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How to spot time-wasters

Written on July 23rd, 2020 by Naughty Ads. Updated July 30th, 2020. Viewed 301 times.
Image for Blog How to spot time-wasters

If you're like one of the Hervey bay escorts, you will always get hundreds of admirers. This phenomenon is something you should get used to. You will get many emails, texts, calls, and even DMs from strangers. But the thing is, not all those calls and texts will translate into paying punters. Some of those “potential clients” are just there to waste your precious time. Spending any more than the minimum about of time with these time-wasters will have your minutes, hours and ultimately, days go down the drain. So how do you identify some of these time-wasters? Let’s get into it.

They're not clear on what they want

Let's call a spade a spade. If someone is really interested in your services, they will approach you and strike the deal in a straight forward fashion. The sad thing is that some of them will know what they want, but they will still want to waste your time. You can always give the benefit of the doubt to a first-timer client, but that doesn’t mean you allow them to waste your time.

They don’t read your ad properly

These kinds of potential clients are quite annoying. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense approaching an escort, without reading a few things about her from the bio, or website. They will pop us asking stupid questions such as your availability, which are already answered on your profile. You should know that a serious client will take his time to read your ads, twitter bio, or wherever you have your information. If you spot such kind of people, it doesn’t hurt blocking their asses.

Vague and shaky language

If you ever get a prospect using words like “maybe” or “perhaps,” don’t even hesitate, just RUN! And yes, I mean it. Using such words is a clear indication that he’s not even interested in your services, or rather he’s there to experiment, and as an escort, you don’t have time for that.

They start bargaining

Don’t get it twisted. Bargaining is not bad, but he is not a serious client if it gets to the point of insisting. If he asks for a discount on the price, it’s okay to consider that. However, if he asks again, shut him off and remind him you have bills to pay!

They take forever to respond

Whenever a serious client engages you in a conversation, they always respond within a flash, and it becomes a business conversation. However, if he sends one text every five minutes, better move on sister because that's not a client.

The bottom line is that most people are good. However, there are always going to be those arrogant, unserious punters. This post is to remind you to keep your guard high and value your time!



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