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It's not the just about the sexual experience, it's about the whole experience!

December 31st, 2023 by Scarlet
It's not just about the sexual experience, or how conventionally attractive you's about how well you respond to your clients! Now don't get me wrong, It is important to be passionate about your job, about sex, and just as important to take care of your personal grooming and hygiene. However, as all successful escorts come to learn - it's ultimately about your social intelligence. Being a successful escort involves understanding, supporting, and enjoying your time with your client. If you want to be successful, you need to build a customer base of happy clients and loyal regulars. And for that, take a look at tips at Scarlet Street Outcalls Sydney to improve your bookings: Smile, Always: Greeting your clients with a sweet and candid smile will improve the booking and relationship with the client instantly. A smile can ease a nervous or stressed client, and positively impact the overall experience. Be positive: Maintain a positive attitude and be enthusiastic in your interactions. Positivity is contagious and can uplift the sourest mood! Just like tip number 1, a positive demeanour will cultivate a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, and thereby strengthen the relationship with the client. Manners: Social etiquette should not be ignored! It's not just limited to 'please' and 'thank you', but in the intuitive understanding of the situation and your client. This work requires that unique combination of street smarts, politeness and manners! Listen actively: Pay attention to what your client is saying without interrupting. In a conversation, show interest by asking follow-up questions. Make the effort to hear them - trust me, they will notice! Be reliable: Be someone your client can count on - especially regular and return clients. By showing up on time, managing a seamless booking, and providing what was agreed upon will drastically improve the booking and help build a loyal client base. Be empathetic: Try to understand your client and react empathically towards their experiences and emotions. Some clients prefer to divulge their day, month or even life to you. While you may not be their therapist, your compassion and kindness goes a long, LONG way. It's nice to be heard. Respect boundaries: Respect your client's boundaries and be mindful of their comfort zones. Don't ask them too many probing questions regarding their relationships, career or status unless they are willingly offering you this information in conversation. Be non-judgmental: Create a safe space in which your client feels comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment. Encourage them to talk about what they like and how they like it! Doing this will help you gain their loyalty and ensure their return! Remember, the difference between being a good escort and an excellent escort is whether you are able to foster positive and supportive relationships built on mutual respect and understanding with your clients. Using the above tips, you should be able to build a long-lasting and loyal clientele. Good luck and remember to smile babe xoxo Scarlet Street Outcalls Sydney xx
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Here I am again

December 30th, 2023 by ChaoticGood
It’d be hilarious if I start using this site as a diary I’ve opened, and then forgotten, a million Wordpress pages in an attempt to capture my day / mood / reminisce about my life. I know I’m a lone dog howling at the moon, but I didn’t care, and it’s unlikely anyone else will read what I’m typing. I don’t care, this is cathartic and at no stage have I whined about it being nearly ten years since I last held someone. Nope, sulking now & feeling maudlin. I’ll reminisce another day
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Available THIS SATURDAY...30/12

December 29th, 2023 by MissKitty
Hi ladies + gents.. Just letting you know I'll be working on Saturday. 30/12/23..would love to see some gorgeous people...especially couples...yum!!Recently got back into the industry! *I need a lovely lady i can call upon for when I require a doubles partner- flick me a text! (Adelaide) Hope everyone has had a great Christmas and will have a safe and fun new years eve! Love, kitty! Xoxo
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4 Discreet Sex Toys to Pack for Your Trip with An Escort.

December 28th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
One of the best ways of exploring your sexual horizons is the use of sex toys. Luckily, the market has tons of different varieties, each with a specific use. When making that trip with your escort, bringing along some of these little dimes will be a great addition to the sexual adventure. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and in most cases, the escorts will have some experience with them. However, for your sake, we've prepared this list of the top 5 discreet yet pleasing sex toys that you should pack in your next trip with an escort. The Discreet Vibrators Group. Vibrators are among the most common sex toys we have around. One of the great things about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes. This means that there are small kinds of vibrators that will seamlessly fit into your travel bag. The big-sized ones aren't going to work here, but luckily, there are small ones but pretty mighty. Rabbit and bullet vibrators are perfect examples that will suit your trip with a Sydney escort. We also have lipstick vibrators that perfectly disguise everyday lipstick. The lipstick vibrator will perfectly fit in your bag and will easily pass through security. Butt Plug Category Butt plugs are the epitome of fun for those who want to try out some anal action. They may seem almost impossible to look discreet, but the truth is we have types that are easy to conceal, which is a good thing. A good example is the mini motor vibrating butt plug, a tiny magical toy that resembles a Bluetooth headset. The next time your escort in Sydney packs her bag, remind her to keep the little thing tucked in her bag- also keep it turned off since it vibrates- you will have lots of fun with it. A Kindred Black Duchess A duchess is a perfect name for a luxurious handblown sex toy. It's made from smoothened glass and is a perfect option for temperature play since it heats and cools pretty quickly. Due to its shape and appearance, it easily passes as a tool for muscle tension release and massages. Slip it in your bag for some fire foreplay with your escort. Wearable Vibrators Besides the regular vibrators, innovation has brought to us wearable vibrators. With this category, they have a magnet that allows you to secure them into the underwear for an all-day, comfortable, wearable experience. There's an added attachment that allows for internal stimulation as well. In addition, this category has a remote control feature that makes it a thrilling encounter when travelling with your escort. The Bottom Line The list of discreet sex toys is endless. Any great escort will most likely know what to bring along, but in case of anything, the listed picks will be great options. We highly recommend having a prior discussion with your escort about these sex toys so you make sure you get the exact pleasure tools you require!
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Top 5 Rear Entry Positions for Escorts to Try

