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Dos and don'ts of BDSM

Written on January 15th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
BDSM is a practice that can bring with it some of the finest moments in this world. New sensations of pleasure, pain, mental satisfaction, the great feeling of being in control or surrendering, and much more. However, having fun with BDSM is one thing, but keeping it safe, sound, sane, and consensual is another thing. Sometimes, sexual acts can get too intense, leading to crossing boundaries or overstepping, which renders the whole thing dangerous. Therefore, BDSM calls for extra care to make sure both parties are kept safe. To make sure you're enjoying your ride in this kinky world, we prepared the following detailed list of do's and don'ts of BDSM. Do's 1.      Make the acts escapable. Don't fall for what you see in the movies and porn videos, where the subs are put under inescapable bondage. If you're doing this with your partner at your home, make sure that whatever restraints he or she is under are easily escapable, especially in the event of something serious. If it's with cuffs, make sure they can be easily slipped or collapse, or else the sub can reach and release without too much struggle. 2.      Have a safe word A safe word is a term that the submissive partner uses to alert the dominant partner when a sexual act feels overwhelming emotionally or physically. When the safe word is said, it doesn't matter which point you two had reached, everything has to stop. If the play involves gagging, where the sub can't speak, get a safe gesture such as raising the hands or two or three loud grunts. 3.      Focus on aftercare Remember that some BDSM acts can get intense to the extent of causing scars, cuts, scratches, or any other bodily harm. Once you're done with the play, the dom should take care of the sub in any way possible. Bairnsdale escorts recommend chatting with him or her, cuddling, and having a deep conversation on what you two just experienced.   Don'ts 1.      Don't reject reality Engaging in BDSM comes with loads of sexual fantasies, most of which are unreal and unachievable. Remember that you're living in the present and not in the imaginative world, and so, you should always use your logic to make sure your partner is safe. 2.      Don't ignore concerns raised by your sub. Remember that the sub/dom relationship is cemented on love and trust. If you're the dominant partner, make sure that your sub feels the affection and care from you. If something is hurting or overwhelming them, be ready to put everything to a stop and care for them. 3.      Don't cause actual harm. This is especially with restraints. Whichever the play, make sure that whatever you use isn't causing actual bodily harm to the sub. The strength of any relationship is based on trust and communication. Besides setting a safe word, sit with your partner, and agree on what works for the two of you!     
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Best role playing ideas for you and your escort

Written on January 13th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Do you remember that first date you had with an escort? The way you got to know each other, the way you flirted, and how it all went down? It was an exciting experience for sure, but imagine you could make it even better. There are plenty of things you can do to spice up your dates with professional escorts. One of those things is roleplaying. With roleplays, you take a short, exciting vacation from your routine sex lives without having to travel. By performing roleplays, you get an amazing opportunity to rewrite your sexual history, fulfill a long-held sexual fantasy, or be sexual in a completely different manner from your normal self. We partnered with the professional Busselton escorts to bring you this comprehensive write-up of the best roleplaying ideas for you and your escort. 1.      Patient and doctor. For this stunt, the escort should act as the hot doctor while the client acts horny patient. The patient-doctor is a common childhood game that transfers effortlessly into adult life, especially in the bedroom, since it allows either you or the escort to be distant while tending and touching the others' body. The doctor should attend to the patient in a sexy short dress, and preferably, without undies. Hold a deeply intimate conversation that will force the patient to undress, and from there, you can take things to the next level. 2.      Boss and secretary Here, it's best if the client acts as a handsome boss. A perfect opening line for this role play is "if you play your cards right, a special bonus awaits you." As the boss, use your efficient attitude and maintain eye contact. Dictate an X-rated memo to your sectary or send her out for ice and then use it on her body. 3.      The masseur and client This role play is all about breaking the rules, and it's for those who like pushing boundaries. If you're uncomfortable with coercion, this is not the role play for you. Pretend that you're the client, and the escort is the masseur although there is no limit to who plays which role. The masseuse should focus on giving the client a deep massage focused on the different sensitive parts of the client's body. Massages are super nice ways of exploring sexual fantasies as they'll make you extremely turned on, making them a perfect role play of having a great time with an escort. A simple opening line would be, "you seem really tense, please relax and let my hands give you all you need." The bottom line There is no point in having nervous casual dates with escorts while you can make them awesome and worthwhile with just a few twists. With any of the above ideas, you can never get it wrong. Remember that some of these roleplays need prior agreement and, therefore, discuss it with her.  
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The dangerous side

Written on January 12th, 2021 by Carmela Coultier
Whilst working in the independent escort industry since 2007, I’ve been through some interesting and dangerous circumstances. The neurosurgeon Suresh Nair was one out all that lasted 12 hours in which I could have died given his ( passion for intoxicating himself and dissociating to a near-noxious level) time you all remember the four corner documentary on his fall from too neurosurgeon status at Nepean hospital to nonchalance and bad choices when leaving two escorts dead own his 1) Maclean street apartment in ports point followed by 2) the slow companion left for days in the Bondi apartment. Well, now to the crux of the above matter stated  - though this will be a very lengthy informative one after that pretext!! lol It is a fact that the independent private escort, without management, security or camaraderie of a fellow colleague (escorts working closely together; is very much akin to the stress and reminder that similar situations like that are happening everywhere. That has happened in a not so long ago history ( a decade in the uppermost “exclusive “ echelons of Sydney’s eastern suburbs.  Having gone through such an experience ( that I will leave details providing context allows, for another (watch four corners on the neurosurgeon Suresh Nair that was privy to the death of eastern suburbs escorts)  A choice that I choose to work in one of ( well actually The Best Establishments- LIAISONS of Edgecliff; one that is of safety and high class not to mention HOT AS HELL GIRLS THAT ARE JUST AS HOT FOR THEIR clients as the clients are for them. I, therefore, am in my realm of like-minded nymphs that are young, educated and travelling.  Moreover, there is ( my subjective view, not scientific — obviously)!!! 90% better in their attitude and looks within their job at liaisons than any other escort on most high escort sites. I’m on scarlet blue, and I find that I get beautiful clients there but being times of volatility in the market and decreasing finances I am not a good saleswoman. I have compassion and therefore lose fiscal responsibility and site of my budgetary goals.  some cannot pay high rates regularly, so I refer them to liaisons where I am known as Candy here I spend four days a week and then three days when I’m off the super exclusive sophisticated Carmela Coultier French and English speaking, born Australian, I try to find the time to work from my home providing incalls and then having the pleasure to meet ( my favourite types) business people in their hotel room on their busy schedule between meetings - so these outcalls to the city and east and northern suburbs are infamous for discretion and education- in which I excel in, and take too seriously enjoying above all other appointments- types.  So, these outings I have once been the colleague of a rival company in which case I would indeed talk and be the associate of my client as he requested and spoke through the strategy and script. These are rare, but I love these roles because A courtesan is supposed to hold her own and support the client REGARDLESS of context. That’s why the prices are high. I have a degree and a bachelor in science and education and molecular biology and business diploma. I have experienced much in the field, but I can at least accompany and have your back and hold a strategy conversation In social frameworks.
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The 5 best things about BDSM

