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Female Body Rub Mount Gravatt, Brisbane

Not agent❤️Japan NURU✺Professional Deep Tissue full body massage

Monday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Tuesday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Wednesday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Thursday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Sexuality Straight (Heterosexual)
Gender Female
Category Body Rubs
Age 27
Height 161cm
Weight 49kg
Body Slim
Dress Size 8
Ethnicity Asian
Eye Colour Black
For Men
Hair Colour Black Hair
In-Call / Out-Call In-Call
Languages English
Ad ID 67460. Updated July 23rd, 2024. Viewed 863 times.

*^‿^*Recently i can work from 11am to8.30pm(8.30pm is finish time), 7days.
●However, sometimes I take one day or half a day for holiday.  So, l could not book in customers too early, only one day, or half a day ahead booking, or short notice booking.

The following link is Customers' reviews on locanto


①If you have difficulty to read,or have no patience to read my AD or my messages, please not contact me to waste time*^_^*

②If you are younger than 18 years old, please don't book.If you are female, please don't book.

③If you are drunk or take illegal drugs, plz don't book.

④If you have any disease, please do not book. If you are sweaty or dirty from work, you can have a quick shower here before service.

Please clean butt properly after toilet. Water clean is better than tissue, just in case little scraps still on your cute butt. Otherwise, it will not be a nice view for a masseuse(⊙﹏⊙)

⑤I have 2small dogs and 2cats in a separate room, they are clean, healthy and quiet. Sometimes only some barks when a customer just comes in. If you do not feel good, Please do not book.

⑥If you look for GFE, Please do not book. I am masseur, not actress.

⑦If you want relationship(gf or wife), Please do not contact me. I am Australian citizen, I do not need anyone to help me for visa.

♣If you have gf or wife, please delete my mobile number, my website page and link, messages and calls in time, I don't want you have any trouble. If you want to save my number, please use a male name for my number*´◡`*

⑧If you are 3R & 1B (Rush, Rough, Rude, Bargain) , not a gentleman, please do not book. (If your background is South India culture or North China culture, and you have not learned how to respect ladies, please don't book. Of course, I do have some good customers from India and China. So if you are a real gentleman, I do not mind your background*^_^*)

⑨If you do not need professional massage, Maybe my service is not suitable for you.I have my service process. If you need i change my process much, maybe i cannot do it.

Thank you for understanding*^_^*

I learned professional massa in Japan, I have 2years experience in massa service. I work independently, no agent. I am young and pretty, shaved and I have all the clothes(dress, G-strings) in the pics, so all pictures are true, are mine. please contact me by ☎️ 0406 550 308 for more sexy photos *^_^*

I do Professional Deep Tissue & Nuru Relaxation full body oil massa. there are some massa service packages you can choose: (●massa service doesn't include sex, doesn't include prostate, Please do not misunderstand*^‿^*)

❤️100 for half an hour nude massa, including extras(you can choose 1 or both): hand job, shower together I wash you*^‿^* I don't recommend nuru oil and gel for this package. normal massage oil is good enough and free.

❤️120 for half an hour nude massa, including extras(you can choose all or some): body slide, hand job, licking pussy, bj with condom, 69, shower together I wash you*^‿^* nuru oil + nuru gel are free in this package

❤️130 for 1 hour nude massa, including extras(you can choose 1 or both): hand job, shower together I wash you*^‿^* I don't recommend nuru oil and gel for this package. normal massage oil is good enough and free.

❤️150 for 1hour nude massa, including extras(you can choose all or some): body slide, hand job, licking pussy, bj with condom, 69, shower together I wash you*^‿^* normal massage oil is free. nuru oil + nuru gel = 10 dollars in total. nuru oil + nuru gel are free for regular customers.

❤️190 for 90 mins nude massa, including extras(you can choose 1 or both): hand job, shower together I wash you*^‿^* I don't recommend nuru oil and gel for this package. normal massage oil is good enough and free.

❤️220 for 90 mins nude massa, including extras(you can choose all or some): body slide, hand job, licking pussy, bj with condom, 69, shower together I wash you*^‿^* normal massage oil is free. nuru oil + nuru gel = 10 dollars in total. nuru oil + nuru gel are free for regular customers.

I do nude massa on massa table, it's more professional. Body slide, 69,etc in bed, it's more comfortable*^‿^*

*^‿^*For new customers, my advice is: the first time, you can book a short time service to try. (①1hour services are the most popular ②30mins packages are little bit rush for good massage, but still good for new customers to try my service).

