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Ty Jones

Male Escort Melbourne

Conscious Sexuality Experiences for You!

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Sexuality Bi (Bisexual)
Gender Male
Category Escorts
Age 47
Height 188cm
Weight 75kg
Eye Colour Brown
For Men, Women, Couples
Hair Colour Brunette
In-Call / Out-Call In-Call, Out-Call
Languages English
Virtual Services Live Cams, Phone Sex, Sexting, Pics, Video Chat
Ad ID 66782. Updated May 17th, 2024. Viewed 428 times.

I am a well educated professional with a comprehensive and successful career in leadership, management and operations.

I am passionate about curating experiences that provide a unique experience of nurturance, sensuality and pleasure. My experiences are deeply sensual, healing and sexually awakening.

I am committed to providing emotionally intelligent and safe experiences for women who want to get out of their heads and into their bodies where they can let go and fully receive.

I welcome diversity and inclusivity; and are welcoming of woman of all background, culture, age, shape, size and/or mobility.

My services are sensitively curated and tailored for women who:

- Want to take a break from constantly giving to and looking after others.

- Want to explore their potential for pleasure and sexuality with a skilled, emotionally intelligent and sensual man.

- Yearn for more connection with oneself and with another.

- Want to be cherished and held in the safety of a strong and healthy masculine presence.

- Yearn for a quality of deeper intimacy in their lives and in their sexuality.

- Want to explore something unique and completely different from the status quo.

- Crave a slow build-up of pleasure, emotional regulation and depth in intimacy, sensuality and sexuality.

- Are recovering from separation, other significant life events or trauma and want to rekindle their sexuality.

- Are longing to be held, met and seen; and to surrender to and experience of lasting pleasure.

- Are having trouble achieving orgasm or desire to experience their full orgasmic potential.

I am here to provide a conscious and safe experience for women who want to get out of their heads and into their bodies – women who want to take a break from constantly giving to and looking after others – where they can just let go and fully receive.

This is for you if you are longing to be held, met and seen - longing to surrender to the experience of lasting pleasure.

In my commitment to personal growth and wellbeing, I have spent many years refining and developing my sexuality and the delicate art of how to truly honor and pleasure a woman.

As a Conscious Sexuality Practitioner, my approach is trauma-informed.

I am passionate about providing experiences that enable healing, learning and growth through safety, pleasure, and bliss.

My intention is to establish a safe container for an exceptionally nurturing, nourishing and fulfilling experience for you.

I am committed to maintaining emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

I am committed to self-love and self-development and maintain an active, diverse and successful career as a professional consultant.


My services are designed for women who are looking for uniquely tailored and exclusive experiences that specially meet their needs.

Each woman is unique. I curate my services to be reflective and responsive to the needs of the occasion and the individual.

I will work with you to co-create an experience to meet your deepest desires in intimacy and pleasure. It is my commitment to support you in feeling alive, free in your self-expression and seen and celebrated for who you truly are.

I am passionate about making a woman feel empowered, honored, adored and beautiful; regardless of background, culture, age, shape, size or mobility – all women are truly beautiful and deserving of love, connection and pleasure.

During our time together, you may experience profound sexual healing; potentially unlocking and reframing old patterns and behavior's that have prevented you from accessing your true erotic potential for pleasure. My offerings will enable you to be free, empowered and express your authentic self fully.


My offerings are for women who:

- Are highly successful and driven and wanting to really let go of control and surrender to receiving exquisite pleasure.

- Feel they are constantly sacrificing their own pleasure and emotional wellbeing for others.

- Are in need of self-love and self-care.

- Want to be led by a strong man and guided into reaching greater orgasmic potential and pleasure.

- Want to be held, nurtured and have their needs and desires fully met without feeling obligated to reciprocate.

- Are willing to invest in themselves in commitment to personal growth

- Are ready to experience how pleasure can transform every area of their life.


Please text or email to book a complimentary 30-minute phone or video introductory call.

If required I will assist you in clarifying your needs and desires in order to discern how best to satisfy you and to ascertain which of my services will most specifically meet your needs.

Together we can co-create an experience that will uniquely reflect what it is you are seeking.

The longer the duration of your session the greater the depth of focus can be given to the nuanced journey of your pleasure rather than a goal or outcome alone.

My services intend to offer experiences that honor and satisfy your specific desires, wants and needs.

My offerings can span from that of a relaxing or erotic massage, a sensual breast, yoni (genital) massage and pleasure mapping through to full service inclusive of oral and penetrative sex.

Regardless of the experience you are seeking it will be sensitively curated especially and uniquely for you.

I believe every woman needs to experience an offering of this caliber and quality at least once in her life-time!



In this deeply nourishing ritual, you will held, honored, adored and nurtured, enabling you to surrender, opening your sensual pathways and orgasmic potential.

This session is for women who are looking to take the time for themselves, to drop into their bodies and be truly honored, worshiped and respected for the goddess they are.

Are you ready to be worshipped like a Queen? This ritualistic experience is very sensual and intimate, designed specifically for you to be pampered sensually and your erotic pleasure center activated.

You will completely surrender as I fully pleasure your body and worship your breasts and yoni (Sanskrit for vagina). The level and type of touch on or inside your yoni will be discussed and agreed prior to develop a common understanding and safe approach, including boundaries for the session. You may prefer little to no touch in this area; or, you may be seeking a complete yoni massage. Oral and/or penetration are not part of this experience.

Intention setting, eye gazing, heart to heart connection, tantric massage, breast massage, yoni massage and yoni mapping can all be part of the experience.

I can be fully, partially or unclothed, depending on your preference. Similarly, there can be some intimate touch on me allowed and guided by me. However, as this experience is principally about you being in the receptive mode and allowing your body and mind to fully receive immense pleasure, I will be encouraging the intimate touch to be solely one-way. Letting go, relaxing and surrendering can be incredibly nurturing, meditative and nourishing.


