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Do you have the time for yourself you wish? Make everyday your best day.

Written on February 4th, 2020 by Aaliyah Dell'Aqua Updated February 4th, 2020. Viewed 33 times.

To be honest, I and other women, we give so much. We give our energy and time amongst other things to provide for others in their life. This may be to loved ones, society or professionally. Regardless how resilient we are or how strong we are, we all need to recharge our batteries.

At exactly what point do we quit giving to invite receiving into our days?

I write this as we have begun a new year and after reflecting on my milestones of 2017, i would say that learning to receive willingly has been up the top of achievements and i feel that although we may not consciously feel many of us have a weakness here, i invite you to read along to see if perhaps you can relate and or change your ways a little too?

Learning to receive is so important in order to continue balancing our own energy while keeping our vitality constant. If we only ever give all of the time, before we know it our bodies feel exhausted and drained of energy.

I know that personally, as an Escort who is also studying and holding down a freelance career that i give so very much of myself to other people that it is important to set aside time to make time for myself where possible and keep myself in an optimally healthy physical and mindful state.

Which is anything but easy. Finding time is impossible so i really do identify with you.

Ever hear people say “But i am too busy”?

This is way too common in my life, i am lucky to see my friends once a month and speak to family every 3-6 weeks for an hour phone call (it does not help they are on the other side of the globe, but still).

We all live in the same world, a world where we are all very busy. Anyone would think that technology has given us more freedom however it is quite the opposite, we are all busier than ever.

Anyone who tells me they don’t have time for something, i say one thing, make time!

We all have 24hrs in a day, what is 1 hour of your morning to hit the gym or walk the dog to maintain your health?

You must start making time, we all need to because time waits for no man.

I am not sure if you have reached the point in life yet where you realise that you must put yourself first, as harsh as it may sound (i only speak facts) nobody else will ever put you first as you would yourself.

If you don’t, you will end up burning out. Who would perform your role if that happened?

If i don’t make even a tiny amount of time in my schedule for myself then i cannot give my best to you, my work or those in my life.

How can you find time for yourself?

Nothing is ever impossible, even the word “impossible”, spells “I’m possible” - time can always be found if you search enough. What things in your life can you cut back on, shuffle around or quit completely? Nothing is so consuming in our days that we are not able to rearrange , even if by 30mins.

We must all acquire the time to be a little selfish and do things for ourselves.

Schedule - Open your calendar and find a space, or make space. Reserve that for your “me time”. Pencil time for yourself way in advance. I even schedule in time for a movie or enthralling documentary once a month or i never will!

Accomplish - Work out how regularly you can create this time for yourself and pencil it in respectively.

Flexibility - There will be times that your scheduled “me time” will be spoiled by an abrupt circumstance and that is ok, life happens! Ensure that if you miss out on your time that you have allocated, you reschedule it as close to the original date or you may lose motivation (i call it my mojo!).

Mix it up - It is not easy to have extended amount of time to myself but i know that so long as i have a balance of the below then i always recognize a change in myself.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance - You must know that it is completely normal to ask for help, nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody will know if you are struggling and who can help you out if you don’t speak out?

You WILL be thankful - Your subconscious mind needs to know that you are self loving.

If you have never tried meditation, i recommend downloading the free app Headspace which will guide you in simple daily steps until you can completely learn to zone out on your own.

Yoga and gym, exercise are proven to alleviate the blues and even depression.

Wine time, a night out with friends (if you don’t have any, download the Meet Ups app and get out of the house!) or even a relaxing massage to thank yourself on the accomplishment of making time for yourself.

If you don’t practice self love then you are not only no good to yourself, but all of those around you also. Learn this now, or be like me and learn the hard way, years almost too late.

With an ever decreasing lot of freedom to ourselves, many people yearn for their play time to be quality time at the same time. Productive and hard working people will often lose the vision of who they even are as an individual, but also unfortunately their sensual sides. It is all too easy to feel as though our simple needs and desires have been hidden deep underneath the demands of life. We all do crave the chance to connect with our inner being, our sensual side and entirely discover our body’s realm of possibilities.

Perhaps you once knew it and wish to find it again?

That is likely the reason you are reading this, right?

You are seeking something and I can help you, all you need is the time to do so.

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