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Written on February 25th, 2024 by Lexx Soule Updated February 25th, 2024. Viewed 293 times.
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*Bad Boy Lexx, a short blog series about some of the mischief I have been up to in my younger years.

As you may have sensed by now, I used to be (still am) a little rat bag, a little rascal, and can be a “bad boy”. But this one got me in trouble with the law.


To give you an insight into why police were knocking at my door at 6am in the morning we must go back to class, and then go back to the school formal after party.


We (the students) were working on a group project in class, obviously our group was talking more then working, with constant comments like “Okay guys we have to be serious now” followed by a conversation that has nothing to do with the project e.g. parties, who is with who, gossip of the world, blah, blah, blah. Things went a little pear shaped though when one of the girls in my group started accusing me of being a shit boyfriend because I wasn’t telling my girlfriend at the time how much weed I was smoking. My girlfriend at the time was anti-weed and anti-drugs, she was fine with me smoking cigarettes and drinking but because weed was illegal, she did not approve. Obviously, we broke up shortly after which has left an ambivalent space in my mind (take me on a date and we can go into that with more depth). And yes, looking at it from a mature view I was a shit boyfriend in that situation for being disingenuous.

Back to the classroom. Words were exchanged and for reasons related to the conversation, Alice (not her real name) just kept slamming me, “I’m a shit boyfriend”, “I’m a liar”, “she can do better” etc. and eventually I returned her serve. She left the room crying. I will not repeat what was said but she may never look at her formal photos again. The sad reality is that she is a babe and would now fall into my personal “favourite type” physically. 5 minutes later the phone rings, the teacher answers it, gives me the stare, “yes he is”, “I will send him right away”. This is where the group I was working with explode “AAAAAWWWWW” they yelled.

I do as the teacher asks and make my way down to the year masters office. I was on fire that year! A fight on day one of school before the first class begun, nearly being suspended for being on the bottom of a dog pile, and now I made one of the schools biggest babes cry. Fuck!


I’ll skip all the nitty gritty BS and get to the fun part of the conversation. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way Lexx” the year masters eyes were serious, he wanted answers, he knew something I didn’t.

“Did you or did you not sell Alice pills at the formal after party?”

“Well, no, she knew I was going to be having some for myself & asked if I could get more in case she & _________ (friend) wanted to try some. She didn’t even pay me”.

Cut the conversation short, he sent me on my way.


*Yes in my youth I dabbled with some drug. Generic drugs that are not usually seen as hard problems to society.


I apologised to Alice, and we never spoke again.


2 - 3 weeks later my dad walks into my room telling me to get up because my friends were here. “What the fuck are my friends doing here at 6am in the morning” I thought to myself just beginning to wake up. “Hey mate, are you Lexx?”. “Yes”. “Hi, I’m constable _________. We are here to conduct a drug raid, your school has informed us you sold another person illicit substances. Please stand up so we can do a full room search”

I stood up bare naked for all 4 officers to see. I wasn’t even allowed to get clothed alone.

Now, my parents were also anti-dope, so they never knew that I smoked every day, which meant my weed stash was nowhere to be found.


The officers left and I was forced to the stairs for the talk. “Where is the stuff?”, “You know that can kill you”, “You are going down the wrong path”, “What are you doing?” that talk. I told them what had happened and even opened up to my experimentation at formal and they understood what had happened. They were not impressed & I coped a grounding, but I think they were less harsh on me because I told them the truth; even when they asked if I smoke, I said yes. Just not admitting the consistency of said smoke.




Thank you,

L. Soule.

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