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Written on February 21st, 2020 by Naughty Ads Updated February 22nd, 2020. Viewed 1633 times.

Sex Workers are adults who receive money or goods in exchange for consensual sexual services or Adult Services such as performances, romancing or massages in Australia.

In Australia, an escort refers to either an entertainer or companion for someone that hires the escort services. The escort does not need to or even have sex for payment. The time that the escort spends with the client is what is charged for and the discussion of sexual or adult services is discussed between the escort and the client at the time of the booking.



Over the years, the term “sex worker” recognises that sex work is indeed a real job and someones real work. The word ‘Prostitution’ has always related back to more criminal and immoral attributes of a person, so many escorts will prefer to be called a Sex Worker and find that the word “Prostitute” is demeaning and stigmatised. 

As Australia becomes ore liberal and open-minded, while every state slowly becomes more accepting of the sex-work profession; each state is decriminalising the profession which is making Australia a safer, healthier and more legally positioned country for Independent Sex Workers in Australia.



Welcome to NaughtyAds. Yes it is true, sex workers do in fact sell sexual services in order to earn a living (and yes - we too believe in them and support their choices because to us we too agree that sex-work is real work!). 

Many sex workers choose to do sex work because it is the best option they have at the time. However, many sex workers struggle with poverty and destitution and have few other options for work. But this does not represent all sex workers. We know from our experience as running one of Australia’s Award Winning Escort Directories ( X Awards, Escort Directory of the Year 2019); that many sex workers choose to do sex work to explore their sexuality, discover themselves and socialise with clients - as they get the opportunity to travel and meet different people throughout their career.

As Australia becomes more liberal and open-minded, while every state slowly becomes more accepting of the sex-work profession; each state is decriminalising the profession which is making Australia a safer, healthier and more legally positioned country for Independent Sex Workers in Australia.



Time for Payment. 

An escort in Australia guarantees the client their companionship for a monetary exchange and not in all cases does this include sex. It all depends on what the client is seeking at the time and so this is a mutual discussion between the escort and the client.

The client and the escort can discuss what they are seeking together, while the escort will spend time with the client to entertaining events such as a club or a dining experience and of course if sparks fly between both parties - then sexual services will happen.

An escort wants to accomplish two things when spending time with a client, that is earn money for their time and services given to the client and to ensure that the client is very satisfied for the provided services. Every escort wants to pleasure the client by their presence, even if it is just to talk all night without anything sexual happening.

At NaughtyAds, we have many escorts who provide companionship, girlfriend experience and porn star experience; this means that every escort provides a different type of service and so it is important to read the profiles of every escort so you choose the one that is right for you.



Well, in some cities around Australia it is not quite legalised yet, but sex-workers around Australia are working together to de-stigmatise the sex-work profession and as a result states around Australia are legalising sex-work! How exciting right?

Many sex workers (including our team at NaughtyAds), believe that the criminalisation of sex-work not only compromises sex worker health and safety but it also drives the career of a sex-worker underground.

When something is criminalised, everything is placed in the same category as Murder, Drug Solicitation and Mafia to name a few of the “underground” criminal types. This is an issue because it puts everyone that identifies with the Adult Services Industry in Australia, including brothels, escorts and managers of sex work - in the criminal pile.

Overall, criminalisation makes it hard for sex workers to negotiate terms with clients, ensuring that they and their client maintain a healthy and safe relationship, as well as simply carrying condoms with them out of fear that they will be used as evidence of them being a sex-worker in some states and cities around Australia.

Another issue that sex workers face in Australia is that where sex work is still criminalised, they report extreme levels of violence and harassment in connection with their work, from clients, from managers, from police - and - general society which tends to push escorts into the shadows and not treat them as “real people”. This makes it hard for sex workers to report rights violations and assault to police, because they are considered vulnerable and accepting of abuse, further increasing violence and stigma to sex workers.



Human Trafficking is where people are forced by threat or force, abduction, deception, or other forms of coercion for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sex work is a consensual transaction between adults - where the act of selling or buying sexual services is not a violation of human rights.


Closing Note…

Every escort on NaughtyAds is verified to ensure you are experiencing consensual sex workers who are ready to entertain you, spend time with you and explore your wildest desires and fantasies together.

Explore our list of Australian Independent Sex Workers and Adult Service providers now and find the escort of your dreams:

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