Written on January 9th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Without a doubt, BDSM is one of the best things that ever happened to the world of sex and intimacy. The release of probably the kinkiest movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, fuelled the spread and curiosity of the culture of BDSM, which had been considered taboo for a long time. For many decades, kinky sexual encounters have been labelled with the wrong definitions, which is unfortunate. Luckily, people are embracing the culture and accepting BDSM to be part of us. However, are you aware that besides the sexual thrill, there are hundreds of benefits attached to BDSM? We partnered with "sexperts", professional dominatrixes, Cairns escorts, and holistic sex practitioners and prepared you this list of the best 5 things about BDSM.   1.      Bdsm improves communication People who practice BDSM tend to be better communicators, especially in intimate relationships compared to non-kinky partners. This is because BDSM is a sensitive aspect of sexuality that calls for discussions about sexual desires and approaches to satisfying them. Also, the need for tools like safe words and sex toys contributes to excellent communications compared to typical relationships. 2.      Contributes to faithfulness The commitment, emotion, energy, and trust that couples practicing BDSM invest in these relationships discourages and dissuades most of them from engaging in unfaithful acts. According to escorts in Cairns most people who take these acts seriously consider their relationships high-risk, high-rewards situations that nobody wants to sabotage. 3.      More and more intimacy Many people consider casual sex as the ultimate intimacy between two (or more) partners. They don't realize that with BDSM, there is more at stake than casual sex, which makes BDSM a great way of taking intimacy to greater heights. Also, there are so many different sexual acts that require extra trust among partners, and in the process, intimacy gets a massive boost. 4.      Fights anxiety. Although this is highly debated, there is science-based evidence backing this statement. The thrill and enjoyment that comes with giving or receiving pain is a crucial fighter of anxiety. Science suggests that practices such as sadism and masochism alter the blood flow into the brain leading to altered states of consciousness, which leads to a feeling of tranquility and thus reducing anxiety. 5.      Improves mental health In most cases, BDSM is associated with forced sex, breach of consent, rapes, and sexual abuse, which is completely absurd. People who engage in BDSM practices tend to be less neurotic, more open-minded, and aware of rejection. Also, contact between the parties engaging in BDSM promotes better states of wellbeing.   If you're yet to indulge in BDSM, you have no idea what you're missing. Remember that the key to enjoying such benefits is proper communication with your partner(s).
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Up to 70% off sale at LoveHoney until 12 Jan!!

Written on January 9th, 2021 by Naughty Ads
This up to 70% sale offer is live now and lasts until Tuesday 12th Jan so get in quick. Simply click previous link to start shopping for all your adult toy, lingerie and accessory needs.
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The art of perfect foreplay

Written on January 2nd, 2021 by Naughty Ads
Foreplay can be defined as any act that precedes sexual intercourse. It can also replace sex as the main event if one needs not to. When done right, foreplay can be hot and fascinating. Importance of foreplay When the foreplay is done, it sparks you both physically and physiologically, making sex a possibility and delightful. (a) physiological Foreplay brings partners closer inside and outside of the bedroom, and also, it has a positive effect on our libido. Kissing, which is part of foreplay, triggers the release of hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. A mixture of these hormones inhibits the release of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Thus an increase in bonding, affection, feeling, and euphoria. (b) Physical Sexual arousal occurs during foreplay. There is an Increase in juices flow. This, however, is different from the desire to have sex, but it can lead to that direction too. Sexual arousal to the body are: ·        Increase in blood pressure, pulse, and heartbeat rate. ·        Blood vessel dilation, such as the genitals. ·        An increase in blood flow in the sexual organs, such as the penis, clitoris, and labia. ·        Nipples erect, and the breasts swell. ·        Presence of vaginal lubrication hence enjoyable sex due to less friction and less pain To make foreplay more fascinating, you can try the following tips. 1. Slowly get rid of the clothes. Lakes entrance escorts suggest that foreplay resembles a marathon. You do not need to be in a hurry to finish. Clothes such as shirts can be removed first. It would be best if you gave maximum concentration to the already revealed body parts. This may be by touching, licking, or kissing. After some time, pull the pants down and massage the thighs and legs area. Once you remove the bra (if any), shift the focus on the nipples. However, don’t just jump into the breasts. Start by touching the areola slowly, making swift circles before giving the whole boob soft massages. Now suck the nipples gently while rubbing the breasts. 2. Sexting the entire day. Foreplay should not be a bedroom affair only but can start as early as when one wakes up. Sexy texts should be the norm. Such texts like, “can’t just imagine your naked body next to mine tonight”. This raises the level of excitement and anticipation. If swapping nudes also excites you, then do it while sexting. 3. Do an undress tease Dancing while stripping may look great. Even if you're a poor dancer, this tends to cover up that part. It seems naughty and crazy at the same time. This may tempt the female partner to pounce on the man. 4. Dress sexily underneath Women's sexy undergarments turn men on. If an excellent sexy color and size are chosen, it gets more enticing. With the right size of underwear in a man, a woman can get turned on too. Conclusion As much as we enjoy sex, foreplay can come in handy, whether as a replacement or together with sex. The above examples are part of good foreplay practices. More can be added depending on mood and preference.
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My most intense orgasm

Written on December 29th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
I hired my first Griffith escort in my late twenties. I was a poor intellectual who was not lucky with women and on top of that, I also had a difficult childhood full of strain and depression. I knew escort websites well since I had been playing around for a while. I had visited Naughty Ads more than twice and fantasized about what it would be like to hook up with one of the hot Griffith escorts. The fantasy had now come to pass. I chose a pretty girl with a shapely figure, a curvy waist, and crescent-shaped eyebrows. She looked great from her profile. I made a call and asked her to come to my place. She arrived at 7:00 P.M. as agreed. She looked as beautiful as her profile picture. She wore a low cut purple evening dress. I paid for one hour. I was nervous and spent almost half of the time talking about life and movies. I did not want to continue racing against the clock. I led her to my bedroom. Before I could shut the door behind me, she stripped off her dress, unveiling her sexy floral inner-wear. This shocked me. It happened in a split of a second and was not the norm in my reality. But whatever it was, I had paid for it and was ready for it. She then wondered how we could spend the whole hour. I told her she was in charge, and I would be at her service. She jumps up the bed and starts massaging my back as we talk. We talk about erotic stuff, I guess, just to set the mood. She then told me I had a good smell and was hot. She spanks my butt while talking. She then said that I had a cute butt, and she liked it. She then rolled me over and pulled down my pants. She then sucked my already anxiously throbbing cock with a lot of enthusiasm. She played with my balls, as the other hand touched my chest. She did it slowly and lightly without changing the hands. I lost myself and almost crashed on the bed. I felt the pleasure oozing in waves, and my breathing was fast. I was about to explode then she stopped! She had a maroon color to her hair. I noticed this in the light. I asked her if her hair was dyed, and she chuckled and said" yes." She felt impressed that I had taken notice of her hair. She turned on the table lamp to show me how it changes tint in the light. She then bent into a doggy position, ready for me to do the honors. My cock was still as hard as a nail. I slapped her ass and penetrated her from behind. Delaying my gratification intensified my orgasm like never before. I shuddered as I ejaculated multiple times whilst inside her. I fell to the bed again, removed the condom that was overflowing with cum and we embraced there, naked, in each other's arms. Years on, I feel like I need a repeat of that. 
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Kinky things to try with an escort

