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How To Excite Clients Through Sexting

July 31st, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The impression you create to your clients is the deal breaker in escorting. Sexting is one of the best and easiest ways of getting things going with your clients. It's an art, and the best thing is that it's easy to learn and customise according to your style. Here is an explainer of texting, including some examples of how to excite your clients. The Rules. Like any other sexual activity, sexting has rules. Here are the rules in a nutshell. Ask For Consent. Sexting isn’t much different from sex. Bombarding your client with sext messages will get you blocked and probably be followed by a bad rating. Before you engage in anything naughty, remember to ask if they’re okay with it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a text or a photo; it is essential to set the ground. A simple text like “I bought this new lingerie today, and I think it would interest you. Should I send the pictures?” Easy as that. Never Share Your Clients’ Messages or Nudes. What happens between you two stays between you two. You should strive at all times to keep your business confidential. If possible, avoid mentioning to anyone that you're sexting unless you’ve confirmed the client is okay. How do you make it exciting? Start With Something Flirty. We suggest getting creative and starting with something that will evoke emotion and turn the client on. A cute message or a semi-nude photo that is suggestive works magic. Try to be innocent yet flirty. A message like “I saw you in my dream last night; we were kissing in the moonlight. I wish you were here.” Such a message introduces sexy energy into the conversation. Get Creative Luckily, technology has saved you the job on this one. Unlike before, there are so many options for showing emotions. You can send an emoji, a voice message or even creative GIFs. All these options are available on many apps, such as WhatsApp. We highly recommend using emojis such as the eggplant, hands, bathtubs, bikinis…you get the idea. Be Real Being your true sexual self during sexting could be a little tricky. Sometimes, overwhelming. Many escorts find this awkward as they try to find new and exciting ideas to please their clients. If you take this approach, everything will feel forced and unnatural. We suggest being real with yourself and letting everything flow naturally. Remember, you might meet the client physically, and you don’t want to set unrealistic expectations. Communicate What you Want. Lastly, being vocal about what you want in bed is pretty attractive. Communicating what you'd want your client to do to you makes it easy for them to satisfy you, not only in the sex chat but also on physical dates. Don’t hold back anything. Remember, clients and escorts in Sydney don’t judge one another, so there’s nothing to worry about. The Bottom Line Sexting is a whole enormous world of sex that we can’t exhaust. The most crucial thing as you approach this is to respect each other and know when to stop. Remember to get creative. There are tons of ideas on the internet. Happy hunting!            
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Turn gloom into B💥💥M on the off days

July 29th, 2023 by Melanie
Gday😁 Happy NO UNDY SUNDY 😘 So, straight to it, bizzo has been shithouse, and I can't just hold myself accountable, things are just off, and honest, I've felt like a dark gloomy storm cloud for a few weeks, until a lil sun ray appeared out of nowhere when I had a thought, and now here I am, expressing my emotions and feeling damn good to say so 💯 the industry is lonely, and no matter what, I can have real bad bouts of loneliness to the point I reach out for the wrong things or people to give me company, and this NEVER works well... NEVER. But the more of this life stuff I continue to learn and grow from, well, I guess I'm still good for the life stuff, just gotta approach my outlook a lil different and remember, GRATITUDE & RESPECT go a long way. Tah for listening, and enjoy NO UNDY SUNDY ALY FROM WAGGA WAGGA 🫶🏻🌞💋
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All good things should not come to an end

July 28th, 2023 by Amelia Bull
When it comes to loving it can come easier then some than for others.Allowing yourself to get affected by others its a huge thing when it comes to co dependency or relationships.Over analising questioning or accusations to partners can often lead to conflict and discontentment.Also if you set you expectations to high or are too controlling the spouse may feel inadequate or inferior. lets face it nobody likes to be told their not good enough and theres a fine line between pleasure and pain.You dont always have to please a partner if its painful for you to do so. Pleasing should come with satisfaction for both parties involved and if it causes you a pain to do so you need to question yourself why? There may be physical or mental emotional aspects that you need to address within the relationship to strengthen the bond and communication remember its always the key... Theres nothing worse when the other person not willing to communicate and the communication its one sided.How do you respond to this what are your reasons behind your response or action.Its often an idea to seek a third or forth opinion when it comes to reflecting on situations that way it wont neccaceraly be biast point of veiw.Relationships are something that is ongoing they shouldnt neccaceraly come to an end or end on bad terms if you work together with good communication and civil actions theres always good outcome.And where in some cases you have been hurt and try to find a reason why your best just communicating this to person persons involved and letting go of hostile feelings that way you are not harbouring negitive emotions feelings.Sometime bad shit happens people get hurt lines are crossed and safty compromised thats no reason to hold a grudge just take it to be more cautious in the future. People that show their true colours to you are often worth being around.Make your own decision who you want to surround yourself with and always be in good company.xx
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Must-Have Essentials for An Escort

July 28th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
As an escort, what you carry in your bag defines how your date goes. Preparing for a date is more mental, but it also involves some packing. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced escort, there are a few things you must always have in your escort bag. Some of these items might be true life savers, and you'll start wondering how you ever went for dates without them in your bag. Let's discuss the must-have essentials for an escort.  Extra Clean Underwear Extra underwear is a must-have for an escort. The reason for having some is obvious; there is a chance you'll meet more than one client in a day, and the last thing you want to do is show up for a booking in used undies. This is more so where sex is involved. While some clients wouldn’t bother what’s under there, others prefer involving panties in the sessions, so having clean ones is a plus. Pairs Of Condoms Working as a Brisbane escort means you need to take extra care of your health, and one way of doing that is ensuring you have protected sex at all times. In some instances, clients will try to get crafty and pretend they forgot to buy some condoms. But if you carry some in your bag, you'll save yourself from explaining why you can't have unprotected sex. Remember, always strap it! Lube (Preferably Water Based) Lubes have many uses, including massages, vaginal sex and anal sex. Sometimes, sex gets dry. While there could be many reasons for dry sex, lube is a quick remedy as it eases things up. If you're a fan of anal sex, and your client is up for it, ensure it's well-lubricated to avoid pain and tears. Lastly, lube can be handy in heating things up during foreplay since it’s perfect for massages. Reminder! DO NOT use oil-based lubricants with condoms. Oil-based lubricants react with the condoms, leading to tears, which might expose you to potential STDs. A Charger and A Power Bank An escort should always be available. While out on dates and bookings, you run low on battery, compromising your day schedule. To avoid that, ensure you have a charger or a backup power bank. A Makeup Kit and A Toothbrush Brushing your teeth before meeting a client might sound like such a small thing, but it will do wonders for your confidence. A fresh breath allows you to feel confident, which eases the tension. If you're meeting more than one client in a day, the reasons for carrying your make-up kit are self-explanatory. In Closing The bottom line of having an escort bag is readiness and self-care. Also, remember presentation is critical. The above items are a perfect start for you. There are more items out there that will come through for you during your bookings. Keep following our blog for more.            
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NEW Escort girl in Clayton VIC 3168

