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Chlamydia is on the rise...again! Request a STI test without leaving your home

Written on August 16th, 2023 by Katie S. Updated August 16th, 2023. Viewed 290 times.
Image 0 for Blog Chlamydia is on the rise...again! Request a STI test without leaving your home

In the journey of sexual health, every individual's story matters. Whether you're a sex worker, an adult exploring your sexual fantasies with a paid companion or simply enjoying an active sex life, understanding chlamydia and taking proactive steps empowers you to make informed decisions to prioritise your health. 

The Prevalence Puzzle

Let's begin by tackling the numbers. Approximately 97,000 Australians tested positive to chlamydia in 2022 yet this number only represents 1/3 of actual number of infections. Given the stigma and barriers to testing, it often remains undiagnosed until much later and can cause serious complications. According to studies, sex workers might have a higher risk of chlamydia due to increased number of sexual partners and though condoms offer decent protection, they are not 100% effective against infection transmission.However, it's important to note that prevalence doesn't equate to inevitability. Knowledge and protection can be powerful tools in the battle against chlamydia.

Know the Symptoms

Chlamydia is often dubbed the “silent infection” as it often does not cause any noticeable symptoms. But hey, don't let its stealth fool you! Chlamydia might not announce its arrival with fireworks, but it can silently wreak havoc if left untreated. So, what should you look out for? Symptoms, if they do appear, can include abnormal vaginal or penile discharge, discomfort while urinating, and even pelvic pain. Remember, seeking medical attention even without symptoms is a proactive step to keep your sexual health in check.

Diagnosis - The Detective Work

So, how's chlamydia unmasked? Through detective work, of course! Medical professionals use tests that range from swabs to urine samples to track down this elusive culprit. Regular STI screenings, especially for those in high-risk groups like sex workers or men who have sex with other men are recommended every 3 months to detect asymptomatic infections.  Early detection not only keeps you in the driver's seat but also reduces the chances of complications down the road.

Treatment – It’s Quite Simple Really!

The good news? Chlamydia might be sneaky, but it's not invincible. Once detected, it can be effectively treated with antibiotics.Often times, just a one day course of antibiotics is sufficient to treat the infection for good. Nevertheless, the STI test will guide treatment based on the microbiology results. Also, don't forget to notify your partners so they can get tested too.


At STI Clinic Australia, we understand that discussing intimate health matters can be daunting & awkward. That's why our secure telehealth platform provides a comfortable and discreet environment for you to seek the care you deserve virtually. Our mission is to make sexual health and STI testing simple, accessible & convenient for individuals of all backgrounds & identities.

Request a STI test by clicking the link below. Simply fill out a brief, confidential online questionnaire and receive a pathology request form in your e-mail. You can take that request form to any pathology lab near you to get a STI screen. Once we receive the results from your pathology lab, we notify you via SMS / e-mail or phone consult. Receive a 10% discount with promo-code "Naughtyads"

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