Written on December 26th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
By now, you've read hundreds of books and blog posts or watched hundreds of movies about sex ideas, but have you been able to take those fantasies beyond the books and movies? There is no better feeling in the world than having a great date with an escort and ending it with some nice time in the bedroom. However, with the limited time, the chances are that you're tired of the casual sex routines. If you're looking out to shake and spice things up during your escort dates, there are thousands of ways to do it. We've prepared this list of kinky things to try with an escort from the soft to the wild. 1.      Take the action to a mirror. The next time you're romping an escort, whisper into her ears and tell her how sexy she looks, and then suggest getting a better view. While at it, lead her slowly into a mirror and bend her over. Hit it from behind as you enjoy the view of you doing what you do best. You can also have a mirror beside your bed so that you all can watch yourselves taking each other to unthinkable heights.  2.      Talk dirty Talking dirty is the chocolate sprinkles when it comes to sex. While you have a great time with an escort, introduce some nasty words to describe the sensations you're feeling, as you encourage her to touch you more. Whisper into her ears about how her touches drive you crazy. Also, you can introduce some nasty insults such as “my slut”. However, Caloundra escorts suggest a prior agreement before using such words as they can be offensive. 3.      Spanking Don't be afraid to bend her over, smack her ass, and let her butts feel the power vested in your hands. The trick to spanking is starting soft and light, accompanied by some soft and slow caressing between the smacks. Hands work perfectly for a start but if things get to the next level, introduce toys such as flogs. Also, be sure to have a prior agreement as not every escort fancies being smacked on the ass. 4.      Role-playing. Remember those childish games you played in your childhood days, such as cop and driver? Such games blend perfectly with dates with escorts. Bring that imagination in such scenarios and use the tools at your disposal to turn the situations into great sexual encounters. Role-play is a fun way of experimenting with the wild sexual desires beyond your headspace, and of course, better and more intense orgasms. The bottom line Bondage, temperature play, flogging, fetishism, worship, biting, and dressing up are more examples of things you could try. However, before you get all kinky, be sure to observe mutual respect with the escort.
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Independent work is sometimes dangerous .... money worth it but see below for my other secret passion ..

Written on December 25th, 2020 by Carmela Coultier
Whilst working in the independent escort industry since 2007, I’ve been through some interesting and dangerous circumstances. The neurosurgeon Suresh Nair was one out all that lasted 12 hours in which I could have died given his ( passion for intoxicating himself and dissociating to a near-noxious level) time you all remember the four corner documentary on his fall from too neurosurgeon status at Nepean hospital to nonchalance and bad choices when leaving two escorts dead own his 1) Maclean street apartment in ports point followed by 2) the slow companion left for days in the Bondi apartment. Well, now to the crux of the above matter stated - though this will be a very lengthy informative one after that pretext!! lol It is a fact that the independent private escort, without management, security or camaraderie of a fellow colleague (escorts working closely together; is very much akin to the stress and reminder that similar situations like that are happening everywhere. That has happened in a not so long ago history ( a decade in the uppermost “exclusive “ echelons of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Having gone through such an experience ( that I will leave details providing context allows, for another (watch four corners on the neurosurgeon Suresh Nair that was privy to the death of eastern suburbs escorts) A choice that I choose to work in one of ( well actually The Best Establishments- LIAISONS of Edgecliff; one that is of safety and high class not to mention HOT AS HELL GIRLS THAT ARE JUST AS HOT FOR THEIR clients as the clients are for them. I, therefore, am in my realm of like-minded nymphs that are young, educated and travelling. Moreover, there is ( my subjective view, not scientific — obviously)!!! 90% better in their attitude and looks within their job at liaisons than any other escort on most high escort sites. I’m on scarlet blue, and I find that I get beautiful clients there but being times of volatility in the market and decreasing finances I am not a good saleswoman. I have compassion and therefore lose fiscal responsibility and site of my budgetary goals. some cannot pay high rates regularly, so I refer them to liaisons where I am known as Candy here I spend four days a week and then three days when I’m off the super exclusive sophisticated Carmela Coultier French and English speaking, born Australian, I try to find the time to work from my home providing incalls and then having the pleasure to meet ( my favourite types) business people in their hotel room on their busy schedule between meetings - so these outcalls to the city and east and northern suburbs are infamous for discretion and education- in which I excel in, and take too seriously enjoying above all other appointments- types.  So, these outings I have once been the colleague of a rival company in which case I would indeed talk and be the associate of my client as he requested and spoke through the strategy and script. These are rare, but I love these roles because A courtesan is supposed to hold her own and support the client REGARDLESS of context. That’s why the prices are high. I have a degree and a bachelor in science and education and molecular biology and business diploma. I have experienced much in the field, but I can at least accompany and have your back and hold a strategy conversation In social frameworks.
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BDSM 101 - a beginner's guide to BDSM

Written on December 21st, 2020 by Naughty Ads
In books, screens, magazines, and on the internet; BDSM is everywhere, and chances are high you'll have have seen or heard of it. However, the question is, have you ever tried BDSM, or rather, do you have a pull towards this kinky world. BDSM, short form for bondage, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism, is one aspect of sexuality that confines people, even the open-minded ones, into a neat little box when it comes to intimacy. Sex is an evolving art that demands replenishing once in a while. If you're here, we tend to guess that the driving force is your desire to learn more about this exciting sexual practice. Here, you'll find a comprehensive beginner's guide to BDSM that has been carefully crafted based on opinions of the best sex enthusiasts in town, adult providers, brothel owners and Auckland escorts. 1.      Find information about BDSM. It makes no sense to indulge in something you don't understand well. BDSM might be a four-letter word, but it carries a lot of weight in the sexual world, and on the same note, involves lots of sexual practices. Here is a simple breakdown of what BDSM is all about. Bondage and discipline In this form of BDSM, restraints are the main focus. One person, or rather your partner, controls what you feel in terms of pain and pleasure. It involves simple bondage gear such as cuffs, ropes, and other kinds of restraints. On the other hand, discipline involves dominance and submissive play, where a partner, the dom, sets the rules to be followed by the submissive.  Dominance and submission This simply involves a sub, who gives all the power and control to a dominant partner (dom). Sadism and masochism This involves intense sexual acts that are done by the kinky partners who enjoy deriving pleasure from pain. 2.      Talk to your partner about it. This world of pleasure calls for a massive commitment from both partners. If you feel like you can handle all the kinkiness, make sure you discuss it with your partner rather than jumping into it without his or her consent. Hold a deep conversation and agree on whether you want to go down this road together or not. 3.      Shop for the right gear If you both agree on a go-ahead, make sure you shop for the best bondage gear appropriate for beginners. We recommend you start slow before going all out on the sex toys and bondage accessories. For beginners, restraints, blindfolds, floggers, and candles are just perfect. More examples include ropes, tapes, and nipple clamps. The bottom line Whether BDSM is fun or not depends on what you share between you and your partner. Therefore, the best way of approaching this is by talking to your partner and going down this road together. Click here to contact a Naughty Ads BDSM provider.
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The Best Escort Agency In Sydney- HUSH Escorts