You may be seeking all of the above experiences for the Sensual Honoring Ritual; and crave a second feminine person to accompany me. This may be from the perspective of comfort, safety, space-holding, or simply because you would you like a second pair of hands on you and a second person to worship and honor you.

You may be concerned that the Sensual Honoring Ritual will bring up unhealed trauma to be released – this is a common and natural part of the process. Having a feminine figure holding space for you in these moments in addition to my gentle approach can be soothing, calming and incredibly healing.

A second pair of hands and attention can be amazing when receiving sensual touch and intimacy. If this is what you are seeking, we can provide this incredible experience.

Similarly, you may have never had another woman place her hands on you sensually or sexually and this is something you would like to try consciously and in a safe environment.

My entrusted, skilled and gifted female colleague is also an experienced practitioner in energy and body work.


My Sensual Lover Experience incorporates many of the principles and practices as outlined in the Tantric Goddess Worship Ritual, with the addition of oral and penetrative sex (if desired). Depending on the amount of time you have available and your desires, kinks and turn-ons, we can tailor an experience that best meets your needs.

A Sensual Lover Experience may not be sexual or sensual at all. You may be seeking a companion to accompany you to events, celebrations, travel or business. I also enjoy providing such service and remain professional in all visits.

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I made the decision to meet up with Ty as I was searching for a deeper intimate experience, without the attachment, and to receive pleasure in an empowering and transformative way. I have the need to feel safe and consider myself a Demisexual, sapiosexual as well as needing to be physically attracted to a lover. I absolutely received this and so much more from my time with Ty. Before our session I was dealing with heartbreak over a relationship that ended. So along with feeling sad, I was a bit anxious, nervous as well as full of excitement and anticipation. During my session I received a whole night of feeling like a goddess and a queen. Ty set up the space beautifully and was very intentional in creating that shared space. We sat and had a deep and honest conversation about what I wanted, my boundaries, consent and setting intentions for what I wanted out of our time together. Ty told me that he was devoting his energy and intention for my total pleasure, allowing me to drop into my body and receive the pleasure I desired. Such a rare gift in our current world… and in my view the world needs more of! I received the most incredible erotic body massage, yoni worship and beautiful love making. I also experienced spontaneous insights and healing numerous times in our session which I had never felt before. My biggest takeaway from the session with Ty was that intentional love and pleasure is absolutely possible with someone who is devoted and talented to the sexual and sensual arts all in a divine masculine form. Since the experience I now feel so much more empowered and that I know myself on a deeper level. And also that deep intimacy is available with someone like Ty who is devoted to their craft, without the hassle of dating and not finding what you are craving! If you are thinking about booking a session with Ty, absolutely do it! He is a beautiful human with a real gift. Let that gift be something you treat yourself for your own pleasure.

I decided to connect with Ty after a mutual contact referred him to me. I was looking to engage with someone to help me to get to know my body again. After ending a long term relationship and struggling in the dating scene, I was left underwhelmed by experiences and began to believe that I wasn’t deserving of pleasure. Being a people pleaser by nature, I found that I was re-creating unhealthy and unfulfilling dynamics. With much trepidation, I took a leap of faith and reached out to Ty and found that when I did, I could be really clear and open about what I was looking for which was to reconnect with my body and develop healthy boundaries for myself. When we initially spoke, Ty was exceptional at creating a warm and welcoming space for me to share my wants and desires. The fears I had around engaging someone in this way cleared and made way for openness to explore and discover what had been missing - my divine feminine sexuality. Upon meeting, we discussed boundaries and Ty created a safe and comfortable space for me to express myself. As we moved into a more physical setting, Ty offered the most beautiful blend of sensuality and spirituality while I surrendered to the experience. The pleasure I received was pure magic as he guided me through various practices including; massage, Yoni massage and other forms of sexual intimacy - all through an interconnected union of heart. The gifts I received from my time with Ty have been boundless. I have a new found connection with my body and it’s capacity for pleasure and most importantly, I now know what is possible and what I deserve. What’s also interesting is who I’m attracting now and the pleasure I am relishing from time shared. If you’re looking to meet a conscientious human who genuinely brings attentive care in helping you to realise the pleasure that you deserve, then I highly recommend that you connect with Ty.

Beautiful sunny march day, and there is is gorgeous handsome man coming through the door of my accommodation. Ty, well groomed, fit, lean, and OMG sexy. Those photos don’t come close to giving this man justice. We embrace in a hug his powerful frame making me feel safe, held and cared for in an instant, he has that V thing happening with his back ( and in front I find out late, if you know ladies you know)!! And just as an added bonus he smells divine. Ty guided the afternoon by creating a safe respectful environment. Where the boundaries, wants, needs and desires; where discussion end before our experience began. My experience with Ty, was passionate, ravishing and so so much pleasure. As I am writing this, I having flash backs. My body alive with pleasure. I don’t real want to describe the details of the experience as it was very specific to my needs on my healing journey. Ty respected that totally and delivered exactly what I need to heal and find my true authentic self again. Why I am telling you this is, if you need a safe place to express the sensual gorgeous goddess. I know you are if your reading this. Where your boundaries are heard and respected. If you want to feel ecstasy. Treated, respected, ravished for the amazing goddess you are. Ty!!
Starting Price $400
Hourly Rate $400
Sensual Honouring Ritual (Minimum 2hrs) $700
Double Sensual Honouring Ritual (Minimum 2hrs) $1200
Sensual Lover (Minimum 1hr) $400
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Due to state legislation I am unable to provide complete details of my services. You can contact me for further information.
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