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Can you encrypt the coded blog below?

Written on October 2nd, 2023 by Lexx Soule Updated October 2nd, 2023. Viewed 429 times.
Image 0 for Blog Can you encrypt the coded blog below?

Terhe is ntohnig you cna’t do if you turley set yuor mnid to it. In tihs bolg you wlil dsiocevr if we are cmpotailbe wtih each ohetr. Tihs ltitle mnid gmae was semohtnig taht I larnet a lnog tmie ago from a Fceaobok meme, if you put your mnid to it, you wlil be albe to read tihs wlhoe bolg and be albe to eyrcnpt the msesgae.

Let us keep tihs sorht and sewet, bcuaese radenig tihs tpye of txet can be trinig and dfifiuclt. But yuor biarn larens to sikm raed and apdat, as lnog as the frsit and lsat lteters are the smae, all the lteters in the mdlide of the wrod can be jmulebd Waht is it taht you wnat from our cneonitcon, from our pforssenoial rlaetonisihp? Is it sex? Cmponiaohsip? Tavrel cmponiaon? If you tkae me tvarlelnig you wulod hvae all trehe.

I wnat you. I wnat to fcuk you! I wnat to ssneullay pasele you! To tease you! I wnat you! NOW! You wlil never frgoet our eperxinece teohgetr, my lpis wlil siatn yuros, the sleml of my cloonge wlil lngier in yuor nsoe for wekes, yuor psusy wlil saercm! Tehn you wkae up bucsaese it was jsut a darem. You hvae been dmaernig auobt me aigan, “I need to hrury up and mkae tihs bkoniog”, at 1am in the mrnonig the eaiml is snet. Two dyas ltear you meet me udenr the hetol sehtes, tgnlaed tghteoer are our feet, it has been an huor sncie yuor dciaely has met my maet. “Gdboyoe” I lvaee lkie I geret, a wram ksis on the cehek, but mroe ccok is waht you paeld. At the lsat mmeont you eentxd our tmie, tihs tmie the roticeepn clal tlnlieg us it is psat the hetol’s bdtmiee. FCUK! I WNAT TO FCUK YOU NOW!

Thank you for reading,

L. Soule.


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