July 27th, 2023 by lisa
Hi, There are many escort advertisements here and it is difficult to know which one to choose, but I believe I was one of the girls that you should not miss. My name is Alisa, 28 years old, my White skin, beautiful eyes, devil figure, lovely smile, beautiful body, mischievous character, and endless enthusiasm will make you never forget me! My perfect massage skills will make you full of passion. Why should you continue waiting? Quickly pick up the phone; you have my word that I will never let you down call me at tel: +97156 610 9066
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Pleasure dome

July 26th, 2023 by Natalia Grey
At pleasure dome in Melbourne CBD tonight come and say hello xx 44 Gladstone St. Southbank. Vic. 3006 PHONE: (03) 9696 2222 MOBILE: 0481 816 891
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Looking for a happy lady to spend some lovely time with? That is Me!!

July 25th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
Well hello there!! I am your perfect little lady to come and brighten your world.. I am mature, giving and oh so innocent on the outside.. but behind closed doors I can please you in many ways .. So why not Book Now and lets Do It! 0467 425 956  Kandice xxx
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First post

July 23rd, 2023 by David Pemberton
So I thoought a good start would be to post up some of my fav images I have taken over the years, not all are escorts either just a mix of everything. I hope to post often in the future thanks
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Moving on up

July 22nd, 2023 by user90248
So, I got myself a new set of wheels yesterday, but I'd much prefer to be driving someone who can deepthroat and take it deep and hard. Do you wanna be that someone?
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Explore Fantasies and Kinks with an Escort

July 21st, 2023 by Gaby Galaxy
Hi, I'm Gaby a mature escort from Melbourne's inner south east suburbs. Today I wanted to discuss booking an escort to explore your kinks and fetishes. Sometimes, a trained dominatrix is best for the job, but many times an everyday escort like myself can help you get the release you're looking for at the same time as exploring fantasies you may have. I am open to helping you explore new things and I'm also happy to try new things for myself. I have a fair amount of education when it comes to kinks and things and I'm always willing to learn more. When you are looking to explore kinks it's important to do so safely. Any experienced escort will know where the line in the sand is to keep you safe or they will tell you if your request is unreasonable, but most times an agreement can be come to where not only will you be happy but you'll get to have the fun you're craving and the escort will be able to find a safe way to fulfill your desires. Safe, sane and consensual is the name of the game. If you know someone who is aware of RACK Risk Aware Consensual Kink, you're on the right path. Personally I can think of a multitude of kinks and fetishes an escort can help you with. You could get an escort to accompany you to a sex party, keeping in mind not everyone is comfortable with this but I would definitely consider it. You can explore BDSM, maybe not too hard core without an experienced Domme but some escorts are experienced. I am comfortable with some BDSM activities and look forward to learning more so I can enjoy helping others to enjoy themselves, safely. An idea I recently saw that caught my attention was offering certain services in an adult cinema. I'm yet to have anyone take me up on the offer but it's definitely there. I also offer public car fun after dark in a place we are unlikely to be seen. Some escorts won't do that or even consider it but I'm pretty open minded as long as we aren't bothering anyone and it's safe I'm willing to consider it. So if you have a kink or fetish you need help with you can find me at or there's a range of other escorts to suit your needs on this site. I hope to hear from you soon! If you can't see me in person I also offer video calls so we can play out fantasies virtually.
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A Sure Thing! Why would I want an escort???

July 21st, 2023 by Matt
There are many reasons dealing with an escort can make life a little easier! You have been swiping for months now, Bern on a date or 2, seen 500 dick pics, drunk too much hehe and all you want is some company... You have had a breakup and just want a night of sensual passion to make you feel like the gorgeous woman you are.. You have desires and your embarrassed to be judged but you want to still see how that experience would be in life? You just want someone to go to the footy and have someone handsome on your arm who is happy to hold your hand and show you affection in public.. All these scenarios can be fixed by.. A Sure Thing! 👍 😊 As a male escort it is paramount that in the time we have together you get what you desire. People keep asking but isn't it just a job? When i am focused on any women she is the most important thing at that time 😊
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Painless Anal Sex- Tips And Tricks

July 19th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
The topic of anal sex is always met with many questions and discussions. While that is fair, many people don’t know that anal sex can be one of the most pleasurable forms of sex. Anal sex can be done by people of all gender orientations with either the real thing or strap-ons. For beginners, it might be a bit harder to manoeuvre around this hurdle, and in most cases, it is an unpleasant and painful experience. Whether experienced or not, you deserve some good and fun anal play. Here is a round-up of tips and tricks to make anal sex painless. 1 . Warm It Up The best sex happens when both parties are fully psychologically prepared. This is why we recommend building up the sexual tension to make both parties aroused. When aroused, they get more open-minded, excited and ready for new experiences, ensuring the anal penetration isn’t painful. 2. Lube It Up!! We can never insist enough on this. Anal sex isn’t the same as vaginal sex. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, so we advocate for lubrication. There are various brands of lubes available in adult shops that you can use. We have oil-based, silicon-based and water-based lubricants as the main categories. We recommend water-based lubricants since they mix well with latex condoms. Escorts Brisbane advise against using oil-based lubricants or household oils such as olive and coconut oil since they aren’t compatible with latex. 3. Take It Easy Everything starts with warming the backdoor. Once you're mentally prepared and lubricated enough, it’s time to make your way in. This door is pretty small, but it can accommodate everyone. We recommend starting with one finger (Well lubricated) as you add up to more fingers. If the partner is comfortable, you can use a sex toy such as a small butt plug for first-timers. Again, remember to lubricate the butt plug. Keep adding up in size until your partner is ready for the big moment. Remember, well-lubricated and slow is the way to go. 4. Positions Do Matter! The mention of the word anal probably evokes doggy style in your mind. The truth is, while it’s a perfect sex style for anal sex, there are more and even better sex styles that you can use. Believe it or not, missionary is a perfect position for anal sex. It is highly ergonomic and also allows tons of skin and eye contact. Final Thoughts Ideally, anal sex isn’t complicated as long as you and your partner are on the same page. A side note worth exploring is checking in often on what your partner is feeling. If the face is all green, please proceed. If they give you a red sign, respect them and stop! Have you ever had anal sex? What’s your experience? Please tell us through the blog comment section.  
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Excited to meet new clients