Written on December 18th, 2020 by Madison Ashley
Looking for something that will break the monotony at the moment and make your life more interesting or adventurous? Then escort agency Sydney is the solution you’re looking for, for escorts near me in Sydney. Our modern lifestyle is hectic, stressful, and takes its toll on our quality of life in more ways than one. Our energy levels are lower than ever, lack of motivation is all-pervading, and it’s needless to mention most people feel like those hamsters that run on those tiny wheels but never go anywhere. Escort Agency SydneyYou do not really have to put up with that! It’s incredibly simple to spice things up and introduce more fun and excitement in your life. Hush escort agency can make it happen easily, we have the best escorts in Sydney. The best escort agency in Sydney is here to help you live your best life and seize the day. With our agency, you can live life to the fullest and completely forget about all those above-mentioned problems that make our lives toxic and boring. You will feel your energy levels rising, motivation rising, and your life will never be monotonous again. Isn’t that fantastic? Thanks to the Hush Escorts who have the best Sydney outcall service you can turn your dreams and fantasies into reality. Simply call us on 0426 776 655 to arrange one of our best Sydney escorts. You can, indeed, live the life you have envisioned. Wondering how? It’s easy, actually, Hush escort agency has got you covered. After all, this is an award-winning, high class escort agency with the most stunning women in the world. This is not an exaggeration, our girls are attractive, sexy, beautiful, fun, and a paradise for your eyes and have been dubbed as the best escorts in Sydney. However, it’s not just about the looks (although they’re hot as hell), but about other things as well. You see, our girls are intelligent and educated. Yes, beauty and the brains all in one stunning “package”. Visit our Escorts Sydney WebsiteIf you’re looking for girls that have it all then you can easily find them by visiting the official website The agency interviews every applicant and only the best ones get to be a part of team. The agency has escorts to meet all your personal likes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for bisexual girls or girls who like to have fun with the couples, you’ll find them here. Our girls meet different interests. For instance, if you are into bondage, anal play, role play, or have some other fantasies to explore, you can do it with the best escort agency in Sydney. This is the reason why our agency is so popular – our girls are smart, passionate, and they love to make you happy. We have different girls who are passionate about different things, so you have plenty of options to choose from.There is no reason to be bored at home and dwell over monotonous life when you can just visit our website and find the ideal high class escort that will spice things up and make you happy. Take a look at our website and galleries, and you’ll see why we are popular among both men and women alike. Treat yourself. 
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The best 3 things about body rubs

Written on December 17th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Among the trends in erotic therapy in this new decade, body rubs top the list. In recent years, body rubs have gained a lot of popularity, which sparks the question of what is good about them. There is nothing as pleasing as having a combination of pressures, tensions, emotions, and vibrations all working on your body, which is what body rubs are all about. In some special instances, these special erotic massages come with extras, such as a happy ending. If you're curious about trying a body rub, here are the best 3 things about body rubs.But before that, are body rubs good for everyone?This is a common question that we get in our FAQs section. Body rubs are perfect for anyone from seniors, escorts, athletes, and young people. As long as the massage is done by a professional or someone who understands the hacks, you will love the feeling of pure bliss on your entire body.Benefits of body rubs1.       They ease stress and strain.With lots of activities to do daily, your body is likely to get out of shape, especially when you sit or stand for long durations. You are likely to get exhausted with your muscles getting strained on the shoulders, neck, back, arms, and other parts. When you get professional body rubs in Sydney, you get relieved of all the fatigue, making you feel relaxed.2.       Improves sleep.In most cases, sleeplessness is brought about by stress. Busy lifestyles that we are living are full of stress, which is likely to lead to poor sleeping patterns. The mental tension and stress that comes with the execution of daily tasks lead to insomnia, which translates the fatigue to the next working day. This means that you still won't have the urge to work and execute the tasks ahead despite going home. A nice professional Christchurch body rub is the perfect solution for such a problem. The body rub will relax your body and mind and rejuvenate your energy to tackle busy days.3.       It fights anxiety and improves the overall mood.Anxiety attacks are common, and when they hit, they lead to increased heart rates, which tend to be unhealthy. When one is anxious, they can't reason properly, which could lead to even more serious damage. Body rubs are a perfect solution for such conditions. Also, body rubs are a perfect way of dealing with anger, temper, and awful moods.More benefits of body rubs include headache relief, increased flexibility, and of course, "the happy ending" that many people don't like talking about! If you're looking to unwind and relieve the pressure from busy schedules, a body rub is a way to go.  
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My first escort experience

Written on December 10th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
The idea of me using escort services hadn't crossed my mind until early last year, during my holidays. As a college student, I've always had options for women, but when we break for the holidays, the options tend to go on holiday too.It was one quiet evening where time was moving so slowly, and I had no idea what to do with my life. I was already missing school life. I was lying on my couch in my tiny room in the basement of our old house, scrolling on a famous Facebook group when I came across a post "what it feels like to be with an escort."The young lad in me developed a great interest and went through the post. By the time I was done, I had made up my mind that I wanted to try that too. I had very little information or ideas on what to do to get an escort, so I did the obvious.I took my phone and rushed to my browser and googled "professional escorts in Christchurch." Within no time, I came across several agencies with enticing profiles of sexy escorts. I booked a girl called Anne, whose name I'll never forget. I made preparations and bought some champagne, and within an hour, she was at my place.I was impressed by the efficiency of the whole booking process through to getting "the package." When she came, she greeted me professionally. I don't know about you, but that really turns me on. I welcomed her to my small crib and offered her a drink. Surprisingly, she politely insisted on not drinking. I was surprised, but I came to learn later that escorts are real professionals, and their code of conduct doesn't allow intoxication.The escort was a great conversationalist, who turned the conversation slowly from professional to nasty. Before I knew it, I was undressing, and she was down there doing what they do best. She slowly gave me a deep erotic massage while asking me how I like getting touched.I got so turned on, and I’ll forever remember how she took her time. She touched every bit of me, licked every part of my bits. Her soft hands sent immense chills down my spine. Contact with her hot petite body was something ill forever relish. Long story short, the orgasm that came was shattering, mind-blowing, and moving. I can't remember if she got to that point, but as for me, it was the best experience ever.When our date was done, I didn't have to be told to pay. My friends say I'm sort of stingy, but there some something about her hands that made me drop her a huge tip. She thanked me and walked out slowly and majestically while I was left lying in bed, digesting what had just happened. 
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Erotic massage

