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My first roleplay experience

September 30th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Sexual roleplay had always been a fantasy, but I never had enough guts to try it out. The ideas I got from the role play scenes I saw in movies and porn videos (yes, I watch porn) were vague and pretty scripted. It never occurred to me that you can actually dive into the moment and have actual sexual pleasure and excitement from a simple roleplay. One weekend, in the summer of last year, I visited my then boyfriend. My visits were usually filled with lots of sex, which I always considered quite exciting. He was a doctor working in one of the hospitals in Tauranga. For some reason, the sex we always had was drying up. It was getting sort of bland and repetitive. I was really craving something new that would make things more exciting. “What would you love to try?” he asked. “One of Johnny Sins' sex scenes.” For those who are unaware, Johnny sins is one of the most famous porn actors. You probably need whacking if you’ve never watched any of his porn videos. I mean, every pervert knows Johnny sins and his perfectly executed sex roleplays. My boyfriend laughed and didn’t give any attention to what I said. As I was getting ready for bed, I pulled into his drawers to get a t-shirt I could sleep in. I found this blue lab coat, and that is when the idea of nurse and patient crossed my mind. I grabbed the lab coat and put it on- of course, with nothing under it. Wink! I rushed to the living room and dashed back with a stethoscope and notebook in my hands. By the time I returned to the bedroom, I was a complete nurse, ready to take my patient through triage. Initially, it was intimidating, and I thought he wouldn’t buy the idea. The first few minutes of the play flipped between sexy and weird. Besides the struggles, we achieved some balance. My patient was quite cooperative. The part I liked most was when he was checking out my cleavage when I was examining him. I played perfect nurse, using some medical lingo and pretending to examine his parts. That gave a chance to escalate the moment into something more intense. Within a few minutes, the examination session had turned into a crazy romp, with the patient giving the nurse some serious strokes in the triage room. It was fun for me. I did love every bit of it. If I get another chance for roleplay, I would want to take it to the public. Strangers in a park, maybe? Who knows?
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The Client Handbook for Christchurch Escorts

September 27th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Looking to Find Christchurch Escorts or The Complete Guide for Christchurch Escorts or Christchurch Escort Advertising? For clients seeking the services of escorts in Christchurch, New Zealand, this comprehensive handbook is designed to provide valuable guidance on how to engage with escorts professionally, respectfully, and responsibly. Whether you're new to the world of escorting or an experienced client, understanding the dynamics of this industry and how to navigate it can enhance your experiences and foster positive interactions. Chapter 1: Understanding the Legal Landscape Before engaging with escorts in Christchurch, it's essential to be aware of the legal framework governing the industry in New Zealand. This chapter explores the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 and the rights and responsibilities of clients within this legal framework. Chapter 2: Booking an Escort This chapter covers the process of booking an escort and includes advice on: Respectful Communication: The importance of respectful and clear communication when making initial contact. Setting Expectations: How to discuss and clarify your expectations for the encounter. Booking Details: What information to provide and what to expect in return. Chapter 3: Meeting Etiquette Navigating your actual encounter with an escort requires a respectful approach. Learn about: Consent and Boundaries: The importance of respecting boundaries and obtaining clear consent. Respecting Privacy: How to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of both you and the escort. Payment: Guidelines for handling payments discreetly and professionally. Chapter 4: Building Positive Relationships Building rapport and trust with escorts can lead to more fulfilling experiences. Discover tips on: Communication: Effective ways to communicate your desires and preferences during the encounter. Feedback: The value of providing respectful and constructive feedback to improve future experiences. Respect: Treating escorts with dignity and respect throughout your interactions. Chapter 5: Safety Considerations Ensuring your safety and the safety of the escort is paramount. This chapter includes information on: Verification: How escorts may verify your identity for safety reasons. Safe Locations: Choosing safe and discreet meeting locations. Protection: The importance of using protection during sexual encounters and respecting escort's health and safety. Chapter 6: Online Reviews and Reputation Online reviews can be helpful but should be used responsibly. Learn about: Review Etiquette: How to write respectful and constructive reviews. Privacy Concerns: The importance of safeguarding the escort's privacy in reviews. Using Reviews Responsibly: How to use reviews as a helpful tool without relying solely on them. Chapter 7: After the Encounter Your responsibilities don't end when the encounter concludes. Explore: Discretion: Maintaining discretion and confidentiality after the encounter. Feedback: Providing feedback, if desired, in a respectful and considerate manner. Rebooking: How to respectfully discuss rebooking or future encounters. Conclusion Engaging with escorts in Christchurch can be a positive and mutually enjoyable experience when approached with respect, professionalism, and responsibility. By understanding the legal context, practicing respectful communication, and prioritizing safety and privacy, clients can foster positive relationships and create fulfilling experiences for both themselves and escorts. Remember that each escort may have unique preferences and requirements, so it's essential to be adaptable and attentive to individual expectations. Always treat escorts with respect, prioritize safety, and ensure that all interactions are consensual and within the boundaries of the law. This handbook is intended to guide you toward responsible and respectful client behaviour within the context of escorting in Christchurch, New Zealand. This article is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice, and I am not a qualified legal professional. The legal landscape, especially regarding escort services, can be complex and subject to change.
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The Complete Guide for Christchurch Escorts