July 18th, 2023 by Belle
Hi there men and women of the Illawarra :) I am Belle. 28, curvy, 162cm tall. Bellambi. Looking for new clients. I'm clean, friendly, naughty where it counts and professional. You will leave feeling pleasured and content. Incall escort & *introducing my new findom service. Available in person, phone or virtual.
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Unveiling Unparalleled Experiences: Exploring the World of Escorts in Australia

July 17th, 2023 by Madison Ashley
Unveiling Unparalleled Experiences: Exploring the World of Escorts in Australia   In the bustling world of Australia's vibrant nightlife, the companionship and allure of escorts have become a sought-after indulgence for those seeking unforgettable experiences. With an aim to delve into this captivating realm, we present a comprehensive guide to the enchanting world of escorts in Australia. From understanding the nuances of this profession to discovering reputable services, this blog offers invaluable insights for both novices and seasoned patrons.   The Essence of Escorts: Escorts, often considered modern-day muses, provide companionship and entertainment to individuals seeking a range of experiences. From attending social events to intimate encounters, escorts offer personalized encounters tailored to individual desires. By understanding the fundamental aspects of this profession, patrons can navigate the landscape with confidence and appreciation. Demystifying the Selection Process: When venturing into the world of escorts, it is crucial to choose services that align with your preferences and requirements. We explore the importance of conducting thorough research, verifying credibility, and seeking reputable agencies or independent escorts with a solid track record. By adhering to these guidelines, patrons can ensure a memorable and fulfilling encounter. The Art of Communication: Effective communication forms the bedrock of any successful interaction, and encounters with escorts are no exception. This section explores the importance of clear communication, establishing boundaries, and expressing expectations in a respectful manner. By fostering open dialogue, both patrons and escorts can create an environment conducive to an enriching experience. Understanding Legal Considerations: Navigating the legal landscape surrounding escorts is vital for patrons to ensure they engage in lawful activities. This section sheds light on legal frameworks in Australia, including state-specific regulations and guidelines. By being well-informed, patrons can enjoy their encounters while maintaining complete adherence to the law. Personal Safety and Privacy: Prioritizing personal safety and privacy is paramount when engaging with escorts. This segment provides essential tips on maintaining anonymity, practicing safe encounters, and verifying the authenticity of services. By implementing these measures, patrons can engage in worry-free experiences and protect their privacy. Elevating the Experience: For patrons seeking unparalleled experiences, we explore the factors that contribute to an unforgettable encounter with escorts. From setting the right ambiance to establishing a genuine connection, this section provides tips and suggestions to elevate the experience beyond expectations. Emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and open-mindedness, we encourage patrons to embrace the journey fully. Testimonials and Reviews: To provide an unbiased view of various services, this segment highlights the significance of testimonials and reviews. By sharing experiences from satisfied patrons, we showcase reputable escort services in Australia and shed light on their exceptional offerings. This resource helps potential clients make informed decisions when selecting their desired companions. Hush escorts in Sydney is a reputable escort agency that caters to discerning clientle that expect the best in escort services.   Embarking on a journey into the world of escorts in Australia opens up a realm of possibilities, filled with passion, companionship, and unforgettable moments. By employing the knowledge shared in this blog, patrons can approach their encounters with confidence, ensuring safe, enjoyable, and memorable experiences. Remember, understanding the nuances, communicating effectively, and prioritizing personal safety will enable you to unlock the true essence of this captivating world.
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Doona time is running out!

July 16th, 2023 by Tim K
Damn, Winter almost going into Spring- that may sound old but when you haven't had a smoke in years and simply laid with the opposite sex and go to sleep (hijinks can happen beforehand of course!!), Anyway, yeah...
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Anyone able to point me towards my type

July 16th, 2023 by Man
Have a thing for mid 30s curvy blondes nice fake boobs clean women doesn't offer natural, sleeve tattoos is a turn on. Any recommendations
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Ultimate Boyfriend Experience

July 15th, 2023 by Scotty
Come relax and enjoy the all-night Ultimate Boyfriend Experience with overnight booking Nude erotic massage, full service, and more Don't look any further. I'm your man
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July 15th, 2023 by Young Dolph
I’m in BRISBANE this night till tomorrow. errrbody free to hit me up and have some special demigod service ugh 🤓☺️😆💪💪💪🥂
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Single mum new here

July 15th, 2023 by user88180
Hi Babe   My name is Tracy 26yo If you were interested in An amazing experiencing the wild pleasures I'm here for you!   A little bit about me…..I would describe myself as kind and gentle yet very affectionate. I am very open minded as I know I am super kinky and I know how to play.    I always felt I wanted to give more and explore more on my sexual wilder side whilst taking you on the journey with me.     Text me: 0452272396 Rate:   $150/30min $200/45min $250/60min
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evening lovers

July 14th, 2023 by Jessica Anderson
looking forward to getting some rest tonight. i like to be refreshed for my clients the next day. night lovers.
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Do Vibrators Feel Good?

