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Erotic Writing (Melany)

Written on May 7th, 2024 by Lexx Soule Updated May 7th, 2024. Viewed 121 times.
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I highly recommend subscribing to my OnlyFans Or Fansly accounts (the links can be found on my profile), there you will find a narrated copy of this blog to enjoy. The audio version includes raw X-Rated sex sounds. Enjoy!

“How is your meat?” Melany enquires Lexx, signalling to the 3 gravy-covered lamb chops.

“Soft, well-presented, going down a treat” Lexx winks with his sexual innuendo repartee.

“Would you like it hard, pumping, and big?” Melany is playful with her repartee.

“That would be alive Melany. I like my food dead” Lexx is quick with his whit.

“So, you are a necrophiliac?” ~ Melany

“I thought we were talking about our food” ~ Lexx

“I didn’t” Melany holds her stare for a few seconds before departing Lexx’s enigmatic eyes with a playful grin.


“So you are a necrophiliac” ~ Melany

Lexx looks up smickering at the dark humour.


*An hour later

“Doors closing please stand clear” The elevator doors close.

After an entire night of flirtful conversations, passionate foot-locks, and cute kisses; Melany & Lexx have secured their privacy; Melany beating Lexx to this spicy opportunity; dropping her bag to their side, she lunges her entire body at her late desert. Grabbing the well-matured, cute face of Lexx, Melany pushes her lips hard against her escorts’ (this 2-year relationship has some hot stories to it). The multiple stops that the fiery pair experience on their way to level 20, are of no inconvenience. Just like a divorced, 1-year-without-sex-couple that have just moved in together; Melany & Lexx fall out of the elevator passionately enjoying one another. The ‘Catch Me If You Can’ game begins with Melany in the lead, but only until the pair reach the suite door. Lexx scoops his client in with both hands, pins her to the wall, and continues the pashing. Lexx being the one to open the door, guides his gal into darkness. Softly, quietly, and delicately the duo make out for 5 minutes against the hallway wall.

Stretched out over the chestnut table Melany has the commands to lay & stay while Lexx enjoys delicious cunnilingus. Sweet, syrup-like pussy juice flows between the golden gates and onto Lexx’s warm, textured tongue, “She has the best-tasting pussy” Lexx thinks to himself. With his client at an optimal height, Lexx is comfortably able to finger bash & lick Melany’s pussy: making her wet with less effort; making the moans deeper with more control; and preparing her pussy for the sex it is calling for.

Stretching is vitally important during sex so Lexx has Melany reach for her toes. After 10 slow toe touching repetitions, Lexx slides his lubricated cock deep into the breathing hole and begins to penetrate her fluently; nothing fast & hard, nothing slow & sensual; just some fun, good, consistent, thick dick. “AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH. AH.” Her moans are quiet but augmented with mirth. With the rush of blood starting to pool in her head, Melany pulls herself away; bending over the chestnut table instead. Leaning over his client, he runs his hands along Melany’s body while humping into her wet hole.


Lexx interlocks his arms under Melany’s arms, and puts his hand on the back of Melany’s head; Lexx is now in total control, and penetrates Melany all over the Kitchen & dinning area. Once on the couch, Melany places her right foot on the ground, and her left knee on the opposite side of Lexx’s waist; now Melany has all the power & control she needs to drive Lexx’s meat stick deep into her pleasure points, or to tease both people into an orgasm. Multiple speeds & intensities are on the menu today: a wet cock to clit slide turns into a deep thrust of passionate sex. Over the next 30 minutes that is all that this couple experiment with; slow, arousal-building thrusts, into deep wall-busting, orgasm-releasing thrusts.




The sex is long & good, experimenting with small nipple clamps, vibrators, cock rings, and some cute, fluffy handcuffs, but there is one thing that they leave until last. The 10-inch Dildo that Lexx owns. 10 inches in length and 6 inches in girth, this monster toy is not for everyone, and both know that once this extra-large silicon stretches Melany’s hole, the real thing (6.5 inches by 5 inches) will not be as pleasurable for penetration. After an hour & a half of fun, sex, and laughs, the pair are starting to wind down from their high. “Lexx, I want the extra-large dildo in my slutty hole now” Melany softly commands, seducing Lexx with her close intimate stare. Lexx leans in, kissing Melany, “Anything you would like”. Lexx departs from the bed for 30 seconds, returning with the life-like monster named Robert The Surgeon. “AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh” Melany’s lungs are emptied as Roberts Silicon fills & stretches her pussy wide & deep. Robert is pushed slowly in & out of the golden hole, the lubricant making penetration easier. The pushes & pulls begin slowly; developing into deeper, harder penetrations that stretch Melany's hole well. Melany’s full body experience erupts when Lexx is kissing all over, and penetrating her pussy with Robert the dildo; simultaneously she is rubbing herself, and receiving dirty compliments from Lexx. Once her needs are fulfilled Lexx climbs up his client and slumps down next to her; gracing her with some aftercare body tickles, and kisses.

Soon the pair find themselves drifting off to sleep peacefully, amid a cover of rain.


Thank you for reading,

L. Soule. 

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