September 27th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Looking to Find Christchurch Escorts or Christchurch Escort Advertising or The Client Handbook for Christchurch Escorts? For those considering a career in escorting in Christchurch, New Zealand, or for experienced escorts looking to enhance their knowledge and skills, this comprehensive guide offers valuable insights and advice. From legal considerations to safety precautions, marketing strategies to self-care, we've compiled a wealth of information to help you navigate the world of escorting successfully and responsibly. Chapter 1: Understanding the Legal Landscape Before embarking on your escorting journey, it's crucial to comprehend the legal framework in Christchurch. New Zealand has specific laws regulating sex work, which differ from those in many other countries. Learn about the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 and how it affects your rights and responsibilities as an escort. Chapter 2: Safety First Safety should always be your top priority. This chapter covers essential safety measures, including: Client Screening: Detailed guidance on how to screen potential clients to ensure your safety. Meeting Locations: Recommendations for choosing safe and discreet locations for encounters. Communication Protocols: Tips for maintaining secure and private communication. Chapter 3: Establishing Your Online Presence In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for attracting clients. Explore the following topics: Professional Website: Creating an effective website that showcases your services and personality. Social Media: Leveraging social media platforms to engage with clients and promote your brand. Online Advertising: Strategies for effectively advertising your services while maintaining discretion. Chapter 4: Navigating the Client Relationship Building and maintaining client relationships is key to success. Learn about: Client Etiquette: How to interact professionally and respectfully with clients. Setting Boundaries: The importance of establishing clear boundaries and sticking to them. Handling Difficult Situations: Tips for dealing with challenging or uncomfortable encounters. Chapter 5: Health and Wellness Escort work can be emotionally and physically demanding. Prioritize your well-being with advice on: Regular Health Check-ups: The importance of routine health screenings, including STI tests. Emotional Support: Strategies for managing the emotional aspects of the job and seeking support when needed. Self-Care: Practical self-care techniques to maintain balance and mental well-being. Chapter 6: Managing Your Finances Effective financial management is crucial. Topics covered include: Pricing Your Services: How to determine competitive yet fair rates. Payment Methods: Options for accepting payments securely and discreetly. Savings and Taxes: Setting aside funds for taxes and building financial security. Chapter 7: Privacy and Discretion Protecting your identity and ensuring client confidentiality is paramount. Explore: Using an Alias: The benefits of using a pseudonym to safeguard your real identity. Secure Communication: Tools and methods for secure, encrypted communication. Data Security: How to protect your personal information from potential breaches. Chapter 8: Building a Support System Connect with others in the industry for advice and support: Online Communities: Joining reputable online forums or communities for escorts to share experiences and gain insights. Supportive Friends: Building friendships with other escorts who can provide emotional support. Chapter 9: Legal Support Familiarize yourself with legal support services or organizations that can assist you if you encounter legal issues. Seek legal counsel when necessary. Conclusion Becoming a successful and responsible escort in Christchurch requires a combination of knowledge, professionalism, and self-care. By understanding the legal landscape, prioritizing safety, and nurturing client relationships, you can embark on a fulfilling career in this industry. Remember to always prioritize your well-being and seek support when needed. This guide is your comprehensive resource for navigating the world of escorting in Christchurch, New Zealand. This article is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice, and I am not a qualified legal professional. The legal landscape, especially regarding escort services, can be complex and subject to change.
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Please Daddy...