July 14th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Do Vibrators Feel Good? Whether you and your vibrator are joined at the clit or you’ve still got your vibrator v-card, it’s no secret that vibrations are many people go too for toe-curling orgasms at the touch of a button. It does seem that most people agree on this though. A survey of female sex toy owners in the USA found that vibrators were the top pick with 18% more of the respondents owning a vibrator than a dildo. There does seem to be a general consensus about the pleasurable power of vibrations, but it really does depend on the person, the type of vibration, and the context, among other things. So while I would like to answer the question, ‘Do vibrators feel good’ with a resounding and enthusiastic, ‘Hell yes they do,’ we’re going to take a more objective look at what things determine whether or not vibrators feel good. So grab your goggles and white coat because I’m about to drop some sexy science. What Effects Do Vibrations Have on Your Body? Before we get to the nitty-gritty of the human nervous system, let’s take a look at some of the positive ways vibrations affect our bodies. Vibrations can have an analgesic effect, meaning they can reduce pain They can help relax muscles They increase blood flow to the area being vibrated It didn’t take long for the Hitachi Magic Wand for people to realize the muscle-relieving qualities of the Hitachi Magic Wand had other ‘relieving’ applications! Now of course this refers to vibrations of a certain strength and in localized areas, full power, full-body vibrations would most likely leave you feeling anything but turned on! Do Vibrators Feel Good for Penis Owners and Vulva Owners? The short answer is yes, vibrations can be incredibly pleasurable no matter what genitals you have! Vibrators have been mostly marketed towards vulva owners for a long time but luckily that has changed. Now there are plenty of vibrators designed to please vulvas, vaginas, penises, testicles, perineum, anuses, and prostates — there really is no stone left unturned! If you’re intrigued by the joys of anal vibrators but quite sure if they’ll feel good, we’ve got you covered with a whole post on the topic. The Best Vibrators For Different Body Parts With vibrators specially designed for each and every stimulation sweet spot, to get the best experience, it pays to know what you want to stimulate. Here are my top picks to please every different part. Clitoral Vibrator: We-Vibe Tango Small but mighty and mightily rumbly. There’s a reason the original Tango remained a favorite for 10 years, and now we have been blessed with the new and improved Tango X by We-Vibe. Use the lipstick vibrator end for pinpoint stimulation or lie it horizontally to let your labia get in on the fun. Our resident bullet vibe connoisseur, Rachel, was blown away by its power and prowess! G-Spot Vibrator: Dame Arc This vibrator’s got arcs in all the right places! The curved tip makes accessing your G-spot a breeze and saves your wrists from cramping up. Not to mention the silicone is as soft as silk and you’ll want to rub it all over you! One of the best g-spot vibrators. Dual Stimulation: Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator Whether you love or loathe the franchise itself, they sure know how to make a rabbit vibrator. Soft, strong, and ready to please the Greedy Girl delivers powerful pleasure inside and out. Our expert, Edwina, was more than happy with hers! Penis Vibrator: Fun Factory Manta The versatility of the Manta vibrating stroker really makes it stand out from the crowd! You can use it to stroke the shaft up and down, let the vibrations send your frenulum into overdrive, or even use it during penetrative sex! The little ridges also help to distribute your lube for slippery sensations all the way! One of the best penis vibrators. Prostate: Mantric Remote Control Prostate Vibrator This prostate vibrator from Mantric is a real twofer that targets the prostate internally and externally through the perineum. The powerful vibrations from the prostate vibrator and added remote make for plain sailing to prostate pleasure. Why Do Vibrators Feel SO Good? So the answer to this isn’t entirely clear but there are some interacting factors that explain why genitals and vibrators are the dreamiest of teams. What happens when a vibrator comes into contact with your genitals? Our genitals are dense with sensitive nerve endings. The clitoris alone, which has no other purpose apart from pleasure, has 8000 nerve endings. Penis owners fear not — you’ve still got plenty of sensitive nerve endings that are just waiting for some good vibrations! Different types of nerve endings pick up on vibration. Pacinian corpuscles, which respond to vibration and pressure, are found in the genitals together with free nerve endings that respond to many different inputs. The information is transferred up the pudendal nerve, which is like the sensory highway for the genitals. The sensory information is transferred up the spinal cord to different areas in the brain. If the context is right (i.e., it’s a sexy situation), your brain will interpret the stimulation as sexually pleasurable and it will set off a chain reaction of arousal. Arousal (from vibrations or anything else that tickles your pickle) increases blood flow to the genitals, particularly the penis or clitoris, causing the areas to swell. This swelling makes it easier to stimulate the deep nerve endings, making you even more sensitive to the magic of the vibrations. The vibrations also increase blood flow to the pelvic floor muscles which play a significant role in sexual pleasure and orgasm. But what if Your Vibrator Doesn’t Feel Good? So after all the hype and reviews claiming out-of-body, intergalactic orgasms you buy yourself a vibrator only to be left feeling confused, disappointed, and wondering what you were doing wrong. Don’t despair! There are plenty of reasons a vibrator might not work for you and plenty of things you can try. Vibration Strength Vibrators come in a broad range of intensities ranging from a gentle buzz to a full-on jackhammer. If you find that the sensation from your vibrator leaves you overwhelmed or numbed, you might need a less powerful vibrator. The soft silicone of the Mimi Soft on a low setting is great for gentle yet satisfying stimulation. On the other hand, if your vibrator doesn’t quite get you going and leaves you feeling frustrated and craving more, you might need a more powerful vibrator — the Magic Wand vibrator is one of the most powerful you can find. Type of Vibration You may have heard the terms buzzy/rumbly to talk about vibrators but did you know they feel very different from each other and some people have a strong preference for one or the other? Buzzy vibrations stimulate neves nearer the surface of the skin whereas rumbly vibrations stimulate deeper into the tissue. Stimulation Surface Area The shape of your vibrator determines whether it provides more precise and concentrated pinpoint stimulation or broad stimulation. The tip of a bullet vibrator will give you pinpoint stimulation, whereas the head of a magic wand delivers stimulation across a broader area. Motion and Pressure You can try applying more or less pressure to vary the intensity or making different movements such as circling, rubbing, or intermittent stimulation. Location Everyone’s genitals have different preferences. Some vulva owners crave direct clitoral stimulation whereas others find it overwhelming or even painful. The same goes for people with penises. Try to use your vibrator on more or less sensitive areas to see how your body responds. Try a Totally Different Type of Stimulation If you’ve tried all the tips above and vibration just isn’t for you, that’s totally ok — the important thing is that whatever you are doing, it should feel good. Luckily, we live in a wonderful age full of choice when it comes to stimulation! Clitoral suction vibrators provide deeper stimulation without even touching the clitoris and blowjob machines are a great way to stimulate oral sex for penis owners. Dead Vagina Syndrome: Can You Use Your Vibrator Too Much? Dead vagina syndrome is the quite frankly terrible name given to the idea that using your trusty vibrator too long can leave your clit numb and unresponsive to other types of touch. Thankfully, there is a lack of any real evidence to back this up. You might find that your clitoris feels less sensitive or even numb after an intense session but this should only be temporary. If you do experience prolonged numbness, you should get it checked out. That’s not to say that going full blast with a magic wand seven hours a day is a good idea! If you only use strong vibrators, for example, you might become dependent on that specific stimulation and find it difficult to orgasm by other means. To avoid this, it’s good to switch things up now and again — try a different type of stimulation (e.g., clitoral suction or a stroker), use a gentle vibrator, and savor the slow build-up, or go old school and let your fingers work their magic!
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🤔💭 FRIDAY 😇😈💋

July 14th, 2023 by Bayleigh Gray
this is my outfit tonight! Text me and let’s have fun x 😼🙀😽
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So horny