If you need, you can cum more than once, no extra charge*^‿^* however, everyone is different, so I cannot promise how many times you will climax in your time. But ,if you do not tell me when you want to cum, I only do once at the end.

*^‿^*Please eat something, and please do not do too much gym or other exercise before you come here, because orgasm need much energy*^‿^*Especially when you want more than once orgasms, please save your energy and do not keep your tummy empty.

I have normal massa oil and Nuru oil/gel.  Nuru oil and nuru gel are water based, and odourless, easy to wash off. Nuru oil is natural herb oil, good for skin and good for professional massa. Nuru gel is natural seaweeds gel, very slippery, good for body slide,and other extras.

*^‿^*In my experience, 70%to 80% customers have no skills for touching other people. In fact, nice touching is an easy BUT skillful behavior. I think most people do not like annoying touching*^_^* If you do not know how to give a kind nice touching, you can ask me*^_^* maybe this little skill can help you to improve your relationship with wife, gf, or partner*^_^*

❤️Tip: how to touch me:

1. If you want a good professional massage, please not moving much, not touching much, and let me concentrate on massage*^‿^*

I hope you concentrate on enjoying my professional massage, and sexy touching, not concentrate on touching me*^‿^*

2. If your hands are not warm, please not touching*^_^*

3. With my permission, you can put your whole hand(not only fingers) on my back or hip politely to feel my soft skin*^‿^*

4. I prefer no rubbing no sliding on my skin. Because my body rhythm is slow, if your hands rub me rushly, or faster than my body rhythm, it will change my body rhythm, I can't do good slow service for you, and I feel uncomfortable too*^‿^*

5. You can touch my front with my permission, NO SUDDENLY, NO SLINKINGLY. with whole hand, not only fingers. I am easy to feel ticklish on my front, maybe I have to laugh and stop working for a while, so it will waste your time.

6. Sorry no touching my pussy by hands*^‿^* But gentle licking is included in 120package, 150package, 220package.

❁7. If you feel hard to remember or have no patience for these rules, only ONE simple rule for you——Not Touching Me Please*^‿^*In fact, I prefer this one.

*^‿^*I prefer customers not touching me or just slow peaceful touching a bit. If you cannot understand what is"peaceful touching", I can give you an example about music. I always do service with peaceful music*^‿^*peaceful music can help most customers calm down, and keep my body rhythm slow. On the contrary, rush music can make people to jump up, do everything faster and faster*^‿^*Which service style do you prefer?

I work in my private place (not shop). There are air-con, heater, shower room. And easy for parking *^_^* Toilet and shower are free for customers, but I do not offer free toilet or shower without service.

If your mobile number is from overseas, please text me your Email address, I will reply via Email. Because my working number cannot reply overseas number*^_^*

If you always can not get any reply from 0406 550 308, please check whether your mobile blocked my number by mistake. If your mobile has no problem, please send your contact number via locanto message, when I see your msg, i will contact you. But I can not reply your locanto message very quickly, because I check locanto messages only once or twice a day *^_^*

When a customer in my place, I cannot reply calls, messages in time. Please have some patience to wait for reply, thank you*^‿^*

*^‿^*But If you don't wanna me to reply your call or text, please let me know by text, like" Don't reply please" or "Don't reply after (time) am/pm please".


●"Im young and have sexy body, may I have discount?"

*^_^*My answer: As a professional masseuse, i saw lots of nude bodies, just like a doctor. so whether your body is sexy or not fit, it will not surprise me *^_^* what i pay attention to are ① is your nude body clean? ② which parts are sore? which parts are ticklish? ③ how hard massage you can handle? or you only want relaxing rub?

●"can you enjoy when pussy licking?"

*^_^*My answer: It depends:①im working, im not relaxed, so cannot really enjoy easily. ②pussy licking is a skillful job too. Just like massage, many people do massage, but not many people really know how to do good massage③In fact, I don't need customers please me*^_^* I only hope we can respect each other. I don't make you uncomfortable, and you don't make me uncomfortable.

●"I have new injury, may I have massage?"

*^_^*My answer: It depends. If the injury is serous, or you are not sure whether there is a"fracture", please see your doctor first for advice. For some injuries, you still can have massage, even firm massage. for some injuries, you only can have soft rub. for some injuries, maybe no any touching*^_^*

●"how often I should have professional massage?"