September 27th, 2022 by Amy
You walk in, I'm sitting on the bed, looking at my hands, nervous, a shy smile on my face as I meet your eyes. I look down again and catch a glimpse of what you have in store for me and can't help but run my tongue over my lips, quickly looking at the floor again. You walk up to me and tuck my hair behind my ear, leaning in to kiss me. I press my thighs together, hoping for some relief but only exciting myself even more. My fingers and pussy twitch, watching to grip onto you, pull you inside of me, but I have to be patient for at least a few minutes. Oh god, it's so, so hard. I can't help myself and reach out to touch you, unbuttoning your pants and pulling them down, holding you as you lean in and kiss me. I open my mouth, welcoming you, my hand getting you ready as I use my other one to start taking my clothes off. I want it so much, you can't possibly know. My breath is racing and you're getting hard, ready to stretch and fill me. You whisper in my ear to lay down, demanding I spread my legs as soon as I do. I oblige meakly, ashamed of how wet and ready I am. My hands free and my skin bare I start touching myself. I can't help it. You smirk and swat my hands away, spreading me open, getting ready to push inside of me. You pause and look up at me, I whimper "please daddy.." I whisper, slightly lifting up my hips to meet you. You grin and move yourself closer, just dipping into me, letting me do the rest of the work. I breathe in sharply as you fill me, pulling you in deeper, my legs starting to shake, one hand gripping the sheets and the other squeezing my boob. You fuck me slowly, teasingly, pacing yourself, frustrating me to no end and making me desperate. You pull out and I whimper, starting to beg for more but you quickly gag with me your wet cock, shoving letting me make you feel good until you're close and you rip my slut mouth away from you, flip me onto my stomach and pull my ass into the air. You spank me several times, rubbing me hard, listening to me whimper and plead, my piercing bumping my clit and driving me wild. It's all I can do to stay on my knees. You tell me to be polite, ask nicely, be a good whore. "Please," I say, my voice muffled by my hair and the sheets. You shake your head "not good enough". I groan with frustration "please daddy fuck my tight, wet, needy cunt!" Too desperate to be embarrassed. You oblige, ramming into me, pumping in and out of me to your full length, making me cry out, my ass bouncing on you to get as much as I possibly can. You hold my hips and fuck me hard, pulling my hair with your other hand. I can't take it anymore and neither can you, my dripping cunt holding onto you for dear life. "Please.. please may I cum" I breathe. "Cum for me" you demand in a groan, and I'm more than happy to oblige. You feel me tensing around you and slam into me one more time, holding me on you as you finally release and slump over my back, my thighs and ass shaking and my mouth open wide with ecstasy, breathless. It's still early yet, plenty of time to do this again and again, and I'm already thinking about how quickly I can get you going again.
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September 27th, 2022 by Delilah Dahlia Dandelion
Hey just wanted to let you guys know I'm moving to Blacktown this week so you can catch up with me there. Thanks, Delilah xxx
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My first lesbian experience

September 26th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Before joining college for my degree program, I always considered myself a straight girl. The only place I saw lesbians was in movies and social media. The thought of me seeing or getting intimate with another girl had never crossed my mind. Although I had flirted with women since I was a teenager, it was entirely out of innocence and the thrill of getting to teenage. By this time, I was in a monogamous relationship, which had lasted for quite some time until my first few months of college. Long story short, I was staying with Lillie. Although we were roommates, we didn’t share beds. One Friday, Lillie’s homie, Myra, came to visit. As usual, Fridays were partying days as we ushered in the weekend. Although I knew Myra, we weren’t as close as she was to Lillie. On this particular night, they had to share the bed. In the middle of the night, I heard mumbled conversations followed by soft moans. I didn’t want to switch on the lights or cause a scene since I wasn’t really sure what was happening. The moans were louder and more intense. I realized Myra and Lillie were making out. I was star-struck. I always thought that lesbian relationships were for movies and fiction novels. I was even more surprised that two of my best friends were doing it right in our room. “Are you jealous or what? You want to join us?” Lillie asked. She must have noticed my blank stares in the dark. The straight girl I was said no, but Lillie came and dragged me from my bed to hers. My body froze. I stood there as she touched my boobies, trying to pull me to her bed. All this while, I was thinking of my boyfriend, who was miles away from me. I would have needed him so much at that moment. Anyways, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to follow her. I had no idea what they were doing and how I’d start. Before I could even ask, Myra had my undies down. She gave me a weird smile as she got on her knees, spreading my legs apart. My heart was pounding, hoping she wouldn’t do what I was thinking. I asked her what she wanted to do. She didn’t even answer. Instead, she moved her mouth to my pussy and made huge licks from my pussy all the way up to my navel. I’ve always asked for head from my boyfriend, but he was never into that, which had me lose interest. When Myra did it, I won't lie; it was electrifying. By the time she was going for her fourth tongue stroke, I was dripping wet and shaking like a leaf. She told me to relax as she ate me out, sliding her finger into my vagina simultaneously. She spread my legs further and went even deeper with her tongue giving me slow sensual licks. Oh god, that was amazing. I was shuddering, shaking, and gasping for breath with my nails deep into her hair. Minutes later, I gave in and gushed a squirt right on her face. I didn’t know what to do, but from that moment, I figured that was the light and the way for me. That was my first lesbian experience; since then, I have never looked back.
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Spring Special