July 14th, 2023 by Ruby Rose
I am so horny today. My pussy is getting tingly and wet just thinking about riding cock. Not sure if I should fuck myself now, I really want to sit on my dildo or if I should wait for the real thing. The thought of fucking a stranger really turns me on.
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Tips For Becoming Sexually Adventurous

July 14th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Once in a while, the fire in relationships will always go dull, and the spark will tend to disappear. The good thing about this is that it's not your fault; there’s always a chance to rekindle the flame. If you and your partner want to break the norm, try adventurous sex. Whether you're shy or not, we're here to help you. Here are some simple and exciting ways to have adventurous sex that will light the fire in your relationship. 1. A Positive Mindset According to sex experts, it's all in mind. While the physical aspect of sex greatly counts, it all starts in the mind. It will be a nightmare for you guys if you're not fully on board and on the same page with your partner. Before you can even think of getting adventurous, you need to have a fresh and open mind and the willingness to try new things. Starting on this means you have to be comfortable discussing new and probably weird things that will end up being interesting. Even if you're reserved and quiet, setting your mind to the pace guarantees you will make the most of this. 2. A Little Heat Does the Magic Temperature has a direct effect on anyone’s behaviour. If it's too cold, you might hesitate to try new things. We suggest getting things heated in your bedroom to ensure you get into the right state of mind to explore and try new things. In other words, a little heat helps you build up to that moment. 3. Don’t Shy Away from Research As you desire to be more adventurous in the bedroom, the most important thing is the willingness to research. Remember, the sex industry is vast and full of ideas, some that you’ve never heard of, and unless you do some research, you’ll never know what lies behind the unknown. You never know what you're good at or what your partner enjoys the most. There are tons of tips online and in books about sex styles, toys, and even new things about oral sex. Simply put, you must be willing to dig in for the info. 4. A Little Darkness, please. Light directly affects confidence, and confidence, in turn, affects the willingness to explore. If you desire to try new things, but your shyness holds you back, we suggest doing this with lights out or, if possible, with dim lights. A little candle will do the magic if you want to be more romantic. Ideally, the lesser the lights, the more the courage and the more the magic. 5. Talk And Be in The Moment Communication works wonders in relationships. If you and your Escort Brisbane are always willing to communicate about sex and always agree on do’s and don’ts, then nothing can stop you. Being on the same page and present whenever you have a session is the key to sexual satisfaction in any relationship. The Bottom Line Regarding relationships, no universal code dictates how things should run. To get your partner to be more venturesome, start by appreciating what they are doing. In addition, incorporate new things such as sex toys or new sex positions and see how they respond to it. Lastly, remember communication forms the backbone of everything.  
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Mr IScrewU

July 14th, 2023 by Young Dolph
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July 13th, 2023 by Natalie Beauford
I've heard many stories from people about negative experiences when having made a booking and arriving only to find the person in the profile is not the same person or worse, having been assaulted by surprise visitors, have been robbed, rolled and worse. Understandably it leaves a bad taste for these punters and unfortunately I'm finding an increasing number of Punters' retaliating on legitimate girls like me, creating an unpleasant experience for all, and the only result is the continuation of a nasty circle. Where does it end? I take each new Punter on face value, yet so many have no consideration for the negative impact they have when making appointments for outcalls to fake booking address, or book an incall only to not show up but still message as if they're coming or 'just parking the car' or my latest favorite (denote sarcasm) is telling me they are waiting in at reception for me when I am the only one there. All it does is create negative energy when there is absolutely no need. Speaking just for myself but knowing the effort I put in to give an outstanding experience only to be let down by shameful Punters with no second thought that they could be a contributing cause to another Punter having a ghastly & horrible experience. I am all about you having a great amazing experience with me whether it be you wanting to try a new kink or continue a BDSM partnership or just be pampered fully with massage & sexual pleasures. It doesn't take much effort to be decent, genuine and a legitimate Punter. Its also not fair that I need to make up the slack for the fake bitches who let you down. Lets make love not war. I try to be as reasonable as possible, I try to help and happy to come up with a solution when it comes to time or location, don't let my efforts be in vain
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July 13th, 2023 by user90248
Lying here in bed procrastinating. Trying to decide if I have another wank or if I go to work. Haven't really had much success meeting girls and guys off this page or making any real money yet but hopefully soon I will make my Big break. Laying here with my hard cock waiting to have some fun with some ladies. I just hope somebody makes contact soon.
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Our business is your Pleasure!

July 12th, 2023 by The Bellevue
🌶️An erotic massage offers stimulation, satisfaction, and relaxation, serving as an excellent means to release all your stress🍍 📲0295470999  #bellevue5star #carltonmassage #nudemassage #adultmassage #eroticmassage #sydneymassage #bodyslide #sydneyescorts #bellevue5star #carltonmassage #nudemassage #adultmassage #eroticmassage #sydneymassage #bodyslide #sydneyescorts
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July 12th, 2023 by user91786
Was a great experience, all my clients were happy and amazing loads were produced. Love this 👻❤️ #contactmenow always available ☎️ if not will make time and sort it out 👍🙏! GHOSTOFMELBOURNE 🔏
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Slow and sensual vs hard and fast?

July 12th, 2023 by Matt
Hey there! It may seem simple but every woman is different, so the key is communicating.. there is nothing like feeling someone slide up to your ear and whisper "This feels awesome do you want to lead or take what's comes?" (To some women that is an incredible turn on) Respect and tenderness are great ice bteaakers 😊
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Tips To Overcome Performance Anxiety

July 11th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
Ideally, sex should be a way of stress relief rather than a source of it. To most men, and some women, performance anxiety is a big problem, and the thought of having sex causes them nothing but worry. The most significant cause of this anxiety is viewing sex as a performance; as something that’s being scrutinised by an audience. Here are a few expert tips to overcome performance anxiety. Mindful Focus A big issue with many people, especially men, is thinking of sex as a quest to please their partner. Instead, we advise spending more time enjoying the moment and feeling every sensation. Throw yourselves utterly into the act, and save evaluation for later. Focus on touch, smell, sight, sound and taste when having sex. Although this might take a lot of practice, we promise it will be helpful. Open Up Partners are supposed to be our safe places. First, if your partner isn’t someone you can open up to, you bet it's time to consider female Escorts in Brisbane(they are perfect listeners). We recommend talking to them about your anxiety. Tell them how you feel about sex and what you think might be an issue. From there, try finding a resolution together. This journey is better when walked by two. Meditate Meditating heightens your self-awareness and focused attention. Meditating allows you to reconnect with your inner self, making it easier to feel all the sensations that come your way. That way, you get to enjoy sex rather than worry about it. Read more on meditation here. Masturbate Although this raises some contention, masturbating can help you overcome performance anxiety. One reason for anxiety is worrying whether a partner will satisfy you. You can handle this by letting them know what pleases you. Masturbating helps you spend more time with yourself, and thus you get to understand your own needs. However, we recommend extra caution with masturbation as overdoing it can lead to an addiction. Accept That Sex Isn’t Perfect Try to clear your head from concerns that something didn’t work out. When you sit and accept that you don’t always have to perform 100%, things will improve. Stop seeking perfection and drop those unrealistic expectations you have about sex. Try A Therapist Seeking therapy should be the last option (we don’t want you to waste your money). Book an appointment with a sex therapist with experience treating such sexual problems. A therapist will help you identify the cause of your performance anxiety and give suggestions to deal with it. The Bottom Line Stop beating yourself up about your bed capabilities. Overcoming male anxiety is possible. With the few tips above, the problem will be long gone. If you still have issues, consider seeing a doctor for medical attention.    
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Love how this shoot turned out❤️‍🔥💅🏽💐