December 27th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Anal sex doesn't get the praise it deserves. Luckily, it is becoming less and less taboo, which means women can now enjoy it as much as men do. Anal sex gives sex a different dimension which can be really intimate. If you're open-minded and would love to unlock this new adventure, here are some top-tier anal sex positions to try. The Lap Dance This position is perfect for beginners as it is easy to pull off and work around. With your client sitting on a chair, slowly sit on him and slide it inside slowly. The best thing about this position is that you can control how deep or shallow you like it. If you wish to spice it up, you can reach your hands around the back to hold your client or play with your clitoris for enhanced stimulation. Doggy Style For the beginners and the legends, this is a fantastic style. It is as simple as the classic doggy style, only that the penetration is now in the rear door. To do it, get on all fours and arch your back slightly to expose your B hole. Let your client penetrate you slowly from behind as you catch a rhythm. The Spoon Oh, spooning-every lazy girl's go-to sex for vaginal sex, and now anal. This position is intimate as it allows clients to whisper dirty words into the escort's ears. It also works perfectly when you don't want to make eye contact. Simply lie on one side, lifting your knees slightly, and let your client assume the same position as he enters you from behind. The Leaning Cowgirl If you love being in control, this is your go-to position. This position is especially hot since the escort on top gets to decide everything. In addition, it is super easy to pull off and manage. On top of that, your client can reach around and grab your clitoris for heightened pleasure. Have your partner lie down facing up, with knees slightly raised, and then straddle him and slowly slide yourself inside at a desired pace. Then, lean forward and place your hands on his chest or shoulders. For matters of pleasure, don't just go for up-and-down movement; back-and-forth thrusts will add to the magic. The Backsided Lotus Often forgotten, the regular lotus is among the hottest sex positions for vaginal sex, and if you make that anal, you heighten the pleasure. To pull this off, have your client sit on the bed or couch, climb on their lap facing them, and slide your way inside. Use that eye contact to make out or have a dirty conversation. Closing Thoughts Anal has never been easier and more fun than it is now. The secret to making this fun is to try different locations in the house and, of course, our picks of styles. Remember, always practice safe, consensual sex, and quite importantly, have some lube for extra lubrication. Have you ever tried anal? If you haven't, is it something you've thought about? Please tell us in the comment section below!
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December 27th, 2023 by Stephanie Sydney
 🥳🍭Merry Christmas 🍭🥳 🔞🔞❌SEXYTS girl🍑🍆  ☎️ WhatsApp+61402721897 I like all genres, but I like people who are gentleman Let us explore your sexual fantasies together.  I have many details and options for you to choose from and most importantly, have sex toy standby for yoU Text me your fantasy and I will accommodate you. Extra ++++++ My pee +100 My cum +200 want me to be top +100 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Cash only⚠️⚠️⚠️ ❌ I don’t do bareback not natural sex ❌❌ ✋ ⚠️⚠️I’m real 100% look like pictures  I have a lot of sex toys that can entertain you and can make you happy.  And besides, before anything else, I can give you a Body-to-Body massage to relax you 
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Sugar baby

December 27th, 2023 by Taylah Pasadena
07/27NOTE · 2 MIN READ If you're interested in being considered for Daddyness Hello there, i am Taylah,those applying may call me sugar. i am a girl who is quietly searching for my sugar Daddy. i know its a crazy long process and ever such a difficult task to complete, so i thought I'd get going by leaving this in my writings for nows. Firstly I am searching for an in person dynamic also, not purely online Daddyness. A few things about me: i am sweet, loyal, silly, honest, slutty, affectionate, open, 5'3 65kg size ten,, i am working toward a healthier life and desire a Daddy who can help by being a good example & being supportive. I am willing to learn, a constant seeker of Daddy's attention, i always try my upmost to be a good girl - not a brat, somewhat experienced, can appear shy at first but am much more. I am hoping to find a DaddyDom who is: Honest, loving, kind, ever so patient, respectful, thoughtful, "dnt lyk txt tlk", authoritative, playful, wise, knows what He does want. Doesn't like to play head-games, is happy to be craved,wanted and looked up to. High sex drive. And of course, wants me. What I'm attracted to - confidence, playfulness, experience, intelligence, older, eyes, smiles and hands that know what there doing hehe. Please message if you fit the above description 😍😘 Xx Taylah 😘
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Is this where I was meant to be?

December 25th, 2023 by ChaoticGood
I’ve recently hit a milestone I never expected to reach, 50. When I was in my “prime” 50 seemed almost like an alien concept, how the heck did anyone get to that age and still function as a member of society and why are they always tired? I asked these questions, never understanding that the mind doesn’t age. I lost a decade to chronic pain and I’d give almost anything to wish it didn’t happen. i don’t know what I’m dribbling about, here’s a point there somewhere but I get lost in the language and the words make less and less sense as I jam them onto a screen and never think about the big picture of what I’m trying to say 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
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Cass Caskades

December 25th, 2023 by Cass Caskades
Hello to anyone who may be feeling lonely tonight on Christmas night. I'm looking around and stumbled across this. A day in the life of well as an escort today I have 6 bookings, 4 which didn't eventuate. 1 which sent me to bogus address. Luckily only 5 min away and 1 other fake. Back to the old drawing board. Only human to say I'm available now, tonight if anyone seeks sex, company for money. 0444 597770. Arranged via text only. Can hostat Paralowie or visit. Currently no money to put ad up but you may find me on Lock Can't No! Lol. Merry Christmas. Cass. Xxx.
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December 24th, 2023 by Natalie Beauford
Merry Fckn Sexmas and bah-fckn-humbug. I hope all you idiots who think ots ok to fuck people around have a happy & joyous day because I'd rather be. Instead I chose to stay here and offer services to those of you who value great service, and deserve it. For the rest of you.. all thise scammers and fake profiles and bitches who rip you off and f*ck you over? Have a re-think how they came to be. Personally I wish I could change this profession back to they way it used to be - ladies knowing why and how to offer true services. Knowing the true history of this craft. It is an aquired skill that isn't easily taught and certainly even harder again to teach ladies how to service weary men. I'm often asked how long I've been doing this why I do it and the truth is nearly all my life and to make a difference for the better. Its far from easy and always unpredictable. Its probably one of the most stressful careers known to man. I'm not doing this to make a quick buck or to roll someone. I do this so a husband goes home a better, happier husband. To boost serotonin in a gentleman who may be depressed and needs something to smile about. To give relief to the guy who is a workaholic and falls asleep as soon as he gets home. Ultimately, to make the world a better place
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Are you lonely throughout Xmas?

