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Written on April 7th, 2024 by Lexx Soule Updated April 7th, 2024. Viewed 443 times.
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As you may be aware by now, most of these stories were from my youth. That is because I was most rowdy then, and you don’t want to read about the multiple times I went to the valley & got white boy wasted, or the time I quad dropped and told the security not to let me into the club, or the time I decided to hang out of the window while a car was going 70km/ hour. You definitely don’t want to hear about the time I…... wait I won’t tell you that one.

After departing myself from an old group of friends I became a little more tame. I found love again, found my interests in music & fashion, started my own fashion label, and I started to work more. That is just the way life goes, you must mature, you have to take on responsibilities, and you have to chase something bigger than the weekend.

Fun, and being “bad” is different for me now. Because as you would be aware by now, I’m not actually a bad person, I don’t claim to be a bad motherfucker; I just like to have fun outside societies “norm”. Obviously, some of the stories that I have shared are not necessarily “fun”, but are examples of me just me being immature or making a stupid choice, but that is life, and they are my life.

This is about the time I received a hand job in the front row of a full cinema at age 14/15, on a first & only date. I could give you this story in about 4 sentences but there are a couple funny & cute twists to this story.


It was New Years Eve and I was being a little rascal out in South Bank (South of Brisbane city for those unfamiliar), I do not remember who I was with but it was just one other person, we were walking around trying to get New Years Kisses. Our luck was short with only about 1 or 2 girls being keen and sharing their love. I found my next target, approached her & scored. As a good kisser myself I will say this girl gave me a whirl, if I had more game & understanding of kink at the time, I probably would have offered her a bathroom quickie (yeah…I’m a dirty bastard like that when I want to be); but I didn’t, and it ended with her number & a movie date a week later. What a journey that ended up being! This next part shows how desperate for pussy I was at the time. I had lost my virginity a couple months earlier at a small “gatho” my Kmart work colleagues were hosting, so the idea of pussy and being a man was fresh in mind.


I travelled all the way from Sunnybank to Wynnum via public transport to pick this girl up. That meant catching a train into the city (25 minutes) then back out to Wynnum (25 minute one way). In addition to that, I walked an extra 1.5km’s to pick her up from her house, and do you know what she was wearing! Jellies. Fucking Jellies! What are jellies you ask. Those sandals that are bright, rubber plastic with glitter through them.

Okay so the Jellies thing is a joke, and I do find them quite cute on some feet. I meet this girl and we walk back 1.5km’s to Wynnum station, and then ride into the city. I had my arm around her, we had a couple kisses, I was the gentleman. I was the man!

We were walking to the South Bank cinemas (the dating spot for twelvies) to watch a movie; and who should stop us at Subway. My work colleague/ superior T, who I had a major crush on. Secretly she had the hots for me too, even stating that I was cute & that if I was older, I might have a chance. I got caught multiple times staring at her tits, and all she would ever say is “whippersnapper my eyes are up here”, true love. T & her sister stopped me & my second girl of rampage horniness to say hello, and they did not approve of my date. T became Mike Tyson as she sized her up, and the sister looked at me like “what!”.

The cinema was packed, completely full, so down to the bottom row we go, sitting a couple seats in from the corner, with people either side of us. “Shit my plan has failed” I thought, but it didn’t, we started making out at first, before she guided her hand freely down into my pants and started to massage my boy. No one even noticed.

After the movie I saw her to the South Bank train station, we went our separate ways, never to be seen again. I got the mum lecture from T next time we worked together and that was the last of that.


My New Years Kiss, gave me a New Handle on life.


Thank you for reading,

L. Soule.

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