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Single workers need support systems

Written on April 18th, 2021 by Amelia Bull. Updated April 18th, 2021. Viewed 79 times.

Not only with starting as a sex worker and escort have I realised as every business would know not everyone wants to pay for something they could had had for free.Not only does being a sex worker go against some of the general public s morals it is a small industry that needs funding from whatever parties or organisations that could offer help.Girls that are asked to leave brothels because they do not meet standards or other girls make talk bad or lie about a worker the worker will be left to establish her own accomadation her own clients her own security and her own this industry it has been associated with drugs alcohol and violence as well as unwanted pregnancy and would see an increase in abortion but the workers would have and need support surrounding this.Places where girls can work from should be free of drugs they should be offered to the worked at a cheaper reasonable price as this would be seen to making the places of work or business operation to be accomadating but heighten there business prospects as clientele referral.The more people we have that support sex workers in any way shape or form will see women being treated with respect and Fair trading amounts all businesses.

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