*^_^*My answer: It depends. Your body is just like your car. If you drive lots, you need have car service often, otherwise your car maybe give you trouble often. If you don't drive much, maybe just once a year. So it depends what you feel or how hard you use your body. However, if you have plenty time, even your body is not sore, you still can have massage often, just for relaxation and good sleep*^_^*

● "Can you do only massage without extras?"

*^‿^*My answer: Yes, I can❁But the same prices to the small packages(100 for30mins, 130for 1hour, 190for 90mins). I think my massage skills deserve these prices. However, most men only like to pay more for extras, don't like to pay more for professional massage skills. That's why i add some extras in my services.

❁There are 2 situations If you only need massage:

① Some customers want to get excited during professional massage, but don't need orgasm. For example, a customer told me he had difficulty when sex. So he asked me to help him to feel horny during massage, but no orgasm. Then he went home directly to have sex with wife. In this case, I will still rub private part during professional massage.

② Some customers only need professional massage without private part rubbing, and no orgasm at the end. In this case, I will not touch private part during professional massage*^‿^*

●"After firm massage, why do I feel sore from next day?"

*^‿^*My answer: It's quite normal.

①The same reason as you do a sudden 5km running , you will feel sore in next few days.

②However, if you often had hard massage before, you may not feel sore afterwards.

③If you have a medium to soft(not hard) massage, normally you will not feel sore afterwards.

●"do you like my cock? do you feel excited or horny when you touch my cock? "

*^_^*My answer: Private part is not a surprise for me. I have seen many, i only mind if the private part is clean. I do not mind its shape, size or ability. For a professional masseuse, your private part is the same as your other body parts, I don't feel much difference when i massage it. The only difference is private part just can be gently rubbed, other parts normally can be massaged firmly.

I massage your penis and balls, not because i like it or i feel excited. It's my normal massage process. it's for customer to turn on, not for myself.

By the way, if a masseuse is turned on by seeing or touching your body, I have to say: you are UNLUCKY *´◡`*① This masseuse is not professional②You must waste your time and bucks, because nobody can concentrate on a professional job when he or she is really turned on.

●"Can you do dirty talk?"

*^_^*My answer: I have to say sorry, I do not offer this kind of service*^_^* When i learned English, I only learned how to be polite*^_^*Nobody taught me how to dirty talk. What's more, i feel uncomfortable if i speak dirty words to people, face to face in particular*^_^*

● "Can we chat during service?"

*^‿^*My answer: We can talk if you like chatting. But, if chat too much, you cannot enjoy well massage service, and I cannot concentrate on professional skills. So maybe waste your time.

●"How to know I am contacting an agent or a real independent masseuse?"

*^‿^*My answer:
①From working time. 24/7 working time = agent. Under an agent( or a boss), normally there are several ladies to work by shift. so they can keep working without rest. However, humans are not working machine, need rest, sleeping, and own life, an independent masseuse cannot do 24/7.

②From working address: if you contact a lady several times in the same day or in different days, she tells you different working addresses. it maybe an agent. Because the agent needs send you to different ladies in different addresses according to the ladies' availability.

③From calling: If a lady never answer your call, maybe it's an agent. What's more, the agent very likely is male or old lady.

④From English: When you contact a lady with phone, her English is pretty good, but when you arrive in her place and talk face to face, her English is poor, you possibly fall into agent's trap. Most masseuses with good communication in English and good massage skills, do not like to work for an agent, don't like to share bucks with an agent.

⑤Please be clever, but not be suspicious, not oversensitive. For example, I am in a black dress in my photo online, But I cannot wear the same clothes every day. some days, maybe I am in another black dress, some days maybe in a pink dress.It's my private job, I never send my face photo to customers. If only judging from clothes or hairstyle, you think im not the same lady in my photo, I only can say: okay bye. I don't wanna argue.

●"I am new, how can I have a service?"

*^‿^*My answer:
①Please only come with an appointment.I am not available without booking.

1 day ahead or half day ahead booking is good. If you are not sure about your booking time, please not book ahead. Short notice is acceptable, as long as I am not busy, you can book in with a short notice too*^‿^*

②please let me know:
❁What time do you like to book?
❁How long time service do you need?

③If I am available for your time, i will confirm your booking time with a text message including the  word"confirmation❁" and car parking informations.

If I am not available for your time, i will tell you my availability. You can choose another time as well.