September 24th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
All Prebookings with Deposits Paid Will get $50 off an hour Or Add an Extra 30mins to any 2 hour or more booking. Come take advantage of me!! Kandi Minxx
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Brisbane my date books Open All Weekend

September 23rd, 2022 by Kandice Lee
I have opened up Weekend Dates for this Weekend 💃💃 Saturday and Sunday 😈😈 Book a little naughty fun into your weekend .. 📱0467 425 956
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How To Have a Successful Sexting Session

September 22nd, 2022 by Naughty Ads
While being together with your partner leads to the best sexual and erotic moments, it is possible to have the same even when many miles apart. Sexting has been in the picture for many years, but the quarantine period saw it rise to fame, and in many places, it turned out to be a commercial service. Sexting allows you to connect with your partner intimately through naughty and intimate messages and pictures. The best part yet is that sexting enables you to be creative. Sexting can be intimidating, especially when dealing with a stranger. We've gathered a few tips to help you get over the anxiety. Here is how to have a successful sexting session. 1.     Ask your partner for consent. Just because you have it in your mind to start a sexual conversation doesn't mean the person on the end of the line is okay with it. Before going from zero to a hundred, check and negotiate with them whether they'd be interested in your naughty advances. You could ask them, "Hey, I have a few naughty ideas in mind that I'd love to text you. Are you okay with that?" 2.     Pick the right time To succeed, it's best to know what your partner is up to when you want to start a naughty chat session. We all have busy days, and not every time of the day or night might be suitable for a sex chat. For example, your partner might be engaged in a meeting or having lunch, which might not be the best time to start a sex chat. If you're unsure, send a text asking if they are busy. 3.     Slow and step by step does it. Think of sexting like sex itself. Sex starts with foreplay, which also applies to sexting. Start with a light conversation that shows intent without revealing too much. Pick a good starting point, such as a nice photo of you, and gradually build from there. 4.     Make use of memories If you're sexting someone you've had a sexual encounter with, pull out a memory of a wild moment you had before. Such is a great starting point as it keeps them railed to the conversation. 5.     Know the lingo and be creative Sexting revolves around the choice of words. What you tell your partner will dictate how much of a steamy moment you'll have. Find a creative way of telling them how much you'd want to be together. Remember to not give it all with one text. Split your ideas into many texts to keep the conversation longer and creative Finally, there is always room to experiment with sexting. Those crazy ideas you've always had in your mind could work here. If you have pictures or videos, it works even better since visuals play a significant role. Keep peeping into our blogs for more and better sexting ideas.
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You only live once so let’s have fun together

September 22nd, 2022 by Luke Ades
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Looking for someone that can help me have a great time as I only have a year or less ti live I wish is to do what ever it takes to have the best fun anyone interested please don’t be she I’m really easy going

September 22nd, 2022 by Luke Ades
I really hope at least some one will come forward Looking for someone that can help me have a great time as I only have a year or less ti live I wish is to do what ever it takes to have the best fun anyone interested please don’t be she I’m really easy going 
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Happy Day

