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Top three causes of erectile dysfunction

Written on March 6th, 2021 by Naughty Ads. Updated March 7th, 2021. Viewed 198 times.
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What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a health condition where a man cannot have and sustain a firm erection during sexual intercourse or sometimes interfere with sexual activity.

However, if sexual performance is not achieved satisfactorily for a while, erectile dysfunction becomes a concern. It is a condition that can happen to any man past puberty but is common with those in their forties. Chances increase with the preceding decades.

Most people have come to believe that erectile dysfunction is a treatable health condition after the discovery of Viagra or sildenafil. Hamilton escorts say that most men are too embarrassed about erectile dysfunction to inform their doctors that they come to seek advice from them. Treatment for ED is available through various medications and well understood.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

1. Diabetes

Most patients with diabetes have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, and it has become part of their lives. It varies with time, and if one has had diabetes for a long time, they have a higher chance of suffering from Erectile dysfunction. Controlling sugar levels, though, reduces ED risk.

The chances of a 40-year-old man having ED is estimated to be between 2% - 12%. However, this percentage shoots to 50% for men at the same age with higher blood sugars. With adherence to the doctor's prescription, the ED can be reversed completely.

2. Hypertension, heart diseases, and cholesterol.

Recent research has shown that people with erectile dysfunction are likely to be diagnosed with heart-related diseases now or later. Caution is, therefore, given to healthy people who do not suffer from any other disease but have ED. They have a high chance of getting heart disease, and therefore they should consult a doctor for directions.

3. Smoking

Many diseases, including erectile dysfunction, are related to tobacco smoking. With tobacco use, blood circulation to the rest of the body tends to decrease. Maintaining a strong erection will be difficult if there is not sufficient blood flow to the penis.

If smoking is stopped early enough, a better erection may be achieved.

When to consult a doctor


These are the few causes of erectile dysfunction(ED). There could be more natural causes omitted here. In case of ED occurrence, a doctor or urologist should be consulted for further recommendations on the matter.

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