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Sexual Mindfulness

November 29th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
You may be getting great sex, but have you ever asked yourself whether that’s the best you can get? Sex is great- the moments allow us to connect to our partners, emotionally, physically, romantically, and spiritually. Unfortunately, many people, more so couples, have not been getting that kind of sex. For most people, sex to them is just being there and doing what you ought to do. This brings us to the question, sexual mindfulness. Mindful sex is that deep sex, where you allow yourself to concentrate on all the physical sensations happening around your body at that moment. Sexual mindfulness has been around for a long time, but most people, especially couples, have not paid enough attention to what it entails. Can mindful sex help you and your partner enjoy better sex?Experts and psychologists suggest that one of the most common causes of poor sex is mind wandering. This means that your body is at that moment, but your mind is somewhere else, miles away.Escorts in Forbes explained their experience with this situation and gave these two reasons: One is worried about how their body looks. Number two is worrying about whether they are doing the sex right- in a nutshell, partners tend to worry about things like taking too long to orgasm. Such factors switch off one’s brain, and you end up having shitty cliché sex. But with mindful sex, that is bound to change. Here are a few tips on having mindful sex.1. Breathe slowly and deeplyBreathing deeply is one of the best natural ways to help you relax during sex. Breathe in life, power, and energy into your body’s sexual regions. Breathe in love, passion, and connection. When breathing out, do it slowly and for long to release all the tension. Listen to your partner's breathing pattern and try to sync the two. You will love it.2. Be presentAvoid all possible distractions that may make your mind wander. If it’s possible, let the only noise coming from that room be the moaning. Switch off any tv or radio that might destruct your mind. Also, avoid thinking about your past or what might happen after sex. Let all your thinking focus on your partner and that particular moment.3. Have little expectations and don’t judgeWhen you approach sex with expectations, the chances are high that you’ll end up being frustrated. Don’t put any pressure on your partner in terms of performance. Also, embrace what your body has to offer and let go of any ill judgments you might be having.4. Be open-mindedBe welcome to any new experiences. Explore together with your partner and connect to new dimensions.Here is something else that is important. Before you even start practicing mindful sex, learn to practice mindfulness in your daily chores. That way, you will be better when it comes to doing the same during sex. 
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Escorts vs. one-night stands

November 24th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
These two are great ways of having a night full of fun, and of course, some romping in the end. But the question is, is there any difference between one-night stands and escorts? For starters, escorts are women or men who offer sexual services in exchange for cash. On the other hand, one-night stands vary. It could be a friend you met or even a stranger, and you end up hooking up for a night. In one-night stands, there are no transactions in terms of payments. Generally, there is no difference between the two in terms of costs. I mean, in one-night stands, there are drinks involved, which of course, come at a cost.In terms of “morality,” the two are completely the same. Despite escorting services blooming recently, we still have some people who believe paying women (or men) for sex is lame and immoral. However, what two consenting adults do with each other is noone's business but they're own.Now that we have agreed the two are great ways of feeding your sexual desires, where do your taste buds lead you? Do you prefer booking professional escorts in Cowra or just a one-night stand? For some reason, escorting feels better, and here is why.1. Escorts accept people for who they areIn most cases, there is some convincing attached to one-night stands. I mean, you have to please your “partner” in some way, so that he/she can agree to your sexual plans. When it comes to escorts, they accept you the way you are - no matter what your shape, size or disposition.2. The experience will most likely be positive.When you book an escort, they are there for the money. They always try to give their all, at least for the rating, and maybe a tip. These escorts are fucking pros; they have the experience, and no bullshit or small talk.3. No feelings will be hurt.When you meet an escort, it's straightforward business, you get the sex, the escort gets the money. On the other hand, and in most cases, one-night stands are followed by days of regret. This is more so if it happens between friends who know each other.4. It can be therapeutic.Escorts are not what most people think of them. Some are professional and have mastered the art of relating to people. Some of these professional Cowra escorts are great conversationalists. They listen and can make great friends. Who knows, you might find someone to confide in.People should stop these double standards they have about escorts. Most of these people that talk ill about escorts and what they offer are the same people who secretly book their services. Also, life isn’t a rehearsal. If you feel like a one-night stand suits you, no one should stop you- so long as it's consensual! 
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Where is the g-spot?

