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SEX TERMS AND ACRONYMS - By Discreet Gentlemen's Club

Written on April 27th, 2021 by Discreet Gentlemen's Club Updated March 19th, 2024. Viewed 1276 times.
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Sex Term Glossary

As viewable at Discreet Gentlemen's Club website. Additional blog posts by this author are also viewable here.

Many people looking into booking an escort for the first time find themselves completely perplexed by the amount of adult-industry specific language being used.

This is made all the more confusing as a lot of the jargon crosses over with other terms and can mean the exact same thing. Here is a quick reference guide on some of the key terms used in the adult industry to describe different sex acts.

Please note: some of the services/terms listed are high risk due to the nature of the service (i.e. unprotected or dangerous), for the health and safety of our patrons and ladies, we do not offer any unprotected or dangerous services.

We have included them in our Dictionary however for the benefit of our readers and entrust them to make educated decisions.


Affectionate cuddling
Spooning & holding each other.

Affectionate kissing

Light kissing on face/lips, may not include kissing with tongue (see Passionate Kissing).


Term generally relating to the BDSM practice of debriefing and affirmations post sexual activities.

Anal/anal sex

Sexual penetration of the anus.


Oral sex on the anus

(see also: rimming)

Anal play

Can mean a variety of things relating to "butt stuff" - examples could include rimming and anal fingering.


Sexual fetish for suffocation/choking


Ass To Mouth - Anal penetration followed immediately by oral

Auto-erotic asphyxiation

The highly-risky act of deriving pleasure from self-asphyxiation (any form of strangulation is considered high risk).


Ball Busting
Inflicting pain (usually kicking/punching) of testicles for sexual gratification


Risky sex without condom.


Bare-Back Blow Job - Fellatio without condom.


Big Black Cock


Big Beautiful Woman.


Bondage & Discipline / Dominance & Submission / Sadism & Masochism


Bondage and Discipline


Booking two ladies for a threesome which includes play between the two ladies as opposed to a straight-double in which both ladies are focused on the male specifically.


Someone who has sexual inclinations towards both the same gender and the opposite gender.


Blow Job (Fellatio/Oral Sex)


Ball Licking and Sucking


A sub-section of BDSM that relates to restricting breathing for sexual gratification - highly risky without proper knowledge or training.

Brown Shower

Defecation on a sexual partner.


Body Slide - Sensual massage technique involving provider sliding naked body over client.


Consensually tying up or restraining a sexual partner with either cuffs, ropes or other restraints.


Genre of porn / act involving a group of men ejaculating on an individual

Butt Plug

Form of anal sex toy.


Whipping someone with a cane

Cat o' Nine Tails

Multi-tailed whip


Covered Blow Job (Fellatio with condom)


Cock and Ball Torture


See Cross Dressing


Cum In Mouth (Ejaculation in mouth)


Cum In Mouth With Swallow


Cum On Breasts


Sex toy/enhancement tool that restricts and traps bloodflow within the penis to help prolong and strengthen erections


Cum On Face


Costume-Play. Not necessarily sexual in nature but can be incorporated into sexual play (see also: Role Play)


Sex-position where a woman is on top and facing her partner while being penetrated.


Ejaculating internally (specifically either vaginally or anally)


Wearing clothing traditionally associated with the opposite gender.


Watching/experiencing your partner have sexual intercourse with someone else.


The technical term for providing oral sex to a female.


Dam/Dental dam
A piece of latex/rubber that provides a barrier for vaginal or anal oral.


Dining At The Y (Cunnilingus - Oral sex on her)


Double Digit Penetration (Two finger penetration)

Deep Throating

When a penis or toy is pushed deep within a partner's throat during fellatio.

Devil's Threesome

Term for a threesome involving two men and one female.


Deep French Kissing (See also: Passionate Kissing)

Dinner Companion/Dinner Date

Social escort that involves non-sexual services during a meal (conversation and companionship) which may be booked in addition to full service.

Dirty Talk

Talking to your sexual partner in an explicit way during or before intercourse to increase sexual arousal (can include describing additional sex acts - also see: Role Play)


Using the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis to encapsulate by rolling it forward.


Sex position where the female is bent over and the male penetrates vaginally from behind.


