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An example of what to expect.....

Written on June 12th, 2024 by Mark Updated June 12th, 2024. Viewed 109 times.

I begin by touching your lower back, just a little pressure, then walked my hands one after the other the full length of your spine, stopping at your tense shoulders, and working on them firmly through the sheet that is covering your nakedness. My hands moved with precision, I know exactly where to find your trouble areas. This is not a simple backrub—depending on wht you want, it could be much, much more.

I continue to massage your back and shoulders. It will feel so good, unlike anything you've experienced before. The sensation of my warm, skilled hands kneading and caressing your body will send chills down your spine.

I leaned in closer and whispered, you could feel my words upon your neck, "Just breathe and let go. This is your time to explore your feelings, and feel me explore your body. “

Remember, it will always be up to you to decide if you are ready for this kind of massage. Always remember that.

I tell you, "It's okay. You are safe here. Your body is like a mysterious book, waiting for us to decode the stories within."

My goal is to put you at ease, and deliberate touch at this stage should make you comfortable, and curious about what lies beneath the layers.

You will feel your body begin to relax as I continue my spellbinding handwork. Slowly working my fingers on your tight neck and shoulders, I applied just the right amount of pressure, coaxing the tension from your body. Gradually, my hands drifted further down your back, tracing the curve of your spine and reaching the top of your bum crease.

I will ask you for permission, and if you give it, slowly, seductively, removed the sheet, allowing it to slide off your near-naked body sensually. As you feel it happening, so slowly, your body being exposed in slow motion, you will become aware that, even though laying on your back, your are more exposed to me than you have since we began. Laying my hands directly on your body, touching your skin for the first time, I continued my massage, moving my warm hands gently over the side of your ribcage, but not daring to slip low to touch the side of your breasts.

My fingers dance along your skin, waking every nerve ending, it would be normal for your breathing deepening slightly at this stage. Goosebumps may spring up on your arms as I worked my way back up to tenderly touch the nape of your neck. You may feel that your body has been waiting for this.

You will wonder, is this where it gets erotic? You don't know, and perhaps by now, you are at a point where you don't care.

My touch may leave you briefly, you may miss it, bt I return, and you felt the sensation of warm oil being drizzled the full length of your spine. My hands touched your back once more, spreading the sensual warm fragrant oil all over your back, your sides, your shoulders. I use the oil to lightly stroke your back and shoulders. It will feel wonderful, like the first sunbeam of the day after a long winter's night.

The oil is rich and sensual yet light as air as my hands traverse your body, gently kneading your muscles, and arousing your senses. The new feelings this oiled massage brought with it may have awakened something buried deep within you, far more intimate than you'd expected.

My hands will glide softly over your skin. My touch will move to your sides once more, and you feel my fingers trace the outline of your ribs, a finger between each rib as I gently stroked the intercostal muscles.

Moving to standing at your head, my hands sweep down your back and returned up your sides, over and over, with each journey getting tantalizingly closer to the side of your breasts. By this stage, you may be thinking "Touch them," but will I? Perhaps.

Then, while maintaining contact, will I move my position to the right side of the table, my hands now working on your lower back and sides.

You felt my fingers work just below the waistband of your panties before I pulled them down halfway, exposing the crease, and working on the muscles on each side of it.

You may want to reach down and rip them off, and that too is up to you, but at this stage, I would not.

My hands moved to your legs, firmly massaging the hamstring and calf on each leg. After several passes, my touch became lighter, and the path changes subtly. Now working down the outside of your leg and up the inside. With each stroke up the inside of your leg, you feel it get closer…..  Laying there, facedown on this table, with only 5% of your body covered, you may be feeling desperate to be touched elsewhere.

Perhaps you have nothing but anticipation, maybe, you are still uncertain and that’s okay too.

I change my movements, I may now going down the back of your legs and up the outside, each stroke getting a little higher. You might feel me touched your bundled panties, then move my hands away again. I might do this two or three times, I might do it more. But finally, my hands will come up the outside of each leg not just touch your panties, but take each side in my hands, and gently pull them.

I would ask you for permission to remove them.


Naked before me. You may feel, embarrassed, intrigued, or aroused, perhaps even all at once.

Expecting, wanting me to touch you now, I might not.  Perhaps I will.

What happens from here will entirely depend on what you want to happen.

Do you want me to continue and surprise you?

Do you want to be in control and tell me what you want me to do?

My personal belief is that you should allow events to unfold naturally.

You are still safe, you are in total control. You can stop this at any point you want, and there is never ever any pressure on you to do anything that you don’t want to do.

If we were to continue naturally, it may be that I continuing my attention on your inner thighs, parting them even further, gently, for greater access. You may feel exposed, your most intimate parts on full display for me to see, and touch and you may love the freedom that gives you.

At some point, the time will come where I will ask you to "Roll over."

From this point on, you could expect a lot of similar treatment, always seductive, always teasing and tantalising, and always respectful. Your needs are the entire reason we would be here, and your control over the situation, every action, is paramount. You must feel safe to get the maximum pleasure, so remember, even at this point, even way beyond this point, you are free to stop……………if you can. 

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