September 20th, 2022 by Mawui Thaliss
Hey ! Female looking for some memorable and fun day 50$ an hour
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September 20th, 2022 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club
SEX ADVICE: Common Mistakes in people make in the bedroom (and how to fix them) As originally posted via Discreet Gentlemen's Club Website #5: Thinking You Don't Need Lube Trust us, you need lube. Apart from making condoms easier to break, you are more likely to cause injury, tears and/or soreness when lube isn't use - making for rather unpleasant experiences and shorter love-making sessions. Saliva does not offer the same level of lubrication and dries much quicker than you would think. Nobody likes going in dry, so lube up and let the good times roll... There are lubes designed for anal play, for use on latex, on toys, etc. Typically you would be using a water-based lube for general play. For those not keen on the taste, deliciously flavoured alternatives are available that can also add another element of fun to your play. #4: Not Understanding Good Sexual Hygiene Practices Beside the obvious 'safe sex is great sex' - there are many practices that encompass good sexual hygiene practices. A point not stressed enough in sex-ed classes, UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) can occur following sex and can typically be prevented by urinating after sex. Although more commonly effecting women, men can also develop UTI's also. UTI's are not sexually transmitted diseases but are caused by bacteria entering the urethra and causing infection. Left untreated, it can result in bladder and kidney infections which are much more difficult to treat and can be life threatening. Showering habits tend to be opposites for men and women, with men tending to under-clean and women over-clean, both creating their respective issues. Women overwashing can lead to issues ranging from irritation to becoming highly susceptible to infections like BV and thrush. The vagina is adept at self-cleaning and should never be 'cleaned' through douching or washing as it disturbs the PH and healthy bacteria keeping it healthy. Men that don't adequately wash form a cheesy-looking build up underneath their foreskin (aka smegma) that harbours all sorts of bacteria and can have unpleasant odours. To clean properly, all thats required is pulling the foreskin back and washing around the head of the penis while in the shower. Toys also require regular cleaning, always use a toy-safe cleaner and wash between uses to maintain hygiene and longevity of your toys. Other essential hygiene practices include keeping nails short and clean (as well as hands washed) prior to inserting into any orifice - nobody wants the dirt and filth under your nails inside of them. Chipped and broken nails can also catch and cause injury. #3: Trying Moves/Positions on Porn We could probably write a book on moves and positions that people think are pleasurable to others (but actually aren't). Just because you've seen it in porn and it looks enjoyable, does not mean it translates into real world pleasure. We touched on this subject in our previous article "IS PORN RUINING YOUR SEX LIFE" (worth a read) and is extremely applicable in terms of what you are doing wrong in the bedroom.  The key to great sex is position, rhythm and atmosphere.  Position: Not necessarily meaning specific sexual positions (although, they do help), you can utilise your surroundings and tools to help change the depth and location of penetration. Examples can include using pillows under hips to elevate the pelvis and change the trajectory of the penetration (to make it easier to hit the G-spot in women or P-spot in men).  Rhythm: Frenetic energy is much more distracting than in is pleasurable. Keeping a steady pace will see much better results as opposed to a pace that's all over the place. If you struggle keeping to a good pace, you may wish to try playing music during your sessions and work on a rhythm that is most pleasurable to you and your playmate. Atmosphere: By that we mean everything not related to the immediate act. Appealing to all other senses; touch, taste, smell and sight. Creating an environment that is conducive to letting go of sexual inhibitions. Light some scented candles, touch all over with a full body massage, explore using your hands, lips and tongue.  #2: Viewing Toys as "Cheating" Toys are an invaluable asset in your sexual arsenal.  The range available is extensive and can appeal to anyone's sexual tastes. From cockrings that can prolong and strengthen erection to anal beads and butt plugs.  Some people are intimidated by their use with a partner as they feel it is emasculating or a reflection of their own poor performance or inadequacies. Toys shouldn't be viewed in opposition to you but instead as an extension of your sexual expression.  Explore what you like and what others like with the addition of toys, you may surprise yourself with how many more sensations and experiences you actually enjoy.  Couples toys are also available for those looking to explore simultaneously.  #1: Not Understanding Consent Even with the creation of new Affirmative Consent Laws in NSW there has been very little in the way of education on consent.  Having to "convince" someone or pushing someone until they either have to either say no or acquiesce puts the onus on them to have to "stop" an action rather than actively seeking enjoyment in activities you mutually enjoy together. This is probably one of the biggest issues between couples sexually and causes resentment and frustration. Sex isn't something that should happen to you, it shouldn't feel like something negative or a chore. Particularly with the new laws, the onus is now on everyone to seek clear consent from partners - "thinking" that someone "maybe" okay with an action is no longer acceptable either by society or under the law. Consent can be given or withdrawn at any time. Consent should be given enthusiatically and without pressure. DISCREET LINKS ESCORTS | BUCKS PARTIES | SEX BLOG | CAREERS TWITTER
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Available till next Tuesday Brisbane

September 20th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Brisbane Gents im home until next Tuesady Needing a naughty lady added into your Weekday calender... I'm mature experienced all natural Little Lady.. But oh so naughty behind closed doors . Book Now Kandi Minxx
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Cock And Ball Bondage - What's It All About?