Written on December 9th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
A traditional massage is excellent, but have you tried a Sydney erotic massage? Sex enthusiasts say that an erotic massage is one of the best forms of foreplay. It is also said that an erotic massage could even be a better ending than sex itself.In a traditional massage, the aim is to rub the muscles in light strokes to help the muscles relax. So what does an erotic massage entail? The difference is not that distinct, only that an erotic massage aims at what your guess is- sexual pleasure. It aims at enhancing sexual stimulation, although in most cases, it ends in orgasms. If that happens to you, well and good then. So are you curious about how to give an erotic massage? Many people need to learn how to give this type of massage, and others need to know how to receive it. Here are a few expert tips on how to go about an erotic massage for the best experience.Select a nice playlistMusic plays a significant role in our senses. It helps us relax and gets us into moods we can't explain. When giving an erotic massage, choose some music with soft, romantic rhythmic tunes. Remember that slow does it all. If you’re a heavy metal fan, you’d better put your love for crazy music aside.CommunicateMany people fail at this stage. It can’t be emphasized enough how important communication is between the partners during such a sacred and intimate moment. If you feel like you have some parts of your body that are off-limits, don’t hesitate to mention it. However, do it in a safe and sexy way that won’t sound like a turn-off. Feel free to tell your partner how you want to be touched, and if you feel like you want to make things hotter and take them to the next level, don’t hesitate.Dim, sexy lights! Oh my!Remember that our minds respond to what we see and feel. Consider getting some dimly lit colored candles. However, we have some people who prefer getting naughty with the lights on. Although that is kind of weird, don’t let anything stop you.Oils and propsAlong with setting an erotic mood, sex toys, wax, and oil can enhance sexual pleasure. The recommended oil for sexy erotic massages is natural coconut oil. Also, pouring hot candle wax on your partner is super sexy. However, be careful with candle wax- you don’t want to induce pain in your partner. Sex toys are not a requirement, but an extra vibration could lead to more intense pleasure and better orgasms. Just remember to keep them simple.See, giving an erotic massage is not as hard as it sounds. Whichever technique you choose, remember that the goal is to please your partner. Therefore, concentrate on tracing his/her body. Remember to begin with light touches before getting things intense.
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The Top 10 Australian Escort Directories

