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Pariss: Female Escort Profile in Gold Coast


Name: Pariss
Category: Escorts
Location: Gold Coast
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight (Heterosexual)
Starting Price: $100
Hourly Rate: $300
Ad ID: 58877
Last Update: July 29th, 2021
Viewed: 2645 times


 My dear Lovers of Pleasure, who have Lust 4 Life, and are seeking a unique experience with a verified Goddess,

Stunningly Statuesque, I look like a SuperModel.  Tall, blonde, with long flexible limbs that I can entangle you in. Large B cup breast, probably a C, and I'm really happy with their fullness. My eyes glow and my skin shines. I am at my physical peak, for health is my profession, but I could do with some sexercise. I am told often that my Pussy is pretty purrfect

This is a Moonlighting period for Me. My sex drive is through the roof lately, so I figure instead of wasting all that energy masturbating, and doing headstands to try and invert that annoyingly horny pulse in my Vagina, I may as well make some money to invest into my Business.

I won't discuss too many details of the Service over the phone, as I honestly don't know what I am capable of until in the moment and depending on how comfortable I feel in the moment to let loose. I might be an Angel in this World, but in the bedroom I am a Beast. I will likely push U past your known limits, but i can do Vanilla very sweetly too.. I will dabble in drugs, mainly weed, but I will not touch that Ice pipe, so please don't offer it to me. I don't judge what your poison of preference is.

Right, I know this is rushed and just an introduction, but I am just putting the feelers out to see what kind of Clients I can attract. I will add more details later. Maybe


I Am actually quite enjoying the Bookings, when I have had the luxury of that time, as my Herbal Business is Blossoming & Blooming now that I have moved to a much more spacious premises, up high with lots of Light & Air. I apologise to those Good Clients who have been patiently waiting to see me. My time has become so Precious, and I can only devote a few days at most per week to the Sexing. 

I have made it very clear to my Clients that I am only Moonlighting doing this work until I meet my Husband. I have a few serious Courters currently, but I am so loving this Singles Life and am Shimmering and Shining with all the new Abundance. Loving meeting such interesting Clients, in both my fields of Work. 

My Boobs are definitely a C-Cup Now! I tried some lingerie on recently. It's definitely my Herbal remedies balancing out my Hormones. I Am enjoying them as much as my Lovers do!

I usually do a lil Strip Tease for my Clients, and they all are super impressed with my Flexibility. I have started regular Yoga practice again, so I will be increasingly loose & limber.

 I appreciate your Patience with Me, and that my availability is so limited. I am absolutely an experience that U will cherish for the rest of your Life.

 I have a wish-list of things that I will trade for

* iPhone: above a 9

* iPad: all models considered but need a good one to DJ with

* New Sex Toys in packaging. Looking for Crystal ones that U can insert

* Designer Clothes, Lingerie, Jewellery etc

* Marijuana or DMT

Namaste, Big Kiss, Pariss. The Goddess XXX

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