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My Masseuse Update

Written on April 25th, 2021 by Lily Lavine. Updated April 25th, 2021. Viewed 58 times.
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As Lily fans know I have a very high sex drive and I go through certain weeks that can last up to 3 months at a time where I am hourly frustrated. It can be quite challenging being so needy to cum all the time. Some of you will be familiar with my last masseuse story. Unfortunately, due to Covid the massage place I visit was closed for a few months of course and the gentleman who gave me my massage worth has seemingly left.

I was attended too 2 weeks ago by a new gentleman. He gave a lovely massage. However, despite a crotchless pair of panties I was far too shy to give any little signals so his massage was straight forward. Nice, but I only got a couple of tingles as he went up my legs as I was lying on my stomach. However, he stayed within the boundaries of professionalism. Sigh. I drove home feeling more frustrated!

A week ago, I went back, determined to see if I could get him a little out of his comfort zone. He remembered me and was welcoming. This time on my stomach I made certain I was a little more relaxed and tilted my pelvis appropriately so my butt was sitting up nice and perky as he massaged. Although his hands didn’t wander, they definitely were a bit closer to all my good bits. I felt like maybe I was getting closer.

So, Sunday I went and booked for 90 mins. Clearly, he is becoming more adventurous. Not too much happened whilst I was on my front. He was still careful up my inner thighs. But this time when I rolled over for the front of my legs, I totally pretended I was asleep. I let my breathing fall into a nice deep soft but hearable rhythm, hoping he’d feel more comfortable if he thought I was really relaxed.

I noticed that towards the end instead of my legs being straight out, he had managed to work them so that my toes and knees were rolled outwards. He had placed the towel above my pussy this time, exposing it whereas the first two times he kept the towel there. So, I knew he could see even though the room was darkened, with only soft light. My clit which as you know is very large was extremely aroused. He put oil in between my legs and he massaged my pubis, only just in the professional area but definitely pushing the boundary. He moved my panty sides to put paper towelling under them, and I knew he’d be taking a nice close look. He got into my inner thighs really well and for much longer this time but just didn’t quite flick over my clit or put any fingers in. Damn!!

By the time I left I was SO horny and I am certain he was too. I am going to spoil myself again this coming Sunday and I am really hoping this time he will do what the last masseuse did and pleasure me if I’m lucky. We were almost there – this time I think he will just go for it. Here’s hoping!

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