December 24th, 2023 by Nyx
I will be working throughout the Christmas and new years period, nights from 8pm onwards. Whatever your situation, I'm here to provide pleasure and comfort to those who may be needing seeking it. Also, introducing my new service add on - intimate MASSAGE. I'm excited to take on more clients with this extra service and provide that little bit more of relaxation. Not a bad ice breaker for those more shy clients Also :)
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Sexual pleasure is a beautiful gift that I deserve to receive

December 21st, 2023 by Edwin Walker
1. Sexual pleasure is a beautiful gift that I deserve to receive. 2. I explore and embrace my sexual desires. 3. I am sexually generous. 4. I am full of sexual energy. 5. I am grateful for my body and the sexual pleasure it provides me. 6. I exude sexual confidence 7. I am in full control of my sexual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 8. I live, love, and engage in sexual behaviors according to my values. 9. I communicate successfully with my romantic and sexual  partner(s). 10. Telling my partner what I want during sex is natural and easy for me. 11. My bed is a peaceful sanctuary where I feel safe and satisfied.
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She asked for and athletic boy with good banter, a little bossy and some 'girth'..

December 20th, 2023 by Xavier Grey
"Well then m'lady, let me see what I can do for you. Firstly, give me a brief description of you.. physically..." I said "I'm a fit, smart, Blonde, pansexual girl" she says.. lt just so happens that I am going through a blonde stage.. so this is sounding perfect so far... "And do you have any particular kinks you'd like to explore?" I said "Well.." she says... "I do have a very long list of kinks that i'm looking to explore, but I need to get comfortable first. But I do want to suck on you, that's a very big turn-on for me.. and did I mention girth?" 'Ok lover, I'm going to tell you what I'd like to do to you. One of my favorite things to do is engineer a truly stunning orgasm from a beautiful woman.. starting with my lips and tongue and fingertips on your C and G spot.. I will find the rhythm and cadence that makes you come hard and wet on my face and fingers. Hot. By then I will of course be throbbing hard.. and while you're still trembling with pleasure and wet wet wet with climax.. I'm going to slide my hard, pulsing girth deep inside you.. I want to get some more pressure back on that G spot.. but before I come.. I want you to take me in your mouth.. deep and slow I want you to suck until I shoot hot come deep in your throat." "Oh my.." she says.. "what next?". Thursty. "That should be a nice start," I say.. "Then after 20 minutes or so of sexy nude pillow talk and probably a spritz or two... I'm going to take that girth, now getting hard again at the delightful sight of you... and fuck you long, slow, hard, fast, and in a variety of ways until we both lay breathless and drained with cross-eyed vision." "Why are we still talking about this?" she said.. "hurry up and get over here.. I need you now!" It turns out she also likes to be a little bossy. I would say the rest is history, but it's more like history repeating.. as Miss Clever pansexual blonde is now a repeat client, and we're slowly working through her long list of little kinks. X
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Introducting Xavier Grey

December 20th, 2023 by Xavier Grey
Relax.. take a deep breath.. release. Let the world melt away.. all the deadlines, appointments, meetings, drop-offs, expectations, pressures.. the only thing left is just you... and me. We're on your terms.. this is your time. What comes next is completely devoted to you, without compromise.  You're now under the spell of Xavier Grey. Let me take you into a world outside of this one. A world of dedicated pleasure and attention, just how you like it, for as long as you desire it. A world where you are the center of attention and I am at your complete and devoted service.  Let my firm but gentle skilled hands caress and relax your body, let me soothe you into a state of ease with witty, intelligent, worldly conversation, with an accent you'll likely not pick. I am a well travelled and well experienced gentleman. A stoic, an old school lover with an attention to detail and an acute awareness of your subtle nuances and body language. I can read you and listen to your body. I can tailor my actions and words to tantalise your senses in the very best way to put you at ease and maximise your pleasure. I worship the feminine form and all its beauty, I revel in the opportunity to take you to a level of pleasure and indulgence you may not yet have even known. Our time together will not soon be forgotten, but can soon be revisited. X
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Feeling constantly horny

December 19th, 2023 by Taylah Pasadena
I'm almost always horny,praise the lords for wearable toys or I'd literally be going everywhere driving with my hand firmly on my wet little pussy! I don't know why but even after cumming ten minutes later my pussy is throbbing two public use toys have both recently stopped working properly 😐 can you please help me fund my toy collection? I'll gladly send you videos of it being put to good use!! 🥰😘 Taylah Xx
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BBc available

December 19th, 2023 by Dilon
Feel free to inquire in Adelaide
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Natalie's Review of Rose Castle – The Best Brothels in Brisbane Southside

