #dinnerdates #snuggledates #companiondates #overnightdates #coffeedates let's Enjoy them all 💚💙
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How much do sex workers get paid?

Written on December 31st, 2021 by Naughty Ads
The best way of describing sex work is as plain as it sounds. Selling sex. Sex workers receive monetary remuneration in exchange for consensual sexual services. In most countries, sex work is mainly regarded as sexual intercourse. However, with the internet and social media creating a global village, the industry has really evolved, and we’ve seen diversified forms of sex work. Examples include phone sex, erotic massages and travel companionships. Unfortunately, since this naughty profession is often considered taboo, it becomes hard to precise figures on how much sex workers are paid. However, we’ve gathered a few statistics and facts that will give you an idea of how much sex workers get paid. What do sex workers do? Understanding what sex workers do will help you know how much they make. First, it's important to note that not all sex workers engage in sexual intercourse. The most common forms of sex work include pornography acting, phone sex operating, escort services, webcam model and much more. The earnings are totally different in each category, and various variables control how much a sex worker can make over a certain period. How much do sex workers get paid? Regarding sex workers, who receive bookings and call-ins or call outs, the amount they get paid depends on the working conditions and negotiation skills. In some countries, escorts can make as much as $500 from a single booking. Some make between $2500-3000 per month working part-time, and more if working full time. For sex workers working with agencies, a specific cut of the amount paid, say about 30% per call, goes to the agency for arranging for bookings. A lot of sex workers prefer working with agencies since security is a guarantee. When it comes to independent escorts, how much they get paid is dependent on demand, supply and negotiation skills. Say a sex worker operates independently, how market themselves as well as how they negotiate with their potential clients is the sole determinant of how much they get paid. For strippers, the pay is likely to be more in big cities such as Las Vegas and Sydney, where striptease services are in demand, these sex workers tend to get higher pay than other cities. In such cities, a stripper can bag as much as $3000 a night, although sometimes the pay can go as low as $100-$200, especially for amateurs. Regarding sex workers on online platforms such as Onlyfans, their pay is affected by the terms and conditions of the hosting company. The average Onlyfans model is paid about 180$ in a month, with the company taking 20% of the sum. However, the pioneer models of such platforms can bag as much as 20000 in a week! Lastly, it’s important to clarify that sex work is real work. Although it's hard to explain how much the people in this secretive industry make, we can safely conclude that most sex workers are paid well, above the minimum wage.
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Written on December 30th, 2021 by Studio Relax
We are open New Years Eve. From 6pm we will be ready and waiting for you. Pop in and end 2021 with a BANG, start 2022 with a smile! We are open all weekend. Happy New Year to our wonderful customers!
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Brisbane I'm Back

Written on December 27th, 2021 by Kandi Minxx
Good Morning and Hello to you all. I took a few days off over Christmas. I'm back and ready to fit you into my Naughty Calender. Available 7am-10pm, 6 days. Early or Late bookings available to suit you. Get a taste of your Lil Brisbane Minxx... Kandi
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"Sally's" first time

Written on December 26th, 2021 by Mike Morningstar
True story but name has been changed. Sally was beautiful and innocent, her friends kept talking about their sexual escapades, but each one had a story about their first time. "He was inexperienced", "I was drunk", "he took advantage of me", "it wasn't what I had imagined".... and so they went on. It wasn't that Sally didn't want sex, she ached for it, it was that every story she had heard, was along the same lines. Not what they had planned, a let down really and Sally didn't want hers to be the same. I mean, you always remember your first. That's when Sally reached out to me, her text was timid and shy, but somewhat clear. She wanted to have her first time the way she wanted it. In control and passionate. Sally and I spoke for a couple texts, and she was very clear about her needs. She wanted to feel like she was important and that her first time had to be in a bed, after a little dinner and talking. Not the back seat of some guys car or in a dirty bedroom. We discussed her needs and then set a date. Sally asked me to arrange everything for her, whilst she told me what she wanted, it was to be a date and not wanting to feel like a transaction. So we arranged payment upfront and then on the evening, I picked her up from her place, and took her on a drive to a nice restaurant in Newcastle. After a meal and something light to drink, we went to the room and chatted along the way. I could feel the nerves in Sally's hand as I held her close, she was a little sweaty, shallow breaths and told me a couple times that this was her first time. I kissed her forehead and held her tight. A warm hug and whispered, you're in control of your life, nothing can happen without your permission. She looked up and smiled, "you're sweet, and I'm sure I want this." she said. I took the key from my wallet, unlocked the door and lead her into the room. It was a nice warm temperature, she smiled and we kissed. As I picked sally up, her legs wrapped around my waist and she held me tight. I want a shower first, she said. But I want you to wash me, she whispered. I put her down softly and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She smiled and unbuttoned my shirt and unbuckled my belt, slowly undoing my pants and letting them all fall to the floor. "Come" I said and took her to the shower where I turned it on and checked the water. Sally slipped off her lingerie and we stepped into the shower where I washed her from top to toe for tonight she was a princess in her own fantasy. Every inch was slowly massaged and washed before towelling her off and taking her to the bed again. For the next while we kissed and explored each others bodies, before she told me she felt ready. Sally asked me to lay on my back as she took my cock in her hand, straddling my body, her fit legs either side, she lay my cock flat and sat on it, grinding against it slowly getting a feel of it. Whispering sweet words of appreciation and desire to each other while she slowly moved up and pressed the tip into her lips. I could see the unavoidable initial pain in her eyes as she began to press and slowly lower herself onto my cock. Sally winced for a moment, something we had both spoken about, before she lowered herself completely on to my cock. Sally and I moaned with pleasure and lust as we made passionate love, changing positions and taking the night at her pace. After a while, her legs were shaking and our sweat was mixed, she lay with her head on my chest and I played with her hair. We spoke for a while before Sally fell asleep in my arms.
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My tours