July 10th, 2023 by Natalia Grey
Follow me on Insta, Twitter and Snapchat for more @itsnataliagrey love y’all 🦋💐
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Tax Time Deal

July 10th, 2023 by Kandice Lee
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Here's Why You Have a Low Sex Drive

July 10th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
A low sex drive is also called low libido or loss of libido. Loss of libido is a common problem affecting almost 2 in 10 men and even more women at some point in their lives. While sexual desires fluctuate naturally over peoples’ lives, unexpected loss of this desire could cause alarm and, in most cases, causes tension in relationships. Remember, sexual satisfaction is among the building blocks of any relationship, and the bond is compromised if that is not there. In most cases, loss of libido is linked to mental and physical issues. Here is a simple explainer of some common causes of a low sex drive. First, what is a low sex drive? Before jumping into the causes, it's essential to understand what low sex drive is. Ideally, low libido or a low sex drive describes disinterest in sexual activity. It is common to lose interest; as pointed out earlier, interest levels vary from time to time. It's also okay not to match your partner's interests at times. However, prolonged loss of interest can indicate a more severe issue than the norm. Here is a breakdown of some common causes. Stress We're living in tough times, and stress is almost inevitable. Stress is one of the most common causes of a low sex drive. Everyday stressors and detriments of a person’s well-being include;         Toxic work environment         Financial troubles         Unaddressed relationship problems         Family issues While it's almost impossible to avoid stress, there are things you can do to alleviate the levels. Examples include therapy, exercise, nature walks, listening to music and addressing the issues. Illnesses Physical factors such as illnesses also affect sex drive. Some common physical and mental illnesses include; Physical injuries that affect reproductive organs, nerves or blood vessels can lead to a reduced sex drive. Chronic or terminal illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, anaemia and neurological disorders hinder a normal and healthy sex life. Hormonal imbalances also tend to alter the sex drive, and in most cases, negatively. The best way to tackle such problems is to seek a doctor’s support, who will recommend the best practices. Either way, more rest, diet improvement and physical activity could be helpful. You can also try seeing Auckland escorts. Seeing an escort is beneficial and will help you boost your confidence. Escorts are non-judgemental and will help you wholeheartedly. Drug abuse There is a wide range of drugs, including alcohol and smoking. Excessive use of the mentioned over a long time can reduce sex desire levels. In addition, alcohol reduces the chances of pregnancy in women. Cutting on the two and finding healthy addictions can positively alter your sex life. Psychological issues Mental issues and underlying psychological issues impact sex life. Low confidence and self-esteem are a number one cause of a low sex drive. Low self-esteem leads to insecurities, especially in women, and eventually, a lost sex drive. Past experience of sexual trauma and abuse could also lead to a love sex drive. Childhood trauma influences sex drive in negative ways. The bottom line There are hundreds of causes of low sex drive, and each works differently for different people. The answer to getting back your sex drive is as complex as the problem itself. However, we highly recommend seeking a doctor's help when common DIY remedies have failed.      
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July 7th, 2023 by Miss Sapiosexual
DO NOT CALL – U WILL B BLOCKED SMS/EMAIL/WHATSAPP ONLY MSG MUST INCLUDE NAME: AGE: SESSION TYPE: SESSION LENGTH: INCALL/ OUTCALL: DAY/TIME: NO DETAILS = NO REPLY OUTCALL FEES Up to 60 min round trip $100 extra Up to 120 min round trip $200 extra Up to 180 min round trip $300 extra Up to 240 min round trip $400 extra T2T -Two 2 Tango NO SEX /NO KISSING /NO TOUCHING An experience for men who aren’t sure they want to go through with intercourse. Two to Tango is a mutual self -masturbation session. An be conducted in person or via google meet video call (no face included only from neck down) Incall fees 30 m $150 45 m $200 Standard GFE – Girl Friend Experience An encounter which includes sensual touching, dfk, daty, hj, cbj, cob, cop, massage, fingering, Spanish, missionary position *extras available Incall fees 45 m $200 60 m $250 90 m $350 2 hr $400 Deluxe GFE – Girl Friend Experience Includes sensual touching, dfk, daty, hj, cbj, cob, cop, massage, fingering, Spanish, missionary position, showering together, Italian (rubbing your cock between my arse cheeks), rimming me, multiple positions *extras at additional cost Incall fees 45 M $250 60 M $300 90 M $400 2 hr $450 Standard PSE - Porn Star Experience Includes sensual touching, dfk, daty, hj, bbbj, cob, cop, massage, fingering, Spanish, multiple position, showering together, Italian (rubbing your cock between my arse cheeks), rimming me, msog, Italian, , pearl necklace, dirty talk, toys on me, toy show 4 u, mutual masturbation, light Spanking, light hair pulling, #anal+squirting only in sessions 60 mins or more Incall fees 45 M $325 60 M $400 90 M $550 2 hrs $700 Deluxe PSE Includes sensual touching, dfk, daty, hj, bbbj, cob, cop, bb, cp, massage, fingering, Spanish, multiple position, showering together, Italian (rubbing your cock between my arse cheeks), rimming me, msog, Italian, , pearl necklace, dirty talk, toys on me, toy show 4 u, mutual masturbation, light Spanking, light hair pulling, taking pics and videos of our time together, watching porn together, anal and squirting* (on sessions 60 mins plus Incall fees 45 M $325 60 M $400 90 M $550 2 hrs $700 RPE – Role Play Experience Put your pen to paper and provide me with a draft including setting the scene, scripted dialogue that you want to occur, as well as a list of items needed to carry out this role play. Scenes acceptable to me are Dom (u)/sub (me), older men- daddy/daughter or younger guys- mother/son -nurse/patient, Teacher/ student. Includes wearing clothes to suit specific role, dfk, cob, cop, Spanish, massage, dirty talk *Extras available outdoor play or car play ($100) Incall fees 45 m $250 60 m $300 90 m $400 2 hrs $500 3sum or Group Fun An experience for 2 males who want to go tag team and fuck the same girl at the same time. If so, then this is session for you. *Extras available Incall fees 90m $250 each 2 hrs $350 each 3 hrs $450 each PGE (Party Girl Experience) Includes everything listed in GFE sessions. Clearly this session is different from the previous ones as it involves indulging in party substances, including psychedelic experiences, having a few alcoholic beverages, 420, molly, charlie, and other stimulants. Incall fees 60 m $400 90 m $550 2 hrs $700 3 hrs $900 4 hrs $1000 $50 Extras Dirty talk, toy show, using toys (on me) Fetish ⁹ talk, dp, $100 Extras Anal (u fucking me), BB, CP, Taking pics** Taking video** performing on webcam (performers agreement must be signed n submitted first). Pics n vid will be taken with my phone, edited and link forwarded on to your email address – you receive 5 still shots or 1 x 5min movie
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Day and life of a weekend hooker