December 19th, 2023 by Natalie Moore
I began my journey as an independent escort, but my initial foray into the industry involved working in various suburban brothels around Brisbane. I wanted to know more, and back then, there was not a lot of info around about working at a Brothel, at least not in QLD, they cant actively advertise for ladies, so I didnt even know if they were hiring and couldn't help but question if I would even be accepted. I vividly recall being in my twenties, browsing websites that boasted phrases like "Brisbane's Premier Brothel," "Sizzling Sexy Models," and "Five-Star Brothel, Home to Brisbane's Most Attractive Ladies." and staring at myself in the mirror - I was feeling bit overwhelmed, and I couldn't help but wonder if there were more modest and perhaps less fiercely competitive colleagues to collaborate with. Fast forward almost a decade, and I'm profoundly grateful for taking that first step down Abbotsford Rd in Bowen Hills, where I entered what was once known as the Blue Room (later renamed Platnum 175). That's where I first dipped my toes into the world of sex work. As I contemplated returning to the industry in later 2022, I was searching for an establishment on the south side to ease my way back in. Despite having worked independently for about three or four years before my break, I was uncertain if I could adapt to the dynamics of brothels again. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a shot. After conducting some research and visiting a few other adult venues in the south side, I stumbled upon The Rose Castle. Allow me to introduce you to a true standout among Brisbane's top-notch brothels: Rose Castle in Coopers Plains (click to visit the article). With its convenient location, well-appointed amenities, comfortable rooms, and welcoming staff, this establishment stands out as the preferred choice for locals in search of an unforgettable experience with a parlour escort in Brisbane. 
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December 19th, 2023 by Gabrielle Le Rouge
Why or why do some guys take great pleasure in pranking and wanking? I know I bang on about this a bit but I’ll never work out the motivation behind ruining someone’s day - Just for fun it seems. If clients knew how disrespectful and stupid they appear….but I’m sure that’s just it…they have no insight into their own behaviour. I have a law degree, I have children, I have an ABN, I pay taxes. I’m not sure why “clients” think it’s ok to totally disregard someone because of the work they do. My other pet hate is the constant penis pictures. Why do you think any girl would want that? Do you think it actually matters? Hmm…..
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Signs That You're Having Bad Sex

December 18th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
We always talk about sex, but we don't get to speak on how to do it. While there's no standard to good or bad sex, we all get those moments when we feel like whatever is happening in the bedroom isn't bearing any fruit. This is mainly for couples in serious and long-term relationships. If you're one of them, here are some signs that you could be having awkward sex, and you could soon need a therapist. When Sex Feels Like a Chore Whenever something feels like work, it's because, mentally, you've made it into one. When you hit this point, you need to ask yourself whether you feel this way because sex is expected from you or because of what you expect from your partner. People make sex look like an event, and every time, the persons involved are pleasured to their needs. What they don't understand is that there's much more that goes into sex, including communication and intentionality. When these building blocks are lacking, sex certainly feels like a chore. When It Becomes Imbalanced. Sex isn't a one-sided adventure. If it feels like one person is doing more than the other, then something is seriously wrong. When you're always giving or always receiving, it's time to sit down and talk. When One Person Is Always Initiating Sex initiation plays a crucial factor in the end game. For the partner initiating, they need to ask themselves how being the initiator makes them feel about their partner and why. Also, for the person who doesn't initiate, they need to ask themselves why they don't feel the urge to start things. Allowing yourself the space to give honest insights on this will make it easier to understand where the problem is and how to solve it. When It's All About Penetration Sex has a different meaning to everyone. However, Darwin escorts like to define it as a meaningful and deep experience of pleasure with a partner. That said, sex involves much more than just penetration. There's the part of communication, foreplay, penetration, and, of course, orgasm. When you find yourself and your partner struggling with other factors, such as foreplay, then something is indeed amiss. Start by sitting down and discussing what sex is to you, and from there, you can branch out to what you think will be helpful. When It Becomes Monotonous Sex should be adventurous. When you and your partner do the same things over and over again, it's time to rethink. While we discourage monotony, remember it's still sex, and so it's a good starting point to improve. In Closing There are more indicators of bad sex, but our picks are the most common. Identifying issues with your partner isn't rocket science. As long as you two keep in close communication, you'll be able to point out issues from afar!
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70% OFF

December 17th, 2023 by Caity Luna Lupa
Wow this week ONLY 70% OFF my Onlyfans! So hurry up, jump on it and have fun with my Christmas Tasks and WIN a FREE Camsession with NO EXTRA FEES
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Melbourne Time Wasters and Wankers

December 16th, 2023 by Gabrielle Le Rouge
Well! What a tour! Melbourne - although you are very exciting and so pretty - I have to say what the hell is wrong with you Melbourne Guys! I’ve never encountered so many time wasters and wankers in my life! I’ll never complain about Brisbane men again! I promise….
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Embracing Sensuality: A Journey for Women in Their 30s

December 14th, 2023 by Livvie Lovely
In a world that often pressures us to conform to societal expectations, rediscovering and embracing our sensuality can be a transformative and empowering journey, especially for women in their 30s. This pivotal stage in life is a perfect time to reconnect with the essence of our womanhood, exploring the depths of our sensuality with newfound confidence and self-awareness. 1. Embracing Self-Discovery: The journey to sensuality begins with self-discovery. As women in their 30s, we have gained a wealth of experiences that shape our understanding of ourselves. Take the time to reflect on your desires, passions, and what truly makes you feel alive. Embrace the unique qualities that make you, you. 2. Confidence as a Catalyst: Confidence is a key ingredient in the recipe of sensuality. In your 30s, you've likely overcome challenges, learned valuable lessons, and grown stronger. Use this confidence to break free from any lingering self-doubt and embrace the sensuous being within. Appreciate your body, your mind, and the wisdom that comes with age. 3. Rediscovering Your Body: Your body is a temple, and it's time to treat it as such. Engage in activities that make you feel connected to your physical self, whether it's through dance, yoga, or simply reveling in the pleasure of self-care. Rediscover the curves, lines, and nuances that make your body a unique and beautiful vessel. 4. Mind-Body Connection: Sensuality is not just about the physical; it's also about the mind-body connection. Explore mindfulness practices, meditation, and self-reflection to deepen your understanding of your own desires and sensations. This holistic approach fosters a harmonious connection between your mental and physical self. 5. Embracing Erotic Energy: In your 30s, you may find a newfound appreciation for the erotic energy that resides within. Whether expressed through intimate connections or personal exploration, embrace the power of your desires. Allow yourself the freedom to explore your fantasies and understand the beauty of expressing your sensuality authentically. 6. Surround Yourself with Positivity: Cultivate an environment that nurtures your sensuality. Surround yourself with positivity, be it through supportive friends, inspiring art, or uplifting experiences. Remove any toxic influences that hinder your journey toward self-discovery and sensuality. 7. Embracing Change: As life evolves, so too does our sensuality. Embrace the changes that come with age, and recognize that sensuality is a dynamic, ever-evolving aspect of your being. Celebrate the woman you are today, and eagerly anticipate the woman you are becoming. In your 30s, the journey to finding your sensuality is a celebration of self-love, self-awareness, and the unapologetic embrace of your own unique beauty. So, go ahead, rediscover, embrace, and dance through life with the sensuality that defines you. This is your time to shine.
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Regarding my hiatus

