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Devlin Black

Male Escort Brisbane

European Gigolo 4 Aussie Babes

9:00am - 11:00pm
9:00am - 11:00pm
9:00am - 11:00pm
9:00pm - 11:00pm
9:00am - 11:00pm
9:00pm - 11:00pm
9:00am - 11:00pm
Devlin Black
Straight (Heterosexual)
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European, Scandinavian
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Black Hair
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August 8th, 2022
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An independent contractor with no set hours or standard rates,  I operate a Whitsundays-2-Anywhere service for your convenience and discretion, Exclusively by appointment at rates I'm confident you can afford.   My business is your pleasure. Confess your deepest and darkest fantasies to me and what they would be worth to you; time, place and a package rate that is mutually satisfying for the short, medium and long term for both of us is negotiable on a case-by-case basis. 

If you want to get an idea of 'who' I am, sneak a peek at my Instagram @ Devlin Black before DMing me, preferably with a French Postcard. 

I appreciate women as individuals unless you'd rather a reverse gang-bang at a spectacular group discount or an FFM at a scalable performance-based concession? 

I dress modestly, eat plainly and live honestly. I'm a man of many masks, at your service, Miss. My business is your pleasure.  I actively prefer long-term arrangements at amortized rates.

If you have questions, I have answers. If you can't trust your Gigolo, who can you trust?  Mysterious, dark and handsome, I am whoever you need me to be... in the moment. I specialize in Fetish and Fantasy; BDSM, FFM, CNC and S&M.   

I love women who are inherently masochistic, naturally submissive or love to be dominated by nurture. Our relationship should be like Super Mario 64 – Fun to spend hours with and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it and shoving it back in.

I'm not your boyfriend or your husband. I'm that guy you fantasize about and eventually cheat on him with, using his money to fill the masculine vacuum in your life. 

According to my photographer, I have a strong jawline, broad shoulders, slim waist, cheeky smile, the face of a much younger man and longer lashes than most women.  I've always told my story better through images than words. 

 I can be all you've ever wanted and all you'll ever need in a man on a flexible lease. You'll never need to use hook-up apps again as long as you respect my boundaries.   

I present myself to you looking like a bitchin' rock star from Weimar, intimate as a dark cabaret in 1920s Berlin; Minimally curated. This is me; demons and all. I'll openly admit I find it thoroughly enjoyable pleasing ladies who deserve it and punishing girls who beg for it... 

Throw yourself at me, and I will deliver you into the arms of ecstasy or nail you to the cross I bear, at your preference. This is about you, remember? 

Professional freak, bad boy and a dirty old man; an uninhibited pervert, sadistic dominant and the stepfather whose face you always fantasize about sitting on while you finger your hairy little box when you think nobody's looking.  

I offer my lovers a tailored approach.  Long-term amours are rewarded with an amortized rate over the lifetime of the entanglement. Cognitive-tactile-erotic roleplay is a specialty of mine.  

I enjoy going to those 'dark and shadowy places 'nicer' men are too fragile to transgress.  'Fantasy rapist' isn't something you put on a resume, though I've been told it's a role I fit into eerily well.  Weirdest compliment ever. 

From the 1st of July to the 31st of December 22' I'll be taking bookings exclusively within Queensland from Cairns to the Gold Coast.Body worship or Bimboification? Sensual oil down or smutty spanking? Pleasure or pain? Soul-mate or hate-smash?  You tell me.  

I don't try anything, I just do it. Wanna try me?


Please contact me via Snapchat @ Devlin Black for my hours.  

My availability to you depends on two simple factors.  1) How fast you can pony up a 20% deposit and 2) how much you want me. Savvy? 


Please contact me via Snapchat @ Devlin Black for my rates

When inquiring about my rates, please include a short bio, a brief of your needs and a recent photo so I can get a good idea of what you'd like and who I'm dealing with. 


Please contact me via Snapchat @ Devlin Black for my services.  

Everything is tailored exclusively to you from the ground up to be your perfect fit.  Bearing in mind that I do specialize in alt lifestyle arrangements, holiday flings, Kink and BDSM.  

Preferred Contact Method 

To talk personal, follow me on Instagram @ DevlinBlack666 

To talk bookings DM my Snapchat  @ Devlin Black 

To add me on Steam  DM me @ DevlinBlack666 

To make a general inquiry email me @  

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Ginger, Brisbane (21) 
I described myself to Devlin as a ‘cock curious masculine lesbian living on the north side of Brisbane’, at the time. I’m in an SSR with a disabled partner.  Neglecting to mention my red hair and green eyes, not knowing it was his ‘type.’  He let me pay over 6 months before we met.  It was a magical evening. He complimented me on my natural bush and I wasn’t expecting that.  He stripped me off. I stripped him down. He kissed me. I kissed him. He pulled his chest to mine.  A lot of kisses and nipple-sucking followed. I couldn’t tear him away from my ginger patch. Devlin eats pussy like a man trapped in a lesbian’s body.  After I told him I was two weeks off turning 22 he gave me $1,000 discount.  He made me feel very special, very wet, and more adored than my own partner.  The sex was amazing for a first time and the anal was equally intense.  Suffice to say my curiosity was satisfied and guess I’m bi now? I honestly get wet just thinking about it.  Devlin even showed me how to sell my used underwear to randoms for an absurd margin. Safe to say I’ll make my 2K back in no time.  This man right here played my clit like the world’s smallest violin.   X 

Erin, Emerald (28)
I had the pleasure of having a booking with Devlin not long ago.  

We talked on Snapchat on and off for six weeks beforehand.   He was very accommodating like we genuinely had a meaningful connection.  I booked an overnight in the Whitsundays in an ocean view suite.  Upon arrival, he surprised me with a pair of Gemstone earrings, and I was so happy I didn’t know whether to cry or vomit. 

 One of his ‘ex-girlfriends’ told me how he made her cum 17 times in a night before she moved to Mt Morgan. I knew I was getting hooked.  He shagged me like he hated me and never wanted to see me again.  It was visceral, intense, and passionate. I loved it. Next time I’ll opt for a 4-hour session every three months, I’m not sure my wetness could take a pounding like that too regularly.  

I’m still wearing the earnings. He was everything I was hoping for and everything you deserve. If you’re planning a girls’ weekend to the Whitsundays, you really should look him up. 

Devlin is delicious.  XO 

Fran The Man, North Gate (26)  
I’m something of an autoandrophiliac and quite possibly a deeply repressed FTM in denial. I’m unable to spend on surgery though for the most part I dress and act very masculine.  I look in the mirror and I get wet at the idea of seeing myself as a man.  If I were a man I feel I'd like to be Devlin Black.  He struck me as having something of an androgynous spirit in a hyper-masculine frame. He's a sexy eccentric weirdo and I love his brutal honesty. 

I reached out to him initially. After all, I wanted him to be my daddy-dom and a sort-of mentor who could teach me how to dress more masc and less tomboy because I really loved his style. As opposed to just living in hoodies, aviators, jeans, and sneaks year-round. I wanted him to fuck me after he dressed me up like a boy. He gives me all of the clit-boners.  Living and dressing as a man is just cheaper and easier for me I guess? 

I mean I have no tits, no hips, and no arse.  Devlin is by far one of the most inclusive and non-judgmental people I know.  We go on a four-hour date every 4 months - Eat, take some photos and bang like porn stars. I'm getting more masculine every time I see him and I fckn love it.
Instagram @DevlinBlack666
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