July 7th, 2023 by user87928
So this is a small tip to punters. Most of us have day job that can range from lawyers, nurses, age career and just like superman we do try keep the world separate but instead of glasses it's heels and makeup. For me it's traveling and working in some of the most remote areas on earth. Moral of the story were not broke desperate woman normally the very opposite.
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3 Reasons Why You Should Always Pee After Sex

July 7th, 2023 by Naughty Ads
A common discussion among many women and men is that peeing after sex can lower the risks of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection and certainly Sexually Transmitted Infections. So, is this true? Peeing after sex has some huge benefits, even beyond preventing infections. However, with so much information on the internet, the truth is often mixed with some misconceptions. The following comprehensive guide explains why you should always pee after sex. 1. Peeing Will Help Prevent a UTI A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an infection that affects any area of the urinary system, from the urethra to the bladder. Studies have shown that women are more likely to catch such an infection since they have shorter urethras. Also, the female urethra is closer to the anus; thus, bacteria can easily enter during sexual intercourse. In women, peeing after sexual activity can help wipe out the bacteria introduced to the urethra, reducing the chances of it travelling to the bladder. However, this isn’t a fool proof way of preventing UTIs, but it doesn’t hurt, making it a habit. 2. Bladder Spasms. Bladder spasms are contractions of the bladder. They are common in people with chronic health issues such as interstitial cystitis. However, even for healthy persons, one-off bladder spasms are common after sex, which gives you that urge to pee after an orgasm. Since this feeling is uncomfortable, emptying your bladder before and after sex will save you from such. Does Peeing Prevent STIs? This is a common misconception, especially among young people. Peeing after sexual intercourse does not in any way prevent STIs. People contract STIs by absorbing mucous membranes, and peeing won’t stop the absorption process. Instead, practice safe sex by using condoms and regular screening. Will it Help Prevent Pregnancy? Peeing won’t help you from getting pregnant- even if you release a gush after semen is deposited in the vagina. The female anatomy separates the urethra and the vaginal opening, where the semen is released. Given these are two different zones, peeing won't help at all. What Happens If You Want To But Can’t Pee? If you really want to pee after sex but cannot, Sydney Escorts suggest drinking more water will help. Remember, the more you drink, your bladder stretches and consequently, you get an urge to pee. A glass of water before and after sex will keep you in shape. In addition, sitting in the toilet after sex will help your bladder relax and release the contents. The Bottom Line We highly encourage peeing after sex to help you reduce the risks of UTIs. However, it's not the end of the world if you can’t or don’t want to pee. Remember, practice safe sex, and if you see any signs of burning during peeing, visit a doctor.  
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Unwind and Rejuvenate at Bellevue 5 Star Retreat: A Erotic Oasis

July 6th, 2023 by The Bellevue
When it comes to seeking fun and undivided attention in the vibrant city of Sydney, there is no need to look any further than The Bellevue 5 Star Retreat. Our esteemed establishment is committed to providing you with the absolute best entertainment and companionship that Sydney has to offer. Prepare to be enticed and captivated by an extraordinary selection of individuals who embody various archetypes and allure. Allow yourself to be tempted by our enchanting array of companions. Whether you are drawn to the youthful charm of students, the sophistication of professionals, the allure of the girl next door, the excitement of naughty housewives, the experience of seasoned temptresses, or the mesmerizing performances of exotic dancers, we have a diverse range of options to cater to your desires. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every encounter at The Bellevue is a truly unforgettable experience. We take pride in delivering top-tier entertainment, ensuring that each moment is filled with pleasure, excitement, and genuine connection. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of indulgence, where your satisfaction and enjoyment are our utmost priorities. At The Bellevue 5 Star Retreat, we invite you to discover a realm of unparalleled pleasure and companionship that will leave you yearning for more. Step into our world and let us redefine your expectations of entertainment in Sydney. Twitter Instagram Yelp
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Social Dates Are Awesome!!

July 6th, 2023 by Sarah Sweet
Is there something you've been wanting to do or a place you've been wanting to go to but not keen on doing it alone? Take me with you! I offer social/platonic (non-intimate) dates at $150 per hour (+ any additional costs incurred such as entry fees, drinks, travel, etc.) I'm a really fun companion and I find it easy to talk to people, so I can introduce you to some potential new friends too!  A few examples: *Attending an LGBTQ+ event/gay bar (Bernie's Bar, Screamin'Gay at The Lass) *Attending a swingers/adult play party (I'm familiar with the Newcastle scene) *Cross-dressing & cos play (at home or out on the town) *Going out for dinner, lunch, brunch, coffee date *Concert or live music event  There are so many great places and fun things we can do together! You're only limited by your imagination. Of course, I'm happy to make some suggestions if you can't decide. Contact me today with your request. DM me on twitter or email me at: Let's make it a fun date to remember! xo SweetSarah PS: Social dates are strictly platonic (non-intimate). If you are wanting intimate services, please check out my incall & outcall rates on my profile.
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Introducing Bigger Sister Channel: a sex worker community project