December 13th, 2023 by Tash VonRey
Please be aware that I have an escort trying to sabotage my business, spreading nothing but a false, and an anonymous incel physically, via technology, and from both afar and up close trying to become a staple in my life as a watcher, a creep and someone who steals my identity and hopes to redirect my calls, messages and other forms of contact to himself so that he can, like ( the painfully beta against his own will) existence he unfortunately has, he knows your business potentially. I have figured out how to screen whilst this/these sad case/s, continue to be obsessed with me, my energy, and you. We obviously have what they want. Organic connection. FUCK THESE LOSERS TRYING TO RUIN OUR FUN, Let's just allow them to make more of a mess of their lives as I have sought legal counsel and VICPol are heavily involved. I've missed you xx Cleo
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Final Availability for 2023

December 12th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
🩷🎅FINAL Availability 2023🎅🩷 Thu  7am-10pm  Fri    7am-10pm  Sat   7am-10pm  Prebook Now 0467 425 956  For a final 2023 Hoorah!! THE END ❤️
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I Appreciate You

December 11th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
I want to say a Massive THANK YOU I appreciate you, whether you have booked me, looked at my profile, thought about booking me or even have supported me in some way. Please know you are Amazing!! This My Business and My Fulltime Job, so i do hope i have bought some sort of joy to your world in 2023. Enjoy the holiday season too!!! If you would love to share some kindness over the holiday season, I do have Beemit @kandi21candy Or Payid is 0467425956 I hope to see you in 2024 Kandice XXX
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Sex 101: Ways Taking a Break from Sex Could Improve Your Relationship

December 11th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
What's the longest you've gone without having sex? For a lot of couples, sex is almost a daily thing. While that is necessary for several reasons, the reserve is also true. While it's great to be into sex 24/7, there's something about a dry spell and how it ratchets up physical sensation. In this short article, we discuss why it could be important to go into sex fasts. It Rekindles Desires It's normal to get used to sex when you do too much of it with one person. This is mainly for married couples and those in serious relationships. In such cases, sex becomes tiring, stressful or simply bland. Taking a break from it can actually help you revive the passion, especially if done with the right attitude in mind. Escorts in Darwin, however, warn against taking a break from intimacy. Instead, take your focus off sex and learn to express love to each other through other nonsexual, intimate things. Sex Fasts Create Healthy Habits. When partners get used to one another, it creates a need for sex habit, which is a bad habit in a relationship. In such a case, a sex break, followed by a deep and open conversation about the connections you have rather than the sexual one, will be helpful. While sexual and physical contact is important, don't let it be the cornerstone of your marriage or relationship. It Allows Healing We all hurt people, knowingly and unknowingly, whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual. The same applies during sex; our partners may have been hurt previously and it leaves pretty deep scars that change their view of sex. In such cases, the trauma makes it really difficult to crave sex, which necessitates a break from it. If you have such a partner, we suggest that you be very patient with them and, in the meantime, communicate your needs in a respectable manner that will ease them back. It Improves Communication Negotiating for a break from sex with your partner needs a real conversation about sex. You must discuss what the sex fast will entail and its purpose. This presents an open opportunity to share your specific interests, desires, and boundaries easily and even learn more about your partners. As a deep understanding of one another is crucial, so to is a deep understanding of what your partner's needs are in terms of connection and satisfaction. In Closing Understanding sex calls for an understanding that it's between two people who must always communicate. Sex breaks are important, but they need proper communication for them to work effectively. While there are many reasons why you might need one, we recommend discussing it with your partner and outlining clearly what you aim to get out of it.
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10 Days Remaining for 2023 Bookings!

December 10th, 2023 by Jay Charles
🎉 Time is running out! Only 10 days left to experience the unforgettable Jay Charles. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to treat yourself! 🔥 Jay Charles is in high demand, and for good reason! With his exceptional skills and magnetic personality, he knows how to create a truly unforgettable experience. ✨ Imagine the magic of spending quality time with an elite companion who will make every moment count. Book now before it's too late! 🎄 If you happen to miss out this time, don't worry! Enjoy a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year. But remember, booking doors won't open again until February 2024. So don't let this chance slip away! 💫 Make your next year extraordinary with Jay Charles. Book now and create memories that will last a lifetime! #JayCharles
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Why pay? I can get sex for Free??

December 10th, 2023 by Matt
The ammoint of times people have laughed or joked or ribbed and say "why pay? I can get for free!" Indeed.. My usual response is you don't hire a plumber to build a fence do you? ... same applies here. Instead of awkwardly trying to find sex of which you may or may not enjoy, get on with the person or even end up getting after trolling kik or Snapchat... You have the option instead of getting a plumber to fix the plumbing!! (Pardon the pun :)) No awkwardness, no should I ask about this fantasy or kink, no sti worries, no "I hope knows what he is doing" or "God that was quick" lol yes that's common but no issue here 😉 An escort is there for your needs, his, well mine anyway, are secondary.. something you don't find at random or on kik.. So if your plumbing is a bit off please just hire a plumber lol believe me I've seen the difference, know the difference and live the difference! 😉👌😘 Have a good holidays and see some if you soon 🤷😊
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News for Canberra!