November 20th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
It’s quite common to hear female body parts being debated; boobs, skin, face, thighs, and, most importantly, the g-spot. This part has been described as the epicenter of pleasure. Some experts describe the area as the most sensitive part of the lady bits, while others don’t believe in its existence.Quite frankly, attaining the female orgasm feels like rocket science. It takes more than penetrative sex to arrive at the big O. From a study done on 100 women, only 18 of them achieved orgasm with penetrative sex only- meaning no hands or clitoral stimulations. More than often, it takes something special to get to that point of orgasm.Orgasms are important, as they help you relax. If you haven’t been getting some, maybe it’s time you focused on finding your g-spot. In simple terms, the g-spot, also known as the Grafenberg spot, is a sensitive part located inside the vagina. The sensitive area isn’t part of the body anatomy, but rather part of the clitoral network. It is believed that this part is the secret to gushing orgasms. In most cases, the position of the g-spot varies from woman to woman, which is why it’s hard to find.How can you find the g-spot? There is no “map” that will lead right to where this magical nub is located. However, that doesn’t imply it’s impossible. Instead of trying to locate it during penetrative sex, escorts in Coffs Harbour recommend that you do this through solo exploration.Start by getting yourself into an erotic mood- read an erotic magazine or watch an erotic movie. Relax, lay in bed, and start touching yourself slowly as you feel yourself. Massage your vaginal opening slowly- don’t insert your fingers yet.Instead of fingers, you may opt for a nice sex toy such as a vibrator (fingers are recommended). Now slowly insert a finger, not so deep into the vagina. Remember that you will not be looking for a specific nub, so it’s all about feeling each movement inside there. Slowly raise your finger upwards to make a “come here” type of motion. Focus on the sensations and listen for a specific extra sensitive region- the g-spot.How to make the best out of the g-spot? If you are lucky to have found yours, there are ways of attaining ultimate g-spot stimulation, more so using specific sex styles. A great example is the doggy style. Doggy style helps your phallic partner attain deeper penetration. In this position, try pushing your hips backward to change the penetration angle to one that touches the g-spot. Cowgirl and closed missionary are other examples of perfect styles.The bottom line The whole buzz about the g-spot won’t make sense unless you find what works for you. Find quality solo time, explore your body, and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. PS! You don’t need the g-spot for sexual satisfaction. 
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Is penis size important?

November 17th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
We often hear of campaigns advocating for women to love their vaginas and overcome the labia shame. But what happens to the veined-tree holders? For a long time, very little attention has been diverted to caring for our phallic brothers. Many men have been stigmatized because of the size of something they can’t control. A study shows that 45% of men are not satisfied with their prick sizes. On the same note, a survey on women and Carnarvon escorts showed that a significant number of them are always okay with what the guy has to offer. So what do we make of this? Does penis size really matter in the sexual intercourse context?What is all this buzz in society about penis size?For some reason, the buzz about cock size can be blamed on technology. With access to the internet and sophisticated technology, comes low-quality pornography. We always see monster dicks in the videos forgetting that they can’t match up to the average penis. A study concluded that watching such porno affects men, which makes them feel like all they want in the next life is a big veined cock. Eventually, it leads to unrealistic standards on men. The penis buzz has also been fuel to toxic masculinity. The media has made it look like a man is less of a man if he has a small penis. There are so many ways of gauging manhood, and penis size is not even close to the list. Actually, most of these pricks with humongous dicks don’t even know how to use them.Does penis size matter in pleasure?The answer is a big NO! penis size is one of the least ingredients for great sex. Confidence, communication, humor, oral sex, and empathy all beat penis size in pleasing partners. In an opinion poll on women and escorts in Carnarvon, the penis was not even in the top 10 ways to orgasms. Also, the vagina is made so that during penetrative sex, girth counts more than inches.So what happens if you don’t match up?There are ways of making the most out of the little you have count. If your penis is “small,” go with positions that allow you to get deeper into the vagina. Doggy style is one of those magical styles. Have your partner arch their back and lower her chest as you hit it from behind.If your penis is thinner, choose potions that give the vagina a tighter feel. Have your partner squeeze their legs together to keep it tight.So is it a yes or no to size? Size matters, but not in the way you think about it. If it’s about being good in bed, it's more about what you do rather than what you have. Figuring out some techniques to make the best out of what you have would be better! 
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Black Friday: Early Access Up to 50% OFF!!