September 15th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
When it comes to BDSM and sexual pleasure, possibilities are endless. If you're kinky, you must have at some point fantasized about binding or cracking some balls, but you're not sure about your ability to pull it off. Cock and ball bondage is one of the best ways of exploring your sexual horizons and, at the same time, having fun. Did we mention that it's addictive too? What's more? You can combine cock and ball torture with other exciting forms of sexual play. In this article, we've gathered some concrete points about cock and ball bondage that will be helpful for you as you go down this road. What is cock and ball bondage? From the phrase, cock and ball bondage can be defined as a sexual practice that involves inflicting bearable or pleasurable pain on the penis and balls. In most cases, the practice involves a dominant female who has control over a submissive male. It covers all kinky, and restraint plays that can be done either on the balls or the penis. Why should you try cock and ball bondage? The decision to indulge in this intense form of sex play is personal. Different people try it for various reasons. Altogether, it's an exciting piece of art. Firstly, the penis and the scrotum are packed with millions of nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive to touch. Thus, many people find the practice erotic and quite pleasurable. Restricted blood flow to the cock builds your strength and sensitivity. Within no time, it gets to a point where you feel every touch, suck, lick or pinch. The regular stretch of the penis and scrotum skin allows easy access to nerve endings. Gradually, you'll be amazed at how much pleasure and satisfaction ball and cock bondage offers. What are the types of cock and ball bondage? There are several ways of engaging in this sexual play. As usual, we firmly insist on deep discussions with your partner to figure out what can and will work for you. Altogether, here are some examples of some ways of practicing cock and ball bondage. Ball crushing Ball crushing ranks the top among the activities in cock and ball bondage. It simply involves squeezing the testicles using bare hands or a sex toy. If you're a beginner, bare hands with a moderate squeeze should suffice. In advanced cases, ball crushers or nut crushers work perfectly. These toys fit around the scrotum, where the dominant partner adjusts to squeeze or release depending on desired intensity. Ball stretching Besides crushing, stretching is also an insane stunt in cock and ball bondage. It involves pulling the testicles like you're detaching them from the pelvic. Ball stretchers, bare hands, or clamps work perfectly. Penis flogging It basically involves torturing the penis by flogging, using hands, or a leather strap. While the possibilities are endless, more examples include urethra play, penis trampling, wax play, and electrostimulation. Footnote After all, cock and ball bondage isn't a recipe for disaster, as you've probably been thinking. Certainly, all practices have risks attached. We advocate for precaution, safety, and open communication with your partners. Follow our subsequent blogs for more about this magical sex play.
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A September to Remember

September 13th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Brisbane and Gold Coast Gents let's make September one to remember. If your wanting a darling dinner date companion from $1100 or a Netflix and Chill for $800 Ask me about Overnights ... Maybe needing a quick break time in a busy week from $200 I'm based in Southbank Brisbane with visitor or street parking and discreet. Feel you soon, Kandi 0467 425 956
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Premature Ejaculation - What's the Cause of it?

September 12th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
One of the most common bedroom issues affecting men is premature ejaculation. Although no set time dictates how long a man should last in bed, there are situations where the man ejaculates and loses an erection too soon and, as a result, cannot continue with sexual intercourse. Such cases are embarrassing and frustrating and are a leading cause of separation and failed relationships. So, what is PE? Premature ejaculation, commonly known as PE, can be defined as situations where a male ejaculates or orgasms faster than his or his partner's desired time. This condition is also known as rapid ejaculation, premature climax, or early ejaculation. Although PE is considered a type of sexual dysfunction, it is slightly different from erectile dysfunction. The latter refers to the inability to achieve and maintain a strong enough erection to allow sexual activity. PE is quite common in men. Studies have shown that 30-40% of men have experienced premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. In addition, the American Urological Association classified premature ejaculation as the most common sexual dysfunction in men, with about 1 in every 5 men between 18 and 60 years registering premature ejaculation. What causes premature ejaculation? A while ago, PE was said to be caused by psychological factors. However, research has found that chemical imbalances in men also cause PE. Generally, PE is caused by physical, chemical, and psychological factors, as discussed below. Deficiency of serotonin Although there is no exact known cause of PE, serotonin is believed to play a role. Its a hormone produced in the body precisely in the nervous system. High amounts of serotonin increase the ejaculation time; hence, its deficiency shortens the ejaculation time, leading to PE. In addition, abnormal levels of other hormones such as testosterone might contribute to PE. Lastly, inflammation of the urethra might be detrimental, including PE and ED. Psychological factors are the biggest players in PE. They include depression, stress, guilt, sexual repression, lack of self-esteem or confidence, and unrealistic expectations about sex. Although most of the causes are psychological, some may be temporary. For example, someone might experience PE during his first sexual encounters, but with time, he learns some strategies that help delay ejaculation. Some physical causes also lead to PE. For example, suppose someone has difficulty maintaining an erection due to erectile dysfunction. In that case, he tends to rush things during intercourse to climax before losing the erection. PE is also linked with age. Although aging is not a direct cause of PE, older men tend to have short-timed erections and are not as firm as in their younger days. The bottom line Therapy, medicine, and sexual strategies might help you overcome PE. If you’re in a relationship, we recommend finding ways that you two will be comfortable with. Most important is to understand each other and support each other through the course.
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Being An Escort (Why You Should Feel Proud and never Ashamed)