December 9th, 2023 by Bianca Jade
Upcoming tour to Canberra! From the 13th to 17th December. Now is the time to secure your time with me. Pre-bookings are open and spaces are limited, so don't delay in booking your spot. Mark your calendars in the pleasure of my company. Together, we will surround ourselves with seduction, and untamed desires!  Experience the pleasure of Bianca Jade that will leave you breathless ;) 0430 060 225 Love B xx
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Working With Escort Agencies: The Pros and The Cons

December 9th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
As an escort, you can either work independently or work under an agency. While working independently has its perks, such as better rates, if you're willing to put in the hours that comes with being your own boss, working independently can often net you more money. Here is a simple comparison of the pros and cons of working with an agency. The Pros Of Escort Agencies. One of the best perks of working with an agency is the factor of safety. Escort agencies work by connecting the clients to escorts, where they facilitate the booking and communication process. They have a tight screening process for clients, which they do on behalf of the escort. Therefore, you won't have to waste your time doing the screening. On the safety aspect, the screening process ensures that any cunning client is flagged off. If you're at risk during your date, the agency must ensure your safety. One of the cons of working as an independent escort is boredom. However, working under an agency allows you to interact with like-minded men, women and trans escorts who will always have your back. If you ever get the blues while at work, you can always meet with them and open up if that works for you. Escorting isn't as easy as it seems; therefore, no one should go through this journey alone. Working for an agency is very convenient. For example, you might need to hire a driver for your travels when working solo. With an agency, however, the facilitation is done for outcalls without you having to pay beforehand. You're also covered for incalls, so there are no extra expenses on your side. Working with an agency will also relieve you of the worries of advertisements. See, for independent escorts, the effort of advertising the services is solely on them, and it certainly reflects on the sales. With agencies, they shoulder the whole process of sourcing clients for their escorts. All you have to do is show up and be good at what you do. The Cons Of Working With An Agency. Moving on to the cons, one of the main ones is that you must pay the agency fees. For example, most agencies have a subscription or joining fee. In addition, the agency charges the facilitation fees by taking a cut from the escort's rate. For example, if an escort charges $500 per hour, about 20% of that fee goes back to the agency to cover services such as facilitation and advertisement. Although most agencies have reasonable commission rates, it indeed affects the escort's net income. Flexibility is minimal when working with an agency. When working independently, you get to set your timetable for bookings. With an agency, however, requests could come at any time, even when your are enjoying private time with friends. In Closing What do you make of these pros and cons? Which side do you think takes the win? The pros or the cons? Please tell us in the comment section below. 
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I love cream clean ups

December 6th, 2023 by Chanel
it had been a while since a man shot 3 in me and ate it out of my Pussy. Nev you're my favourite. xoxo Chanel
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Tips To Become a Cunnilingus Expert

December 6th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Cunnilingus, commonly known as oral sex or going down on her, has had an undeserved reputation for being tricky, partly because it’s true and partly because of the judgement that the female anatomy is complicated. Recent studies have shown that very few women get an orgasm from penetrative sex, necessitating more creativity in the bedroom, and cunnilingus is undoubtedly one of them. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to sex, our experts have put together a few tips and tricks to give you a refresher course on eating her out. Let’s dive right into it. Put Her into Ease. Sadly, many women aren’t very comfortable with receiving oral sex. For some women, it could be due to insecurities such as vagina taste or smell or simply the belief that the female anatomy isn’t too pleasing to look at. So, if you give her a pep talk to make her feel comfortable with you doing it, it will work the magic. Start Slow. Don't be in any sort of rush. Remember, you have the whole day, so don't start with the obvious. How about some soft kisses, focusing on the other non-genital areas as you work your way down there? Remember, the clitoris is extremely sensitive, so applying sudden pressure don't the best of ways. Take your time! Increase Your Speed If Need Be The key to a good oral sex session is paying attention to body language. Once you've gained some momentum, or they indicate that they need more, slowly ramp up the speed and pressure. If possible, also increase the rhythm. Be Keen on Your Tongue Movements With oral sex, tongue movement is the hack to the puzzle. Firstly, we recommend slow and sensual tongue movements before going all in with the aggressive strokes. Find a consistent tongue pattern and stick to it as she soars to heights of pleasure. For most women, consistency indeed feels good. Constantly switching between patterns will take them off the course of the orgasm. However, using one pattern several times will be boring and stale. So, have several patterns in your pleasure arsenal. Add Some Dirty Talk This is especially true for partners who might be feeling vulnerable. Feel free to assure them that they taste great and that you are enjoying the ride. Tell them how turned on you are, and say it straight to their face, with some eye contact. Use Your Hands, Too. As everything picks up pace, adding more arsenal will greatly help. As she gets wetter, insert a finger or two into the vaginal opening, and slide it in and out as you gain pace, depending on feedback. Curving your finger while stroking will surely heighten things. Don't Just Focus on The Clitoris While the clitoris is the most sensitive part, it would be much sexier if you also showed some love to other parts of the anatomy. Give the vulva some tongue strokes, too, keeping in mind to maintain rhythm. Lastly, enjoy the ride. Don't just go down on your partner so that they can orgasm. That way, it feels like a job and won't always bear results. Instead, focus on the moment and think about how going down on her turns you on. Do you think cunnilingus is the hottest form of foreplay? Do you have any experience with it? Leave your comment in the section below.
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A Memorable Moment

December 6th, 2023 by Matt
We all go through life, learning, experiencing and finding our way in life.. But it's Moments that make life fun and worth living :) I have had many people say "Why did I wait so long to do that??" and it's true.. why? Social norms? 🤔 yes that's probably the best answer.. Instead of living life wondering why you didn't? Why don't you just do! I haven't met anyone who has regretted the Memorable Moment yet.. 🤷😊 Good Xmas present too! Lol
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Let's get Merry and you can Jingle me all the way!!

