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Erotic Writing With Lexx Soule (Niqqi & Jade) UPDATED.

Written on May 15th, 2024 by Lexx Soule Updated May 15th, 2024. Viewed 80 times.
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I highly recommend subscribing to my OnlyFans Or Fansly accounts (the links can be found on my profile), there you will find a narrated copy of this blog to enjoy. The audio version includes raw X-Rated sex sounds. Enjoy!

Niqqi enjoys the feeling of mirth filling her soul; while Lexx fills her mouth with cock simultaneously to her girlfriend Jade fucking her from behind, with a lime green 7-inch x 5 inch strap on dildo. The trio have been enjoying each other’s company for 45 minutes now, Niqqi taking first rotation at the spit; bending over the couch’s arm rest while Lexx stands & Jade fucks. “Do you like that baby! Do you like having a big strong man offer his cock to you while I fuck your pretty tight hole from behind” Jade seduces. Niqqi moans but the cock in her mouth prevents any words from exiting. “Look up at this man & thank him”, “T-H-N-K U” Niqqi moans with a mouth full of dick; “No, no, no, where are your manners. Don’t talk with your mouth full” Jade commands, Niqqi follows instructions by taking the 6-inch dick out of her mouth and politely thanking the escort “Thank you for offering your beautiful penis to me” the part time slut is straight back to the blowjob, “You’re more then welcome” Lexx content on not having to do very much except enjoy the blowjob.


Jade & Niqqi are best friends withstanding a 20-year friendship, both are 30 years of age, single & professional women. They reached out to Lexx when they both opened up about wanting to experiment with each other. The idea of paying a professional man to fulfil their sexual fantasy was a lot more appealing than dating apps or the bar. While Lexx was shorter than most of their types, his cute facial structure and naturally toned body made him a good choice for experimentation. This is now the fourth time they have hired Lexx for a threesome service, finding him the perfect guy for their job.


Niqqi uses her left hand to start rubbing her clit, heightening her arousal state, this has of course affected the quality of her blowjob, but Lexx is not to concerned, his cock is still in her mouth being drooled on; meanwhile Jade is fucking away at the beautiful sweet hole of nectar. Nothing to hard & intense, nothing to sensual, just a good in & out fuck. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. In & out. The green stick is saturated with pussy juice. Without any notice Lexx pulls his cock away to get some water, “Hey I was enjoying that” Niqqi squeals, “I’ll be back, I just need some water”, Niqqi’s face turns sulky despite the green dildo being pumped into her hole. By the time Lexx has returned with water the girls have already changed positions, with the pair now in a missionary variant; Jade is fucking Niqqi into the corner of the couch. “Wow, that is hot. Do you mind if I just jerk my cock for a bit!”, “Oh my fucking God, that’s going to make me come” Niqqi moans, “Good. I’ll keep going then” Lexx says with a devious grin. Lexx watches on stroking his hard, veiny cock as Jade feels herself up: squeezing her small B cups, running her hands through her hair, seductively biting her lip at the site of a sexy, handsome man. The heat is quickly raised when Niqqi composes herself, grabs Jade by the throat and demands to be fucked, “Put your hand around my throat and fuck me like this man wants too”, “Only if you choke me too”. Without any words the agreement is made and the pair enjoy erotic asphyxiation, great sex, and one voyeuristic man.

After a hot ten minutes of masturbation and sexual penetration the girls desperately need some water and a stretch, Lexx doing his gentleman duties as the girls recover. “Okay, are you ready to continue”, Lexx’s stare is deep into Jades soul, “Yes…… Sir” Jade quietly submits, “Good. get that dick off now and get into the corner!”

To her surprise Lexx starts slowly, the look in his eyes suggested otherwise; Jade is not unhappy. Lexx takes a few minutes to ease Jade into the hard pleasure she is about to receive, rolling his hips, moving in & out with grace. Lexx places his hand around his client’s throat with a firm grip of gentle pleasure, he lowers himself, nose to nose. Jade knows what is about to come.

“Do you want hard cock miss?!”

“Yes please” Jade moans a whisper

“I didn’t hear you. Do you want hard cock miss!”

“Yes please sir” Jades moan is slightly higher

Lexx increases the intensity of his thrusts slightly.

“One more try. Do you want to be fucked hard miss!?”


Lexx begins to increase the intensity greatly, and within 20 seconds Lexx is drilling Jade deep into the corner; the same corner Niqqi was being fucked moments ago.

Gripping onto Lexx’s arms, Jade moans with pure pleasure as her erotic asphyxiation is met with good, thick dick.



This sends Niqqi into a frenzy as she flicks her bean harder, faster and with more intensity, “Fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard” Jade demands. “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming” Niqqi’s body reaches climax, as her body goes stiff.

 Jade & Lexx change positions to a cowgirl variant while Niqqi straps herself up. When the trio are all ready, Jade lays herself down onto Lexx’s torso, granting Niqqi open access to her asshole. After warming up the tender area Niqqi can start to pleasure her girlfriend’s asshole well, while Lexx thrusts his hips up & down, pushing his dick deep into Jade’s pink, wet hole. Jade puts her hand around Lexx’s throat as she attempts to make out with him, but the sensations are too good. She is unable to control her lips, with 2 cocks just feeling too good. The penetrations start to increase in depth & strength until Jade is breathless, “Uh…. Uh.. Uh… Uh, Uh, Uh….. Uh” she mutters into Lexx’s ear, loud enough that Niqqi’s audio senses are also pleasured. She gets railed hard for a consistent 5 minutes before tapping out, she does not come but she definitely feels satisfied. “Do we still get the facial that we requested?” Niqqi seductively asks Lexx.

The girls sit eagerly on the sofa, begging for come to be shot on their faces. First Lexx aims, fires and hits Niqqi in the forehead, before turning his fire hose towards Jade who receives a hot load to the mouth & nose, sharing the last of the dribble by wiping it on the girls faces. “Thank you for today girls x” Lexx Kisses them both on the cheek before cleaning himself up with his wet wipes and heading on his way.


The girls lay there for a moment, wishing they extended their 2-hour booking. “Next time I think we need to hire him for 3 hours” Niqqi confers. “agreed”.

“Want to order uber eats and watch something?” Jade asks.

“Let’s watch the new Venom movie & order honey chicken, Singapore noodles, and deep fried ice cream” Niqqi replies.

“done” Jade copies.

After ordering food, the pair clean themselves, put on their cute PJ’s, ready to enjoy the rest of the night.


Thank you for reading,

L. Soule.

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