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Masturbation Myths You Should Unlearn

Written on July 22nd, 2022 by Naughty Ads Updated July 22nd, 2022. Viewed 1015 times.
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The mention of the word masturbation strikes an endless conversation. The fact that it's still considered taboo makes it a center of attention. In truth, masturbation is a normal process practiced by millions worldwide. If you don’t masturbate, be sure someone else does. There is still a serious stigma around masturbation that has read to deep misinformation and myths. We collaborated with Hibiscus coast escorts and adult service providers to bring you this write-up on masturbation myths that you need to unlearn in 2022!

1.     Couples don’t masturbate

Did you know masturbating in front of your partner is one of the hottest things you can ever try? Many couples take advantage of masturbation to tease their partners and deny them orgasms in fun sex plays. At the same time, some partners run to masturbation when they feel like their sex life is getting bland. Although some get jealous and feel like that is cheating, the fact remains that people in healthy relationships masturbate at equal measures as those not in relationships.

2.     Masturbation is a direct ticket to ruined sex

This myth is based jealous notion that if one jerks off too much, they get used to their hands and eventually lose touch for sex with a partner. While this is true in extreme cases of addiction, most of the time, masturbation doesn’t affect sex routines. In fact, masturbation is one way of improving your sex life, in the sense that during the process of touching yourself, you get to figure out what works for you in bed. That way, it becomes easier for you to find pleasure and satisfaction during sex.

3.     Women or people with vaginas don’t masturbate

The truth is masturbation isn’t limited to any sexual orientation. A lot of women confess to being into masturbation. Whether you’re male, female, or transgender, nothing should stop you from a moment of solo exploration.

4.     Masturbation leads to ED

In reality, erectile dysfunction doesn’t result from masturbation but several factors such as underlying health issues. What happens in most cases is that due to too much masturbation, you may become used to a certain touch, which might make it difficult to get aroused by your partner or, rather, someone else. However, that doesn’t justify the myth of masturbation leading to ED.

5.     Masturbation has no health benefits.

In its totality, masturbation has unmatched health benefits and makes you a better self. These benefits include better quality sleep, relief from stress and tension, better self-esteem, and a youthful glow.

Take away

It’s clear that masturbation has benefits, but only if it is done within limits. Too much of it might turn out detrimental to sex life. People should stop preaching its myths and rather focus on educating people on its importance and how they can use it to improve their sex lives.

Please drop your contribution of any myths we may have left out in our comment section below.

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