December 4th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Hello there, Need a fun and Naughty time during your weekly grind... Come and Jingle my bell or let me jingle your balls ... I have 10 working days left for this year so let's make it Naughty!! Girlfriend/Porn star sessions as I'm not your innocent Girlfriend. XXX Porn star session this does include An@l for those that love to go that bit further ;) $50 off any 1 hour or more booking made between 7-9am weekdays only. I also have a leisurely lunch deal of 3 hours for $900. Must be half social, half naughty time. or 12hours for $2000 Only available till the 18th of December So Prebook to guarantee your spot, Kandice 0467 425 956
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The Escort Price Spectrum

December 3rd, 2023 by Natalie Moore
I've posted an article that delves deep into the realm of ? Escort Pricing ?, providing insights into the factors that mould rate structures within the escort industry. My research uncovered a captivating range of rates, spanning from $50 to a staggering $10,000 AUD per hour. It's undeniably remarkable to witness the prominence of countries like Australia, the UK, Germany, and Singapore, boasting average rates hovering at approximately $460 AUD per hour. What truly got my attention was the profound revelation from "SuperFreakonomics," illuminating the world of high-end escorting through the experiences of Michelle Braun. She commanded fees reaching up to USD 50,000 for her services, along with USD 43,000 for the girls she managed. This revelation unveils the captivating interplay between economics, entrepreneurship, and personal choices within the escorting profession. Yet, another facet that etched a lasting impression is the concealed realities of budget escorting and its unsettling ties to human trafficking and exploitation. This troubling association is particularly alarming in regions where sex work operates within legal grey areas or under the shadow of outright illegality. Even in countries like Australia, where sex work is lawful, the presence of economically-priced escorts can be indicative of underlying concerns, including the looming spectre of human trafficking. If you want to read my full article and join me on the exploration of these intricate dynamics and their ethical implications, I invite you to visit my website for the full article Escort Pricing Worldwide
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Toys,edging,long distance play

December 3rd, 2023 by Taylah Pasadena
Hey everyone! So lately I'm totally obsessed with using wearable vibrators literally all the time,I edge myself constantly with them and send the link to others and let them do the same (I let them watch via Web cam for a small fee) I would love to know anyone's opinions on what toys are the best wearables for when your around people or in a quiet setting etc...I would also absolutely love to find a sugar daddy type arrangement where you buy me a wearable toy and I send you an agreed amount of videos and pictures of me using it ? if your keen hit me up!! ?? Taylahxx
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Understanding Women's Concerns About Porn and How to Navigate It

December 2nd, 2023 by Esteban Cara de Sexo
It's no secret that many men indulge in watching porn, with varying degrees of frequency. For some, it becomes a regular part of their routine, and in certain cases, it can even influence their ability to become aroused without it. The relationship between the brain and the images on the screen evolves, often involving increasingly extreme scenarios. But let's focus on those who watch it in what might be considered a 'normal' amount. In numerous societies, including ours, there's a pervasive sense of shame linked to nudity and sexuality, causing sexual activities to be shrouded in secrecy. The allure of engaging in such activities in private is heightened by the association of erotic feelings with secrecy, accompanied by the thrill of potential shame and fear of exposure. For many men, the act of using porn for self-pleasure adds an element of excitement, fueled by the fact that it is often done in secret, away from the prying eyes of their partners. It becomes a discreet means to alleviate stress, a polite way to fulfill a need without direct human interaction. However, the use of porn may not always be solely about sexual gratification; it can also serve as an escape. This rings true for both men and women alike. Sometimes, individuals turn to porn and masturbation not only for the physical release but also as a form of mental escapism. Amidst the daily rituals of meals, backrubs, and listening to the happenings of the day, there arises a genuine need for some personal, unencumbered time, perhaps with a dash of novelty – a different visual stimulus to let the dopamine wash over the mind. The crucial juncture arrives when the partner asks the question, "Do you watch porn and engage in self-pleasure when I'm not around?" The correct response? "Yes, honey, I do. Does it bother you?" This answer is not only honest but opens the door for communication. If, like many women, there's a sense that the intimacy between you has diminished, she will likely want to understand why. It's possible she has already delved into the browser history or stumbled upon your discreetly labeled "work invoices" folder on the laptop. Honest dialogue becomes the bridge to understanding and navigating this aspect of relationships with sensitivity and openness.
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Optimizing Your Vaginal pH for Health and Comfort: A Guide for Escorts

December 2nd, 2023 by Esteban Cara de Sexo
As an escort, ensuring the well-being of your intimate health is essential. While the gut microbiome is well-known, you might not be aware that your vagina has a unique microbiota, often referred to as the vaginal microbiome. Maintaining the right pH level is crucial for a healthy vaginal flora, preventing illnesses, and promoting overall well-being. Understanding Vaginal pH Levels In the realm of pH, the vagina typically ranges from 3.8 to 4.5, slightly on the acidic side. This acidity is maintained by beneficial microbes, such as Lactobacilli, which produce hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid. This natural balance helps prevent the growth of harmful microbes like E. Coli and Candida. Detecting pH Imbalance If you experience discomfort, burning, itching, or unusual discharge during urination, your vaginal pH may be off balance. Imbalanced pH levels can lead to common vaginal issues like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. Detecting these issues early is crucial, considering their prevalence among escorts. Recognizing Common Infections Distinguishing between yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis is important. While yeast infections manifest as thick, lumpy, white secretions, bacterial vaginosis is characterized by a "fishy" smell and thin, grayish-white discharge. Factors Affecting Vaginal pH Certain factors can alter your vaginal pH, such as antibiotics, douching, and unprotected sexual activity. Awareness of these influences is crucial for maintaining optimal health. Maintaining Healthy pH: Tips for Escorts Quality Probiotics: Incorporate a quality vaginal probiotic into your daily routine, especially if you're on antibiotics or prone to recurrent infections. Limit Douching: Avoid using pressure products or scented cleansers, as they can deplete beneficial microbes. Practice Safe Sex: Unprotected sexual activity can impact pH. Use barrier methods like contraceptives to maintain balance. Hygiene Matters: Clean from front to back, take occasional baths with mild soap, and avoid over-washing. Cotton Underwear: Opt for breathable cotton underwear to prevent moisture retention and bacterial growth. Regular Check-ups: Schedule routine visits with your gynecologist for personalized guidance and to address any concerns promptly. Conclusion: Prioritizing Your Vaginal Health as an Escort Understanding and maintaining a healthy vaginal pH is vital for escorts. By following these simple yet effective tips, you can promote a balanced and comfortable environment, ensuring overall well-being. Remember, each individual's physiology is unique, so staying attuned to your body's signals and seeking professional advice regularly are key to a thriving intimate health journey.
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Unveiling Panty Passion Pursuit: A Journey of Sensual Connection