November 15th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Black Friday is happening next week - make sure you don't miss out. Start Date:18/11/2020End Date:26/11/2020
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How long does sex last?

November 14th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
Have you been worrying about how long you last in bed? Is your sex a little more of “touch and cum?” or you’ve been having century-long romps? When it comes to sex, especially penetrative sex, there are no scholarly articles or publications that specify how long it should last. The definition of this topic varies widely depending on factors such as preferences.Some people consider sex to be the penetrative intercourse part only, while others include the whole process starting from foreplay. Also, most people confuse how they feel sex should last and how it lasts. If you asked these two questions to anyone, you would surely get different answers.So what is the average duration of sex? The answer to this is simple; Sex can last for as long as you want it to. However, we have little research that the average sex time clock is about 3-7 minutes. If you’ve been doing under that time frame, you don’t have to feel lesser of man-or woman.There are so many factors that determine how long the romp lasts. Here are some of them.1. Personal definitive view of sexThe definition of sex counts a lot on what you experience. If you feel that any stimulating contact is sex, then to you, sex should last longer. People with a thinner definition of sex believe sex lasts from the first P-in-V contact, which means that sex doesn’t last for that long.2. Sexual goals and normsIf you aim to please your partner for long or give him or her a good orgasm, the sex duration is affected.3. External factorsThis mostly affects parents. For example, parents might find it hard to have sex due to babysitting responsibilities. To such parents, the most common form of sex is a quickie, that in most cases happens when the baby takes a nap. In such cases, and many others, sex wouldn’t last for so long.4. Sexual orientation.A study concluded that sex between females lasts longer than any other type of couple sex.5. Health and wellbeingSome people experience a lot of pain during intercourse, especially females who have endometriosis. Also, some males experience erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Such factors reduce the time card on sexual intercourse.6. AgeAge relates to strength and stamina. As we age, the two are on a downward curve, and so is the time on sex.Generally, there is no point in seeking opinion on how long sex should last. If you feel like you need to make sex longer, escorts in Caboolture suggest practices such as edging, deep breathing (delays orgasms), communication between partners, prioritizing the female orgasm, and visualization exercises. If you feel like you need shorter sex, try getting into climaxing positions and touching yourself.  
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How to be sexually dominant