Female dominant for sexual fetish play


Flushing out vagina or anus using water or a solution as a means of cleaning out


Double Penetration


Deep Throating


The process of refraining stimulation when close to climax with the ultimate goal of achieving a stronger climax.

Electrode play

More advanced form of fetish play involving the use of electrode toys that deliver stimulation through electricity.

Erogenous zone

Location on the body that is sensitive to sexual stimulation and creates sexual arousal.

Erotic massage

Relaxation massage which has a focus on arousal. See: Sensual Massage


In the context of services listed, "Escort" relates specifically to outcalls (where services are provided at the client's own hotel room/home).


Fetish for sexual experiences in public or with a crowd/watchers.


Face Fucking
An aggressive, dominant form of Deep Throat, where a penis (or strap on) is forcefully thrust within the partners mouth/throat.

Face Sitting

The practice where a male or female places their genitals ("sits") over their sexual partner's mouth for the purpose of oral pleasure.


Ejaculating onto a partner's face.


The proper term for oral sex perfomed on a penis (see: Blow Job)


Ejaculate/Semen being sucked out of an orifice.

Female Ejaculation

Ejecting of fluids by a female through sexual stimulation (See: Squirting)


Fetish can relate to anything of a sexual nature or that causes arousal and is has a certain degree of specificity.


Digital penetration and stimulation (using fingers)

Fire and Ice

Alternating between hot and cold oral stimulation. (e.g. using a warm beverage and ice cubes to vary the temperature of your mouth during fellatio)


Sexual penetration of an orifice using an entire hand.


French Kissing

Foot Fetish

Sexual arousal and interest in feet. May have an inclination and sexual fetish towards touching, licking, sucking feet.

Foot Job

Similar to a hand job except with the use of feet to provide stimulation. Requires both feet to provide adequate grip and stimulation.


The acts immediately preceeding sexual intercourse

Full Service

Simply put, the term means sex is involved in the service. As opposed to massage service, etc.


Choking on a partner's penis during fellatio or Deep Throating.

Gang Bang

An orgy that traditionally involves multiple men have sexual intercourse and perform various sex acts with one female participant.


Girl Friend Experience

Girlfriend Experience

A sexual service that is more affectionate and intimate in nature - as opposed to a more explicitly sexual experience PSE/Porn Star Experience.

Glory Hole

Hole in a wall or door (generally within a bathroom) for the purpose of anonymous oral sex (fellatio)

Greek/Greek Sex

Anal Sex

Group Sex

Sexual activities involving multiple parties (See: Orgies)

Golden Shower

Urinating on a partner for sexual gratification (See Also: Water Sports)


Hand Job
Using hands to manually bring a partner to climax.

Happy Ending

Massage that ends with a handjob and possible climax.

Hand Relief

Another word for a hand job.

Head/Head Job

Oral sex


Hand Job


A sub-section of BDSM relating to the sexual arousal/gratification of a submissive through being degraded or embarrassed by a dominant partner.


Sexual stimulation of rubbing penis between the buttocks of a partner without penetration. Similar to "Spanish" or "Titty Fucking", the stimulation is created by the friction between the two.


Ejaculate, generally meaning semen. Or the process of ejaculating.


Broad term relating to unconventional sexual preferences and acts. Anything non-traditional or "Vanilla".

Lesbian Double

Similar to Bi-Double, specifically relates to ladies that will perform sex acts on each other.


The process of touching and stimulating one's own genitals for the purpose of sexual arousal and/or climax.


Deriving pleasure from pain, humiliation or submission from a dominant partner.

Menage a Trois

French term meaning a threesome.


Mother I'd Love (to) Fuck

Missionary/missionary position

The most common sex position where the male is on top of and facing the female participant.


Male-Female-Female - Another variation of a threesome.


Male-Male-Female - A variation of a threesome where both the male and female are interacting with one of the males.


Placing one's face between a woman's breasts and moving your head side to side between them.


Male-Female-Male: A variation of a threesome where both males are interacting with the female participant (See also: Devil's Threesome)


Multiple Shots On Goal (Multiple ejaculations/orgasms permitted within booking)

Mutual masturbation

Both sexual partners pleasuring themselves within the company of the other partner


No Strings Attached - A sexual partnership with no expectations of commitment or additional communication.


