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Pro tips for practicing safe anal sex

Written on January 31st, 2021 by Naughty Ads. Updated January 31st, 2021. Viewed 234 times.
Image for Blog Pro tips for practicing safe anal sex

Anal sex is currently a common practice among homosexuals and heterosexuals. It was earlier associated with the former but with the current sex trends, it's slowly gaining acceptance by all genders. Many women have given lots of praise to anal sex. They claim it is mind-blowing and intense compared to vaginal penetration. Besides, anal sex can also be an additional recipe when enjoying vaginal penetration. An explosive orgasm is experienced when there is a combination of clit stimulation, vaginal penetration, and anal play simultaneously.

Patience is critical in the process. There should be no rush and plenty of lube is also required in addition to the self-lubrication of the anus. The relaxation of the sphincter muscle is also an important requirement. Anal sex does not only involve a penis. A tongue, fingers, and toys can also come in handy.

Anal sex is considered safe, and its enjoyment is dependent on preparation, good communication with your partner, and more planning.

To enjoy anal sex and reduce any risks, you should put the following into consideration;

In case one is in a mood for wild anal sex or is anticipating it, they should plan and prepare well. More adventure waits in store if the following tips are adhered to.

1. Partners should communicate

There is no room for surprises when it comes to anal sex. One should inform their partners of their plans and that they are curious to perform anal sex. If one partner is not up for it, then the mission should be aborted. There are dozens of options out there for spicing up things between the sheets that don't involve anal sex.

2. Clean up in preparation

The rectum should be well cleaned before engaging in anal sex. This is in order to have an appealing and exciting experience. You can use an enema to clean it up.

3. Maintain short fingernails

Fingernails should always be kept short. Long nails may tear the delicate soft anal tissue. There is also a risk of carrying bacteria from the rectum with the nails.

4. Use a condom

You should always wear a condom to avoid contracting Sexually transmitted diseases, especially when the play involves shifting from anal sex to vaginal sex.


For adventurous couples, preparation, planning, and talking about anal sex are the first steps of engagement. Anal sex should be fun and enjoyable, and to achieve this the highlighted safety precautions should always be adhered to. Good luck with your anal sex adventures!

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