④Please book a no-rush time, which you will not be late. Please consider traffic.

⑤If you have to be late for some reason, please let me know ahead: how late will you be? I will tell you I can wait OR I cannot wait. It depends on next customer's booking time*^‿^*

When you think you will be late, please not text me if you are driving. Otherwise, you may get big ticket by road cameras, or get car accident. ❁Please STOP ON ROADSIDE, then contact me. I hope all my good customers have safe and happy life*^‿^*

⑥If a customer is late, and I tell him I cannot wait, have to cancel his booking, But he still pushes me to squeeze him in, i will refuse to offer service to this person.

My services are only for real gentlemen with reasonable behaviors*^‿^*Some men think as long as they speak some polite words, they will be gentlemen. But in my opinion, polite speaking + reasonable behaviors = real gentleman.

I knew i offended some unreasonable  persons before. However, i only care nice people's feelings*^‿^*

●"Why don't you like Indian/Chinese men?"

*^‿^*My answer: I do have some high quality Indian/Chinese customers. In fact i don't mind which countries customers are from. In every country, there are many nice people, but some low quality people as well. Just the average levels of Indians are not high:

①Some Indian men are smelly, It seems they don't clean body, take shower often;

②Some Indian men are greedy and stingy, bargain much, want to get more and more, but want to pay less and less, they don't care service quality, only want low price;(A few Chinese men a bit bargain or fussy too)

③Some Indian men are bossy, they don't know how to respect other people, especially ladies. (A few Middle East men and Chinese men are a bit bossy too)

④Some Indian men never kept their word, stood me up after they booked in, although they pretended to be polite when they contacted me.

*^‿^* Most mature men from local and other countries are much better. Most Middle East and most Chinese and 30% Indian mature men are nice too.(normally I don't judge adults' maturity by age)

*^‿^* Men, from different countries with different culture backgrounds, have different characteristics. many different stories.

● "Why do you have many rules for touching?"

*^_^*My answer: ①If you don't know how to touch nicely, or you have no experience, of course, you will feel these rules are complex and hard to remember. However, when you know it and have some experience, it's so easy and natural thing.Just like when you change to a new job, you need plenty training. at the beginning, maybe you feel hard, but once you learn it , have some experience, you will feel better and handy. My place is not so serious as your working places, i want you feel comfortable and relaxed here, but the premise is I need be comfortable too. Of course, i don't want to be relaxed when im working, because my job is professional*^_^*

②Some customers told me their long-term partners didn't like their intimacy behaviors. If your lady hormone levels are normal, the reason maybe your touching or other intimacy behaviors let her feel uncomfortable or even offended. I have to say ladies and gentlemen, came to our earth from different planets. It's very hard to understand well each other. In some cases, you thought she liked what you were doing, but she gave you a straight face, even angry face, not a sweet face at all*^_^*So if you want good relationships with ladies, Please not only complain, please communicate with ladies, please try to understand ladies, even please learn some from ladies*^_^*

●Please not ask me private questions and I will not ask customers private questions too*^_^*it's my secret job, i don't want customers to know me much, and I don't wanna know customers much as well*^_^*

If you really want to talk something with me, politics maybe a good topic, although we may have different political ideas. Such as who will win the 2024 presidential election? Joe Biden or Donald Trump? It seams I am more interested in American politics, although I am an Australian citizen, because my dream is moving to Hawaii. However, I do not want to change a massage service to a political meeting, so it is just for joking*^‿^*

●At the end I would like to talk to those Mr. Thieves*^‿^* In fact, before I did not recognize who is thief. Because so far I have not lost expensive stuffs or bucks in my working apartment.

However, the other day, a customer told me some stories happened in other working ladies' places:

Some men specially stole working ladies. When a new customer sees a working lady, If he doesn't like her, normally his first reaction is leaving quickly, he should not go inside with the lady and look around and use toilet in bathroom(some ladies maybe hide important things or bucks in bathroom, and only when the thief uses bathroom, he can be alone, the working lady will wait outside),  after checking the bathroom, he will come out and tell the lady some excuses(such as money in the car, need to fetch money), then leave.

Such things happened 3 or 4 times in my working place as well in my memory. Before, I just felt this kind of customers are strange. Now I understood that they didn't want service at all, they just wanted to look around to check any chance to pick up something on the sly.