July 5th, 2023 by Bigger Sister Channel
If you prefer watching or listening over reading then just watch this post on our Youtube. We are thrilled to introduce you to Bigger Sister Channel, a community project dedicated to providing sex workers with the tools, education, skills, and resources we need for safe, healthy, and sustainable work.  At Bigger Sister Channel, we believe in the strengths of the sex working community: self-determination, resilience, agency, peer-education, solidarity, and collective impact. Bigger Sister is not a she or an individual person, we are a community looking to economically empower sex workers by overcoming the challenges that render us financially insecure and setting up systems to maintain financial health. We will deliver our content through video and expand to a number of platforms, formats, and methods to be more accessible and available. Our content will focus on improving overall understanding of financial literacy and health, sharing our financial experiences and stories as sex workers, finding and reviewing sex worker friendly tools, products, and services, trialling financial skills and techniques for financial wellbeing, and interviewing financial experts and business professionals. We understand that financial security impacts how a sex worker experiences safety. When income is sporadic and unreliable, you can't always afford to be safe. With the rising cost of living, money is disappearing faster, and workers are anxiously waiting longer for their next pay. That's why we need skills to make every dollar last because we do not know when our next job is.  Stigma and discrimination make it difficult to seek financial or business support, which is why Bigger Sister Channel works to identify safe routes to financial security. No single thing can make sex work safer, but securing financial health is an important step. We need your help to achieve our goal. We need you to be involved in every step of the process. The first goal is to build a large, engaged audience on the Bigger Sister Channel social media platforms to ensure our educational material reaches the most vulnerable sex workers. We have a Substack blog, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and a Community Podcast, and we encourage you to follow us on as many platforms as possible. Please comment, like, retweet, repost, stitch, share our posts and let's get the ball rolling. We can use your interactions to engage with financial experts and begin our journey to financial security.  Thank you for your support of Bigger Sister Channel, and we look forward to working with you.
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New content

July 4th, 2023 by Kenzi Danielz
Virtual services Virtual services /online services/ msgs $30 Chat session 20 min sexting $80 for 15 min and $100 for 10 min live video calls; [[Use promo code. NAUGHTYADS@kenziD93 ]]] Content 1 vid $30 2 for $50 3 for $70 2 vids + 10 nudes $85 3 vids + 5 nudes $100 1 nude $20 5 nudes $50 15 nudes $80 a file of nudes (100-150) $120 Spend more then $85 I will send 6 free vids and 10 extra nude/lingeries. Only fans sub $18.50 per month Bundle deals on website Dm for custom content
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About me

July 4th, 2023 by Kenzi Danielz
Kenzi Danielz for all of those who havent met me yet im a young Aussie milf. [[i know right i dont look like i've had any]]] 25 yrs young QUEEN OF PETITE ❤️‍🔥💦 4'9 size 4-6 Bisexual Tattooed & pierced Onlyfans model What you see is what you get 100% real. Don't let my size fool you! Are you sure you can handle me baby? I have High energy and an extremely high sex drive I love being in control and some times just sometimes i may just want to let go an be dominated Im eager to please & love helping fulfull your fantasies & your desires it absolutely gets me off knowing you're getting off.
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Mirella and A.I. - The First Time Girl

July 3rd, 2023 by Gianna Hivannah
Mirella is the talk of the town. She's a stunning Transgender woman who looks like a European Barbie. She's been giving a lot of men in Australia their very first sexual experience with a trans woman, and it's been nothing short of amazing.  One of Mirella's clients was incredibly nervous, but with her gentle guidance and reassuring words, he was able to relax and enjoy the experience. She let him suck her off until he was ready, and then she let him fuck her in the ass until he came. She knew exactly how to make him feel comfortable, and it was a night he'd never forget. Another time, Mirella met up with a client in a hotel room and let him explore her body as much as he wanted. She was patient and let him kiss and lick her wherever he wanted, and then she let him fuck her in the ass until he came. It was an incredibly intimate encounter, and she left him feeling like a king. And then there was the time when Mirella met up with a client in a public park. She let him kiss and suck on her as much as he wanted, and then she let him fuck her in the ass in public. It was a thrilling experience for him, and he left feeling like he'd truly experienced something special.  Mirella has a way of making each and every one of her clients feel special and appreciated. She knows exactly how to make them feel comfortable and turn them on! It's no wonder why she's so popular in Australia.
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***Next Newcastle Tour***

July 3rd, 2023 by Sarah Sweet
Hello lovers! I had a wonderful time in Newcastle last week. So much so that I am returning again in a few days! This time I'll be spending a whole week, so there will be no excuses to not book in to see me 😄 Incalls will be available in Wallsend from this coming Friday 7th July until Friday 14th July.  It will be extremely helpful and very much appreciated if you could book in advance. I will even reward you with a special discounted rate if you pre-book with deposit before Friday 7th. Be sure to mention my NaughtyAds blog post in your initial booking request (SMS/email/twitter DM) to take advantage of my special offer 💗 Hope to see you! xoxo Sarah
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Time is of the essence

July 3rd, 2023 by Amelia Bull
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A stitch in time

July 3rd, 2023 by Amelia Bull
Like they say or from what i have heard before a Stitch in time saves nine. This meaning if you get to the problem before it becomes a bigger problem you often save a lot of time money.We in this modern fast paced society dont have alot of time as we are busy with meetings monogamy suprises and sollutes. It pays is to have a serious mind but be simple in practice. To many moves or overstepping the boundries can often lead to a longer journey or a line being crossed thats hard to come back from. Where do we draw the line if things do become out of control if we are left behind or we are in the battlefield or missing in action? Dignity morals and self control come to play a huge part in todays practices.Your no fool if you remain cool.More than ever we are seeing pride get in the way without any prejudice... Who and why we judge is a whole concept in itself.learning to accept the unacceptable looking for reason where there could be no reasons for possibility probable cause or inexcusable actions.When it comes to seperating yourself from the trouble or trying not to be in the spotlight it can be difficult when you have questions or when problems arise.If uncertain in direction a kind and warm acceptence of things that can bring you into to a frame of mind that can leave you more aware.Thats not always a positive thing.Times of the essence i otfen worry about and not being there  I question whats right whats fair..I raise discussion points for those that wish to have positive and constructive critisizim.But can be bombarded by taunts trial and trivia. Some may say the many the merrier but is there such thing as too many? Can we have too little or too much time for any individual i do not believe if if times wasted its wasted on just one.Always remember theres plenty of time for thought and a little more time for fun.
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Rainy days and nights..

July 2nd, 2023 by Matt
What better way to keep warm in this wonderful winter weather! Having someone to snuggle with can make the day or night heat up very quickly! Sms for times. Flexible hours 😘
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