Written on December 7th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
If you are one of the many private escorts that wonder “where is the best place for escorts to advertise online" then this article is for you.If you're a punter, horny, and stumbled here wondering how to get in touch with the best for-hire male, female or transexual Sydney has on offer - quickly click the previous link and start getting into the action! However, for punters that are interested in the features of the top 10 Australian escorts sites, please join us and read along to find out more.**********Since the passing of the controversial FOSTA-SESTA bills into law in April 2018 many Australian escorts and New Zealand escorts have been looking for the best cracker alternative and backpage alternative to advertise their escort and adult services.Finally, a summary of the top 10 Australian Escort Directories is here. We have listed our pick for the number 1 site in Australia first, followed by the other 9 of our top 10 in comparison to the top dog. The other 9 sites haven't been listed in any particular order. Naughty AdsNaughty Ads ( is Australia's fastest-growing escorts and adult services directory displaying the hottest local talent near you. 100% Australian owned and operated since 2012, Naughty Ads took home the 2019 Best Escort Directory at the Adult XAwards. Naughty Ads has also held that award throughout 2020 as the XAwards was postponed until 2021.With a sleek and simple design, lightning-fast operation, every payment option under the sun, and extensive advanced searching capability, Naughty Ads allows any punter to find exactly what they want and when they want it. With a host of features for advertisers like 24/7 self-ad management, unlimited photo and video uploads, available now and jump-to-top boost options, touring, ad performance reports, ad expiry text alerts, and multi-channel social media ad promotion, ugly mugs text alerts, blog promotion and much more, there is a seemingly endless list of features for escort and adult service providers.Equally, for Naughty Ads' punters, there are a host of great features available. From favouriting escorts, getting alerts when new escorts are near you or meet your specific search criteria, keeping a date diary, read and write articles and reviews, post to the Naughty Ads forum, access the punter's only newsletter, and be eligible for promotions and prize offers there's lots to love about becoming a Naughty Ads punter.Naughty Ads is our pick for the best escort directory in Australia due to the excellent website performance, 24hr turnaround support and the plethora of advertiser and punter features with many more exciting ones earmarked for 2021.EscortifyEscortify, a Czech Republic owned website, lives up to its claims of being sexy in look and feel. It is well designed, with great colouration and layout, and is 3rd party ad-free. Navigation is a little clunky and unintuitive with occasional issues with the hamburger menu when testing was performed. Load speed is average and search functionality is not very user friendly with the need to type in search criteria rather than being able to select from pre-selected options. Escortify displays both a user online count and an overall private escorts advertiser count and by category count which ads a community-feel appeal. It is not clear if punters can create an account but on the plus side, they can favourite listing immediately without a login. Escort Ads start from $39.99 / month for a basic account with a weekly payment option. VIP profiles are also available and start at $89.99 a month with weekly and even 3-day options which are good for casual workers. Secure credit card payment is offered, and support is said to be only a few hours turnaround via email.Escortify vs. Naughty AdsWhilst Escortify boasts as being the sexiest and most innovative directory, period, our opinion is that whilst it is sexy, Naughty Ads boasts a host of better features and caters much better to advertisers and much more so to punters.Please click to visit the best Escortify alternative.Escorts and BabesEscorts and babes boasts as being Australia's largest platform catering to all adult service providers under the sun including (but not limited to) escorts, strippers brothels, and gentleman's clubs. Escorts and babes also promote live cams and a sex store through text links and banner ads which give punters and advertisers further options to satisfy their adult desires. Although not fully tested, account creation looks simple with the ability to choose between independent, agency, or establishment. Independent accounts start from $10/week for just 1 location. There is also a staff member's number which can be called business hours Mon-Fri should you need assistance setting-up your ad. Escorts and babes has a clean, black and purple, dark-themed, website with a logical, compact layout that works well across desktop and mobile. Punters can get all required information about an adult service provider at a glance and can perform functions such as looking at alternative service locations of the provider, adding them to favourites, vote on whether images are real or not, and report user. A downside to escorts and babes is the inability for punters to write real reviews - the only available option is for advertisers to post their testimonials. Also, site speed is not great. Search functionality is either basic or advanced with the option to drill down to quite a granular level to find the escort or adult service provider you're after. There is also the ability to do a name search for an escort which is quite handy.Escorts and Babes vs. Naughty AdsAlthough escorts and babes is one of Australia's largest adult platform's Naughty Ads is the fastest growing. We believe that due to site speed and a host of better features for advertisers including a greater level of self reputation and ad management and for punters with the ability to read and write reviews and contribute to the Naughty Ads blog and community, Naughty Ads is our winner for better escort and adult service provider advertising site. We won't lie - it was a close call!Please click to visit the best Escorts and Babes alternative.Real BabesWe have to hand it to real babes - the service and features they propose on their website are amongst the best in the industry. Real babes' main selling feature is that all ads on-site are verified. As well as this realbabes offers advertisers the ability to have unlimited photos, a photo editing tool, the ability to pay by daily credits rather than weekly or monthly subscriptions, promotion through their blog and social media platforms, and a referral system where advertisers can benefit with free advertising extensions.The downside to real babes is their look. To be brutal it's a cheaper looking version of escorts and babes with the feel of the old cracker ads. The navigation layout is clean and logical but searchability is limited to capital and major cities (so no ability to search at the suburb level). Advertiser numbers are constrained by the extensive hoops to verify photos before publishing as one must remember that just because an ad is not verified does not make it fake - some people are just less inclined to verify due to the need to share personally identifying photos. Real babes' other main selling point of only paying for days when an ad is active is a clever one but is not as good as it sounds. In this day and age, with fierce competition for winning punter attention, exposure is everything and advertisers need to show their ads at all times (even on their days off). This is especially true for content publishers who need exposure 24/7. It is, nonetheless a good feature for a small subset of advertisers.Real Babes vs. Naughty AdsReal babes is a great site but not great enough to best Naughty Ads. Naughty Ads matches most of their main features and pulls ahead on its more advanced search capability to search for escorts at a suburb level - effectively the "escorts near me" search. Real babes also has no offering for punters whereas Naughty Ads has a host of punter features.Please click to visit the best Real Babes alternative.Punter PlanetPunter planet's main claim to fame is its forum, which, according to the site here in 2020 is celebrating its 10th year of operation. The majority of the site is behind a login wall, including its forum and classifieds ads section. However, there are a smattering of paid advertising positions for escorts surrounding this that don't require a login to access. Punter planet offers a classified advertising option for punters seeking services which is cool and not seen on many other sites. The ads are very clean but also very plain for advertisers with not a great deal of functionality to like/favourite etc. but sometimes less is more. Punter planet's main downfalls are that the website is slow to load and to be able to view the majority of their site requires a login.Punter Planet vs. Naughty AdsPunter Planet has a more established blog and punter community than Naughty Ads however NA is growing their punter community rapidly as it creates a host of new features regularly to give punters the tools and access they desire and deserve. Naughty Ads dominates punter planet for website operation, features, and the sheer number of ads that are immediately available to the benefit of both punters and advertisers making it a clear winner in our head-to-head match-up.Please click to visit the best Punter Planet alternative.SkokkaSkokka (Australia) is a Portuguese owned company offering female escort, male escort, transexual escort as well as "services seeking" advertising. Skokka also has a partnership with a live cams site to quench your thirst for some virtual love. The website layout is very much an homage to the cracker site of old in that it's very simple, ad text and photos give the appearance that they're quickly thrown together and sent live. Punters then have the option to call or email an escort or share their link. For advertisers, their options are limited to jumping their ad to the top - no available now feature or the ability to verify an ad seems to exist. At the time of review, the blog link was broken and Skokka's Instagram account had 0 posts. Support is via email or a phone call to a UK number during business hours Mon - Fri.Skokka vs. Naughty AdsSkokka ranks well but it is very much a wham bam thank you mam type of site where ads are thrown together quickly and you hit the ground running. The issue is that ad control options for escorts are severely limited and options for punters are non-existent. With the ability to go available now, add tours, and verify ads, and a host of other features that Skokka doesn't offer, Naughty Ads dominates in this matchup and is our clear winner.Please click to visit the best Skokka alternative.LocantoLocanto is a large, general classifieds website that also has a successful adult section. Locanto is not a pretty website but doesn't aim to be - it's about getting all the information and functionality you need in front of you as quickly and easily as follows. This approach contributes to a 'busy' feel with an overload of tips and messages and flashy ad banners. It has good search functionality with the ability to search for location or keyword and also choose a distance radius constraint to limit searches by 5km - 150km+. Locanto also has the most number of adult-related categories for adult businesses to choose from bars and clubs to erotic photography. They also allow search down to the suburb level which is great for finding escorts or adult service providers near you. The biggest downside to locanto is there are lots of old and spam ads with dodgy links. If it were to clean this up it would be a much better site.Locanto vs. Naughty AdsThis was an easy choice with Naughty Ads coming out on top. Whilst locanto had more adult search categories, Naughty Ads is only slightly behind and catching up. Naughty Ads' superior aesthetics, functionality, and legitimacy make it our clear winner in this match up.Please click to visit the best Locanto alternative.Available AngelsAvailable Angels is a website that does a lot of things well. They are innovative with their platform functionality with features like available now and alert systems for punters when advertisers go available. Available angels also have a special offers page which is a unique offering in the industry. The website has a clean and refined look and also has lots of escort and adult service provision categories that punters can choose from to locate exactly what they're after. The way the category selection is set out is intelligent as it gives the clients the appearance of there being more ads on site than there actually are as many advertisers show up in the on-page search results across numerous categories. This is a downside to only allowing advertisers that are willing to go through photo verification purposes in that it narrows the field and thus narrows choice. One must remember that just because an ad is not verified doesn't mean it's a fake.Available Angels vs. Naughty AdsAvailable Angels is a very solid offering in the Australian market. It has several features that it has pioneered and this should be commended. In a matchup against Naughty Ads we'd have to say NA is our winner as it also offers many of the features available now and those features that it doesn't currently have (which are valuable) it will have shortly. Naughty Ads' superior rankings and choice of escort and adult service provider make it our winner. The X Awards agreed with this position also with Available Angels being a nominee for Best Escort Directory 2019 with Naughty Ads taking our the winner prize.Please click to visit the best Available Angels alternative.Private GirlsPrivate Girls were once a powerhouse of the adult advertising industry however over the years they have declined in rankings and advertisers. The site is slow and clunkily set out. For the small number of advertisers, they benefit from low competition and leveraging long term punters who would still know the Private Girls brand.Private Girls vs. Naughty AdsNot much to discuss for this match up. Naughty Ads with superior speed, layout, advertiser, and punter features is the winner hands down.Please click to visit the best Private Girls alternative.Scarlet BlueLove them or loath them, Scarlet Blue is a mainstay in the adult advertising space. Their extensive offering for largely, high-end escorts is amongst the best in the market. Not only is it a great site for advertisers but it has a great information directory with etiquette guides, blog posts, and great informational pieces as well as advertiser interviews. The downside for advertisers is that this great site is also met with a great cost. Also, the site ownership is based overseas and its transition out of Australia was met with privacy concerns. Feedback on social media is that customer support is at times lacking.Scarlet Blue vs. Naughty AdsScarlet Blue is a powerhouse site no doubt but we've gotta back an Aussie in this race. Naughty Ads with its unparalleled level of 24/7 turnaround support, lightning fast site speed, rapid feature roll-out and rapid advertiser growth make Naughty Ads our winner by a nose!Please click to visit the best Scarlet Blue alternative.
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Written on December 2nd, 2020 by Naughty Ads
We often talk of great orgasms and great sexual experiences. But have you tried edging? If you haven’t tried it yet, take a seat and let us talk you through this interesting topic. In layperson's language, edging is that technique of hovering around your climax. It means getting to the point where you’re about to get your orgasm, but then you stop the stimulation and start the build-up all over again.Edging has been proven to lead to better orgasms and to make sex much longer. Eden escorts suggest that edging is a great way of pleasing your partner. So what are the benefits of edging? Here are some that were highlighted by escorts in Eden.1. Better orgasmsBy practicing edging, especially through masturbation, you get to learn more about your body. You get to understand the turn-offs when it comes to sexual pleasure. That way, better Os will follow. For men, or rather people with a penis, jerking off and practicing edging helps you get better orgasms.2. Better sexual staminaThis is more so for the phallic folks. When you practice edging, you gain more strength, and within time, you last longer in bed.3. Self-awarenessEdging is all about learning your own body’s strengths and weaknesses. For the people in relationships, edging is a great booster of confidence.Seeing all those benefits attached to edging brings us to the question of how to practice this technique. Here are a few expert tips to help you as a wholeThe start-stop methodThis works better during penetrative sex and applies to phallic partners. When you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, stop stroking for some seconds instead of just giving in to the orgasm. When the urge to orgasms fades away, get back to stroking or stimulating. That way, you get more time on the clock, and at the same time, a five-star rating from your partner. Wink! Squeeze methodSqueezing also works for people with a penis. When you’re just about to ejaculate, stop stimulation, and squeeze the dick head for about 30 seconds. Note that this method is quite hard to get used to. After the squeeze, the urge to orgasm will disappear, and then you can get back to stimulating the penis. The tantric massage methodThis is one of the best intimate ways of practicing edging. While you perform a tantric massage with your partner, when you feel the orgasms coming, try to focus on the energy between the two of you and let it slowly get into your mind. Within a few seconds, the orgasm will be delayed, and in the end, you will love the gushing full body orgasm.The bottom lineThere is zero harm in experimenting with your sexual horizons. You will never know what is great for your body unless you try it. Practicing edging could be a challenge at first, but you will love the new you in the end. 
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Sexual Mindfulness