December 2nd, 2023 by Esteban Cara de Sexo
In a world that often rushes by, there's something truly captivating about slowing down and appreciating the finer details of life. For a growing community of like-minded adults, this involves delving into the realm of Panty Passion Pursuit – an intimate journey that celebrates the artistry, textures, and shared sensuality found in the beauty of panties. The Allure of Panties: More Than Fabric At the heart of Panty Passion Pursuit lies a shared appreciation for the delicate allure of lingerie. It's an acknowledgment that the beauty of panties extends beyond mere fabric; it's about the intricate details, the textures that delight the senses, and the artistry that goes into crafting these intimate pieces. Whether it's the soft touch of satin, the intricate patterns of lace, or the playful elegance of silk, each pair of panties tells a story and evokes a unique connection. A Community of Like-Minded Adults Panty Passion Pursuit isn't just an exploration of intimate apparel; it's an invitation to connect with a community of like-minded adults who share a profound appreciation for sensuality. It's a space where enthusiasts come together to celebrate the allure of panties, creating connections that go beyond the superficial and embrace the beauty found in shared passions. Discreet Gatherings: Where Connection Blossoms In the spirit of cultivating meaningful connections, Panty Passion Pursuit hosts discreet gatherings that provide a unique haven for adults to come together. These intimate soirees are more than events; they are opportunities to share stories, explore common fascinations, and revel in the sensuality that panties bring to our lives. Laughter, shared experiences, and the celebration of beauty become the focal points of these gatherings. Connect with Us: A Journey Awaits For those intrigued by the idea of Panty Passion Pursuit, the invitation extends to you. Connect with us and become part of a community that values discretion, respect, and the celebration of the exquisite world of lingerie. Unravel the secrets beneath the lace and satin as you embark on a journey where shared passions blossom and the allure of panties becomes a source of connection and joy. How to Join the Pursuit Ready to dive into Panty Passion Pursuit? Connecting with us is simple. Visit our [Contact Us] page and share your thoughts, experiences, and what draws you to the enchanting world of intimate apparel. We prioritize discretion, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone involved. Your journey into the world of sensuality is just a message away. In Conclusion: A Celebration of Sensuality Panty Passion Pursuit is an ode to sensuality, an exploration of shared connections, and a celebration of the beauty found in the intricate details of panties. Join us in unraveling the secrets beneath the lace and satin – let Panty Passion Pursuit be your gateway to a world where intimate connections flourish, and the allure of lingerie becomes a shared joy. Welcome to a journey where passion meets celebration.
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Kinky Christmas Calendar on OnlyFans

December 2nd, 2023 by Caity Luna Lupa
Hey Sub! It`s Christmas time and you can open 24 doors on my Christmas Calendar on my Onlyfans. When you do every Task you can WIN a Online Session with me for FREE! 50% OFF !!!! Have Fun and i see you there. Dominant greetings Caity Luna Lupa
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The pleasure of it all.

December 1st, 2023 by Michael Trainer
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Strategies For Pricing Escort Services

December 1st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
How do you set prices for your escort services? What factors will affect the prices? Demand, supply, and price changes affect the escorting industry like any other market. Consequently, it is a super competitive market, with service prices directly affecting returns to the escorts. This short article delves into the nuances of setting prices while ensuring your hustle stays profitable. What Is the Essence of Setting Prices? Pricing is the thin line between success and failure in this competitive industry. This critical part of pricing determines whether you can sustain the hustle, earn a comfortable living and, most importantly, ensure clients are satisfied. Pricing isn't just about determining a number; it reflects your skills and personality and correctly positions you in the market. Pricing Strategies The industry is very diverse, with many services that escorts can offer. This implies that a one size fits all situation doesn't exist. Most clients are willing to pay various prices for different expertise levels, services and companionship. That said, here are some of the most crucial factors affecting pricing. The nature of the service greatly affects the pricing. Escorts may charge premium charges for certain exclusive and niche-specific services. For example, the pornstar experience is a more specific service which attracts a heftier pricing. However, some escorts may prefer offering more affordable rates for general service and companionship to nurture repeat business. The age and experience of the escort are another big player. Generally, younger newcomers in the industry are yet to learn the ropes, which might lead them to charge lower prices than mature and vastly experienced escorts. However, too old escorts tend to attract lower prices despite the tons of experience they bring along. The time of the booking also dramatically affects the prices. Remember, like any other business, escorting has peak days and hours. For example, escorts charge more during peak hours, such as evenings and weekends, than on regular days. Charges may be more than 20% of the norm in such peak days. Seasons such as the summer also attract higher prices since the demand for companionship is high. How Does Location Affect Escort Services Pricing? The factor of location deserves some special recognition. Rates in major cities such as Las Vegas and Sydney are much higher than in less populated smaller cities or towns. Typically, large cities attract many revellers, increasing demand for companions. In such huge cities, hourly rates vary between $300-$500, although more niche-specific services might require more. Basic services in less populated towns may vary between $200-$400. While determining your price range could be difficult, escort directories such as Naughtyads have made pricing more transparent. Scrolling through their website will give you an idea of a competitive rate in your region. In Closing The hack to navigating the price headache in escorting involves conducting competitor analysis. You can do this by analysing the prices of other escorts in your area of operation. Also, monitoring your competition and being able to adjust your prices based on demand and competition is very important. Lastly, remember that while you set the price, the intrinsic value of escorting is providing satisfactory service to clients, which will reflect in your earnings.
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