November 11th, 2020 by Naughty Ads
One of the hottest things in the bedroom is sexual dominance. If done correctly and respectfully, it might turn out to be the best sexual encounters you’ll ever have. Most women think that being dominant is taking over the action and being on top. That is entirely wrong. Ideally, most men prefer being dominant while the lady plays the submissive part. Do you remember that feeling you get when you say “kiss me,” and you get the kiss? That is precisely what you feel when you dominate your partner. You feel like a boss, giving orders. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right corner of the internet. We have teamed up with the best dominatrixes, men, and Byron bay escorts to bring you the best insights on this topic. Buckle up and learn from the experts!Light and simple bondageBefore you even engage in this, make sure it's consensual, and your partner is completely okay with it. Restrain some parts of your partner’s body, as you give him/her what he/she deserves. That way, you’ll feel like you’re in charge of the whole play. There are many BDSM items out there that you can use for this stunt. However, don’t go all kinky in the beginning. Take it slow at first and pick up the pace with time. Start with restraining your partner’s hands using simple handcuffs. Padded straps and silicone cuffs are also a great starting point. Again, try blindfolding your partner during the play.EdgingAlthough this is a frustrating thing to do, it’s a great way of being dominant in the bedroom. When you edge, you take all control of your sexual partner’s pleasure, and you get to decide when they’ll have their orgasm. When you edge, you romp your partner until that moment just before they orgasm, and then you stop before they can get the thrill. See, you’re the boss here. You can tease your partner for as long you want, and they’ll even beg you for more. However, in the end, make sure you give them a long, deserved orgasm.Slight hair pullingThe idea behind pulling your partner's hair is not to initiate pain, but instead, it’s a sign of taking over and being in control. Just like controlling a horse, that is how hair pulling works. In most cases, this stunt is spot on when the woman is submissive and takes the inches from the back. You will love the thrill from this since it feels like riding your horse in the bedroom.There are so many tricks to making things kinky and exciting in the bedroom. Just remember that the listed tips may not work for everyone. It's best to communicate with your partner and come up with what will suit the two of you. In whatever you two decide, never leave spanking behind! 
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November 9th, 2020 by Pegmark
CRUSTA, a naughty ads advertiser is a scam. She or they ask you to buy neosurf vouchers as payment, but then insist on seeing the voucher before supposedly allowing the actual meet. Wherever she or they operate from they had neglected to change to our saylight saving time which was another dead give away.
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A day in the life of an escort

November 3rd, 2020 by Angel Mcdonald
Woke up this morning to my phone ringing ringing ringing.  Opened my eyes and looked around not wanting to wake up.  Dragged myself out of bed.  Got ready, no bookings this morning.  Had to deal with difficult client on phone trying to waste time and get freebies...I kept my cool ,i was nice and polite .The rest of the day was pretty good, I got quite a lot accomplished.feeling good xx 
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Tantric Massage

November 1st, 2020 by Naughty Ads
One of the best things you can ever get from your partner, or a Busselton escort, it a tantric massage. Many people don’t realize the magical feeling attached to this unique massage. Forget about those that you’ve been getting from your local masseuse; this one beats them all. So what does a tantric massage feel like?Firstly, it is more of an erotic massage that uses the deep spiritual roots within you and your partner. It uses the interweaving and balance of energy between partners to please every one of them. It involves massaging the vulva (yoni massage), the lady bits, and the penis (lingam massage) for male partners. It’s important to note that this massage doesn’t aim at orgasm, but rather to create gigantic waves of pleasure. For that reason, before you consider getting this massage, you better be fully prepared to get your soul touched. It is essential to strengthen the connection and the bond between partners and can also help you heal from past traumas. So how do you get the best out of a tantric massage? Here are a few tips.Use a blindfoldWhile you lie there getting your spiritual roots and inner energy messed up with, make sure you close your eyes. Putting on a blindfold will keep you away from distractions, and also, science shows that it enhances other senses for better results.2.      Perfectly prepare the environment.Sex and intimacy relate to all our senses, which is why you need a quiet, secluded place for this massage. What you see, hear, or smell around you during your massage will affect what you feel. If you’re doing this in your bedroom, get new clean sheets, light some dim candles, sprinkle nice smelling oils on the bed, as well as some roses. Lastly, great soft music plays a significant part in this massage.3.      Incorporate oilOil is something you must consider in a tantric massage. Oils make the body sensual and extra sensitive. Coconut oil or any other naturally extracted oil will work the magic.4.      Take your timeWhen it comes to this sexually healing massage, time is of essence. If it's rushed, you won’t get that deep spiritual feeling. If it’s possible, forget about any commitments such as work or friends. Divert all your time to this vibe.5.      MindsetMake sure you take your mind with you. Engage your mind to feel and to receive the tons of pleasure being injected into you. Spend a few minutes alone in a quiet place, just before the massage, and while at it, concentrate on your breathing. So, are you still convinced of getting this massage? If you don’t have a partner, engage a professional escort in Busselton, and you are going to love it!   
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