Written on November 29th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
You may be getting great sex, but have you ever asked yourself whether that’s the best you can get? Sex is great- the moments allow us to connect to our partners, emotionally, physically, romantically, and spiritually. Unfortunately, many people, more so couples, have not been getting that kind of sex. For most people, sex to them is just being there and doing what you ought to do. This brings us to the question, sexual mindfulness. Mindful sex is that deep sex, where you allow yourself to concentrate on all the physical sensations happening around your body at that moment. Sexual mindfulness has been around for a long time, but most people, especially couples, have not paid enough attention to what it entails. Can mindful sex help you and your partner enjoy better sex?Experts and psychologists suggest that one of the most common causes of poor sex is mind wandering. This means that your body is at that moment, but your mind is somewhere else, miles away.Escorts in Forbes explained their experience with this situation and gave these two reasons: One is worried about how their body looks. Number two is worrying about whether they are doing the sex right- in a nutshell, partners tend to worry about things like taking too long to orgasm. Such factors switch off one’s brain, and you end up having shitty cliché sex. But with mindful sex, that is bound to change. Here are a few tips on having mindful sex.1. Breathe slowly and deeplyBreathing deeply is one of the best natural ways to help you relax during sex. Breathe in life, power, and energy into your body’s sexual regions. Breathe in love, passion, and connection. When breathing out, do it slowly and for long to release all the tension. Listen to your partner's breathing pattern and try to sync the two. You will love it.2. Be presentAvoid all possible distractions that may make your mind wander. If it’s possible, let the only noise coming from that room be the moaning. Switch off any tv or radio that might destruct your mind. Also, avoid thinking about your past or what might happen after sex. Let all your thinking focus on your partner and that particular moment.3. Have little expectations and don’t judgeWhen you approach sex with expectations, the chances are high that you’ll end up being frustrated. Don’t put any pressure on your partner in terms of performance. Also, embrace what your body has to offer and let go of any ill judgments you might be having.4. Be open-mindedBe welcome to any new experiences. Explore together with your partner and connect to new dimensions.Here is something else that is important. Before you even start practicing mindful sex, learn to practice mindfulness in your daily chores. That way, you will be better when it comes to doing the same during sex. 
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Escorts vs. one-night stands

Written on November 24th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
These two are great ways of having a night full of fun, and of course, some romping in the end. But the question is, is there any difference between one-night stands and escorts? For starters, escorts are women or men who offer sexual services in exchange for cash. On the other hand, one-night stands vary. It could be a friend you met or even a stranger, and you end up hooking up for a night. In one-night stands, there are no transactions in terms of payments. Generally, there is no difference between the two in terms of costs. I mean, in one-night stands, there are drinks involved, which of course, come at a cost.In terms of “morality,” the two are completely the same. Despite escorting services blooming recently, we still have some people who believe paying women (or men) for sex is lame and immoral. However, what two consenting adults do with each other is noone's business but they're own.Now that we have agreed the two are great ways of feeding your sexual desires, where do your taste buds lead you? Do you prefer booking professional escorts in Cowra or just a one-night stand? For some reason, escorting feels better, and here is why.1. Escorts accept people for who they areIn most cases, there is some convincing attached to one-night stands. I mean, you have to please your “partner” in some way, so that he/she can agree to your sexual plans. When it comes to escorts, they accept you the way you are - no matter what your shape, size or disposition.2. The experience will most likely be positive.When you book an escort, they are there for the money. They always try to give their all, at least for the rating, and maybe a tip. These escorts are fucking pros; they have the experience, and no bullshit or small talk.3. No feelings will be hurt.When you meet an escort, it's straightforward business, you get the sex, the escort gets the money. On the other hand, and in most cases, one-night stands are followed by days of regret. This is more so if it happens between friends who know each other.4. It can be therapeutic.Escorts are not what most people think of them. Some are professional and have mastered the art of relating to people. Some of these professional Cowra escorts are great conversationalists. They listen and can make great friends. Who knows, you might find someone to confide in.People should stop these double standards they have about escorts. Most of these people that talk ill about escorts and what they offer are the same people who secretly book their services. Also, life isn’t a rehearsal. If you feel like a one-night stand suits you, no one should stop you- so long as it's consensual! 
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Where is the g-spot?

Written on November 20th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
It’s quite common to hear female body parts being debated; boobs, skin, face, thighs, and, most importantly, the g-spot. This part has been described as the epicenter of pleasure. Some experts describe the area as the most sensitive part of the lady bits, while others don’t believe in its existence.Quite frankly, attaining the female orgasm feels like rocket science. It takes more than penetrative sex to arrive at the big O. From a study done on 100 women, only 18 of them achieved orgasm with penetrative sex only- meaning no hands or clitoral stimulations. More than often, it takes something special to get to that point of orgasm.Orgasms are important, as they help you relax. If you haven’t been getting some, maybe it’s time you focused on finding your g-spot. In simple terms, the g-spot, also known as the Grafenberg spot, is a sensitive part located inside the vagina. The sensitive area isn’t part of the body anatomy, but rather part of the clitoral network. It is believed that this part is the secret to gushing orgasms. In most cases, the position of the g-spot varies from woman to woman, which is why it’s hard to find.How can you find the g-spot? There is no “map” that will lead right to where this magical nub is located. However, that doesn’t imply it’s impossible. Instead of trying to locate it during penetrative sex, escorts in Coffs Harbour recommend that you do this through solo exploration.Start by getting yourself into an erotic mood- read an erotic magazine or watch an erotic movie. Relax, lay in bed, and start touching yourself slowly as you feel yourself. Massage your vaginal opening slowly- don’t insert your fingers yet.Instead of fingers, you may opt for a nice sex toy such as a vibrator (fingers are recommended). Now slowly insert a finger, not so deep into the vagina. Remember that you will not be looking for a specific nub, so it’s all about feeling each movement inside there. Slowly raise your finger upwards to make a “come here” type of motion. Focus on the sensations and listen for a specific extra sensitive region- the g-spot.How to make the best out of the g-spot? If you are lucky to have found yours, there are ways of attaining ultimate g-spot stimulation, more so using specific sex styles. A great example is the doggy style. Doggy style helps your phallic partner attain deeper penetration. In this position, try pushing your hips backward to change the penetration angle to one that touches the g-spot. Cowgirl and closed missionary are other examples of perfect styles.The bottom line The whole buzz about the g-spot won’t make sense unless you find what works for you. Find quality solo time, explore your body, and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. PS! You don’t need the g-spot for sexual satisfaction. 
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Is penis size important?