So to Mr. Thieves:

①You don't need to waste your time to come and check my apartment, particularly the bathroom. I don't live in my working place, i don't have expensive stuffs in my working apartment at all. And i never hide bucks in my working apartment, especially in the bathroom*^‿^*

②For new customers, please pay for service before you use my toilet/bathroom. After, if you wanna leave without service, i will only charge you $50 for using my toilet/bathroom, and refund you the remaining balance. Thank you for understanding*^‿^*

(key word: deep tissue massage , nuru massage , nude massage , Professional massage , sexy massage , sexy body rub)

It is my own small business, no other workers in my working place. All my services are within the Queensland law, NOT illegal*^‿^*

Thanks for your patience for my long "thesis"*^‿^*

● SOME NEW RESEARCH RESULTS ( not so serious, just some work experience *^‿^* may update irregularly )

(No. 1)  About male sexual abilities.

Human beings like to comparison. Women may prefer to compare who is more beautiful, while men may prefer to compare sexual abilities*^‿^* Many men like to know about their level of sexual ability, but most men are shy to talk with other people about it, and have no enough information channels to check. I often have customers to ask me about these kinds of questions. l am not a doctor or scientist, I only have experience. In my opinion and experience:
① About 10%~15% customers cum easily (cum by hj without condom or bj with condom in 3~5mins).
② About 70%~80% customers cum normally (cum by hj without condom or bj with condom in 5~10mins).
③ About 5%~10% customers need about 10~20mins.
④ About 3%~5% customers can't cum in their service time.

Everyone has different physical conditions and mood/mental status. Even the same person, has different physical conditions and mood/mental status every day.

① Mood/mental status:
If a person worries about working issues, or family issues or physical issues, and so on, he couldn't feel relaxed mentally, he couldn't enjoy these kinds of service completely without thinking much. l often told my customers that more relaxed at heart(not only body relaxed), more easily to climax.

Generally speaking, physical workers can get relaxed at heart more easily than mental workers. Because brain is the hardest part to get relaxed. when people's arms or shoulders or legs get tired, people can sit down to have a rest, or have massage or something else to rest. But if people think much, most of them couldn't stop thinking easily, and nobody can do massage on the brain to relax brain straight away. Some slow music may help, but it is just a indirect approach.

② physical conditions:
After hard physical work or gym or other excises, and before good lunch or dinner, body couldn't recover from energy losing. In these cases, some customers still can cum once as usual, but hard for twice. Some customers maybe hard or take more time for once.
In this case, mostly penis still can get hard, but could not ejaculate or take more time than usual. For example, I have some customers who had breakfast very early around 7/8am, they came here for service around lunch time or afternoon without good lunch. If they just cum once, mostly they felt good. But if try twice, most of them had no enough energy for second time. Penis still got hard, that means, they were still interested for second time (if not interested anymore, normally penis would not get hard again), just couldn't ejaculate. They had no enough energy to squeeze the trigger. At that moment, what they need is big lunch or big dinner, not the second climax*^‿^*

By the way, if a customer tries to lose weight. My advice is big lunch or dinner before your once or twice climax, not big lunch or dinner after your climax. Just think: You should have lunch or dinner before gym or after gym? (Ejaculation is a good way for burning calories, but body needs to be kept in good/healthy balance.)

(No. 2) From some physical reactions of private part, mostly I could tell a customer climax easily or hard. ( about 80% accuracy).

For climax, testicles ( commonly called balls )  and scrotum and the outer skin, getting tight is more important than that penis geting hard. Penis getting hard is very important for sex with wife or gf. However, if not hard enough, some men still can climax by hj or bj sometimes, as long as balls, scrotum and the outer skin have enough energy for squeezing tightly to push sperms out.
( testicles and scrotum and the outer skin, hereinafter referred to as balls)

When l do professional massage, l massage private part as well ( if customers need it). In my experience:
①Penis get hard, balls squeeze tightly, this customer may cum in5/10min
②Penis get hard, ball soft this customer may need more than10mins or couldn't cum in his service time.
③Penis soft, ball squeeze tightly, this customer may cum in10min
④Penis soft, ball soft, this customer may need more than10mins or couldn't cum in his service time.

In my opinion, balls need enough energy to squeeze and shoot sperms out. It is balls squeeze the trigger of your climax at the end, not penis. l have some customers can climax even penis not hard enough because of operations or other physical issues.

Some customers may have different physical reactions. What l said is for reference only*^‿^*

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Starting Price $100
Hourly Rate $150
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