September 9th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
More often than not, escorts don’t get the praise they deserve. I mean, these men and women are saviours. The mention of escorting and sex work strikes a never-ending discussion that revolves around whether it’s a shameful thing to do or not. Today, in this article, we dive deep into the industry to bring you reasons why you, as an escort, should never feel short or ashamed because of what you do but in fact feel empowered and proud. 1.     A lot of people pay for sex To be fair, it’s a balanced world. Many men and women are looking for paid sex, and there is no reason to be ashamed of it. So long as it is done consensually, you have nothing to think about. Furthermore, most people who judge others for buying or selling sex are the same people who seek escort services secretly. 2.     You’re saving marriages and relationships The biggest threat to such unions has always revolved around the bedroom, sex to be precise. Lack of good sex or sex has been the root cause of failed marriages or relationships. Instead of separations, partners in such troubled unions prefer seeking the services of sex workers and escorts, which rekindles the fire in their relationships. If, as an escort, you’re saving marriages and relationships, is there any reason to be ashamed of your work? 3.     It is fun It's high time you let go of the idea that offering sex for money is terrible. This is because if you’re feeling guilty for it, it means you’re not honest with yourself. As an escort, you get to meet new people, see new places, travel to different magical destinations, and of course, get laid often. The fun in all these activities is unparalleled. I mean, who doesn’t want to get laid every day? 4.     It is legal The times when sex work and escorting were done behind closed doors are finally over. Many cities and regions in the world recognize sex work as real work and, as a result, are decriminalizing it. Examples include major cities in Australia and New Zealand. 5.     It is lucrative The biggest reason for one being an escort is to make some money and earn a living. As a whole, though challenging, escorting is really lucrative. However, how much you make is directly proportional to your efforts and sometimes luck. Some of the most experienced escorts in the Australian industry brag about making thousands of dollars every month just from hanging out with horny punters. If it is such a lucrative hustle, then there is no need to feel ashamed. 6.     Sex work is real work Honestly, this is a hustle like any other service-based business, just that sex or intimate company is involved this time. Connection, company, sex, and pleasure are legitimate human needs, and as long as they are exchanged legitimately and with respect, there is no shame in doing it. Final thoughts People need to respect the sex industry and, more so, escorts. They need to recognize that this is a hustle full of men and women who want to have fun and feed their families. If you’re an escort, fix your crown, look ahead and have the best of fun serving those horny men and women out there!
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Personal hygiene products every escort needs

September 7th, 2022 by Naughty Ads
Whether new or experienced, escorting is pretty demanding. Long working hours, busy engagements, and much traveling mean little time for personal care. If not very careful, you might find your levels of hygiene dropping with only a few hours available for self-care. Maintaining optimum hygiene levels is the best gift you can give yourself or your clients. Following the hygiene standards makes your work environment much safer and more comfortable, which translates to better returns. In this article, we highlight some must-have personal hygiene products to ensure you’re at your best level. 1.     Shampoo or hair conditioner As a female escort, it's easy to have build-ups of grease, grime, and oils in your hair. If this is not checked, it leads to funny-smelling hair, which might be a turn-off to your clients. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep away the unpleasant smells. Besides, styling your hair regularly maintains that classy escort look, which is a plus. Therefore, make sure you always have shampoo around. 2.     Mouth wash, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Optimum oral hygiene levels in escorting are a must. It would be a nightmare if you turned up for your dates with a smelly mouth. Make sure you have a toothbrush and some doctor-recommended toothpaste around. If possible, brush your teeth or gaggle mouthwash between bookings to ensure your breath is fresh. 3.     Deodorants and perfumes Escorting involves close and intimate company, which suggests you have to smell nice. Always ensure you have reliable body deodorant, perfume, or body splash to keep you smelling fresh. 4.     Moisturizers or nourishing creams You have to have a godly look to catch the best and well-paying clients. Your skin is your best weapon. A fine and toned skin is a magnet for clients. Make sure you have nourishing creams or moisturizers to apply to your body and hands to keep them soft and smooth. 5.     Clean undies or lingerie Your escort kit must have some extra pairs of undies or lingerie. Changing into new undies or lingerie for every date makes sure your bits remain fresh and clean. More examples of personal hygiene products include shaving creams, shaving blades or Gillette, makeup kits, and wet wipes. The bottom line The whole idea of escorting revolves around physical appearance and high levels of hygiene. The few examples highlighted above will be a great start. Keep an eye on our blog for more about hand, body, and sex toys hygiene.
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Houseboat 60th