Written on November 17th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
We often hear of campaigns advocating for women to love their vaginas and overcome the labia shame. But what happens to the veined-tree holders? For a long time, very little attention has been diverted to caring for our phallic brothers. Many men have been stigmatized because of the size of something they can’t control. A study shows that 45% of men are not satisfied with their prick sizes. On the same note, a survey on women and Carnarvon escorts showed that a significant number of them are always okay with what the guy has to offer. So what do we make of this? Does penis size really matter in the sexual intercourse context?What is all this buzz in society about penis size?For some reason, the buzz about cock size can be blamed on technology. With access to the internet and sophisticated technology, comes low-quality pornography. We always see monster dicks in the videos forgetting that they can’t match up to the average penis. A study concluded that watching such porno affects men, which makes them feel like all they want in the next life is a big veined cock. Eventually, it leads to unrealistic standards on men. The penis buzz has also been fuel to toxic masculinity. The media has made it look like a man is less of a man if he has a small penis. There are so many ways of gauging manhood, and penis size is not even close to the list. Actually, most of these pricks with humongous dicks don’t even know how to use them.Does penis size matter in pleasure?The answer is a big NO! penis size is one of the least ingredients for great sex. Confidence, communication, humor, oral sex, and empathy all beat penis size in pleasing partners. In an opinion poll on women and escorts in Carnarvon, the penis was not even in the top 10 ways to orgasms. Also, the vagina is made so that during penetrative sex, girth counts more than inches.So what happens if you don’t match up?There are ways of making the most out of the little you have count. If your penis is “small,” go with positions that allow you to get deeper into the vagina. Doggy style is one of those magical styles. Have your partner arch their back and lower her chest as you hit it from behind.If your penis is thinner, choose potions that give the vagina a tighter feel. Have your partner squeeze their legs together to keep it tight.So is it a yes or no to size? Size matters, but not in the way you think about it. If it’s about being good in bed, it's more about what you do rather than what you have. Figuring out some techniques to make the best out of what you have would be better! 
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Black Friday: Early Access Up to 50% OFF!!

Written on November 15th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Black Friday is happening next week - make sure you don't miss out. Start Date:18/11/2020End Date:26/11/2020
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How long does sex last?

Written on November 14th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Have you been worrying about how long you last in bed? Is your sex a little more of “touch and cum?” or you’ve been having century-long romps? When it comes to sex, especially penetrative sex, there are no scholarly articles or publications that specify how long it should last. The definition of this topic varies widely depending on factors such as preferences.Some people consider sex to be the penetrative intercourse part only, while others include the whole process starting from foreplay. Also, most people confuse how they feel sex should last and how it lasts. If you asked these two questions to anyone, you would surely get different answers.So what is the average duration of sex? The answer to this is simple; Sex can last for as long as you want it to. However, we have little research that the average sex time clock is about 3-7 minutes. If you’ve been doing under that time frame, you don’t have to feel lesser of man-or woman.There are so many factors that determine how long the romp lasts. Here are some of them.1. Personal definitive view of sexThe definition of sex counts a lot on what you experience. If you feel that any stimulating contact is sex, then to you, sex should last longer. People with a thinner definition of sex believe sex lasts from the first P-in-V contact, which means that sex doesn’t last for that long.2. Sexual goals and normsIf you aim to please your partner for long or give him or her a good orgasm, the sex duration is affected.3. External factorsThis mostly affects parents. For example, parents might find it hard to have sex due to babysitting responsibilities. To such parents, the most common form of sex is a quickie, that in most cases happens when the baby takes a nap. In such cases, and many others, sex wouldn’t last for so long.4. Sexual orientation.A study concluded that sex between females lasts longer than any other type of couple sex.5. Health and wellbeingSome people experience a lot of pain during intercourse, especially females who have endometriosis. Also, some males experience erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Such factors reduce the time card on sexual intercourse.6. AgeAge relates to strength and stamina. As we age, the two are on a downward curve, and so is the time on sex.Generally, there is no point in seeking opinion on how long sex should last. If you feel like you need to make sex longer, escorts in Caboolture suggest practices such as edging, deep breathing (delays orgasms), communication between partners, prioritizing the female orgasm, and visualization exercises. If you feel like you need shorter sex, try getting into climaxing positions and touching yourself.  
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How to be sexually dominant

Written on November 11th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
One of the hottest things in the bedroom is sexual dominance. If done correctly and respectfully, it might turn out to be the best sexual encounters you’ll ever have. Most women think that being dominant is taking over the action and being on top. That is entirely wrong. Ideally, most men prefer being dominant while the lady plays the submissive part. Do you remember that feeling you get when you say “kiss me,” and you get the kiss? That is precisely what you feel when you dominate your partner. You feel like a boss, giving orders. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right corner of the internet. We have teamed up with the best dominatrixes, men, and Byron bay escorts to bring you the best insights on this topic. Buckle up and learn from the experts!Light and simple bondageBefore you even engage in this, make sure it's consensual, and your partner is completely okay with it. Restrain some parts of your partner’s body, as you give him/her what he/she deserves. That way, you’ll feel like you’re in charge of the whole play. There are many BDSM items out there that you can use for this stunt. However, don’t go all kinky in the beginning. Take it slow at first and pick up the pace with time. Start with restraining your partner’s hands using simple handcuffs. Padded straps and silicone cuffs are also a great starting point. Again, try blindfolding your partner during the play.EdgingAlthough this is a frustrating thing to do, it’s a great way of being dominant in the bedroom. When you edge, you take all control of your sexual partner’s pleasure, and you get to decide when they’ll have their orgasm. When you edge, you romp your partner until that moment just before they orgasm, and then you stop before they can get the thrill. See, you’re the boss here. You can tease your partner for as long you want, and they’ll even beg you for more. However, in the end, make sure you give them a long, deserved orgasm.Slight hair pullingThe idea behind pulling your partner's hair is not to initiate pain, but instead, it’s a sign of taking over and being in control. Just like controlling a horse, that is how hair pulling works. In most cases, this stunt is spot on when the woman is submissive and takes the inches from the back. You will love the thrill from this since it feels like riding your horse in the bedroom.There are so many tricks to making things kinky and exciting in the bedroom. Just remember that the listed tips may not work for everyone. It's best to communicate with your partner and come up with what will suit the two of you. In whatever you two decide, never leave spanking behind! 
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Written on November 9th, 2020 by Pegmark
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