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Introducing Chaotic Katie!

Written on September 30th, 2023 by Bigger Sister Channel Updated September 30th, 2023. Viewed 147 times.
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The ‘Mixed’ one

Your financial attitude is an aspect that determines your financial wellbeing. For the economic empowerment educational program for sex workers, we will be looking at financial attitudes first. You can see what type of financial attitude you have by taking our personality test here.

To illustrate how financial attitudes manifest into one’s life, we created one dimensional renditions that embody a financial attitude. Chaotic Katie is the character for a ‘Mixed’ or ‘Undetermined’ financial attitude.

These characters are simplified renditions of our complex realities. They’re not perfect characters or to be taken too literally. They are used here to help us build the cognitive infrastructure and awareness about what financial attitudes are, how they appear in our lives and how they change over time.

Your financial attitude can be consciously changed through self-awareness, education and experience. To read more about how we’ve framed financial attitudes, you can read this post.

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If Chaotic Katie doesn’t sound exactly like you, that’s normal. Our financial attitudes change over time, and we keep traits of previous financial attitudes, that continue to influence our thoughts and feelings subconsciously. Consciously, we want to draw upon the inherent strengths and talents of Chaotic Katie, to be more deliberate with our management of money.

The idea is to centre ourselves, and our attitude to be ‘Master-Minded’ like ‘Queen Bae’. What makes Queen Bae the master is that she is able to identify situations, knows herself, and she take actions that aligns with her goals and are within her means. Chaotic Katie is the inverse of Queen Bae, she has almost the same skills, strengths and capabilities, the major difference is that she does not apply herself like Queen Bae.

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Chaotic Katie’s may not have found a reason to care about, or take responsibility for, their personal finance. As Katie’s are reactionary, they usually only learn things when they have to. The good thing about Katie is that they assimilate to any financial situation, just like Queen Bae, but the difference is that Katie does not plan for these. This can mean that Katie’s are often stressed or overconfident in their ability to land on their feet. If you’re a Chaotic Katie looking for a reason to get on top of your finances, this is it.

We will soon investigate ways for Chaotic Katie’s to improve their financial attitude. If you identify as a Chaotic Katie, think about where your feelings and thoughts around money stem from, and ask yourself whether this approach is applicable or fitting for your present day life.

Until then, stay subscribed for further material on how to economically empower yourself as a sex worker. Follow us on social media to stay updated!

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