Written on December 26th, 2021 by Louise Harvey
Good afternoon you wanna know my tours in advance rockhampton I’m coming from 5th til 9th January this is my first tour for 2022
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Top 4 calorie-burning sex styles

Written on December 24th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Word has it that sex is the best exercise. While we all agree that slow and sensual sex is quite enjoyable, sometimes all you need is fast and thrilling action. According to a study in 2013, a man averaging 150 pounds burns about 4 calories in a minute of intense sex, while a woman burns around 3 calories. A good romp is a perfect way of covering up those days you miss your cardio. This article lists 4 of the best therapist-recommended sex styles to burn some calories. The wheelbarrow The wheelbarrow is an intense sex style that requires upper body strength. In this one, the penetrating partner holds the other by the hips or waist to align their pelvis. They then penetrate the partner while holding the hips up, with the lower partner keeping their hands on the ground. The upper body strength required to stay in this position makes it a perfect workout. To make it more intense, the penetrated partner can do some pushups. Besides, this style allows for deeper penetration, which feels great and might lead to better orgasms. Disclaimer: This position requires a lot of body strength. If the penetrated partner is overweight, it's probably not the position for you. Doggy style The doggy style is a classic sex style that is quite easy to work around. Although there are several variations, the easiest and the best is one partner staying on all fours, while the phallic partner kneels and hits it from behind, holding onto the hips or shoulders. The doggy style exercises several muscles in the penetrating partner, including the quads and the core. When a woman is penetrated using the doggy style, the glutes, core and quadriceps are strengthened. Note that the style is quite straining, especially on the knees. To make it less strenuous, you can bend against a countertop, although this reduces the number of calories burnt. Missionary The oldest, simplest and an all-time go-to position. The woman lays down, spreads her legs while the phallic partner settles between them and hits it. It’s an intense and straightforward style that can burn as much as 48 calories in 10 minutes. To make it more intense, the woman can meet the thrusts or loop the feet around the penetrating partner’s hips. Besides being a perfect calorie-burner, missionary is the easiest position to achieve a perfect orgasm. Sex in the pool As we see it in movies, sex in the pool looks fun and probably easier. However, you’d be surprised to learn that sex in the pool is actually harder. Remember, there is barely any friction in the water, meaning you’ll use much energy to stay in position. The fluid also slows down thrusts which means you’ve got to put some more effort, which is a perfect solution for calories. If you consider sex in the pool, escorts in Sydney suggest applying some more lube since water washes away the natural lubricant. Final thoughts Sex is fun and is a perfect way of exercising while having some fun. You’re bound to have some fun with any of the above positions. As usual, please keep it simple, safe and consensual. 
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Rational thinking and logic; my take on the pandemic

Written on December 24th, 2021 by Catalina
The virus is a cousin of the rheum, or the common cold. We should no longer count case numbers; it is hospitalizations and actual deaths that matter. I plead with all Australians, 'Don't fall sway to the fear-mongering.' Politicians want us to fear it, so that they can create new laws to control us. This will serve the egos and reinforce the power of the megalomaniacs. The media is also skewed in favour of lockdown and masking fanatics - epidemiologists (whose predictions are not always correct). There is strong evidence to show that only obese, diabetic and immunocompromised humans have reason to fear coronavirus. If you are vaccinated, under 60 and fit for your age, with no diabetes, etc, there is nothing to fear. We will soon celebrate 2 years of the pandemic. During that period, I have travelled much over the East Coast. But look – I am still here, still breathing, living, walking, talking. I believe that (besides being vaccinated), my body has built natural immunity. It is time to consider the idea of natural immunity. It is inevitable that every Australian will contract it, but we will live, because we will become immune towards any severe effects. Why not let the virus spread so that most of us will build natural immunity? Then we can return…to liberty. Open borders, no masks (they pollute the earth anyway, and they don’t actually work) and treating each other with kindness again. Treating each other like human beings. Yes, a few people will have to be hospitalized…but it is a small price to pay. And so many of us need to have our livelihoods and lives back. One life should not be prioritized over millions of others The national and global approach towards the virus…is not working. The ‘guard the island’ approach is not working. Our sense of nationhood, of being Australian, has been ripped apart. Immigrants like myself are wondering, ‘I sacrificed everything to come and stay here, and this is what’s happening?’ We’ve had enough of paranoia, absurd laws that are knee-jerk reactions from people who don't actually know better, and the deliberate and heinous taking away of lives, time and livelihoods...haven't we? Breathe and stay calm. Use logic and rational thinking. I fear the death of democracy and liberty in this country, more than the actual virus. It's a cousin of the common cold, and the percentage of people who have to be hospitalized, is very small in comparison to the number of people who contract it. More Australians die of diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, drugs and suicide than the virus (many of you were unhealthy prior to the pandemic). Also - you have a higher chance of contracting it in a supermarket than on my vast land, in my airy house. Note that I am definitely healthier, more educated (I’ve studied everything from finance to scriptwriting to biology to sewing, son) and more hygienic than 95 per cent of Australian men. I am an extremely experienced escort and pride myself on a safe, fun experience. There is a moral for Australians: participate in your health, your body is your temple. But use logic and rational thinking. Don't believe politicians and paranoia. If you are vaccinated, under 60 and fit for your age, with no diabetes, etc, there really is nothing to fear. Politicians want us to fear it, so that they can create new laws to control us. And don’t watch ABC News either. 
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Working with another