Height of sexual arousal and pleasure. Climax.


Group sex with multiple participants interacting together.


Similar to Caning, being whipped or spanked using paddles.

Passionate Kissing

Deep, French kissing. Using tongues during kissing.

Pearl Necklace

Ejaculating semen onto a partners neck, creating the appearance of a "pearl necklace".

Penis Pump

Sexual enhancement device designed to suction air around the penis with the direct intention to draw blood to the member, enhancing erection.


Anal sex/penetration using a strap-on.


The space between a person's genitals and anus.

Pink Sock

Inverted colon that is visible outside of the anus which occurs occasionally when pulling out too quickly during anal.

Piss Play

A.K.A. Watersports - Sexual activities involving urine.


Having multiple romantic partners.

Porn Star Experience

Girl-Friend Experience's raunchier cousin. Service is more akin to what you would see in your favourite pornographic movies, hence the name. Can include services like gagging, choking, face fucking, etc.


A device or item that prevents the transmission of disease, includes: condoms, dental dams, etc.


Porn Star Experience

Pull Out Method

The most unreliable form of contraception which does not provide any protection form STIs


The expulsion of air out of a vagina usually during penetrative sex or immediately after. Erroneously referred to sometimes as a vaginal or fanny fart.


A short sexual encounter that's generally rushed and excludes much (if any) foreplay.

Reverse Cowgirl

Similar to cowgirl position, with the difference of the woman facing away from her partner.


Using your tongue to stimulate another person's anal ring. Analingus.



Experiencing pleasure or sexual arousal by administering pain.


A broad term relating to experiencing pleasure from giving and receiving physical or psychological pain.


A word or phrase when uttered ends play in fetishistic activity.

Shower for 2

Sensual experience in the shower, including body touching and play.

Sixty-Nine (69)

A sex position that allows both partners to provide mutual oral pleasure simultaneously.


Transferring ejaculate from one mouth to another.

Social Escort

A non-sexual escort experience, generally involves dinner or some function or event. May include sensual or intimate moments and conversation but diverges from a normal full service.


Inserting items into a urethra for sexual pleasure.


(A.K.A. "Titty Fucking"). Placing a man's penis between a woman's breasts and thrusting it up and down creating friction for sexual pleasure.


Hitting with an open palm (generally on the buttocks) for the purpose of sexual gratification or enhanced sexual pleasure.

Spit Roast

A position during a threesome involving penetrative acts from both ends (oral and either vaginal or anal) giving the appearance of a "spit roast".


A fetish within food play that generally involves soft foods and liquids being poured onto a sexual partner for sexual gratification.


Female ejaculation (i.e. "squirting" fluid during climax)


A non-enthusiatic/lazy participant during sex. One that lies on the bed with the expectation the sexual partner will do all the work.

Strap on sex

See: Pegging.

Strip Tease

Slow undressing and gyrating for the purpose of sexual arousal and entertainment of an audience or partner.


Tag Team
When 2 or more people have sexual intercourse with the same person one after another in a series of sexual experiences as opposed to simultaneously (like with threesomes and gangbangs).

Tea Bagging

Similar to face-sitting however tea bagging specifically relates to placing one's testicles within the mouth of a partner.


Lighter, less dominant version of orgasm denial, more within the realms of traditional foreplay.


Put simply, three people having sex with each other simultaneously.

Titty Fuck

Sliding a penis between the breasts of the partner to gain sexual gratification. (See: Spanish)


Within the adult industry context, this relates to sex toys. Devices with the intention of creating arousal, climax or enhancement of sexual experiences and sensations.


Providing a rimjob while simultanously giving a handjob to a sexual partner.


Urethral Play
A.K.A "Sounding".- The practice of inserting objects within a urethra for sexual gratification.

Vacuum Beds

Sex toy/device used in BDSM for a variety of fetishes including but not limited to: latex fetish, bondage play, breath play, etc. Essentially it's sheets of latex that are vacuum sealed with you in between.


A fetish relating to watching/spying on other people's sexual play.


Incorporating urination into sexual play. See: Golden Showers, Piss Play, Etc.


Sexual play using hot candle wax.

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