September 7th, 2022 by user9190
Ok, thought I'd share something from last summer. Had a lovely gentleman wishing to book me for a friends 60th Birthday party, to be held on a stunning houseboat, on the Murray. There were to be 10 guys and myself. Fantastic warm day, sun glinting off the ripples in the water from passing ski boats, and the barbie was in full swing. The guys very warmly welcomed me, and the birthday boy was smiling like all his Christmases' had come at once, as you can imagine. I was wearing an aqua mini skirt, with a white boob tube, white lacy knickers that tie at the side and some sexy heels. My tan was popping, and so were my nipples as they caught the breeze, much to the delight of everyone on board. The birthday lad, I shall call him Mick, showed me around while I was sipping a glass of bubbly. I let him give me a cheeky kiss, and his hands were ready to wander, but I wanted to give him a slow burn leading up to the afternoon's festivities. We joined the others for lunch and drinks, kisses and hugs all round. Things were really warming up, and the men were very attentive, making me feel relaxed and ready for some fun. They wanted to get into a bit of a competition, guys being guys, first one was who is the best kisser. They lined up and oh wow! Hands started to wander up my skirt, they were ready for more. Time for a little party game/prank! I was asked to stand with my arms out to the side, palms facing down. On top of each hand the ringleader and party games trickster Tony, placed a glass full to the rim of beer. Mick had a front row seat, grinning and loving the attention. After a few seconds I had to hold two cans, without letting the glasses fall. I had no chance, and Tony swiftly cupped my breasts, hooked his fingers in the top of my boob tube and pulled it down to my waist. The guys cheered him on, and after they took the drinks away, I leant over and gave Mick a facefull of my tits. I sat on Mick's lap and let him cup my boobs, which he was more than willing to do. I have big bouncy DD breasts, nicely tanned and pink perky nipples, the men were eyeing my boobs off as I strode around to each of them for a kiss. At this point, someone turned on the spa, and the guys grabbed their drinks and started to head over for a warm dip. We moved the houseboat down the river a little, away from any shacks to a secluded part in the middle of the river. Rusty brown cliffs on one side, massive gum trees on the other and playing some tunes. Mick and Tony asked if I'd like to get into the spa, which was temptingly bubbling away so, of course I accepted. First, I gave them a bit of a show. Time for striptease entertainment. I pulled off my boob tube over my head and caressed my boobs as I danced in front of them. Dipping down I gave them a ringside view of my lovely arse, in my semi see through white lace undies. Slowly I inched down my skirt, turning and swaying to the music as I did, until it slid to the deck and I stepped out of it. So, there I was wearing only a scant pair of knickers. I laid along the side of the spa and asked for a volunteer to untie my undies. Of course, they all wanted to, so I gave them a task, and the winner could have the honour of removing them. A competition between them, to see who could suck my tits the best. One by one they each took turns to lick, suck and kiss my breasts, I was getting wet, and I wasn't even in the spa yet! Some gentle and teasing, some more like they hadn't sucked any tits in a very long time. The winner was announced, and he gladly undid my panties, exposing my XXX pink pussy for all to see. I was totally naked, and they were ready for the next level. As I joined the men in the spa, I sat on each lap. I let their hands slip over my tits, between my legs, wherever they wanted to touch me. It was getting very hot in the spa that day and the guys were trying to hide their hard-ons under the water. I was ready for another tongue lashing, but this time for my pussy. One by one they took turns, burying their face in my lovely pink shaved pussy as I sat on the edge of the spa. My nipples were hard, I needed more and so did they. Whoever made me orgasm first got to screw me, but only after the birthday boy did first. So, we got out of the spa, and went inside to the lounge area where with white leather lounges, fluffy white rugs on the floor and cushions. I laid down and then called Mick over. "What happens on the houseboat, stays on the houseboat" they said. I asked him to lie down, as I gave him blowie heaven until he was almost ready to explode. I climbed on top of Mick, and he drove his rock hard cock into my tight pussy, my tits bouncing and the guys were well into their drinks by now. They all played with my boobs and arse, while I screwed him silly. That was the most fun these guys have had in a while, and I'm sure has provided some fond wanking memories for all of them since then. Wonder what my next party will be? Kisses xox Chrissie
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Free massage for lady

September 5th, 2022 by Michael Smith
Only for lady free massge 0412498893
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Brisbane and Gold Coast I'm all yours

September 4th, 2022 by Kandice Lee
Needing a naughty lady added into your Weekday calender... I'm mature experienced all natural Little Lady.. But oh so naughty behind closed doors . Book Now Kandi Minxx
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From an Escorts perspective

September 4th, 2022 by Miss Sapiosexual
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September 1st, 2022 by Makayla Moore
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