Written on December 24th, 2021 by Amelia Bull
me I find myself neing a little inspection
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How to get paid for phone sex

Written on December 23rd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Mobile phones have opened up unimaginable ways of making money, and more so in the sex industry. These discreet gems are easy to use, are portable, and quite affordable. One of the easiest and lucrative hustles you can do with your phone is becoming a PSO, otherwise known as a phone sex operator. PSO’s have become mainstream, despite the abundance of free HD pornography. It is estimated that some premium phone operator services have chat lines handling more than 50000 calls in a day. In this short and straightforward guide are a few insights into what phone sex is all about and how you can make some bucks from it. What do PSO’s do? The first step of getting paid for phone sex is understanding what a phone sex operator is and what they do. PSO’s are also called adult hosts or phone actresses. In the simplest terms, they talk to customers or subscribers in a sexy way, using several contact methods. It could be via a call, or an SMS, with the former being the most preferred method, and quite significantly, the most lucrative. Phone sex operators work in real-time, meaning they receive live calls from their customers, although there is a recent hike in demand for recorded voice notes or messages. The recorded messages are charged per minute of audio, although they fetch less compared to what a live call can do. Phone sex operators, or phone actresses, engage their customers based on their fetishes. The secret to this is having a knack for different fetishes and mastering the art of choosing words. Some of the most common topics include; Slave training Toilet training Feet fetish Fart fetish Pegging Jerking off Edging Humiliation Bondage How do you get started? To become successful in phone sex, you have to be a naturally gifted speaker and have a super chatty personality. Some more qualities you need to have include creativity, confidence, excellent phone voice, nasty mind, open-mindedness, and non-judgmental. Apart from that, you’ll need to: Research deeply On top of being creative and a gifted speaker, we highly insist on researching about sex. There are endless ideas in the different platforms that will help you suit your clients taste buds. With research, it will be easier to understand your clients' needs and quickly establish boundaries with them. Practice the language. You might think you know all the nasty words, but you’d be surprised to find hundreds of options you never heard of. Learn alternative words for some nasty stuff. Remember that choice of words is essential when dealing with customers, and some words might not work for some customers—practice different words to make your conversations deeper and interesting. Sign up and get started Essentially, confidence and a good command of sex language are all that is needed to get started. The next step is signing up with a chat line service or an agency that offers the same. The basic form of payment in the phone sex industry is based on commission. So, remember to choose the provider with the best commission rates. With that, you’re ready to rock and roll with your first call. Please keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Your first call may not be that great, but with time, you’ll get the knack for it. Good luck!
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Written on December 23rd, 2021 by Olivia Reign
I'm sooo excited to be starting my NEW journey with escorting over the XXXmas break. I hope I get to meet all sorts of fabulous people and make their dreams come true. Longer bookings with role-plays and costumes are my favourite - I want all your fetish and kink fantasies to become reality starring ME and YOU. Let's go out somewhere together and make everyone in the room JEALOUS of what we have together, PDAs and naughty giggles abound. The longer we make ourselves wait the more EXPLOSIVE the private time will be... It's only been a few minutes, I haven't even finished writing this diary and I already have some answers to my new ad... will YOU be the first cock I suck? Coz let me tell you I am HUNGRY for some sausage 😈😈😈
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Let's Get Festive Together Now

Written on December 22nd, 2021 by Kandi Minxx
Let's get together and Keep the Festive going, this Festive Season... If you just want to enjoy some Spoil time together, champagne, sex and relaxation is on the Menu.. Or if you just want to get down right Naughty let's do it !!!! I'm ready when you are... Kandi
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Merry Christmas 🎄 Specials!

Written on December 22nd, 2021 by Bang Box
Get the perfect gift for your penis this Christmas 📦💦
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